will i be arrested for this

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wheres jungkook manliness (concept like Dope) nowadays i just really want a jungkook manily concept ugghh (cry's in fangirl language) i feel like us jungkook biased fans and jimin would REALLLY (wiggles eyebrows) appreciate it♥i think we can all agree jimin dies for jungkook manliness or i am not a bts fanatic <3i need it NOW gimme it PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE bts compnay cordis people who control thier mv concept SOMEONE SOMTHING helpahhhurggh

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Custody battles will not end babygate, and neither will Eleanor. She is around to confirm he is still straight, and won't be around long. Someone in or around the band will get into legal trouble, causing everyone to question the paternity. Heads up.

if briana goes to jail even for an hour I WILL NEVER ASK FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE