will i ever not laugh through this entire film

“We used to laugh at all the things they got wrong.” In which Regina introduces Robin to this world’s many versions of Robin Hood. Absolutely no context to be had here. Just little fluffy bits. No major trigger warnings apply.

“Bloody hell.”

It’s not often he curses like that, and it makes Regina smile.

“I’m a fox.”

“In more ways that one,” Regina teases.

He doesn’t seem to catch her double entendre (which she’s a little disappointed about, because how often does that opportunity come around?) and leans forward on the couch, his eyes intent on the screen. “I don’t understand. Why am I a fox? What is this world’s obsession with giving animals human characteristics? First the cat with the hat, and now this.”

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anonymous asked:

It's Rose's birthday!!! Could you write or rec some fics involving the doctor and her birthday please ?

i couldn’t not fill out this prompt. happy birthday rose tyler! and thanks for the prompt, anon :)

ao3; tsp

Unlike her 20th, which had been a dramatic day filled with being chased by dragons (dragons!), a skirmish with the authorities on the planet Trex, and the discovery of an alien imitating an 80s pop star, Rose Tyler’s 21st birthday was a comparably quiet affair.

For one thing, they stayed in one location for the day, rather than last year’s bouncing through time and space in the Doctor’s increasingly desperate attempts to give her the best birthday ever. Though Rose had enjoyed herself thoroughly with all the inadvertent trouble they’d stumbled into, the Time Lord’s lack of success on the fun and harmless front meant that he was apparently choosing a subtler approach this time.

“We’re…going to a funfair?” she said, repeating his announcement that morning with a dubious quirk of her eyebrow.

“Not just any funfair, Rose Tyler: the biggest and best funfair in the whole universe! Well, in this galaxy, at least. It spans the entirety of a planet called Endeavor Three, and - ” He finally ceased his excited spinning about the console and took in her expression. His hand dropped from the dematerialisation lever and his face fell simultaneously. “You don’t like it.”

She set aside the birthday card he’d got her and hopped up from the jumpseat to move over to him. Stroking his arm to soothe his distress, she tried to explain. “It’s not that I don’t like the idea, exactly…”

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