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Preference #51: They Have Kinks

A/N: If you’ve paid attention to the last 3 requests you’ll see they’re connected, so this is it!

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Own Risk!!!

Will: Role Play

“Let’s try something new tonight,” Will said, kissing up and down your neck. You smiled, “What would this new thing be?” you asked, turning to give him a proper kiss. He moved away from you, and went to the closet. You sat on the bed waiting for him to find whatever it was he was looking for. He pulled out two different bags and handed you one. “What’s this?” you asked him, he smirked, “Just put it on,” he said. You sighed not questioning it, and went to the bathroom. You opened the bag, and gasped a bit. You giggled, deciding to play along. It was just lingerie, when you exited the bathroom, you could see Will dressed as a cop. You caught on to what that something new was. He motioned you more into the room. “Want to tell me why you were speeding?” he asked already into character. You pouted a bit, “I’m sorry officer, I was just in a hurry,” you said. Something in his eyes sparked at your words, and it suddenly dawned on you that this must have been a kink of his. “I’m going to have to give you a ticket ma'am,” he said. “Is there something I could do, to not get a ticket?” you asked. He smirked, “Bribing an officer? That calls for punishment,” he said, “On your knees.” You did as he said as he started to unbuckle his belt, pulling down his pants. “It’s not gonna suck itself,” he growled, you bit your bottom lip, grabbing onto his member. Will moaned as you started to stroke his member, you licked from the base to the tip. Hollowing your cheeks, you took him in your mouth, deep throating him. “Fuck, just like that,” he moaned, grabbing your hair to make a makeshift pony tail. You moaned around him, and continued doing this until he came. He lifted you up, and carried you to the bed. “I love your mouth,” he said, kissing you deeply. You moaned against his lips, and he took off the see through slip. His eyes scanned you body before he hooked his fingers to the hem of your panties, and pulled them off. You were soaked from just sucking him off, and he could tell. He was about to trail down to your heat, but you stopped him. “Just fuck me already,” you moaned. He smirked against your abdomen, and went back up to peck your lips. He lined himself up at your entrance, and pushed in. You moaned loudly and he shushed you with a kiss. He went faster and gripped onto your hips. “WILL!” you shouted, he moaned into your hair and kept at his pace. You felt your release coming, and he could feel it too. “Let go,” he moaned, rubbing fast circles on your clit. You came at his words, and he released after. Will rolled off and caught his breath, “So, role play uh?” you asked, he blushed a bit. “No, no, it’s not bad, I liked it,” you said, he smiled, kissing you before cuddling into your side.

Cole: Spanking

 The makeout session became hot real quick. You both were half naked, and his hands started to roam. You were hovered over Cole, lips on his. Out of nowhere, you felt his hand come in contact with your butt. You hissed, and pulled away from him, “Did you just smack my ass?” you said confusedly. He looked up at you innocently. “What?” he asked, you giggled “You just spanked me,” you said baffled. He laughed and kissed you again, “I liked it though,” you said pulling away from him. He smirked, “Really?” he asked, “Because I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” You smiled at him and he bit his bottom lip, eyes clouding with lust. His fingers hooked at the him of your panties, and yanked them off. He patted your hip, in a “turn over motion” and you did as he said. “Fucking love your ass,” he said, massaging it with his hands. You moaned at the feeling, and he lifted his hand, and it slammed down onto you ass. You moaned in both pain, and pleasure, he did it a few more times. The bed dipped and you felt him climb off the bed. You looked over your shoulder, and watched him get something from the closet. When he came back out, you saw a paddle in his hand. “Oh my god,” you laughed, he wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to spank you for the longest. He lined up at your entrance, ignoring your words. You were getting soaked just thinking about him spanking you with the paddle. He pushed in, and you moaned loudly right when he spanked you with the paddle. His movements were fast, his hand reaching out for your hair. You screamed out in pleasure as he yanked you up by your hair. You never knew Cole could be this dominate, and you really liked it. You heard him swore feeling him release. Cole thrusted a few more times and soon you came. He rode out your high, and released hold of your hair. You collapsed on the bed, him lying next to you. “We should do that more often,” you said, rolling over to where you were resting on his chest. He just chuckled, wiping sweat from his forehead.

