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Y'all: never criticize any minor. uwu they are all 100% innocent babies.

Me: there’s a difference between a 10 year old and someone who turns 18 in 2 weeks.


I have notes for the Swift Life app developers:

1. There’s too many feeds. Just give me mine and Taylor’s.

2. Why are there built in games and things to collect? Just give me the emojis and a place to post them.

3. Why is posting so difficult? Have options like Tumblr does. Text, Photo, Video, Audio. And put all this photo building stuff (taymojis, text overlays, photo backgrounds) into the picture editor should you need it.

4. Why are their fan levels? It promotes unneeded competition between fans. It’s unnecessary.

5. The notification space is hard to use. It’s just organized rather oddly. It needs to be simpler.

6. Why is every post under review all the time. The restrictions are so so so tight. It drives people away from the app. Is this really the audience you’re going for? If so go for it. But it’s limiting you to a young young audience.

7. It drains so much battery. Why!?!

8. Why are we buying and playing for packs? I’m just confused. Give them to us. And let us talk. This is just like number 2.

9. Is this a social app or a game? I’m confused. There’s so much going on.

10. It’s really unnessecary to shout lyrics at random. Build in a listening section instead. For us to stream her music (maybe in connection with Spotify or Apple Music) and then join people into a listening party.


That’s all I’ve got.

Swiftie Asks!

Send me a number and I’ll answer its question!

1. first taylor song you heard?

2. first taylor album you purchased?

3. when did you become a swiftie?

4. favorite album?

5. favorite hairstyle of taylor’s?

6. favorite era?

7. been to a show?

8. been noticed by taylor/taylor nation?

9. favorite tour costume(s)?

10. artist you want taylor to collab with?

11. favorite friend in taylor’s squad?

12. taylor playing piano or guitar?

13. meredith or olivia?

14. country taylor or pop taylor?

15. favorite music video?

16. favorite red carpet look?

17. make me choose between 2 songs!

18. underrated song?

19. overrated song?

20. best song performed live?

21. song you wish got played live more often?

22. favorite song off each album?

23. favorite perfume by taylor?

24. most relatable taylor song for your life right now?

25. if you could only ask taylor one question, what would it be?


| Title: Silence.
 Genre: angst, fluff; [ Hwang Minhyun x OC]
 Series: Of Red Roses and Blue Thoughts, one: Hwang Minhyun.
 Summary: He loved silence, until he found himself wishing there wasn’t silence between them.
 Word Count: 1450 aprox 
  Note: This is kind of another series I came up with. It’s simply a short story for any member with some ‘blue thoughts’ (which aren’t quotes, i wrote them lol)… I hope you can understand it a bit better as you read. Picture’s not mine, if you know whose it is, please tell me -credit belongs to the owner.

Note 2: Q: do you prefer stories with an OC (Original character) or a Reader x [member] kind of story? :) |

« I wasn’t enough… You told me a lie while you looked at the stars.
How could someone love me? I’m not a mystery or an adventure,
I’m just a stormy sky, gray and plain. »

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text between the girl squad

originally posted on thursday, october 15th 2015 at 18.30

Chris: I got us beer, babes. Beerman for prime minister #election2017

Vilde: Wine too? Cause I don’t drink beer 😮

Sana: lol

Eva: Vilde, I’m bringing 2 white wines from my mom

Vilde: that’s awesome 😃

Noora: 👍

Eva: 👍

Chris: Alrighty, more pils for me

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Bancroft - 2

“You don’t recognize me do you?” His cheeks still lift as though trying to escape his stupid face.

I stick my tongue between my teeth and chew on it slightly.

“Why do you hate me?” He asks.

I grab the sweaty drink he purchased for me and take two big gulps, as though trying to prove a point. “Because…you interrupted us. And you just expected me to drop everything and come talk to you like whatever I was doing before you came into my life wasn’t meaningful.”

His grin holds, framing his tongue as he subconsciously touches it the tips of his teeth. This would-be-sexy mannerism only makes my eyes roll.

“Besides.” I pull out my index finger and point at him. “You said you liked me. You have NO reason for liking me. We have said zero words. So, why say it? And I swear if you drop some douche comment like ‘you’re not like other girls’ I will pour this five-dollar-drink on your overgrown head.”

He closes his mouth around the lip of his drink and takes another sip.

“Well…?” I tap my glass. At least that crooked smile is gone.

He sets the drink back on counter and tilts his head. “I don’t disagree with you.”

