will i stop making things from that video

Am I the only one who noticed

1. Anti is back

2. Mark is working on a “special project”

3. In Sara is missing Mark had one word at the end of his glitchy video “Jackseptceye”

So what am I saying you might ask?

Well several people are making theories on what Mark’s “special video” so I decided to make my own.

Did anyone even stop to think that MAYBE Anti and Dark are going to work together?

Mark is wearing a suit and ends up in jail in his pictures, he also is wearing eyeliner.

These are all things from the fan base of Darkiplier.

Pictures of him in a suit are the most edited to look like Dark, in most edits and drawings he’s wearing eyeliner, and if he is Darkiplier, of course he would end up in jail.

Anti has also come back as seen in most of Jack’s “Detention” videos.

Maybe these two are working together on Marks big “secret project”?

We’ll have to wait until Valentines day.

jackbum + sexual tension

 soooo this pretty little anon requested it -also gonna include what this other person asked for ;)- i’ve been wanting to do it for SO FUCKING LONG so why dont we get our hands dirty (literally) already??? BRACE YOURSELVES


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Hey! This is Susie. Just reminding everyone to take a break or a breather.

Please, take care of your mental health. A lot of negatives are being thrown directly at you and your taking it in whether consciously or subconsciously. It will wear you down to the bone. There is no weakness or shame in taking care of yourself. It’s not letting them win to step away and either stay away from negatives in real life or social media.. or even just reblogging funny animal videos for the next month straight. There is always time to fight whether online and on the streets.

Self care. It’s important and it’s human. Without it we become shells of ourselves and we become angry… and I’m not talking righteous anger, just angry -full stop. Anger makes you lash out at people and it makes you say things you probably don’t mean. When you are seeing red you are still held accountable for your actions when you calm down.

Mental illness is real, DEPRESSION is beyond real, and suicide is real. Please, it’s okay to take a step back and breathe.

You are loved. You are loved. You are human and you are loved.


hello everyone by now y’all prolly know that i love this truth vs lies thing going on in ndrv3 and i’m not ever gonna stop talking about it thank u
Of course DR always had to do with truth and lies due to the murder mystery nature, but hey, seems like it’ll definitely intensify in V3 and I am super excited to see what they’ll do.

(Grabbed most of these things off of the videos that Engine Wolf made which were translated by Comun. Last few bits are from Jess’ translations)

Stop being shitty to YouTubers. They are people just like you and me.

So, I was just watching Pewdiepie’s video about him struggling and it got me thinking. Why do people think that it’s okay to demand certain things from YouTubers? Like when they put up a video and you ask/demand something else like it’s owed to you?? I don’t get it. They don’t owe you anything. They make new content because it’s something They enjoy. Are you trying to take that away from them.
What’s your favorite tv show? Do you try to spam every source of social media for them to come up with a new episode every day? No? Then why would you do that to YouTubers? They are people. And they are working damn hard to make sure that they have content for you. And then to get shit on because it’s not what your wanted them to upload? Quietly pout to yourself and either watch the video anyway because you appreciate the content creator or move on to another video! It’s that simple.
I can’t imagine how I would feel if I put my heart and soul into my content and spent as much time as they do on a video, only to be met with negativity because it apparently wasn’t the one game they wanted to see. I try to imagine it, and it makes me so sad. I would be so discouraged if I wasn’t established.
Also, quit shitting on YouTubers that don’t know all the answers to puzzles in the game just because you’ve already watched three other people play it! I bet you didn’t know the answers the first time around. So stop being shitty.

Best Friends

Jack Maynard x Reader

Request: I have no idea for plot, but you should write something with Jack Maynard💛

Warnings: fluff? 

Thank you for requesting Jack because honestly he is life. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I watched his mouthguard challenge video today


Tonight was the night, Jack was going to tell his best friend that he has feelings for her. He had called her yesterday to make sure she wasn’t busy so he could take her out to a nice dinner to celebrate. He hadn’t told her what for and she didn’t ask. Jack always liked to celebrate the smallest of things, like when the sun came out in winter or when he finished the book Y/n forced him to read. He only took Y/n out to celebrate, she, like him, understood why the small things in life mattered and was happy to join him. All of his other friends thought he was ridiculous for celebrating those minuscule events, but not Y/n. They typically dress in their best outfits and go out to fast food restaurants, ordering fries and milkshakes until they feel sick or sharing their plates because she could never decide what to order. They didn’t celebrate every week, so when they did go out, it was special to them both. He was too nervous to come up with an excuse and he knew he wouldn’t be able to tell her the lie.

