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(2/2) Also, can shiro proposing to keith be a yearly thing( building on the "I'll say yez to you if you asked me 50 times they don't have to get married every year just think it'd be cute(though they'd definitely get married on the 50th year)) And, I think one of my favorite tropes in the family au so far is keith calling shiro nicknames (such as bro, dude ,man, etc.)and keith going monotone (I live for it)(I'm scrolling through your voltron family tag and it's amazing, so sorry for spam) xoxo ♡

OKAY. I absolutely ADORE the fact that Keith and Shiro calls each other “BRO” “DUDE” “MAN” too despite being married ‘cause I just find it utterly hilarious that’s why it makes its appearance from time to time. ;) They did call each other “BRO” and “DUDE” when they got together even when Shiro proposed. Keith going monotone LMAO I’m so happy you live for that because SAME. 

The 50 times thing Keith said is not joke. SHIRO DOES PROPOSE YEARLY. Let’s have a breakdown on how it went through the years.

[The Voltron Family] The times Takashi Shirogane proposed to Keith. They didn’t always have a wedding because that’s just absurd. They, however, do something special, like a dinner date.

[1st]  We know this was during their 8th year of dating. Had a wedding in Japan with the parents and all—traditional Japanese style.

[2nd] He proposed while they watched CSI before sleeping. Had their second wedding in Japan—modern style. The kids were there.

[3rd] Keith was eating his cereal because he was stayed up late editing so he didn’t have the energy to cook anything for his breakfast. Also he woke up late, it was already noon. Shiro went down to the kitchen and saw his husband, still in his Adventure Time pyjamas, messy bed hair everywhere, eyes closing every 5 seconds, spoon hanging in the air. 

Shiro: Good Morning, sleepy head. *gives Keith a kiss on the cheek*
Keith: Who are you? *blinks sleepily* *spoon still hanging in the air*
Shiro: *bends down to take Keith’s spoon and eat his cereal*
Keith: What the hell? *tries to look angry but is still sleepy*
Shiro: *gulps* *chuckles* Marry me?
Keith: *eyes widens* *blinks repeatedly* Looking like this?
Shiro: *examines Keith* Looking like a college student who had 10 minutes of sleep because of thesis paper and is definitely not ready to face the day to take not only one, but five of his final exams? *smiles* DEFINITELY.
Keith: *rolls his eyes while smiling fondly* Fine. Gimme a second to wash my face and we can let the kids wed us.
Shiro: Perfect. *leans in the give Keith a peck on the lips* KIDS!!!! DADDIES ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! 
Pidge: AGAIN? *shouts back*

[4th] Keith was washing the cars with the help of Shiro. He stepped on the stepping ladder to reach the top when he was met with Shiro on the other side.

Shiro: *beams* Marry me, oh sweet sexy car washer guy!
Keith: This sweet sexy car washer guy will only marry the other sexy car washer guy if they actually finish washing the cars. *throws foams of bubbles at Shiro’s face*
Shiro: *still beaming* *foam lands on his nose* I’ll take that as a yes!

[5th] They were doing groceries at the PRODUCE section with the kids when suddenly Keith turned around to call for Shiro and he saw him down on one knee, holding out a beansprout tied at its ends in a poor attempt of a ring.

Keith: I’m not that cheap! *places hand on chest* *scandalized*
Shiro: *holds out another beansprout ring* *smiles*
Keith: Now that’s what I’m talking about. I like my men rich. *holds out one hand for Shiro to put his rings on*

[6th] Keith was in the bathroom when Shiro knocked. 

Shiro: *opens the door to enter* *slides the shower curtain aside* *frantic* Keith, will you marry me?!!
Keith: *eyes widens* *tries to cover his body with more bubbles* SHIRO WHAT THE HELL? *slips in the bathtub*
Shiro: *catches Keith in time* Why hello there, handsome. Did it hurt? When you fell for me? *wiggles eyebrows*
Keith: Shiro, I love you but I swear to god I’m going to kill you.
Shiro: Great! That’s settled then! I’ll pick you up at 8pm for our dinner date, fiance~ *winks* *leans down to kiss Keith on the lips* *blinks repeatedly as he tastes his own lips* Huh, soapy.

[7th] Keith received an urgent call from Shiro telling him to come immediately to the hospital, he wouldn’t tell him what the emergency was, just that Keith needed to be there ASAP. So Keith drove as fast as he could, leaving early from work. He looked for Shiro frantically until he found him, looking devastated in his own office.

Keith: Shiro, what’s wrong? *approaches him* *places hand on his shoulders*
Shiro: Keith, I want you to be calm, alright? 
Keith: Okay. *nods*
Shiro: I got my recent heart scan and I found out that…
Keith: *gulps* *sweats nervously* Yes?
Shiro: *sighs* I guess it’s better you see it yourself. *takes out a big brown folder from his drawer and hands it to Keith*
Keith: *takes it and opens it* *the scan reveals Shiro’s heart but in there were white veins that spelled out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”* 
Shiro: *smirks*
Keith: *looks up* *slaps Shiro* *smiling* I FUCKING HATE YOU! 
Shiro: *laughs* *grabs Keith’s hand to stop him from slapping him further*
Keith: Though I gotta hand it to you, this is really creative.
Shiro: Yeah? You think so too? *looks at the X-Ray.
Keith: Yeah… *looks up at Shiro and slaps him again* DON’T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!
Shiro: *chuckles* Sorry, sorry! But I just couldn’t resist. So? What’s your answer? *smiles fondly at Keith while interlacing their hands*
Keith: Of course, it’s a yes. You still have 44 proposals to go.
Shiro: *smirks* Wow. Someone’s counting.
Keith: Someone has to. I wonder what you’ll do next year. Gonna get creative every year, aren’t we?
Shiro: *sways them* I dunno. I could propose while I’m pooping—
Keith: And I’d still say yes. *leans in to give Shiro a peck on the lips*
Shiro: *chuckles* Wow, okay. I know you liked me, but I didn’t know you liked me THAT much, Keith!

