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Omg. So i was watching this horror thing and it freaked me out a bit, so couls you do like a reaction where reader has been freaked out after watching something scary (something with jumpscares that can scare literally anyone) and they go to their s/o for comfort and the feeling of safety from them? Tysm

REACTION: How would the boys react when you’re still scared after the horror movie is over?

Jin: “I know how to cheer you up.” By that he means he’ll continue to tell you new dad jokes he’s yet to try out as well as his dramatic monologues, paired with his best funny faces. He’ll have you laughing so much you’ll forget the movie ever happened.

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Yoongi: “You know that stuff isn’t real, right?” He says that but he’s more than willing to leave the lights on for you or keeping you right by his side so you aren’t scared anymore.

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Namjoon: Gives you a million reasons on how the stuff that happened in the movie would never happen in real life.  “It’s complete nonsense, Y/N.”

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Hoseok: Agrees that it was an awful idea to watch the movie and now you’re both jumpy and scared but he keeps insisting he’ll protect you.

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Jimin: Keeps insisting that none of it is real while trying to comfort you at the same time with cuddles and ignoring the fact that he jumped a few times as well. The main reason he’s not as scared as you is that whenever he knew something horrifying was about to come up he’d look away from the screen. Cheater.

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Taehyung: “Aw you big baby, it wasn’t that bad.” Expect alot of cuddles and teasing. He’d pretend like he was leaving you in the room alone until you kept begging him to say. He’d find you so cute when you were practically attached to his hip.

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Jungkook: Swears he’ll punch a ghost for you

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Listen no matter how many comebacks B.A.P have I don’t think I can ever get over Skydive… that shit was legendary and was a cinematic masterpiece that showed us that the only group that can one up B.A.P is B.A.P themselves!!!!

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i love westallen but do you think this is healthy? putting ALL your happiness in someone else? literally giving up living if you don't have that person anymore? it's a bit much

listen, iris has been his best friend since they were 10 years old. she’s the one person he’s known the longest. he’s been in love with her forever. she’s the most important person in his life. when he lost his mom he had iris. when he lost his dad he had iris. he hardly got over there deaths but she helped. i mean she’s his constant. but then he lost her and it broke him. how the hell do you expect him to move on from that? like ever? it completely messed him up. a loss that big is something you cannot move on from. he literally says she’s the love of his life. they were supposed to get married!! it’s a loss that feels like an eternity of pain. he’s known her for 16+ years and it’s only been 7 years since her death. not enough time has even passed for him to move on and he never will. when you love someone THAT MUCH it’s something you’ll never be over. you can say it’s not healthy but everyone grieves differently. and we all know barry loves iris so much that he never get over her death. 

I now know how to make gifs (they’re not great but I’m working on it) which means.. I’m going to make a million as I procrastinate my last assignments and annoyingly flood your dash! :’) 

but seriously, this is the purest thing ever and literally melts my heart so I just had to gif it myself 😭

also: can we appreciate how *stunning* Shelagh looks? (especially since she just had a baby!) & this was definitely my favorite outfit of hers this series! what a look™, the dusty blue +  pillbox hat is so Jackie Kennedy-esque & I love it💖✨. Wonder if she was inspired by her ‘useful’ magazines..

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Headcanons for bachelors/bachelorettes old hairstyles/colors, maybe when they were kids


-A common headcanon for Seb is that he was a ginger as a kid, and I support that theory 110%. Although honestly, I could see him as more of a strawberry blonde growing up rather than straight-up red like Robin’s. I think he’d have started dying it literally the second he hit puberty–honestly emo kids are COMMITTED AF. He’s def been dying his hair black since he was, like, 13. 

-Maru’s lightish brown hair is natural. It’s been the same style since she came outta the womb tbh, and she’s never once changed it. The only thing she’s ever done is let it grow semi-long a few times over the years, only to cut it off to its usual length every time. Since she’s only half black, she didn’t inherit the coarse hair. She ended up with hair similar in texture to Robin’s (at least that’s how it looks to me from her portraits).

-Alex’s hair has stayed relatively stable over the years, but he didn’t know how to style it until a few years ago when he befriended Haley and she gave him some tips. Also he probably bleached and/or shaved it at some point in high school as part of a sports team thing because they always did shit like that as team bonding before big competitions and whatnot.

