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jnathanhopkins Guys. @lauraosnes ping pongs HARD.

taikawaititi: By Odin’s Beard, it’s Mr NZ and Mr Aus sharing an Anzac kiss through a sweaty Anthony Hopkins filter. You guys think I just fuck around all day hanging out with celebrities, but really I’m creating cultural ties and spiritual understanding between the different peoples of the world… through dumb photos. #Ragnarok #OdinSweat #HoppoSandwich#Anzacs #AtlantaHEAT #HannibalFilter

While the truth about Ben Hopkins gains traction, remember that abuse in DIY scenes is ridiculously common for lots of reasons and it’s all of our responsibility to keep our peers and younger people safe out there. Here’s what you can do:

Stop repping pwr bttm. Stop going to their shows and stop recommending them to others. 

Build up bands, collectives, and organizations doing the good work and making art that is meaningful to you.

Look out for each other, both in physical spaces and online. Respect and believe everyone who comes forward. This story is gonna grow and as people come forward we have to back them up.

This sucks a LOT and it feels like there’s nothing good left but we can stick together and lift up the voices that most need to be heard right now.