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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "My Son Got Sick In The Pool, So I'd Like a Refund"

Tonight started out like most Wednesday nights; ~100 check-ins that are 99% business travelers. However, a dreadful 3rd party reservation checks in with 5 adults and many, many kids. I let them know that there is a 6 person maximum to the room, and they say most of them aren’t staying. I allow them to proceed, since lots of people gather here (a hotel in the heart of downtown in a major city) for family dinners and such. Hey, maybe they’d get some revenue into the bar and restaurant area anyway. Immediately, I regretted my decision as the parents headed straight to the bar and the kids were left with the room keys and to unpack, wheeling the luggage cart recklessly through the lobby and screaming.

Later on I see that they eat dinner at our restaurant, which is a good thing. Figured they’d head to bed after that, because the kids looked to be between 3-6 yrs old. Nope. The entire party puts on their swimsuits, demands pool toys (which we do not provide to guests), bickers with me a bit because of that, then they were on their way to the pool. Not half an hour later, a woman approaches the front desk dripping wet (wearing socks that were soaked like she was wearing them in the pool too!!! who the F does that) and notifies me her kid “made a mess” in the pool, which I soon found out meant that he spewed (REALLY FRICKEN NASTY FLUID OH MY GOD I AM SCARRED HONESTLY) from both ends in the pool and on the pool deck. I knew we had to evacuate them to clean the mess in both the water and on deck, so I asked her to round everybody up. Cue her screaming at me that they were here to swim, rented the room to swim, so they would swim. Cue me explaining the grossness and safety hazard factor. Cue her telling me that I have the power to fix it in a way that they wouldn’t have to get out of the pool.

She’s screaming at me in front of all the guests in the pool area, so I just got my security guard and he yelled loudly enough to scare the people out of the pool so I could get maintenance in there to chlorine the crap out of the water and pool deck (they’d have to be out of the pool for 30 minutes). She makes a bunch of comments but gets everyone out. After she got dressed, she came to the front desk to complain. Immediately demanded a manager. I let her know that I am the manager on duty. She flips out about the pool situation, and then suddenly has a bunch of other complaints about the hotel/restaurant/bar that she never brought up in the first place (ughhsdlfkj), and started demanding an immediate refund in CASH for her room that she paid for through a 3rd party. I was so close to the end of my shift, and I was so at the end of my rope I had to go in back and let one of my coworkers take her for a minute so I could scream into a pillow. I just was not in the mood to take the heat for guests’ mistakes tonight and was so close to telling that lady to fuck right off. But I didn’t, and for that I am proud. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THAT BELITTLING US WILL MAKE US DO WHAT THEY WANT. WHY DID SHE NOT UNDERSTAND THAT SWIMMING IN DIAHHREA AND VOMIT WAS NOT A GOOD THING FOR ANYONE INVOLVED. WHY DID SHE FEEL LIKE SHE COULD POSSIBLY BE REFUNDED CASH FOR A THIRD PARTY RES. I AM SO MAD AND I HOPE SHE IS MILDLY INCONVENIENCED EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

TL;DR: woman’s kid gets nasty sick in the pool, she refuses to get her party out so we can clean it, demanded cash refund for 3rd party res. Made my life HELL.

By: PapShmear

Let Daddy Show You...

NRequested by @0-alixx-0 : So d’ya know how Jared is a method actor and didn’t break his Joker character? Could you maybe do a story or one-shot where you’re Jared’s gf and you go to see him on set and he’s Joker and at first you don’t understand but when he leads you to his trailer to ‘show you his toys’ you help him 'develop his character’ *SMUTTTT !* 😁😂

Authors note: I am a child of God.. BUT LOOORD I regret NOTHING

WARNINGS: Smut, lots of it… daddy kink…rough sex, swearing… and well some NSFW GIFs….

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Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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Lonely Hearts Club (One Shot)

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Bucky, tons of smut (NSFW)

Word Count: 3195

Summary: Y/N is set on not going to the Lonely Hearts party with Wanda and Nat. After a humiliating breakup in front of the team, she wants to get through this Valentine’s Day as quickly and painlessly as possible. That is until Bucky helps convince her that the party may not be a bad idea after all.

Author’s Notes: This is my first all out smut piece. So… um… yeah.  I seriously hate Valentine’s Day with a passion.

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“Oh come on Y/N! Please come out with us tonight!” Wanda begged from the couch. I rolled my eyes playfully as she launched one of Tony’s throw pillows in my direction.

“You know it’s going to actually be a lot of fun,” Nat chastised.

I grimaced at the thought. “But I hate Valentine’s Day – I would rather just stay here and binge watch Netflix with a bottle or two of wine,” I complained. It was true – I absolutely hated Valentine’s Day – especially after being dumped on New Year’s Eve in front of everyone. I really just wanted to wallow in my loneliness and get through the day as painlessly as possible. “What’s the party theme again?” I asked cautiously – I didn’t want to give them false hope that they would no doubt latch onto.

“It’s a lonely hearts party. It will be a lot of fun! You can wallow and party with all the single people,” Nat chuckled as Wanda bobbed her head excitedly.

“That sounds so stupid,” I groaned in exasperation. I knew it was all in vain. There was no way I could get myself out of going.

“What are you all talking about?” Bucky’s voice came from behind me causing me to jump and turn a deep shade of scarlet.

Nat snickered at my reaction as Wanda launched into her sale’s pitch of the party. She was hell-bent on talking everyone into it if she could. After listening patiently Bucky turned to look at me – his eyes narrowing slightly, “Are you going?” he asked carefully.

My heart did a backflip. Was he asking to mock me or because he wanted to go if I was going? I swallowed thickly before answering. “Um well… I guess,” I answered defeated as he smirked slightly.

“I guess Steve and I can tag along too. We don’t have anything else to do. You know Sam will be down if there are single chicks there,” he shrugged slightly before sauntering out of the room. My eyes remained glued to him unapologetically as I watched the way his muscles moved under the thin fabric of his shirt.

“EARTH TO Y/N,” Nat called from above me.

“Er what?” I asked embarrassed. I could feel the blush creeping up my neck and face again. They had totally just caught me.

“Are you done eye-fucking Bucky or should we give you a minute?” Nat chuckled as I gasped. She had my full attention now. “We’re leaving at 7 – make sure you’re ready on time!” she added. I shook my head nervously as I chewed on my bottom lip.

It was always impossible to not notice Bucky – mainly because of his sheer physical presence, but I had found myself especially distracted by him in the last few weeks. When Jonathan had dumped me at Tony’s New Year’s party Bucky had been the one to physically remove him, maybe a little too physically, out of the party. A week later I had a dreamed about Bucky – which had caused me to wake up saying his name, and covered in sweat. Since then I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to feel his mouth against my lips and other places.

I tried my damnedest to not gawk, but found it increasingly difficult when he walked around in nothing but his low cut sweats, which happened to be a staple of his wardrobe. One day I unwillingly took a roundhouse kick to the head in the training room because I had grown distracted by the way his muscles tensed as he sparred with Steve. That had gotten his attention some how and he had gone out of his way to make me as uncomfortable as possible. Sitting closer to me on the couch, brushing his leg against mine under the dinner table; the torment seemed endless, but he never made a move. Each time he caught my eyes on him the corner of his mouth would twitch into a smirk.

The idea of him going to the party made me both excited and nervous as I readied myself. I changed at least twenty times before becoming frustrated and stomping down the hallway to Wanda’s apartment in search of something to wear. I always had a little anxiety when I went to her for fashion advice and tonight was no different as I walked out of her apartment wearing a very short black sequin dress with black pumps.

“You look amazing!” She assured me as we both walked down the hall towards the common room where we were going to meet the others. I shot her a side-eye without speaking, and she blushed. “You wore your good lingerie, right?” She whispered as we neared the room.

“Oh for Christ’s sake Wanda!” I exclaimed, a little too loud, as we neared the group effectively drawing attention to myself.

“Damn Y/N!” Sam exclaimed as the others looked up, but I was focused on one person’s reaction. Bucky’s eyes looked at me appreciatively for a moment as he bit his bottom lip slightly before turning to say something to Steve.

Well maybe I didn’t look as good as Sam thought after all.

We arrived at the party when it was already in full swing. Bucky had effectively ignored me the entire ride which had soured my mood. I had only come because he had seemed genuinely interested in if I was going. Upon entering the venue, I immediately grabbed Wanda’s hand and we made a beeline straight to the bar.

“The only way I’m getting through tonight is if I’m hammered,” I muttered to her miserably as the bartender slid us both two shot glasses of tequila.

“Oh come on Y/N! There are a lot of cute guys here – let’s just have fun tonight. No regrets!” she exclaimed before we threw back our shots and ordered more.

Fifteen minutes, and several shots of tequila later I had put Bucky to the back of my mind. Wanda was right – after a month of wallowing I deserved to have some fun. I scanned through the crowd in search of a cute guy to dance with before locking eyes with Bucky, who had a girl hanging all over him. I grimaced – I guess I had misread all the subtle remarks he had made towards me. Worse yet, maybe he had just been fucking with me as some sort of joke. Anger sparked in me as I took my eyes from him and continued to scan the room— finally finding a man across the dance floor who smiled warmly at me before making his way towards the bar.

“Care to dance?” he asked casually as he offered me his hand.

I smiled at him politely. “I would love to,” I answered as I placed my hand in his and turned my eyes slightly towards Bucky’s direction. He was watching me like a hawk and didn’t seem very pleased. Serves you damn well – I thought to myself as I followed the man to the dance floor.

As the man and I danced my worries began to melt away. I was actually having fun for the first time in a long time. I felt free as I enjoyed the company of my partner while our bodies swayed together with the music. As he spun me out from him I felt cool metal wrap around my wrist – I turned in surprise to come face to face with Bucky. “Care if I cut in?” he asked cockily as he pulled me into him. After taking in the sight of Bucky the man shrugged in defeat, not wishing to anger the super soldier.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I hissed between my teeth as I tried to push him away.

He chuckled at my feeble attempt and pulled me closer. “I’m dancing with you,” he responded – a hint of humor in his eyes.

“Well I don’t want to dance with you,” I spat as I pushed him away again. This time his arms fell from me as the trace of humor in his face vanished. I turned on my heel, determined to get far away from him, and fled towards the exit as I internally chastised myself for coming to the stupid party in the first place.

Once I was outside I leaned my back onto the brick building as I sighed heavily. I would have to try to get a cab which would be next to impossible on Valentine’s Day. I huffed as I pushed off the brick wall and walked to the edge of the sidewalk – luckily just in time for a cab to pull up to drop off more party goers. I gratefully slid into the vacant backseat and was about to give the driver the address before the back door opened and Bucky slid in beside me.

“Oh no you don’t. This is my cab!” I exclaimed in exasperation. “Find your own cab!”

“Doll – do you know how hard it is to find a cab in this city on Valentine’s Day?” he responded with a laugh.

“Get out now!” I demanded.

“Or what? You’ll walk all the way to Stark Tower?” he laughed as I scoffed. “How about this,” he added as he raised his hands in defense. “I’ll pay since you spent all your money on tequila.” I blushed at this. In my anger I had forgotten that I had absolutely no money with me.

“Fine,” I muttered as Bucky joyfully gave the address to the driver.

We rode in silence for part of the journey as I fumed beside Bucky. Now that I was alone with him I was finding it increasingly difficult to be angry at him. His proximity to me was enough to make my heart race.

He shifted beside me causing me to turn to face him. “I’m sorry, doll,” he muttered sheepishly. There was no humor in his eyes at this – he was genuinely apologizing. “I saw you with him and I…. well I got jealous,” he shrugged apologetically.

I could feel my face flush at this revelation as my heart threatened to actually jump out of my chest. “If… if you were jealous why didn’t you…” I began to ask but he cut me off.

“Look – I don’t know how to do this… I mean… I’ve um not been chaste since I’ve been with the Avengers… but I don’t know how to…” he broke off flustered. He was usually so well composed that his behavior was throwing me off.

“How to what, Buck?” I asked as my hand grazed over his.

“How to be with someone for more than a night,” he muttered embarrassed as he adverted his gaze from me.

“Well step one is to not be a giant ass,” I retorted which made him genuinely laugh as he turned to look at me again.

“Forgive me please?” he asked.

“I’m sure you can make it up to me,” I whispered as I grazed my fingers playfully over his. His breath hitched slightly at the contact. His eyes darkened with lust as his fingers grasped mine.

“How can I make it up to you?” he whispered – his hot breath tickling my skin as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck. It was enough to remind me of the growing feeling that was pooling between my legs. I knew exactly how he could make it up to me. Suddenly the cab just wasn’t moving fast enough for me.

I was flustered at his advances. He chuckled into my ear as he nibbled on the lobe – causing me to yip in surprise. He pulled away only slightly when the cab driver checked on us in his rearview mirror. As soon as the driver’s attention was back on the road Bucky resumed his assault on all my senses. His metal hand gently pushed my legs apart as his fingers travelled lazily up my inner thigh. They made their slow ascent tantalizing close to the underwear that I knew were already soaked through. I instinctively bucked my hips slightly – aching for some sort of contact with him. He chuckled lightly as he pushed me back into the seat. “Patience,” he whispered as his fingers played with my panty line. I didn’t want patience – all I wanted was for him to be inside of me – I wanted to know how it felt for him to fill me with himself.

