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Virgin-less (Pt. 3)

Summary: Your first time.

Pairing: Jungkook/ Reader

Genre: Smut (finally)

Words: 2.6k

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Masterlist

“Would you want to go to Em’s this weekend?”

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What Happens on Thanksgiving: The One with the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Summary:  WHiV follow-up: Tom has some interesting ideas when it comes time to celebrate his first Thanksgiving.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 4301

Warnings: Language. Fluff. I dunno, you be the judge.

Chapter 1  •  Chapter 2 •  Chapter 3  •  Chapter 4  •  Chapter 5  •  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  •  Epilogue  •  One-Shot: Thanksgiving

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I am currently only 8 subscribers away from 100 followers and I thought it would be nice to do a crackship giveaway to hopefully gain more. This also gives me a chance to make some nice gifts for some friends. So, if you are interested in entering, please follow these steps:

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This giveaway will close November 26th at 12:00 p.m.

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treat you better

Summary: Steve just can’t help himself when it comes to you. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1,147

A/N: Finally! My first Steve fic! I hope I did my baby justice, and let me know what you guys think! | masterlist

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It’s Our Turn (Guess Who’s Back Part 2)

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - nope. Just doing a part 2 to give you something while I finish requests up

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – After their encounter with Harry Hook, (Y/N) and the other Villain Kids make their plan to get Ben back and find a way to bring Harry back with them 

Warning(s) - fighting, near drowning, fluff at end, bad writing because I have no idea where this was going lmao

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Did You See?

Author’s Note: lord i am so glad someone requested Jongin fluff so i could make up for the torture that is Mourning Air. this is a gift for @kpopandlock and i hope hope hope i have done this justice. romance comes very hard for me unless theres chapters of tension and build up, so i hope this makes every Nini stan swoon just a tiny bit <3 enjoy loves!

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Summary: every day, you fall a little bit more in love with your best friend, Jongin. everyday, you ache for him. everyday, you miss all the signs of something he’s been trying to tell you.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,068

Nini[2:06 AM]: you up?

Y/N[2:08 AM]: yeah why

Nini[2:08 AM]: are you hungry?

Y/N[2:10 AM]: !!! diner run? :)

Nini[2:11 AM]: i have a better idea ;)

Y/N[2:12 AM]: better than 2AM waffles?? D:

Nini[2:13 AM]: promise to keep an open mind

Y/N[2:14 AM]: nini it’s too early…or late idk to be open minded~~

Nini[2:15 AM]: ok then be spontaneous

Y/N[2:16 AM]: what are you suggesting

Nini[2:18 AM]: cheesesteaks

Y/N[2:18 AM]: im not fucking cooking at 2 in the morning, are you high

Nini[2:20 AM]: nooo let’s go GET them i know an amazing food truck in philly

Y/N[2:21 AM]: are you driving?

Nini[2:21 AM]: as long as you DJ

Y/N[2:22 AM]: come pick me up~~ <3

Nini[2:23 AM]: that’s my girl! be there in 10

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Bad Match Pt. 6

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3.2k+

Warnings: angst, swearing, slow burn, some fluff.

A/N: Here it is! I can’t believe the amazing reception for part. 5. Thank you so much, I wish I could write faster for you guys! I see this chapter more as a linking part for what’s to come! Excuse any mistakes and nonsenses please! Feedback? I live for it!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

While he was dragging the towel over his body to dry himself from the recently taken shower, Bucky realized that nightmares hadn’t visited him that night. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that he almost hadn’t slept at all, his mind invaded with thoughts…about Y/N. He questioned himself if she would come to him again if he had another nightmare…

He couldn’t stop the urge to try and make things better with her. Last night, he had listened in her voice how much he had been hurting her, ever since they first met, and that just didn’t work well in his head. He had to fix it. But how?

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My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 2)

Originally posted by a-winchester-by-choice

Summary: The reader gets to know Jensen more at work but he wants to know what’s up with the Padalecki siblings…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, sibling angst

A/N: I adore giggly Jensen…

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Return to the Isle: Part 2

Request: Can I have a harry hook x reader where the reader is carlos’s twin sister and goes to auradon with them and then also comes back to rescue Ben. When they’re on the isle she is captured with ben by harry because they know how much Carlos loves her and that will help convince the vks to bring the wand. Then can you do fluff where she ends up falling for harry eventually. I hope this makes sense haha. Also, I love your writing!!

Warnings: Fluff, kidnapping, fluff, mentions of abuse, and did I mention fluff?

Words: 1,587

A/N: Due to much demand, here is Part 2 of Return to the Isle! And since she asked, @chloe-skywalker  you have been tagged!

‘Oh no.’ [Y/N] thought to herself as Harry Hook, the only son of Captain Hook, grabbed her by her arm and began to forcefully pull [Y/N] towards Uma’s ship, him being far too strong for her to be able for her to pull herself free of his grip.

“Hook, let me go!” [Y/N] pleaded, doing her best to pull herself free of his grip, which only seemed to cause him to tighten his grip even further before he got annoyed and picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as though she were nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

“Love, quit struggling. You’re seriously making this difficult.” Harry said nonchalantly, as though he wasn’t completely kidnapping you. “Uma!” Harry called when he stepped onto the ship, the turquoise haired girl turning around upon hearing her name and grinning when she saw what Harry had brought.

“Perfect!” She shouted happily, coming over to Harry and [Y/N] as Harry sat her down, grabbing some rope to tie her to a pole. “Now they’ll have no choice but to bring the wand. Mal will want her little boyfriend back, and Carlos will be willing to do anything to get his sister back safely. Hook, you are a genius!” Uma said, bouncing up and down similar to a child who just learned she got what she wanted for Christmas.

“He’ll never hand over the wand!” [Y/N] argued, although she already knew that they would. With it being a fake wand, there was no reason for them not to hand it over right away. Although she had to make it seem as though it were going to be the real one.

Uma rolled her eyes at [Y/N]’s argument, laughing as she tapped her on the cheek. “But he will. Your brother has always been soft when it comes to you. It’s pathetic, really…Hook, make sure she doesn’t cut herself free somehow. You know how the De Vil kids are.” Uma said before leaving to go attend to some final details.

After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Harry spoke first, which surprised [Y/N]. “You look good.” He said simply, polishing his hook, to which [Y/N] scoffed.

“Like you knew what I looked like before I left.” She said, looking away and towards the inner part of the Isle, her wondering if Carlos has noticed her absence yet. Surely he had. Carlos always noticed when something was wrong when it came to [Y/N].

This time it was Harry’s turn to scoff. “Please, of course I did. You and I had every class together up until high school, remember? We used to play together until your mother got angry at you that one day.” Harry said, letting out a small sigh after he thought a little bit. “I’m surprised you came back. I thought you hated it here.”

“I do.” [Y/N] said, looking at him. “But I love Carlos. If he comes back, so do I. He’s all I have. Wherever he goes, I go.” She said, sighing some as she looked down at her feet, then Harry sighed and stood up, looking over the water before looking back at [Y/N], something else in his eyes that she couldn’t quite name, although it was there for just a moment before the same cold look went back to his eyes.

“Whatever, [Y/N]… whatever.” He said, going behind her and tightening the ropes before leaving, and [Y/N] laid her head back against the pole to think, her eyes closing since that would help.

A million thoughts raced through her mind. A lot of them involved trying to escape, trying to find a way to warn Carlos and the others, or even just a way to convince Uma and the others to just let them go. But no matter what she thought about, her mind drifted back to Harry, trying to decipher the look in his eyes.

Disdain? No, that wasn’t it…[Y/N] knew Harry’s look of disdain. Anger? That definitely wasn’t it, Harry’s angry look could cause even a mummy to drop dead. It seemed more…hurt? Yeah, that was it. But why would he be hurt? They never were friends, not since they were small children, when their bond was rivaled only by the bond [Y/N] had with Carlos.


