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Simple Man (Part 4)

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Summary: The truth comes to light when reader has to call Dean for help…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pairing: cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, brief violence

A/N: This was a fun and quick series that I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!…

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Prompt: This story is still based on a chat room conversation and can be seen here

Warnings: Still angst man. Some pseudoscience where I pretend to know what I’m talking about after some google research.

Pairing: Bones/Reader (predetermined)

A/N: one more after this. Then it all comes to an end. Catch up on this series if you haven’t! PART 1 PART 2

Word Count: 1627

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The Way Home (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,432

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, babies, more angst????

A/N: Tags are for sure closed this time. This story is winding down. Happy Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, if you celebrate. If not, happy Sunday. This chapter was a pain, and I ended up scrapping it three times before writing this version. PS - The Spain thing? Actually happened to me. True story. It was bananas.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Red Pt. 6 [Jason Todd x Reader]

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A/N: SO this is the final part of Red. Thank you everyone for going through this journey with me, I am so thankful for all your support! It’s been a long ride, and we’ve come so far and now here we are. I love you guys more than you know, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it.

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1458

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

It was the loud sound of a body crashing onto the floor that jerked Jason awake. He was up on his feet in an instant, his hand going to the gun he kept in his drawer.

His trained eyes scanned his bedroom and it didn’t take long for him to find his best friend unconscious on the floor. His heart dropped to his stomach and fear immediately crept into his chest. He dropped the gun and rushed to your side, dropping to his knees and cradling your face in his hands.

“[F/N]?!” His hands were trembling. Shit–he was already scared. His gaze frantically searched the room for any threats, anything that could’ve hurt his [F/N]. However, he found nothing unusual, nothing except the strange location of his helmet.

His brows furrowed at its position, but he pushed any suspicions away and focused on you. He checked your vitals, almost sobbing in relief when he felt a strong, healthy pulse. You were okay. Unconscious, but okay.

Ignoring the burning questions in his mind, he effortlessly picked you up and brought you back to bed. After doing a full inspection of the apartment to ensure there were no threats, he decided to finally change from his uniform then sit by your bed.

And that was where he stayed.

He kept his eyes trained on you and held your hand tightly, trying to calm his beating heart. It was reasonable; you were not only someone he cared deeply about, but he had already made the mistake of being careless with you once, and that had deadly results. He wasn’t taking any chances again. There was no such thing as being ‘too careful’ when it came to you.

He lifted your knuckles up to his lips and kissed it gently, your skin feeling ice cold against his. It may seem silly to hold your hand, but he felt that if he let go, you might disappear. Feeling your presence reassured him that you weren’t gone.

The very thought of losing you sickened him. He had been to the room they’ve kept you in. He had seen many things in his life, committed acts and killed people, but he couldn’t bring himself to enter than room again. He was so shocked, so disgusted by it. He could only imagine what they had done to you. He never wanted you to go through something even remotely close to that again. Just thinking about the possibility of it made his eyes water with hurt and anger.

It was just the break of dawn when Jason heard a noise from you, a soft groan that escaped your throat. He stood up and leaned forward, anxious to see your eyes open.

He felt you squeeze his hand first and that action alone made his breath hitch. Your eyes fluttered open seconds later, your gaze confused and dazed.

“Jason?” you whispered, your voice small and fragile, like glass. He smiled and placed his hand on your cheek.

“Hey… I’m here.” he said gently. You leaned into his touch, your eyes closing as you exhaled a soft sigh. He had the urge to kiss you then, to reassure you that he was going to be a man of his words. However, he refrained from acting impulsively and instead said, “I’ll always be here.”

Your brows furrowed and your eyes reopened once more, but this time they weren’t confused or lost. They were certain, and in them held unimaginable pain. Jason didn’t know why you were in pain, but the sight made his heart clench.

“You weren’t ‘here’ when they took me.” you breathed, your voice expressing more agony and vulnerability than words could describe. His eyes widened at your sudden statement.

“[F/N], you…”

“Yeah.” you answered the incomplete question, shifting so you could sit up. “I remember.”

“How much?” Jason found himself asking. Each word was difficult to form as he struggled to control his breathing.

“Everything. Or… at least, I think everything.” you murmured, casting your eyes down.