Dana: S&M/Bondage

There was something about tying, and gagging you up that gave Dana pleasure. He had a thing for sex toys, and the handcuffs had became his best friend. He rarely got to do any of this stuff to you, and you only let it happen on special occasions. Tonight was one of those nights, and Dana wasn’t going to take it slow. He had other nights for that, what he wanted to do was fuck you relentlessly. You weren’t complaining, you were actually just excited as him. He stripped you bare, and the next thing you knew he had you tied up to the bed. He was naked also, and his gaze scanned over your body. The gag ball was already in your mouth, and Dana opened your special drawer, taking out the vibrator. “You’re not going to walk for the next two days,” he said turning it on. You whimpered, and watched him intently as he guided the vibrator up to your heat. He tapped it a few time on your clit, and the quick feeling of it still made you moan. Soon, he pushed the vibrator inside you. Your moans were muffled by the gag ball, and you lifted your hips up, wanting to feel him inside of you. He turned it up a bit more, and you whimpered. He looked back into the drawer, and pulled out the tiny leather whip. He struck you once, the leather hitting against you clit. You moaned in both pain and pleasure. This ignited a fire in his eyes, and he couldn’t wait anymore. Dana pushed aside the vibrator, it was still in you when he decided to plunge in. You screamed around the ball at the intense pleasure of Dana and the vibrator inside of you. As the vibrator kept vibrating, Dana started to pound into you relentlessly, his pace never halting. You yanked at the handcuffs desperate to scratch down his back. Tears started to prick into your eyes at how much pleasure you were receiving. You loved it though Dana moaned above you tilting his head down to suck love bites into your skin. You clenched around him, “Fuck, you feel so good,” he moaned out. You soon released, and he took out the vibrator, his pace becoming sloppy as he came a few minutes after. Dana collapsed on top of you, his hand reaching up to release you from the hand cuffs. He took the gag ball out of your mouth, and wiped the saliva that had gathered at the end of you mouth. “Sorry if I was too rough,” he said, caressing your breast. “It’s fine, I liked it,” you said after catching your breath, making him smile.

Gabe: Daddy Kink

“You want me to call you what?” you asked staring at a half naked Gabe. He gulped hesitating before telling you again. “I want you to call me daddy,” his voice was low, almost growl like. You blinked a few times, Daddy kink, you thought to yourself, that explained why he called you “baby girl” whenever you two had sex. You smirked and looked up at him innocently. “What are you going to do to me daddy?” you asked as innocently as you could. Gabe could feel himself getting hard at the question. He was relieved that you didn’t find his kink weird. He climbed onto the bed, and scooped you up into his arms. Gabe kissed you deeply, and you returned it. “I’m not going to do anything, but you are,” he muttered against your lips. His hand trailed down your stomach, and to your heat, rubbing circles on your clothed clit. You moaned against his lips, and he yanked off your panties then unclasped your bra. “Fucking love these,” he said, massaging your breast. “Daddy,” you moaned lightly as his mouth came in contact with your nipple. He released your nipple, and went to the other giving it the same attention. Gabe pulled away from you, and sat down on the bed. “Come here,” he said, you crawled over to him and he gripped your hips. “Baby girl’s going to ride daddy,” he said, guiding your hips till your entrance was over his member. You sunk down on him, the both of you moaning loudly at the pleasure. You went slow at first, slowly moving in figure eights around him. Gabe didn’t like being teased, and he thrusted up into you at a fast pace. “OH DADDY!” you yelled only making him go faster. You took over, and started to bounce up and down on him. “Just like that,” he moaned, “Such a good girl for daddy.” Tiny screams escaped your mouth, and he brought his mouth to your breast, peppering them with love bites. “Daddy,” you whimpered, feeling your release coming. Gabe’s hand traveled down to where you connected, rubbing fast circles onto your clit. This threw you over the edge. “DADDY!” you screamed loudly, head thrown back, and back arching. Gabe grunted, following in pursuit. You collapsed on his chest, trying to regain your breathing. He lifted you up a bit, pulling out. The events that just too placed had tired you out that you ended up asleep in a matter of seconds.