“Bucky,” I whimpered so lowly that only he could hear.

“Shhh,” he cooed as he touched me through the lace of my underwear. “Mmm so wet for me.” I nodded my head enthusiastically as I bucked my hips in desperation again. Hoping for more. Bucky clicked his tongue at me as he pushed my hips sternly back into the seat. “Dancing with another man to make me jealous,” he chuckled as he began peppering my neck with kisses. “What am I going to do with you?” he whispered tantalizingly into my ear. It was less like a question and more like a promise. Suddenly his hand quickly pushed my underwear to the side as he slid a metal finger into me – eliciting a groan that I tried to cover with a cough. “Mmm,” he sighed as he pulled his finger out and gave me a wink before casually sticking it  into his mouth and licking it clean. “Just how I imagined,” he chuckled as the cab pulled to the curb next to Stark Tower. I would have lost it then and there if it hadn’t been for the cabbie speaking to Bucky as he handed him his change.

The walk into the building was a blur. I only had a singular desire – to get Bucky back to my room and fuck the life out of him. As the elevator doors closed it was my turn to take him by surprise. I crashed my body into his – pressing myself to him tightly as my lips found his in a clash of tongues, and teeth. He moaned lightly as he pressed his hips into me – allowing me to feel the full extent of his erection. I broke away from him when the ding of the elevator alerted us that we had made it to our floor. I hastily grabbed his hand and began dragging him to my room. He stopped me short at his door. “How about we go to my room?” he whispered to me.

“Sure,” I shrugged. I didn’t care where we were as long as we were horizontal soon.  When he opened the door I gasped – his bedroom was covered in lit candles and flowers. He pulled me in with a grin on his face – closing the door quickly behind me. “Is this for… me?” I asked amazed.

“I wasn’t expecting quite what happened tonight but I wanted to do something special for you. You deserve…” he was cut off by my lips crashing against his. He chuckled into our kiss as he guided me to the bed. I laid myself on it as he positioned himself over me and gently lowered himself so I could feel the weight of his body. The feeling of his erection pushing against my thigh made me moan as I ground my hips into his. “What do you want?” he whispered lightly as he broke away from our kiss.

“You,” I whispered as my hands slid under his shirt – feeling the grooves of his muscular frame.

“Your wish is my command, doll,” he chuckled as his hands lifted up my dress slowly. Once he had managed to completely remove it he pulled back with a smirk on his face.

“What?” I asked flustered and embarrassed.

“You’re just so fucking beautiful,” he whispered as his hands caressed every inch of my body. “You deserve to be worshiped,” he murmured as he peppered my breasts with kisses while his hands pulled away my underwear. I bucked my hips again at the contact of his cold metal fingers with my clit. “Do you like that?” he mumbled as he inserted a finger into me slowly pulling it in and out as his thumb rubbed in circular motions, causing my wetness to grow. My breath hitched as he quickened the pace of his finger – adding another for good measure. I could feel my walls tightening as my body built up for a spectacular orgasm. Bucky could sense it too. He quickly pulled his fingers from me and dipped his head between my legs bringing his mouth to me and licking up my wetness. I twisted my fingers into his hair as I bucked my hips one last time – driving his tongue deeper into me. That’s all it took. I spilled over onto his face as he hummed appreciatively.

He pulled away wiping his face on the back of his hand as he quickly removed his pants finally releasing what I had been wanting to see. I gasped at the sight of him as he turned to me with a smirk before resuming his place on top of me. “You’re sure?” he whispered as he looked at me.

“God yes. Bucky, fuck me,” I pleaded as I spread my legs to accommodate him. He lined himself up and thrust himself into me quickly. I groaned in pleasure – being full of him felt as good as I had imagined. I began to roll my hips as he glided in and out of me.

“God, you feel amazing,” he groaned as he unclasped my bra and played with my breasts. I shifted so he could enter deeper and he moaned with appreciation. “What do you want doll?” he asked – his eyes clouded with desire.

“I want you to have your way with me,” I responded with a smirk as I rolled my hips – eliciting another moan. That’s all he needed. Bucky began thrusting into me with an intensity that caused the tightness to coil in my muscles again.

“I want you to cum for me again,” he whispered into my ear as he pounded into me faster and deeper. I was so close I couldn’t waste time responding.

I tipped over the edge again as I called out his name. He moaned my name as my orgasm caused his own climax. He froze for a moment before pulling himself out and laying on his back. He gathered me into his arms and we laid in silence as our breathing slowed.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time,” he finally admitted with a grin.

“Me too,” I responded as I snuggled my head shyly into his neck.

“Well we probably should do it more often,” he chuckled.

“I agree, but maybe tonight we can snuggle and watch Netflix?” I asked tentatively. My body wasn’t ready for round two.

Bucky chuckled as his fingers drew patterns up and down my back. “Whatever you want, doll. As long as I get to spend time with you…. I’m okay with anything.”

“Careful what you say Sargent Barnes,” I giggled as I squeezed him tightly.

He chuckled at my warning. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Y/N,” he whispered into my hair as I drifted to sleep.

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Promp Request 7

#54 with Kol x Reader

Requested by: @naepoohxd , thanks for the Request, Babe.

Warnings: Swearing, Angst and Smut…

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He had been drunk, he had been angry. But what Kol had done still hurt her. Y/N knew he didn’t like it when she complained about him. She was aware of the fact that feeding was part of his nature, but she never thought Kol would go that far. 

They’ve had and heated argument after she discovered that one of his shirts had blood on it. Y/N had found the shirt, hidden in his sock drawer, it was obvious that he had tried to hide it from her. Kol knew she hated the fact that he had to hurt people to survive. But he couldn’t deny that he loved the rush it left him with. The feeling of power. Kol knew he was a monster. He enjoyed killing, but he didn’t want Y/N to know.

Y/N had waited for him to return from the mansion of his brother, Elijah. As soon as Kol entered the apartment, Y/N had started the interrogation. ‘Kol, what is this?’ Y/N had stood in front of him, holding the shirt in here hand, so he was aware of the fact that she knew. Kol shrugged, brushing by her into the kitchen to pour himself a drink. Y/N tried to stamp down the anger she was feeling, but she couldn’t. ‘ Kol!’ she raised her voice,’ do you think I don’t know what that means?’ He looked at her, a bored expression on his face. Kol loved Y/N but he couldn’t take her bickering. Especially not tonight. As soon as he had left Elijah, all he had thought about was his girlfriend and the smell of her soft skin. He had imagines Y/N waiting for him, wearing the lingerie he had bought for her a while ago. But here he was and she hadn’t even said, hello, as Kol had entered the door. ‘ Look at that, my loving girlfriend is actually nothing but a bickering bitch,’ he slurred, emptying his glass. Y/N could feel the warmth of her Anger in her whole body. Who does he think he is? ‘Fuck you,Kol!’ she muttered and threw the shirt at him, storming off. Kol sighed, he became more and more impatient. He picked up the shirt and followed her, the glass in his left hand, the shirt in the other. ‘ Y/N, come on. Don’t be a prude.’ he stood in the doorframe of the bedroom they shared. Y/N turned around, her face was growing angrier and angrier with every word he spoke. 

‘You should be ashamed, Kol. I wish you could hear yourself,’ she hissed. The rude words felt like needles piercing through her heart. ‘ I just realized how done I am with your shitty behavior,’ Y/N sneered, trying to hurt the original, as much as he was hurting her. Kol did nothing but chuckle at her nasty remarks. ‘ You couldn’t live without me and you know it,’ he mocked. Y/N wanted to scream and to hit him, asking him what the fuck his problem was. ‘ Fuck you, Kol. Seriously. Fuck you and your whole Womanizer bullshit. Your not as irresistible as you think,’ Y/n tried to stop herself. She didn’t want to take things to far, but she couldn’t,’ There are plenty of guys out there who could not only fuck me better but also treat me better,’ she spat. Kol clenched his jaw. ‘ You little bitch!’ he screamed,’ you want to be fucked? Alright I’ll fuck you.’ Kol shattered the glass he was holding with his bare hands and threw the shirt in a corner. ‘ No, Kol, I’m sorry!’ she exclaimed trying to calm him down. But he had already grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her into his body. Y/N could see the fangs, that scared her so much. ‘Kol, please don’t,’ she whimpered. Before Y/N could even try to defend herself, he had dug his teeth into her. Y/N screamed. ‘Please, Kol, don’t do that baby, please,’ the way her voice was breaking, made Kol stop. He stopped and Y/N could see the realization of what he had just done wash over his face. 

After that Y/N had grabbed her purse and left the apartment in a hurry. She couldn’t stand being near him. Kol had just stood there, starring at the floor. Tears were pricking at the corner of his eyes and his body was riddled with guilt. Y/N opened the door of her car. She had already called Elijah and asked him if she could spend the night at his place. She speed down the street. The farer she was away from Kol, the better. 

When Y/N arrived Elijah was already waiting for her. As she left her car, he walked toward her and wrapped his arms around her. ‘ I’m so sorry, Y/N. I shouldn’t have let him go home.’ Y/N just started sobbing. The emotions she had tried to suppress were starting to break free. ‘ He loves you, Y/N. He really does. It just confuses him. Kol is riddled with self doubt. Please try to forgive him. He couldn’t live without you.’ Elijah wiped the tears off of Y/N’s cheeks. ‘Come inside, you should sleep. You look exhausted,’ Elijah pressed a kiss to her forehead and lead her inside of his house. 

Y/N couldn’t sleep that night. As crazy as it may was, but she missed Kol. The expression on his face, as she left, was breaking her heart. Y/N couldn’t believe he had actually tried to feed off of her. It was irrational, she knew that. But she knew that she loved Kol. She tried not to thing about it- and suddenly it was all she could think about. Y/N knew she had to figure out if she could forgive the Original. There was a fire inside her, that could only burn when he is around. Suddenly, she feels a need. The need to be close to him, to tell him that she forgives him. It starts to consume her and her every thought. It was stronger than her, that feeling made her sick. She rolled around the bed. Trying to calm down, but her heart was pounding in her chest and soon it was louder than her thoughts. All Y/N could feel was the pounding of her heart and a knot in her abdomen, that begged for release. Y/N knew exactly who could untie the knot inside her and before she even realized what she was doing, Y/N had dialed his nummber.  ‘Y/N?’ Kols voice sounded hopeful, almost relieved yet broken and filled with anxiety. ‘Yes, it’s me. I’m at Elijah house, could you-’ she paused for a few seconds, but  the knot in her abdomen screamed for release,’ Could you, come here. Please?’ Y/N whispered. ‘Y-Yes,’ Kol answered huskily,’ I’ll be right there.’ Y/N ended the phone call and starred at the ceiling. Maybe she’ll regret this one day. Right now she couldn’t care less. There was a sudden gust of wind, that made Y/N shiver. 

‘Kol,’ she said, her voice sounded brittle. ‘Please come here, come to me.’ Y/N could sense him. ‘ I don’t want to hurt you again,’ Kol answered. He sat down next to her, his face turned away, so she couldn’t see him. ‘ You can’t imagine how sorr-’ he muttered. ‘Stop,’ Y/N cut him off,’ I know. But we’ll talk about it later. Right now, I need you to take care of me, ok?’ she breathed into his ear. ‘My love,’ he starred right into her eyes. She could see him very bad but Y/N felt his hands, which where starting to undress her. Taking off her clothes agonizingly slowly. Kol helped Y/N out of her little satin slip dress. He kissed every inch of exposed skin. Tracing patterns on her skin. Y/N could feel his hot breathe against her sensitive skin. Y/N gently caressed his hair, as his lips were kissing down her abdomen. He was right above the knot, that was pulsating inside of Y/N. As Kol peeled the soft material of her panties down Y/N’s legs, leaving not even the littlest bit of skin without attention. Kissing and licking it. The anticipation was killing Y/N, she gnawed on her bottom lips. She couldn’t decide wether to enjoy it or beg him to go faster. ‘I can’t believe how beautiful you are, my love,’ he whispered, as he was crawling towards her clit. His mouth was hovering over her womanhood for a few seconds. ‘Please, baby,’ Y/N moaned softly. Kol wasted no time and started kissing her entrance. He continued by pressing the flat of his tongue against her clit. A deep growl escaped his lips and Y/N could feel her body shivering. He swirled his tongue around her clit, pleasuring her in any way possible. 

Y/N enjoyed the attention but she was so wet already and she realized that she needed him. ‘ Kol, baby, I need you.’ He chuckled. ‘ Oh, Y/N, you just can’t keep it slow.’ he licked her clit again and again. ‘ Kol, I’m serious. If you won’t stop, I’ll cum,’ she mewled. ‘ Than come for me, baby. Let me taste you.,’ he whispered. He fastened his movements, sending Y/N into a state of pure bliss. She curled her toes. The way he used his tongue was killing her. Without warning, Kol entered two of his fingers into her. ‘ You’re so wet for me, love.’ he praised and started pumping faster. Y/N threw her head back, moaning, trying to keep her voice down. The knot in her abdomen tightened and threatened to explode. ‘ Kol…Oh yes, Kol,’ she moaned louder than she wanted to. Y/N covered her mouth with one of her hands. Kol, spurred on by the sweet sounds his lover was making, fastened his pace again and watched her shiver under his touch. ‘ Yes, Y/N,’ he said,’ Cum for me, love.’ Y/N’s eyelids started fluttering and she could feel the knot starting to explode. Waves of pleasure were taking over her body, which was starting to collapse, uncontrollably. ‘Kol!’ she exclaimed and held onto his head, digging her fingernails into his scalp, which made him stop his movements and moan, huskily. Kol kissed her Venus mound and rested his head on her abdomen. ‘ Its your turn, baby,’ Y/N whispered, while stroking his cheek. 