Jack had begun to develop feelings for Y/n last year when he met her. He had no idea that they would become fast friends. At that time Y/n was dating a guy who treated her terribly. Jack knew it wasn’t his place to tell her how to live her life, having just met her, but he designated himself to being her hero, whenever she needed it. Y/n didn’t like to tell her personal life to others but it was so easy with Jack. She knew she could trust him within the first few weeks of them being friends. When she broke up with her boyfriend just a month later, Jack was there. He was able to make her laugh and realize that she deserved more than what her ex offered her. He didn’t want to tell her then about his feelings, recognizing that she was still moving on.

His feelings deepened once he helped her move out of her flat and into one that was coincidentally closer to his. After they had brought everything inside, they were too exhausted to unpack anything and instead ordered Chinese food. They used some moving boxes as a table and sat on the floor across from each other, laughing at childhood stories and sharing their dreams. Y/n worried that it was too late for Jack to go home and so he didn’t object when she asked him to stay the night. Y/n’s mattress laid on the floor while she quickly found sheets to make it into a bed. They laid on their sides and continued to talk about their quirky beliefs and hidden talents. Y/n was drifting off to sleep and Jack couldn’t help the smile that came to his face. He knew then that he was in too deep and craved her affection. He woke up multiple times that night to notice that Y/n had cuddled up to him, he couldn’t stop his heartbeat from racing as she mumbled his name in her sleep.

Y/n was thrilled when she received the call from Jack. She had a long week at work and needed to relax with her best friend. She ran out from the office that day to make it home in time to change before Jack came to get her. She wondered where they would go tonight, maybe the diner they constantly occupied or the pretzel stand on the corner.

After locking her front door she slipped her shoes off, unbuttoning her blouse as she jogged to her room. She already had an outfit set out since Jack called yesterday and she hurriedly pulled the dress over her head, letting is slip down her figure. She turned to look at herself in the mirror beside the bedroom door, smoothing out the dress and buttoning it closed behind her neck before slipping a different pair of heels on. She pulled her hair down from its loose clip and fluffed it around, making it seem fuller. Y/n just finished applying her red lipstick when a knock sounds from her door.

She opens the door brightly to see a smart looking Jack standing across from her, carrying a bouquet beautiful red roses. He’s never gotten her a bouquet of roses before, usually tulips or sunflowers. Her eyes widened at the sight, along with her smile, Jack’s stomach erupted in butterflies.

“Come on in!” she ushered him inside as he handed her the flowers, “they’re beautiful, thank you Jack.”

“Of course,” he took in her appearance as she filled a vase with water before placed the roses inside, “you look stunning Y/n, absolutely gorgeous.” She felt herself blush at his compliment and turned to face him, “why thank you,” she brushed her hands down his suit jacket, straightening the lapels, “you look rather dashing yourself.” She gave him a small kiss on the cheek before leaving the room, “I just need to grab my purse and we can go!”

Jack stayed standing where she left him, “tonight” he whispered to himself. He was confident in his relationship with her that it would go according to plan. Soon he would be able to wrap his arms around her with purpose and kiss her in ways that he dreamed. Y/n came back out and together they walked to the lift. On their way down, Y/n noticed that Jack didn’t have his nose ring in, “what happened to your piercing?” Jack’s hand moved to his face automatically, then shrugged, “I wanted to take it out for a while.” He knew that he didn’t need to remove it to impress her, but he wanted to make sure he looked his best.

“Where are we going tonight?” Y/n asked as she took a hold of his hand, looking up at him as he tried to hail a taxi. He tightened his grasp, squeezing her hand gently, “You’ll see.”

The taxi pulled up to a beautiful restaurant front, with dark colors illuminated by small fairy lights. Jack pulled her toward the hostess counter who in turn, led them to their table. Y/n couldn’t stop looking around at the beautiful architecture; the atmosphere made her flush, this is not a place where they usually went. What was Jack celebrating?

Jack held the chair out for Y/n, as Jack himself sat down, he noticed her stare and smiled, “Do you like it?”

