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Random thought: you know how cartoons sometimes depict a romance between an anthropomorphic flower and an anthropomorphic honeybee? And the flower is a girl and the bee is a boy, because of course they are.

A couple of related facts just occurred to me:

1. In terms of plant reproduction, the bee’s role is to function as a go-between, delivering pollen between two flowers; that is, there’s a second flower involved that’s not being depicted.

2. All worker honeybees are female.

Conclusion: it would more accurately reflect the situation to depict the bees and flowers as polyamorous lesbians.


Yesterday was all about enjoying the first few hours as parents with our little family, but today they of course stopped by as soon as the medical round was over to bring some cute flowers and cake (for the starving mummy), yummy! 💐🎂 Most importantly though, to have some exclusive cuddle time each with our little magic, as long as they still can. ✨ Because once papa gets to take his mini lady home in 2 days, there won’t fit a leaf in between them I feel. My precious little family. 💞

PS. Click the images for some little captions, oi. <3

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“ I once stayed in a casual server for an hour+ with only 2 people, both of these players were F2P and owned no hats, in-between teaching them “how to dance”, I got together a painted all-class hat for each of them - The reaction I got was amazing, and one of them has since used it to trade up to get a premium gift. I’m happy I can share the gifts to other new players, as I had that happen to me when I was new too. “

Study Break

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: ~500
Warnings: mentions of weed/smoking, almost-smut
Summary: Dean helps the reader get rid of the stress from finals.
A/N: For @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms  “Shit My Patients Say” Challenge, my prompts are in bold. I don’t know why I can’t write more than 500 words but I hope you guys like it. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated, it keeps me motivated.
A/N 2: Huge thanks to @kazosa for coming up with the title and @ithinkimadorable-67 for beta-ing!<3

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You let out a sigh as you shut your laptop. You rested your elbows on the table, fingers carding through your hair as you stared at the table.

“What’s going on, Babe?” Dean rested his hand between your shoulder blades as he sat beside you.

“Been studying for finals all day.”

He’d been there for you through all your problems, whether it was getting a horrible test grade, a shitty teacher, or just a long day. He moved his hand to your shoulder, pulling you into his chest as he rubbed your shoulder. “You’re gonna do great, Babe, but you can’t stress over it, you gotta take a break.”

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Nonny: I was shopping in Westfield Stratford today. The book hasn’t even been out an entire week and you can get an autographed copy for half off!

Anna:  So… wait!  Let me get this straight…

The book that was the subject of a bidding war between publishing companies… the same book that SunnyMarch rushed to book the rights to a few months prior to it getting published and hitting the shelves… the same book that’s getting 3.59 our of 5 stars on GoodReads with such stellar reviews as (I’m paraphrasing cause I can’t be bothered to find the review in question) “I couldn’t finish it as a reader (so I’d give it 2 stars) and I couldn’t finish it as a writer (but I’d give it 4 stars for reasons I can’t explain), so on an average I’m gonna give it 3 stars because I can’t make up my mind, but I never intend to read it.  EVER” is already half off on the shelves?  For a copy that’s been signed by the author?  With a free bookmark included in each book?

OH. DEAR.  That can’t be good…

P.S. I AM CRY!!!

One of These Nights (Part 13: Conclusion)

Summary: The final showdown with Benny’s old nest-mates… and between you and your vampire.

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,900

Warnings: violence, blood, death, beheading, injuries, vampirism (is that a warning?), blood-drinking, mild smut

A/N: I cannot believe it took me this long, but the conclusion is finally here. Don’t worry, I’m not completely done with Benny… he’ll still be around in imagines and drabbles. Thanks for hanging in there, guys! And huge thank you to @deanssweetheart23 for helping me with the end.

Check out the Series Masterlist for previous parts!

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Places Between Folds | Draco Malfoy [Part 4]

Character: Draco Malfoy

Word count: 1,111

Warnings: None

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*Gifs not mine, credit to whoever made it*

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“How could you keep it from me (Y/N), we are best friends, I thought we were best friends” “Harry said looking serious.”Harry, we are best-” he kept going completely ignoring what I was telling him “I can´t believe you keep it from me, oh and we haven’t got to the crucial subject. Out of all the guys, you could’ve chosen to date you picked Malfoy.” He let it all out with a desperate whisper clearly mad and hurt. “This,” I said pointing at himself trying so hard not to tear up “Is exactly why I didn’t tell you, you are going crazy about it and it isn’t helping. I know we-I hid it from you, from everyone, because he is Malfoy. I know what people would’ve said if we acted like a normal couple, especially you. I stood up and went back to my room avoiding any further arguing. 