David: Public

You thought it was going to be a simple day out shopping with your boyfriend, but that didn’t happen. As the day progressed, David was getting hard at the sight of you trying on clothes, some revealing and others not so revealing. You dragged him into Intimacy, to try out some new bras and underwear. You had pulled him into the changing room, wanting to get his opinion. “This takes the fun out of guessing when we’re about to have sex,” David groaned. You rolled your eyes at his statement, and placed on the first set. You opened the door. “What do you think?” you asked giving him some poses. He shifted in his spot, “Looks nice,” he said, placing one of the bags on his lap. You smiled, and went back into the changing room to put on the next set. You came out, doing some more poses. “Fucking hell,” David muttered, standing up and pushing you back inside the dressing room. “What are you doing?” you hissed, David smirked. “Spent most of this day watching you model clothes for me,” he said, unclasping the bra. “Besides, I think we’ve hit the point in our relationship were I can finally take you right here in public.” You moaned a bit at his words, you never knew he was one to have sex in public, but here you were now about to do exactly that. You took off the panties, and David unzipped his pants, pulling them down. “Have to be quiet, don’t want to get caught,” he said, pulling you closer to give you a passionate kiss. You giggled a bit, and trailed your hands down his abdomen, and towards his member. David moaned a bit, “Didn’t know I was having such a great affect on you,” you teased. He rolled his eyes, hands gripping onto your thighs as you jumped up, wrapping your legs around him. In one quick movement, he slammed into you. You moaned loudly, and his hand immediately clasped around your moth silencing you. He shot you a glare before thrusting up in a fast pace. He was doing most of the work since he had you pinned up against the wall. “Faster,” you said, words muffled by his hand. He couldn’t tell what you had said, but assumed you said something about his pace. He picked up speed, and your hands went to his hair, tugging at it. He moaned a bit, biting onto your collarbone to silence himself. This went on for a while, until he released inside you. You cooed at the feeling, and he kept thrusting trying to get you to your high. After a few minutes, you came and he rode out your high. David pulled out, and set you down on your feet. You sat down on the ledge, trying to catch your breath. “That was exhilarating,” you said a few minutes later. He chuckled and started to get dressed. “I’ll be waiting outside,” he said, pecking you lips one more time before leaving the dressing room.



You ran into the nearest coffee shop, clutching your books to your chest. You check if any of your textbooks were wet and, seeing that they’re still readable, shrug your bag off of your shoulder. You pulled off your hood, sighing in contentment at the cold air.

“Bad day?” you whipped your head around to see a guy sitting at the table you put your bag on. “Oh! I’m so sorry, I’ll move.” You move to get your bag but the stranger holds up a hand and stops you. “No, it’s fine. We can share.” You tilt your head in confusion but smile gratefully.

“The complete opposite actually, just finished my mid-terms.” you answer his previous question, doing a little happy dance. He chuckles at your enthusiasm. “I’m Cole, by the way.”

You stop dancing at the mention of his name. You knew that name. 6 years ago, you would have been squealing at only the sight of him. 6 years ago you would have fainted in this very spot. “Cole… Pendery?” you ask shakily, clearly not processing the moment. He smiles sheepishly, running a hand through his hair. It grew slightly longer and a few strands of white were peeking out.

“Yeah. That’s me.”  You wince slightly at his tired tone. You sit down next to him, pulling your knees to your chest. “What’s wrong?” He looks at you strangely, copying your position in his chair. “Nothing’s wrong… It’s just that.” He takes a deep breath before speaking.

“I didn’t think anybody would recognize me after everything… you know.” he gestured wildly with his hands and you nod in understanding. “It’s just a lot to process that I’m not in the band anymore.”

“Do you miss it?” You ask, shyly taking his hand in both of yours. To your delight, he squeezes them tightly, finding comfort in your touch. “I miss it everyday. The fans, the singing, performing, my brothers…” You listen to him talk of his time in IM5, nodding at the right times and patting his back whenever there was a moment of silence.

He wipes a single tear from his eye, letting out a silent sob. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who regrets ever leaving.” You stare at him in shock, almost at a loss for words. “Hey… That’s not true.”

You take your laptop out of your bag, pulling up tumblr in just under a minute. You type in the IM5 tag and he stares at the screen in confusion before transforming into the smile that was in your dreams years ago.

I wish IM5 were still together!!! :(( But I still love them!

Look at this picture of baby Cole! Ain’t he cute?

Why have I never seen this cover before? This is amazing! #5er5ever

“You see? The fans will always support you. Past, present or future.” You say and he smiles even wider. You close your laptop and place it on the table in front of you. “Now why don’t you give the boys a call? A reunion is long overdue, no?”

You never thought he could grin even wider but he did as he pulled out his phone and clicked the contacts he’s been dying to call.



It was a busy day at the diner. Dinner rush was a bitch sometimes but you needed the money to continue college. You sigh as your boss yells at you to cut your break short and serve a customer that came in. “I’ll go deaf every time he talks.” you mumble to yourself, getting a notepad and a glass of water before going behind the counter.