Y/n nodded slowly, drifting her eyes towards his “Okay now you really have to tell me what we are celebrating because this is way different than what we normally do.” He shook his head, “I’ll tell you after.” She grabbed his arm in excitement, rubbing it affectionately, “This is honestly amazing.”

Y/n and Jack chatted throughout their meal, making each other laugh and filling the other in on their lives. Their waitress came by to refill their empty wine glasses when she spoke, “You two make a beautiful couple.” Jack opened his mouth to protest, “Oh we aren’t-.” Y/n cut in, “Thank you.” She tossed the waitress a small smile before turning back to her conversation when Jack’s eyes lit up, “What was that all about?” he teased, somehow hoping she would profess her undying feelings for him.”

She shook her head laughing, “It’s better to agree than to have an awkward conversation, and plus we get it all the time. We know that we’re just friends and that’s enough right?” Jack gulped, his voice shook as he replied “Yeah, just, well yeah just friends.” He gave a nervous laugh that caught Y/n’s attention. “What’s going on?” She went to place a hand on his but he pulled away, “nothing, I’m fine” He chugged down his wine, Y/n staring at his actions, “Should we go?” Y/n nodded but Jack didn’t even see as he flagged down their waitress, asking for the check.

Why was Jack acting so off? Everything was going great, but then Y/n’s comment made him recoil, is that really all she thought they would be? Everyone they knew thought they were madly in love but was she so blind to the feelings he possessed for her?

They walked out of the restaurant, none of their usual hand holding or light conversations taking place. Y/n wrapped her arms around herself, pulling her coat closer to her in the chill of the night while Jack has his hands shoved deep into his pockets. He needed to tell her, otherwise he didn’t know how much longer he could handle it. “Y/n I need to talk to you.”

Y/n stopped, “Jack, what’s going on?” She was so confused, why was he so nervous all of a sudden?

Jack let out a small laugh, “I don’t want you to deny anything I say okay?” Y/n nodded, but realization soon came to her face. The roses, the romantic restaurant, the wince when she made her comment about being just friends. He wasn’t going to-? No, he couldn’t possibly, could he?

“Y/n you mean the world to me, you’re my best friend and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. You understand me and you’re always there for me at a moment’s notice. From the minute I laid my eyes on you, I knew you would be someone special to me. I know you keep saying that we’re only best friends but I can’t help but wonder if we were more than that. I want to be more than that with you. I want to really mean it when we tell others that we’re a couple and I want to hold you close, always.” He pulled Y/n close and slammed his lips onto hers, gripping her arms like he was going to lose her.

Y/n was beyond shocked, she had no idea that Jack felt so strongly towards her. Of course Y/n felt the same way, she always enjoyed their time together, even if they sat on opposite sides of the couch on their computers for hours. She loved how passionate he was about his work and when he could bring her flowers or visit when she was sick.

Suddenly something ran into Y/n’s legs and she pulled away looking down to find a small child who had just ran out of shop they were standing outside of. The child’s parents apologized profusely before walking away. Y/n looked up at Jack and she suddenly felt parched, and couldn’t form any words to say to him. He watched her speechless expression before sighing, thinking he had lost the battle. They were silent, taking in the moment when Jack spoke, “I’ll walk you home.” Jack walked ahead of Y/n and she struggled to catch up. Her emotion dropped as she thought Jack might have regretted what happened, did he not want to talk about it? Just forget everything as if it didn’t happen?

The silence was deafening as they entered the lift together, trying not to make eye contact with the other in the mirrored walls they were enclosed in. When the door opened on her floor, Jack dashed out, feeling suffocated from the awkward setting.

Y/n followed behind, both making it to her door, when she found her voice, “Jack.” He turned to her, “I’m sorry that I-” but he didn’t let her finish. He didn’t want to hear her say that she doesn’t feel the same way or was sorry for not wanting to be friends anymore.

“No, no please don’t, it’s okay. I understand that you don’t want our relationship to change.” Jack looked behind her to the lift.

“Jack-” She started again but he interrupted her once again, “I really need to go Y/n.” He stepped around her pushing the button for the lift. He felt his eyes tear up, “no,” he told himself, “stop.”

Y/n called out to him as the mirrored doors opened again, “Please don’t leave.” Jack faced her, feeling humiliated, “And why not?”

