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“So, what does he call you?” Varric asks one evening, in the tavern. When Dorian raises a questioning brow, Varric explains, “You’ve got that whole name… endearment… thing going on. What does he call you?”

Dorian answers matter-of-factly: “Dorian.” Then he takes a swig of ale.

Well, that doesn’t quite cover it. Dorian, said pleadingly, said sleepily in the mornings. Said with a laugh and a hint of exasperation. Shouted on the battlefield. Said brightly at the sight of him, as if his continued existence is always a marvellous surprise. Whispered into his ear at pointless formal events. Said like a curse or a prayer in their bed. Said tiredly, with a shoulder leaning against his, as a quiet request for company. Said with such obvious, terrible love. He’s never heard his name sound so unnecessarily complicated, or so good.

He pauses, and thinks. “Oh, and ‘bloody idiot,’ once.”

I remember hearing in an interview with John Gallagher Jr. where he said that every time Billie would go on as Saint Jimmy he would yell backstage to get into character and that everyone in the theater could hear it. And when that song was recorded in one of the performances with Billie, you can hear Billie screaming his head off in the background before he came on as Saint Jimmy.


The overnight sensation who pushed herself to keep taking on her role.

Shukashuu is featured as part of the ‘Dressed Up VOICE GIRLS SPECIAL BOOK’, which was a special add-on for the March 2017 edition of B.L.T. releasing today!

The feature includes a beautiful photoshoot of Shukashuu in a furisode (a fancy long-sleeved kimono) for her coming-of-age ceremony, as well as Shuka’s own comments on how it feels to reach the age of adulthood.

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU


Barack Obama Reads Donald Trump’s Tweets
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illusioneery replied to your post: AC!Cloud, with a Sephiroth that just came back…

it sort reminds me of that “let’s have make up sex”/“but we have to fight first” post that was going around sometime ago

Cloud buried his hands into his own hair. He needed to do something with them, otherwise he was going to punch the everloving fuck out of Sephiroth.

“Why,” he said flatly. “Why do you keep doing this? You’re always such a fucking asshole! You’re picking fights on purpose and I’m sick of it, Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth only stood in silence, watching. Waiting, evaluating. Instead of raising his hackles, Cloud’s posture had slumped into something almost like defeat.

“I’m tired. If you don’t want to be together then fucking fine, just say it instead of this constant bullshit.”

“….that is not it.”

“Then why are you always fighting me?

His silence and distance had seemed like aloofness to begin with, but as it the moment stretched out there was more of a childish awkwardness to Sephiroth than Cloud had originally thought.

“I thoroughly enjoy make up sex, but it is necessary to fight beforehand for this to occur. If I understand the concept correctly?”

Cloud started at him for a long, thunderous moment. “I am going to throttle you.”

“Please do,” Sephiroth purred. 

“I am going to throttle you, and then I will take your goddamn make up sex and shove it up your ass.”

“Well, yes, that is how it works.”

Cloud took a deep breath, trying to calm his rage. It didn’t work. 


Don't read if you like Komaeda

“The OVA showed how much Komaeda cared for his fellow students and how he really isn’t an awful person”

Oooh ok. That’s good then. So the time he blew up the school, the times when he tried to kill said students in SDR2, the many times he GLORIFIED everyone’s pain and destruction because “hope will come afterwards”, how disappointed he was when someone FAILED at a murder, how he killed himself in order to kill everyone else because he realized everyone was a remanent of despair and NOW it’s a problem…

Yeah. No. OVA don’t mean jack shit. OVA doesn’t excuse Komaeda’s bullshit.