Asexual Derek Hale, Sterek-style

Sterek fandom is so active and expansive that it’s hard to not find what you’re looking for, no matter what specific kinds of tropes/characterizations/headcanons you’re into. One that I’ve always wished for more of, though, is ace!Derek. While my personal headcanon is more in line with demisexuality, I think that asexuality is (a) an interesting and realistic choice for his character and (b) something that’s simply not explored enough in general, particularly in the healthy, happy, monogamous context.

I’ve been meaning to compile and post this list for a while, so here are ten lovely monogamous Sterek fics with ace!Derek. Because how can you resist Stiles loving and committing to a Derek who doesn’t see sex as the ultimate conclusion to a healthy relationship?

(More complete explanation of why I created this list, if you’re interested.)

Title: Ten Years
@jentnova​ (tumblr fic)

Summary: Derek spends the afternoon in the kitchen with Stiles, bickering about everything from seasoning to dessert, and Derek’s going to miss that. Stiles puts a hand on his hip at one point and says it’s only a month and Derek nods, tries for a smile.

They’ve been living together for four years and sharing a bed for two and never once has Stiles asked him for something he can’t give. Derek can let him do this. He knows Stiles will be back.

Title: I’m Not Gonna Wait Until The Winter (I’m Just Gonna Wait Until The Springtime)
Word Count: 7,382
Published: 2012-11-21
Rating: Mature

Summary: Stiles’ grin splits his face and lights up his eyes and Derek feels his heart stutter in his chest. Jesus Christ.

“Any time, dude,” Stiles says. “Well. Any time within reason. Especially on school nights.”

Stiles is gone with that, to sneak back into his house, and Derek’s left with a realisation settling deep into his bones.

When the hell did he find time to start falling for Stiles?

Title: The Long Way Home
Word Count: 3,541
Published: 2012-11-21
Rating: Teen

Summary: “Uh, don’t take this the wrong way,” Stiles says the first time– the hopefully only time– Derek kisses him, “but I’m not into you. Like, yeah, your body is hot and all, but your personality kinda is not and I’m the sort of guy that, well,” he shrugs, a rueful smile on his face. “It’s called demisexual. Look it up.” And then he bites his lower lip, grabs his backpack and hightails it out of there, leaving Derek alone, his hands clenched helplessly into fists at his sides.

Title: I Surrender To The Strawberry Ice Cream
Author: jmtorres ( @julstorres )
Word Count: 1,894
Published: 2014-06-23
Rating: Teen

Summary: So it’s trope fic; the trope is accidentally married. Stiles has moved in with a werewolf and his dad wants to know when he’s getting grandkids and Stiles and Derek haven’t even had sex. At least partially because Stiles never got around to asking what exactly their relationship is.

Title: What (Not) to Tell Your Friends
Author: @wilddragonflying, impalagirl ( @deanonastick )
Word Count: 8,043
Published: 2016-05-05
Rating: Teen

Summary: “Speaking of Derek,” Erica says, leaning forward interestedly. “What about him? You’ve been together, what, five years now?”

“Nearly seven.”

“Shit, really? Well, he’s obviously the longest relationship you’ve ever had - was it a shock when your desperate, wanton lust for each other started to die down?”

Stiles laughs. “Erica, Derek and I don’t have sex.”

“Yeah, pull the other one.”

“We don’t!”

Stiles has never seen so many jaws drop at once. “What?

Title: The A Word
Relationship: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Word Count: 2,435
Published: 2015-03-22
Rating: Mature

Summary: He’d never even heard of the word before. Didn’t even know that something like that existed.

Derek didn’t know that there was a word to describe him other than broken.

Title: Impulse Decisions
Author: @cannibalswelcome
Relationship: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Word Count: 804
Published: 2015-01-11
Rating: Teen

Summary: He was talking under his breath, and probably too low for a human to hear him, but the steady stream of comments might as well have been shouted into Derek’s ears.

Title: Something Missing
Author: @billtheradish
Relationship: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Word Count: 40,840
Published: 2015-07-13
Rating: Mature

Summary: “There’s–always been something wrong, I think. Or maybe it just started in middle school. I don’t know.” That was when he’d started noticing, at least. He already knew he was different, wasn’t human. Had to keep track of what everyone else was doing anyway so he could fake it, if he had to. He just didn’t know what to do when he realized he was faking something his sisters hadn’t had to. “I just know I’m not–haven’t ever–wanted. People. Like that.”

Title: Kiss? 
Author: @clotpolesonly
Relationship: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Word Count: 3,565
Published: 2016-08-21
Rating: Gen

Summary: Derek likes kissing Stiles, honestly he does. Until he doesn’t.

Title: Free Condoms With Purchase & Bonus Material
Author: dragon_temeraire ( @dragon-temeraire )
Word Count: 5,449 
Published: 2016-10-30 & 2017-01-27
Rating: Explicit 

Summary: Derek is an ace guy working at a sex shop, and he has a bit of a crush on one of the regulars (who he might have come out to, oops).

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I don't know if you're still taking requests or not but I have an idea for a tfln. Gemma or a mutual friend is out with a 6-7month pregnant missus while harry and the boys are in an interview with nick or sm and H gets a texts saying they took the missus to the hospital halfway through shopping cause she fell unconscious, she's alright but they wanna keep her in for a day or two bc of dehydration, but he's still on his way to her xx

Harry. Adie.

I know you have an interview with Grimmy right now and I’m not saying anything is really bad that you need to leave mid-interview.

And I know you have interviews all day today with the radios.

But, (YN) collapsed during our ladies breakfast this morning. Gemma’s taken her to A and E to get looked over by a medic and we’re following behind Gemma in the car.

We gave her lots of water. Informed them that she was just freshly turning 6 months pregnant and we were allowed to nip back to the kitchen where we kept her cool. But, she fell against Gemma when we went to leave and we packed up and left. I’m with Eleanor at the moment.

I promise to keep you updated though.



Why didn’t you call me?

Adie, this is something you call me over!


She said she wasn’t feeling well today.

She woke up feeling rough and I insisted she stayed home but she wanted to go out with everyone and have a girly day. 

Harry, she’s fine. I promise.

