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Hey Guys I Made a quick Sketch of New Update on Ask Jessie Blog!
I erased all unanswered questions due to same anons keep Asking . And i wanted to do a fresh start again so im terribly sorry for the people whom already asked and kept waiting ;-;
I apologize but you can Ask again!

Anon’s cannot Ask Questions from now on!!

I turned off the chat system on this blog because there are no point doing it here rather i have another Blog that are open for chats.

And now you can ask my OC’s !
It seems there are people who likes my other ocs so why not giving them a Q&A too?

You can ask most of my OCs but there are few that cant answer you due to incomplete/unfinished character.

Of course you can still Ask me!!(Jessie!)

Thank you again! And i hope you guys have a great day !
Until next time !

Jessie Out!

[Translation] Think Note Vol.48: Age

Hi there, I’m back with with my first translation in 2017! This is Yamada’s first Think Note in 2017, I know I’m a little bit behind on translations lately, but hey, at least I made it before his MYOJO February edition came out. Anyway, kicking off 2017, being this year’s toshi otoko, Yamada Ryosuke talked about being part of the 1993 Golden Generation, how he challenges himself for work, & some encouraging words he receive from a senior co-star! 

Don’t forget ask permission & give credit if reposting or retranslating to another blog/page. Enjoy this translation! 😁😁😁

“Golden generation. To be part of the so-called generation, I should not be obscured.”

Yamada will turn 24 years old this year. Seeing the success of those in the same generation as him, he wanted to send out a yell from the bottom of his heart. However, that doesn’t mean there will be no downfall. What’s most important is to keep being himself until the very last moment.

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Hi! I’ve recently come into ownership of this url and decided to turn into a blog/safe spot for all Spock x Uhura fans to share their art (fan fictions, drawings, edits, etc.) and get to know one another! I’ll start off by searching through spuhura tags and reblogging things to get this going, but submissions are open to everyone if you’d like me to post something specific! 

I’m also looking for mods! 

Do you love Uhura? Do you love Spock? Do you love Spock AND Uhura? Do you spend a considerable amount of time online obsessing over Spock and Uhura? Then this might be the role for you! ✨

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, send this blog a message with your preferred mode of communication (tumblr im, twitter, e-mail), and we can discuss how to get you set up!

I hope that I can nurture this blog with all of you, and see it grow into a healthy and loving place for us all! Live long and prosper!

We are 3 years old today!!!

That’s really exciting. We started off kind of rough, and then our focus turned into something more purposeful, and couldn’t be more proud of the blog and it’s followers.

ACTUALLY– we love our followers so much that we’ll do another giveaway. This will start now, end at 12:00am CST on Valentine’s day-


-If you like, you will get one entry, if you reblog, you get two entries!

-Gotta be a follower, I’ll check!

-The winner will be contacted sometime on the 14th and a post to congratulate you/promote your blog will be done in TMM style. Winners will get a $25 Amazon GC, just like all of our other giveaways, this just requires you being active in participating ;)


I’m gonna reorganize everything so that this is my personal blog and I have the HSETAU content on another blog and my art on another blog so that I can link to the art blog when i want to show people my portfolio and anyone interested in the HSETAU can see it easily there without being turned off by the reblogs because I didn’t realize that people would be turned off by reblogs this is going to take a while

Exo thinking Exo is having sex

Ii saw this on another blog and thought it was funny. Exo’s reactions when they hear you and another member and youre making sort of sex sounds but it turns out you just twisted your ankle and they’re helping you try to get your shoe off (btw this blog is slowly corrupting me. I’m sweet and innocent.. I swear) ~Baby Anon

Lol I also thought this would be funny. Here you go Baby Anon <3 Yeah I have a tendency to corrupt people ahah.



When he hears: How could they? There are children Sehun present.

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *Slightly ashamed he jumped to conclusions*


When he hears: Oooo Exo’s getting laid!

When he finds out it’s your ankle: I had too much faith in us


When he hears: Wtf is that sound coming from Kai’s room?

When he finds out it’s your ankle: Are you lying? *squints*


When he hears: W-where is that coming from?

