will lose all my friends with this

This was not the first time I tried to lose weight. It wasn’t the fifth or even the tenth time. I’d tried every diet from South Beach to North Pole. Shakes, soups, supplements and starving plans and even when I’d lose some weight, I’d run out of steam a few weeks in and all the pounds would come back and bring friends.

My biggest problems was my goal. I would set a goal weight and know what I shouldn’t or couldn’t eat on a diet but I didn’t really have a clear picture of what my life looked like at that goal weight. What would I eat? What would maintenance look like? How would I move/stay fit? How did I want to live? How would I make this last forever?

For me, I decided to actuality write out rules for myself, focusing MORE on the DOs than the DON'Ts.

Weight Loss plans focus 90% on the DON'Ts. Instead of feeling deprived, I focused on feeling empowered. I could eat all these incredible foods. I sought after desirable things instead of being so focused on avoiding things that were bad for me.

Here’s a challenge: stop talking and thinking about restrictions and focus on what you DO instead on what you DON’T and instead of trying to STOP being something, you’ll see that you’re focused on BECOMING and CREATING.

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During these past two weeks I've had one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. First week I thought I'd be losing two people I hold really dear, because one of them is in love with me and I'm in love with the other one. And they're both best friends with each other. And then we decided, to my big surprise, that we'd try to make it work as a poly relationship. And since then I've been so happy... But also everything is much more intense. (1/3)

All positive things, all negative things… are multiplied. I haven’t known I was poly before and never thought it even was an option, so there’s a lot of new feelings to sort out. It feels like discovering a new sexuality kinda. So many things from my past make sense now. Either way, I almost broke down at work today, cause I thought I had missed an important meeting. Turns out I hadn’t, but it completely exhausted me. // I think I’m stressed out and emotionally exhausted. In these times, I go to your blog to feel better, which is also why I’m here now. I love the characters you write. I love immersing myself in your universes. So, just, really… sorry for ranting and all but, thank you so much for everything you do. I hope everything goes well for you.


Hi anon,

Firstly, polyamory is an orientation for sure. But because monogamy is so normalised, people think of polyamory more as a ‘kink’ instead of a fundamental way of being. And just like other forms of sexuality, you can be wholly monogamous, or wholly polyamorous, or existing on a spectrum where it’s different for different people and relationships. There are also different types of polyamory, and well, yeah. :)

Poly is a huge spectrum, and it’s great that you’re exploring it for the first time (and yes, it can be very intense, especially when you have double the amount of ‘new relationship energy’ to deal with, which is intense for most people - communication and honesty helps a lot, and I don’t know how much research you’re doing, but there’s lots of blogs on successful polyamory that are incredible and I highly recommend googling for some support on that front; because you won’t get it in the mainstream media, which sucks).

So I have a lot of respect for what you’re going through! NRE (new relationship energy) does settle down and become less intense, and some people miss that, but honestly I like when the intense positive/negative phase relaxes and things become more settled and even comfortable, because you can trust in what’s happening a bit more. (Also can I just say how fucking happy it makes me when a situation like yours is solved with polyamory and communication but anyway).

I’m glad the blog helps as well! I’m sorry for not being very communicative this week! I’m actually catching up with my messages now. I like coming here too, everyone is awesome and I get to hear about all these different things and I know I don’t know all the details of your life or anything anon, but I wish you the best with what you’re experiencing! <3

2017 was supposed to be a better year but i’m definitely losing all my hopes.

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I hate seeing former friends of mine have fun memories with my abuser and talk about how close they all are and these friends are people I've known for years.

Often when we leave an abuser we wind up losing mutual friends who have been manipulated into supporting the abuser or even turned completely against the victim. They often claim neutrality but in instances of abuse there is no such thing as neutrality. You either stand with the oppressed or you choose the side of the oppressor. My advice would be to avoid spending time with these people or reading any updates from them. If you minimize contact you won’t have to listen to their memories of your abuser. If you need any more advice or just someone to vent to please feel free to write in again. I hope this advice helps a little. 

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Your opinion about: mikayuu? :D

Oh, do I have things to say about these two! I could seriously do an hour long presentation on why they’re in love, okay, I’m not kidding, I would. Like, seriously, there’s literally official art of them to celebrate Valentine’s day that has them eating chocolates from heart shaped boxes! How am I meant to take that platonically?! And don’t get me started about all the times Ferid called Yuu Mika’s princess or love and Mika never protested about it or the “I just found you! I can’t lose you again! Don’t leave me, Mika!” thing! Like,sure, yeah, okay, they’re just friends, keep telling yourself that. In short, they’re (one of) my OTP. Oh, the mikayuu fanfiction I’ve read. Sent me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it. (This was meant to be bold and a link but I’m on mobile, so)

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56 million.