‘No,’ he said,’ I’m not done apologizing, yet.’ 

A Magical Evening

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Summary: Reader goes to the Yule ball and ends up having more fun than expected with Draco

Pairings: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: So… Me writing for Harry Potter is most definitely a thing now.

Word Count: 1789


I smiled at my reflection in the mirror as I finished applying my lipstick. I was more than just happy with how my makeup and hair turned out than I originally thought I would be.

Glancing over at the clock, I wasted no time with pulling on the gown my parents  had gotten me. It came with the note “For my princess to look like a the queen she is” taped to the inside of the box.

The dress itself was a beautiful rich green gown with emeralds adorning the shoulders and back.

It was perfect, although arguably it gave off very strong slytherin vibes.

But I’m sure that was the point.  

My parents had and always will be proud slytherins. It was practically expected that I followed in their footsteps.

I pulled on my matching silver heels and grabbed my clutch, giving myself one last look  before I left.

At this point the halls were empty and the rooms were unusually quiet, for everyone was already there. I was half an hour late, though I didn’t mind.

My mother always told me that if I ever wanted to win over an entire room with almost little to no effort, all I had to do was show up late and look fabulous.

Usually I never took her advice  but today was different. This was the Yule Ball.

Tonight was the night where Draco and I would finally speak to each other again.

Our parents having been friends for ages, have always thought it would be cute to set us up one day.  

The Malfoys were constantly over my house when I was growing up so, naturally, Draco and I used to be friends. But now not so much.

We both aged completely differently;

Him becoming prim and prissy like his father, never bothering to make many friends although many enemies, while I choose the “lower” route making sure to befriend anyone and everyone.

As I stood at the top of the stairs and looked down on all of it, I took everything in. The place had been transformed from its usual boring setting to something positively magical.

As my eyes started to take in the people again, I noticed all eyes had fallen on me.

Pulling on a smile, I started my descent down the stairs.

Truth was? I wasn’t like my mother. I couldn’t rein in all of the room’s attention like this and then comfortably walk down the stairs, basking in the attention.

My hands tremored slightly as I held my dress, careful not to let it trip me as my nerves took hold.

When I made it to the end of the stairs I was immediately greeted by a scowling Pansy.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

I frowned slightly, “What do you mean?”

She scoffed, crossing her arms, “Don’t play all innocent. Draco promised to take me to the ball. You can’t walk in here like that!”

I rolled my eyes slightly, before I flashed her a smile, “Then I wish you both a fun night but, truthfully, I really don’t care.”

She muttered something unintelligible as I looked around her and to the others, trying to find where Harry and Ron could be.

Ever the unusual friendship, my parents hated them but I didn’t care. These boys always seemed to be having fun and it was about time that someone let me be a part of it.

“Look, as annoying as this conversation has been, I’m going to go. You… have fun with Malfoy tonight.”

I stepped around her and made my way over to the mostly empty table where Ron and Harry sat.


As they looked up their eyes widened.

“You look…”

I grinned as I sat besides them, “I know. Courtesy of my parents. Got to say this is certainly one of the perks of being one of those prissy rich kid.”

Ron scoffed, fiddling with his own robes, “I wish I could say the same.”

I gave him a small smile, “I think you look lovely.”

He laughed, a small blush creeping onto his cheeks, “Thanks but you’re really not the person I wanted to be hearing that from right now, no offense.”

Following his gaze I saw Hermione on the other side of the room, talking to to Krum and dancing with him. “That really sucks. You should’ve asked her out. If it makes you feel any better I don’t have a date either.”

Ron snorted glancing over at me, “Who said we didn’t have dates?”

Harry frowned saying at almost exactly the same time, “No one asked you?”

I chuckled and shrugged, “Are you each other’s dates? Because I don’t see anyone else around. And no. They did. Quite a few people actually. I just… said no.”

Ron crinkled his nose in disgust, “I’m too good for the one and only Harry Potter.”

Harry rolled his eyes at Ron, “Too good? Please. If anything I’m too good for you!”

I chuckled as they continued to argue before I got up and went over to the refreshments table.

On my way over to the table I was stopped by so many people - slytherins, hufflepuffs, ravenclaws-, each aiming towards striking up a conversation.

Smiling and politely waving hello at the teachers as I passed, I grabbed a cup and poured myself some of, what looked like, the punch.


Putting down my glass, I turned to see who was behind me.

My eyes widened in surprise as I took in a well dressed Draco, standing before me.

I glanced behind me to see if there was anyone else he could possibly be talking to, but found no one.

I frowned at him, “Draco…?”

It took him a moment before he snapped back to reality and cleared his throat, “I think… I forgot how to breath.”

I gave him a playful smile, “Well would you look at that. You’re doing it right now.”

He chuckled softly, “Yeah. I just…” He cleared his throat awkwardly after a moment of silence passed, “You look absolutely stunning.”

I couldn’t help the blush that rose to my cheeks when he said that, even though I had heard that compliment a million times before. “Thank you.”

“I mean it.”

Taking in his features, I nodded, “I know.”

After another moment of silence - which was unusual for both of us - Draco bowed and extended a hand, “Care to dance?”

I grinned and took his hand, letting him lead me, “Sure.”

As we took to the dance floor, I could see Harry and Ron’s questioning glares, but I ignored them. I could deal with that later.

Draco’s hands rested on my waist as we swayed to the music.

After a moment I broke the now comfortable silence between us, “You don’t have to do this you know. I know your parents probably told you to but you really don’t have to. I lie and tell mine that we danced and talked all night long.”

He sighed and bit his lip slightly, “They did. But seeing you… I don’t regret coming over and asking for a dance. I knew from the moment you walked down those stairs that, maybe, my parents had been right.”

I chuckled softly and rolled my eyes, “I always look like this. It’s just my face, you know.”

He smiled, “I know. I’ve noticed, trust me. But tonight was just different. Seeing you in that dress… talking to everyone… I just…”

Widening my eyes, I suddenly remembered my earlier conversation with Pansy as I tried to pull away from Draco. “Draco, I can’t, Pansy-”

He grabbed my wrists and gave me a reassuring smile, “Is fine. She’s got another date, don’t worry. She moves on fast enough.”

I sighed softly and nodded, letting him pull me back to him.

“This is weird, you know. I always thought you hated me. And now, here we are, dancing together at the Yule Ball? Crazy.”

Draco laughed and spun me away from him and then back, “That’s absurd. I’ve always, secretly, liked you. I unmistakably thought you were absolutely stunning. I just didn’t think you liked me.”

I chuckled, “I don’t see any reason not to like you.”

“There’s plenty. My parents for instance are one.”

I rolled my eyes playfully at him, “I couldn’t possibly hate you for your parents - even if you pulled the parent card on me one too many times when we were kids. They love me too much.”

He grinned and nodded, “That’s true. They do. ‘When are you bringing Y/N home for the holidays?’ ‘When are you going to make her your girlfriend? I need a good daughter in law and that girl is it.’ One of these days I’m just going to accept the fact that they like you more than they like me.”

I  smiled teasingly at him, “Oh yeah, about that. When are you going to do that? It’d be nice to visit your family again.”

He smirked at me, quirking a brow slightly, “When am I bringing you home for the holidays or when am I making you my girlfriend? I think this is as good as any first date.”

I blushed, giving him a small smile, “Well, usually, when someone asks me to be their girlfriend, we kiss to ‘seal the deal.’”

He grinned and winked  at me before whisking the two of us off in the opposite direction from where the teachers were standing around and behind a curtain that shut us off the rest of the ball.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer than before, leaving our faces mere inches apart.

“If you don’t want me to do this just tell me. I know you have a certain  reputation to maintain.”

I shook my head before looking directly into his blue eyes, “Less talking more sealing of this deal, please.”

He smiled and then quickly closed the space between us and pressed his lips to mine.

It was nothing like I had ever experienced before; it was absolutely magical.

Part of me had always agreed with our parents; Draco and I would make the perfect couple.

Suddenly hyper aware of how close others were and how easily we could be caught, Draco pulled away and rested his forehead gently against mine.

“So… does this mean we’re-”

I smiled, nodding, “You did ask. Besides the deal is sealed now anyway.”

Draco laughed and kissed me again, but this time lightly, “I now have the most beautiful girl in the school as my girlfriend. What do you say we go back out there -”

“- So I can show you off? Sounds perfect. Although something tells me you already know my friends.”

you’re the one.

collab w/ my babygirl Lauren ( @alexanderhamiltomes )

You grumbled loudly as you looked over your textbook for the hundredth time that day. You concentrated on the sentences that laid out in front of you and rubbed your wrist, trying to coax understanding out of the three red marks that marred the skin. You were looking for answers. Anything and everything that could help you understand the whole ‘tally mark’ thing. You weren’t suppose to have three. You should have one and only one, but that’s not what’s happening at the moment. Three people who were supposed to turn the marks black with requited and admitted love, yet here you were: a single and broke college student while two of the three were either married or engaged to the ones that had given them their marks.

Your eyes scanned over the words one last time before a knock interrupted your focus. You lifted your eyes for one second but turned them back to the page. Another knock sounded this time, more urgent than the other. You slammed the book shut and stood up to answer the door. The knocking persisted even as you swung the door open, revealing a  short and black-haired man with his fist raised mid-knock. When he saw you his eyes widened and his mouth opened and shut quickly. You looked at him, anger in your eyes from being interrupted as you began to speak to him.

“How may I help you?” you asked as you held the door. A confused expression was painted across his face as he looked at you.

“Does Pippa live here?” he asked and craned his neck to look at the room behind you, you shook your head, small hairs falling in your face before you spoke up once more.

“No,” the word came out harsher than you had meant. His mouth opened and closed for a moment before it opened again.

“Oh. What room number is this?” his voice sounded angelic for a moment. Your finger pointed at the door in front of yours to indicate where Pippa was, an “Oh,” left his mouth once more. You nodded and started to close your door.

“Wait!” his voice came out with urgency, “What’s your name?”

“I really need to get back to studying. Bye,” you said instead of answering him and closed the door. Or at least you were going to before he stuck his foot in the doorway. You groaned and opened the door up again.

“I’m Lin. Lin-Manuel Miranda. But just Lin if you don’t want to remember all of that,” he introduced himself with a huge smile before sticking his hand out to shake. You looked at him and his hand before taking it with a sigh. Your skin tingled the moment it came into contact with his.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you simply said, a smile still plastered on his face as he opened his mouth to speak again.

“Y/N.” he paused for a slight moment as he repeated your name one last time, “Would you be interested in going-”

You ignored the beautiful way your name fell off his tongue and interrupted him, “Aren’t you supposed to be meeting someone?”

The smile faltered on his face, “Well, yes. But she can wait.” Your eyebrows lifted at the word ‘she’.

“I’ve read that it’s rude to keep soulmates waiting, Lin-Manuel.” You attempted to close the door again but this time his hand shot out and stopped it.

“No! You don’t understand,” he tugged the sleeve of his gray jumper up to show you his tan and blank wrist. “I haven’t met mine yet,” his voice was dipped in disappointment. A split second later a bright smile took over his face, “Or at least they haven’t fallen in love with me yet.”

“Yet?” you asked, a small laugh being brought from your lips.

“Yet,” Lin repeated.

“Maybe you don’t have one,” you regretted the words as soon as they left your mouth. You wished you could take them back when you saw the way Lin’s face seemed to crumble at the thought of not having a soulmate.

“Maybe,” he repeated, sadness lacing his voice. He backed away from your door, shooting you a small smile. “Good luck with studying, Y/N.”

“Wait!” This time it was you who called out to him when he started making his way to his friend’s door. He turned back to you. “I’m sure you have a soulmate. The fates wouldn’t take that away from someone like you.” You winced at your own words, where had that come from?

He grinned at you and took a step towards you. “You think so?”

“I know so,” you said without hesitation.

He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Thank you. I won’t bother you anymore, but I’ll see you around?” He busied himself with his jumper, unable to meet your eyes.

“Maybe,” you breathed and shut the door as quickly as you could. Your back pressed against the door as the events replayed in your head. This was not good.

When you shut your eyes and opened them once more, you moved and sat at your desk, opening the book again.

“Y/N!” A familiar voice called your name across the empty campus. You turned around quickly to see Lin jogging towards you.

“Long time, no see,” you greeted him, a smile gracing your lips although you had put all of your willpower into keeping a straight face.

“It’s only been two days since I happened upon your door. You missed me that much?” His smile was goofy and the tone of his question told you that he was genuinely asking.