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *not surprised since it’s baekhyun*


When he hears: *hides and desperately tries to find earphones*

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *doesn’t process and stares*


When he hears: Hyung gettin some

When he finds out it’s your ankle: I trusted you


When he hears: Oh! Someones going at it!

When he finds out it’s your ankle: Seriously? I mean c’mon guys!


When he hears: gif

When he finds out it’s your ankle: ah thank god


When he hears: It can’t be… Exo is getting laid?

When he finds out it’s your ankle: Why did I trust them for a second?


When he hears: *panics*

When he finds out it’s your ankle: *not surprised/rolls eyes*

<b>Sxntience’s <i>FOLLOWER FOREVER!!!!</i>

God man it’s been AGES since I did one of these, I just feel like it’s a special occasion considering that my story is turning 2 on the 14th of this month!

As a few of you know and a lot of you don’t know, Rei started off simply as a side character to another blog I had way back when. He was merely supposed to be a drama device in an AU me and a friend of mine had.

Honestly, the only thing I said to them was and I quote “they’re really a bad person and a huge jerk.” They where the one who gave Rei the trademark white hair only because she loved characters with white hair.

From there, I built up Rei, falling in love with this character so much, I decided to make an OC blog, and let me tell ya, I don’t regret it.

It’s been an amazing 2 years with this little guy, and he has made quite some changes! From going to a simple plot device to the now vast world I made with him and my other characters of Sxntience!

Though I can’t take all the credit! You all gave me wonderful pride and excitement by being equally excited and in love with my characters! And for that, well I gotta say, I love you all so much for that!!

And now for the list!


A VERY huge shoutout to @obsidianapanthera, @scitty-kitty and @shxujobrave for being my longest running friends on this site thus far! They make me so comfortable on this site and honestly I don’t know where I’d be without these wonderful and beautiful people in my life! They’ve been my friends for about 4 or more years now and it has been an absolute pleasure to know them for this long!

Another shoutout goes to @distantstarsintheireyes for being an equally good friend in the short amount of time that we have known each other. Even though I have only known them since last year, I still feel like they have been my friend just as long as the others have! They are a lovely beautiful soul that always helps me when I feel down and for that I say I love them!

@lethehearted; Another good friend of mine who I also interacted with as Hiro from time to time! They are such an amazing person and I love interacting with them when I can! We ship together and still our muses interact so well together! I’m very happy I met them because they where one of few in the Big Hero 6 fandom who really paid Rei any attention before I decided to change the blog!

@daretcbe; They recently came back to rping and are also a really good friend of mine while I was in the Big Hero 6 fandom with Rei! They’re so sweet and their oc is the cutest little thing ever! I enjoy interacting with her when I can and I am so honored to see such a well thought out oc!

@drawn-to-space; Despite our minimal interaction, I do enjoy seeing them on my dash or whenever they comment on my stuff! They seem like a lovely person and I hope I am able to interact with them more!

@bxdtimes; Again, despite minimal interaction, I enjoyed talking to them! Especially since Ren and Sans sorta became buddies!! I hope we can rp more in the future!

I may have forgotten some, so just to save time THANK YOU ALL~~ I hope that this year continues to bless me with all you wonderful people and that you guys will fall in love with my characters as much as I have!!

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You might very well end up being another nerdy / weeby asian who will never get a gf and instead just blog about hoping to get one some day with like-minded weebs..you might or might not realize it but your obsession in fictional anime girls and these weird fetishes (not judging you for it) associated with them that you also want to see in real girls is a turn off. Not saying it's impossible to find a girl that will meet your super weird likings but I'm just saying that it.. [cont.]

leodelcaffe  asked:

I hope this isn't annoying, but I've not had any aesthetic requests in forever. And I need to vent and maybe get some advice from another artist (and aesthetic maker) I've fallen to victim of artist block and if I end up making another aesthetic about my Slytherin of a cat or another damn blue aesthetic about my best friend (trust me, you can only make so many), I'm going to lose my mind. Help?

Yo guys go hit them up with some requests!

I know that feeling, I get artist block for this blog ALL the time, even with hundreds of requests sitting in my inbox. Sometimes I scroll through everyone and just think “nope, nope, nope, nope…” and end up either forcing myself to make one (so it turns out really shitty), or putting off making one. Usually when that happens I just make a board for myself about something I like. From time to time you might see me post a board that wasn’t requested, because it’s been on my mind or it’s a character or something from a fandom I’m in.

