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all this and heaven too: richie tozier is thirteen when his best friend dies in his arms, and he doesn’t know how to go on.

unlucky in love: eddie gets jealous of richie and stan’s friendship

unintentional hoe: richie tozier is crazy in love with his boyfriend eddie kaspbrak, too bad everyone else at derry high is too

stay awake: eddie loses his arm and richie will do anything to keep him alive

it’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you:  it’s hard for eddie to find his soulmate when the only indicator is a song in your head (but richie finds a way)

so emotional:  eddie kaspbrak is crushing on the school’s radio host ‘records tozier’, it’s too bad they’ve never met. - chapters: one, two, three, four

the five great loves of richie tozier’s life: the five people richie tozier fell in love with and would always be in love with (has richie/bill, richie/bev, richie/veronica, and richie/stan but ends in reddie)


and you are my futurebill denbrough and stanley uris think about their future while babysitting georgie

and these scars show how much i love you:  you can take away your soulmates pain, and bill will always do that for stanley

i never talk about these things but i can’t remain silent.

i know tumblr doesn’t give a SHIT when things happen in countries outside the “most popular ones” (such as the usa & england). it’s true, don’t lie to me. y’all don’t give A FUCK. not every issue and problem in said countries gets the appropriate exposure but in general shit shows up on the news WORLD FREAKING  WIDE. you set up donations, you help out, your spread the word, you say “pray for x”……

southern europe is burning. 

my country is burning.

people are dying - at home, on the road, trying to run away, in their cars.

yesterday my country had 300 active fires.

people are losing EVERYTHING they own.

i have a friend that is on a train right now passing through places that have been burnt to the ground and she says the smoke is so intense it’s getting inside the train and she can barely breathe.

and yet, even though several people (myself included) have been trying to bring awareness to what has been happening in southern europe… what we get from most of you, those not part of the countries suffering, is silence. we don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for shit other than a reblog to spread awareness… something you can delete in 24/48hrs if you wish. 

i don’t know what to tell you. i’m angry. i’m frustrated. i’m disappointed. i feel like i’m screaming into the void. “a reblog does nothing” - you know that’s a damn lie, you know exposure always helps, you know people start paying attention when posts on social media become popular. my country in particular is a small one, we get ZERO exposure. y’all are only starting to figure out we even fucking exist bc of the shit we’ve been winning lately. 

but hell, if the EU doesn’t give a shit, why should some user on tumblr dot com?

again, i don’t know what to tell you so i’ll let the images speak for themselves: 

An image captured by a Nasa satellite shows a thick plume of smoke blowing southward from the Greek island of Chios over the island of Crete

Torneros de Jamuz, Spain

Duca, Croatia

A helicopter from Italy’s civil protection service drops water on a fire near the railway between Venice and Trieste

Residents take refuge on the beach as a wildfire burns on the mountain next to the village of Lithi, on the Greek island of Chios

Men gather cattle during a forest fire in Vieira de Leiria, Marinha Grande, Portugal.

Charred trees are seen on the hills above the Cloister of Thivaidas on Mount Athos, a World Heritage Site in Greece


Yuri on Ice OVA request #2000: Yuuri and Victor visit Phichit in Thailand and get to see the locals lose their ENTIRE MINDS wherever they go because OH MY GOD IT’S PHICHIT.

Yuuri is eventually recognized as Phichit’s Best Friend. Subsequently Victor is recognized as Phichit’s Best Friend’s Husband. No one can quite remember their names (when pressed, some of the diehards might say “Phichit competes with them? they’re pretty good”) but they are insta-celebrities by proxy anyway. They are DELIGHTED.

