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Hi, friends! I have some happy news to share. Today, I had an appointment with my neurologist to find out more about the new treatment for my disease.

Not only is she 100% on board with me taking it, but she’s confident it will stop the progression of my disease. She told me that her site to administer the drug will be ready in 4-6 weeks, and that we’d get me in immediately. 

There are still many details to be ironed out—namely, whether or not my insurance is going to cover the ludicrously priced drug, but for tonight, I’m basking in the euphoria. Stopping the progression of my disease changes my life in ways I can’t even fathom. 

I love you all, and I’m excited to keep you updated on all the juicy details in the weeks to come. 

Hey guys!

Edd here. 

So, as you know, Tom hasn’t been answering questions for some time. That’s because he’s been busy with other things. I also saw Tord on here and talked to him about that, so everything is fine there. 

Anyway, we’re not gone! At least not yet. We will still answer questions whether it is in webcam format or text reply format, just not as frequently as we used to. We hope you understand! Thank you so much for supporting this blog as well! We’re glad you’re enjoying the content here. :D

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Can you tag showers? (i'm sorry it's so dumb but ://)

No problem.

I have to stop answering now but feel free to keep sending requests. The list will be updated as I or the other mods read the inbox.

I haven’t yet gone through the queue to tag-check everything already in there and edit if necessary, so you have my apologies if we post something that you’ve just requested without warning in the next day or so.

Please keep Eva in your thoughts!!

The pupper needs some good vibes today. I dropped her off at the oncologist an hour ago, and they got back to me with the plan for today: since her blood work came back perfectly normal, they are going to give her two drugs today, Elspar and Vincristine, since we know she tolerates them really well. The goal is to stabilize the lymphoma, and reduce the size of the lymph nodes in the process so that she doesn’t cough, since right now that is the only symptom making her uncomfortable. Dr. Calo says that what’s most important is that Eva is as comfortable as possible, so that she can continue doing her doggy things in her normal doggy ways. She’s still bright and alert and energetic, so it’s worth continuing her treatment to preserve that.

So please keep Eva in your thoughts, guys!! Hope that today’s treatment works and makes her comfortable so she can keep being Eva 😀


take this with a grain of salt everyone, dont get too excited, keep expectations low. i will keep updating this post as i get more information. but heres what we got so far from a rough google translate using this article.

‘Running Man’ runs without an end as the current member. 

SBS said in a press release on April 24, “SBS and the six members have decided to continue running 'Running Man’ as members now, in the voices of domestic and foreign fans who are desperate for 'Running Man’. 

"SBS director Yoon Sung-yong, who has been planning 'Running Man’ for the first time in 2010, has talked with all of 'Running Man’ members from the beginning of this year until the last, and said,” Through conversation with members, I have repeatedly apologized for what happened during the reorganization of the 'Running Man’, and the six members agreed to continue the 'Running Man’.

“Nam Sung-yong, the new head of the team, said, "We sincerely thank the members of 'Running Man’ who made the decision that is not easy. Also, to give back to the fans who have loved 'Running Man’ for the last 7 years, I will do my best to find you. ”

Breaking News!!!

Grand Old Academy’s student-run newspaper, The Elephant Ear, has just reported that it has obtained a dossier of information on Donald that may change the course of the debate tournament. While the existence of the dossier was mentioned today during homeroom announcements, The Elephant Ear has made the controversial decision to publish the unverified document in full. To say the least, it contains some rather shocking allegations. In the interest of keeping you informed on the latest Academy events, we will reproduce a section of it here.

There are many other serious allegations in the dossier, including accusations that Donald has been colluding with foreign exchange students. But this bedwetting thing is the most sensationalistic one, so it’s probably what we should focus our attention on, right?

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops. In the meantime, feel free to ask some of the Academy students questions about #WetterGate.

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First, I just wanted to say I'm so jealous of your friendship with plumb-barb, you always seem like the bestest friends around simblr ♥ Reblogging each other and screaming hysterical and fangirling in the tags, I wish I had someone like that ೕ(・ㅂ・ ) SECOND, I admire how... consistent you are with your characters, keeping them all alive and updated on a regular basis and enjoying them in whatever game they may end up and caring for their twitters... keep on the great work and have a nice day!! ♥♥


Barb is one of the most precious Squischiesss in my hartttttt. Like I feel I’ve known her for 98238923 years and she means a lot to meeee and pretty much the reason why I’m still here. We literally talk like everyday for 39823 hours and in all caps too like there is no sentence that goes without all caps it’s ridiculous but I’m sarry we just can’t do lowercase it doesn’t have the right energy so we always screaming in each other faces. She really is one of my best friends and I love her with all the blackness in mah hart. SQUSIICHCHHHYYYYY… THE BLACKNESSS IN MY HART!!