“I… [F/N], I…” What could he say, that he was sorry? That wasn’t enough. You deserved more than that. You deserved better than that.

“It’s okay.” you stated sincerely. “You apologized already, in the hospital. I… I forgive you.” 

Jason’s balled his free hand in anger, anger towards himself and anger towards how… how forgiving you were. How forgiving you were to an asshole like him.

“It’s not okay!” he snapped, his voice louder than intended. You flinched at the sudden change in volume. “Sorry, I… I just can’t forgive myself.” He sighed, calming down.

He sunk down onto the chair and looked at you wearily. Then the words just came tumbling out of his mouth like a landslide. “I just… I know no amount of apologies could ever make up for how much I screwed up. Fuck, how could you even stand to be in the same room as me after what I did to you?” He was on his feet again, pacing and burying his hands in his hair.


“I broke my promise, I-I went back on my word and I didn’t look for you sooner because I was being a brat–”


“A-And I was such a shitty friend to you because of some bitch, and lets not forget it was Roy who discovered your disappearance and Dick who found you! I didn’t even contribute–”


He stopped and turned to look at you. He expected hatred and betrayal, but the look he got instead was something gentle and caring. It was an expression that reminded him of why he fell in love with you in the first place.

“I forgive you, because you’re my best friend.” you explained in the kindest, most loving voice he had ever heard. “And I can never stay mad at my best friend, no matter how much of an asshole he is.”

Jason stared at you, dumbfounded. He was speechless; your ability to forgive was uncanny–no, your ability to forgive him was uncanny.

His eyes were blurry with tears when he collapsed into your arms, your welcoming arms. He rested his head on your shoulder and allowed the tears to fall without shame. You stroked his hair affectionately, patiently waiting for him to let it all out, knowing he needed this.

“I love you.” he said quietly into your ear before he could stop himself, but he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. You needed to know. You needed to know how much you meant to him.

He felt you tense, but then you sighed and said, “I know. I love you too.”

He shook his head, raising his head so he was staring directly into your eyes. “No, I love you, as more than some friend.” His voice was wavering. “I-I love you so damn much it fucking hurts. It–it hurts so much.”

He heard your breath hitch, and soon tears began to form in your eyes. Before he could question it, or wipe them away, he was pulled into a desperate kiss.

There were many things in this world that didn’t make sense. There were many things that weren’t meant to be, that was fucked up and just downright wrong. The world was a puzzle that Jason avoided. Each decision he made, he always questioned after. But this? This felt right. It felt like the most natural thing in the world.

He felt the love and passion you held for him in the kiss and he felt tears running down his cheeks again, this time from happiness and joy. Your soft hands went up to his cheeks, fingers wiping the salty substance away.

It was difficult to pull away, but Jason knew he had to eventually. When he did, he rested his forehead against yours, smiling like an idiot.

“I love you too.” you confessed, your smile giving some sense to his world. He closed his eyes as a fresh wave of tears fell from his eyes, and you didn’t hesitate to wipe them away.

“Why are you crying?” 

“Because you love me. Me. Someone like me.” he uttered. “Someone that can’t even get his life together, someone who’s messed up and don’t deserve you.”

You brought his head close to your chest– arms wrapped around his head–and he never felt more comfort in his life. It was in your arms that he felt at home. Your gentle words soothed his mind and soul.

“If this world revolves around people getting what they deserve, none of us would be here right now.” You kissed the top of his head and Jason closed his eyes, relishing your touch. 

“Just let yourself be loved.”

And for the first time in his life, he did.


Summary: You always knew Dean was a sub, you just never figured he’d ever let you dom him. But you figured wrong. (HORRIBLE SUMMARIES GUYS. HORRIBLE.)

Pairing: Sub!Dean x dom!reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: language, sub/dom, bondage, oral (male and female receiving), nsfw gifs below the cut!

A/N: I ended up switching (ha) the title to this one. it’s more fitting ;-) but yay fic 2 of my smut appreciation day fics! the Cas x reader will be coming at 6pm EST.

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“I dunno, it’s definitely not the weirdest thing you’ve ever said,” you laughed, taking another sip of your beer as you lounged in the map room with Dean.

You and Dean were alone in the bunker for the night while Sam went to go check on Cas and his angel business, so you two were relaxing, reminiscing over silly things the two of you had said over the years you’d known each other.