Right when I started getting back in to the swing of things, I got surrounded by fires. Cool.
My house is fine; it didn’t come to where I live, but it got close (roughly 10 miles). We had warnings to have bags packed just in case. It was scary. For days, we couldn’t go outside without wearing a respirator. Luckily, the threat is over now (but the fires are still burning; just much smaller). A town I love got destroyed and my best friend came close to losing his home though, and I can’t let that go.
Physically I am fine. Mentally, this has messed me up. I spent the week last week helping my friends evac. Luckily I had a vacation right after the biggest part of the fires, but now that I am back in all this smoke, it’s all piling back on me.
I am trying to resume normal posting, and still might be able to soon. I need to get my mind off all this, and maybe I can do so via this blog. When you are told of a fire possibly approaching, it really, really messes with your head. You don’t feel safe any more. You can’t sleep. All of the security you felt at home is gone…and it lingers. Especially when you already suffer from GAD. This has been tough.
Things are looking up, but this is hard to forget about. I’m sorry I have been so inconsistent.

My Hero, Mr. Richie!

Warning: Swearing! Duh, its Richie!

Author Note: I am doing two Separate parts. I really loved this imagine.

Water. Honestly that’s all I have been consuming these past couple of days. Being annoyed and scared of that stupid clown, somewhat made me lose appetite. I just could not bare to pick up anything to deal with food. Being with the rest of my friends, also distracted me.

“Y/N, are you okay”?

Who was talking. I couldn’t really hear much, just a faint voice with a beeping noise that constantly kept going. I felt different. I was swaying side to side, feeling my feet going numb.


I was seeing little black dots, and I was blinking multiple times. I felt my breathing slow down. I started to feel myself let go.

“Stan”! I could barely let out a whisper, before everything turned black.

Stan’s Prov:


I heard a very tiny voice behind me, before I heard a thump on the floor. I was too afraid to turn around. I just did not want to see that woman again.

“OMG! Y/N”!

“Someone help her”!

I turned around and there she was just lying on the ground. Y/N, the girl of my dreams. I stood there, scared. And before I had time to react, I heard something.

*Scene after richie and Bill both fight*

I could not believe that bill still wanted all of us to go back with him, after what just happened at the neibolt house. I knew that in the end, he would do anything to get his little brother alive, and I am really inspired by his belief in that his little brother is alive. But I wanted to keep myself and Richie alive.

Richie is the love of my life. Me and him have been going out for the past two months. And let me just tell you, I love him. His potty mouth, glasses and his strange yet very humorous way of words is the reason I find him to be perfect.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N’!

“HUH”? I said looking at Richie. I could see the worry in his eyes. The way his big frames fall down the bridge of his nose and the sunlight gives his eyes that extra look of warmth.

“ Babe, I have been talking to you since we started riding on the bikes. Are you okay”?

I nodded my head, not really being able to speak. Ever since this thing, it came to derry and was fucking with all of the children, especially my friends, I could not sleep. I was too scared to lay down and close my eyes worried about him taking Richie or anyone that I care about.

“ Are you sure you are okay? I mean if you want, I can take you home and we can cuddle”?

“ I would love that RIchie”! I knew if I fell asleep, I would not be able to keep an eye out for anyone.

-Later. They are at reader’s house-

Richie’s Prov:

I knew she wasn’t sleeping good. I could see her nodding off, every time we were with our old friends sitting down. I do not know what this is about, but I fucking swear to god, that I will protect her.

We were currently in her room, cuddling with her head on my chest. I knew she was sleeping because of the low shallow breaths that are coming out her mouth.

Author Note: Remember Part two!

can i just share something?

i just saw a post where dean loses and watches his family salted and burned and how hes like tense and then theres him watching cas burn and he looks sad and people are saying its because of his burning love for him

(like i’m ok with that don’t get me wrong destiel is a valid ship even if i dont ship it) but can i share my point of vue?

like he also just lost so many friends and his mother in the same day. i think dean is tired of losing people. yes he is sad for having lost cas. but theres also all his other friends and family that probably came in his mind at the moment of watching cas burn. i think dean is exhausted and is feeling more helpless now than he has ever felt.

anyways thats my view. i wasn’t going to post it on that persons gifs because i dont want to ruin their destiel post with my “what could seem anti destiel” reply.

so yah. anyways. do what you want with my view idk lol

Can’t find water bottles/gallons?

By me in Orlando all the water is already gone. When Costco got a shipment today it was gone before they even finished unloading.
So what do you do if you can’t find water bottles?
This is what we did when we couldn’t find anything for Matthew

*Get gallon Ziplock bags and fill those up about ¾ of the way. Get the ones that zip closed really tight. Then stack them up in a box. Weird squishy water bottles.
Also good for making ice blocks for freezer that can be melted later if needed. For that only fill ½ way or the bag will explode.