Your fellow waitress points towards a guy at a bar stool and you walk over to him. “Good evening, sugar. What would you like?” You ask the guy in the snapback and he looks up at you. “Yeah, can I get a black coffee? I have a lot of work to do tonight.” He gestures towards the sheet music next to him and you nod.

After setting his black coffee in front of him, you glance at the sheet music he was working on. “You writing a song?” He chuckles at that and shakes his head. “Nah, just going through a few songs. I have my first concert next week.” You raise an eyebrow at him and maybe internally squeal that you’re serving a celebrity.

“Oh? Are you in a band?” You ask, leaning against the counter. He smiles sadly, shaking his head again. “Not anymore. Going solo since 2017.” He says, doing some unenthusiastic jazz hands. You look at him in confusion. “That’s great Mr…” You gesture towards him and he smiles.

“The name’s Dana Vaughns." 

Your eyes widen at his name. "Dana? From IM5?” you ask, your breath catching when he nods. “Correction: I was Dana from IM5. Now it’s just Dana.” That sad smile crept up to his face again and you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

IM5 split up last year and you were one of their biggest fans. The ironic thing was, 2016 was one of their biggest years with a world tour and 3 albums released since 2012. They were more talked about than any other celebrity that year and was dubbed as IM5 Heaven Year by the fans.

In the middle of 2017, they had a falling out and went their separate ways. Will wrote an entire album and climbed up the charts in under 3 months.  Gabe was currently making a rap career and is slowly building up the charts as well. Cole was an Oscar winning actor. David had his own chain of dance studios world wide. 

You slapped yourself when you didn’t recognize Dana. He was your favorite, being the one who was closest to your age. You never saw him in news unlike Will or Cole. He didn’t post any youtube videos like Gabe or David. All this time, you thought he may have retired or gone to school.

But the reality is that he is a struggling artist and that made you want to cry. You didn’t want to believe it but the evidence was right in front of you. You took his hand in yours, smiling at him comfortingly when he looks up at you. When he returned your smile, you grabbed a plate of cookies behind you. He raised an eyebrow but you continued to smile.

“Where’s the concert? I might just be in the first row.” you say, laughing at his shocked yet grateful smile.



“And one and two and three and… Hold your balance Y/N.”

You blush when David lightly reprimanded you. You were slightly star struck because you were taking a dance class with David Scarzone. David Scarzone the former member of IM5 and overall amazing dancer. You didn’t know that it was his class you were signing up for until he entered the room.

Now it was your 3rd week in class and you still couldn’t learn fast enough.

You nod at him when he looks at you questioningly. You pull your face back into a serious and concentrated expression before starting the routine again. This time, you made sure to get the timing right, hold your your balance and let the rhythm flow through your body.

After the routine was finished, you felt the most exhilarated than you have ever been since day one. Once David dismissed the class, you bounded over to him. You told yourself that you would get a picture with him before the class ended next month. The earlier the better.

“Um excuse me?” He turns around and gives you an easy smile. “Good job today, Y/N. You’ve improved and I’m proud of you.” He places a hand on your shoulder and you beam at him, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Thank you. And for being in of the best teachers ever…”

“Aw you don’t have to say stuff like that.”

“But it’s true!” You say, fumbling for a bit as you tried to reach your phone buried deep into your bag. “I’ve always wanted to learn dancing from you. Even before you joined IM5, I have loved the way you dance. You inspired me to pursue dance in college.”

You were almost rambling when you finally got to your phone. So much so that you didn’t notice his head drop and his reminiscing smile at the mention of IM5 but even if you did, it was gone before it even happened. “So… I was wondering if we could get a picture? I want to remember these moments.”

You bounce excitedly on the spot, holding your phone tightly. He chuckles at your enthusiasm and nods. You squeal silently and hold up your phone for a selfie. “To the best dance teacher ever!” You say as you take the picture, his arm around your waist and his smile wide.



You were late.

“Excuse me!” You mumble repeatedly as you tried to get to your job quickly. The people going in the opposite direction were definitely not helping. You glanced at your watch and gasp, running faster in the direction of the local day care.

You curse silently when you finally arrived to your classroom. You lean against the door to catch your breath when it suddenly opened. You collapse to the floor with a loud shriek and land on your butt. “Oh come on…” You say, looking up to see the new teacher looking down at you.

