will jester

What Your Most Commonly Equipped Junkrat Skin Says About You:

Classic: Thirsty Junkrat fucker (alternately: recently changed back to classic after the Junkertown short)

Palette Swaps: Not enough credits for a good skin, but wants to make sure everyone on both teams know that they’re not a complete noob

Jailbird: Ships Junkrat with D.Va because of her police skin; has a thing for bad boys

Toasted: Hates all of Junkrat’s non-event legendaries and will always 1v1 the enemy Junkrat to prove they are the alpha Junkrat

Firework: Has Junkrat’s golden frag launcher

Hayseed: Likes the plaid + overalls look; probably a lesbian

Scarecrow: Got the skin in a lootbox

Fool: Likes the Jester skin, but doesn’t want to see Junkrat without blonde hair

Jester: Either spams bombs from high-ground and has no gamesense whatsoever, or is a grandmaster player with godlike reflexes and awareness. There is no in-between.

Junkenstein: God-tier

Cricket: Got sick of waiting for the Halloween event to get the Junkenstein skin

Constant Switching: Undecisive, because they love Junkrat a lot, no matter what he looks like

Here’s my piece for MOONLIGHT, a non-profit Shiro Zine called “I Only Wanted To Fly.”  Shiro sees his young self in the astral plane and thinks about how he had once innocently wanted to be a pilot and go to space - until shit happened of course. This was super fun to do and I can’t wait to see the other pieces in the zine!!