*Fill every cup you have with water. Cover tops with saran wrap to keep little bits of dust and whatnot from getting in the water since it’ll be sitting before you use it. Don’t have many cups? Buy a thing of disposable ones from the store. 

*Go to the dollar store and get buckets, Fill and cover those. We bought 3 1-gallon buckets and those are for the animals but they’d be fine for people too.

*For someone like me there are old gatorade bottles hiding around my house. Gather up water bottles, fill them.

*Rinse and reuse other containers. Your milk won’t last if the power goes out. Finish it up, rinse the container and fill it. 

*Tupperware. Fill and close it. Can also be frozen to make ice blocks. The more ice in the freezer, the longer things will stay cold if you lose power.

No one is stocking up on ziplocs, cups, saran wrap, or buckets that I noticed. Plenty of all those still left on the shelves while the water section was empty.

Good luck with the storm friends.

taz modern college au headcanons where also they all live in seattle

(aka my extremely niche au that only appeals to me)

  • The Plot Here: the IPRE crew is a ragtag group of friends at college (probably UW? definitely UW)
  • John is an RA who’s trying to End All Campus Parties
  • The IPRE crew is constantly trying to throw epic parties and have a good time at them before John comes and shuts them down
  • The Light of Creation is one of these things
  • The crew and John are locked in a constant battle where John crashes their parties and steals it if they don’t hide it fast enough and then they have to sneak into his dorm to steal it back
  • Ango is also there he’s like a high schooler who got early acceptance into college
  • The crew adopts him accidentally
  • IPRE Robes = matching red snuggies that Barry made for the final project in that sewing class he took as an elective one year
  • garfield is a really weird weed dealer. what is he even majoring in?? does he even go here?? nobody knows but he has a weird little shop set up in a closet nobody uses anymore

more headcanons about everyone:

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What The Signs Mean to Me

Aries: My very first best friend. I love how you never let anything hold you down. You’re brave, artistic and a bit immature, but that gives you that child like flair. I hope you’re happy wherever you are, and I’m sorry things had to end the way they did. 

Taurus: Everything comes back to you. The rock solid foundation of my life. A beautiful chaos, art in every sense of the word. I love how you love, and I’m sorry for your pain. No one can find your light for you, but when you do you illuminate the lives of everyone around you. 

Gemini: You little rascal, mischief unmanaged. You don’t always have a plan, but at least you have a pla-. The way you navigate the world with your emotional intuition makes me want to be more like you, always true to yourself no matter what. Learn to forgive and let go, your life will be so much easier. 

Cancer: You always do what you need, and what you need is not always legal. You always showed me kindness, and calmed me when I was restless. Your love was brotherly, and I hope the fog lifts over your life soon. Something tells me it already has. 

Leo: I hate that I love you. I hate how powerless I am around you, how all logic goes out the window and I’m standing in front of you, naked, with nothing to offer you but my heart. But here’s the thing, everybody loves you. And the way you look at me tells me you’ll wait for me, but I’m terrified that you’ll leave me behind. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Please don’t lose sight of who you are. 

Virgo: You amaze me. How you handle everything so effortlessly, surrounded by your adoring friends. Sometimes I can’t believe we’re related. You will always be better than me. But in those moments when you don’t feel perfect, please know that you’re never alone, and that we will always be here for you. I swear you’re not human, you are an angel on earth who’s just visiting.

Libra: You are the coolest, most chill fucking person. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me, you are one of those rare people who are truly selfless. Your humour is everything, and how you always seem so at ease calms me down on the most stressful days. You love the world and it loves you right back. 

Scorpio: You know me better than I know myself. Your soul will be forever wrapped around mine, co-existing. You taught me what it means to be a friend and what it means to be the enemy. I hope you realize what your power is some day, because your wrath is beyond unparalleled. 