You still call me!


Are they both okay? The baby?

They’re both perfectly fine. Heartbeat on the little is as strong as ever. She was a little too dehydrated and she hasn’t been eating much. They just want to keep her in for a few more days to make sure she gets back to her health.

Especially since she’s pregnant.

Let her know I’m on my way to her?

I had my manager call up the radios and reschedule some interviews for after (YN) has come home from the hospital. I’d be the shittest husband if I wasn’t there with her.

She’s been asking for you.

They want to do an ultrasound to see how the baby is settled in her but she won’t go head with it until you’re here. She said “it doesn’t feel right without Harry. He needs to be here to see this” so, they’re waiting for you.

She knew I’d come.

You’re the sweetest guy she’s had, H. I’m glad she married you, you know? I’d come and kick your balls up your throat if you didn’t come and see her right now.

Give me 10 minutes. 

I’ll be there a soon as possible.

Just, sit with her and make sure she’s okay and reassure her that I’ll be right there with her.

I will.

Hurry up though. Because the doctors are getting stressed that she won’t have the ultrasound.

Tell her to have it. Please. Beg her to have it. I don’t mind missing this one. She needs it so they can see the baby.


I’ll get her to have it. 

Just get here soon. She wants you here. Said “the closest thing to Harry she has is Gemma”. x

Don't Let This Be The Last Time (Philip X Reader)


It was your first day at King’s College and you didn’t know a soul. After a long first day and a load of homework, you make your way to the local coffee shop to grab your favorite drink to help you push through. “Y/N!!” The barista calls as your order is up. You grab your cup and inhale the aroma like you need it to live. You hear snickering behind you and you whirl around to catch the culprit. He was standing beside a tall table with another guy. After seeing that he was busted, he shook his head, his head full of chestnut curls bouncing around. You decide to walk over and set your cup on his table. “So, what’s so funny, Curly Sue?”

His companion doubles over with laughter. “‘Curly Sue’?!?!?!?” You smirk at the guy’s reaction but continue to stare at ‘Curly Sue’.

“Sorry, it’s just that I had never seen someone so into their coffee like that before.” He smiled.

“After the day that I have had and the load of homework I’ve got to get through, you’d be the same.”

Curly Sue’s face lit up. “You’re going to King’s College too?”

After that, Y/N and Curly Sue became the best of friends. She also found out that Curly Sue’s real name was Philip but you liked your nickname for him better. Come to find out, they both were in several classes together.


Philip’s POV

“Gah, isn’t Professor Tremblay just the worst?” I asked as I collapsed in a chair beside Y/N in the cafeteria.

“Yeah, the worst. His teaching style and my learning style soooo don’t work together.” Y/N sighed as she picked at her lunch. I could see that classes were bumming her out and I hated to see her even remotely sad.

“Say, how about after classes Friday, we hit the bar, maybe do a little karaoke?” I knew I had hit her weak spot, karaoke. I knew she couldn’t resist going out for karaoke night and it would make her happy. Y/N started bouncing in her chair, her excitement permeating the air.


Friday night came and I decided to dress up. I donned my favorite dress and boots. Just as I was finishing my hair and makeup, Philip knocked on my door. “Come on in, Curly Sue!!! Door’s open!!!” I called from my bedroom. Philip opened the door and made his way in. “I’m almost done. I’ll be right out.”

Philip’s POV

I had been in her apartment before but I had never really looked around. I was looking at some trinkets on the shelf by the door when Y/N cleared her throat to get my attention. I turned to see Y/N in whole new light. She stood there in a dress that matched her eyes and it accented her curves perfectly. I had never thought about her as more than my best friend until that moment. She was beautiful. Probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on. She walked over to me. “Philip, hello??? We gotta go or we’re gonna be late!” Y/N waved her hand in front of my face then grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. When she grabbed my hand, it sent a bombardment of sparks through my hand and arm. I had never felt this way before and it kinda scares me.


Once Philip and I arrive at the bar, I head to find us a table and Philip went to the bar to grab the first round. As I settled into my seat, a guy walked by the table. He stopped when he saw me. Holy cow, it’s George Eacker!!! “Hello, what is a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this on her own?”

He called me beautiful…

I shake out of my revelry and reply that I was here with a friend who was grabbing our drinks. “Oh, you’re taken…” he sounds despondent.

“Oh, no, Philip is just a friend, we’re not dating.” You blush.

“Oh, well then, would you like to dance?” George extended his hand which I took and he lead me to the small dance floor in front of the stage.

Philip’s POV

After finally being able to wrangle the bartender and get our drinks, I arrived at our usual table but it was empty. I frantically look around to see if I can find Y/N. My heart sinks as I see her in his arms. George Eacker, captain of every team possible, student body president and ladies man. I had a feeling that, like every other girl on campus, Y/N had a small crush on him.

No, Y/N is my girl…she just doesn’t know it yet.

I walk over to them to try to pull Y/N away. “Hey, I got your drink.” She didn’t even hear me. So, I tap Eacker on the shoulder, “mind if I cut in?”

He looked at me like I was latest fad that he was so over, sneering down his nose. “As a matter of fact, I do. I was just about to ask Y/N if she would like to go on a date with me.” Y/N was blushing but still had that huge grin on her face, the one that made me go weak at the knees when she flashed it at me on our way over.

Next thing I know, “Yes, I would love too!!!” Y/N squealed as she jumped into his arms. My heart fell to pieces. I turned on my heel and headed for the door. As I passed the table where George’s friends sat, I heard the only thing that broke my heart even more, “Damn, he did it! Guess I owe him $30.” Now, conflicted thoughts ran through my mind as I ran back to my dorm. Do I tell her? No, because then if I tell her that I love her she’ll think that I made it up because I was jealous. But, if I don’t tell her and she finds out that I knew about the bet, she’ll never forgive me. He tugged at his curls as he paced his dorm trying to figure out what to do.

A few days later…

I hesitantly knocked on Y/N’s dorm door.

“I’ll be right there!!!” She called from inside, sounding so happy. I was hating myself for what I was about to do. She flung the door open. “Oh, Hey, Curly Sue! What’s up?”