-Penny is a natural redhead, but she went blonde for a while because she was teased for being a ginger. Once she moved to Pelican Town with Pam, she stopped because she realized that nobody there would dare to make fun of her.

-Abigail has dyed her hair so many times over the years that nobody knows what her natural color really is. In reality, she grew up as a natural brunette, but as we all know, once she became an adult, the [SPOILER] wizard hair took over and she’s permanently purple now. She’s tried re-dying it black, red, pink, anything…but strangely, not a single color stays for longer than a day or two.

-Harvey’s hair was prob pretty normal for a while but he totes had his hair long (at least past his shoulders) when he was in college, at least as an undergrad. Once he went for his PhD, he wanted to look professional so he’s kept it short since. After seeing Elliott, though, he secretly kicks himself for not letting it grow. It’s too late to get back into it now, though.

-Haley is a natural blonde but she bleaches it to make it blonder. She’s tried every product in the book but nothing makes her blonde enough except good old-fashioned bleach. She definitely participated in that hair trend of 2011-ish though, when everyone dyed a streak of their hair red, blue, or purple with hot kool-aid.

-Leah is a total hippie, as we all know, so there’s no way in hell she’s ever dyed her hair. Also she’s been growing it since she was a girl and has only ever gotten it trimmed.

-Elliott…grew up with typical dude hair. He probably went to a private liberal arts college and, after being surrounded by unique people for so long, he decided he wanted to try something different. So he let it grow…and grow…and grow. The only way he knew he could pull it off is if he took really good care of it. He gets a lot of positive attention from people for it, and as an unapologetic attention whore (this isn’t an insult obviously, we all love him for being this way) he will never look back.

-Emily’s hair has been naturally blonde like Haley’s for most of her life, but she was tired of looking like everyone else and decided on a whim in her early 20′s to dye it a crazy color. She ended up loving the look and kept it ever since.

-Shane, before the depression hit him, loved hair gel a little too much (hello, faux hawk). After he came to live with Marnie, he stopped putting in effort because he didn’t see any point if there was no one to impress. In my eyes…he’d gel his hair again when he started dating the farmer.

-Sam, in a similar vein, uses every hair product imaginable to give him the super saiyan look. He wore his hair that way once in high school on a dare and became popular for it so he kept wearing it, as an extended joke. After a while it just became habit and he considered it a crucial part of his identity. Also!! Before the spikes, he definitely flat ironed it every day to get that sweepy skater dude hair that was so common in the mid-2000s, lol. He’s probably experimented a few times with home hair dye kits as well, but we all know Sam, and we all know it never turned out.

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You ever spend a shit ton of time gushing over fandom and daydreaming about getting well fucked by seb or bucky, and then you look at your real life and it's so blah? Like everything is grey and pointless and there isn't much to look forward to? Thoughts?

Oh honey, this is literally what I spend my free time on. I’d love for all of Seb’s characters to just run a train on me. *dreamy sigh* a girl can only wish! 😔💓

ALSO bc of train chaos I am currently in a coffee shop in town, and when I sat down, the dog of the people at the next table came barrelling over to be fussed. They were super apologetic but I literally cannot think of a better example of THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF A PROBLEM than surprise extra doggo times 😍😍😍

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Tell me about that one OC who definitely ran full-face into a glass door at least once.

So one of the first books I ever finished was back in 2010, this disastrous, hot mess saga of two best friends. It was based on and named after the song Hot Air Balloon by Owl City. In that story, I invented Georgie O’Kay, who was basically me (at 15), but with all of my personality traits dialed up to 1000 or so. 

This girl was 5 feet of pure energy and optimism. I wrote so many scenes where she would fall off a bus seat or trip over herself. She was a walking disaster. Tactless, gullible, absurd. And yet, brave, adventurous, and willing to go the extra mile for her best friend.

Here are some sketches of her (behold! my drawing skills at 15):

This story is literally a DISASTER. I don’t know if I could ever salvage it. But it would be fun to take Georgie and give her a little story to run around in, see where she goes. 

Thanks for the ask, anon! 