You blushed and hoped that he would think it was just the cold air biting at your skin. You had missed him, more than you’d like to admit. The past two days you had been unable to get his warm brown eyes out of your mind. It seemed like every time you closed your eyes you were once again assaulted with the image of him standing in front of you in his loose gray jumper. He was too handsome for his own good.

“Maybe I did,” you shrugged and watched as a smile painted it’s way to his face. A giggle escaped his lips before he looked down at both of your feet. Your heart seemed to skip at the sound of his laugh. You’d only spoken to him for about five minutes and he was already having physical effects on you. What was wrong with you? Were you destined to constantly meet men that you had no chance with?

God, that was a beautiful sound. You thought to yourself before being pulled from your thoughts.

“I would hope so,” a smile spread across your features before your hands met with the pockets of your jeans. The blush that had once graced your face quickly came back but darker.

“Are you saying you missed me, Lin-Manuel?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

It was his turn to blush.

“Maybe,” he smiled and looked back at you. Your lips stretched again as he spoke.

“Well, I would hope so,” you whispered his words back to him. Lin’s head turned to look behind him when his name was called out. A group of people waved him over, you knew some of them

Anthony and Jasmine were the school couple.

Renee and Pippa lived in front of you.

Daveed was in your writing class.

“Looks like I’ve got to go.” Lin smiled and turned towards his friends.

“Already?” You pretended to pout and was surprised when Lin’s face showed true conflict.

“I mean.. I could walk you to your next class? If you wanted me to?” He ran a hand through his hair.

“I was just kidding. Go to your friends, Lin.” You pushed his shoulder slightly and smiled when he blew you a kiss as he walked away. You tried to catch your breath as you watched him greet his friends. He looked back at you one last time before he turned the corner and waved.

You stood on the sidewalk for a couple of moments longer, thinking about Lin. You didn’t know anything about the man beside the fact that he was terrible at reading dorm numbers, yet you felt a connection unlike any other before. All he did was offer to walk you to class but your heart pounded slow and tense like he had just proposed. Three people had left their marks on your wrist but still, none of them had the effect that Lin had on you.

You began walking down the street, lost in thought. Lin was devastatingly handsome though you doubted he knew it. The way he played with his jumper when you had first met him was almost funny because it didn’t make sense how a man with such warm eyes and full lips could be self-conscious. If that didn’t make your heart beat abnormally already, he was kind. You had answered the door and had been uncharacteristically rude to him but he still stayed and tried to make a good impression. He made more than a good impression on you, though. You knew it was foolish to think this way so soon after meeting him but you felt as though you had always had a small impression in you, a crater that needed to be filled and Lin was the perfect size and shape for it.

A burn you knew all too well radiated from your wrist. You frantically pushed up your coat sleeve and watched as a new red mark materialized on your skin. Your thoughts of Lin flew out of your mind and panic replaced them. You pushed your sleeve down and sprinted back to your dorm. Your Nordic History class could wait. As soon as you entered your room you shedded your coat and held your wrist up to your eyes. The newest tally mark made four, and you knew it had to belong to Lin. The mark was a deeper red than the rest and somehow you knew it was set deeper into your skin than the previous three. You let out a groan of frustration and kicked one of the legs of your desk, making the textbook you had been studying when Lin first waltzed into your life fall to the ground. You glared at the book, willing it to burst into flames. This wasn’t right. Why did you have to have four marks when everyone else you knew had just one clean tally that they could trust would turn black? Why were you damned to try to find a reason as to why fate had given you the wrong soulmate over and over? You picked up the book and threw it against the wall, leaving a tiny dent.

You fell back onto your bed and prayed that Lin hadn’t gotten the mark. You didn’t want love. Why would you? Love wasn’t meant for you, fate had made sure to tell you that.

You let out a sigh and grabbed your pillow, shoving it on your face before screaming in frustration. Your eyes closed for a split second before you lifted yourself from the bed and grabbed your phone. You scrolled through some of the old text’s between your mother and you before she got a new phone.

From: Mom’s old number

You’ll find him eventually, and so what you have two?

To: Mom’s old number

Nobody else has it!

From: Mom’s old number

And? Makes you unique.

You sighed at that word. Unique. Everything about the tally marks were unique.

You let your fingers press the plus at the top of your messages before you started typing out a long detailed text. You then deleted it and wrote a shorter explanation.

To: Momma

So, I have four tally marks now and one of them is a really deep red. I don’t know what to do because I do not want this tally mark mom. I do not want any of these.

Your heart began to beat as you awaited the text. You locked your phone and sat it down, grabbing the pillow you had once used on your face. Instead of suffocating yourself you laid your head on it and waiting for a response, which came quickly.

From: Momma

Do you have his number? If not, get those digits. Love him with all your might.

Your eyes rolled for a slight moment as you read her text. Your mother had always been the insufferable optimist.

You were interrupted at the sound of laughter coming from the hall outside your door. Your fingers locked your phone as you lifted yourself from your bed. You looked at the clock on the wall and saw that your class was starting in five minutes. And it was a mile away. You didn’t own a car, it was starting in five minutes, it was a mile away, and attendance was worth 25% of your grade. You were a history major and needed to pass this class in order to get your diploma.

You threw your coat back on and heaved your backpack onto your shoulder before running out of the door. You didn’t get very far because you were blocked by a mass of people standing in front of your door. They were laughing as a girl with straight black hair swiped her key card over and over without being granted entry into her dorm.

“I swear it was working this morning!” Pippa grumbled. They all had their backs to you, including one person clad in a gray sweater and black jeans. Lin.

You tried to carefully tiptoe away from the group without being noticed. You had only taken a few steps when Daveed’s voice filled the hall. “Y/N!” Shit. You turned around slowly and saw that they were all looking at you. You made eye contact with Lin but quickly broke it, looking down at his right sleeve that was bunched around his elbow. For a moment you didn’t understand why he would roll up the only sleeve. Until you saw a red mark on his wrist that definitely hadn’t been there two days ago. Shit again. “Just the girl we all wanted to see,” Daveed laughed and elbowed Lin.

“Y/N,” Lin took a step towards you. “Look,” he brandished his wrist to you. You stared at the mark that was the same deep shade of red as your own. You felt as though your world was collapsing around you. Every other time a mark had appeared on your wrist, your supposed ‘soulmate’ hadn’t gotten one. Something different was happening here and suddenly you knew what was wrong. The fates have made another mistake. You looked into Lin’s eyes to see complete fondness and adoration shining out at you. It had to be a mistake. When you stayed silent Lin spoke again, “It’s for you. I was halfway down the street when it appeared and I ran back to where you were but you were already gone. I would’ve come here immediately but I thought you were in class.” He took another step towards you. You noticed subconsciously that Lin’s entourage was filing into Pippa and Renee’s room, the keycard must have finally worked. You were now alone with Lin.

“I-” You shut your mouth quickly. You didn’t know what to say. Hell, you didn’t even know what to think.

He gently reached out and grabbed your right arm. “Can I see yours?” Before you could say anything he was pulling up your sleeve. Your mind finally caught up to the situation and you ripped your arm away from him before he saw your wrist.

“No!” You hugged your arm to your body.

A bemused expression swept across Lin’s face. “What do you mean, no?” He tilted his head slightly and bit his bottom lip. His extremely kissable bottom lip. Fuck.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” you whispered and felt a physical blow to your chest when you saw Lin’s hurt countenance. “I’ve got to go,” you rushed out and ran down the hall before he could say another word.

You made it to your class five minutes late but today the universe had taken mercy on you by making your usually punctual professor arrive just a minute after you. You slid into the seat that your best friend Oak had saved for you.

“Hey,” he smiled and pulled out his pen from the backpack he had brought with him.

“Hi,” you mumbled and grabbed the notebook and textbook. “Do you have a pen? I forgot one.” Your eyes met his before quickly looking away. Oak’s head nodded before he reached for another pen, handing you his.

His eyes moved over your facial features. You were stressed, that was known. But why was there sadness lingering in your eyes? Why was the one person who was almost always happy, sad?

“What’s wrong?” Oak asked with worry lingering in his voice.

“Nothing.” you said, no emotion was evident in the way you said it.

It was cold.

“No. Something is wrong,” he pushed, your head shook and looked at your paper as your professor apologized.

“What is wrong?” he repeated, you didn’t answer this time.

You spent the class ignoring every plea from Oak. He was worried and you knew that, but you didn’t want him to know about this mark. It was embarrassing, especially for him to see. Oak symbolized your first tally mark. You had gotten it in tenth grade when he had kissed you for the first time. You had been ecstatic and had brandished your mark to him, excitedly telling him that you were meant to be and you were so happy to have met him so young. When you saw Oak’s blank wrist, your world had fallen apart around you and you had never felt so much pain. Oak and you had come to the understanding that your friendship was more important than any relationship you might have had and continued being best friends. You still loved Oak but now more than anything it felt like a platonic love. Oak had been there for you when Thayne and Leslie had left their marks on you as well. Thayne was now engaged, Leslie married, and Oak still had a blank wrist. You didn’t want him to know that yet again you were left behind. It was embarrassing.

As soon as class was over you stood up, gathered your things, and rushed out of the lecture hall. It didn’t matter, though. Oak always caught up with you. “Y/N!” his deep voice boomed out and you stopped in your tracks, knowing that he wouldn’t give up. His broad form caught up to you and you began to walk side by side back to your dorm. “What’s happened?” You didn’t answer him. He asked again and you ignored him, paying special attention to the sidewalk in front of you. Oak let out a frustrated groan and grabbed your wrist.

“Hey!” You tried to pull away from him but to no avail. He yanked up your sleeve before you could stop him and saw your marks. You had both stopped when he had taken hold of your arm and you now held your breath, trying to gauge his reaction.

He didn’t look surprised and just nodded to himself. “Thought so,” he relinquished his hold on your arm and you both began walking again.

“I wish you wouldn’t use your brute strength against me,” you grumbled, referring to the way you hadn’t been able to escape from his grasp.

“You used to like my brute strength,” he laughed loudly at his own joke and you scoffed. After a moment of silence, he spoke up again, “So who’s the lucky guy this time?”

This time. It was sad that Oak was able to phrase it that way. “You wouldn’t know him,” you obfuscated.

“Try me.”

You readjusted your backpack and sighed, “Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

His eyebrows rose as he turned his head to look at you.

“Seriously?” he asked with a laugh, a small ‘yeah’ left your lips while a smile played along his lips.

“He’s a good guy,” he told you, your eyebrows knitted together. “Plus,” he began as he turned the corner that leads you to your building. “He has the biggest heart. You’re a lucky girl to be with him.” He finished.

His hands went to push up the strap on his shoulder as you muttered something that couldn’t be made out. Oak hummed softly and looked at you, “What did you say?” he asked, you shook your head and allowed a few hairs to fall in your face. You both turned a corner before bumping into someone.

“Y/N,” the all too familiar voice gasped as you fell on your butt.

You hadn’t realized your eyes had closed until you opened them to meet Lin’s face. His lips were parted and his eyes were wide as he held out a hand to you. You happily took it.

The touch of skin brought a blush to the both of your faces, your heart began to beat a little faster as you looked at him.

“Lin,” you whispered and swallowed hard. A smile played along your lips at the way you said his name before he looked at Oak.

“Hey,” Lin smiled and waved at Oak who winked at the both of you.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Oak smiled and walked away while giving you both a soft smile.

“Why are you around here?” you asked and kept your eyes from meeting his.

“Pippa and Renee wanted to see me,” he responded and looked behind himself. “Oh.” you let out. Lin’s smile faded for a second before having it return. This one looked painful.

“Would it be weird if I asked you to hang out with us tonight?” he asked. Your eyes widened they quickly went to glance at his.

“I- What?” you mumbled. He nodded as hope filled his beautiful eyes.

“Is that weird?” he asked, you looked at him and shook your head.

“No, it’s not,” you told him, desperately wanting to say it was. It was, wasn’t it? Weird to go out when you didn’t even want him to see the mark he created.

“I’ll talk to Pippa,” you told him before smiling and shuffling away.

“Wait!” he shouted, you stopped and waited for him to say something. “I need your number,” Lin said in a quiet voice. You turned on your heel and nodded, pulling your phone from your pocket and handing it to him. He smiled and allowed you to type your passcode in before he added his number.

“Shoot me a text when you talk to her,” you nodded as he talked before he murmured “Or whenever.” You smiled at that before letting a small giggle fall from your lips.

“Alright.” you nodded.

“I’ll see you later.”

You both waved before you walked off, your heart finally calming down. It took a few minutes for the gravity of what you had just agreed to do to hit you. You shut your eyes for a few seconds, trying to think of what to do. You couldn’t just cancel, you were supposed to meet them tonight! It was too short notice. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and quickly dialed a number. Oak picked up after one ring.

“Y/N? You need me to come rescue you?” His voice sounded genuinely concerned and it made you feel bad for your young self, no wonder you had fallen in love so quickly. But more than anything it reminded you of why he was now your best friend.

“No, the big bad wolf is gone but he invited me to his friend’s dorm tonight. You two are friends right?” You put your hand over your eyes and tried not to scream in public.

“So? Are you going to go?” Oak’s voice was amused.

“Depends. Would you rather accompany me or help me fake my own death?”

