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OKAY Blame @pureren but here is my funny Shiro headcanon:

I was date checking whipped cream at work and we came to the cans of squirty cream and then I just imagined like IMAGINE if Shiro carried a squirty cream can in his jacket with no explanation no context whatsoever and he just randomly pulled it out when he was having A Day™. Like someone is like “oh haha yes gotta stay fresh, is that deoderant?”

“No.” *squirts whipped cream into mouth “okay I feel better now.”

“Shiro Iverson wants to see you in his office.” *shiro takes out the squirty cream and pours it into his mouth*

“Okay. I’m ready.”

Dear studyblrs,

I love reading tags. Especially when my posts land on my dash, i love to read the tags of the one who reblogged and the who they reblogged it from and so on. Those little compliments and remarks always brighten up my day ♡
There have been days when little sweet messages and asks have been the highlight of my day!
I just wanted to remind everyone of how grateful i am to be a part of this wonderful studyblr community where everyone is sooo positive and supportive of each other! (´▽`)

Tagged by @thewindthief Thank you!! I’ve been waiting for a chance to share more of my trash music on here.
Rules: put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop up

1. Wakkanai by Galileo Galilei
2. The Boxer by Jerry Douglas (ft. Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon)
3. Power by Bastille
4. Wide Awake by Grizfolk
5. The Currents by Bastille
6. Zenzenzense (Movie Version) by RADWIMPS
7. Change in Chemistry - Haikyuu!! OST
8. Sure As Hell by Tonight Alive
9. Blinding by Florence + The Machine
10. The Greatest by Tonight Alive

RULES: 1. Answer the new questions given by the previous person 2. Write 11 new questions 3. Tag 11 people. I got tagged by @chat-en-rose​.

1. Pet peeve.

I don’t know. I got a few. Biased assholes? Sexist assholes? Homophobic/transphobic assholes? Racist assholes? People that just generally think they’re better than others? Something like that.

2. What do you stand the best, hot or cold?

The cold. I can deal with the cold because I can wear a bunch load of clothes, or just snuggle up under my favourite blanket. Not to mention all the cute clothes I have got that are suitable for the Autumn/Winter periods.

3. What do you like to collect?

Um. I don’t really collect anything now? I collect shells when I go to a beach? But I throw them away shortly afterwards? I used to collect all sorts, from shiny stones to marbles.

4. Your happy song.

Currently it is this. I? Do not know why, okay. I just listen to it. And I’m in a good mood.

5. A character that inspires you.

Wendy Darling, from J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan. There are a lot of characters that inspire me, but if I had to pick one, I’d put it down to her.

6. Juice or soda?


7. Something from your bucket list (a place you want to visit, something you wanna learn, etc)

I’d like to go back to Germany. Part of me kind of wants to live there again? But I’ve tried re-teaching myself German and it won’t sink in.

8. Afraid of ghosts?

No. I personally don’t believe there’s anything to be afraid of, in terms of ghosts. My Granddad used to say: never be afraid of the dead, but be afraid of the living.

9. Pants or skirts?

Sweats are my life.

10. Penguins with bag packs , yea or nah?

Penguins with bagpacks sound so cute. I hope this is a cute thing, but I’m saying yeah?

11. Favorite mythological creature.

Unicorns? Hellhounds?

My questions are:

1. What is your favourite word, and what is your least favourite word?

2. Team Cap or Team Iron? (This is the make or break. You’re being tested. I’m joking,)

3. Do you consider someone as a hero to you? Why?

4. Which character mostly represents you? (Can be from anything. What you believe in, to the thing you generally do, etc.,)

5. Favourite Historical figure?

6. Favourite colours? Or favourite palette?

7. Have you got a favourite food?

8. Have you got a favourite genre in music?

9. Top favourite three books?

10. Is there a skill or something new that you would be interested in learning?

11. On rainy days - what do you enjoy doing?

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my favorite thing about the spanish harry potter translation is that instead of calling voldemort “the dark lord,” they call him señor tenebroso, which basically means “mr. spooky”

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party


eternal mood (inspired by this textpost