EDIT: Fun fact! My Spotify username is georgieokay, in honor of this character.



Okay, allow me to explain:Recently, it was brought to my attention that some people on my page had a problem with me drawing black people because I, a black man, was drawing far too many of them (and not as stereotypes or tropes) when I’m known for having diverse character designs in the first place. This struck me as odd because there is literally no problem with me drawing characters of other backgrounds any other time, but the moment I start to draw us in a way that doesn’t make us look like the same stereotypes you’re used to seeing, it’s a problem? Check yourself. I literally got asked, “Do you ever draw white people?” And “You only draw black guys. Why?” In the same morning and I’m like, “Oh so this is a PROBLEM now?” Anyone that has seen my work knows that I draw people from all over. That said, there IS a conscious decision to represent my people in a way that is just and equal to how every other race has been represented since like…forever. Don’t come at me for actually taking the time and effort to show us in positive light. If me drawing people of color as characters and not stereotypes and over used tropes offends you, then get ready to hate my black ass then, because I’m not about to sit by and let us not be represented in a respectful, uplifting and positive light anymore and if you don’t like it well…. Too bad. But since it was an issue with me drawing my own heroes of color, I decided to do other heroes and villains from a game I’m fond of and make them people of color…. I specifically chose FFVII because it’s already a diverse case and to Square Enix’s credit, you could literally tell the same story with these designs. Enjoy.
worst at what i do best
  • My brain: Hey.
  • Me: Yes?
  • My brain: So I've been thinking. You have a lot of really successful friends.
  • Me: Don't.
  • My brain: And you are, like, nowhere near as successful as any of them.
  • Me: Please let's not do this.
  • My brain: So I thought we could just go over literally every single decision you've ever made in your life and catalog all the times you fucked up.
  • Me: Could you not?
  • My brain: Strap in. This is gonna take a while.
the five types of anons

anon type 1: you’re really cool i love you!

anon type 2: hey let’s talk about [subject that is 100% guaranteed to start discourse and drama no matter which way you reply]

anon type 3: no offense but you’re the dumbest bitch i’ve ever seen. no offense but i literally hope you fucking die. hope you don’t take this the wrong way but i hope you get run over by a bus and die. no offe

anon type 4: [something entirely incoherent. what are they saying? we have no idea. you ask them what they mean and they never come back. who are they]

anon type 5: hey there! i fucking hate you. i literally don’t have a reason lol i just hate you so much and i wanted to tell you that i h

McGonagall’s Office Pt 1: Dirty Dancers.

Remus- “Dirty Dancing?”

McGonagall- “Yes. Do you know why I called you two here and not any others?”

McGonagall- “Whatever the two of you do, others will follow. I can not have students getting too close while dancing..”

Sirius- “What would be too close?”

Sirius- “Is this too close?”

Remus- “What about this?”

Remus- “So..If we were dancing..Sirius be the girl.”

Remus- “Okay.”

Remus- “Would this be too close?”

Remus- “What if he were to bend over?”

Sirius- “And I was just tying my shoe?”

Sirius- “And he was stretching.”

Remus- “I’m just stretching.”

McGonagall- “Okay, I think you two are getting off task here..”

Sirius- “Okay what about if we were dancing.”

Sirius- “Is this too close?”

Remus- “Is this too close?”

Remus- “This is soo appropriate right now.”

Sirius- “And now we pose for a picture.”

Remus- “What about this? Is this okay?”

Sirius- “I am literally touching his butt right now.”

Remus- “He’s touching my butt.”

Sirius- “See? And you didn’t see that did you?!

Remus- “I love you.”

Sirius- “Will you marry me?”

Sirius- “See you at dinner!”