I drag my fingers through my hair, “Hey, can we talk for a minute? I have something really important I need to tell you.” A look crossed her face, a mixture of confusion and concern.

“Sure, come on in.” She ushers me into her living room and onto her couch. “So, what’s going on?”

Okay, here I go. “I don’t think you should go out with Eacker.” Her face drew back and crinkled up.

I held up my hand as she went to speak, “Just hear me out.” She crossed her arms and ankles and glared at me with a “ok-enlighten-me” look.

“When I left the bar the other night, I overheard Eacker’s friend, Edward, say that Eacker bet him $30 that he could get the next girl who walked in to go on a date with him. I wanted to go back and tell you but, you looked so happy and I didn’t want to take that from you at that time. But, now I have seen the errors of my decision. I just know he’s gonna break your heart and I just can’t stand to see you hurt. I just want to be honest with you.”

Rage is all over Y/N’s face. “You just jealous that Eacker asked me out before you did! Get out! I never want to see you again!!!” I stand, in shock, and make my way to the door. Y/N follows me and slams the door with no goodbye. As I quietly make my way back to my dorm, trying to hold the tears back, all I can think was, well, at least I was honest with her.


I pushed what Philip had said to the back of my mind. I didn’t need to put up with his bull shit right now. I had to get ready for my date. After putting the last touches on my makeup, I hear a knocking on my door. It must be George. I take one last glance in the mirror, calling “Coming!!” as I ran for the door. I breathlessly open the door. “Hi.”

“Well, hello there.”

He escorted me to his car and drove us to the restaurant. He was a perfect gentleman to begin with. But, then, his manners started slipping and his attitude totally changed. He started making sexual comments that made me feel uncomfortable. I was fed up. Then, Philip’s words from earlier slipped to the forefront of my mind.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” I ask.

“What?” he asked as if I was boring him.

“That you and Edward bet on this date?” I scowl at him. He laughs at first but he slowly stops as anger overtakes my expression. I grab my glass of wine and throw it in his face and stomp out.

I want to go home and cry but I need to see Philip. I hail a cab and give the driver Philip’s address.

I run in my 4 inch heels up the 6 flights of stairs to Philip’s dorm. I bang on his door. “Philip, are you there?” I call through his door. No response. Then, I remember a song I had heard the other day that fit the situation perfectly. I knew he was on the other side of the door. I could feel his presence. I pressed my body to the door and began to sing the chorus.

So don’t let the last time I hurt you
Be the last time I heard you
Don’t let the last time I held you
Be the last time I felt you

Wouldn’t let you get away
If I had another day
So don’t let the last time I saw you
Be the last time
Be the last time

My voice cracked on the last line. The door flung open to reveal a tear stained face. I threw myself into his arms. “I am so sorry. I was so stupid not to believe you.” I sobbed into his shirt. Philip wrapped his arms around me and buried his nose in my hair.

“I love you.” He whispered in my ear. “I think I have been since I met you but I just realized it the other night.” He pulled away as he said the last sentence to look into my eyes.

It dawns on me that, yes, I love him too. I don’t know what I would do without him in my life. “Philip, I-I love you too, so much. It just hit me like a ton of bricks.” I clasp him tight around his neck and press my lips to his.

He pulled away and gazed into my eyes, “I’ve wanted to do that since I saw you in that dress.” I blush at his words.

“Well, Mister Hamilton, I must say,” you say in a joking snooty voice, then add in a more serious tone, “that all you had to do was ask, I have cared deeply for you for a while and when you didn’t say anything that night, I thought you wasn’t interested in me…”

Philip shook his head profusely causing his chestnut curls flying around his head. “No, total opposite, you left me speechless with how beautiful you are.”

If you wanna be tagged in future stories, just message me or drop me an ask!! I don’t bite, I promise!!!

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1/2 I really wonder where Dean and Cas's plot/arc is leading for the finale. I don't like to speculate but i do wonder. We usually do get *something*, some kind of progression or moment to satisfy us like last season's car scene in the finale. The season had been leading up to something like that, and now i wonder what this season will give us? I'm leaning towards them having some sort of really candid moment that clears the air for good as far as their place with each other.

2/2 Like, Cas might still have his own personal “where do i belong, heaven or earth?’ "am i a human or an angel?” stuff, and that will extend the overall destiel arc another season, but i do believe we’re headed towards something this season that clears up all the “cas why do you keep leaving?” “dean what do you really and truly think of me?” etc. Even if it’s not huge, just something that settles some things between them.

Hi there! And yeah, speculating about a finale in detail is difficult… especially when we are at the beginning of some major arcs, and Dabb’s storytelling style is more about looking back to the past than foreshadowing the future, so there’s not even the sort of demand for resolution we had in s11.

The MAIN arcs of the season have been everyone’s individual emotional growth, rather than the evolution of a Big Bad. Yes, we have “big bad” things overlaying the entire season with the BMoL and Lucifer and now the nephilim, but the only consistently written arcs have been the emotional and subtextual growth each character has gone through. Everything else is essentially window dressing for that growth.

And yeah, I think we’re going to see Dean trying to get through to Cas again, and he’s going to have to use bigger words than he has before. I don’t know if anything can truly clear the air “for good” yet, but Dean’s gonna need something bigger than “I need you,” because right now, Cas (whether under his own free will or not) believes he’s acting in Dean’s best interest. He’s doing what “needs to be done.”

“I need you” ain’t gonna cut it this time.

Dean needs to get across the point that he doesn’t need Cas to fix everything, that Cas isn’t just a useful tool to bring out when the world breaks. He needs to make it clear that what Ambriel told him in 11.10 (written by Dabb):

Ambriel: I mean, we have a lot in common. Our names rhyme, that’s a big one. I look good in a trench coat too, and we’re both expendable.
Castiel: Excuse me?
Ambriel: Well, that’s why we’re here, right? I’m a number cruncher and you-you like I said, I’ve heard the stories. You help. But Sam and Dean Winchester are the real heroes. So if the Darkness is still alive and she’s pissed and she kills us, no big loss. So sure, maybe we’re not super important, but we do the job. I think there’s nobility in that.

and what Amara enforced:

Castiel: You think I’m afraid to die?
Amara: I know you are, you reek of fear and self loathing. Oh, scary. She’s right you know, you are expendable and weak. And why God took a special interest in you, I’ll never understand. My brother always did have horrible taste in men.


