will i ever get over this show

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If you could do a do-over on TVD what would you change, how the story would've gone if you could have written the show?

To get deep into that would be a novel, but I will say this. I would not have put Caroline and Stefan together, ever. And I would have had Stefan and Elena find their way back to each other, most likely from both turning human. I would have written Bonnie’s storylines COMPLETELY different (like…all of them). I might have even written a legit redemption arc for Kai and had her with him…although I may have put her endgame with Jeremy. Also, Damon would die to sacrifice himself somehow, finally owning up to everything he has done. 

I also wouldn’t have completely retconned Stefan/Elenas relationship or the entire character of Stefan Salvatore and butchered it completely, erasing the epic story they had told the first few seasons. 

Oh, and Caroline would definitely be on her way to New Orleans. 

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i was told that i just want to see porn because i was complaining about the way they handled malec like - my dude, buddy, pal - i'm ace i could go with never seing a sex scene EVER with ANYONE and be quite happy about it, i want INTIMACY and CONVERSATION

I guess for some people it is really hard to get the difference between intimacy and sex, Anon. Since apparently we all just wanted to see porn—when in fact all we actually wanted was for Malec to have an actual conversation after having sex. Not to mention having an honest talk before the sex that showed us all that the sex was consent (instead of them brushing over Magnus’ feelings, wtf?!). But yeah, sure, we all watch “Shadowhunters” for the porn/sex in the first place. Of course.

Some people, I swear. Probably those who didn’t understand the hashtag #MalecDeservesBetter and aren’t even trying to get what we all are saying. Sigh.

Kinda apprehensive with the upcoming Supergirl - sorry, the coming Super Mon-El show. This is supposed to about the Danvers family reunion, but it seems like it’s gonna be made about Mon-El (of fucking course it has to be fucking him) being suspicious of Jeremiah.

Why can’t it be J’onn? You know, the psychic Green Martian? In the comics they made him out as strong, if not stronger, than Superman, but now suddenly he’s so fucking stupid he can’t separate enemy from friend?

I might be getting ahead of myself by getting upset over synopsis and trailers, but ever since this once great show moved to The CW, it’s been one disappointment after the other.

Ok so pretty much all recent Star episodes have felt weird. Except for like, the bounce lounge. Why is it suddenly like all about love??? I mean i dont have a problem with Marco and Jackie love, because Marco has loved Jackie ever since kindergarten but WHY Does star all of a sudden like marco.

I MISS EPISODES BEING NORMAL LIKE OMG, I just watched a clip from Party With A Pony and I MISS IT SO BAD.

I miss the happy crazy weird random funny humor and scenes and the cool fight scenes with ludo/his minions i just miss the show being normal

I hope that star saying “i want everything to go back to normal” means like, no more weird like romance between them and weird stuff. i hope she just gets over the ‘crush’ just like dipper did with wendy in gravity falls.

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If the show didn't like Robert then they had many chances to get rid of him and they still easily could, as the actions of the character have made it impossible for a lot of fans to ever accept him. I don't believe there is some big disdain for the character and love for Aaron behind the scenes. They have given Robert various moments over the last year and have generally showed him becoming a better person with some slips backward. It's lazy to go the cheating route, but it's not OOC.

Well, the show loves Robron and the way it’s become popular because of them, so that’s one of the reason why they can’t get rid of Robert for sure!
Anyway i don’t say that they don’t love him at all, i say that in comparison to Aaron they treat him and his character really bad. His best big storyline was Robron affair and that’s it. He was shot, but we saw only couple episodes of consequences, he helped Andy (but still it was about Andy), he helped Aaron and became a better person (and it still was mainly about Aaron), only once we’ve heard about his past and we don’t really have a lot of scenes with his family and he constantly gets this cheating bullshit! Everything that we get with him is about other characters, but not about him, that upsets me the most… while Aaron had: Robron affair, continuation of the self-harming sl, child abuse sl, he’s nearly died during SSW, problems with mental health, and now he’s in prison where he’ll be taking drugs and it’s all about Aaron… i think the difference is obvious!
I hope I managed to explain my opinion.

People need to realise TOP is not the first one to use the no signal stage and he wouldn’t be the last one. I have been to numerous concerts that have used it, I have watched numerous award shows that have used. So many western artists have used it long before he ever did. So if BTS copied him, doesn’t that mean he copied as well? I’m not an army but I think people are overreacting over something like this. And I’ll get hate for this I know but I’m just saying what most people are thinking

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: will we be getting an ova of what happens at this year's banquet? what wild antics will occur? will yuuri get drunk because of how happy he is and forgets that he's a touchy-feely drunk? will christophe bring out his stripper pole again? will yuri be "dragged" into a dance-off with yuuri again? who is going to hook up with who? who is going to drag otabek into a dance off where he shows off moves that no one ever thought possible? all i know is phichit's going to have this all over the internet as it happens.

Let me get this straight….