I couldn’t sleep so when the light started to creep into the room I got up and tried to make myself look less like shit and more like a human. Quietly I left the room with my bad and books and went outside to the take a walk. I saw Hagrid on his garden taking care of his pumpkins. “Good morning Hagrid” I greeted him giving him a smile. “the pumpkins are looking good.” 

“Ohh, Good mornin’ (Y/N)” He smiled at me “I be’ they’re, ma babies are growin’ pretty big. Soon they’ll be the size o’ Fangs,” he said pleased with himself as he kept watering the pumpkins. ” wai’ a minu’, wha’ are yeh doin’ here this ear’y” he looked down at me. “I woke up like wanting to take a walk you know, before breakfast.” I lied. Well,  in tha’ case enjoy the fresh air before yeh go ter breakfas’” After our little chat I made my way to the Great Hall almost at the door I hear my name being called.

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Thoughts on the new album?

THE BOPPIEST OF ALBUMS!! My second favorite behind Self Titled!!!

That said, I do have a few issues that I’ll list if anybody does care about here… (It’s still amazing with the flaws it has)

1. An awful lack of Damon. His voice is SO god damn beautiful this phase and we get so little of it. He sings amazingly this phase, idk why that BIH ain’t rocking it.

2. Strobelite is forgettable, Carnival is forgettable, Circle of Friends is forgettable, and We Got The Power to an extent. WGTP is straddling the border between a bop and plain. Every other song is fantastic, though.

3. I saw this somewhere else and it stuck with me. Damon sang at places where he shouldn’t have, and didn’t sing where he should have. (He TOTALLY would have rocked Strobelite and Submission, but REEEEE. He has little reason to be in Let Me Out, on the flip side.)

4. More art biased, but what the h*ck is up with Jamie copy pasting the characters into scenes whenever something new comes up? Can you not draw them a few more times for our sake? If I have to see Russel holding that god damn bat in a promo again I’m gonna throw myself off a cliff.

5. Also more art biased, but we are SEVERELY lacking in content for Noodle and Russel. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys Murdoc and 2D but. Gorillaz has 4 members y'all, not just 2.

Everything else is 👌.

hey guys ;v; Been a long time since I even post anything on Tumblr… the reason is that I rly got less internet and work is killing me, not to mention I keep on getting sick every week due to the harsh different between France and Indonesia–

so, I got broke, like legit broke—

thus, here is my commish sheets– ;v; I will open 5 slots for Chibi, and 2 for actual arts

Thank you!! ;v; pls PM me if u are interested!!

you guys can check my art page: @teasnspicesart and @teaspunchart for more arts!!

Five Previews for 4x13

1. The episode introduces an exciting new dynamic between two unlikely characters.
2. Bellamy is the emotional glue that holds it all together.
3. Keep an eye and an ear out for the episode’s multiple season 1 references, some more obvious than others.
4. After watching the episode, there should be no question about which relationships are ultimately at the heart of this story.
5. Like all the best season finales, “Praimfaya” is an ending and a beginning all at once, and will leave us with so much to think and theorize about during the hiatus.

(Courtesy of Selina Wilken’s review)

“I’m sick of you always blaming me when something goes wrong.”

This was from my step dad to both my mother. He had been having a 2+ year affair with my mum’s best friend. He walked out on us when we found out on August 30th ‘15. Lots of stuff had been screwing up in the house, stuff was missing. And then we found a syringe and a box of my old meds (which had gone missing). We put our heads together and sent him an email. This was his response. I haven’t heard anything else from the person who I called my dad since I was 2. He told me it was “nothing to do with” me. It was between him and mum…. Turns out I was part of the “problems”. He couldn’t deal with my being disabled and unable to contribute to the house…. Amongst many other things.

AJH OMG okay a lot to tell:

1. I caught c staring at me during class and he was kinda like lowkey smiling and hE DIDNT STOP WHEN I MET HIS EYE LIKE OK SON

2. He was helping me with my painting and he got a really important text so he had to answer it but he held my paint brush in between his lips while texting I was like hofkdjdjd ok. And he gave me two really nice paintbrushes too.