You blush as he offers his hand to you, apologizing for his actions. “Sorry, Y/N. I just had to find out where you were. The kids are sleeping right now. Took me 5 songs.” You take his hand with a laugh and he pulled you to a standing position.

“Thanks, Gabe. I appreciate it.” You pat the dirt off your pants and gave him a grateful smile. He returned the smile and gestured towards your classroom. You shake your head, taking a little peak at the sleeping angels in the room. “They won’t wake up for another hour. Wanna grab a coffee in the lounge?" 

Gabe hesitates for a second before nodding. You lead him towards the teachers’ lounge, heading straight towards the heavenly coffee maker. "Do you take sugar?” you ask him and he shakes his head. “Just creamer, thanks.” He leans against the counter, watching you prepare your cups.

After 5 minutes, you were both sitting in comfortable silence at one of the tables. Gabe has been working at the day care for a week now. You never really had a real conversation with the guy. You never really heard his speaking voice, just his singing voice. When you would pass by one of the classrooms, you would hear him sing the kids to sleep but you would walk away before you heard him speak.

“How are you liking the day care? Kids not giving you a hard time?” He chuckles and shakes his head. “Nah. I’m great with kids. After my band… went our separate ways, I figured it would be a nice break taking care of kids.” He shrugged, sipping his coffee.

You noticed the dark expression when he spoke of his old band. You knew of them, of course. You still had a few posters up in your room. You never told him about it because you didn’t want to make things awkward. You just wanted to be his friend, not a crazed fanatic. So you mellowed down the fangirl in you and focused on being that friend.

“It’s nice, actually. Being in the day care. It gives me time to think about things. Think about what I want for the future.” He finishes his coffee and sets it down on the table. “Have you thought about it lately? You know, your future?” He looks at you and you stare back at him. You still see that boy in IM5, just older and maybe just a little lost.

“I have… And I want to just settle down. Get a beautiful wife. Have a kid. Continue working here. Maybe I’ll continue a small music career. It’s a nice change from what I used to do.” You smiled at him and nod, placing your coffee cup next to his. 

“Yeah. You deserve a break.” He smiles at you gratefully and you smile back. “Why don’t you help me wake up the kids. They’ll love to see you again.” He nods again and you both walk to your classroom, just when the hour passed.



“And this was a song from my days in IM5. Bet you guys remember that time.” The crowd cheers as Will starts to play Superman. You sing along, feeling a few tears sting your eyes. You were at VidCon, watching Will perform on the main stage. After IM5 ended, he continued to work on music on youtube.

After many a year, he finally got to perform on the main stage. You were happy for him yet at the same time sad that he wasn’t performing with IM5. You knew that they still talked to each other. Heck, Will even collabs with them in his videos. You just wished that they could perform together, even for one last time.

Maybe that would make Will truly smile again.

Sometimes you feel like you were the only one who knew. The way he would smile in his videos never reached his eyes. You could hear the raw emotion as he sang on that stage. Your heart ached for him. He was usually the happy one of the group, so full of smiles and an angelic voice.

He still had the angelic voice. Time made his voice more mature and his vocal range varied beautifully. If only time healed his wounds too. He finished the song and bid goodbye before exiting the stage. You push through the crowd, trying to find him. You finally spotted him at his meet and greet table, texting on his phone. You knew that people would go to him any minute so you took your chance and walked towards him.

“Hello.” He looks up, placing that smile you knew was forced on to his face. “Hello.” he said, putting his phone down. As if on autopilot, he grabs the album he released recently and a marker, ready to sign it. You shake your head and push the album away, making him look at you in confusion.

“I just want to talk to you. You seemed down lately.” You went for the straightforward approach, knowing that you wanted an answer. His smile faltered and he hung his head, scratching the back of his neck. You went around the table, grab a chair and sit next to him. “Will? Please talk to me. I just want you to be happy.”

When he finally looked up, he couldn’t look at you. He looked around and stood up, closing the curtains that surrounded his table. “What do you mean?” he asks almost shyly and you felt your heart constrict in sympathy.

“Your smile never reaches your eyes anymore. And though your voice is still amazing, it doesn’t have the soul it used to have. I know you’re not alright, so tell me and I’ll help you.” Years ago, you never would have had the courage to do this. Years ago, you would be too blinded by his body rolls or perfect pitch to care about his feelings.

But this was right now. And right now, he was unhappy.

