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6/27/17 - London England (LONDO)

12th Temple in the Church

2nd Temple in Europe

1st Temple in the United Kingdom

Announcement:  10 August 1953
Site Dedication:  10 August 1953 by David O. McKay
Groundbreaking:  27 August 1955 by David O. McKay
Public Open House:  16 August–3 September 1958
Dedication:  7–9 September 1958 by David O. McKay
Public Open House:  8–14 October 1992
Rededication:  18–20 October 1992 by Gordon B. Hinckley

The London England Temple has undergone several renovation projects since its dedication. It was originally built with a single ordinance room designed for the video presentation of the endowment, but was later remodeled to include four ordinance rooms. An Angel Moroni statue was added to the temple on 15 December 2008 as part of renovations done for the temple’s 50th anniversary.

Sources: Photos - first four photos from lds.org, fountain photo by Christine Norton and nighttime photo by Sue Amos, both featured on ldschurchtemples.com, Facts and dates from ldschurchtemples.com

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for the fic meme, changes of perspective: either something from nightingales pov or something bringing lady caroline etc into that verse? thnks :)

No lie, Lady Helena and Caroline were the single biggest thing from THT I was like I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT YOU FOR CHANGES OF PERSPECTIVE, so this was a delight of a prompt to get! 

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Charing Cross Road, London by johndouglassgoring2
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