“Harry!” A young [Y/N] screamed with laughter, Harry standing above her with his hand forming a hook with his index finger.

“Aye! I got ye now, lassie! Prepare to walk the plank!” A six-year-old Harry said with an overly exaggerated pirate accent, even for him. Although Harry didn’t look threatening, his hair was in his eyes and the fake eye patch he wore was too big for his face so it kept sliding down.

“Please no, Captain Harry! I’ll do anything! I’ll join your pirate crew if you’ll let me live!” [Y/N] laughed loudly as she pretended to try to shield herself, laughing as she tried to ‘plead’ with the young pirate.

“A girl can’t be a pirate!” Harry said, still pretending to be a pirate just like his dad, grinning as he stood tall, one of his front teeth missing from an accident he had had while trying to play with a sword too heavy for him.

“Yes a girl can!” She argued, looking around and picking up a stick and holding it like a sword, which made Harry laugh again so he joined her, the two of them starting their own little sword battle, jumping around and chasing each other through the streets of the Isle, their laughter echoing through the crowd.

Suddenly when [Y/N] turned around, he wasn’t there. “Harry?” She called out to him, looking around and lowering her imaginary sword. “Harry!” She yelled again, jumping when suddenly someone grabbed her, turning around and seeing Harry standing there, a mischievous grin on his face, as per usual. “Harry Hook! Don’t do that, you scared me! I was worried!” [Y/N] scolded, hitting his arm with the stick and crossing her arms as he laughed.

“Oh come on, [Y/N], it’s just a bit of fun! Why were you worried? Do you looooooove me?” Harry teased with a laugh, grinning a wide grin before he looked over when the shrill voice of Cruella De Vil rang through the crowd.

“[Y/N] DE VIL!” Cruella screamed, and fear immediately went through her young body as she watched her mother approach her, fury in her eyes. “You didn’t take the trash out again! This is the third time this month!” Cruella screamed, grabbing her young daughter before looking at Harry, realizing what had happened. [Y/N] ditched chores to play.

“Momma, I swear I-” [Y/N] began to say, her imaginary fear replaced with the all too real version, her mother being the one person she was truly afraid of.

“You are never to see this boy again, do you hear me? You’ll be sorry if I ever catch you with him again!” Cruella shouted, shoving her young daughter away from the young pirate, who watched on in shock as his only friend at the time was taken away.

~End of Flashback~

In that moment, she realized just why Harry was hurt with what she had said. [Y/N] had Harry along with Carlos. He was her friend. The memory had even jogged a little something else… [Y/N] remembered that she had a crush on the son of Captain Hook during her childhood. The years of isolation from him having caused her to forget her feelings. But now, along with the memory of a dear friend, they have returned.

But [Y/N] knew she wouldn’t be able to talk to Harry, not yet…not now. She had to buy her time.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur. While she was glad to be reunited with her brother again, she stopped to look at Harry before she ran after the VK’s. “You guys go ahead…I have some business to take care of.” [Y/N] said to her friends, looking up at them and then looking at Carlos, who had a clear expression of worry. “Seriously…I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you at the limo in five minutes.” She assured him before going to find Harry.

It took less than thirty seconds to find the sopping wet pirate, he was feverishly trying to dry off his vest. “Hook!” [Y/N] said as she approached him, and he looked at her in confusion, opening his mouth to say something when she, for the first time in her life, was bold about something. She pressed her hands to his cheeks and kissed him, pulling away after a moment. “I remember…I remember.” She said softly as she looked at him.

Harry at first was confused, then it hit him like a ton of bricks; giving her the all too familiar grin from their childhood as he put his hands on her waist, pulling her close and returning her kiss. “I was beginning to wonder, love.” He breathed against her lips.

The pair stood like that as long as possible, before she had to pull herself away. “Come to Auradon with me…please. You can be so much more than this.” She whispered as she looked up into his ocean blue eyes, able to see the wheels turning in his head before he grinned.