“That’s a tough one,” he laughed. “What time should I pick you up?”

“Six. And wear that blue button up with the black skinny jeans,” you remembered the time Oak had taken you to prom and had worn sneakers. Since then you always told him what to wear before you went out to public events together.

“Yes, mom,” you could practically hear him rolling his eyes and you hung up the phone.

Before you knew it, it was 6 o’clock and you were scrutinizing every part of yourself in the mirror. You knew it was pointless to try to impress Lin yet here you stood with your hair falling in waves around your shoulders, carefully applied lipstick, and your best fitting skinny jeans and beige sweater. You hoped you looked effortless but flawless. A living, breathing oxymoron.

A knock rapped three times in a strange pattern at your door. You laughed out loud at Oak using your old code. You swung open the door swiftly and tackled him in a hug. “You wore what I told you to! Thank you! I owe you!” You said quickly in a hushed whisper, you didn’t know if Lin was already at Pippa and Renee’s dorm but you didn’t want to take a chance of him overhearing you.

“Anything for you,” Oak swung an arm over your shoulder. “Where am I driving?”

“Oh uh, it’s right across the hall,” you scratched the back of your neck and laughed at yourself for forgetting such a detail.

Oak groaned, “I cleaned out all the take out boxes from the passenger seat for you!”

You wrinkled your nose. “Ew.” You patted his chest and smiled up at him, “I do appreciate the effort.”

He rolled his eyes and knocked on the girls’ dorm. Pippa answered and squealed, “Y/N!” She beckoned you into the small dorm and you gulped when you realized you and Oak were the last ones to arrive.

“Hope you guys don’t mind I invited Oak to tag along,” you made sure your sleeve was pulled down to cover your wrist.

“The more the merrier!” Daveed cheered and proceeded to shotgun a can of beer.

You met eyes with Lin who was currently staring at Oak’s arm that was still draped around you. “Hi, Lin,” you said with a quiver in your voice and his eyes shot to your face.

“Y/N.” He stood up from his blue beanbag to greet you. You stepped out of Oak’s arm to give Lin a quick hug. You pulled away to see his blushing face. “I- I’m glad you came.”

You eyed Anthony chug a beer as Jasmine looked on unimpressed. “Me too.” Your words made him go even redder, if that was possible.

“Lin!” Oak’s voice boomed inside the tiny room. Oak flew in between you and Lin and enveloped Lin in a warm hug. “What’s up, buddy!”

Lin hugged Oak back, patting his back and stepped away. “There have been a few developments recently,” he looked at you again and you blushed. There was no reason to blush, he wasn’t really your soulmate. It was just a fluke like the previous three were. But he has a tally mark too… a small voice reminded you. You kindly told it to shut the fuck up. And you love everything about him, as much as you don’t want to! You were less kind to it this time.

Oak bit his lip and looked between the two of you. “Ah.”

You had been laughing so much it hurt with Lin when Renee stood on a chair in the middle of the room. “We!” She held her can of alcohol up. “Are playing truth or dare!” It seemed like an excellent idea to you. Maybe it was because you were slightly buzzed from the beer in your hand because a small part of you told you that sober Y/N would not like it at all.

You sat in the circle between Oak and Lin eagerly watched the game begin.

“Pippa,” Daveed slurred. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” she said without hesitation, her eyes glinting.

This led Pippa to walk across the room on her hands, Jasmine to admit she didn’t think Anthony was very cute when she first met him (“What!! You’re joking!!”), and for Daveed to somehow effectually lick his elbow.

“Alright,” Anthony spoke up as his eyes went around the circles before meeting yours but quickly flicking to Oak’s. Anthony’s lips touched the bridge of his drink.

“Oak,” he mumbled with a wide smile playing his lips. “Truth or dare?” he asked in a slow motion. Oak thought about it before shrugging.

“Dare.” He shrugged.

A wicked smile played on Anthony’s lips as he took a drink from the can. “I dare you to…” He trailed off. His eyes looked around the circle before he settled on you.

“To kiss Y/N,” a soft gasp was heard at the words.

Oak looked at Anthony with his eyebrows raised, “Okay.” Oak shrugged and leaned over to press his lips against yours.

It wasn’t a long kiss but it was soft and delicate.

You moved away from him and looked at him as a dark blush coated your cheeks along with Oak’s. A soft scoff came from Lin’s mouth when he saw the blush.

The game went on as everyone drank more. You had acted as if you were the Queen of England, Lin had told you how many people he had dated (which admittedly wasn’t very many) and Oak was dared to down three shots of tequila without throwing up. Of course, he succeeded, he was Okieriete fucking Onaodowan.

“Y/N,” Daveed smirked. “Truth or dare?”

You gulped and flicked your eyes to Oak. You would play it safe this time. “Truth.”

A knowing smile flitted across Daveed’s face. “Who’s your soulmate?”

You gasped at the question and you felt Oak’s steady palm press against your back. You should’ve known this was coming. You should’ve picked dare. You took a long sip of your drink. “Now that is a tricky question.” You avoided all the eyes in the room, especially Lin’s.

“What do you mean?” Lin’s voice sounded cautious. You found the strength to look into his eyes and suddenly you knew what you had to do. In your inebriated state, you were able to accept the fact that maybe, just maybe the fates had finally marked you currently. Lin had one too, that had to mean something. The fact that he was all you could think about anymore also meant something because out of the previous men you had supposedly been made for in heaven, none of them made you fall as hard as Lin did. You needed to come clean because one way or another you knew he would find out about your marks and you needed to be the one to tell him.

“Which one are you referring to?” You looked Daveed in the eye and with a surge of adrenaline you were able to pull up your sleeve to reveal your marked wrist to the group. Gasps and shrieks sounded throughout the group and you closed your eyes to save yourself from Lin’s incredulous look.

“Y/N,” Lin’s voice was strained, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” you whispered.


You opened your eyes again and pushed Oak’s hand away from your back. Lin looked scared and confused and you hated yourself for doing this to him. He deserved someone who only had one mark for him. “I wish I could. I’ve researched this since the first mark appeared and my soulmate’s,” you put air quotes around the word, “wrist stayed blank. It’s like that every time. Except for you, Lin.” You felt embarrassed to have admitted such a thing in front of all of Lin’s friends but you knew the opportunity wouldn’t come again.

Oak tried to pull you towards him but before you could squirm out of his grip Lin was shoving his hands away and pulling you out into the hall. “Keycard,” he held his hand out for it and you obliged. Lin could’ve asked you to jump off of a bridge and you would’ve obliged without hesitation. He swiped the card quickly and opened the door to the room for you. “I thought we should have more privacy.” He ran his hands through his long hair and his voice sounded as though he was trying to keep himself from yelling.

“Why are you upset?” You tried to put your hands on his chest to stop his pacing.

“Why am I upset?! Are you kidding me, Y/N? The woman I’ve been waiting to meet for twenty-five years has three other soulmates!” He tugged at his hair and groaned, but he stopped his pacing for you.

“Fate was wrong!” You put your hands on either side of his face. He grabbed your arms and pushed you gently away from him.

“Fate’s never wrong,” his voice sounded broken. “I look at you and I see every dream I’ve ever had. I just- knowing you’ve felt like this towards three other men makes me sick. Seeing Oak kiss you killed me and that was before I knew all of this!”

You tried to catch his gaze but he refused to look at you. You rushed at him and held his face in your hands, forcing him to meet your eyes. “I don’t want this, Lin.” He scoffed and tried to pull away but you tugged back towards you. “I thought after three failed attempts the Fates had just decided to make me into their running joke! For a couple of days, I haven’t been able to get your laugh, your wit, your face out of my mind! I’ve been trying to get you out of there, trust me. You just won’t go.”

His eyes softened at your words but his face was still cold. “You’re drunk.”

That wasn’t a lie. “Do you think I’d be able to admit this if I wasn’t? I’m not brave, Lin. That’s something you should know. Since my first mark showed up and Oak’s didn’t, I’ve been trying to run away from this.”

His entire body tensed at Oak’s name. “Really! Oak? That’s why you brought him to the party, isn’t it? You were trying to let me down easy!” Tears began to flow freely from his eyes but you didn’t let him go.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your body flush against his. There were only a few inches of room between the two of you and it made heat pump through your veins. “Have you not been listening to me? I’ve never felt this way before. No one else has ever gotten a mark except you! Do you know what that means, Lin?! You’re the first man to have ever reduced me to a blubbering and stuttering mess and I don’t even know your birthday!” A thick silence enveloped the room and you watched as Lin’s features slowly began to melt before your eyes.

“January 16,” he whispered and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“God, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to learn that. I want to know everything about you. I want to know everything about my true soulmate,” your voice gradually got softer.

“I’ll tell you anything you want to know,” he whispered. “I’d do anything you ask.”

“That must be a side effect of having a soulmate because I was just thinking the same thing,” you wiped away the tear tracks on his cheeks.

“Then kiss me.” You did. You kissed him softly at first and your lips burned from the electricity that coursed between the two of you. In the back of your mind, you noted that this was what a soulmate’s kiss was meant to feel like. You saw fireworks go off behind your eyelids when you felt him begin to kiss you more deeply. His hands tangled in your hair and he pulled you even closer to him.

You both broke the kiss with gasps. You hadn’t wanted to stop kissing him, but when you felt what seemed like cool lips touch your wrist you were startled out of the reverie that he had put you in. The two of you held your wrists up and you watched in awe as your marks that represented each other turned black. You watched in silence as the three other marks on your wrist faded into nothingness. You looked up at Lin, his face more relieved than you had ever seen.

“I’m the one,” his voice was giddy with happiness.

“You’re the one.” Suddenly you knew with all of your beings that Fate hadn’t just been toying with you. It was merely preparing you for this whirlwind of a man who had crashed into your life with just a couple of knocks.

You kissed him again.


How MM Characters React to Finding Out You're Pregnant


  •  He already noticed slight changes to your mood and body before you did. 
  •  At first he thought it might be the flu, but that thought changes when you are too tired for your usual love fest in bed.
  • “I’m sorry, Jumin. I’m too tired tonight.”
  • Elizabeth 3rd also becomes extra clingy to you. 
  • Jumin makes you go to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong. He insists to do further tests but you beg him not to.
  • “It’s probably stress, Jumin. I’ll be fine.”
  • Wrong answer. Jumin has cleared your schedule until he feels like you’re feeling better. 
  • A week later you realize your period hasn’t happened. 
  • Jumin knew this before you and scheduled another doctor’s appointment after asking Jaehee to research information on missed periods (poor Jaehee.)
  • He makes you go back to the doctor for blood work. Suddenly this all makes sense: The fatigue, your bras no longer fitting, and feeling sick. 
  •  The doctor walks in with the good news. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Han. You’re going to be parents.”
  • Jumin doesn’t say anything at first. His face loses color. The news is a surprise. 
  • “Sweetheart, are you okay?” You ask. You’ve never seen him this way before.
  • He nearly faints from processing all the emotions he is feeling on the way out of the doctor’s office.
  • Jaehee cancels all of Jumin’s meetings for the week citing “exhaustion” as the cause.  
  • Jumin holds you close to him later on that night, confessing he is both terrified and delighted at the news. He wonders if Elizabeth 3rd will feel jealous. omg really jumin. 
  • “I’m sure she’ll be happy too,” You whisper in his ear as you accidentally fall asleep on his chest. 
  • He admires the glow your face is beginning to show as you sleep peacefully. 


  • You’ve been much more emotional lately. 
  • Every time Zen had to leave on set you find yourself crying, but why?
  • You even beat yourself up about it. “Why am I acting so strange..?”
  • Zen invites you to come on set with him one day and you’re immediately say yes! 
  • You couldn’t help but keep refilling your plate with cakes from catering. Zen tries to crack a joke “You are what you eat, huh babe?” 
  • But it backfires.
  • It backfires BAD. 
  • You walk away sobbing. This is entirely out of character. 
  • “Wait! BABE! I’m so sorry!” He runs after you and pulls you in for a hug. 
  • You sob into his chest for a few minutes and then go silent.
  • He pushes you in front of him to see what’s wrong. “Babe…?” 
  • Your face turns white and you go limp in front of him. 
  • Zen FREAKS out and immediately yells for someone to help. 
  • He carries you himself to the ambulance and he demands you get rushed you to the hospital. 
  • The paparazzi outside of the set take photos of the incident. A video is uploaded to Youtube.
  • You regain consciousness when arriving to the hospital. “What’s…what’s going on?” 
  • Zen cries with joy seeing you’re awake and hugs you. “Shh. Just rest, my princess. We’ll find out. I love you.” 
  • He refuses to leave your side as the hospital runs a bunch of tests, but, you tell him he should get something to eat while they do an ultrasound. 
  • The doctor comes in a couple hours later and tells them it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration.  “This is a common symptom in pregnancies. She’ll need to make sure she drinks more fluid and get rest.”
  • Wait. What? Both you and Zen look at the doctor with confusion.
  • The doctor informs the two of you that you’re already 13 weeks pregnant. He gives Zen a picture of the ultrasound showing a little baby bean! 
  • You start crying at news. It’s happy tears. Eventually Zen starts crying too. He’s just as happy. 