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Not Over You pt. 5

Prompt: “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?” or it’s been a year since you and Steve broke up. He’s moved on, you haven’t.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,822

Warnings: language, alcohol


A/N: another absolutely heartbreaking part. why do i do this. more to come!

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


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You woke up from the night feeling more tired than ever. There was a dull aching in your head from the whiskey you’d consumed earlier. But other than that, it had felt like it had been a dream.  Much to your surprise Steve stayed after the unexpected, and frankly unplanned, kiss. There was conversation. But not as much as there had been hugging and apologizing, on both ends. There had been kissing and the clashing of hips and moaning and heavy breathing. It felt like your heart had mended overnight, something you never thought was possible.

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Imagine Dean teaching you how to play pool

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Summary: You work at the roadhouse, and are consistently flustered whenever Dean comes around. When Dean realizes you don’t know how to play pool, he takes upon himself to teach you. With strings attached, of course…

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: mild awkwardness and embarrassment

This is for the lovely @summer-binging-spn! Sorry it took so long, and I really hope I did your idea justice!

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Choosing You (Part 6)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: AU! - Dean, Sam, and Castiel are in a band and they want the reader to join.  She does, even though she’s already in another one.  Things get complicated, feelings get weird, and no one knows what obstacle is going to come up next.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,503
Tags: au!, plot driven, Gadreel as a brief romantic interest, angst + lots more on the way,
A/N: As usual, if you comment/message me/reblog a comment about the fic (that doesn’t contain spoilers), there’s a 1000000% chance I’ll reply with a funny gif and nice words :)



Dean walked through the front door, carrying all of the food.  You didn’t see him, though, too caught up in your interaction with the man in front of you.

Dean, however, immediately noticed you and the way you were touching the man’s forearm tenderly as you scribbled your number on his palm.

“Who’s that guy?” He asked Sam quietly, not even trying to disguise the disgust in his tone.

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Miss you~V

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x You
Warning: Smut
× × × × × × ×

’“I’ll come today baby. My manager gave me 2 free days since i needed to see you”’ Taehyung said over the phone

“Yayy i can’t wait to see you!” You smiled, happiness filling you

’“Okay babe, see you soon”’


You squealed as you two finished the short conversation. He wasn’t supposed to come home for next 2 months, or even more. You got up and decided to clean yourself a bit, since you were in your pjs only with a little dirty hair did in your ponytail.

“Gosh i need a shower” You mumbled to yourself before stepping inside the bathroom

× × ×

You took a deep breath, warmith of hot water still able to be felt on your skin. You dried your hair fast and brushed it, making it look decent. For clothes, you took just some simple shorts and Tae’s shirt, since he loves when you wear his clothes.

Just as you finished with dressing up, you heard a knock on your door. It was obviously Tae. You run towards the door, not wanting to make him wait.

“I missed you” You said jumping in a hug as you opened the doors

“I missed you too. So much” He replied hugging you back

He came inside the apartment, you still not letting him go. Just as you managed to lock the doors, he attacked your lips with a deep kiss

“Mhm-Tae” you moaned in between kisses

“Said something princess?” He asked, licking his lips as he stared down at you.

“I-i love you” You said, feeling yourself getting wet as he massaged your lower back with his long, slender fingers.

“I love you too, princess” He replied before starting to kiss your jaw line, making you moan loudly

You felt your knees go weak, and before you could say anything, like Taehyung knew, he picked your up with a bridal style. While staring at you with those beautiful dark eyes, he brought you to yours bedroom.

He threw you on the bed, before moving on top of you, kissing your neck hungrily, making hickeys all over it.

It wasn’t often that Taehyung was this dominant, but when he is, like right now, you melt under his touch and you aren’t able to think properly. It’s like he’s making you crazy.

“I love when you wear my things, princess…but right now, i want nothing more, but to see you naked. Right in front of me and only for me” Taehyung said, staring lustfully at you

“Go on then” you breathed out

Taehyung wasted no time. He looked at your clothes, before hurriedly moving the shirt off of you, and then your pair of shorts. Underneath those were a pair of black underwear. Taehyung scanned your body, before also removing those, so thag you were completely naked, laying in front of him.