“The Isle was getting boring anyway.”

rain (reddie) ch. 4

Type: Series

Summary: Richie and Eddie had dated each other for a long time, and things had been going great - or so, they thought. After Eddie comes home to an empty apartment and a note left behind, the loving relationship of four years tragically ended. Years of never speaking to each other later, the wedding of Beverly and Ben brings everyone back together, including Eddie and Richie. Hotel room mix-ups, drunken confessions, loud arguments between several losers, bad parties, old childhood games, memories, music, love, and drama ensues over the week of preparing for the wedding.

Pairing(s): Reddie, Benverly, Stenbrough

Word count: 2.2k

Chapter warnings: N/a

A/N: THIS TOOK EVEN MORE FOREVER GOD. i’m so sorry. i’m all nervous now bc rain is getting a lot of attention and i’m just like WHAT IF IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH? gah. hope you guys like it, the ship’s about to sail. AS ALWAYS, credit to my amazing beta @r-u-reddie for helping to make this shit coherent and put together. also ps i tried to tag some of you and it didn’t work, so i’d check for this.

AO3 link coming tomorrow

Check out the inspo tag here

“Bev for Stan, over.” Beverly stretched her rather long legs out in the large bath jacuzzi, releasing the button of the walkie-talkie as she waited to hear back.

She stared down at her nails, a frown on her face when she noticed that they were chipping. Of course, that didn’t really matter as it would all come off in six days for some fresh nail polish, but it still annoyed her enough that she would have to repaint them. She wondered if Eddie would let her paint his nails also.

“Beverly, it is six o’clock in the morning. Why are you up?”

Stan’s sleepy voice sounded in from the other side, and Beverly waited a beat before rolling her eyes and pressing the talk button. “You’re supposed to say ‘over’ when you’re finished talking, Stan. Over.”

“This is ridiculous, Beverly. Go back to sleep. Over.”

Stan sat up in the bed, his eyes glazing over a half asleep Bill, who seemed agitated by the loud walkie talkie. In response, Stan turned it down slightly.

“No, Stan. You promised you would help me with operation get Richie and Eddie back together. There’s no going back, now stay up and talk to me. Over.”

Stan groaned quietly at Beverly’s persistence, resting his head back against the pillow as he turned to look at Bill who was staring back at him. That definitely startled him a bit.

“Fine, Bev. Why do we need to talk about this early in the morning?” When there was nothing but radio silence on the other end, Stan sighed once he realized why. “Over.”

“Do you think they made up last night? Over.”

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You’re the Reason I Come Home (Part 1/2)

Summary: You and Bucky have been through a lot together. But when things become too much and Bucky breaks up with you, you find that you could lose him completely. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 6,005 (WHOOPS)

Warnings: Language, some violence, mention of killings/death, & ANGST (the angst train gets worse in the next one). 

A/N: Well, I’m back from my writing hiatus now it would seem! It’s been a long time, so I’m probably rusty at this, and I’m still super nervous to post this. This part is more backstory than anything, but I still enjoyed writing it a lot. Hope you all like it too!!!

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Anonymous Requested: Richie X Reader in which the reader n the losers club are possibly 15 (takes place like 2 years after pennywise) has taken a vacation over the summer break for about a month or two and comes back more ‘mature’ and rICHIE IS JUST SUDDENLY FLIRTY AND GIDDY AND IS LIKE “um are you (y/n)??? did you replace her???” JOKINGLY OFC BUT HES SUPER FLUSTERED BUT CONFIDENT N FUCKK IDK I LOVE RICHIE
please do a fluffy Richie x reader imagine :))

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: none.

When you’d arrived back from your vacation in Jamaica, you were disappointed. This past summer had been amazing and you really grew you felt, from what you were last year. Not only had you matured mentally, you also looked much more matured than before. For the first time, you could say you were happy with the way you looked and acted. 

Of course, that didn’t change your opinion on your friends when you walked through the front doors that school morning. You still planned to spend most of your days with Bill, Eddie, Stan, Ben and of course Richie, because well, they were your friends and you didn’t much care if they still acted like little kids most of the time. 