I don’t want to utterly lose my shit tonight so I’m just going to keep repeating to myself, 56 million.  From the numbers we’re seeing now, 56 million people voted for Hillary, 56 million people said no to Trump. 

There are 56 million people out there who are going through the exact same terror right now. 56 million people, maybe, also thinking, “I have to figure out how to protect myself now. I have family and friends to protect now.” 

I’m trying to imagine 56 million people standing back to back, holding hands, refusing to move. I’ve got the third book of John Lewis’s graphic novel series “March” sitting on the table next to me. I’m forcing myself to remember that I am not alone, and neither are you. I’m with you. I’m digging in my heels and vowing to do everything in my power to protect our most vulnerable. 

56 million people. Let’s protect each other. Let’s fight for each other. We are not alone. The crowd of the angry and bigoted is vast too, but we are not alone and we are not insignificant. We don’t stop existing after this election. Don’t let them convince us that we’re all alone.

Consider this holding out my hand and making you a promise. 

I’m with you. 56 million people are with you. We are not alone. 

And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.


So your friends are throwing you a birthday party and you thought you’d invite her. She made you realize how stupid that would be though (“A Talon assassin alone and unarmed surrounded by Overwatch agents? Do you really want me dead?”) and refused your invitation. It made you sad, but you understand.

Yet she came anyway. Even after all that she said, she’s here. You’re pretty sure Jack’s losing it in the background but you already tuned everything out when she pulled you close to her.

“Happy Birthday, chérie,” she whispered and you smiled.

Yeaaaaahhh, sorry about the text, I don’t really write. ;-;  The idea hit me this morning and I had to draw it but then the drawing doesn’t really explain the whole story I had in mind so…


#if anyone understands grief and loss  #it’s magnus bane #an immortal  #who has lost too many people #mortals and immortals alike #he’s been through this #losing his own mother in a shocking way #losing family and friends and lovers #he gives good advice

1. Friends will leave, Friends you’ve had for years will become strangers, and people that you met in your english class first semester will become your best friends. Time means nothing, and friendships end for all kinds of reasons but one of the biggest reason that you will find for losing friends is that you simply outgrow each other. sometimes people don’t fit in the same ways they used to and thats okay, sometimes you walk the same path to only end up on completely different ends.

2. Just because people do good things does not mean they are good people and just because people do bad things does not mean they are bad people. Don’t judge people based on good or bad deeds, people can be all kinds of surprising and first impressions are almost always wrong.

3. You will miss that boy all the damn time, even when you get over it, there will be days your just looking out the window and the color of the sky will remind you of the time you were laughing in his car singing along to old r&b songs. Its okay to miss him, its okay to be sad about it. Just don’t let it consume you and don’t ever ever ever tell him that you miss him.

4. If they don’t make plans with you, they do not want to hang out with you. People are never always busy. We make time for the things that we want.

5. Stop making excuses for him, stop making excuses for her, stop making excuses for everyone that does you wrong. Their actions do not deserve to be justified. If he is not here for you its because he doesn’t want to be. If an apology is lame, don’t accept it, and don’t make up one in your head. If she lies to you, cut her off. Stop making excuses for people, if someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them. 

6. People are not all bad. when you get out of the mentality that “people suck”, you will start experiencing life. Talk to people, and don’t close yourself off to the world because one person broke your heart. There are so many kind people out there, put yourself out there and stop hating everything and everyone. People can be amazing if you believe they can be.

7.Its okay to not know how to breathe sometimes. Its okay to feel like everything is collapsing on top of you. No one is happy all the time, So many people feel the things you do and its okay. You will be okay, things have a funny way of falling apart just to be put back together again. Nothing is more amazing and more painful than the way your heart can break into a billion pieces and glue itself back together.

—  7 things I learned by the time I was 17 
Its just not fair that I have to lose you again when I just started getting warmed up to the idea of being friends. I’m sorry my personality is just so strange to you. I just don’t believe it’s fair at all how you mess with my heart and mind. I’ve lost the strength in my eyes. I keep crying and I don’t know how to stop.
—  allthefleekyppl 
Into The Unknown (Piano)
  • Into The Unknown (Piano)
  • Over The Garden Wall

Into The Unknown - Over the Garden Wall

It’s been a while but here’s a piano piece from yours truly, your cool cat Josh~ Last night after a grueling night at work, I took the band and my coworkers to a trip… Into The Unknown~

Ooh boy, was I overdue for an OTGW piece but here. I played it out of being so tired and wanting something sweet but somber to finish the night off, and why not play them a song that reminds me of a special friend who helps me get through nights like this sometimes, heh. You know who you are, but this ones out to you, thanks for loving this show and I hope to spread it more myself!