HE IS NOT EXPENDABLE AND WEAK, and yet that was what drove him to offer himself up as a vessel to Lucifer.

That’s the mistake he’s been atoning for ever since. And THAT’S the underlying issue that Dean needs to address in order to get through to him now.

He’s not a Winchester because of what he can do for them, but because of who he is. That they don’t keep him around because he’s useful, but because HE IS CAS and he’s family and they love him too.

(but gosh it would be nice if he stopped trying to throw himself on grenades for them left and right… )

Snowballs and Hot Chocolate

Snowballs and Hot Chocolate

Summary: In which it’s Christmas time and Dean has a crush.

Character/Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam, Mary, Cas

Word Count: 1381

a/n: This was written for the dear @steampunkd16  for @roxy-davenport ‘s Secret Santa challenge. Unfortunately my smutting skills are subpar and I didn’t go that route, so I hope that the extreme fluffiness of this one-shot makes up for it. No, seriously. This may be the happiest thing I’ve written in my entire life.

Without further ado, the one-shot!

Originally posted by welovehaehyuk

“Dean!” You laugh. “What the hell, dude?”

You dive behind the snow fort, snowflakes falling on your lashes and your face.

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Today is Laslow's birthday!!!!! Can you write something fluffy with Laslow and F!Corrin? I absolutely love your writing style!!

[Well since he’s technically Inigo I suppose it counts- I’m doing a Fates day/Awakening day pattern, and today is Awakening day x’D]

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“Laslow?” Your voice was quiet in the dimly lit bedroom, the only light being a small candle flickering on your bedside. Your husband, snugly snoozing beside you, barely acknoledged.

“…Mn.” He grumbled, turning on his side to at least face you. “Wha’s it? You need help understanding the plot, again…?” He asked groggily, cracking an eye open to look at you, his smile lazy.

“N-no, that’s not it.” You responded weakly, closing the novel you held. You paused, glancing at your husband before focusing them on your hands. “It’s just…well…” You trailed off, swallowing thickly. “Did you settle for me?”

And just like that, Laslow was wide awake.

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We ain’t never getting older

So finally, here it is the college au I promised. So a little contextualization,Luna’s parents found out that she was Sol Benson by chance, when decided to dig a little into Luna’s past,  Luna and Nina didn’t go to the same school that Ámbar and everyone else did, and they already know each other. And as Ámbar and Luna didn’t meet in a context where Luna was her rival they are kind of friends in this one.Also Ámbar is not as shitty as she is in the show.This is all in the fic tho.I know this isn’t much but it’s the beginning so.., I just hope you enjoy it.

Summary: The one where  Luna really needs help with calculus and Ámbar offers her ex boyfriend as a tutor, or also known as the one where Ámbar has a plan to get back with her ex that backfires incredibly. Alternative summary: The one where Matteo crushes into a pretty girl in the park and finds himself incredibly whipped and Gastón mocks him to no end.

Chapter 1

Luna Valente likes to believe she is a fairly intelligent girl, she is not a borderline genius like Nina or Ámbar, but she is smart and hardworking and if she doesn’t get something she will study as hard as she needs to be able to do it and that has always granted her pretty decent grades.Sadly for her, calculus doesn’t seem to be one of those thing she will master on her own with just hard work and dedication.

She has tried to get help but with Nina pursuing her more artistic interest and studying literature, not having any mandatory math classes, and deciding to register in biology for her electives she can’t really help her. Ámbar, who studies business and has calculus for economics, had tried but it ended up being a disaster with both of them shouting at each other and almost in the verge of tears (okay, maybe that was just her).

All of her other friends are on artistic careers also and can do nothing to help her, and it’s not like any of them  would want to touch anything related to math with a five foot pole. Yeah, she doesn’t make good life choices.

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Never Ever Land

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Rabastan Lestrange x Rodolphus Lestrange

AU: Modern, non-magical AU; college student!Hermione, older drug dealers!Lestranges

Word Count: 744

Written For: kiwiambrosia, shayalonnie, justcourbeau, politelycynical, brightki

Hermione thinks that it says a lot about what kind of person she is that she doesn’t immediately haul ass out of Harry’s overcrowded cesspool of a frat party when she sees who’s there.

Because Cormac is there.

Cormac I-Should-Practically-Come-With-My-Own-Series-Of-Antibiotic-Warning-Labels McLaggen.

Cormac I-Thought-We-Were-On-The-Same-Page-With-The-Condom-Thing McLaggen.

He’s in the far corner of the living room, holding court by the keg with his latest groupie—girlfriend?—and just generally doing an awesome impression of an exaggerated textbook douchebag. He’s wearing chinos and a backwards black Adidas cap, an expensive platinum watch strapped around his right wrist despite the fact that he is not left-handed, his baby blue Lacoste polo just the slightest bit too tight around his biceps. He’s smarmy. He’s arrogant. He is a sexist, misogynistic, gigantic error in judgment who Hermione cannot believe she let within five un-medicated feet of her vagina. Actually, now that she’s not blinded by her own hormones—

“And what is that face for, chérie?” a deep, unfamiliar, French-accented male voice purrs in her ear.

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rainteaanddragons  asked:

“I always sleep better when you’re here with me…” if you don't mind me requesting this for Gratsu then I'll request it lovely! I just think this would be so cute in your style!! 💕

Sorry this took so long, Anna! But I hope it makes you happy 💜


It’s been a long trip. Natsu doesn’t know how he’s still standing. Or how to keep moving forward. He’s been staring at the door of his new house for the past 5 minutes.

“Why did I want to live with the Ice Princess?” He grunts. He doesn’t even have Happy to fly him inside since he moved in with Carla after Gray and Natsu made their announcement. “Why did we pick a house with so many stairs? There are six-fucking-teen just to get into the house!”