“Someone’s really wet” Taehyung said, moving down on your lower region

“W-well” you blushed, stuttering

“Shh don’t worry, princess. I love seeing you that wet for me” He said as he placed his point finger at your entrance

You groaned at his actions, hating how he loved to play with you when you’re wet. He loved making you wait and beg for him.

“P-please” You gasped

“Please what?” He asked cocky

“Please…please fuck me” You begged

“Well, someone’s eager” He replied before pushing one of his fingers inside of you, making you moan.bHe pumped inside of you, soon putting inside another finger.

“You’re tight ” Taehyung said, loving the way you look when he pleasures you

You felt that you’ll come soon, and before you knew it, you were coming a lots on his fingers, letting out a loud moan. He pulled out his fingers out of you, licking off your juices.

“T-taehyung, i need you.” You said wanting to feel him inside of you

“I need you too princess, get ready now” He whispered on your ear as he moved himself on your entrance

He slowly started coming in, but ended up slamming against you, making you let out one hell of a moan. He started thrusting fast, moving almost completely out before slamming onto you again and again. You were a moaning mess, holding onto his shoulders as he thrusted into you.

“You’re so tight princess, so fucking tight!” He groaned and he moved in and out

“T-taehyung, i’m gonna-”

“I’m gonna come too princess” He replied

Soon, he was filling your insides with his sperm. There were lots of it, some even coming out of you. You layed on the bed, feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Your breathing was compeltely steady yet, when you felt him turn you on your stomach

“You didn’t think we were done, were you?” Taehyung said in husky voice, which always send thrills down your back

He spanked your ass, loving how you would moan at the contact of his skin hitting yours.

He positioned himself at your entrance again, ready for round two. He slammed hard into you yet again, making you moan each time he thrusted. His hand was brought up on your neck, slightly choking you as he thrusted in. The rush of being choked like that was breaking all bounrades of excitement

Taehyung gripped onto your neck tighter as he came into you for the second time tonight, letting out a low groan as he did. His juices filled every inch of you, making you see the stars.

But it wasn’t still enough for him. He needed you, so so much. After months of not being near you and not being able to touch you, he craved for you. Then seing you in that tight shorts you wore earlier, it definitely made him be even more horny

He noticed how you were more quiet now, tired from the two rounds but also still enjoying the feeling of him coming into you

“I’m not done with you yet” He said, groping your ass as he pulled you more near him.

“Put that ass up for me princess” He said as he positioned himself on your entrance

You did as you were told, not expecting the next thing that happened. He inserted himself in you, but in the other hole. You let out a loud moan, followed with soft whimpers as he was pumping in and out of your ass hole.

The feeling of you being so tight around him, was arousing him even more. His pace didn’t slow down even though he felt as he was coming. Instead, he started pumping harder, his semen flowing even deeper inside of you.

You fell on the bed, his semen falling out of your ass hole. You were still slightly shaking in pleasure, a dreamy look on your face. Your legs were as someone cut them off, you basically couldn’t feel them anymore.

Taehyung layed right next to you, his big hand moving up and down your body. He fell alseep like that, looking at his precious little princess which he made feel amazing after not seeing her for that long.

× × × × × ×

This was my second smut i ever wrote, actually. Hope you liked it!

Fuck acquaintances

There’s this woman who i used to attend an art class with in a community center several years ago.

She’s been a few times to my store, but today was the first time she was there while i was at the cash register.

There’s a buy-one-get-one-free on baby wipes.

One of the store’s policies is that a customer can buy up to 4 of the same item every day. If you want more than 4, you have to come back tomorrow.

So on this 1+1 sale, customers can buy 2 pairs.

She asked how many she could buy, i told her 4/day, and she went and grabbed the baby wipes.

She came back to the counter a minute later with 8 packages and i reminded her she could only buy 4.

“Oh, come on, can’t you do something? We know each other. I’ll pay with a different credit card.”

ARGH! Don’t put me in such an awkward situation, don’t make me bend the rules for you, you are not special, i hardly remember your name.

It’s unlikely that i would get fired for something like that, you have to screw up really bad to get fired here, but still.

I like my job better than i like you.