But also omgz fsdkgjhdkfjhsdfds thank youuuuuuuuu.. that means so much to me that you think I’m consistent because I’m not okay.. I’m just winging it for science like idk how this will go but lets test ittttttt. I try to be active enough at least to still have some type of idea of what all my chars are up to in my head and it’s a lot but zdskjfhskjdf and I’m so happy that someone out there appreciates meee ;-;;;;;;;;. This was such a nice message to wake up to on a Monday cause I’m super tired but sdkjhdsj ilyyyyyyy and thank youu againnnn ;-;

"Its ok, I'm used to it"

We hadn’t been friends long, but we’d been talking a lot and he seemed like a nice guy. Our mutual friend had just been disowned and he said he’d keep me updated since I wasn’t getting anywhere in trying to help him. He later says he has a question to ask. Knowing full well I have a boyfriend I am very much in love with, he asks if I’d kiss him and says he knows the answer would be, in his own words, “a resounding NO.” I, politely, said no, I love my boyfriend. He then proceeds to act like a child - won’t say anything to me until the next morning, when I’m getting ready for class. Says he hasn’t slept and didn’t feel like eating. That he’d “been depressed, since earlier.” I said “I’m sorry,” and he said “its ok, I’m used to it.” He says nothing else. I say when I’m leaving for class. Nothing. I tell him later it sounds like he wants space and to message me when he wants to talk. I give him 6 days. Nothing, despite saying he would update me on how our friend was doing, despite that we were supposed to hang out the day after, despite being on both Facebook and Messenger plus having my number to text. He threw me away because I wouldn’t kiss him, when he knew I wouldn’t kiss him. After six days, I unfriended him. I still can’t believe he actually threw me away for answering the way he knew I would. 

Question about comics

Okay actually I have a question. Would you rather me update comics page-per-day, like I did with New Years, or do my comics on the side and update them as a bunch of pages in 1 daily?

I’d still do other SciSet dailies as usual then just pop in with the comic when it’s done. The one I’m working on now will keep with the daily update because it’s already set up that way.

Pro: no waiting for pages, get whole story at once, more dailies on top of it
Con: putting more work aside; less of a schedule for me to keep up with.


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Lmaooo I showed my boyfriend your Freddie is a Clark master post. Like you suggested and he got so angry!!! He said "are you fucking kidding me?" And then He left my house saying he was better off not knowing. And that next time I think two people are together not to ask his opinion. Lol and he just texted me saying to still keep him updated.

lmao he’s already too deep… the larrie transformation is beginning 

Pre-Order/Zine Availability Update!

We have decided on a quantity of books to order based on preorders up to this point with some extras built in for people who have yet to hear about the project / who were unable to buy it at this time. There will be 50 more copies of the book available for sale from this post on.

Digital copies will continue to be available until the project ends and we will give warning before they are closed.

Thank you everyone for your support so far!
We are all just as excited as you are to see our hard work come to fruition~ We’ll keep the blog updated and post pictures as merch arrives! 

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omg you fanfic where Johnny gets hurt and his dad gets really mad about it I really liked it and i thought that maybe you could do a fan fiction where Johnny gets like hurt but he is trying to be discreet from his dad while he is in jail but every time he visits his dad his dad starts to realize something is wrong and he gets released and he finds out that his son has been getting beat by these guys that his dad has ever done wrong to. I thought that you would be really good at writing this lol

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy!

“You don’t so good.”

“Well people usually tell me I look like you, so watch what you say.”

BD chuckled at his son. Johnny had been coming to visit him every other day and keeping him updated on his life. He was grateful for the time his son took to see him so often, but times like these had him suspecting that Johnny wasn’t always telling the whole story.

“You’re not sleeping well, are you?”

“’Course I am, it’s just…theatre can be exhausting.” Johnny broke eye contact and looked up at the ceiling; BD scowled, that was a telltale sign that Johnny was hiding something.

Leaning closer to the window separating them, BD motioned for Johnny to do the same. Up close, Johnny looked truly tired, bags under red eyes and worn lines in his face.

“What happened to your mouth?”

“Ah, nothing dad.” Another look to the ceiling. “Just been biting my lips again, is all.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” Johnny pulled back and a guilty look crossed his face. “Are you lying to me?”

Johnny hesitated and that was all BD needed to know. “It’s been really hard without having you around, dad.” His voice went soft and BD’s expression followed.

“I know, son, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, dad. That’s just…why everything is… Why it’s all different now.”