“What?” I feel my mouth gaping.

“Do you know what I’ve noticed?” He asks.

“I’m not sure that I care what you’ve noticed.”

He curls his lips. “You’ve come in here three times this week…”

“I see you’re going to tell me anyway.” I interrupt him, shoving my tongue farther into my cheek.

“All three times,” he continues, “with that tall, blonde girl.”

Is this creep for real?

“All three times, you’ve driven her. I know, because I’ve seen you shoving the keys in your pocket as you enter, and I watch you go out to refill the meter. She offers, but you don’t let her - while you are gone, she pulls up a boy’s social media on her computer, and when she knows you aren’t looking, her face shows indescribable pain, but I don’t think it is from the break up. I think there is something else going on. Something she hasn’t even told you. Still, I’ve never seen two people laugh more than you two when you are together.” He pauses slightly as though considering, then adds, “But she doesn’t have any idea who you are.”

In the moments that follow his long and utterly creepy monologue, I am not sure which moves first - my fists or my feet - but somehow my feet move my fists far enough away that their punches land in dead air, and I’m left looking like a flailing monkey tripping over bar stools. Of course, I am so indecisive even my body can’t decide between fight and flight responses. Well this is great; what happened to my 10 years of martial arts? To my frustration, he just laughs with genuine amusement at my struggle.

“You.” I try to point but end up just motioning at him with my still-balled fist. “You are…a stalker.”

He calmly finishes his drink and slips his pristinely pressed jacket on over that stark white shirt. He stands and walks towards me. I don’t know when it happened, but my hand has balled a fist around the keys in my pocket. I imagine shoving one of them into his eye socket as I hold my ground, staring him directly in his overconfident brown eyes.

“I’m not a stalker.” He leans in closely and whispers, “but I am not someone you should trust…Bancroft.”

The name “Bancroft” sends a shock through my body. No one has called me that in a decade.

“Victoria Bancroft.” He repeats so softly that I am not even sure he says it at all.

I fight every urge in my stupid body, which is trying to do the good ole “run and punch.” Instead, I try hard to look perplexed. “My name is Natalia Lee,” I say with all the sternness my pouty-puppy face can muster.

“My mistake,” He replies without missing a beat, giving a wink that matches that awful, grotesque, crooked smirk. He turns to walk away, but pauses as he reaches the end of the bar, glances over his shoulder, and adds, “watch out for that tall blonde. What I said about her is true; she doesn’t have any idea who you really are.”

He snorts slightly and I resist the urge to tackle him right here in the bar. He just threatened her, didn’t he?

I yank my phone from my pocket and punch her number in as quickly as my clumsy fingers will allow while he dissapears through the glass door. Her default photo shows on the screen. Ring. Ring. Ring. Come on…pick up the phone.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Come on. Come on.

But there is no answer.

anonymous asked:

uhm.. don't get me wrong but i don't think you are "struggling"? i mean you have more than 1000 followers and you just showed us a piece of art that got like 1500 notes... i know that you meant for us to notice the difference between likes and reblogs but there are lots of people who struggle to get 10 notes, and when they get them 8 of them are likes and 2 are reblogs... 300 reblogs isn't a low number, that's what i mean to say.

Okay let me explain something to you.

Do you think that I literally popped out of nowhere with 1000 followers? No, I worked for that. Do you think Zie popped out of nowhere for 6000 followers? NO, she worked for that. All artists WORK for their followers, like anyone else does. What I’m doing is comparing notes to likes. Yeah, people have the time to click and carry on. It shows how many people “like” it but not enough to “show” it to others.

I got out of my comfort zone of my own fandom, to provide something - a GIFT for a FRIEND for another fandom, which in this case, is ML.

No, I’m not saying that 300 reblogs is a little bit, of course not. But you think about how it is to draw something and watch people like it and such a big number being in comparison with a smaller one, that’s a struggle of an artist. According to you I’m not “struggling” but you couldn’t possibly know that in comparison of the other art pieces other artist and I have made.

:^) So please, don’t think that I really just came out of nowhere like “waaah i’m struggling” until you really see how I’ve already gone through that phase, showing how reblogs still underdo likes.

No matter how many follows you have.

where we collided (5)

I want to say thank you really quickly to all the incredible hxh fanartists in general who belong to this fandom for constantly inspiring me to write, you are all amazing and I admire you so much!!!!

