will i ever stop giffing this music video


This music video will be forever engraved inside my heart, i will never ever forget the fact that this music video happened as a gift from him to melodies, 

How beautiful and soothing the song is, it cures my heart and my mind whenever it aches, i can feel how sincere and how precious this song is to him.

Thank you, Im Hyunsik.

Let’s keep swimming together until the end of our non-stop journey.

You're Here, I'm Here

“Stop!” I giggle as I push Sehun away. Oh Sehun really likes peppering me with kisses. It makes it really difficult to get anything done. “I have to finish this paper.”

Sehun pouts. He sits on the armrest of my couch, facing me at my desk. “You’ve been working on it all afternoon! I’m bored, jagi.”

“Distracting me won’t make this process go by any faster,” I tell him with a laugh. “Why don’t you go out with your members? Don’t waste your day off in here with me.”

A sigh escapes my beautiful boy and he flops backwards onto the couch, his legs sticking straight up in the air. He’s wearing a pair of socks with Piglet on them. I poke the back of his leg. “Come on, you don’t want to waste the only day off you got in two months, do you?”

Gracefully, Sehun flips onto his stomach, his chin resting on the armrest he’d just been sitting on. “Of course not. Which is why I want to spend it with you. I see those guys 24/7 already. I don’t want to spend my day off with them too when I could be with you.”

I snort, but I can hear his sincerity. I’m annoyed too, though I try not to let it show. This stupid essay had to be done today and if I don’t finish it, it won’t be done on time. The one day Sehun gets a day off and I don’t have one. What are the odds?

“How about this?” he says, sitting up straight, “you write for an hour more and then we’ll go out.”

I stare hard at him. “No interruptions?”

“I promise I will be so quiet that you won’t even know I’m here.”

I bite my bottom lip, pondering this. “Fine. Call. One hour.”

Sehun claps his hands gleefully then pulls out his phone. He turns it towards me and I can see a timer on his screen. It’s set to one hour. Dramatically, he counts down. “Three, two, one.” He presses the ‘start’ button, sets the phone down beside me and then leaves me alone. I watch him walk into the kitchen before I turn to my screen again. I watch the blinking cursor for a minute before I’m back in the educated mentality where I have a large vocabulary and sophisticated grammar.

I’m mouthing along with my words as I type them when two hands are suddenly resting on my shoulders just as Sehun’s phone starts vibrating, singing a really annoying tune. Out of fright, I spin around and punch right in the stomach.

“Nngh,” Sehun groans, stumbling backwards.

“Oh my god!” I exclaim. I reach my arms out to him and he grabs my hands. “Are you okay?”

“Why did you punch me?”

I lightly smack his arm. “You scared me!”

“It’s been an hour!”

“I lost track of time!”

Sehun smiles. “I know. You were talking to yourself.”

I grimace. I hate when I talk out loud. It makes me sound crazy, because I’m literally having a conversation with myself. It only happens when I’m concentrating really hard on something.

He tweaks my nose. “It’s cute. You definitely said ‘I love Sehun’ a million times.”

I snort as I turn back to my laptop. “I did not.” I start typing again.

“Yah, yah, yah!” He covers both my hands with his, making it difficult to continue. “We said an hour and then you would go out with me.”

Sehun, I’m almost done.”

Sehun shakes his head. “No. You love me. You will go out with me for a while. Come on. You and I both know that that essay isn’t due for another two weeks. You have thirteen more days when I’ll be working to finish it.” He stretches further to close the screen and then pecks me on the cheek. “It will be there when you get back, okay?”

I stare at him, a little irked, a little charmed. Sehun usually isn’t very assertive. He’s a jokester and boisterous, but a complete pushover. He’ll do whatever I ask him to do and doesn’t ask any questions. I wonder where this sudden burst of assertiveness came from.

He continues talking, not realizing that he’s convinced me already. “I left you alone for a whole hour. I didn’t bother you. You didn’t notice me. The least you can do is—”

I stop him with my lips as I’m standing. “Come on then. The night is not going to be this young forever.” I grab a jacket off the back of one of my dining chairs as we head out. Sehun’s hand finds its way into mine as he starts running down the stairs and straight out the apartment.

“Where are we going?” I laugh when we stop outside the building.

Sehun’s eyes are bright and full of life. He stands in front of me, staring up at the starry clear sky. The air is brisk as autumn changes to winter and I can see my breath coming out in puffs in front of me. The chilled air starts staining his usually pale cheeks red and I can’t help but smile and place my still warm hands on either side of his face. This gesture brings his eyes back down to mine.

“Where are we going?” I ask him again, enunciating each word. I lightly rub his cheeks before placing one hand in my pocket and the other in his hand.

“Anywhere,” he replies, motioning broadly with his arm. We start walking and he continues doing large arm gestures and sticking his legs out at odd angles. I can’t help but laugh.

“You’re in an oddly good mood tonight.”

“I’m with you, aren’t I? I get you for the rest of the night. No members, no fans, no homework, no real work. You’re here, I’m here.” He presses a kiss on my lips, one of those loud smacking ones that they do on television. I nudge him with a large smile on my face.

“Stop it. You’re being weird.”


I hit him in a scolding type way. “People are gonna recognize you.”

“Have the fans ever seen me this outgoing? I don’t think so.”

“Uhm…” I was thinking of that time when Exo was remaking music videos and the members were dancing crazy in weird glasses. There are some interesting GIFs of Sehun floating around on the interwebs now. However, I don’t mention this now and instead let him jump around all crazy down the street.