Time After Time (Part 8 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,587 (omg why)

Warnings: language, drinking, FLUFF, potential swooning hazard

A/N: I’m proud of this one. It made me happy to write and yes I went overboard but idc. PS - This is NOT the end. I have, at minimum, two more pieces I want to write, maybe three. Thanks for reading!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 22

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Come back to me  (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: language, angst, mentions of alcohol

Word count: 1549

Request: by a lovely anon, “Hi ! Could you write a Bucky x Reader based on Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith please ? Like he broke her heart in the past because of HYDRA and a few years later, when he’s finally free and a new man, they cross path again ? That’d be lovely ! And your writing is sooo good ! Keep up the good work :)”

A/N: oops this ended up way more angsty than I originally intended. There will be a second part out soon! Feedback, as always is welcome. Requests will be open again soon. Enjoy!

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Your POV

The day that Bucky left was the most painful you had ever endured. Just the night before he had been holding you in your shared bed. When you woke the next morning he was gone. All of his clothes were missing and your bed was cold and painfully empty.

You tore the apartment apart, searching for any hint that he had even been real. The only thing you found was a note scribbled in his handwriting on a small scrap of paper. It rested on the wooden kitchen table that you had picked out together. You lifted the paper with shaking hands.

I’m sorry. Please don’t look for me

You were so confused. How could he do this to you? Just yesterday, everything was perfect. Just yesterday he had made you breakfast and the two of you were dancing around the small kitchen that you shared. You sank to your knees with the note still clutched in your trembling hands.

You read it to yourself until your legs were numb and the paper was soaked through with your tears. You folded it twice and clutched it to your chest. It was the only proof that your Bucky was real.

You were aware that Bucky had a rough past, but he never went into too much detail. He said that you wouldn’t love him if he shared all of the messy details with you. You knew that wasn’t possible. All you knew was that he got caught up with some bad people a while back, which somehow resulted in his metal arm. Even though he had secrets, you trusted him and you thought that he loved you; until the day he left.

If he loved you, he would’ve told you what happened to him in his past. He would’ve tried to deal with whatever was bothering him, rather than leaving in the middle of the night. He also would’ve left more than a short, impersonal note for you to remember him by.

The anger bubbled up inside of you until you were sobbing yet again and pulling at your hair. You stood up abruptly and stomped over to the trashcan. You went to throw the note away but you couldn’t bring yourself to do so. Even the anger you felt was not enough to overcome your love for Bucky.
You went into your room where Bucky had slept next to you just last night. There was a small jewelry box on the dresser. You tried your best the flatten out the paper and then you placed it inside for safekeeping.

For the next 2 weeks, you scoured the city, looking for any sign of Bucky. You figured that he wouldn’t have left the city. You were wrong.

As more days turned into nights and back into days again, you grew tired of sitting in the living room of your once shared apartment waiting for a man to come home, who never would. Your hope that he would come back to you had faded and you couldn’t bare living in the apartment where you had been so happy with him anymore. So you moved; not out of the city but far enough away that every street corner no longer held a memory of you and him.

After 7 months of living by yourself and wallowing in your loneliness you finally accepted the advances of your co-worker, not because you liked him, but because you missed Bucky so much. His name was Anthony and he was sweet enough, but throughout the whole date all you could think about were Bucky’s topaz eyes. After that you never went on another date.

Your heart was completely shattered by someone who seems to have not given two shits about you the whole time you were together. You were convinced all of his I love you’s were a lie. You analyzed every conversation that you could remember between the two of you, and you felt foolish for being so quick to believe whatever he told you. Even knowing all this, you still loved him with every piece of your soul. So much so that you feared it would never be fixed.

This was all a year ago and yet not a single day went by when you didn’t think about Bucky. You dreamed about him coming back to you, telling you that he was stupid for leaving, promising never to leave again. You imagined him in front of you and in your dreams you always ran towards him, to be closer. You imagined that you’d always run to him, that was until he was standing before you at the entrance to the bar where you first met.

You came here during your darkest times. The stuffy little dive bar seemed to be the only piece of Bucky that you had left, besides the small note that still sat in your jewelry box.

As soon as your eyes met his, you did what you thought you’d never do. You ran away from him.

You ran as fast as you could, shoving people to get out of your way as you went. You had no idea where you were going except for away from him. You found yourself on an unfamiliar street and decided to duck into a small cafe on the corner.

You saw Bucky jog in front of the cafe and look around. You weren’t quick enough to turn your back and he spotted you through the window.

