will i am'

And a quick dash of Megane!Prompto! I really love this boy, My sunshine, my wooooorrlllddd!  I love drawing Prompto but it’s always more fulfilling when I draw him for others, especially for my @playdencos! Pink with a dash of blue, I end the night with his smile :)

All I ask for when Amy is pregnant is for her to tell Jake in a very Jimmy Jabs-esque conversation

Like, they’re at dinner one night and joking around and Jake lovingly pushes Amy and she grabs her belly and goes “Hey! Don’t you dare touch Jake Jr!” and Jake gasps and Amy just responds, “That’s right. It’s your baby!” and Jake tries to fire back an “Are you saying I knocked you up???” but he’s smiling too much and he can’t stop thinking about how happy he is


dan and phil meme: [1/5] daniel howell videos  ANIME WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE

“the fact they’re animated might turn you off at first, but that’s what they’re all about.  it’s not real– without real actors or real places, and that is a good thing because the real world is disgusting.“