But, you definitely didn’t expect the reaction you received walking through the doors. For the first time, it seemed everybody’s eyes were on you. Of course you’d known you’d change, you just didn’t think that much nor did you think it would cause that much uproar.

You walked shyly through the halls, hating everyones eyes on you and desperately searched for one of your friends. When you caught sight of Richie, relief immediately flooded through you. You were so happy to a familiar face and a friend you hadn’t seen in so long, you didn’t even notice his own eyes grazing your figure. You didn’t notice the redness that had grown on his cheeks or the way he shifted uncomfortably at the sight of you.

“Hey…” You sighed, smiling brightly at the boy. You noticed he’d grown a little himself over the same and now stood taller than you instead of being shorter. “It’s good to see you, Rich.”

Now, to Richie it seemed he had too choices. He could pretend that nothing had changed and you definitely didn’t look way hotter than you ever had and talk to you like he normally would. Or he could acknowledge that fact that he thought your new appearance was smoking hot.

He chose the latter.

“Um, are you Y/N?” He questioned, grinning up at you as you furrowed your brows in confusion. “Did you replace her?”

When he finished his sentence, you laughed dramatically. Shaking your head, you crossed your arms; “nope. Still the same old, boring Y/N.”

“You are definitely not boring.” Richie commented and you couldn’t help but notice the way he grazed your figure. “Nor are you the old Y/N. You’re smoking hot!”

You laughed again, finding his way of complimenting you completely ridiculous. Of course Richie always was ridiculous, no matter the situation. So instead of saying anything, you punched his shoulder and ruffled his hair to which he immediately swatted your hands away. “Hey!”

It was good to be back.”

Christmas Eve

Request:  Request: More hopper prompts if that cool if not feel free to ignore, hopper comes back late to reader who tried to wait up or him but fell asleep on the couch, “you’re home, El tried to stay up too but she’s already in bed, missed you,” “yeah i’m home, let’s get you to bed”

Pairing: Hopper x Reader

Word Count: 759

Warnings: Language, lots of fluff, L O T S OF FLUFF, mentions of pregnancy 

Originally posted by allgifz

Christmas Eve had included many card games, hot cocoa, eggo waffles, and A Christmas Story.

“That movie was weird,” El started to tell you, looking up from her cards but realizing that you’d fallen asleep, your cards littered across your lap.

She’d wanted to wake you up, you were supposed to wait up for Hop together and surprise him with an early Christmas gift. But El was just as, if not more, tired than you.  

She smiled at your light snoring, carefully picking up your cards and hugging you as she stood up, stopping only to rest the large woven blanket Flo had given Hop for Secret Santa over you.

El thought the tradition was strange, but the blanket was pretty and warm, so she’d assumed it couldn’t be a negative kind of strange. She gave a quick once-over of the living room, and where you were sleeping on the couch before turning off the light and heading to her bedroom for long-awaited sleep.

Hopper got home a few hours later at 4 AM, eyes heavy from exhaustion. He’d understood the hunger for alcohol that people got, but he’d never understand why people would drive while intoxicated.

He shut the door to his truck gently as he always did when he’d gotten home this late. The air outside was freezing, and the snow wasn’t yet letting up.

Another reason he’d been late, he scowled, people didn’t know how to drive in the damn white powder.

He shook off his hat and his boots on the porch, knowing how much you’d hated it getting tracked inside. You’d hated it about as much as you’d hated his dates with his nicotine “addiction,” as you had called it.

That was one of your qualities that had magnetism for him. He’d never find anyone as willing to call him out on his bullshit as you. Flo was a close second, but she’d never flickered through his mind when he was sleeping, or spoken to him when he was near death.

That was always you.

The metallic bite of the key to his house warmed in his hands while he shook off the last of the snow, and he slid the grooved silver into the lock, turning lightly.

The Christmas tree he’d picked with you and El glowed brightly across from the couch, and his heart warmed immediately when his eyes found you cocooned into his new blanket, face leaning against the back cushions of the fabric love seat.