His old house didn’t even have stairs, they could have lived there! But nooo, Gray had to go and be all considerate about Natsu’s goals to adopt and raise children.

“You want 3, we need a 4 bedroom house with at least 2 bathrooms,” he mimics in his most ridiculous Gray voice as he takes the first step up the stairs. He might as well be climbing a mountain.

He mumbles all the way into the house, grunting around his toothbrush when he makes it to the second floor. He stares at the tub, wondering how comfortable it might be to sleep in there.

He screws his eyes shut and presses his palms against them. He’d honestly crash in their bathtub if he didn’t miss his dumb Snowflake so much.

He nearly has to crawl to the bedroom, trying to purge Lucy’s scolding from his mind. He knows he shouldn’t have used up damn near all his magic energy but she didn’t have to lecture him about it.

He takes a deep breath, eyes widening when that familiar scent hits his senses. Snow. Pine needles. Fire and smoke. A purr rumbles deep in his chest, a display of pride at how his own scent has united with his mate’s.

He lingers in the doorway, studying the ice devil’s sleeping form: on his side, one leg halfway off the bed, blankets bunched up on Natsu’s side. Natsu chuckles, his heart warms. Gray sleeps on his own side of the bed when he’s gone, as if the dragon slayer is still there beside him? Natsu is definitely going to enjoy how red his face gets when he brings that up in the morning.

The even breathing he drifts off to almost every night makes his eyelids heavy and the fire wizard finally climbs into bed. He’s barely got his arm around Gray when the man jolts awake.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to–”

“Took ya long enough,” Gray huffs, voice thick. “Been waitin’ on you since 10.”

“My train was late. How are you even talking? You sleep like a log,” Natsu breathes against his back. “Didn’t you text me at 6:30 this morning? It’s freaking 2 am, why are you not asleep?”

“I only half sleep on the nights you’re supposed to come back,” Gray murmurs, hand squeezing the warm one clutching at his torso. “I like to be at least a little conscious when you get home.”

Natsu knows Gray is brutally honest when he’s half asleep. It’s how he found out he’s absolutely hopeless at making eggs and toast. He’s gotten used to it for the most part but Gray has these moments, these honest to Mavis stupidly sweet moments, where he just confesses something that completely comes out of left field and hits Natsu dead in the chest, spreading warmth and making him want to hug him so tight he’d probably freeze him solid for a week.

“You do?”

“You deaf, dragon ears?” Gray grumbles.

He should let Gray sleep, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t curious and was above taking advantage of Gray’s exhaustion induced honesty. “Why?”

Gray nearly growls. “Dunno.” Natsu feels more than hears him yawn. “I just… I always sleep better when you’re here with me.”

Natsu blinks. He always thought it was just him that does that. He’s about to lose any semblance of consideration. All he wants is to kiss Gray breathless and spend the next few hours telling Gray exactly what that means to him.

But Gray needs to sleep. He settles for squeezing him instead. “I missed you too, Snowflake.”

Frost emanates from Gray’s hand and Natsu’s first reaction is to run. Purple ice encases their intertwined fingers before Natsu can lift off the mattress.

“Uh, Gray?” Natsu whispers, brows drawn together. “You do know you just…” he jostles their joined hands, iced firmly against Gray’s chest.

“I know, damn it!” Gray snaps halfheartedly. “It’s just so you stop squirming, don’t flatter yourself.”

Even in the pitch black, Natsu sees the blush that covers his neck. “I’m sure.” He settles back in, pulling Gray closer.

“I’ll ice your mouth shut too,” Gray threatens.

Natsu bites back his laughter. He’d be okay with that as long as Gray keeps them bound together until morning.

Even with the frigid ice holding him in place, Natsu has never felt more at home.

‘I always sleep better when you’re here with me.’

Nothing has ever felt more like home than Gray.

I Don’t Dance

Imagine listening to I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice with Dean.

Author: asharpisaflat

Requested By: smilekt02

Word Count: 923

Dean turned the knob on the Impala’s radio, desperately seeking a classic rock station or anything but country, stuck in the middle of the Western Pennsylvania woods. Giving up on the limited options, he left it on WLMI McKean and Elk Counties Home for Today’s Hot Country Hits.  Letting his wrist slip over the steering wheel he watched the tree line wobble in and out littered with roads to oil wells and dead ends, hoping for signs of the werewolves.

It was the piano that drew him away from his concentration, a steady bum bum bum that was as catchy as a cold. Smiling, he thought of when you played the piano, nothing impressive but intoxicating none the less.

“I’ll never settle down, that’s what I always thought. I was that kind of man, just ask anyone.” He turned it up a little more, feeling drawn in by a strange sense of familiarity. Dean listened intently, finally making his way back to the blemish of a small town that housed the no tell motel he shared with you and Sammy.

Once the song was over he turned the car off and grabbed the room key from the CD visor  you insisted on putting up. Slipping the plastic through the only piece of technology the place was equipped with he pushed the door open, ecstatic to find out you were the only occupant.

“Where’s Sam?” He asked.

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pod7432  asked:

Can we please get more of the coma fic? I really loved it and all your other work. I hope I don't sound like a kiss-up, but seriously, DON'T EVER STOP WRITTING, AND IF SOMEONE SAYS OTHERWISE DON'T LISTEN. Your that good in my opinion. Thx for reading

Anon 1:  You’re writing style is adorable, and I’m psure you’re already getting this a lot, but please do not let that be the end of the ‘coma nico’ series, please. -cries- I really enjoy reading your writing as it pops up on my dash.

Anon 2:  please, a continuation to the coma i just loved it

Anon 3:  Hi!Two things:1)I love your work by the way!you are my favorite solangelo fanfiction writer and 2)could you continue the gentle peck fanfiction?Like what if they find out its cancer or something?Just an idea!

Anon 4:  Please please continue the car crash story!!!

Anon 5:  Uh are you continuing the coma fic cause…well… I need it

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 


Will was never a fighter. He had always been a very passive person, choosing to be a healer instead of a fighter. That’s why he became a doctor, so he could help people. Will always preferred a stethoscope to his fists and rarely ever took a swing at anyone for any reason. He just didn’t have it in him.