As he opened the door you were frozen where you stood, wanting nothing more to just run away again. He slowly approached you. You almost shrunk back from his closeness. Almost. There was still that electric pull between the two of you that you had remembered so fondly.

“Y/N, I-” he began but you cut him off. The anger from all the pain he had caused you radiated from your stomach and found its way to your mouth.

“James please don't” you snapped. His eyes went wide. You had never called him James. Your body started cooperating with your mind again and you went to brush past Bucky. You had new plans of going to get so hammered that this night was long forgotten. Before you could walk past him, his fingers curled around your wrist. They were gentle and scared, just like you and you turned to look at him. His eyes held a look that you had never seen from him. It shook you to your core.

“Please I need to explain everything. I need you to understand” he begged. His eyes were glossy and his hair was a mess. He was still as handsome as the day you met him.

“Fine” you stated simply and started to walk towards the exit. You felt his presence trailing a fair distance behind you. You hailed a cab and he climbed inside after you.

On the ride to your apartment you tried to keep reminding yourself of all the wrong he has done you. You knew if your anger ran out then you would cry and you needed to actually hear what he was going to say to you, if you were ever to get the closure you so desperately craved.

You tried your best to convince yourself that you were doing this for your peace of mind, and not because you loved him. You were never good at lying, especially to yourself.

Bucky was silent and the only noise that filled the space was his nervous breathing. The cab driver stopped in front of your building, you paid him and then got out. Bucky followed you inside and into the elevator. It dinged once you arrived to the 3rd floor and you both exited. You pushed the door to your apartment open and turned on the lights.

Leading Bucky to the small kitchen table, you sat down. He sat across from you.

“Go ahead” you said and readied yourself to listen to the painful details of why he left you.

“Well okay um- I’m not sure where to start. You look good by the way” his cheeks flushed red. “Shit um I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry. But the thing is well- that I still love you. Never stopped and never will.”  

Your mouth went dry and you stared at him with wide eyes. You could feel your angry resolve fading and your heart fluttered from hearing him say the words that you were sure you’d never hear again. Tears began to well in your eyes and you were sure that he noticed. You did not let them fall. After you were silent for a few seconds he began to speak again.

“I’m going to tell you everything. Everything that I never told you before because I thought I was protecting you. I’m going to tell you why I left without so much as a goodbye, but before I start, I need you to know that you never once did anything wrong. You were and still are my angel and I did whatever it took to keep you safe” he finished and took a deep breath. You nodded your head slowly. You weren’t sure if you believed him yet. He lost most of your trust after he abandoned you, but you loved him, so you would listen.

Renegade (pt. 2)

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Another wolf-finds-his-mate story, but I kicked it up a notch and created a whole new world around it.

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Supernatural (EXO as wolves, but more species involved in the storyline)

Word count: 6062 words

Warning: curse-words and sex references

New to the series? Start your adventure here: Prologue 
The posts will always contain a link to the next part, unless that part hasn’t been posted yet.

Part 2

Ridiculous. That’s what it was. Absolutely ridiculous. It had been their ancestors, who had come up with the idea of the witch tomb having to be cleaned every Sunday. They believed the weather to be more pleasant whenever the tomb was clean. Back then, they had the worst weather of entire Seoul, except for that one week a year after they’d clean the witch tomb. Nowadays, they always had the foremost preferable weather forecast. Because he had never known otherwise, Chanyeol found it absurd. Wouldn’t their spirits have better things to do?

The witch tomb could be accessed via a small door that was hidden in the pedestal of a giant statue, honouring the witches that had lived there before them and had died mysteriously several centuries ago. It was told they had been murdered and as to catch all their spirits together so they didn’t roam around town, the witch tomb was build. The tomb had a magnetic effect on the spirits of the witches, which was why they first had calculated the exact range the tomb could capture. That also explained its unfortunate location in the middle of the town’s marketplace. The statue in itself, constructed out of cement, plaster and resin, portrayed the image of two naked women and one naked man, standing in a circle and facing the outside of the circle. They were all holding up their arms in the air. One of the women was holding a bouquet of flowers high in the sky, portraying a witch’s connection with nature. Another woman was seemingly pregnant, showing the connection they had with life. A male had a wolf stroking his head to his leg. It displayed what witches stood for, being the servants of nature and the protectors of living beings.