“Because you’re wrong.” Her voice became stronger now. Jack stared at her as she ran her way to him, “I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything back, but I’m going to now. I want to be more with you too Jack, you have no idea how much I want to. I never thought you would ever feel the same about me but well, I just.” Y/n trailed off, “oh screw it,” She grabbed the back of Jack’s neck and pushed her lips to his, waiting for him to return the action. He didn’t. She pulled back, already forming the idea to push her door open and hide when he leaned back in. The kiss was gentle, Jack caressed the side of her face before slipping an arm around her waist, pulling her in even closer. Y/n wrapped her arms around his shoulders, their kiss becoming heated and messy. His tongue swiped her bottom lip and she gladly opened, their tongues immediately battling for dominance. He pushed her against the wall and broke the kiss. Jack leaned his forehead against hers.

“Well Y/n, would you like to date me?” Jack brushed his fingers over Y/n’s lips cleaning the smeared lipstick.

Y/n giggled into his fingers, “Yes, I would love to.” She gently pushes him off of her, and grabs his hand leading him to her flat and shutting the door.


Hoped you like it! If you think there is a mistake please let me know so I can fix it!

anonymous asked:

I like fahc universe fics because so much is possible and you can base it on things that have happened in videos. I don't really like reality fics because it seems more like shipping real people than AU's which always is awkward.

I hate to break it to you anon, but making it Fake AH Crew doesn’t stop Michael , Gavin , Ryan , Ray , Jack , Geoff etc from being REAL PEOPLE. RageHappy is 100% RPF. Every fic that isn’t 6 or so guys sat in an office playing video games is an RPF AU. A high school AU is just as “not real” as Fake AH Crew is so I don’t really agree with that idea of Fake AH Crew fics being a way of distancing things from RPF. Facts are facts and no matter how you sugarcoat it, it is RPF.

Not that there’s anything wrong with RPF! People have been RPF shipping for years. In my opinion as long as you make sure you are very much aware that it isn’t real life and don’t rub the actual peoples faces in it there’s nothing wrong with shipping real people.

Fake AH Crew is a good trope, but personally I find that now it’s very played out. There isn’t much that can be done with Fake AH Crew and no matter how you spin your story there’s always going to be the basic tropes that are the same in every fic. Geoff will be the boss and he’ll wear tuxedos and drink scotch. Jack (male or female) will be the mom friend and will keep Geoff as well as the others in check. Ryan will wear a mask and be vaguely creepy but a softie. Gavin will be the “golden boy” with everyone wrapped around his little finger and Michael will be the angry one , 90% of the time he’ll be the demolitions expert. You can only read these basic archetypes that we are all guilty (myself included) of so many times without getting bored of it. It’s imaginative but only to a certain point that it can’t expand past. And yeah, all fan fiction is like that to some extent but I just think that Fake AH Crew is a little too tired and a little overplayed by this point in things and this has played a large part in the reason for decline in interest in the ragehappy side of the fandom.

stimming being something everyone, neurodivergent or not, can enjoy has helped me when i wasnt sure if i was autistic myself. make stimming more mainstream, if only to help other people like me, but dont fucking dare take it out of its context. 

stop deleting captions on stimmy pictures and videos

call stimmy things what they are, dont give them new names. if you dont like the connection to neurodivergency, then stay away from stimming and stay away from neurodivergent people.

stims are always going to be connected to neurodivergency, even if it becomes more mainstream. destroy the stigma connected to stimming, dont destroy everything stimming is connected to.

gamingbiologist  asked:

Do you do the youtube thing as a hobby or a hobby/job? And do you work on top of it? Also love your videos, never stop doing what your doing <3 your commentary is hilarious.

Thanks! The Youtube thing is a hobby, I do make some money from ad revenue, but it’s not much. Enough to spur me on to make irresponsible videogame purchases, though (hello, Philips CD-I). I do have a full time job, it has nothing to do with videogames or Youtube.

You don't owe me anything... but I could use some help

I am mentally doing that whole “there are so many amazing people out there already, I should just stop trying now” thing. I am not sure where it is coming from this time (like where its originating from) but I want to stop making videos, want to stop writing, want to stop creating, want to stop trying because there are people out there doing it better than me. I feel like shrinking away again.

Where you come in… if you want to… it would help me to know that what I do might have an impact on you in some way. It is really difficult for me to ask this. But my therapist has given me permission to ask for things I need.

I need help. I need to be reminded of why I started trying in the first place.