Minerva McGonagall played by myself

Sirius Black played by the ever so talented @siriusly-not-over-remus

Remus Lupin played by the ever so amazing @whompingwillovv

Based off of this video.

honk honk its hance time
  • best friends since literal birth. since before birth. their moms were friends before they were born
    • so many embarrassing baby photos of the two of them in matching halloween costumes e.g. as woody and jessie from toy story
    • so many videos of them as little kids playing in hunk’s backyard, pretending to be explorers on a new planet
    • so many pictures of them at important events in each others’ lives (hunk at lance’s mom’s wedding, lance at hunk’s first piano recital, and of course hundreds of pictures of them at school dances, family vacations, award ceremonies)
    • also they “got married” at age 6 in lance’s bedroom and they both have photos from the wedding saved on their phones
  • hunk: [hyperfocusing] lance: [drawing hearts on post-it notes and slowly covering hunk’s back with them]
  • lance is chronically unable to not talk about hunk. doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, he will somehow relate it back to something hunk has said or done
    • pidge plays a game where she’ll bring up the most absurdly specific and obscure topic of conversation that she can think of with lance, and time how long it takes for him to start talking about hunk
      • his longest record is forty-eight seconds
  • lance: [takes hunk’s hands from behind, makes him dance]
  • both like to stim by making noise & like to copy each others’ noises
    • they will be sitting in the same room, working on separate projects, saying “bleep bleep bloop” back and forth to each other
    • they’re also the Spontaneous Harmonizing couple
  • hunk: [picks up lance when he’s in the middle of talking and just. holds]
    • lance continues talking almost as if he doesn’t notice
  • lance when hunk is being needy: ugh god hunk you’re driving me crazy, why am i even dating you hunk: ok let me just remind you that i, hunk, bore earthly witness to your real actual middle school scene phase, i was there, in the trenches, on the front lines, and i still had a crush on you so you don’t get to complain about anything i do literally ever
  • can smell each others’ meltdowns coming a fucking mile away
  • if one is ever hyperfocusing to the point that it’s sort of Bad the other will just. come over and take his hands and say “ok you’re done with this for now” and take him to get some food goo
  • lance loves when hunk lays on top of him it’s like he’s under a big ol rock and he feels safe and grounded
  • hunk when lance does something cool: [yelling] THAT’S MY HUSBAND

I had a conversation with @stonefreeak about this scene a few weeks back and I’ve been turning it over in my head ever since.

I’d never thought much about it until that conversation, but after that I started considering the context and just what Anakin is/isn’t saying here.  This is literally all Anakin says, he is incredibly vague, just that he’s having visions/dreams, they’re of suffering and death, and they’re someone close to him.  That’s literally it, that’s all he says in this scene.

And then I started considering this from Yoda’s point of view:
- Has no idea that Anakin is dreaming of Padme
- Has no idea that Anakin has any kind of relationship/feelings for Padme
- Has no idea this is about her dying in childbirth
- Knows that the Jedi been obligated to fight IN A WAR for the last few years
- Knows that Jedi have been DYING IN THIS WAR for years now



Yeah, that’s right, I think it makes way more sense (and makes his reactions make more sense) when you realize, oh, shit, Yoda probably thinks he’s talking about Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan, who may well die in this war, just like the other Jedi around them are dying.  Who pledged his life to the Jedi Order, who are beholden to the Senate and obligated to fight in this war, who Anakin loves and would worry about if he were having dreams of Obi-Wan’s death.

(And you can’t tell me that they both wouldn’t have acted/reacted the exact same way if it had been exactly that.)

It seriously itches me that not more people talk about Yuzuru’s unbelievable mental strength he has shown in the Free Skate. We just need to talk about it because it’s a nearly impossible human act this boy has shown us and I still can’t grasp it. Just think about it, Yuzuru has been in 5th place after the Short Programm because of a major mistake. All hopes and possibilities of finally getting that title seemed to have vanished and on top of that he felt like he just let his whole country down. The critics were already passing him off and the chances that he would be flying home without a medal were actually growing.

But Yuzuru managed to completely delete every single one of these thoughts from his mind. He went out there during his Free Skate and showed the whole world what he was capable of. Not only did he manage to skate a thoroughly magnificent performance without literally a single flaw, he also won the whole competition all while being in the 5th place and on top of that breaking his own world record of getting the most points during any Free Skate ever all over again. Just one of these three achievements alone would already be more than amazing and truly remarkable. But he skated a flawless programm, got that world record and won the world championships all in one single evening after already getting declared as hopeless.

Yuzuru Hanyu has more than my total respect and I will never understand how this boy is possible in any sense. Thank you so much Yuzuru. You’re amazing.

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)