  • It’s not secret you and Yoosung wanted to have kids immediately.
  • You two tried every month for six months. 
  • You have a bulk stash of HCG strips in the bathroom, an ovulation 
    tracker on the your phone, and have read every article online on how to improve your chances at becoming pregnant.
  • Every month your period came, Yoosung started to doubt himself. 
  • “Is.. Is there something wrong with me?”
  • You’d hold him and reassure him. “Don’t say that. There’s nothing wrong with you! Sometimes it just takes time, I guess.” Deep inside, you wondered if there was actually something wrong with you instead.
  • After a year of trying, you both go to a fertility specialist to have tests done. 
  • The specialist tells the both of you there is a problem with your ovulation. They immediately start on you a treatment plan with fertility drugs. 
  • You act okay with the news, but in reality you are the opposite of okay. 
  • Yoosung finds you crying underneath the covers and panics. 
  • “Please don’t cry! It’s not your fault!”
  • Soon he’s crying too. 
  • By the third treatment cycle you start to notice changes in your body.
  • You start doubting your feelings. You try to remain calm. 
  • Every day you and Yoosung talk about all of your different things happening with your body.
  • When you take one of your test strips at home you notice a second faint line, causing your heart to skip a beat.
  • “Yoosung! LOOK!” 
  • Each test on each day has a darker, and darker second line. You two get hopeful. It’s been a hard two years, but it feels like you two are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • You two are SO nervous at the fertility specialist. Yoosung can barely breathe.
  • The fertility specialist confirms what you two have been dreaming. You are pregnant!
  • Yoosung sobs tears of joy at the news.  You two are so happy to finally become parents. 
  • The fertility specialist interrupts the celebration with even more good news.
  • “There’s just one thing…”
  • He shows on the screen there are four baby beans. 
  • FOUR.


  • Remember that one time he wanted to leave evidence he existed on you?
  • Well he wanted to do that again on your honeymoon. And then some. 
  • A couple months later you notice you are craving Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper more than normal.
  • At first Saeyoung thinks it’s really cute how much junk food you’re eating.
  • And then he realizes an entire giant box of Honey Buddha Chips are gone. 
  • He asks Saeran first if he knew what happened to them.
  • “Why would I eat all of your chips? I saw your wife with the box. Ask her.”
  • And then he wonders if maybe you’re emotionally eating.
  • What if she regrets our marriage? 
  • Later on in the day you visit Saeyoung in his computer room where he’s playing LOLOL. “Hey… Saeyoung.. we need to talk.”
  • Your voice makes him immediately spin around. He has tears in his eyes. “I.. I knew this day would come.” 
  • Your heart immediately sinks. “I’m.. I’m so sorry Saeyoung!”  You feel even more guilty at eating his precious Honey Buddha Chips as you add “I’ve been so hungry lately and they just taste so good. I’m so sorry for eating them I will never do it again!” 
  • Saeyoug looks at you confused. “Wait? You’re not leaving… me?”
  • “I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU.” omg you stupid idiot i love you. 
  • Suddenly you feel hot and sick. You run to the bathroom covering your mouth.
  • Saeyoung panics when he hears you vomit in the bathroom. It’s enough to get Saeran out of his room too. 
  • He’s never heard you this sick before and makes you go to bed. This goes on for a week. 
  • Soon he’s starting to search for answers online. He even goes to WebMD.
  • When you’re sleeping he calls Jaehee in a panic, worrying you might be dying and because you both are girls maybe she would know how women things work. 
  • Jaehee calmly explains to him that you’re not dead and dying. She suggests to him that you may be pregnant and should take a test. (I guarantee she facepalmed at the convo.)
  • A week later, you’re start having suspicions too. You look at the calendar and realize you haven’t had a period in two months.  “Could it be..?” 
  • You go to tell Saeyoung you think you’re pregnant and He confesses he already purchased a bunch of pregnant tests for you.
  • You think that’s the most romantic thing ever and hug him to pieces. 
  • He waits outside while you figure out how to use to use the test. How do girls pee on this thing omg. The test immediately comes back as positive. 
  • You rush out of the bathroom with the test in hand. You both are sobbing tears or joy together. 
  • You lean in to kiss him when you’re stomach starts to growl again. 
  • “Can.. Can I have more Honey Buddha Chips?” 
  • He’ll be glad to give you anything for you and the baby. 

anonymous asked:

“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” smut and some fluff maybe? With Sam x reader

I got this request twice and it was identical, so I hope y’all don’t mind if I only answer it once :) 

Originally posted by mehsupernaturalxx

The golden liquid hit your throat, but this time it didn’t burn. You’d given up pouring it into the tumbler and opted instead to drink straight from the bottle, knowing you’d regret it later, but not caring. That last hunt had been tough, tougher than usual, and you were self medicating. 

You looked up at the sound of footsteps to see a sleepy and confused Sam round the corner, eyes squinted against the bright lights at this late hour, or early, depending on which end you were looking from. 

“What’re you doing up?” He grumbled. 

“Couldn’t sleep. Too wired. What about you?” 

“Same. I tried but I give up.” 

“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” The words were out of your mouth before you could think and you simultaneously thanked and cursed Jack Daniels for the liquid courage. 

“Excuse me?” Sam said, shaking his head, like he hadn’t quite understood what you said. 

“Ignore that, let’s pretend that didn’t happen.” You stood up, leaving the bottle behind and tried to skip past Sam and forget about how embarrassing of a moment that was. But a hand stopped you. 

“Or let’s not ignore it.” He swooped, faster than you could think, and he pressed his lips to yours, his sleep mussed hair falling in your face. 

Whether it was Jack, or the fact that you hadn’t gotten laid in a while, or the fact that it was Sam, his hands suddenly every where, his lips leaving a hot trail down your neck. 

“I like this not ignoring it thing, let’s keep doing it.” 

Your hands worked up under his shirt and he walked you backwards, pressing you up against the nearest pillar and giving you a sexy smile that had you weak in the knees. Yes, this not ignoring thing was a good idea, a very good idea indeed. And one you would not regret later. 


Marcus Flint & Oliver Wood ♡ Time Traveler AU

There’s no traces of Oliver when Marcus wakes up the next day. It’s like he’s never been here in the first place. All those silly dancing, and morning hikes together seem like a remnant of his past life. Or future. Marcus wonders, amused, how can you miss your future life when you don’t even know if you’re gonna be still alive tomorrow to, well, live it. But those days that he had shared with Oliver… are in the past now, aren’t they?

Keep reading

QUEENS REC : list of wonderful and amazing Malec and Shadowhunters fanfictions' writers - PART 1

I wanted to make a fanfics rec for a long time but there are so many it’s impossible de choose ! I can’t. So instead, I’ve made a writer’s rec. A queens rec, because let face the truth: they are queens. All of them (and a few kings, probably. I still haven’t met you sorry).

We have so many talented writers in this fandom, it’s a blessing. I said it before but I’ll never stop saying it: thank you, you gave me back the love of reading.

Selecting only a few was heartbreaking. Please forgive me. You all deserve a crown. I’ll give you one, in time, I promise.

If you don’t know her work you’re really missing something. Her two fics are simply amazing !

She has a way to take us so deep in hers characters mind that is stunning. Hers fics are not only Malec center so everyone has a place and is very well studied. It’s invigorating ! She doesn’t leave anyone on side and even has interesting OCs.

How to save a family is really brilliant for that. My favorites are Maryse and Jocelyn, two astounding mother figures with all hers complexity. The case of Max is also a very interesting and emotional one. I’ll let you find out why.

The confrontation between Alec and his AU self in Never stand between two mirrors is worth reading ! Intense and funny moments guaranteed.

Her serie of prompts Spaces Between is also remarkable and offer the scenes and POV we deserve.

Never stand between two mirrors
How to save a family*
Spaces between (serie)*

Lucile has gold in her hands. Really. She’s one of the best autor I ever read. But you surely already knew that.

You’re caught as soon the first sentence and emerged only at the end, three hours later (for the short one). You haven’t drunk, eaten or moved between. You just read because that was the only think you could do. Maybe you live-tweeted to yell at her but that’s the only exception.

Yes, I’m a big fan and have literally no will-power when it comes to Lu’s fics. First I scream when I receive the email or see the post, then I drop everything I’m doing to go read it. And let me tell you : I regret nothing. I’m not disappointed. Ever.

She has already written so many fics and I didn’t even read them all (I know I’m a walking scandal, don’t remind me ! I live with the shame everyday) but if I’ll have to chose one, it will be without a doubt Bright Lights, Small Town. This fic is a masterpiece. A beautiful, so well-written original story with strong and deep characters. It’s Magnus’ POV and he is just so endearing and vulnerable that you want to protect him at all cost ! This fic is about family, friendship and love. It’s about grief, moving on and make choices. This fic is about finding a home and there is not a single thing I don’t like about it. It has touched me in a way I can’t described. Run for it if you haven’t.

To build a home (serie) : Bright Lights, Small Town and extras
Stars Aligned (serie) : And the oscar goes to and following
I see fire
Dead men no tales

Basically you’ll need a blanket, severals hot chocolate (or tea), a lot of tissues, and a loving pet or a plush to get over of her AU fics.

I’m not kidding ! Paparazzi is the most painful fic I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot. My heart broke at each chap and there 17 of them so far. The last part of chap 1 of Addicted to you put me on the floor for hours and chapter two was a roller-coaster for my nerves, always promising the sweet candy of happiness and fluff only to take it away before you could even grab it. In summary, Alec is an idiot and Magnus needs a hug or vice-versa. They’re two idiots in love with each others but don’t realize or accept it and make us suffer for their ignorance or stupidity.

But like her writing is so good I’m willing to suffer, and so should you. When angst is well-written it becomes more bearable (do you see the auto-persuasion here?). So be warn but go for it anyway. She promised happy ending so what’s a few stabs in the heart ?

Addicted to you
My true love gave to me

Jackie. Where do I begin ?

Once again I think I don’t have to introduce you to Take me to church, or as we can call it : the longest slow burn ever made. I really hope I don’t. If I do let me ask you something: where you living in a cave without wifi ? That the only excuse I’ll accept.

Slow burn takes all its meaning here. I hope you have patience. Like a lot. No seriously. Love make people blind but at this point it just ridiculous and you just want to bump into the story and scream at this two idiots desperately in love with each others. And you know the worse ? You watch them fall in love. Both of them. So you know. Izzy knows. Jace knows. Catarina knows. Everybody knows. Except them of course.  And on  top on that you have cute Clace and Sizzy, a strong parabatai bond, a brilliant Max Lightwood, Ragnord and Cat as friends of the years but for each year, and a helpful Raj.

I’ve hesitated with Queen of roller-caster because damn I hope you have a good heart. I don’t know how mine survived. Jackie have a way to snap your happiness in one sentence, make you scream of fear the next one to finally made you melt of cuteness two second later. It’s incredible. Seriously my heart had beated so fast so many times while reading this fic ! But you feel so alive, it’s worth it.

And her writing is just a blessing. I don’t count the number of times I had to stop reading because a sentence was so beautifully written that I had to take a moment. There is talent here. This fic really has a particular place in my heart. It’s one of the most beautiful and powerful love story I had the chance to read.

Oh and Fools rush in is extra ! Very different, much more fun and lightly that TMTC but still with angst because it’s Jackie and she can’t help it.

Take me to church*
Fools rush in*
Complete me

I was about to post this rec but Sam posted chapter 17 of In the sin bin before I could and now I don’t think she deserve to be in it anymore…

Yes that chapter ruined me and I’m still pissed. Who’s else ? Raise your hands !

Who else was already on the floor because of the last part of chapter 16 ? Welcome to the club.

And did you see it coming ? No ?! Yeah me neither ! And do you know why ? Because that’s what Sam does ! She always find something to surprise us (or kill us in that case). You think it’ll be okay, they’re going to be happy and then BAM cliffhanger, everything falls apart. How many times did she do that in 17 chapters ? (It was rhetorical question don’t answer that. I don’t want to know). I’m talking about ITSB but chapter 13 of Home was the same. If you read it now you’ll just have to click on next chapter, we had to wait a whole day to find out ! Hearthless.

I’m yelling because that’s what I do but ISTB is a must-read and a fantastic original story. I didn’t know anything about hockey, it’s not really a famous sport in France and I’m the less sportive person you’ll ever met. But reading Sam’s games ? Jesus I hope you have a good heart and aren’t in a public area. It’s more than likely that you’ll scream (of joy and frustration).

But ISTB is not about just hockey. Is about incredible and deep characters. You’ll find in love with Max Lightwood, he has even less chill than Lu. You’ll find in love with Magnus and his suits, Alec and his bread (just kidding they have amazing personality too). You’ll watch them fall in love. Because ITSB is about love, but also about friendship, family, support and team up. ITSB is about taboo and fame, about press and blackmail, about finding yourself and fight in what you love and believe.

In the sin bin*
Glimpses of Malec*

*those fics are not complete

12x12 Coda fic

Let’s go home, Dean said, so they did. At least Castiel, Sam and Dean did. Mary made a fast excuse shortly after they’d left and Castiel hadn’t missed the way Dean’s eyes had dimmed slightly when she didn’t follow them to the bunker.

