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(ugly banner sorry lmao) wow!!! i woke up to over 1k today! 1k! that’s a lot of people and i appreciate you all deciding to click follow. it means a lot, honestly.

so as a lil thanks i thought i’d do my first follow forever, just to showcase a few incredibly awesome people. though if you’re not included, you are still awesome fyi i love u :’))

most of these are dan and phil blogs;
mutuals are in bold
people i really love lots and lots are in italics

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again please don’t be offended or anything if you don’t see yourself here, these were just a few off the top of my head. i’m thankful for all of my followers. even the porn bots.  also if we’re mutuals and i didn’t say so here punch me sorry i’ll fix it. thank you all again!! 

4日! Quick drawing for the night!

On another note, I read everyone’s tags and captions when they reblog my art and I got to say, it makes me happy :) Thank you!

petalspitter  asked:

When and how can I throw actual money at you for actual art?

if you mean commissions, the answer is…. one day…. maybe…. don’t give up hope

if you mean, like, give me money and get stuff in return, i have a gumroad where i sell digital comics and they’re all pretty darn good, and i also have a redbubble so you can get my art on a mug (wink wonk)


So there are new deleted scenes from Fantastic Beasts and I bet they might be interesting for some of you !

me: oh I’m so glad I have internet at home again so I can enjoy fandom again-



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i made one of them outfit memes except using the shitty clothing of the panda crew. so basically send me an outfit number (ex C1) and a character who doesnt usually wear that outfit and ill draw them in it yes

A1 - Maria, A2 - Rennird, A3 - Nori, A4- Kenzy/Wibkinz

B1 - Emi, B2 - Enneth, B3 - Hibo, B4 - Edgar

C1 - Kem, C2 - Kokoru, C3 - Fore, C4 - Moko

Don’t repost, but you can reblog to use yourself if u want! just tag me in the results, i wanna see all ur characters in these shitty outfits fdgfjfkg

Get To Know Me - Music Edition

@neowiccanwitch​ tagged everyone who reads their post and I wanted to join in

You gotta pick an artist and answer all questions about yourself through song titles

Jeez these are a bit sad (even my bf said so), but hey they’re the truth

Artist: Twenty One Pilots

What’s your gender? “Oh Ms Believer”

Describe yourself: “Heavydirtysoul”

How do you feel? “Tear In My Heart” / “Stressed Out”

If you could go anywhere? “Forest”

Favorite mode of transportation? "Ride”

Your best friend? “Message Man”

Favorite time of day? "Before You Start Your Day”

If your life was a tv show? "The Run And Go”

Relationship status? "Holding On To You”

Your fear? “Doubt”

I wanna personally tag these peeps cause i usually see you guys either on my activity or i was honored enough to msg you: @silvercurses, @quris-sparky, @adrielswitchyways, @an-artsy-lexus, @witchofthefuture, @blkwitchquinn, @torhallatalaksdater

I also wanna tag everyone that reads this and wants to do this! Please tag me in your replies!!

droetam  asked:

I'm so happy to have won ! And congratulations again for your 50 followers ! So for my price, can I request a happy Lucario (from Pokemon) ?


My heart melted when I read that this is what you wanted. It took about 3 sketches before I decided the design was good enough since I’ve never drawn Lucario before.

Thing I forgot to mention (stop FORGETTING this kind of stuff, me!), I’m totally cool with you doing whatever you want with this, as long as you credit me. For example, if you want to color this/add a background/repost, whatever, it’s fine, just give credit. And I don’t mean just “credit to original artist”, I mean like, leave a link to theartsyskeleton or something. This goes for everyone, so I’m going to tag @blueberry32 and @emimuffin.


lethal ; (mafia) wu yifan

description; “hopefully god is still down to forgive us.” they were nothing but (lethal).

a/n; this is kind of eventful lmao but its just the beginning of the madness 👀 people were hyped for this so im posting it without proper editing lmao dont scold me pls (i say this so much sigh but im tagging everyone who reblogged part i @catching-the-galaxies @i-am-a-death-dealer @vicassa @hysterics-kid @melyyexo)

part; o | i | ii |iii

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I was tagged by @wackysimmer to do her new tag: the Justice for Cheese Hair tag! The challenge is to make a sim look good with EA’s classic cheese hair color. You can read more about the tag here 

Personally I never used this hair color before so it was a lot of fun to experiment with it! This is my contribution: Jane is a family-orientated, good and jealous nurse who wants to save the world. 

I tag @vividlore, @toadsims and everyone else who wants to do this!