It feels wrong to ask for this and I don’t expect to get a response but if you can help, I would greatly appreciate it and I always appreciate you.

Your dear friend in need,


I found Jack’s videos last summer when his Undertale series came up while I was searching for one to watch. After I finished that series, I couldn’t stop watching Jack’s videos. His personality and energy just made him so fun to watch and made me so happy!

This year has been rough and Jack has helped me through so many hard times in just the short time I’ve been watching his videos. When I felt like I might suffocate from all the stress, Jack was there to make me smile and take my mind off things for a bit. When I was lonely and needed a friend, Jack was there. When I just needed someone to make so happy, Jack could always make me laugh.

Jack’s positivity and energy make me want to be more positive and spread kindness wherever I go. His boldness to be himself in front of millions of people has made be more confident to embrace who I am. His personality and sense of humor bring me so much joy and happiness. Jack has changed me for the better and it’s hard to imagine going even one day without his videos.

Jack, you have impacted my life more than I ever thought a loud, green-haired Irishman could. Thank you for all that you do! 💚

Dating Taeyong Would Include:

- Making him smile

- seeing the goofy side a lot more often

- also seeing the sleepy side

- almost forcing him to sleep because he has so many things to do

- making him midnight snacks when he comes home

- making him breakfast

- being protective of you

- watching carefully when your with the boys

- stepping into anything if it gets to serious

- jealous Tae

- trying to calm him down when he gets jealous

-your plan working

- getting piggyback rides from him all the time

- chicken fights with Johnny and Ten

- It’s close every time

- you even keep score

- showing him funny memes

- stopping videos at random places and looking at all the funny faces

- making him laugh with cheesy jokes and pick up lines

- cuddling

- back hugs

- being the small spoon

- sleeping facing each other

~~~~* Some things I’d like to add*~~~~

-making him do aegyo

-him madly blushing because he absolutely hates it

-but for you he’d do anything

-asking you to teach him things

-him freaking out over your baby pictures

-like he’d be all over that

-while you would be embarrassed

-sneaking some home to loo at them when you’re not home or he’s on tour

- the boys finding them and wondering who they’re of

-him being a proud mom boyfriend and explaining that it’s you and showing them all of the pictures

-teasing you the next day

-purposely leaving things out for you to wear

-buying  couple’s bracelets so you won’t buy shirts or something like that

-staying late at the studio with him

-being worried about the fan’s reaction to your relationship

-planing your future together

-probably getting some kind of animal together


-loving you more than he can even explain

-actions being louder than words

~Admin Aussie

ophielia-2  asked:

I still suffer from the fact Matt, Todd and Darren are too proud to apologize. I really don´t get it. Why do they behave like this. I think I will stop watching the show and just watch your Malec-videos. *sigh*

OOhhhh Ophielia, my lil wonderful bean, I totally feel you!!!

Do whatever feels good to you. But please make sure to get your voice heared. Tell them (showrunners) why you will leave. Frustration, disappointment, sadness…

It´s important to let them know. When the rates drop they WILL notice and have to change things. At least they have to know why. In my opinion they are fools if they didn´t get it by now. But yeah..

Thanks, darling, for sharing your thoughts <<3<3<3 I really appreciate this. And I promise to make a bunch of Malec-videos soon. Maybe next episode will surprise us and the 2min screentime of Malec will be AMAZING.

Youtuber AU


  • indie music channel where he does covers and sometimes original songs
  • I imagine him starting the channel in his emo phase, then thousands of subscribers later making one of those “I react to my old videos!” things and there is a lot of cringing
  • Has a side lets play channel that often features Kyle (and subscribers would ship them like crazy- think “phandom”).
  • Their most popular let’s plays, aside from guitar hero because they get really into that, are horror ones.There’d be legit screaming.


  • obnoxious gaming channel. it’d be atleast 50% mmo montages jesus christ.
  • he also has a vlog channel, he uploads constantly even if its not that entertaining.
  • he’d have a similar segment to lunch time with smosh
  • lots of prank videos. the more cruel/inappropriate ones would go viral and he’d respond to hate with fake apologies that just consist of “what should i do?”


  • DIY/Baking channel - Maybe similar to nerdynummies?