Green and red hues painted your skin, and although he much prefered your natural tones, you looked quite beautiful now. For a moment he just stands and looks at you, watching your chest steadily rise and fall, and how your face looks so relaxed, lips parted slightly so your evened breath can ease out.

He really doesn’t want to wake you but he knows that if he doesn’t you’ll have muscle aches from sleeping in the sitting position you’re in now.

Regretful he walks forward, tenderly pushing your hair out of your face. Resting both of his hands on either of your shoulders, he shakes lightly, “Y/N, darlin’ wake up.”

He definitely wasn’t expecting you to shoot up, “Go Fish!” You yell, wiping a tiny bit of drool from the corner of your mouth.

“What?” Hopper asks, giggling at your shocked expression.

You sit back, giving your sleeping brain a moment to wake up.

“I was playing Go Fish with El, I must have fallen asleep,” you look around the room, “oh, damn! You’re home. El tried to stay up with me, but she must be in bed already.” You frown and meet his bright blue eyes, “we missed you.”

Hopper leans forward, resting his forehead against yours, “yeah, I’m home. Let’s get you to bed?”

You nod sleepily at him, pecking him on the lips and wrapping your arms around his neck, helping him to pick you up and carry you to your bedroom.

He chuckles deep while you litter sleepy kisses along his neck and cheeks.

“I missed you too,” he smiles, squeezing you tighter to him and shutting your bedroom door behind the two of you.

El smiles in her bed, hearing the two of you laughing together had woken her up, but she’s happy regardless. This is what she’d been deprived of, but she’s thankful and over the moon that she gets to spend the time she’d lost with you and Hopper, and soon her new baby brother or sister.

Hopper would just have to wait for his present until morning.

My North Star (pt 11)

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Genre: Angst, angst, some more angst. Oh I guess some fluff?

Pairing: Jin x Reader (ft. Hoseok)

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when a new girls comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart?

Jin’s business trip was going by incredibly slow. Every second, he wished he could go back to being by your side. Although he knew better, he still woke up every day thinking that was the day you would wake up….and it killed him knowing he couldn’t be there in case you did miraculously wake up. 

When his trip did end, however, he rushed back to the hospital. But much to his surprise, he found your bed empty. He immediately thought of the worst case scenario, but one of the nurses quickly assured him that you had in fact woken up and that you were discharged a few days before. 

Jin couldn’t contain his happiness and even forgot about why he wasn’t notified beforehand. All his prayers were getting answered, and now he had his chance to make you his for the rest of his life. 

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Oath | Ch.24 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

Originally posted by berry852

| Previous Chapter | Chapter List | Next Chapter |

Word count: 6,550

WARNING! There are several mentions of torture, so if you are sensitive to this I would suggest skipping those parts.

A/N: This chapter took me so long to write partly because of those specific scenes. They are pretty graphic and I need a certain mood to be able to write them. Not to say I’ve been going from writer’s block to writer’s block. But it’s finally here! Thank you for the patience! And I am sorry for the long wait. I might not be able to update often for the next three months because college is really stressful and I barely have the motivation or time to write at times. I am sorry about that as well. But I will always try my best to keep up with everything. Now, without further ado, here is chapter 24. Enjoy! ^^

“Hyung, are you really going to let Y/N with him?! We have to get her back!” Taehyung said right after they went out of the room, heading towards the parking lot.

“We can’t risk anything right now,” Hoseok replied.

“It’s Y/N! That piece of shit has his hands on her. Who knows what he will do. And you back away now?! She’s part of the family!”

“Who are you rising your voice to? Kim Taehyung, get your shit together! If we give Namjoon what he wants, he’ll step all over us.”

“Y/N could die!”

“Then it’s one good sacrifice for the sake of the group!”


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Mark it down folks, because the first ever Bungou Stray Dogs Rarepair week is fast approaching!

 With such a large cast of characters there can be so many overlooked pairings, so we’ve come together to dedicate a whole week to creating more and celebrating  these small pairings!