He starts calming down the further we get into the city and by the time we’re in a busy area, he’s more or less normal. Except for the fact that he keeps giving me kisses on my cheek, on the lips, in my hair, on my hand. He’s very affectionate tonight and I adore it.

“Are you hungry?” he asks me as we pass a food stand. I’d been eyeing every food cart, store, and restaurant we’d walked by.

My stomach grumbles, but I shrug. “Sort of.”

He chuckles, knowing me better than that. He knows I’m always hungry. “You can stop trying to hide it now. We’ve been together for two years. I think I know when my girlfriend is hungry.” He looks at me. “Which is all the time.”

I’m about to swat him again, but he catches my fist in his larger one. “I also know when she’s about to physically abuse me.” He pecks my frozen fingers before placing them in my pocket to keep them warm.

We wander through a grocery store and decide that if we bought everything we wanted, we may as well go to a restaurant.

“We’re not presentable for a restaurant.” I look down at my leggings, sweater, jacket combo and Sehun’s sweatpants and slightly thick coat. “They won’t let us eat anywhere nice.”

We step back out into the square.

“Now, where can I take my beautiful girlfriend when we both look like slobs?” he wonders aloud. My cheeks start feeling warm despite the weather. He knows it makes me blush. Ever since we started dating. The intensity of the blush has not lessened in the slightest in the last two years. The word ‘beautiful’ isn’t something Sehun throws around lightly. I learned early on that very few things are truly beautiful in Oh Sehun’s eyes. To be part of that list, I know it’s a special thing.

“What are you staring at?” he enquires, looking back down at me.

I stand on my tip toes to give him a kiss. A proper one. The ones you give that are full of promise and thanks and all that wonderful mushy stuff. The ones that make people go, “Whoa.”

Sehun stares at me in surprise. I don’t usually kiss him first in public. “What was that for?”

“Let’s go eat,” is my response. I start dragging him towards a food stand.

The longer we’re out for, the more I notice the same faces appearing every time I turn around. The recognizable faces are growing and I know Sehun is noticing it too because his hand is starting to squeeze mine more tightly. We never really had to come out to the fans or have his company tell people he was dating, it just sort of happened. What Sehun doesn’t like is mystery and unnecessary questions.

I don’t know how it happens, but after one girl gets up the courage to ask him for a picture, it seems that fifty more come out of nowhere. I get pushed over slightly and I’m about to sit somewhere else so he can sign autographs, but he reaches through the pack of girls for my arm.

“Don’t push her, okay?” Sehun asks the crowd that’s pressed closely into us.

My breathing is quickening in this crowd. I get nervous when I’m in a large group of people. It’s why I’m always backstage during Exo’s concerts. It feels as if I have more air to breathe. I can’t handle the concert atmosphere.

“Have you been dating a long time?” one of them asks. A new fan, I can tell.

Sehun glances at me and nods once. “Yes.”

“What’s her name?”

“I’m _____,” I say, not liking having people speak for me. I don’t particularly like that they’re also talking as if I’m not there. Bowing, I say, “Nice to meet you all.”

Sehun smiles at this, but I still feel the protective arm around my waist. “She’s a little claustrophobic, so could everyone take a step back? We can still talk. Just so she’s more comfortable.”

This gets the crowd to back up a bit and we stay there for a few more minutes. Everyone starts chattering, asking Sehun questions. Some he avoids, like if he would kiss me in public which I thought was a weird question in and of itself; others he answers, like where his members are.

Eventually, Sehun apologizes. “Guys, we’re gonna go for dinner. She’s probably hungry again, right jagi?”

I hear a small intake of breath at the affectionate word. I bob my head in response. “Always hungry.”

Sehun smiles at this and then easily guides me through the crowd. I know crowds make him nervous too, especially large ones when he’s alone. He’s handling it surprisingly well. “We’ll see you all soon, okay?”

The girls continue taking pictures—the automated camera shutters are hard to mistake—but no one follows us as we enter a random restaurant. Hidden from fan girls’ prying eyes, he peers at me closely. This is what he does when he wants an honest answer from me.


“Better,” I reassure him. “You?”

He bobs his head once. “All good.”

“They’re very excited.”

His brow furrows. “They’re not always so calm.” Then he shrugs, saying, “Must be because you were there.”

We decide to stay in that restaurant. The waiter already saw us walk in and had a table made up because he recognized Sehun. An Exo fanboy, a rare species, but a cherished one. When we’re seated at the table, Sehun and I both get simultaneous texts.

“Wow, even our phones are synchronized,” Sehun comments as we both check.

Mine is from Suho; Sehun’s is from Kris.

They both say,

            What have you two been up to?

A link to somebody’s blog is attached. We both laugh at the headline.

            He calls her ‘jagi’!

anonymous asked:

oh gosh uh so i joined the atl fandom really recently aah can you tell me who flyzik is? he seems v important and im sorry if this is annoying omg but i just kinda want to know /)0///0(\

no no no oh my god it’s totally okay,sweetheart! 

Matt Flyzik is this lovely fella right here

and he was All Time Low’s tour manager for literally ever (except he stopped being their tour manager in 2013 which really sucks but woah I think he’s still with them ?!?!1?!!1!!!!!!1~)

Because I love Flyzik so much I’m going to make this a whole thing okay.

He really loves Mickey Mouse (I think it’s safe to call an obsession tbh)

(wow he’s so happy he can barely smile. How cute)

He also does things in All Time Low music videos!!!

(he’s in other videos but I literally cannot find any of the gifs right now. I’m so sorry)

He also does things like tie shoes

and helped them out on stage (ie backing vocals).

And I’m just going to add this picture because my dad walked in while I had it up and he just went “that’s so gay” 

(it really is gay wow)