Sagittarius: If I would die tomorrow I would be content, knowing that I truly experienced what it means to share a bond with another human being. Why the universe decided to have us cross paths I will never know, but one thing I know for sure is that I would not be me without you. You are a nomad, child of the world. You searched it and found home. But it wasn’t easy, and it took time and a lot of pain but it was all worth it. You give me hope. That no matter how far down I fall, something beautiful will rise from the ruins. You just have to believe. 

Capricorn: With you I can just be myself. You never judge me, you see me when I don’t see myself. When we’re together hours pass by in comfortable silence. Or, they used to. You never say much, but when you do it’s always pure genius. I wish you would be kinder to yourself. I know I’m responsible for your broken heart but you never made the burden mine. I will always respect you. I just hope you’ll someday let someone thaw your frozen heart and let yourself be happy. 

Aquarius: You are everything I want to be. You are absolutely hypnotizing. I never know if you’re flirting with me or just being friendly. An ice queen, everyone always envies the one that has your love, even if it’s just for a night. Eloquence and elegance, and so much passion. It is scary how well you do what you do, and how your body moves with such grace. Everybody is intimidated by you, and yet you treat everyone as an equal. Your insecurities are crazy to me, if I were you I definitely wouldn’t be this humble. 

Pisces: You’re two faced and completely insane, but you’re such a bad bitch wearing either mask that I can’t help but worship you. Your voice could stop wars, and you can make the most absurd things sound completely reasonable. I wish you wouldn’t take everything so personally, sometimes it gets tiring to walk on eggshells around you. Empathy is a virtue worth cultivating. Make sure your integrity and morals are well placed, because if they are nobody can stop you. Not even if they wanted to. 

This was originally a post by @kanyenoodles, and I really wanted to make my own version of what the signs mean to me.

Shout out to all my mentally ill beans who get told their choice to isolate as a coping mechanism is “bad and unhelpful”

Shout out to beans who isolate themselves due to overstimulation

Shout out to beans who isolate to keep themselves safe

Shout out to beans who isolate to keep others around them safe

Shout out to beans whose isolation resulted in them being described as cold, unfriendly or antisocial

Shout out to beans whose isolation resulted in them losing friends and loved ones because they all misinterpreted it as being unwanted or hated

Shout out to beans who isolate but still desperately search for someone to reach out to them

Shout out to beans whose isolation helps, I’m glad you found something that works for you and I’m sorry people who don’t experience what you do feel the need to tell you what you’re doing for yourself is terrible. It isn’t. If it makes you feel better to take a few days to yourself, you do that bb. It isn’t selfish. It isn’t hurting anyone. You’re doing what you think is best for you

Defying God

We are a very messy party of newbies, sometimes we argue about what we should do and it gets very loud and angry. To stop this arguments, the DM (our “god”, as my party sometimes calls him) raises his hand, carrying a d4. If we don’t shut up, he’ll roll the dice and we all get hit by a lightning, or our surroundings get set in fire, etc.
The thing is, I was quietly talking OOC with my friend, also a member of the party, and the DM didn’t like that.

DM: *raises his hand*
Me: *don’t see him*
DM: *rolls the d4* The Ranger was too distracted to see the well in front of her and she falls down face first. She looses 5 hp.
Me: (still ooc) Dude, wtf!
DM: God has spoken.
Me: God can go fuck himself, I was talking about something personal!
DM: Do you want to lose more hp?
Me: I didn’t lose shit, that was uncalled for! I wasn’t arguing or interrupting!
DM: Don’t make me roll the d4 again, Ranger.
Me: This is bullshit… I ninja my way up the well while I scream at God that he’s an authoritarian bitch.
DM: You can’t do that…
Me: I have +4 dexterity and I just rolled a nat 20. Watch me.

do u even realize how petty Nathaniel, Mr Student Body President, is like :

  • “how about u make peace with Castiel now that the whole Deborah thing is cleared up” asks Candy. “lol nope” answers Nathaniel.
  • “it’s nice to have someone to hate ! it helps you appreciate everyone else more !”
  • Armin makes an ~innocent~ comment about Candy’s chest. Nathaniel proceeds to break his leg with a chair.
  • “sorry I didn’t do it on purpose !”
  • in the same vein : “one of my drumsticks just slipped out of my hand ! and I don’t know how, but it landed on Castiel !”
  • called Deborah a “garce” but I saw google translation translate the word to “bitch” and tbh same (official ts : “awful girl”)
  • jusrt ffuckinj slamed a door on his rival’s face. u talkin about my gf ? how about u say Hello to Mrs Locker Door right there here I’ll help u