That’s all I really gotta say, its fun playing music from this show and I plan to learn more when I have time. The band said it was a cute song and my coworkers are always happy to see me show off, I guess!~ Can’t lose my edge with the piano after all, but I haven’t given up. I played one or two more songs after this but they weren’t significant enough to record lol. For now, let’s enjoy this time in the Unknown, my cool cats. Thanks for listening, I love you all~

One Piece ワンピース [Thriller Bark Saga] : Shichibukai “Shadow’s Asgard” Gecko Moria vs The Straw Hat Pirates

“Even if I had allowed you to continue peacefully on your voyage…at your level, death is all you would have found. You’re nowhere near ready for the ‘New World’!! Though it would appear you have gathered yourself quite a fine crew, you would only lose them all!! My words…come from experience. My subordinates…they were famed, far and wide… Why did I have to lose them all?! My friends were lost to me precisely because they were still alive! If they had all been zombies, dead from the start, I would have lost nothing! For zombies are invulnerable!! Eternal warriors; even if they are purified, a replacement can be found. I will take my army of the undead and seize the title of Pirate King!!”

The Shichibukai of the day; Gecko Moria, King of Thriller Bark! Many of my friends said they didn’t really enjoy this arc but I absolutely loved it! It had a bunch of cool moments such as finding out the Yonkō Kaidō had slaughtered his entire crew in the “New World”, Zoro obtaining the Meito Shusui from Ryūma, and ofc my personal favorite; Zoro vs Kuma. (On a side note, when Oda revealed Ryūma I was really hoping he was the humming swordsman who eventually joined the crew cos he was so cool!! I loved his design & ‘yohoho’ laughter). I also really liked the whole “Nightmare Before Christmas” vibe Thriller Bark gave off and the Kage Kage no Mi was so unique and versatile! Moria may not have turned out to be much in the end, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first read through of the Thriller Bark Saga. 

Happy Halloween~! ☠


Decided to do one of these 2006-2016 things.  I wonder how many people would recognize me now that knew me back then. A lot has changed for the better: transitioning, getting married, new friends, tattoos!, and being able to make money from something I love doing, art! A lot has changed for the worst: struggling with daily body issues, losing friends and family, money issues, being terrified of the future. Over all I’m proud of where I am now and grateful for all of you who helped me get there. Take care everyone and good luck and well wishes in 2017. I’m here for you all <3.
PS. somehow my eyebrows grew even bigger.
PSS. CHECK OUT WHAT A COOL KID I WAS (going through old photos while home) . I’d fight ya on the dance floor. >:U

We were playing Yawgh at a friend’s Christmas party and I managed to accidentally give my character the magical pox that make you glow blue, lose your mind, and indiscriminately kill everything that gets near you, eviscerate an entire party of travellers in the forest so bad the entire forest was closed off to everyone for the rest of the game, become a vampire, and eat everyone at the arena all in the same playthrough.

Yawgh nothing, *I* was the tragedy that destroyed this town.

okay but can we talk about my boy Phichit for a moment like

look me in the eye and tell me this is not the purest shit you’ve ever seen

Phichit don’t want no gold. he don’t want his rivals to lose. 

he just wants an ice show with all his friends in it about hamsters how can someone be so pure

i love Phichit so much bless his soul @ kubo make season 2 about Phichit on Ice

Because of you, I might not be able to marry my boyfriend of 3 years. 

Because of you, all of my trans friends can no longer express themselves and feel comfortable in their own bodies.

Because of you, my Muslim friends will experience more hatred then ever before. 

Because of you, my latinx friends, who’s parents came over to help their child thrive, are afraid that they’ll be sent back to a country they’ve never known.

Because of you, women everywhere now lose the rights to their body.

Because of you, girls who are victims of rape are now forced to keep a baby that they’ve never wanted.

Because of you, hate is going to spread through this country like a plague.

Whether you voted for Trump or you voted for Third Party, you made this happen. But why does it matter right? You’re white, so it doesn’t have anything to do with you, right?

Because of your decision tonight, a fear-mongering, bully is now the president of the United States of America.