But now, Will wanted to send his fist through a wall. 

He wanted to scream and pull his hair out. He wanted to smash something. He wanted to punch someone. 

Nico didn’t know who he was. Nico didn’t know who he was. Nico didn’t know him.

Will quickly excused himself from the room, sending a nurse in to check Nico’s vitals and make sure he was alright. Not that “alright” existed for either of them right now. Will took himself into the staff lounge as quickly as his legs could carry him, before slumping down into a chair at an empty table and hanging his head in his hands. 

Whispers curled around his ears. Isn’t that doctor Solace? Is he crying? Heard his husband just woke up from a three month coma, poor guy. Which one? Both.

Will Solace was not crying. He was too empty to cry. He simply sat with his head in his hands, staring at the gray table blankly. He tried to cry, hell, he wanted to cry, but he was too numb. 

When Will was heading home that night, he realized when Nico woke up, he had forgotten what an empty house felt like.

Some part of Will blew away in the wind, gone, like Nico’s memories.


Nico had traumatic amnesia. Amnesia caused by a severe blow to the head. The length and permanency of the amnesia depended on where the blow landed and how hard the area was hit. Symptoms of traumatic amnesia often included comas. 

Will was going to be sick. Nico was going to be discharged from the hospital and sent back home with Will to be monitored. Other than his amnesia, there was nothing wrong with Nico. There was a bump on his head that was being watched, but the doctors assumed it was just where he hit his head in the crash. Will didn’t like the idea of bringing Nico back into their home when he couldn’t even remember it. 

If Nico didn’t regain at least a few of his memories in a few weeks, he would be sent to live with Hazel and his father in a quiet city in California where he could recover without waking up next to a stranger every morning.

Will was the stranger.


“You ready to head out, Nico?” Will called softly from the door.

“Yeah, just a second.” Nico climbed out of bed and walked over to Will, silently following him to his car. 

“Remember, if it gets to be too much, tell me. We can take this as slowly as you need to.” 

Nico nodded as he sat if the passenger seat. By now, the gold band had been removed from Nico’s finger and it glinted mockingly from Will’s left ring finger, his own ring having been moved to his right hand. 

Will pulled into the driveway, the cold house staring emptily back at them, its contents long devoid of warmth and love. 

Will helped Nico into the house, careful not to touch him anywhere that he wouldn’t touch someone professionally. Settling Nico into the couch, Will jogged back out to the car to grab the bags. When he came back in, Nico was gone from the couch. 


He found him standing in the hallway, staring at a photo hanging on the wall.

Will’s stomach dropped through the floor. He thought he had taken all of them down, put all of them away so he wouldn’t see them, but he must have missed one.

Nico stared at the picture. And the Nico in the picture stared right back, smiling, standing next to Will at the altar.


chevrille  asked:

Hey, I know you don't publicly talk about it but can you privately tell me how you keep your green rats? I have a trio coming and wanna make em something nice when theyre done with qt. Thanks!

Sure! There’s a ton of factors that would shake out different answers from me, so let’s go over them. And what the hell, let’s make it public for now.

The primary things we need to know is if they’re WC/CB, and their general age.

If they are young (which imo is the best case scenario), I really recommend not making a display until they’re older, and definitely house them separately. Since this species can be really easily spooked off food, into getting sick, etc, it’s best to keep them to the bare minimum paper towels, any hides, and waterbowl in a tub/rack to start them off for at least a couple years. I’m keeping all of mine in ‘growout tub style‘ until they’re chowing on small adult mice.

If they are WC adults, I’d keep them on paper towel even in their display. Treating their parasites is a lifelong task that you gotta keep an eye out for constantly (ie, constantly inspecting poops), and even if you shotgun as many meds as you can in the beginning there’s a really good chance something bizarre will survive that you need to catch later. I’ve finally switched my LTC silver male Fenris to reptichip, but he’s been healthy in my care for 4-5 years now (and I still poop inspect).

For WC animals you’ll need a slightly-smaller-than-expected cage, as enclosed as possible. In these cases I use fake decor and the background is just a window cling image, so I can put the animals into holding tubs, break down the cage to bare glass and really scrub-sanitize everything once a week or every other. Keeping things as clean as you can really goes a long way in the longevity of field collected gonyos. You can still make the cage look nice! But it’s just a matter of carefully planning how you make it work.

Now, if you’re absolutely sure you’re getting CB/CH adults, I tend to lean towards what their setup was previous to your ownership so they can settle in as easily as possible. If they were living in breeder bins previously, keep them in that for a year or two until they’re super duper comfortable around you and the household workings, and then begin planning the display (though some super high strung ones will never move past this phase and will always live best in a tub format. You need to play it by ear and respect what the animal is most comfortable with). If they were previously in a display, then you can go ahead to the really fancy display phase.

So lastly, if you have confident CH/CB adults you bought or grew out, you can basically go hog wild with whatever cage design you want, at a little larger than the WCs will ever want. They use climbing features about as much as texas ratsnakes; Jen and Lo currently will take maybe five minutes every other day to do a lap around the cage and then back into a hide. A far cry from how green tree pythons work, so you don’t really need to worry about branch gradients, but I’m currently playing with providing an RHP as the main heat source to encourage them going up there. I also keep their displays as sealed up as chondros, and mist them down like chondros.

Other people can debate these methods to death I suppose, but that’s the basic rundown of how I’ve gotten some success with this species. Hope that helps, lemme know if you have any questions!

anonymous asked:

Hi juliette. I want to draw more stylistic but here are so many styles that I like, and none of them seem to fit me and I am never content with my drawings. it is stressing me out to the point that I just sit in front of my laptop / sketchbook and cry for like half an hour straight. (Without drawing anything because when I have an idea (which is rare) I don't know how I want to draw it) I can't seem to "just begin" because I don't know how anymore. Do you recognize this / have any advice? Xxx

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I Would Be So Pleased (Vacation)

I’m honored, that you would pick us over Rainbow Quartz.