The creator of my favorite childhood show The Powerpuff Girls

The creator of my obsession from 8th grade through college Danny Phantom

And the creators of two of my current obsessions Gravity Falls and Steven Universe


Literally, creators the 4 shows I have ever considered a number 1 favorite of mine are all going to be in the same room together and I cannot handle this.

I’m scared.What if I’m never gonna get over you? What if five years from now, I’m still wishing for you to come back? What if every night whether its 2 or 3 AM, I’m still questioning myself; “Where did I go wrong this time?” Ever since you left, I see you in every little things. I remember how you love kids so much that every time I met one, they remind me of you. I remember you every time I saw your favourite TV shows, your favourite food, or things that you dislike the most. At first it made me smile. But then I remember that everything’s over. We’re over. I can no longer hear you talk about your day. I can no longer see the spark in your eyes every time you talk about the things that you’re passionate about. I can no longer hear your rants, your laughter, everything about you, I just don’t have it anymore. And it hits me. It hits me hard that I could feel the lump in my throat as well as the pain in my chest which would usually bring me to tears.  I’m weak, indeed. You see, it was never easy for me to let go.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1179 // @bynoire on Instagram

Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.

i want to get over you, but i also visit your profile every 15 minutes, i want to forget you, but i also listen to your favorite band and watch your favorite tv-show, i want to find somebody new, but i also compare them to you, no one’s better, their kisses will never ever get me drunk just like yours did, i want to be happy without you, but i also can’t fall asleep without the thought of you on my mind, i want you to never call me and never message me again, but i also check my phone every 5 minutes hoping that maybe there’s a call from you.

#i will never get over isak’s face here #cause isak really thought he may be too late #rereading that text in the church #running here #thinking even might have committed suicide #that he might not make it #that he had to connect the dots sooner #and the relief when he sees him #you can hear him taking his first real breath in a long time #i swear these were the most tragic, heartbreaking minutes i ever had to endure in a tv-show

…..Do you ever just get overwhelmed with emotion over Stanley Pines

Because I was rewatching Dreamscaperers and Gideon Rises, and just the facial expressions of Stan throughout half of Gideon Rises kILL ME.

As soon as Gideon gets a hold of the deed of the shack, you can clearly see Stan’s face of absolute shock - unable to process the situation that he’ll later realize in the first half of the next ep that all he’s been working for for the past 30 years will be all lost. And I’m positive that this crossed his mind as these events occurred. I mean, he was always going down in that basement to try and work on that portal. 

And the thought doesn’t cross his mind that he’s just lost all of his possible chances of saving his brother until he’s confronted by Gideon in Gideon Rises, and at the time isn’t able to stop him (along with the help of the kiddos and Soos). I mean…just look at his expression below

And then his posture changes as the thought just…sinks in…

And the fact that he’s been kicked out of his home (not the only time he has…*cough s*…yeah..) and has to send the kids back home doesn’t help with the fact that not only has he failed his brother, but he also failed with being able to take care and financially support his niece and nephew. I can only imagine how Stan must’ve felt during this little period in the show, and it just…k i l l s m e. 

I mean, just look at how he acts around the kids before and after they get on the bus. I’m sure those thoughts of being a failure are hitting the poor man hard:

He even states that he’s hit rock bottom. Someone please give this man a hug.

But the rush of utter joy and relief he gets when he sees through Gideon’s tricks and finds a way to fix things. He now has another chance to keep working on getting his brother back (and he does get the kiddos back as a result of his actions of revealing Gideon as being a fraud to the town, even though at the time he doubts he would, as they’re on the bus heading back to Piedmont. But what luck that everything in the end turned out great for him, eh?)

He’s so overwhelmed with joy that he just kisses Abuelita without even thinking. He’s just so hung up on the thought that: Hey, I have a chance to keep going. To get Ford back.

@analusername: Sorry i couldn’t straight face this ridiculous pose. Felt like crap today but had to get up and work it out. It’s been over a month so i figured i’d update my current progress post workout. Broke under 160 recently. Results def showing more. Day by day. If ever in a dark place, strive to become the best version of yourself. Mentally and physically. I see I’m also out of tissues… so thats a problem.

  • Me: I'm not sad about Wes' death anymore
  • htgawm: *Shows Wes smiling more in this episode than in any other episode in this show ever*
  • Me: Wes was literally the light of my life and I'm never going to get over this
  • Mako: Oh, hey, chief. Did you get my report on the triad murder?
  • Lin: Yeah, I looked it over. Nice work.
  • Mako: Good. Thanks, mom.
  • Lin: ...
  • Mako: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Asami: You just called Chief Beifong "mom."
  • Mako: What? No, I didn't. I said, "thanks, ma'am."
  • Lin: Do you see me as a mother figure, Mako?
  • Mako: No. If anything, I see you as a "bother" figure, 'cause you're always bothering me.
  • Korra: Hey, show your mother some respect!