Other times I’m just like fuck this and I post a picture of my cat just to feel like I’ve done something, go play some video games, then come back to a board when I’m feeling up to it. :)

I don’t know if anyone’s aware but you can turn off those annoying ads on your blog in the settings. 

Just switch the blue “on-blog advertising” to gray to turn it off. (No worries I turned it off after taking the screenshot and was too lazy to take another)

This is especially good if your blog is meant to be a calming or safe environment. 

I think is the same anon from my other blog. When I turn off my anonymous messages specifically so that you won’t send me anonymous messages anymore - that doesn’t mean go find my other blog and fucking send them there. That blog is not for discourse, and it will not turn into a discourse blog unless this one is shut down. 

I’ve blocked you on that blog and if you send me another message on this one, I’m going to block you there as well. I’m sick of you trying to converse with me via messages, you’re annoying and actually fucking obsessed with me. Fuck off. 

About the Mun


NAME: mac
PRONOUNS: they/them
1. i’ve lived in 4 u.s. states
2. i co-founded a theatre company
3. i went to county 2 years in a row for poetry out loud


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): on and off for the last 10-ish years, probably 5 on tumblr
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: myspace, zetaboards, gaia, aim, chatzy, some others probably, and of course tumblr. ( does this make me look old? i feel old. )
BEST EXPERIENCE: this blog has been amazing, definitely the muse i’ve stuck with the longest. i got to admin for the original group with the loml @siriusi ( bc turns out i can’t talk about this blog without gushing over dylan. ) another completely fantastic experience was playing ron weasley for @swipedarchive ( i think they’re re-vamping?? ) honestly the best group ever, the blog still exists @r0nwheezy as a memento. experience tells me i’m a bad fit for rp groups, but i feel lucky to have been part of the swiped family!!


FEMALE OR MALE: male or non-binary, though i’ve enjoyed playing females
MULTI OR SINGLE: single, i tried to make a multi once and it stressed me tf out ;A;


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: ANGST FOR DAYSSS. it makes the fluffy and/or smutty payoff so much better imo
PLOTS OR MEMES: plots! they’re more personal and exploratory to build, also sometimes ask memes make nervous?? but please send me them anyway lol
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: long for sure, they take way more time for me to feel satisfied before publishing but i find longer threads much more compelling
BEST TIME TO WRITE: middle of the night when insomnia starts making me its beech tree
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): sort of? we have superficial similarities and share some core values, but fundamentally we’re pretty different.

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I don't mean to be rude or cause any inconvenience but is there any way that you could turn on the dm's so role players can message you about threads? We honestly don't want to clog up your ask box even further than it already is. - Earth Mun

[[ Hi, admin #1 here. Unfortunately the moment you add another member to a blog, tumblr shuts off the private messaging function and won’t allow us to turn it back on. Sorry! :( ]]

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Aomine + Midorima + Kagami (knb) + Jean (snk) and Rin (free!) their reaction to their s/o doing parkour and jumping through/off a really high ledge or wall to get into practice or class or something? Thanks bae~ Have fun with your blog!

Thank you anon-sama, I love your creativity!! Happy reading:)

Aomine Daiki: Jumping off the high ledge in school uniform? That obviously meant a panty flash. As Aomine opens the door to the rooftop to skip yet another class, he is greeted by a flash of red before you safely land on two feet in front of him. You blow away a strand of hair on your face before turning around to look back, smug grin conveying your proud achievement. Aomine raises an eyebrow and smirks back at you.

“Impressive. But strawberry panty isn’t really my type?” He says, before finding his regular place on the rooftop, leaving you bright red and clutching your skirt in embarrassment. 

Midorima Shintarou: Only a couple of minutes left before the gate closes and both you and Shintarou were running side by side. Few feet before the destination, you suddenly stop and face the school’s brick wall, causing Shintarou to turn. Taking a few steps back, you run toward it directly and jump to push off the wall with your right foot and easily reach the top. His eyes widen and mouth opens, and he drops his lucky item poetry anthology as well as his schoolbag. You safely land on the other side as he hurriedly gathers his belongings from the ground and run to the gate, which is, of course closed at that point. 

