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False Alarm

Hulk x Reader
Bruce Banner x Reader

Summary: If Hulk hears Y/N scream his first instinct is to react. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out in everyone else’s favour.

Warnings: One f bomb and gentle giant Domestic!Hulk

“Tony?” Bruce asked as he rounded the corner into the lab, seeing Tony tinkering with a piece of machinery with a screwdriver.

“Yeah Bruce?”

“Have you seen Y/N anywhere?” Bruce frowned. “I can’t find her anywhere.” Bruce had started to get a small feeling of worry when he noticed he hadn’t seen her for a few hours. It wasn’t that he needed to know where his girlfriend was every second of the day… He just worries, sometimes.

Tony hummed in thought as he tapped his screwdriver against the bench. “Last I saw her was with Clint.” He nodded in confirmation to himself.

“Thanks Tony.” Bruce smiled as he waved him off.

“Yeah yeah, bye.” Tony muttered as he went back to his design.

Bruce made his way to the towers living quarters and halted his footsteps when he heard a loud scream.

That was Y/N…

His eyes widened as fear jolted through him. His senses kicked into over drive as various scenarios ran through his head of what could be happening. He took a few deep breaths to calm down. She was strong, and not only that she was safe inside Stark tower. There was obviously a rational explanation for-


His eyes turned a vibrant green and any thoughts he had quickly disappeared as he turned into the Hulk.

Hulk wasted no time charging into the room, breaking the door down and tearing through the surrounding wall as he roared, ready to smash whatever the cause of Y/N’s scream was.


Clint screamed as he and Y/N both stared at the Hulk and his sudden entrance.

“HULK’S Y/N SCREAMED!” He looked wildly around the room for any source of villain or danger.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Clint screwed his eyes shut and smacked his forehead.

Y/N quickly stood and crossed the short distance between them, her hands raised defensively. “I was just playing a scary game Hulk! I’m fine!” She held up the PlayStation controller as a token of proof. “I’m okay I promise!”

Hulk surveyed the room, making sure there was really nothing wrong, he stared at the screen with a small yellow raincoat clad child crouched and came to the conclusion that there was no immediate danger.

He huffed and narrowed his eyes. He was still on high alert from the scream. He bent slightly and picked up Y/N.

“Hey! No Hulk! I said I was fine!”

He started to leave the room.

“Nooooo I wanna beat the level!! Hulk!!!” She whined as she feebly reached towards the PlayStation, she didn’t attempt to escape his grip past that as she knew it was better to just let him do what he wanted when he thought there was danger. She always found it sweet his first instinct was to protect her.

“What about my room!?!?” Clint snarled as he gestured to the gaping hole the Hulk was now standing in.

“Get fixed.” Was his simple reply as he left the room. He didn’t care, he had Y/N safe now. That was all that was important.


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In case you didnt know already, in the german dub where keith gets lance's lion and they do their shenanigans, keith's dialogue is v much identical to the english one, and lance in the dub responds as follows: "come on, i thought we were best friends now! buddy? my old friend?"


I prefer the “my man” over “my old friend” tho, it’s got a nice touch that ‘old friend’ doesn’t quite cover :P

heres my drawing and i still havent found a way to organize my drawings besides with my tumblr so i made another tumblr account aka this one cuz my drawings are sad af and i dont want anyone seeing them ever


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Hi. Can I request drabble prompt 132 & bruce banner please. Thanksss

132. “I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.”

Bruce’s text was nothing short of concerning.

Please don’t get mad… I have something unexpected when you get home.

Okay??? What could be so bad that he had to forewarn me? I walked into our apartment, preparing for the worst. What I saw, however, was more bizarre than anything else.

“Bruce, what the…”

“Um… I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats…”

There was a stretch of silence, the tiny creatures blinking up at me. They were more kittens than cats, really and… well, they were adorable.

“How can I be mad with faces like that?”

Bruce smiled sheepishly and relaxed. “There is an explanation, I promise…”

“Let me guess,” I smirked slightly, “It has something to do with ‘for science’, right?”


you guys really enjoyed the matching sweatshirts my boyfriend and I wore on vacation last year 👑❤️ 

this year we decided to take the cheese up a notch 🧀

(luke’s so tall his head’s cut off in the thumbnail lmao you’ll have to click to view the whole thing)

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how did you learn russian on your own? did you use any apps like rosetta stone?