  • probably also the camera man for Cartman’s prank vids


  • feminist/sj channel where she talks about topical stuff
  • occasionally does challenges/tags with Bebe


  • I can see her being like a host of a clevvertv/buzzfeed type thing ?
  • but also with a personal channel with a lot of hauls/get ready with me/ makeup/fashion stuff


  • I think I read a fic once where he was a YouTube gamer and that’s cool (he would be Cr1TiKaL lets be real)
  • but I can also see him having one of those “top 10” weekly list channels? idk

I can’t really see Kenny being into youtube but if he was, i’m feelin Shane Dawson-esque vibes for some reason. This has probably been done a million times but even so feel free to add to it/improve.

Okay I don’t even want a relationship right now. But when I do, I swear, I’ll be the best girlfriend ever. I won’t be a total brat and I won’t get upset over nothing. I won’t stop you from hanging out with your friends and I’ll trust you 100%. I won’t make your life difficult, I’ll be with you to make it better. You had a bad day? I’ll give you hugs and play a video game with you. You’re angry at something or someone? I’ll listen to you vent for hours and tell you what I think. I’ll take random candids of you just because I think you’re adorable and super attractive. I won’t be with you to stress you out. I won’t be confusing. I’ll say what’s on my mind and I’ll always be honest. I’d never cheat on you because if I decide to be in a relationship with you in the first place, you obviously mean the world to me. I’ll laugh at all your jokes and you’ll have my amazing sense of humor. I’ll support you in everything you decide to you and I’ll stick with you through it all.
—  I hope you do the same for me
To Starlight Glimmer fans

Being a Starlight Glimmer fan in MLP is like a gamble.

Whenever you’re about to click on a video about Starlight Glimmer, you gotta roll the dice and hope it’s positive. Hell, just going down the Starlight Glimmer tag on tumblr is hard because there’s way more of a chance of finding hate posts than with any of the other characters. 

If any Starlight fans are seeing this, I want you to know that you’re not alone. The Starlight hate will eventually fade like the twilicorn bullshit from season 3. Hell, if it makes you feel better, well known bronies like Josh Scorcher and Silver Quill seem to like Starlight.

Yes, some are still stubborn and will refuse to give her a chance like Lily Peet but that really doesn’t matter. Just don’t bother with them. I stopped watching Lily Peet’s videos a LONG time ago and I’m happier because of it…granted, it wasn’t just for the Starlight hate but because of other problematic things but yeah.

Who knows, season 7 is coming and Starlight might finally get more episodes and love and the hate will leave. 

Why did I make this post? Well, I thought some Starlight fans would be happy to see this post. Just a positive post about something you love after dealing with so much fandom crap can brighten up your day a little.

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not my business, just something I've observed
  • gazi kodzo: *lives in the US, makes blanket statement about Africa* Love my black brother and sisters, I see y'all. Ase!
  • people who actually live in Africa: what you just said is incorrect and offensive, please stop
  • gazi kodzo: *too busy pretending to be an expert and trying to drag what he considers easy targets, being viciously antisemitic in other posts, being condescending, rude, and childish in all of his videos, writing off people as being white cavechildren even when they don't identify as white in order to 'win' an argument*
  • Africans: Also spelling it Afrikan, that's not a thing
  • gazi kodzo: *ignores actual people from Africa when they call him out for being misinformed*
  • gazi kodzo: yup, love my black brothers and sisters. most important people in the world. would die for them, would do anything for them. i'm here for them, i only ride for them. love that melanin, gurl. Ase!
Say No to This
  • Disney: Hey, Lin, wanna write music for Moana?
  • LMM's brain, who would really like him to rest sometime this century: Say no to this!
  • Hamilton fans: Hey, Lin, wanna write a Hamilton book and make a mixtape of demos and cut songs?
  • LMM's brain: Say no to this!
  • JJ Abrams: Hey, Lin, wanna write the Cantina music for Star Wars?
  • LMM's brain: Say no to this!
  • Alex Trebek: Hey, Lin, wanna do a series of video clues for a Hamilton category on Jeopardy?
  • LMM's brain: Say no to this!
  • Wayne Brady: Hey, Lin, wanna do a freestyle with me to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS?
  • LMM's brain: Say no to this!
  • Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Charlie Rose: Hey, Lin, wanna be on my show?
  • LMM's brain: Say no to this!
  • LMM's heart: I do not say no...
  • LMM's brain: NO!
  • LMM: YESSSS!!!