“Not fair-nanodayo….”

Kagami Taiga: When you first suggest that you can get to the class faster than him, he laughs out loud. When you bet him a club sandwich for lunch, he is serious enough to give you a chance. At the end of the countdown, however, when you run not toward the rooftop door with him, but in the opposite direction, he stops in his track and looks back. 

“Haaaaahhhh??” He yells in confusion as you prepare to jump towards the seemingly awaiting death. He runs back as fast as he can but you are already in mid air. Contrary to his worry, you land with a roll on the rooftop of the adjacent school building, coming up on one knee and finishing your move clean. Kagami gawks at you as you turn to look at him, flashing him a victory sign and running into the building. 

Jean Kirstein: At first he would tail you around day after day, asking you to show him more moves. To stop his nagging, you allow him a full taste of real parkour, from simple flips to vaulting and mantling. He watches in admiration and amazement as his eyes follow your swift movements here and there. 

The next day, he calls you out to the park and brags about his own parkour skills that he acquired overnight. You urge him to show you, and he attempts a back flip, surprisingly landing on two feet, though wobbling, with swinging his hands wildly to not lose balance. Eventually he settles down, and sniffs as he looks up. “Heh, how’s that?”

Rin Matsuoka: Rin walks into the school ground alone, earphones on and humming with excitement at having a friendly match against Iwatobi after school. Nitori rushes to his side, greeting him with a big smile. 

“Eh? ________-san is not with you this morning?” He looks at your empty sides, and even behind, genuinely surprised at your absence. Without giving him a reply, he grins, revealing his shark teeth, then just points up. At his cue, you drop from the nearby wall with a forward flip, landing on both feet and with your hands straight out. Then you two walk on ever so naturally, leaving Nitori with a gaped mouth. 

anonymous asked:

It's already bad enough feminists call my gender evil. That SJWs and most Tumblr shits call my gender many slurs and make up horrible jokes. Yeah cisphobia defiantly isn't real. Get your head out of your ass and why don't you log off and get some actual air. I trusted you before, but you turned into another radical gremlin that hates men. m^m

The fact that you use “sjws” means you’ve looked at my blog for .5 seconds because I mock anti sjws relentlessly. Fuck off. This is such a reach and a half that I have no idea what to say to it.

Another fandom PSA;

Don’t say Oswald’s nygmasexual. 

I get it but it just comes off as a cutesy way to erase Oswald’s real identity.

Which is proven by Gotham to be gay-aspec. 

He’s in love with Ed, yes. The first and only person hes ever actually been in love with and wanted to share his feelings with. Ed is, yes, the first and only “love” interest Oswald’s ever had in another person but saying he’s nygmasexual is not as cute as it sounds despite this and despite him canonically thinking Ed is his one true love. 

Oswald Cobblepot confirms himself he’s never been on any dates. He he has no romantic / sexual history. He has shown himself to be uncomfortable with the idea. He was so adverse to the idea of having sex ( particularly with a woman ) that it was the one thing powerful enough to cause a negitive reaction in him while he was under Strange’s conditioning, prior to finding out the truth about his father’s death.  Not even tormenting him about his mothers death could do this beforehand. 

Robin confirmed he’s Aspec. Robin stated Oswald feels separated from sexuality. Gotham confirmed he’s clearly homoromantic ( or, possibly “biromantic” but homoromantic is def more suited in my PROFESSIONAL OPINION ) The only arguments the fandom had against Oswald being aspec and against Robins DIRECT mention of asexuality & his bid to shield the ace community from negitive associations very commonly attributed to us have been destroyed by the last ep.

Robin couldn’t have been saying “hes super homophobic so he cant have sex with or date guys” because A) in doing that, in the context he spoke in, he would be saying “I’m cool for people to associate homosexuality with damaged/unhealthy/dysfunctional people” and B) Obviously he’s happy to be with a man if he thinks the feeling is mutual. 