Hi there! I’m afraid I only speak conversational Russian, I’m very, very far from fluent 😊 and I find it even more difficult to write! I’ve never used any apps like Rosetta Stone before, everything I know I’ve picked up from either youtube/online guides or by playing video games with Russian speakers 😊 one day I’d like to be fluent and I’ve heard Rosetta Stone is a great resource for learning! 

what she says: i’m fine.

what she thinks: okay but if the government tracks the whereabouts of all superheroes in the incredible’s universe, how did they not notice that dozens of them were disappearing mysteriously in rapid succession? if superheroes are not allowed to live where they want or to work where they want, what else can’t they do? are superheroes allowed to homeschool their kids, or does the governement make them enroll in public school where they can ‘keep an eye on’ them? are supers allowed to adopt or to foster children? wouldn’t pharmaceutical companies and doctors and scientists be eager to discover how superpowers worked? is there a superhero organ trade?

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May I request a DARK scenerio? Their saniwa was off to visit another saniwa in another citadel and hours later they send them an emergancy call. The citadel was attacked- authorities still trying to find out how- but the residant saniwa was found dead by their master- surounded by the shattered shards of their fallen toudan who fought to the very last man. Who comes to collect their grieving master weeping over the body of their friend? Reactions when aruji collects and protects the shards?

This is more like a short story than a short scenario OTL

“Master, who do you wish to have revenge upon?”

The Saniwa only held Sayo’s broken body tighter, in a desperate wish that maybe, if they held on to the pieces just harder, it might glue itself together.

“Master, who do you wish to have revenge upon?”

The Saniwa doesn’t count. One, five, a dozen, they refuse to tally the fallen like some mere statistics of a casualty. Too many. They held Sayo more.

“Master, who do you wish to have revenge upon?”

Iwatooshi found them, and the usual loud laughter and fearsome grin were absent on the giant. His expression was grim as he takes on the surroundings. It’s like looking at the sea at night; infinite twinkling shards scattered among the rusted pool of dark color. Blood. It would take forever to collect all the pieces.

“Master, who do you wish to have revenge upon?”

“Master,” Namazou’s voice was soft, careful, and gentle, as he placed a tentative hand on his Master’s shoulder. Trembling. Uneven breaths. Namazou swallowed the heavy feeling threatening to burst. He’d let them be, let them grieve, but reality is cruel and his Master’s hands were bleeding. “Master, let go,” he whispers as he slips his fingers between the Master’s hands and Sayo’s broken blade.

“Master, who do you wish to have revenge upon?”

“I’m sorry,” the Saniwa’s voice was hoarse, raw. They have yet to notice the presence of Iwatooshi and Namazou, have yet to realize Namazou’s gentle tug of Sayo’s tantou away. Their grip was too tight, feeling the power within themselves drain rapidly as they held desperately at Sayo’s fading spirit. The Saniwa refuses to notice, too absorbed in the task of memorizing the image of Sayo Samonji.

“Master, who do you wish to have revenge upon?”

“No one, my little Sayo.” The Saniwa’s voice was broken, fading, but the words continued to pool like a broken dam. “There is no one I wish revenge upon. Only the impossible wish of your foolish Master to somehow change this outcome. To see your brothers, Kasen, Mitsutada, and Tsurumaru. To hear their laughter again. No death could bring them back but how your foolish Master wish… if only I could say good bye one last time.”

Something flickered in Sayo’s lifeless eyes, as if the broken record of his practiced lines would not come out. There was heavy silence, punctuated by his Master’s uneven breathing. Then he spoke, voice uncharacteristically vulnerable and hesitant. “I wondered… if Master wanted revenge for me… if Master wanted revenge for others… somehow, it made me feel wretched. I’m… happy it was not so.” He stepped forward, then another, until he was only inches away from his Master. And carefully, almost reverently, put his fingers between his broken blade and his Master’s bleeding hands. “Like the blind sea turtle who seeks for his floating log in the vast ocean, I have waited so long for this opportunity where the flowers of Udonge would bloom. Master,” Sayo makes a gentle pull, though the wispiness of his voice felt heavier than any swing of their golden enemies. “I have to go.”

The Saniwa looks at their hands finally, looks at the shards, the small callused hands, then at the boy cloaked in so much tragedy smiling at them. Peaceful. “Ok. Until then, my dear friend.”

The Saniwa inhales sharply then lets their fingers open, one by one, until the last digit let go of the blade. They felt infinitely lighter, the drain of their powers snapped cleanly. Sayo Samonji is gone.

Namazou was immediately by his Master’s side. They both get up from the ground and silently followed Iwatooshi’s lead. The journey back home was silent, but somehow, the thought of the tantou who only knew revenge was at peace made the air lighter. Peaceful. Hope in the midst of darkness.