Pearl felt her cheeks color deeply at Garnet’s words, and she ducked her head. Garnet, more than anyone else, understood how serious such a statement was, coming from her. Still, she had to avert her eyes, suddenly quite interested in a nearby rock formation. She found one of Garnet’s hands to cling to, idly rubbing her thumb over the other Gem’s knuckles, and Garnet let her.  

“It’s not just because she’s more fun,” Pearl said at length, “It’s… There was always something else, some barrier, something between us when Rose and I fused. Like she was holding something back. I couldn’t reach her.”

Garnet was quiet for a moment, then tightened her hold minimally on the other Gem. Pearl’s slim waist fit neatly with her arm around it, like nothing were more natural. “We definitely don’t have that problem, as Sardonyx,” Garnet agreed quietly, “I think we’re usually very open with each other when we’re fused.”

Barring the recent debacle, Pearl thought sourly. She sighed, pushing the guilt aside as best she could, and brought Garnet’s hand up to brush her lips across her fingers. “When we’re Sardonyx, it feels like… like we’re all together,” she murmured, “You, me, Ruby, and Sapphire, all at once. And I know it’s not possible outside of Fusion.”

“You miss them,” Garnet said; it wasn’t a question, but Pearl nodded just the same. “Do you ever—“

“I won’t ask you to unfuse for me,” Pearl insisted, turning again to meet Garnet’s eyes. “I know it’s… complicated for you, in particular. I don’t want you to be gone. But… Of course I miss them. We spent so much time together, how could I not? We were so close.”

Garnet hummed in agreement, tugging Pearl’s hand toward her chest, over her heart. “They miss you, too,” she assured the smaller Gem, “But we all appreciate that you don’t want me to unfuse. Especially after all this time.”

Thousands of years ago Pearl might have wished it; one day, Garnet’s existence had just become functionally permanent—Ruby and Sapphire settled into being Garnet in less than the span of a century, even going so far as to remain permanently fused toward the end of the war. They eased into their relationship, into existing as one, and that had left Pearl with one best friend instead of two.

It was strange to think that there had been a single day where Ruby and Sapphire had really stopped being a fixture in her life, where the two had been replaced by the Gem she loved so very differently now. One day, Garnet had really come into herself, and Ruby and Sapphire had been happy to let her exist without breaks—at least, without voluntary ones.

“Of course I don’t. It’s bad enough I made you—“

“Pearl,” Garnet cut her off, “Is it really worth bringing that up now? We should be enjoying ourselves.”

Garnet was right, of course, but Pearl’s guilt still gnawed at her weeks later. She sighed, pressing her face into Garnet’s chest briefly. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly, earning a warm hug for her apology.

“Do you want to answer more?” Garnet asked, “There’s still some battery life left.”

Pearl was quiet a moment, then shook her head. “Could we…” she paused to consider, then, garnering up her courage, asked in a rush; “Could we dance? Just for fun. Not to Fuse.”

The Fusion chuckled, rising from where she sat and pulling Pearl up with her slowly. Pale hands gripped her arms, and Garnet locked her hands briefly around her waist. “I have a condition,” Garnet said smoothly, and Pearl looked briefly startled, but her partner’s warm smile put her at ease—or at least as much at ease as she could be with dragonflies swarming in her stomach.

“You do?” Pearl asked uncertainly. Garnet nodded, spinning her neatly.

“You get to sing this time,” she said, “I haven’t heard you sing in a while.” Longer than that, save duets at Steven’s request. Pearl had been uncharacteristically non-musical of late, and Garnet knew it was a lingering effect of their fight. Still, that was in the past.

Pearl’s cheeks heated immediately, blooming a brilliant blue. “Garnet! I… I’m not half as good as you,” she insisted. Dancing with a limited audience was one thing; the camera was not forgotten, and singing…

“I can sing with you,” Garnet offered, “If you pick the song.”

The alabaster Gem swallowed hard. There weren’t many duets she could think of, but if Garnet were willing to join their voices…

Pearl’s voice started out small, but carried. It wasn’t a Homeworld song this time; something she had picked up on Earth some years ago, a song from one of Greg’s silly disks that featured music nothing like the screaming nonsense he so preferred. It was melodic and soothing, and even if Pearl didn’t fully understand some of its meaning, she’d always liked it.

Somewhere in a dream, perhaps another lifetime

I have seen your face, I have held you near,

Riding on a beam, the sun became your lifeline

Passing time and space, now you’re standing here

Her hands slid up Garnet’s arms hesitantly, and Garnet settled both hands at her hips. Pearl sang, softly at first, but with rising confidence and volume as Garnet maneuvered her in a slow, easy dance—not quite a waltz (neither of them preferred that style), but neither was it anything more structured. Garnet moved slowly, supplying a soft hum to keep their pace. Pearl sang on.

And born of heaven’s creation, your voice gently cries,

Saying, “I would be so pleased, I would take you by the hand

I would be so pleased, though I don’t know where I stand

I would take this chance, may I have this dance

I would be so pleased.”

To Pearl’s immense surprise, Garnet lifted her, pressing a light kiss to her crown before she took up the song.

Now at last it’s real, finally you’ve found me

Knowing all along, you would soon appear

Through the dark I feel

Stardust all around me

Whispering a song, there’s no need to fear

Their voices mingled, and Pearl was surprised that she and Garnet could harmonize easily, effortlessly, despite the great difference in Garnet’s low alto and her soprano.

And after some hesitation, my voice sweetly sighs

Singing, “I would be so pleased, to try and love again,

I would be so pleased, to love you now and then,

Formalities aside, no more love denied

I would be so pleased.”

To her surprise, Garnet took the next verse, guiding her in a familiar series of steps that took no thought at all to match. Garnet leaned in close, and Pearl stayed en pointe to meet her gaze, almost nose-to-nose.

Is what I’m worthy of, still I have my doubts

Could I live my life for love, after life so long without?

With so many ways to go, it makes it hard to see

I need so much more to know if it’s where I’m meant to be

Pearl paused then, words to the next verse completely forgotten. “Yes,” she said quietly, but with certainty that surprised even her. “I think it is.”