Enjoy some more killugon sentences! ^-^

(Part 1)…..(Part 2)…..(Part 3)…..(Part 4)

16. Fat 
“Killua!” Gon yelps and Killua makes a sound caught half-way between a hiss and a yowl- “NO, Killua, we are not going to the chocolate store right now, if you eat any more chocorobos you’ll be too full to train with me later!”

17. Graceful
Gon loves watching Killua move, the simple fluidity in his best friend’s every movement; Killua glides when he walks, dances when they spar, spins around Gon until he’s dizzy and flits in and out of Gon’s every thought like a looping red string that can’t be cut.

18. Filthy
Killua doesn’t actually like getting dirty, okay, because when push comes to shove the dirt under his nails is nearly impossible to get out completely and the blood in his hair usually won’t leave until a fourth rinse- but when Gon challenges Killua to a mud-fight, Killua pushes all disgust to the side and simply says with a smirk, “You’re on.”

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Awww I’m glad you like vhope haha and ikr it used to be pretty famous! I still think they have good moments especially in season 2 of Run I remember a lot of cute and funny things between them. On the BTS Countdown when Taehyung chose Hoseok, Hoseok yelled out “ohhhhh my dongsaengs!” It was so cute lmao it made me soft for them

I see four possibilities for the future of Moose and Midge

 1) Midge dies and is put in the fridge (What I hate) but Moose lives. I admit that the idea of Kevin x Moose pleases me but do we really need to kill poor Midge for that?And if you do that, at least let the corpse become cold before anything. 

2) Moose dies but Midge lives, I would be sad that a gay or bisexual character who could have been still exploring dies but I think we could have something really interesting between Kevin and Midge. If rather than that jump to the throat, those two talked about Moose: this could make an greast episode where the two people who most liked Moose presents us with different facets of his personality. We would still have the opportunity to know Midge and it could be very emotional. Better than nothing.

3) They both died just for shock value. This ok, I will do my usual: denial, anger, sadness and read a LOT of fanfic fix-it. This is not my first time with a charactere from a comic adaptation. 

4) They live both….I have no idea how they will explain this but I will just rule with it. Sorry to be weak at this point 

Descent Chapter 2: Unknown Paths

You thought I was abandoning this one? Think again! XD I’m going to try and really commit to finishing this story, even if it takes me quite some time between chapters. With the release of chapter three I came up with some ideas I’d like to explore, so at least I have enough content to inspire me. With that said I hope you enjoy this chapter! These are also in my AO3 and ffnet if that’s more your style!

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 Everyone knew that the studio wasn’t in the greatest of shapes. With Joey cutting corners whenever he got the chance, people had had to get used to creaking doors and squeaking floorboards. It had become so common that nobody really paid attention to the constant noises of complaint the studio’s structure made. Right then, though, while Sammy was trying to avoid drawing attention to himself, every creak made him cringe and look around for any sign of hostility. He had to constantly look down to avoid any loose floorboards and… it really wasn’t a comforting sight.

He sighed. He’d had to abandon his shoes and socks. The ink pooling in his shoes made it feel like his feet weren’t solid anymore and that had become unbearable after a while, not to mention his socks getting stuck to his “skin” had started to hurt. And he never thought his toes would worry him like this. The ink on his feet covered completely the spaces between them, but something felt… off. Every once in a while he would stop and wiggle them a little just to make sure they hadn’t fused together. His shirt suffered the same fate as his socks, since the amount of movement from his arms made the tugs of the cloth sticking to them quite painful. The stench of his own vomit on it had only encouraged his decision. Although for some miraculous reason, his once-gray pants weren’t sticking to him to him like the rest of his clothing was and he wasn’t about to object to it.

Sammy shook his head. He needed to stop. Every time he started questioning his new “anatomy” and thinking of the liquid scurrying inside his extremities each time he flexed them, his mind would start to panic at the wrongness of it all. But it was hard for him to focus. He had been walking for some time now, but he couldn’t place where he was. When all he could do was placing a foot in front of the other, his thoughts would inevitably start to drift. He didn’t know if it was how some of the walls seemed to be bleeding ink out of nowhere, or how there were pools of the black liquid blocking so many paths, but he couldn’t find his way to Joey’s office. Come to think of it, had he ever been in this part of the building. He had just run when the demon started attacking and he probably had taken a turn towards an “unauthorized” area. He groaned in frustration. He should have left when Henry did.