The whole drive back, Castiel’s heart had been beating erratically. Every time Dean’s eyes flicked to his in the rear view mirror, but that wasn’t new. The anxiety that under laid it was, however, an unfortunately novel experience.

I love you. And Dean knew it was meant for him, just him. I love all of you. Because the other Winchesters were family too, but Dean was special. Dean was different, and if Castiel was going to die, he wanted to say it just once first. He’d never spoken those words to another being before, but he’d thought them so many times.

First just about Dean, and later in a more familial way about Sam. Mary was their mother, and a Winchester, so he loved her too. Over the years, he’d been positive that they’d understood he cared for them, that they mattered to him. He’d said as much. And Castiel had learned quickly that Winchesters didn’t talk about their feelings in words. Not with those words anyway. They said things like I need you, or you’re family.

They tried to save you, even when it was just from yourself. Maybe especially then. Castiel couldn’t find it in himself to regret confessing to them. To regret that Dean knew. Somewhere deep down he thought, Dean surely must have always known.

The Impala’s rumble as they drove through the darkness was soothing. Familiar. Funny how something like a car, just an object really, could become a comfort when it was associated with someone important.

Eventually they arrived and Sam went to bed. Dean went for the coffee pot, and Castiel followed. Like he always did. Waited for Dean’s reaction with a pit in his stomach. Plenty of times before this, Castiel had puzzled over whether Dean might feel for him anything close to what Castiel felt for him, but it was always ambiguous. There were hints here and there that maybe Dean did, but they were easily explained away.

So when Dean finally faced him with a mug of coffee cradled in his hands, and glanced at him over the white rim, Castiel had no idea what to expect. He swallowed and shifted his weight uncomfortably from foot to foot. The numbness after his near death experience had worn off a while ago but he still felt drained, shell shocked.

“So… Back there when you…” Dean trailed off, then took a careful sip of his coffee. “You uh…”

“Said I love you?” Castiel supplied with a nonchalant shrug of one shoulder when Dean trailed off unsure again.

Almost nervously, Dean swallowed and Castiel watched his Adam’s apple bob with it, “Yeah. Um, how did you… Did you…” 

Dean’s green eyes were unreadable for a long moment as he studied him and Castiel openly looked into his in return, tried to assess the emotions hidden in them and failed.

“I meant it in the sense that I’ve loved you for so long now, that it sometimes feels like without you I wouldn’t know who I was anymore.” Castiel answered honestly.

Dean raised an eyebrow, “Okay, ‘cause that makes sense.”

“Actually, it does.” Castiel replied with a bit of bite in his voice, but a faint smile that ticked up the corners of his mouth. “It means, I love you Dean. I meant it then, now and the hundreds of days before that when it was true too.”

Another slow sip of his coffee like Dean was contemplating what he’d said and then he set his mug on the counter behind him, breathed, “Okay.”

Dean was already walking toward him when Castiel had the sense to repeat, “Okay?”

And then Dean’s rough palms cupped Castiel’s cheeks, and his forehead rested against Castiel’s. Two beats of Castiel’s heart passed where everything felt suspended and tense, and then Dean said, “Yeah, okay.”

Sealed his words with a kiss that every molecule in Castiel’s body felt. Soft lips on his, firm and smooth, and then a slick, hot, tongue sought entrance to his mouth and Castiel melted into it. Needed more, so he kissed Dean hard with everything his limited knowledge had taught him, but any skill Castiel lacked, Dean certainly made up for.

“God, Cas.” Dean groaned against his lips, “You almost died.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Desperately, Dean pressed closer to him, moved his hands down to wrap around Castiel and pulled him tightly to him. Castiel’s cheeks were wet, and he was confused for all of a moment until he pulled back enough to see Dean’s eyes full of pain, and grief.

“I should’ve said I love you too. You- you coulda died and I-I-”

Castiel shushed him, used his thumbs to wipe away Dean’s tear tracks and said, “But I didn’t. It’s alright now.”

Gently, Dean shook his head, “I’m such a coward, I shoulda-”

Harsh lips on Dean’s cut him off and Castiel used his body to push Dean until his back met the cupboards again, trapped him there. Anger, frustration and affection rushed through him in dizzying circles, because Castiel couldn’t stand idly by when Dean spoke of himself that way.

He pulled back long enough to say, “You’re not. You’re the bravest person I’ve met. You faced a Prince of Hell tonight, and you could have left. I told you to leave. Begged. And what did you tell me?”

“You’re family.” Dean said softly, eyes on his feet.

“And you’re mine. I’d prefer if you didn’t talk about my family like that.”

Dean’s lips twitched up in a faint smile, “You know, I’m not gonna lie, I liked it better when you were trying to shut me up by kissing me.”

“Of course you did.” Castiel said as he looked up at the ceiling, but a smile tugged at his lips too.

“What?” Dean teased with a cocky smirk that Castiel had seen win over more than one woman at more than one diner. “You didn’t.”

“Stop speaking please, Dean.” Castiel requested.

“Maybe you should ma-” Dean’s voice cut off when Castiel kissed him again.

In the Rough

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks’s prompt

Previously: After three months in Prince Victor’s employment, Yuuri Nishigori has revealed that he’s apparently friends with the crown prince of the Southeast, Phichit Chulanont. Yuri has always thought that the other Yuuri is hiding something, and he’s even more sure now, seeing the way the two of them interact when they think that no one is looking.

“But it’s so obvious, Father! How can you possibly think that he’s not hiding something?” Yuri asks for the tenth time in as many minutes. He knows that Father is getting exasperated with him, but he can’t bring himself to care because he is too. Before he even knows what’s happening, he finds himself dismissed from his father’s presence.

It’s been months, and still the only person to agree with him on the new guard is Otabek. Yuri isn’t even entirely convinced that Otabek agrees with him because Nishigori is actually suspicious, or if he just thinks something is off because he always thinks something is off. Victor is too infatuated– yes, infatuated is the right word, fuck off Mila even Yuri can see that, and it’s disgusting –to notice every time Nishigori subtly corrects his etiquette, or helps Victor with his lessons. No one else seems to find it odd that this “common soldier” fences like royalty and speaks like a noble.

It makes Yuri want to scream, especially when Victor poutily tells him the story of the missing Yutopian prince as an explanation to why Prince Chulanont has suddenly absconded with his bodyguard.

The stupid prince is right there! he wants to shout. You are sleeping in a bed with him every single night!

There’s no one that can convince him that Prince Chulanont didn’t immediately recognize “Nishigori,” but Yuri knows that the prince has a penchant for playing games. He probably thinks this is hilarious. The worst part about this whole thing is that now he can’t even vent his frustrations to Otabek, since he’s taken over as Victor’s bodyguard. So no one can blame him if he’s a little more hostile than usual for the next few days– in the most civil way, of course.

“Good morning, Your Highness,” the other man says, as shyly polite as ever. He never fails to greet Yuri in the morning, despite usually being met with a cold glare and a sneer. Since figuring out “Nishigori’s” little secret though, Yuri has started responding.

“Good morning… Yuuri,” he says now, every morning.

The first day, Yuri can’t help but give a tiny, wickedly knowing grin when he sees “Nishigori” and Chulanont freeze. Chulanont manages to cover it well enough that if Yuri didn’t know what to look for, he may have missed it. “Nishigori,” on the other hand, blinks slowly. By the time he’s recovered, Yuri has already passed him in the hall.

Every day after that, Yuri’s morning greeting never fails to make Nishigori– to make Katsuki –flinch. It’s not so much the flinching itself that makes Yuri feel like he’s accomplished something; he’s hardly the sadist that everyone thinks he is, and before all of this he had begun to tolerate Nish– Katsuki’s presence quite well. It’s the fact that he’s right, and that he knows he’s right.

Georgi and Mila in particular find his usual tantrums hilarious, but they get these oddly terrified looks on their faces whenever he gets as passive-aggressive as he’s been the last few days. They, at least, know when Yuri is seriously frustrated. Father usually just does his best to stay out of his way, after the last time this happened.

Victor, on the other hand, hasn’t seemed to notice the tension in his guard’s shoulders whenever Yuri walks by, or the rather telling way Yuri has been acting like a cat who got the cream. He’s too wrapped up in his own misery to notice anyone around him.

It’s hard to say why he expects Ni– Katsuki to confront him about this, but he does. He doesn’t even pretend to be surprised when Prince Chulanont invites him out on a walk through the gardens on the final day of his nearly two-week long stay.

For a few minutes there’s silence, and both Chulanont and Katsuki’s faces are unreadable. Yuri’s limbs feel heavy with anticipation; he knows how Yuuri Nishigori would respond to something like this, but Yuuri Katsuki is an unknown. He’s an entirely new person that Yuri has no idea how to handle.

It’s exhilarating.

“You’re a lot smarter than I thought you were,” Chulanont says suddenly, a bright smile on his face.

“I– You– What?” Yuri manages to stutter out after a moment of stunned silence. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”

Chulanont’s grin just widens. “You’re sure? Because it seems as though you know a lot more than you’re telling anyone else.”

“If you’re talking about him,” Yuri nods at Katsuki, who is still standing there looking blankly at him, “then yes. I always knew there was something off. I never thought he’d be a Katsuki until you got here, though.”

There it is. Out in the open, no dancing around it. Yuri has always hated that aspect of politics, the idea that he has to tiptoe around what both parties know the subject is. There’s a reason that he’s the head of their military; subtlety isn’t his strong suit, though strategy tends to be. Yuri knows that Victor’s new bodyguard is Prince Yuuri Katsuki. Prince Chulanont and Prince Yuuri both know that he knows. There’s no point in beating around the bush.

“So you do know.” To Yuri’s total surprise, Katsuki sounds as though he’s dead inside. “I’ll be gone by morning, don’t worry. This won’t cause any trouble for your family.”

Yuri blinks. Pauses for a moment. His mind blanks out. “What the hell?

Katsuki and Chulanont look at him in shock, though Prince Chulanont seems more amused than offended. Yuri doesn’t have the patience for propriety or etiquette or proper eloquence on the best of days, but even less so when confronted by the absolute stupidity that is apparently Yuuri Katsuki.

“You think running away from this is going to solve whatever problem you’ve dreamed up?” Yuri sneers at him in disdain. “I don’t know what’s going through that thick skull of yours but if you think that leaving is going to make less trouble for us, you’re even dumber than I originally thought.”

Prince Chulanont looks quietly vindicated. Something tells Yuri that he’s been trying to convince Katsuki of the same thing. Katsuki, on the other hand, just looks confused. “What do you mean? I’m a runaway prince. Now that you know that, you could get in trouble for harboring me. It could be considered an act of war.”

It would be a lie to say that Yuri’s eyes roll. They don’t just roll. He’s sure that he’s staring at the back of his head, they’re rolling so hard. “Do you think that my brother is going to care about war if you go missing? Do you think I will?”

“What do you–”

“If you vanish, you will not be preventing trouble for my family.” Yuri doesn’t wait for Katsuki to be finished speaking, because the only thing to come out of his mouth this entire time has been idiocy and Yuri is tired of hearing it. “You will not be preventing conflict within my country.”

Katsuki looks more and more confused. “Your Majesty, I don’t–”

“If you vanish overnight, without warning Victor, you will rip him apart. You will destroy the crown prince of my country, and more importantly you will hurt my brother.”

Yuri is suddenly aware of how close he’s gotten to Katsuki. He tugs the man down to his level by the collar and looks him directly in the eye. “I am the second born prince, and the head of our army. As I’m sure you’re aware, Your Highness, sheltering a royal during a time of need isn’t an act of war. That would be stupid. But don’t you think for an instant that I will hesitate to go to war with your country if your cowardice causes Victor to abandon his family and country to go on a wild goose chase for a man who breaks his heart just by existing. If you aren’t by my brother’s side tomorrow as usual, if you decide that the coward’s way out is the right way, I will consider it an act of war. Understood?”

He knows that the logic is childish at best, blackmail at worst, and probably somewhere between the two in reality. And yet, he means every word. Yuri knows his brother; if Katsuki goes missing without telling him, Victor will abandon his country to find him. He’ll scour the globe and leave Yuri in charge, and as much as Yuri whines about Victor being an oblivious idiot about most things, he’s the best damn politician Yuri has ever seen. He could never match up to Victor’s rule, and that pressure alone is enough to keep him from regretting his words to Katsuki.

Katsuki nods once, looking absolutely terrified, but at least like he understands what Yuri is saying.

“Good.” Yuri lets his jacket go and spins on his heel, stalking away.

He’s not surprised when he hears Prince Chulanont going on and on about how “I told you that disappearing like that would be worse! Besides, if he hasn’t told anyone yet, he probably won’t. Your secret is safe, Yuuri.”

Yuri rolls his eyes and thinks that maybe Chulanont is mostly right. He won’t betray Prince Katsuki’s trust on this, though it would be simpler. If he’s asked why later, he’ll just say that no one would have believed him anyway. They’ll never get him to admit that maybe, just maybe, the idea of betraying him makes him a little sick to think about, in the same way the idea of betraying Victor does. So if he bites his lip to keep from grinning when Katsuki and Victor show up late for breakfast the next day, as usual, well…

That’s his secret, isn’t it?

