will it help my love life

When I say I love Jared Padalecki

I don’t mean “omg I love him sooo much he’s so cute and amazing!” 

I mean

I would give my life for him to be happy

I would cut off my left arm if he needed one (he’d be a little lopsided but…)

I would drop everything I’m doing if he called

I would do anything and everything I possibly could to make sure that he never has a bad day again in his life. 

When I say I love Jared Padalecki, I mean I love him in all the ways a fan loves a celebrity, yes, but I also mean that this man saved my life and I adore him and am forever indebted to him and would go to the ends of the earth if it meant Jared knowing just how loved and important he is. 


I hate being empathetic. I hate feeling the emotions that others are experiencing.

I take on my friends disappointments and heartbreaks and feel them deeply. I’ve always been this way. It helps me understand my friends. It helps me love my friends.


Sometimes it also hurts me. And I’ve never been able to reign that in and get it under control.

So, I’m sorry that sometimes I go from great to not. Sometimes it’s my life. Sometimes it’s not.

I do love you all. More than many of you will ever realize.


Maybe all she needed was for you to hold her. Maybe that’s all it would have taken for her to feel safe. Instead you used her, you confused her. You are the reason she will never trust again. Because just as she thought you’d hold her, you threw her to the ground…
—  and left her there

Thanks @bakanohealthy for signing ???% headcanon

(it’s signing “happy” in JSL)

何?大丈夫 | ごめんなさい