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pennywiseswaffle  asked:

Hello, i recently found your blog(thank god i did). Your tips are absolutely amazing and inspiring! Would you mind if i ask a question? I'm a guy who is 19 yr old and 185cm tall. I was 225 lbs like 3 weeks ago and now im 197 lbs. I know it's not much but i can feel the difference. I usually fast but when i eat, i eat between 300-500 cals & never binge. I turned to vegan like 2 months ago. I regularly run and do exercise every day. Idk my goal weight but im scaring of loose skin. What u think?

Hello! Thank you <3 and im glad you found me too

Please dont say the weight you lost is not much, you worked for every gram you lost and every lbs makes a difference, every 5 lbs you lose you will see even walking gets easier.

The fact you gone vegan is amazing too, there is lots of studies explaining how meat (and other animal related products) are bad for human body, and more important, you are saving animals! I am a vegetarian and going vegan is something i inspire too, i hope i will be succesful like you ^^

About loose skin, as far as i know (not a doctor) you wont have loose skin problems if you lose weight in a pace your body can keep up. Doing execises is a great solution to prevent loose skin also. Other than this, i dont really have tips, i myself suffer from loose skin on my legs, so not really a topic im good at :’/ sorry.

Still, im gonna share this so others can share their tips about preventing loose skin. This is a common thing we are all suffer or get scared from, please share your tips or the things you heard guys!

Rules: Write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions.
hello hi i was tagged by @sarangkris (thank u for tagging me 😘) to do this and it looked fun so lets gooo~

1. Yixing

2. Ong Seongwoo

3. Minseok
4. Luhan

6. Ten

7. Taemin

8. Wendy

9. Yifan

10. Taeyeon

1. Between 1&4: Who would you rather kiss?
hmmmm yixing cuz i want to feel loved. also lu has a gf and i don’t wanna like. get in the middle of that lol 

2. Between 2&7: Who would be your best friend?
seongwoo.. he’s closer to my age so i’d feel more comfortable around him.. and since he talks so much i wouldn’t feel burdened to hold conversations and stuff. also he’s so funny and i like ppl who make me laugh so we’d get along well

3. Between 5&10: Who has the better voice?
i’d say baekhyun cuz his voice is amazing. it really makes me melt. listening to him sing is like biting into a sweet gulab jamun and then busting a thousand nuts after

4. Between 1&8: Who is the funniest?
i think they’re both quite tame but wendy is really cute in interviews and makes me giggle a lot   

5. Between 6&9: Who would you date?
yifan lol he’s such a loser i’d prolly end up making fun of him all the time but also cuz i wanna date someone taller than me

6. Between 9&10: Who would you do a collaboration with?
i can’t sing for shit but i’d play the triangle for taeyeon if she wanted me to 

7. Between 4&8: Who is the best dancer?
wendy is actually quite a good dancer but i feel like she hasn’t had a chance to REALLY show off her skills… so luhan. his dancing looks so effortless and that’s why i like a lot of his choreos. they’re fun but also let him show off quite a lot

8. Between 3&5: Who would you most likely marry?
minseok cuz he loves staying indoors like me.. my antisocial bf… i’d make him daal roti every night and we’d raise like 8 children together

9. Between 1&7: Who would you nurse when they are sick?
omg yixing :(( my lil baby he works too much and i always worry about him :(( he’s always talking about wanting us to be healthy n stuff but he really doesn’t take care of himself sometimes 

10. Between 2&3: Who has a better smile?
MINSEOK!!! he’s the cutest and the softest and his laugh gives me life i hope he never stops smiling 

11. Between 6&8: Who would you vacation with?
wendy!! i don’t like travelling much but she’s so older and has travelled quite a lot so it’d be fun to hang out with her

im really bad with words but i hope this wasn’t too uninteresting.. anyway i’d like to tag @sagichanyeol @reinedeselfes @minhosgf @1antern @luflute @that-girl-who-is-in-ravenclaw @crownkingzyx @ohunshine @baekpeach and @loeycoaster

i was tagged by @softjiminstan thank u angel <33

Rules: Put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favourite lyrics from each, then tag 9 people to participate

1. chil by exo

I can’t escape, when i snap out of it i find my self calling out to you

2. little little by red velvet

Give a little little more love give a little little more time little things about you are so big to me

3. drip drop by taemin
Cloudy weather is fine if you are there gray clouds become a comfy shade your raindrops become my sea

4. they never know by exo
This is a message between us, they scarred us made us targets and shot us with arrows and when I kiss where the arrow scratched you every day I fall for you harder