3. He was standing next to me while taking role and he like sang my name it was ADORABLE

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Hi M! IWWV was really worth the wait! For me it was really the Macbeth chapter that completely enthralled me. After that I was helpless to your subtly beautiful prose. Oh and all the wit! Something I kept on wondering as I read was when you wrote dialogue like a play e.g. "Richard: "Hatred is the sincerest form of flattery." " vs standard prose e.g. " "Can you believe it's our last year?" Wren said...", was that because of the story or is that just your style? What made you switch between the 2?

I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. (Macbeth does seem to be the crowd favorite, as scenes go.) Anyway, thank you!

As for dialogue: Writing some of it as a playscript was a device I decided to use largely because it simply made sense for a story about a bunch of actors, being told by an actor. It also made a book with numerous scenes onstage and seven lead characters much easier to write. I found the script format was much less exhausting than reading “James said,” “Meredith said,” “I said,” and “Alexander said” over and over and over again. However, in conversation with my agent and editor we decided it didn’t make sense to write all of the dialogue that way, partly because it might be overwhelming or off-putting for a reader not accustomed to that format, and partly because it just didn’t seem right for certain scenes or certain moments. We did come up with some vague guidelines about when to use which–for instance, when the dialogue is the most important thing happening, or when there are quite a few people participating in the same conversation at the same time, we usually opted for script. When there’s a lot of other action happening (the Caesar party scene, or most of the dock scene in 3.1, for example) it felt like it was interrupting the flow. Basically, there are different reasons it’s done different ways in different places, but the goal was always to tell the story in the most effective and efficient way.

TaiYama Week 2017

Day 2: Share your favorite moment between them. 

That’s hard because I don’t really have just one favorite. Tbh a lot of people talked about a lot good moments during this week, so I guess I’ll just ramble on about whatever comes to mind…

In adventure, I’d be hard pressed not to mention about episode 51. That big moment when Taichi is fighting off Piedmon and Yamato so gallantly comes to save the day. 

It was this scene that made me go ‘okay. I can see why people like these two.’ 

Truthfully, this episode was a conclusion to Yamato’s character arc. We saw him face his inner demons, and all the ups and downs it took for him to really understand himself. Resolving his conflict by summing up his tension leftover from Taichi’s fight is a pretty poetic way of saying that Yamato is a changed person.

But holy shit. Seeing it in Japanese was way more intense than I initially thought. I mean, Yamato is cradling this broken battered Taichi. Yelling out things like ‘Taichi you’re my true friend! I won’t let our friendship be in vain!’ His crest is all glowing, Wargreymon is magically healed. And then Taichi’s character song that plays in the background!?!?  God that song is ruined for me. I know it’s supposed to be about Taichi, and his faith in his friend. But it perfectly encapsulates what was going on between Taichi and Yamato at the time. And any time I hear that song, my mind jumps to this scene and automatically I think about how good they are together. I felt like this episode really said a lot about the two of them. Both as individuals, and as a unit.

The thing about Tri is that it doesn’t deviate too much from what happened in Adventure. There a little twist here and there, but for the most part it’s the same story. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you want to look at it. 

I know that there are a lot of Taiyama moments in Tri, but what really grabbed my interest and held it…actually didn’t even involve the two of them interacting directly.

Depending on how you see Taichi, you might find his inner conflict OOC. But one thing I think is apparent, is that Taichi’s inner conflic mirrors the self turmoil that Yamato went under in the first season. 

Yamato struggled with where he stood among the others, how to rely on them, how to be strong despite having so many weaknesses. Yamato had to learn his lesson the hard way, and he made a lot of bad decisions before really understanding himself. 

That’s kind of what is happening with Taichi during Tri. Taichi is no longer someone who can turn a blind eye to consequence. And when he sees the staggering scale of the risks they have to take he’s worried what is going to happen when he makes a wrong move. And that’s the thing. He’s scared about him doing the wrong thing. It’s his fight. His digimon. His friends. If there is a ‘bad guy’ in all of what is happening in the fight for their world, there is a high chance that it might be him. And Taichi is having trouble facing that. Facing the possibility that he might not be strong enough to do anything about it.

Yamato got over his insecurities at the end of the first season. And yes, he is able to do this all by himself, but, because he had someone like Taichi there for him. Yamato would up growing faster than if he was all alone. They went from two hotheads who didn’t understand each other to partners who, (actually quite literally) join together to create a formidable team. 

With Tri it’s the same thing but reversed. Now Taichi is the one with uncertainty and Yamato isn’t understanding him. I like the idea that Taichi needs to confront whatever is stopping him. But what makes my shipper-glasses shine, and also makes me go ‘hey they stole that from my fanfic’ is when Taichi’s internal conflict comes to surface because of Yamato. The idea that, because of how they are with each other, Taichi can’t really hide the truth from Yamato. 