THUS: Oswald is not homophobic. Oswald is not SO homophobic towards himself that he could never seek a relationship. Internalized homophobia has not played such a strong and crippling part in his life that its kept Oswald out of sexual/romantic relationships for 32 years. All he needed was to think Ed loved him and he was down for the romance. 

His sex aversion & feeling ‘separated’ from sexuality has. Never feeling as close or as connected to another person, as he does to Ed, has. 

Homoromantic/SGA/MLM all those things CAN be used to describe him. Asexual/aspec/demisexual all those things CAN BE to use to describe him. He’s possibly even demi or gray romantic. Those CAN describe him. These are all great headcanons and are not disproved or unsupported by canon, only the opposite. All of these communities and identities suffer massive erasure & misunderstanding. Do not use one in place of the other. Do not change them out for ‘cutesy’ crap like “Nygmasexual”. 

He’s not “Nygmasexual.”  And hes not Straight/heterosexual. 

Most simply: Hes Gay. Hes aspec. 

Call him Gay.

One does not erase the other. They both exist together in perfect harmony with neither being more valid than the other. Oswald’s gay. Hes in deep romantic love with a man. He thinks this man is he love of his life. Its canon. Its real. Its beautiful. 

Apologies & Promises

Hey lovelies, 

Firstly, I’d like to apologize. 

I know I haven’t updated in a very, very long time. Sure, there are countless excuses I can throw your way (school’s been hectic, work’s been overwhelming, mental health’s been fluctuating, etc), but that’d be disingenuous. 

To be completely honest, I had actually forgotten why I was doing this in the first place. 

Somewhere along the way, I started seeing this blog as a chore – just another thing to get done (which of course in turn became just another thing to put off). But in reality, I wanted to carve out a little safe space for lady & non-binary queerios. This blog was supposed to be somewhere we could share our stories, vent our frustrations, laugh at silliness, and most importantly be ourselves. 

Judging from recent events, it’s clear that our allies won’t always treat us with the respect we deserve. I’m not getting into it right now, but I’m sure many of you know what I’m referring to. All I will say is that my heart aches, crumbling under the weight of our unnecessarily heavy stories. Unfortunately, I think everyone can relate to this sentiment even without the specifics. And so, it’s ultimately up to us to support our own community. 

I promise to be better about running this blog. At the very least, I’ll provide what little support I can from this limited platform. It (and I) won’t be perfect by any means… but I will definitely make all you lovelies the top priority you deserve to be.

Thank you for reading. 
Thank you for for staying. 
And thank you, thank you, thank you for existing.

- SC

would people be opposed to me putting an autoplay playlist on my blog? I’d probably have it turned down pretty low so that it doesn’t like, scare anyone but since I’ve always got my blog open in another tab, I feel like I might as well?

I mean it’ll be alternative/pop punk/metalcore music for the most part, Beartooth, Coheed and Cambria, Set it Off and the like.

but I know some people hate autoplay with a passion, so if you are among them then be sure to let me know before I go through with it!

Enchanted ~Elijah Mikaelson Fluff (The Vampire Diaires/The Originals)~

I’ve recently been watching TVD and TO, and I fell in love with Elijah. So, I’m gonna write an imagine on him. If you guys like it, and want me to, I’ll create an imagines blog for these two shows. “0

- Libby

The Mikaelson’s were throwing yet another party. This one was for the celebration of new baby Hope’s arrival.

Stefan, Elena, Damon, and myself all came to the party, as we were invited. Almost immediately, Elijah rushed over to us, greeting us.

"So glad you all could make it.” He said with a slight bow.

“Oh, please,” Damon rolled his eyes.

“Damon!” Elena hissed, slapping his arm. She turned to Elijah and smiled politely. “Thank you for inviting us. Where’s the baby?”

“With her mother and father, being shown off, I suppose.” Elijah said in his accented voice. “Come, I’ll show you to her.”

We all followed him, meeting Hayley and the baby. Hope was the most adorable little baby I had ever seen.

After seeing the baby, I decided the pain of never being able to have one myself was too much, so I scurried off. I sat down on the steps, out of the way of most people. I refused to cry, but a tear still slipped out.

“Is everything alright, (Y/N)?” I heard a voice ask. I looked up to see Elijah standing before me.