Requested by:

Hi I don’t know if you can do a bill Skarsgard imagine like bill brothers come to visit you two and you an bill have a little fun at night😉😉and in the morning his brothers tease you both about how loud you are and bill was defending you and yeah ejeje thank you!! “Smut” please thanks!       

Hello, desperate fangirl here! Could you possibly do an imagine where the reader and Bill get into a huge argument just having a screaming match and they are both screaming and crying and she’s hitting his chest out of anger, and then they both make up by kissing passionately and cuddling. It’s okay if you want to pass on that idea, I promise I won’t be butt hurt lol.

Warnings: Language, smut.

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I mixed two request, I’ve changed the roles just a little. This is my firs time writting smut and I really sucks… sorry about that, I‘ve tried my best, sorry for my horrible english.

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: “You moan like a princess”


“Stop yelling, Y/N, my siblings are in the next room” Bill whispered trying to stay calm despite his girlfriend still yelling at him without reason

“I DON’T CARE THEY’RE IN HERE BILL” She yelled furiously, feeling her heart beating faster against her chest  

“Why are you so angry, Y/N? WHAT DID I DO NOW?” he asked without understanding, twining his fingers in his hair, starting to feel desperate.  

“I SAW YOUR CELLPHONE” She confessed with tears in her eyes “I SAW YOUR MESSAGES WITH THAT SLUT, BILL!”  She felt the bitter tears begin to slide down her red cheeks. Bill looked at her, he was furious, his girlfriend had been snooping on his cellphone without permission

“WHY DID YOU CHECK MY PHONE, Y/N?” He asked angrily, starting to yell too

“OH MY GOD! I JUST FOUND YOUR MESSAGES WITH ANOTHER WOMAN AND YOU…  Oh God , I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, BILL!” She tried to look at him, but tears clouded her vision and she felt how her heart break into a thousand pieces. Bill stayed quiet, looking at who he believed was the love of his life, crying furiously in front of him and he felt like the worst human being.

“I’m sorry” He whispered with a broken voice, approaching her, trying to hold her, but she walks away

“YES, YOU SHOULD SORRY” She kept yelling, not with anger but sadness

“Y/N, it’s not what you think, nothing ever happened with her” He tried to hug her desperately and she hits him on the chest

“I’m not stupid, Bill” She hits him again trying to get away from him, but he was holding her tight

“I know you’re not, Y/N, please” He begged with tears in his eyes “I love you”

“No, you don’t” She sobbed as he embraced her

“Hey…” He whispered and takes her chin with his fingertips “Look at me, my love” Y/N turned to see him, Oh God! She loved his green eyes “You have to believe me, I would never do anything to hurt you” He said more relaxed

“But I saw the messages, Bill, you can’t deny it!”

He sighed heavily.

The truth was that in the last few months, Bill had been planning his marriage proposal to Y/N, and his best friend had agreed to help him with it, the messages really could be misunderstood because they just talked about meeting in certain places to talk about it

“She was helping me to plan my marriage proposal” he confesses in distress “Now it’s all ruined, but I don’t care because I don’t want to lose you Y/N” he walked to the dressing table and take the fake flowers from the clay vase, he reached into the vase and pulled out a small black box.

He went back to Y/N and showed it to her “It’s not as I had planned it, actually Gustaf and Alex were here to help me with it but… damn it! You’d to be a psycho girlfriend, dear!” Y/N looked at him in puzzlement, with one hand covering her mouth, feeling the stupidest woman on the planet, she was trembling and couldn’t control it, Bill rested his forehead on hers; she could feel his warm breath and breathe his favorite cologne that she loved it so much, chamomile and mint, she looked into his eyes “be my wife” he whispered opening the little box

“Oh my god”

“is it a yes?”

“Yes” She whispered almost inaudibly.