  • Day 1: Loss//Dancing//“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” - Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind
  • Day 2: Hanahaki//Dreams//“However, there are some people in this world that you can just never forget.” - Kunikida Doppo, River Mist and Other Stories
  • Day 3:Weapons//Pick-up Lines// “But once you start doubting, it’s hard to know what to believe.” - Tanizaki Junichirou, Naomi
  • Day 4: Things Left Unsaid//Fairy Tales// “Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise.” - H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu
  • Day 5: Emptiness//Late Night Talks// “Once I believed love poems were foolish, yet now I do nothing but dream about love.” - Chuuya Nakahara, “Exhaustion”
  • Day 6: Too Little, Too Late//Future// “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”-Gnash, Leave A Message (song lyric)
  • Day 7: Ghosts//Free Day// “My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.” - Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


  • Please put all nsfw fics under a “read more”  and include a basic description of the content. However, for nsfw art, tags and warnings will suffice.
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  • Due to the fact that Soukoku and Shin Soukoku are the most popular ships with over 200 fics and countless art, we are encouraging other ships. Soukoku and Shin Soukoku are permitted to show up in your submission, but not as the main ship.

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HTTYD ask meme
  • Making this ‘cause why not. Spread and share as you like!
  • 1. How would you handle living on Berk?
  • 2. How do you think you'd be different if you grew up on Berk?
  • 3. Yaks, chicken, or sheep?
  • 4. The chicken is not amused. What did you do wrong?
  • 5. Favorite dragon species?
  • 6. What type of dragon would you like to ride? Is that different from the dragon you'd most likely ride?
  • 7. How would your first flight on a dragon turn out?
  • 8. On a scale of Snotlout to Hiccup, how are your dragon riding skills?
  • 9. Would you get into trouble on Berk?
  • 10. Would you try Astrid's yaknog?
  • 11. Coolest dragon?
  • 12. Scariest dragon?
  • 13. Most unique dragon?
  • 14. Favorite dragon class?
  • 15. Suggest a new dragon species. What does it look like? What are its powers? etc.
  • 16. If YOU were a dragon, what would you be?
  • 17. Any underappreciated dragon species you want to give a callout to?
  • 18. What do you think Stoick does with all his wooden duck carvings?
  • 19. The dragon riders can visit anywhere in the world, any place in history. Where would you suggest they go?
  • 20. You, Hiccup, Snotlout, and Tuffnut are now roommates in an apartment. How well does this work out?
  • 21. You, Astrid, Heather, and Ruffnut are now roommates in an apartment. How well does this work out?
  • 22. What do you think the dragon riders are like as old women and men?
  • 23. Which character do you relate the most to?
  • 24. How well do your know your dragon stats?
  • 25. Who would you want to spend a day with? Who would be your best friend?
  • 26. How would you handle the twins' pranks? Loki'd!
  • 27. You and Snotlout are on patrol together. What happens?
  • 28. Which character would you get along with the least?
  • 29. Anyone on Berk you'd date? I hear Bucket is single...
  • 30. Axes, swords, hammers, bows and arrows, or maces?
  • 31. What would your house look like on Dragon's Edge?
  • 32. What is your favorite house on Dragon's Edge?
  • 33. What's your favorite island? (outside of Berk)
  • 34. Favorite villain?
  • 35. How would you handle being kidnapped by the Outcasts?
  • 36. Give the dragon riders superpowers. What can each of them do?
  • 37. Favorite track in the HTTYD or HTTYD 2 OST?
  • 38. Favorite ship?
  • 39. Favorite friendship?
  • 40. Favorite dragon-rider duo?
  • 41. Favorite secondary or background character?
  • 42. Suggest a new pairing. Why would it work?
  • 43. I want these two characters to spend more time together...
  • 44. Come up with a crack pairing.
  • 45. Have any HTTYD OCs?
  • 46. Suggest a new AU (or mention an AU you like).
  • 47. Suggest a new crossover (or mention one you like).
  • 48. List off your top three fandoms. Now combine them with HTTYD. What would the crossover be like?
  • 49. List off any three of your fandoms and combine them with HTTYD for the weirdest crossover you can think of.
  • 50. Do you think any of the dragon riders have children? Have any headcanons about the next generation?
  • 51. Favorite thing about your favorite character?
  • 52. Tell me a character and I'll give you a headcanon.
  • 53. Tell me a character and I'll give you a favorite quote.
  • 54. Tell me a show, movie, or movie short and I'll tell you a favorite scene.
  • 55. Have you read the books? If so, which book is your favorite?
  • 56. Suggest a DreamWorks Dragons episode plot.
  • 57. Who's an underappreciated character and why do you appreciate them?
  • 58. You have to give each of the dragon riders awards. What awards do you give everyone?
  • 59. Who has the best hairstyle?
  • 60. Should Hiccup, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Tuffnut grow beards?
  • 61. Who has the best outfit?
  • 62. How would you react if Snotlout started hitting on you?
  • 63. How would you react if Ruffnut started hitting on you?
  • 64. Do you know all the lyrics in "For the Dancing and the Dreaming?"
  • 65. Let's be mean. How do you think each of the dragon riders will die?
  • 66. How did you enter the HTTYD fandom?
  • 67. When did you enter the HTTYD fandom?
  • 68. What made you fall in love with How to Train Your Dragon?
  • 69. What is something you didn't initially think about but grew to love about HTTYD?
  • 70. What is the BEST thing (to you) about HTTYD and its franchise?