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All I Wanted Part 2

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All I Wanted Part 2

A/N: By popular demand. Here is Part 2! And i apologize if…I just apologize…

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warning: Your heart may break…

Summary: Reader wants to be closer to Chris. Wants to help support him and his career a bit more but he always seems reluctant to let her. Its not until she reaches her breaking point that he realizes he may have gone too far.

All I Wanted 

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 “Are you sure Chris knows youre coming? He didnt mention it to me.” Sebastian has been questioning you all night since you called him and told him to stop by to pick you up before heading to the premiere. 

After the door shut behind Chris, you got hit with the worst feeling in the pit of your stomach you never felt before. 

There was something about the way Chris said he loved you. It didnt sound like all the other times. Something was off about it. And it scared you. 

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More observational stuff and spoiler alerts if anyone isn’t all caught up. 

Amos and Alex make an interesting pair. I’ll admit I was iffy about Amos Burton at first. Remember how he had Alex in a headlock during their stay on the Donnager? Not long after that it’s behind them and they’re acting like besties hanging out in the bar. During season 2 I’m glad we get to see a closer look into Amos’ character. When Alex ends up in a bar fight he’s clearly losing, Amos comes to the rescue in full mama bear rage mode. Amos later explains to Alex something about three types of people. The guys who are bad, the people who protect, and the people who need protection. That being Alex, something he resents. A different incident where Amos pushes a woman to the ground, scaring her son, he is horrified at his mistake, and walks away. Proof he’s not a psycho without a moral compass after all. IMO he’s very much the den mother of the Rocinante. 

Gilded and Rouge (Part 3)

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Author: Wristic

Pairing: Ivar x Reader

Word count: 1800

Warnings: Biting, angry kissing, blood, 

I honestly can’t tell which one of you is being more of an insufferable shit

-Part 1- -Part 2-

The morning after your night of a little self discovery, you clean up and reflect, only to have any progress shattered when you come face to face with Ivar again.

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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days AU - Part 5 (Bucky x Reader)

Synopsis: This is a fluffy AU based on the movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. This is part of @stories-from-stark-tower Stark Tower’s 3k Celebration Movie AU Challenge! You work at Radiance magazine and have been assigned the task to find a man to date and ‘lose him’ within the span of 10 days making the typical mistakes women tend to make, writing it up for your article. Easy right? Bucky Barnes is your ever so charming victim and it turns out he has his own 10 day task and may prove to be more of a challenge than you thought.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2664

Warnings: Mild swearing and a whole lotta angst. 

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long guys but I’ve finally done it! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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Show Me, Princess: Part 1

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Request: “Hello! Can I request for a highschool jinyoung fluff where he’s your bestfriend but you two like each other and always flirt then in the end you know 😂 just fluffff THANKSSS”

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive

Work Count: 1069

A/N: Honeslty I think I got a little carried away and I found myself already thinking of part 2 for this  including another member, so if you guys have a preference just let me know ;)

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Artist: Peter

Commissioned by: Tabby

  • You can bet your >=D I’m gonna either draw or buy more art for these four lovely ladies. Probably, primarily for MC 2, MC 3 and MC 4 because there’s a lot of fan art out there for MC 1. P.S. I’m accepting requests for cute sketchy-couple doodle ideas - which MC would you like to see paired up with which boy ? ? ? 
compassion | credence barebone | part 2 | book 2

SUMMARY: Events in the metro station became a fearful memory, but darkness doesn’t give up so fast. The damage was inevitable, but what is its scale? Credence and his patron now have to discover more mysteries. How strong their bond really is? What was that white smoke? What’s that Grindelwald really wanted? The war is coming, but the question is if they are ready to meet each other on the battlefield.

FANDOM: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them;

PAIRING: Credence Barebone x Patron!Reader;

WARNINGS: nothing, maybe a slightest bit of angst;

PART: 1 of 9 (i guess);

INDEX: [masterlist] - Book 1: Certainty;
[part 1] - Book 2: Compassion;


A/N: This one is a little bit shorter, then the previous one, but i didn’t want to cut out anything. Hope you’ll like it)

P.S. Sorry for any mistakes, I could mess up with some English.

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