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What’s it like dating Steve Rogers

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Surprise I’m Back!!!

In me gaining three hundred followers I am going to posting everyday for this week till next Friday!! thank you everyone!! :)


  • Cuddles
  • Letting him be the little spoon
  • “You look hella hot in your uniform” “Thank’s (Y/N)”
  • You get along with Bucky
  • You make amazing dinners

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Summary: I love your blog! You’re amazing person! Can you do a kirk one where, the reader is an artist and has a job to paint the sky for starfleet, so late night she’s on the bridge on a stool painting and kirk watches from afar and then hugs from behind saying how lucky he is… Make it really fluffy, maybe she drawings him while he’s asleep and more fluff and all ahhhh !! I love you (For Anon)

Warnings: No way man.

Pairings: Kirk/Reader

A/N: I love this one. I might make a part two…..

Word Count: 978

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….I guess I’ll raise you instead of eating you.

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List 5 things that make you happy:

1. Spending time with my family, friends or my boyfriend
2. Driving around while listening to music
3. Watching documentaries
4. Dancing around to my favorite songs
5. Drawing and singing when I’m home alone

Some facts about me:

Name: Chantal

Star sign: Cancer

Average hours of sleep: 4-5 mostly

Lucky number: 2

Last thing I Googled: the lyrics to Salvatore by Lana del Rey

Favorite fictional characters: Misty Day, Bellamy Blake, Enjolras, Stiles Stilinksi, Dean Winchester, Raven Reyes, Effy Stonem, James Cook and a lot more

What I’m wearing right now: a white blouse and black pants

When did I start my blog: I can’t remember right now, I guess January

Followers: 373

What do I post: I’m mostly reblogging nostalgic stuff, beautiful people from the past and present and things I can relate to

Why did I choose my URL: I wanted my theme to be pink so I thought it would fit

I’m not a native speaker so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes 🌸

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The Amateur Cracksman?

Again I see him, leaning back in one of the luxurious chairs with which his room was furnished. I see his indolent, athletic figure; his pale, sharp, clean-shaven features; his curly black hair; his strong, unscrupulous mouth. And again I feel the clear beam of his wonderful eye, cold and luminous as a star, shining into my brain—sifting the very secrets of my heart.

More like Oh No, He’s Hot: A Memoir.

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Name: Ashleigh, but call me Ash~

Star sign: Scorpio!

Average hours of sleep: between 9 and 10 hours a night.

Lucky number:  uhhh, multiples of 5 i guess.

Last thing I googled: foxglove, for a drawing ref

Favourite Fiction Character:  so many, but my main faves atm are Midoriya Izuku, Tokoyami Fumikage, Kageyama Shigeo and Suzuki Shou.

What are you wearing right now: jeans and a collared t-shirt.

When did you start this blog: Feb 2013

Amount of followers: 1,066, hello everyone!!

What do I post: Art, anime i like, aesthetic stuff, food etc etc 

Do I run any more blogs: Yes, I run a BNHA Quirk help blog and a BNHA imagines blog~

Do I get a lot of asks: not really, depends on if I reblog art prompts or not. 

Why did I choose this URL: attempted to get the URL “atlurkabuterimon” but didn’t so…

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so, today was my sister’s bday! and except for like some hours where i thought about Life and turned sad, i have been in a decent mood?? its cool

like, a buch of her friends came over and we bought +40 ballons and made a contestt of drawing on the balloons!

also we played mario party and i won with 7 star plsfdj (the other people got 0-3). i somehow was very lucky and??? i always got high numbers on the dice and when there was a tie in a game, it gave me more coins than the rest of people?? then they got angry and played againt me plewfji but it was fun

i also got her m.ar.io kar..t 7 and it has been very fun! im gad it lets you play multiplayer with only one card

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Aaaah! Your newest art is so adorable! It makes me even more excited for text week, and how everything turns out.

Hello Gracie !!! I’m thrilled that you liked the artwork !!! =D I can’t wait for next week either !!! Funny thing about this artwork, I did it last week before we saw any peeks of Malec in bed so I’m kinda like telling myself that me constantly drawing Malec cuddling in bed made my dream come true lol ^^ See, we all have a good / lucky star somewhere ! =D Either way, enjoy your last few days before being “killed” by next week’s Malec’s content ! I hope we’ll hope survive it ! lol =D

Thank you again Gracie, as well as for popping by !! LOADS of hugs coming your way my sweet summer child !! <3 <3 

Anime World

Me: (before starting the drawing) I’m not really inspired to draw. Well, I’ll just grab the old sketchbook, I’m not gonna waste a DIN-A4 for a badly done drawing.
Me: (3 hours after whith the finished sketch) … I think this is the most detailed drawing that I’ve done in a while … I would had more space in a DIN-A4 ;_;

Just me being myself xD

At first I was going to draw only Izumi Konata (main character from Lucky Star). Then somehow I was in the proper mood for drawing. Since the drawing was pretty boring with only the character and Konata is a big otaku, I decided to put some wallpapers and items as references to some of the animes I watched/started to watch (only some of them, I couldn’t think of proper references for all of them and neither I had space to draw them, lol).

