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The next set of pages of my Prospecter comic, no title yet decided. Maybe I’ll call it A Couple of Garbage Fools or something. 

Potential Specter of Torment spoilers. 

Next pages up whenever.


Tuxedo Tuesday - Hello There, Mayor Handsome Edition

Heya Buttercup! 

So I got distracted with iPhone issue yesterday, which have since been addressed. So I thought it now being Tuesday, it might be fun to roll out a Tuxedo day. Haven’t done this in a while. But geez, Mayor Handsome looks good all dressed up. 

Can you believe we get a new episode tomorrow? Finally? I am so excited. And hopeful that we are heading into a strong finish for the season. Let’s enjoy some nicely dressed man (to counter the frat boy clothes we’ll be seeing him in all hiatus), shall we? Included some silly captions. 

I own all of my tuxes. Because Queen men don’t rent. 

Who ate all the shrimp again? Rene?

John’s wedding, the moment before Palmer showed up. 

Post-tux intensity. 

Did I leave the arrow sharpening lathe running in the lair when I left? Can’t remember. Damn.

Mayor? Yes. Handsome all my life? Pretty much. 

And there we have it, my friends! I hope you enjoyed. You know what tomorrow is and I promise to deliver something good. In the meantime, have a great rest of your week! Tags after the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I get so distracted by cliffs hands when he's playing bass? I mean just look at them, they have so many veins and how fast his fingers go. It's just fascinating (plus the goofy faces he makes while playing are adorable)

The guy definitely knew what he was doing! 💕

It just makes me so sad how many times Tao has had to face criticism over his appearance. First they would mock him over his colour, then his nose and eyebags, and now his weight. It makes me so so sad because Tao is a sensitive person… even when he tries to brush it away (he is a strong boy), these insecurities keep bundling in him inside and manifest themselves such that he claims he hate his no makeup face and thinks he is fat and apologises for eating 3 meals a day.

anonymous asked:

Omg I always sense it when you're gonna be online ahah! Sooo I was wondering, is Veela!Viktor even more good looking than regular Viktor, or is regular Viktor so handsome that he can just be a Veela?

He looks the same as regular Viktor (he also doesn’t turn into a creepy bird when he gets pissed off because he’s only half-Veela) but he has a very magnetic aura around him that draws people to him which is a subconscious manifestation of his powers. He can also consciously use his powers although they are not as strong as a full Veela but he rarely does unless he absolutely has to. But it’s one of the reasons why Yuuri fascinates him because most people are drawn to him without him even trying and will do anything for his attention but Yuuri keeps running away and doesn’t fawn over him at all (because he has a massive crush on Viktor that has nothing to do with him being a Veela and is very shy and embarrassed about it)

#PLLFinaleThoughts 03

But honestly, think about it: doesn’t Ezra has all the traits of a psycopath? He’s smart, intelligent, charming, handsome, he can be so gentle that everyone thinks he’s a good guy, but he had some really sketchy moments (look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW2yD-LNF1I that’s terrifying), he’s probably one of the characters with the best acting/lying skills… wouldn’t it be perfect? 

Like. HE HAD A FUCKING LAIR. And his explaination about writing a book simply won’t convince me. There are so many questionable things about him…