Heat Part Two (Officer JDM x Reader)


Heat Part Two

Summary: Jeff takes you on your first date. There is a lot of sweet times in this one and of course, MAJOR SMUT! 

Note: Was originally suppose to be a one shot. Wrote part two due to how popular part one was! If this one is also liked then I will write a part three. 

Word Count: 3.3K

Warning: Original request was “Officer Morgan Fuck Me Up Smutty AF”  This is definitely going to be very, VERY NSFW. You’ve been warned!

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😊He’s Sick (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Love your writing! Can you write a Gray imagine where he’s got a stomachache and you guys are laying on the couch and he is all pouty and asks you to “rub his tummy” and you agree and start rubbing his stomach and he gets really nauseous and you help him to the bathroom and rub his back when he’s sick? Thanks darling

Warnings: None

A/N: I was just talking to a friend of mine today about this when I received this request so I hope you like it! Requests are: OPEN

Originally posted by justanothersanctuary

“Baaaaaaabbbbeeeeee.” Grayson groaned as I was getting him a ginger ale and a cold wash rag. He’s been sick all morning and I’ve been taking care of him, which I didn’t mind at all because I love him and I want him to feel better. He was wearing black sweats and a gray hoodie. He kept complaining he was cold, but I know he’s going to be whining about being hot later.

“Here here.” I said handing him the ginger ale. I pat the cold rag on his temple and soon I rest it on his forehead.

“I’m never doing a blind folded eating challenge with Ethan again.” He whines exhaustively.

“I don’t know why you did in the first place. You know how he can get.” I laughed as I sat next to him on the couch. I took the can from him and I sat it down on the coffee table in front of us.

“I was thinking he would feed me sardines or clam juice. I wasn’t planning on my own brother to feed me sushi he found in the fridge when I can’t even remember the last time I had sushi was.” Gray said leaning up off the couch throwing his arms in the air trying to prove a point. As soon as he leaned up I could see he regretted it as his arms wrapped around his stomach and he slowly fell back against the couch.

“Shhhh babe I know. You can be mad at him later, but right now you need to rest or else you’ll make yourself more sick. Ethan said he would edit the video so you can rest okay?” I said holding his hand. He stuck his bottom lip out like he was pouting.

“Babe can you rub my stomach? Maybe that will help me feel better.” He asks sweetly. He looked so innocent. He normally fluffed up hair was now all flat from his sweat. Normally we would be cooking or going to Starbucks, but right now he needed me. I smiled and I leaned in to kiss his nose.

“Of course baby.” I cooed to him as I gently slid my hand up his hoodie and rubbed small circles on his tummy. I took the cold rag from his head and I sat it on his stomach hoping to cool him down some more. I soon hear Ethan walking down the stairs, probably coming to check on his brother. I knew he felt bad for making Gray sick which is why he’s been upstairs editing instead of down here because he knew Gray was angry with him.

“Hey bub how are you feeling?” Ethan asked walking towards the couch. Gray’s eyes slowly flutter open to see Ethan and I in front of him.

“Don’t touch me.” He says hoarsely. I press my hand against his face and I feel he’s still burning up.

“Okay babe I’m going to grab you another cold rag. When I come back please take your hoodie and sweats off you’re making it worse for you.” I stood to my feet and Grayson grabbed my hand.

“Baaaaaabbbeeee don’t leave me.” He whines. I bend down and give him a quick peck on the lips.

“Ethan can you help him? I’ll be right back Gray don’t worry.” I said as I wandered off to the kitchen. I heard Grayson protest against having E’s help but right now I didn’t care. He was burning up more and more. I grabbed a rag and ran the cloth under the kitchen sink in cold water. I grabbed a small blanket from the closet and I walked back in the living room. Grayson was in his boxers and a blue t-shirt. He was still groaning and moaning. I placed the rag on his head and I checked the rag on his stomach. I removed it and started to rub small circles again.

“I’m going to go finish editing. Thanks for taking care of him Y/N.” Ethan says and I smile to him.

“She wouldn’t have to take care of me if you wouldn’t have poisoned me.” Gray leans up but then falls back against the couch groaning.

“No problem Ethan. I love him so I get to spend time and take care of him so I’m not upset you got him sick.” I smiled to Grayson whose lips were curling into a smile. Ethan just rolled his eyes while smiling. Ethan ran up the stairs and I continued to rub Gray’s stomach.

“Babe?” Gray asks looking to me. “I love you too.” He says and I smile. Grayson’s smile soon drops to a pained look.

“Babe? Babe what’s wrong?” I asked and Grayson stands up but stumbles a bit. I stand and grab his arm. I can tell he is going to be sick. I walk him into the bathroom and he immediately goes to the toilet and starts throwing up. I get a wash rag ready and I gently rub his back as he keeps throwing up. He stops for a quick second and sits on his knees before he starts up again. I soothingly keep rubbing his back as I hum trying to calm him.

“I’m so sorry Y/N.” Grayson apologizes.

“Shhhh babe it’s okay don’t worry. Are you done?” I asked still rubbing his back. He slowly nods and I help him to his feet. I flush the toilet for him and I dab the wash rag on his mouth to clean him up a little. I grab a little dixie cup from the medicine cabinet and fill it with water and hand it to him to wash his mouth out which he does and spits in the sink. I lean in and kiss his nose. “Come on let’s go lie down.” I said as I walked Grayson out of the bathroom and I helped him upstairs. We stumble to his bed before I lie him down. I grab his trash can and place it by his side of the bed. I lie down on the other side of him and I face him.

“Thank you for taking care of me babe. I love you.” He says kissing my nose. I smile and I wiggle my nose. “I mean it.” He says grabbing my hand.

“Of course babe. I love you too. Now get some sleep! You’re sick.” I said as I run my hand through his hand. He takes my hand off his head and gives it a kiss. I roll over facing away from Gray only for him to pull me into him and hold me tightly against his warm chest. I feel him kiss the base of my neck as he cuddles into me.

Her Or Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1020

-Sam’s girlfriend tries to get Dean to like her, but he keeps pushing her away. Until Sam makes him see she stays or he goes.-

Warning: Dean being a jerk…

          You were putting the top crust on the pie when you felt strong arms wrap around your waist. You leaned back against that broad chest, “Hi, Sammy.”

           “Hi, Baby,” he kissed the side of your head, “What are you doing?”

           “Baking a pie,” you answered.

           “For Dean?”

           You nodded, “A peace offering,” you said, “Even though I’m not really sure why I need a peace offering.”

           Sam sighed, “He’s Dean. He doesn’t always warm up to people very quickly. He’ll come around.”

           “I hope so.” 

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“Make Me” Dean x Reader

Words: 1,377

Dean x Reader

Summary: A case lands you and Dean at a college party. 

Warnings: Driving after drinking (don’t drink and drive, kids!), implied smut

Originally posted by zoegetsabout

“A college party? Are you kidding me?” You groaned as Dean smirked at you.

“Hey, you’re acting like I have control over this. It just happened to work out in my favor.” He laughs, winking. “College chicks are hot. They’re so… Energetic.”

“Okay, too much information.” You waved him off.

Dean had called you yesterday, asking if you could join him on a hunt. He said that Sammy was too sick to go with him, and it wasn’t one he could do alone. You agreed, not thinking much of it, and this morning he came to your house to pick you up. 

“What kind of case takes us to a party, anyways? You never told me what we were hunting.”

“The frat house it’s in, there’s been sighting of a ghost there. I figured it’s worth checking out.” Dean tells you, motioning you to get in his car.

“I’m confused. What exactly do you need me for, then? I’m pretty sure you can kill one by yourself.”

“A party is the only way we’ll be able to get into the house without anyone asking questions. As much as it pains me to say this, I doubt they’ll let me in if I’m not with someone. I’m…” He trails off. “Anyways, the point is, you’re young. Young enough to look like a sorority girl. And you’re hot. You’ll fit right in with those people. You can get us in.”

You try not to blush at him calling you hot. You refuse to give in to his games and flirtation. Ever since he met you a few years ago, he’s been trying his hardest to get with you. But you know his reputation- he’s a player. And not to mention, he’s ten years older than you. But that doesn’t stop you from being insanely attracted to him.

“Well I guess I should find something to wear.”


“Y/N…” Dean’s jaw drops as you step out of your motel room’s bathroom. “You look nice.” He clears his throat.

“I know.” You say cockily. You had on your black, long-sleeve, skintight dress that landed just below your butt, along with black pumps. You had your y/c/h waved, and you had on the most makeup you’ve worn in ages.

“Yeah, uh,” Dean said awkwardly, scratching his head. “Should we go?” He points to the door. You notice how flushed he looks, and you giggle.

“What?” He asks.

“Nothing at all.”

The car ride there is silent, the hum of the impala filling the air. It’s not a long drive, but it feels like hours with how quiet Dean is being.

As he turns onto another road, you see a big house down the street with Greek letters on front.

“I think we’re here.”

There were people outside mingling, but you could see the real party was inside. It looked insane in there. You hadn’t partied like that since high school.

“Are you ready to go in?” You ask Dean, stepping outside into the warm spring air.

“Born ready, baby. Let’s gank this sucker.” You were so focused on this party that you forgot that you were on a case.

As you two made your way to the front door, a group of girls giggled at Dean, waving and winking at him. You roll your eyes as Dean relished in the attention they were giving him, waving back.

“We’re hunting, remember?” You remind him, not sure why you were so bothered at the fact that girls were flirting with him. You expected it to happen- he was a good looking man.

“Yeah, yeah.” He grumbled. You two reach the front door only to stopped by two guys, looking at you oddly.

“He with you?” They ask you, eyeing Dean.

“He’s my boyfriend, gotta problem with that, boys?” You say sweetly, putting your “sex eyes” on. They look at each other, as if questioning whether or not to let him in.

“Go ahead.” They finally said, opening the door.

The inside was crazy. Loud music playing, drunk people grinding and kissing everywhere. It stunk of cheap beer and liquor, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“I suddenly see why Sam liked college so much. It’s all babes and beer.” Dean said, noticing how many girls were looking at him.

“Let’s just find this thing and get out of here, alright?” You sigh, not liking that you were feeling jealous. As you begin to try and walk through the crowd, you grab a cup of whatever they were serving, drinking it quickly. You knew you’d regret that later, but in the moment it seemed like a good idea.

You two went around every inch of the house, scanning for EMF. Nobody even questioned you two, they were so drunk.

“I can’t find anything. This was a bust.” Dean sighed, putting the scanner away.

“You know, I’m beginning to think that you just used me as a way to fuck some college girls.” You teased, running your finger down his chest. You felt a little drunk; you knew you shouldn’t have drank that drink, being a lightweight.

“Nah.” He looked at you nervously, laughing.

“You know, maybe we should stay a bit. I’m kinda having fun.”

“I thought you were so eager to leave?” He raised his eyebrow at you.

“Let’s have some fun, Winchester.” You whisper in his ear before pulling away from him, laughing. You grab his hand, and lead him back downstairs to where the rest of the people were. You grab two more cups, one for you and one for Dean.

“Woah there, maybe you should slow down. You’ve only had one cup and you’re already wasted.” Dean grabs your hand, stopping you.

“Maybe you should make me.” You wink, moving your hand out of his and taking a big sip. You go out into the crowd of people, beginning to dance to the music. Dean’s eyes go wide as you begin to grind on him, but he doesn’t stop you.

“With the way you’re acting, I’m not sure how long I can control myself.” He admits. You turn around, looking at him dead in the eye.

“Then don’t.”

You lean forward and kiss him, tasting the alcohol in both of your guy’s mouths, although he is significantly more sober than you are. He is taken aback at first, but kisses you back before pulling away.

“Let’s get out of here.”

He walks you back to the impala, his arm supporting you as you two walk, and he helps you get into the front seat.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl with such a low tolerance as you.” He chuckles, starting the car.

“Mhm,” You respond. As he drives, you reach your hand over to his lower region and begin rubbing.

“Y/N…” He says lowly, biting his lip. “As much as I would love for you to do that, now is not the best time. I’m driving.”

The ride to the motel is seems even longer than it was before. Sexual tension fills the air, both of you itching to get to the room.

“Damnit.” He hisses, and pulls the car over to the side of the road. “I can’t wait.”

He leans over to you, kissing you hard. You kiss back with the same amount of roughness, hungry for more. He slips his hands underneath your dress, lifting it up. His hands roam all over your back, hitting every inch of skin, before unhooking your bra. You lift off his shirt, and unzip his jeans.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dean asks, lust filling his eyes.

“I’m sure.”


Breathing hard, you pull your dress back over your head as Dean pulls his jeans back on.

“Baby girl, I gotta say, you were great. Better than I could have ever imagined.”

“You certainly lived up to expectations.” You admit.

“Glad I could satisfy you. Always happy to help. Anytime- and don’t take this as a joke- but anytime you need me… I’m here.” He laughs.

“Hey, Dean?”


“I’m really glad I went on this hunt with you.”

“Me too, Y/N. Me too.”


So I’ve written a thing based on and inspired by @charminglyantiquated‘s fantastic Elsewhere University. Seriously check it out, they are an amazing artist and a wonderful person!

This is a very badly written Intro story about my OC Ash going to Elsewhere U.
Warning: it’s long, rambly and riddled with errors, hope you enjoy!

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