So, every wallpaper and every item is an anime reference. How many do you recognize? 

Hope you like it!! ^^

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Yellow please :)

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if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose?

I miss the mountains. Currently, I don’t have a view. My view is a cement wall.

what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?

Draw or read, same as any other day. If I still lived in a semi-rural area I would probably go out for hikes/walks/biking more. I used to spend a sizeable portion of my sunny days running around in the woods.

what do you consider lucky?

Being born to a family that cares about you?

what made you smile today?

Star VS the Forces of Evil: Battle for Mewni

what makes you happy?

Good stories. Music. Art. Something that makes me laugh.


“Kim Soo Hyun captured hearts in Singapore Fanmeet”
en.korea, Channel NewsAsia

South Korea’s hottest actor Kim Soo Hyun was recently in Singapore for his Asia Tour Fanmeeting. Held at Singapore Expo, the event drew an audience of over 2,800 not just from Singapore but around the region – Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia just to name a few!

Kim Soo Hyun appeared on stage shining (with a flawless glowing complexion to boot!) like a star and was all smiles. The initial fear of a cancellation of the fan meet following the cancelled press conference out of respect to the Sewol ferry sinking tragedy, disappeared.

Kim Soo Hyun lightened the mood and joked, “I feel like I’m in a school seeing you guys sitting there… Don’t look so serious, you’re not here to learn!” With that, a roller-coaster of emotions, fun and laughter ensued.

The 26-year-old actor belted out a few ballads on stage, including ‘Dreaming’ (from Dream High o.s.t) and ‘Wearing A Black Skirt’. He might have sounded a tad flat at some parts, but then again, who could find fault with such a charming man? Kim Soo Hyun also sang an acoustic rendition of Wonder Girls’ hit song ‘Nobody’.

When asked what sort of superpower he would like to possess, Kim Soo Hyun deadpanned: “I’ve a dangerous thought.”

But it was an anti-climax as he continued after a long pause: “Like Do Min-joon (his character in the drama “My Love from the Star”), it would be great if I could live for 400 years.”

Kim Soo Hyun had propelled to fame after starring alongside Gianna Jun in “My Love from the Star”, where he played an alien heart-throb.

Cheeky and witty, Kim Soo Hyun had a sense of humour that was really unimaginable – beyond the universe. It might be the language barrier between Kim Soo Hyun and his non-Korean audience or it could be that his fans were so smitten, they simply lapped up all his words.

When asked what he packs in his travel luggage, Kim cheekily answered, “I don’t bring a lot of luggage around. Maybe around 30 pieces of underwear, that’s all.”

Answering to the question about his kissing scene and how he did it, Kim Soo Hyun smiled shyly and said, “It’s all up to your imagination. That’s better than me explaining.” To which the emcee proceeded to ask the audience (made up of female fans mostly) to close their eyes, pucker up and imagine kissing Kim Soo Hyun  “That’s right, that’s how you kiss!” Kim Soo Hyun added.

The heartthrob also had interactions with lucky fans on stage through games and the ‘Wishing Tree’ segment.

Fans also had opportunities to get up close with Kim, with some invited onstage to pose for photos with him.

But there was a catch - Kim Soo Hyun and the fans would have to re-enact poses from Kim’s past promotional posters, which usually also featured his female co-stars.

When selecting fans via a lucky draw, Kim Soo Hyun quipped: “I’m worried because there’re more male fans here than I thought.”

True to his promise, he fulfilled all the wishes of the chosen fans which included a photo together, autograph and staring into each other’s eyes for 15 whole seconds! Being his cheeky self again, he teased that he felt cheated as the fans look nothing like the photos he picked.

The fan-meeting took to an emotional turn towards the end, with both fans and Kim Soo Hyun crying as the two-hour event drew to a close.

Kim Soo Hyun was teary-eyed as he thanked the audience, who were screaming in unison “Kim Soo-hyun, I love you”. 

Seeing his fans crying, Kim Soo Hyun thanked them for their support and tried to make a speech but ended up teary-eyed as well. He closed the event with a ballad ‘In Front of your House’. Promising to return to Singapore again, Kim Soo Hyun said his final goodbyes and disappeared off the stage.

The actor on Friday had also ended his fan meeting in Indonesia on an emotional note as he thanked fans in tears, apparently touched by their support. 

Photo Credit: KEYEAST, New Empire Media