Summary: You always knew Dean was a sub, you just never figured he’d ever let you dom him. But you figured wrong. (HORRIBLE SUMMARIES GUYS. HORRIBLE.)

Pairing: Sub!Dean x dom!reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: language, sub/dom, bondage, oral (male and female receiving), nsfw gifs below the cut!

A/N: I ended up switching (ha) the title to this one. it’s more fitting ;-) but yay fic 2 of my smut appreciation day fics! the Cas x reader will be coming at 6pm EST.

Originally posted by preciouslittleshit

“I dunno, it’s definitely not the weirdest thing you’ve ever said,” you laughed, taking another sip of your beer as you lounged in the map room with Dean.

You and Dean were alone in the bunker for the night while Sam went to go check on Cas and his angel business, so you two were relaxing, reminiscing over silly things the two of you had said over the years you’d known each other.

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Rich Love Part 5; Tom Holland/Harrison Osterfield

Originally posted by tbholland

  • pairing: reader x tom holland / reader x harrison osterfield (triangle)
  • warnings: language mostly
  • words: 2300+
  • summary: being harrison’s best girl (friend) (?) has some perks, one of them being you get to spend a lot of time with Tom and you really want nothing more than to confess your attraction for Tom but something always gets in the way, most times that something ends up being his own best friend
  • a/n : this is a chaptered fic, part 6 to come soon(i promise)
  • part (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) + (5) + (6)
  • request something or ask to be on the taglist here

“Fuck!” you exclaimed loudly, pushing yourself off of the couch and making your way towards the front door. Harrison left only a few seconds ago and if you were lucky you could catch him before he got too far.

You ignored the pain of the small rocks digging into your feet as you ran down the path to the sidewalk. Harrison was the type of guy who walked almost everywhere so you’d be shocked if today was the day he chose to drive.

You sighed a breath of relief when you saw him walking with his hands in his pockets, not too far of a distance from Tom’s house. You sprinted after him, not bothering to call out his name because he wouldn’t turn anyway.

When you reached him you pulled at his arm, tugging his hand free. He turned to you and you tried to look past the hurt in his eyes, the anger, but you couldn’t. No matter how hard you tried, you could see no other emotion.

“What the hell?” you were the first to speak although you were still catching your breath from the short distance you had to run. Harrison yanked his arm out of your grasp and stared you down. His gaze made you feel so much smaller than you actually were. After some time had passed, he turned around and kept walking.

“No,” you stated, running ahead of him, stopping him dead in his tracks. “No, you have to talk to me. What the fuck was that back there?”

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