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  • Jimin: You're weird.
  • Taehyung, sad: Sorry.
  • Jimin: No, that was a compliment.
  • Taehyung, touched: I love you bro
  • Jimin: I love you too

The Male Teams spotted in the Behind the scenes video



sometimes I look back at the people that have come into my life because of Taylor and it blows my mind. 

I know this isn’t all of you, but I just have SO. MANY. PHOTOS. I know I’ve met some of you and we didn’t get a photo, or maybe you are hidden away in these group shots somewhere. I’ve met you guys from Brisbane, to Sydney, to Melbourne, to New Zealand, to California, to Florida, to Toronto… quite literally everywhere, and I am so beyond thankful for every single one of you. Whether I met you on tour, randomly found you in Disney World, literally travelled to a different country to see you (looking at u @after-plaidshirtdays & @jacobxswift ), or you are a part of the wonderful lil Queensland Swifties family; I am so grateful you exist and beyond thankful for the opportunity to have you in my life. 

Taylor @taylorswift, this is what you create. This is what you do for us and I will never be able to thank you enough. You have created so many incredible friendships and the happiness it brings me is unbelievable. I’ve found my place in this fandom and opening myself up to the possibilities of this crazy place we call the internet is the best thing I have ever done. 

Thank you Taylor, and thank you to every single one of you I am lucky enough to call my friends. You’ve changed my life, and boy oh boy am I ready for next tour to get to meet and hug even more of you. 

@taylornation (peep the Ali, miss you girl)

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YEA like. good close internet friends you would protecc and 10/10 recc

ooo all my mutuals and followers i would def protecc but @/gyoomie, @/ash-is-boss, @/bakubros, and @/myagletismissing are all ridiculously wonderful and have really encouraged me these past few months!! srsly they’re all such sweethearts and i cherish them so much///

Bias tag!

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Make a list of your biases for whichever groups you stan and tag 10 people you want to do it too! You can include one bias wrecker, if necessary. Have fun!!

I’m just gonna include some groups, if you want to know about all the groups i listen to please wait for my autobiography send me an ask idk 😂

EXO: bias - baekhyun, bias wrecker - let’s not start

GOT7: bias - Mark, bias wrecker- jackson (can u not)

BTS: Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin

CNBLUE: jonghyun

Day6: Jae

okay I’ll stop here 😂

I’m tagging @satanbagel @shimmie-shimmie-kokobop @baekonnheobi @rolie-polie-yeolie @chickendora @justiceleaguexo @yixingslays


The “rules” can be different for every poly/non-monogamous people and their relationships, but some things are universal:

  • cheating is horrible and has nothing to do w/ polyamory
  • honesty and communication are KEY 
  • we often have too much affection to give rather than not enough tbh
  • who tf has time for orgies everyday?? it’d be so tiring??? also some poly ppl are ace so??? yeah

V is for voltron!!!!

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i’ve been drawing this & crying since ep 69 nice aired… im gonna miss all of these characters so much,, but all good things come to an end, and that finale was everything i ever hoped for and more.

thank you McElroys for making us laugh. thank you for making us cry. thank you for everything. <3

*edit- tried to fix some mistakes!!

jungkook: rollercoasters, cherry cola, adrenaline, rock concerts, hickies, all-nighters, sky-diving, summer nights, cold pizza, comic books, ghost-hunting

tae: art galleries, paris, runway shows, friends-to-lovers, puppies, midnight drive-ins, giggling, piggy-back rides, honey-scented, gucci, royalty, teddy bears

jimin: airy laughs, cotton candy, hand-holding, spring warmth, blushing, i-love-yous, chaste kisses, pillow talk, plushies, cherry blossoms, pouty lips

namjoon: novels, travelling, vinyls, overthinking, the ocean, romantic nights in, museums, evening rain, road trips, 3am conversations, new years eve

hobi: sunflowers, shooting stars, sugar-sprinkled donuts, campfires, succulents, spooning, coming home after a long day, disney movies, sun-kissed skin

yoongi: neon lights, chokers, new york, hangovers, sour candy, kittens, eyeliner, leather jackets, poison, lo-fi beats, slow kissing, gummy bears, sarcasm

jin: retro-gaming, polaroids, bubble tea, surprise hugs, inside jokes, birthday cakes, pastels, pillow fights, hot air balloon rides, red lips, ice cream dates

Do you ever just…. think about Victor and Yuuri holding each other, in complete silence, simply listening to each other’s heartbeat.

Haikyuu; Things everyone forgets
  • Daichi has one tooth less
  • Tanaka and Asahi have played in all the matches without resting at all
  • Kageyama didn’t appear to have any friends while at middle school
  • None of the ships is canon
  • Yachi is neglected by her mother
  • Yamaguchi
  • Hinata is still growing
  • Tshukishima felt inferior to Hinata

just rick and morty things:

- when the episode bills itself as a self-contained, filler-style episode about atlantis but instead addresses the biggest and most compelling mysteries of the entire series, the citadel and evil morty

- when roiland, harmon and co face nigh insurmountable fan expectations for delivering on the narrative promises and payoffs associated with evil morty but yet pull it off and deliver in the most delicious way while setting up even higher stakes for the ultimate revelations to come

- when the FUCKING CALLBACK SONG COMES ON AND YOUR JAW DROPS AT THE ABSOLUTE MASTERY OF STORYTELLING AT WORK. like holy shit, all the 4? 5? narrative threads of this episode interweaving and aligning on one theme, each simultaneously playing up and subverting their respective narrative tropes in that familiar, delightful way this show does so well? that’s just a mastery of craft you don’t see very often, all building up to a final shot and final reveal that just satisfies. 

- when you know that it’s not “en vogue” to be this fucking enthusiastic about rick and morty anymore because some of the fans suck in a major way, but you don’t care?? because the show is still this goddamn excellent? fight me