“You would tell me if something were troubling you, right?”

Johnny glanced at the ceiling again. “You know I would.”

“Boss!” Barry greeted him as soon as he was back in their shared cell while Doug sat on his cot, avoiding his gaze. “I need to talk to you.”

First, trouble with his son and now his friend’s got something wrong; Big Daddy sighed. Running a hand over his face, he waited for Barry to continue.

“You remember those bulls we had a territorial issue with a few months ago?” He nodded. “They know we’re in jail.”

“The whole city knows that.”

“I mean, they know that Johnny’s alone.”

BD removed his hand from his face and stared at his friend. “What?”

Barry held eye contact and worry was all over his face. “Word on the street is that they’ve been… They’ve been terrorizing him.” Barry exhaled heavily. “Been chasing him home, getting…physical once they’ve caught him.”

“What the hell does that mean?” BD drew to his full height and exposed his canines. He knew that his friend wasn’t a danger, but any threat to his son was a threat to him.

Doug stood beside his friend, they both knew their boss could be scary, but Barry didn’t back down. “It means that our enemies know your boy is all by himself and they’re taking out revenge on him!” He said sternly.

BD moved faster than either of them predicted; he spun around and used his fist to place a nice hole in the wall. Barry waved through the new window to the geese on the other side as Doug grabbed the hand of their partner.

“They want to see what revenge looks like!” BD roared. “I’ll show them my own revenge!” He raced to the window and reached for the bars, but Doug and Barry had beaten him there and blocked him.


“You can’t get out again!” Barry kept his voice low.

It took both of them to wrestle BD away from the window. “I need to see my son!

“We’ve - argh - already called in…some favors!” Doug grunted out, pushing him back.

“We got - ow! - people on the - ugh - outside wa-watching…outforhim!”

“What are you two talking about?” BD snarled, throwing down their hands and remaining still. They had perked his curiosity.

Doug and Barry panted heavily. “We got a hold of some…friends?” Barry’s uncertainty didn’t relax BD at all.

“Who?” They didn’t have friends outside of themselves. It was just the three of them and Johnny.

“The Shepherds.” Doug answered.

“We don’t work with them. We never have. What do they have to do with my son?”

“’The enemy of my enemy is my friend’,” Doug quoted. “They and the bulls have been getting into a lot, we’ve got them on our side. They’re watching out for Johnny.”

At BD’s questioning glance, Barry continued. “On the deal that we release information on the bulls to the police. It’ll get us time off our sentence on top of that.”

The three of them stayed silent. It was an unspoken rule to not rat out other criminals, a weird code of honor.

But another rule was to not go after each others’ kids.

BD still had his teeth bared and was nearly snarling. “How do we know they’ll keep up their end?”

“They’re not big on violence,” Barry reassured. “They weren’t happy hearing about the situation. But, they’ve got to protect Johnny for a full week before we say anything.”

Their boss turned to the door, ready to leave, but Doug’s question stopped him. “Where are you going?”

“Get the word out,” BD growled. “Anyone who lays a finger on Johnny dies. By my hands. Make sure the word gets back to the bulls.”

Barry and Doug nodded silently and watched as he left on his own mission.

I didn’t really know how/where to end this, I might get around to re-writing it. I hope you guys still enjoyed it!

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I know many people tell you this, but you are seriously one of the best people I've seen in the BTS tumblr fandom! Thank you so much for everything you do. It's much appreciated and I always go to your page to keep up with updates and such! :)

thank you so much, i really try my best so this means a lot!!


This mornings workout pic and a general snap shot of the morning so far!

Got to the gym around 6:50 and ran 2 miles, then stretched and headed home! I am gonna make time for a lifting session this afternoon!
I was happy with my weigh in this morning, and I haven’t

I have officially decided to go low carb (keto) for a little while, it is the first diet I did to start my weight loss in 2009. I have tried many since then when my body plateaus, I will keep y'all updated!

Breakfast cups are a success, especially paired with some avocado! So easy to make, I don’t know why I don’t do these all the time!

Hope y'all have an awesome day!

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The kitchen guy said she is keeping the tile backsplash just updating it bc it is her style. I don't think she's moving.

here is what he said, i think he meant to type “from” what i know she loves that kind of style

other notes it sounds like most things were updated not remodeled. So perhaps the real brunt of the remodel was not fixtures or floors but rather structural. 

i think i used up all my energy drawing the update last night..?? i drew so fast and drew a lot of panels, but now i sat down to do more posts and i’ve taken like 2 hours to draw just one panel because i keep losing focus :/

so the next update will be delayed unfortunately ;-;