He took a deep breath and sat down next to you again. He turned his chair to face you and you did the same, taking his hand in yours. “Maybe it’s stupid. Me missing the boyband days. I knew it was never going to last. But I just hoped that we would be together as a group, as brothers forever. I let myself hope too far.

"I still can’t process that I’m alone now. I’m getting by on youtube videos and a part time job in Barnes & Noble. I still see them, you know, my band mates but… It’s not the same. I want to perform with them. Feel that rush of adrenaline as the crowd cheers for us. I want to hang out with them and jokingly complain about the hectic schedule when in reality, I absolutely live for it.”

He pauses, letting the tears fall down his face. “It must seem selfish of me to think of this.” You shake your head and pull him into a tight hug. “It’s not selfish, Will.” You say on to his shoulder. You pull back and cup his face into your hands, making sure he looks at you straight in the eye.

“You will always be part of IM5, in your heart. You still see your brothers, maybe not as frequently as you like but at least it’s better than never speaking to each other again. You still love and care for each other. That’s what the fans loved about IM5, you were a down to earth boyband who just loved making music together. No matter if you were not that famous. We loved you for you and I’m sure the band will still love you as well.”

His tears were falling freely now and you felt yourself tear up as well. “You mean that?” Your only answer was to hug him again and this time, he hugs back fiercely. Clutching on to you like a lifeline. 

“Thank you.” he whispers into your ear and, finally, you hear the smile in his voice.

Woo… That was a tough one. I hope you guys liked it! :3

First Kiss Preference!


Cole had promised to take you out for a picnic, but his tours kept interfering with the planning. You were in class, daydreaming and staring out of the window when a sudden tap pulled you back to reality. Cole was standing outside of the window holding a picnic basket. He pointed to it, gesturing for you to come outside. As the bell rang, you dashed out of the building, throwing all cares to the wind. You and Cole snuck off to a small apple farm where you pulled out the blanket.

“Y/N… I-” He starts. You look at him and notice the color rising to his cheeks.

“Yes, Cole…?” You say. You have a feeling that you know what’s about to happen, but you keep your calm.

“I want you… I want to kiss you… Is that okay? I mean, if it’s not, forget I ever asked.” He start to ramble.

You smile at him, thinking he looks cute when he gets frazzled. “Yes.”

He smiles, the worry melting off his face. You both lean in, and you feel his soft lips land on yours.


You and Dalton were doing a photoshoot together. The boys had just hit stardom in the media’s eyes and to celebrate, Teen Vogue was doing an article on IM5 and their supporters. You two were goofing off in front of the camera, cheesing it up, putting all of their serious models to shame. Frantically dodging the ridiculous props they had for you, you try to protect the treasure you had just stolen from him: his top hat. Dalton had caught you from behind and pulled you close, whispering, “I could just kiss you.”

“Then do it, loverboy.” You tease. And with that, his lips connect with yours, the camera lights flashing.


You had taken Dana to your younger siblings play. They were doing a cute little romance, your sibling the lead. As the curtains drew closed, the narrator said, “And that’s why you should always kiss a princess when you see one.”

“Okay.” Dana said and leaned over to you and pecked you on the lips. 


Gabe had taken you to a small house party for his band. The place was warm, people kept bumping into you. As the night went on, the house continued to acquire people. As you and Gabe were standing in the kitchen, somebody shoves you hard. Gabe grabs your elbows and pulls you up, smirking.

The smirk falls from his face when he realizes what you’re about to do. Standing toe to toe, you lean up and kiss him, pulling back and searching his eyes. After a brief moment, they open, showing laughter and his face lights up as he kisses you once more.


“Y/N! Y/N!” Will calls frantically. You two had gone to Disney for the day as friends. A parade had cut between you, forcing you apart. The crowds swallowed you both and you started to panick. Will knew how much you hated crowds and promised you he wouldn’t leave your side. Now everywhere you turned it was a different stranger elbowing you out of the way. You were spinning, searching for that boy. After five minutes of being bounced back and forth, you collapse on a bench, trying to calm down. Tears were coursing down your face, but not a single person stopped to see if you were okay. “Y/N!” You look up to see Will running towards you. You stand up to wrap yourself into his arms, shrinking into his embrace. He pulls back and takes your face into his hands and swiftly kisses you. The kiss is warm, worried, longing. Will pulls back, realizing what he just did, but you just wrap your arms around him and bury your face into his shirt, grinning.

A/N: Sorry Dana’s was so short, I just felt like I would have messed it up if I would have added more to it. ~Em