“I’m fine.” I said, nodding. It was a lie, and he knew it. He could always tell when someone was lying.

He took a seat next to me and turned my head towards him. His fingers rested under my chin as his thumb wiped away the tear that fell. “Did Hope upset you in anyway?”

I shook my head furiously. “No, it’s just…. I can never have kids of my own, being a Vampire. But… I’ve always wanted kids. And seeing her, she’s so cute…”

Elijah smiled softly, stroking my cheek with his thumb. “Well, if you find the right man, maybe you two could simply adopt a human child, raise them, and then bring them into the supernatural world.”

“That’s a great idea.” I said, smiling slightly. “But…. Who would want to get mixed up in my life?”

“I would.” He whispered. I had never heard Elijah Mikaelson, the noble one, sound so desperate as he did. Yet, it melted my heart that he would want to be with me.

Slowly, I leaned in. I pressed my lips to his gingerly, making the kiss sweet. He spent no time wasted, kissing me back. After a moment, we both pulled back.

“Would you care to dance?” He asked, standing up. He extended his hand to me, so I gladly agreed by placing my hand in his. He pulled me up and took me to the dance floor.

“Did you mean it?” I asked after a few minutes of dancing.

“I did.” He said, nodding his head slightly. He knew I meant about what he had said about being with me.

“You’d really want to get mixed up in my crazy life?” I questioned, slightly cocking my head to the side.

“Only if you’ll get mixed up in mine.” He replied, a small, crazy smile on his face.

“I would love to.” I replied, smiling wide.

A Pretentious Game

“*whapish* *whapish* Thank you guys and I will see you all in the next video!” Jack said before he turned off his camera, ending another recording. The game was one of those artsy games that replaced in-depth gameplay with short, meaningful messages. This one was about a block character who lost his love because he never told her how he felt. It really had Jack thinking, thinking about his own love, Mark. 

Jack had found himself slowly falling for Mark over the last year, but he’d tried to hide his feelings and only flirted with Mark when they were messing with the “septiplier” shippers. Jack sat back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair. He sighed, thinking about how he could easily be the character in the game. It scared him, thinking about how he could lose Mark because of his shyness. Jack decided that he couldn’t let that happen. He grabbed his phone off the desk and sent Mark a text.

“Hey Mark, what’s up?”

“Oh hey Jackaboy, nm just finished editing a video”

“Mark…can i tell you something?”

Jack bit his lip, immediately regretting that last text. 

“Of course you can, everything okay?”

“I’m fine, it’s just, I’ve been thinking lately”

“About what?”

About you, Jack thought, but he was at a loss for words and he felt a lump growing in his throat. He sat there in silence, with his phone pressed to his forehead and his eyes closed. He was about to reply when he heard the sound of an incoming skype call on his computer, and he saw Mark’s picture pop up on the screen along with the name ‘Markimoo’. Jack slowly reached for the mouse, exhaling as he accepted the call.

“Jack, is everything okay? I’m worried about you.”

Jack looked at Mark on the screen, his brown eyes full of concern.

“Mark I told yeh I’m fine” Jack’s Irish accent becoming thick the more terrified he was.

“Well what have you been thinking about then? It’s obviously bothering you.”

“I’ve been thinking about…you.” Jack said, staring holes into the floor.

Mark was taken back with shock, and he sat there, unable to say anything. They sat in silence for what seemed like hours to Jack, before Mark finally spoke again.

“Jack….I..I don’t know what to say”

Jack felt tears forming in his eyes but fought them back.

“I’ve been thinking about you Mark…y-you and me… I like yeh, a lot, as more than a friend”

They sat in silence for another minute, every second was more than Jack’s heart could take as he waited for Mark to reject him.

“Listen if yeh don’t feel the same I understa-”

“I love you too”

Jack felt his chest burst from excitement.

“Really?!” Jack finally looked back up at Mark.

“Yeah…” Mark said, a strong blush growing on his cheeks as he laughed with relief “God it feels good to say that”

“Well, now what?” Jack said, he’d never planned to get this far.

“Jack…will you be my boyfriend?”

“Of course ya doof” Jack said laughing, and he knew he had won, the pretentious little game.