I liked it adventure. And let’s be real,  I’m like it even more in Tri because now it’s centered around Taichi! Stuff like this really just feed the plotbunnies for me….

lol it’s the moments like these that make me wanna write stuff in the first place. I don’t really have any complaints with the parallels Tri has come up so far. But the moments that graze past Adv and still offer a little wiggle room for the viewer’s interpretation…yeah if I’m given that kind of power I’m gonna run with it. Lol, that’s why I get so hyper after seeing these movies.

11 Questions

I was tagged by my girl @sunbeamsandmoonrays. Thanks Sunny! This was fun! :)

Rules: Answer the following 11 questions and then ask 11 of your own and tag people. 

1) What’s the last thing you watched on youtube?

Sunny will not be AT ALL surprised to hear it is musical theater related lol. Another music video tease of the OBC album of Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 went up a few days ago and I have been watching/listening to it on REPEAT (like the odd little theater nerd I am).

2) What’s your guilty pleasure favorite song?

I have NO SHAME so it’s hard to say what qualifies as a guilty pleasure…that being said, I will ALWAYS turn it up and emphatically lip sync to some Celine Dion (much to the embarrassment of all around me).

3) What’s your favorite animated movie and why?

This question is CRUEL. Ok, ok. As a kid, it was a tie between The Aristocats and 101 Dalmatians because I was forever tickled by the idea of talking pets. As an adult? Serious answer: Prince of Egypt. (The animation is gorgeous, the music is gorgeous…I can’t even).  Less serious answer: The Emperor’s New Groove. It just cracks me up, and it’s kind of like the black sheep of the Disney family, which makes me love it all the more.

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perplexistan replied to your post “I’m not like, imaging being taught to hit the space bar twice after a…”

Yes I had to unteach myself bc two spaces is wrong

emmacathcath replied to your post “I’m not like, imaging being taught to hit the space bar twice after a…”

As a copy editor, NEVER EVER EVER put two spaces between sentences. It’s a holdover from the days of typewriters, when characters were inconsistently spaced so 2 spaces helped keep things tidy. You may have been taught to do it by old teachers BUT STOP NOW.

Would you believe I just finished my undergrad in english and this is the first I’m hearing of this being wrong? Because literally nobody’s pointed this out to me before lol

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this is sorta about the anon who sent the ask about hawberries (why the slashes in the middle of the url?)... Do you personally see anything wrong with non sexual or aged up otayuri, who only have a two year age gap between them? Do you see anything wrong with a two year age gap in any relationship?

oh dawg i hate to break this to you but i literally do not give a flying fuck about yuri on ice my only involvement was a gift drawing a made and a zine i bought for a friend

if their in canon age is 16 and 19 i dont beef i just sont dig that vibe. also aging up doesnt change their in canon knowledge/wisdom/maturity gap so like nah dawg that aint for me. also idgaf about 2 years??? but like as a 16 yo ima tell u rn neither me or anyone i know who is 16 should be dating a 19yo lmao like fuck nah. but if youre an adult then??? ofc i dont care my parents have 7 years between em but they were adults when they got married

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I so agree with you that chicken 2.0 was for me Ryan Hawleys best acting the chemistry between him and Kelvin was amazing and I loved that Kelvin said he really loved Ryan like a brother in real life too as it comes across on screen chemistry wise. I cried watching this episode the conversation they have on the road about their dad and the classic you killed mum line from Robert always kills me. I miss the Andy/Robert dynamic I want Ryan to have more material like this as he shone throughout x

anon, the chicken 2.0 episode will always and forever be one of the very very best episodes emmerdale has ever done! ryan and kelvin were just out of this world 🙌🏻

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If I follow you on Tumblr and on DeviantArt, does that make me a child for both or is this just a thing between a few friends of yours

Well it was just a thing between like, 2-3 of my friends, but apparently it grew and I’m now a mother of thousands now……….
(I’m already tired of being called mom by everyone, I feel old enough. Mentally. ;w; )

In the Darkness Chapter 7 - Wintertide

Words: 2,376

Summary: Chapter 7 of the Harry Potter AU! Yato tries flattery and Yukine is adamant that he will not celebrate his birthday.

Previous chapter | First chapter

Thank you to @themusicalbookworm for beta-ing me!

Dedicated to @brimicky101 happy birthday!!!! <3<3<3

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