5. oi by monsta x 
Life is short, you don’t know what’s gonna happen

6. sheep by lay
A little involuntarily I won’t do things that’ll harm others the steps I take, just continue to work hard and work harder

7. roleplay by luhan
I disappear under your nose just like magic

8. danger by BTS
You are the only one that I got inside but I feel like that I’m outside of you

9. palett by iu ft g-dragon
Everything’s hard cuz you’re Young

i’m tagging: @nsmjoon | @dkyss@calientae | @citrusomi | @artificial-lxvr@minwnh@yulyulksgf | @jinieyoung | @geniemv 

Rules: Write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions.
HI! I was tagged 1000 yrs ago by @zitaossexysmoulder ) but this is the first time i’ve been on desktop in about that long (for some reason mobile doesn’t let me actually tag things???) so here we go~

1. Jaejoong

2. Huang Zitao

3. Zhou Mi

4. Amber

5. Taekwoon

6. Taemin

7. Lee Joon

8. Heechul

9. Kyungsoo

10. Nana

1. Between 1&4: Who would you rather kiss?
ummmmmmmm this is probably the hardest decision i would ever have to make?????? but probably amber ;; because i think she would be a lot cooler about letting me lead and not be disappointed that i don’t like /kissing/ kissing, whereas i think with jaejoong it would get pretty dirty pretty quick 

2. Between 2&7: Who would be your best friend?
taoooooo. he’s ride or die and i would spoil him to death, but he’d also be super honest and call me out on my shit

3. Between 5&10: Who has the better voice?
taekwoon all day every day. hearing his speaking voice in person was like rubbing a kitten against my face and his singing voice is absolutely amazing. i love nana dearly, but her voice was never my favorite

4. Between 1&8: Who is the funniest?
aiurngpaieugnr also a really hard question. they were definitely hilarious TOGETHER and they’re both 4D and funny as hell, but i think heechul is just that bit more Extra

5. Between 6&9: Who would you date?
………….kyungsoo ;; bf material x1000

6. Between 9&10: Who would you do a collaboration with?
also kyungsoo *^* i would give my entire soul to collab with him. i don’t think our voices would go well together (t b h it would probably go better with nana’s) but i would love the experience

7. Between 4&8: Who is the best dancer?
airngapeiunrg amber. heechul was never /great/ at dancing, but then his leg injury so ;;;

8. Between 3&5: Who would you most likely marry?
THEY ARE BOTH MY BEST FRIENDSSSSSSS ;A; but probably gentleman mimi. i think our energy would work better together and he would actually get me to go out and do things whereas taekwoon and i would just sit in our dark dungeons and not speak to anyone lol

9. Between 1&7: Who would you nurse when they are sick?
both ;3; but probably joon? he seems like the overly attentive type when someone gets the sniffles

10. Between 2&3: Who has a better smile?

11. Between 6&8: Who would you vacation with?
heechul! taemin would be fun too, but with heechul it would be an Adventure. plus he has great taste in travel experiences 

so yeah this was awful and difficult but here it is~ thank you for tagging me ^^ 
I’m going to tag @yeoseong, @iwasntplanningonlikingkpop, @yehetnoodleboy, @kenzo-shirai @yixseok aaaand @yixingsdulhan

things I could do/make but there are only so many hours in the day:

  • finish inking that autobio comic on gender bullshit. I’m like halfway done already and I’m gonna leave it greyscale so. There’s just not much left to do.
  • do a third horizontal-format story about Vanya so that I can collect them all in a print book and sell them. I have a handful of ideas for the content, it’d need to be between 12 and 18 pages.
  • come up with a longer story for my Long Haul babies and pitch an erotic graphic novel at Iron Circus. It’s been a million years since I’ve been so enamored of any trash children I created for a project, but my god. I love those idiots and I want to keep drawing them.
  • polish up Pantheon and print it professionally. It just needs ~2 more stories/illustrations, a spot color, and for me to change the copy with the edits I did on it while I was bored behind my table at SF Comic Con.
  • put together the obligatory sketchbook for 2018 and get that printed.
  • make prints of those silly kinktober thingies I’ve been doing. Postcard size, probably. Or do a little book of them? I don’t know which presentation format suits them more. Plus i should draw a handful more of them and I’m running out of month.

This is a separate list from the actual stuff I’m currently working on: (Mine!, TAotK, Long Haul, Score!, and a maybe big-deal thing that is still uncertain, plus Shut Eye next year oh jeez.)