Bill took the ring and put it on her finger. He kissed her,  holding her tightly by the waist, but it wasn’t a romantic kiss, it was one full of desire. It wouldn’t be the first time they ended up having sex after an argument.

He was much taller than her, but Y/N manages to take a small leap by wrapping her legs around his waist; Bill walked with her and they lie down on the bed while still kissing

“Do you want to go out to dinner? Or do you prefer to stay and kiss to see how this continues?” He said between kissed. Y/N looked at him and responded with another kiss even more passionate than the previous one.

Her hands had begun to play with the buttons of his shirt, unbuttoning them one by one until completely removed. She loved to see him like that, she adored his milky skin and his Adam’s apple moving every time is swallowed, she loved his dilated pupils giving a special touch to the green of his eyes, and his velvet lips, Dear God.

Bill had taken her dress off along with her dark bra, his kisses had begun to run down her neck and shoulder making her gasp slightly, his velvet lips begging to fiddle with her left nipple making her squirm under him and panting wildly, his right hand low up brushing the thin fabric of her underwear, feeling as she began to get wet just for him, her thighs trembled.  

Y/N tried to control her hips, but she was desperate to feel some friction, so she took his hand and guide him inside her panties, he began to touch her gently rubbing her clit, she struggled not to moan to loudly, after all Bill’s brothers were in the next room. He slides his fingers inside her and she twisted her neck letting exposed to him, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to kiss it and suck it slightly causing it to form a small hickey that would disappear soon.

He stopped touching her “What happened?” She asked confused “Why did you stop?”

“It seems you aren’t enjoying what I’m doing” He replied, whispering in her ear. His warm breath crashing against her skin, excited her even more.

“Your brothers are in the other room, Bill”

“I thought you didn’t mind, sweetheart” He tested her, lifted one eyebrow playfully as he licked her earlobe, making her moan softly.

“Bill, please” she whispered

“I want you to scream my name” He slip another finger inside her and felt her scratching his arm.

“Bill” she whispered breathlessly as he began to move his fingers inside her, she moved her hips and moan against his neck “more…” She begged him

“I can’t hear you, sweetie”

“Fuck me, Bill” She begged, biting his jaw gently and arranging to unbuckle his belt and remove his trousers, touching his prominent bulge, he groaned at her touch and without thinking twice she moved her hand inside his boxers taking his erection.

“Shee-it, Y/N” He settled between her legs and gently slide inside her as he kissed her hardly, he lets out a small groan as she scratched his back in response, he started thrusting faster and harder

In a quick movement, Y/N was on top of him, riding his cock and scratching his chest with every movement she made, Bill held her by the waist to gain the most stimulation with each stroke. He loved her, he loved her waist, her messy hair and her breasts moving to the beat of both.

She began to feel how the heat grew inside her and her calves began to tingle, as it happened every time she was about to reach an orgasm, she also felt how Bill’s muscles began to tense beneath her… “Y/N” He groaned as he clutched her breasts and took her neck to draw her closer to him and kiss her with passion finally thrusting their both into a climax.


Y/N and Bill were in the kitchen making breakfast, they heard footsteps and laughter in the hall, Gustaf and Alex appeared and sat on the kitchen counter in front of both

“Good morning guys” Y/N greeted them while turning a pancake with the spatula

“Good morning, Y/N” replied Gustaf “How about last night guys?” he asked as he serve a cup of coffee, Y/N and Bill cross glances and laugh “I mean… we heard you arguing”

“And other stuff” Alex joked

Y/N felt her cheeks begin to turn pink and laughed nervously, she knew these two too well and they wouldn’t hesitate to joke “I don’t know which one is noisier, if my brother or his girlfriend” mocked Alex and Bill turned to see him angrily

Gustaf let out a loud laugh “Bill you moan like a princess”

Y/N laughed and watched Bill’s jaw began to tighten

“I mean… Dad would be very disappointed in you, brother” Alex stood up to reach a mug

Y/N laughed and walked over to Bill “Let him alone guys” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck “I love your moans baby, don’t mind them” she confessed giving him a kiss on his lips and gigglin.

requests are open! (x)