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Shit my boyfriend said while I was making him watch Hannibal with me.

(note: we started watching in the middle of second season, specifically the last five minutes of Su-zakana, starting properly on Shiizakana. My boyfriend has seen the first episode, bits and pieces of the first season, and I briefly filled him in on the rest of what was happening, so his knowledge of the show up to this point is a bit spotty.)



When Hannibal met Will  - Omegaverse

Will Graham is an omega in an alpha’s world - he’s used to not always being taken seriously and has no time for alpha bullshit.

The last thing he expected was to make friends with an alpha! Sure Hannibal Lecter is interesting and clever, he even treats omegas with respect, but Will isn’t planning on anything more than friendship.

But after they unintentionally end up sleeping together they need to work out if they can still be friends in the morning.

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Something else you should know about Will Graham. He has a remarkable visual memory. He is keenly insightful to the human condition and I would argue, the smartest person in this room. Capable of creating a psychological profile of a different kind of killer, one that would become his alibi.

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Some summary required


Poor Miriam Lass is finally free.


Jack asks her to identify her captor. She says Hannibal is not the Ripper.

Jack is disappointed.

This man is never satisfied.


The puppy is also free. Finally.

Jack has no shame left in him, he goes to Will offering him a ride.  

Jack doesn’t give a fuck that Will just got out of prison, he takes him to work like nothing happened.


After that, Will returns to his dogs. Alana was taking care of them.

Will goes to Hannibal to say Hi

Chilton freaks out. He starts to suspect that after Gideon, he is the next.

He is not wrong.

Chilton leaves his house and goes to Will’s because… You know, everyone is Will’s friend again, all forgotten. Let’s go to Will asking for help after we treated him like shit.

Jack arrests Chilton and for now he is the Ripper. Someone should be. Will is not, Gideon is dead…

Just as long as you don’t accuse Hannibal.


Miriam confirms Chilton is the Ripper when she shoots him.

Rage against Chilton number two.

First the guts, then a bullet in the face…

But there’s good news at the end of this episode.

Will decides to resume his therapy.

Like this:


Hannibal is a happy cannibal.


Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.

Made it to Season 2 and I’m at a loss. Firstly, why does Hannibal do literally 99% of the stupid murder shit that he does? Why the clearly unnecessary hiding, lying and killing shit that suggests a grander scheme but really is ultimately just for funsies it seems? Also the dumb ass metaphors just keep coming - “my pulse is a roller coaster heading for a deep plunge” - what the fuck does that mean, Will? And also how much stupid useless knowledge can Hannibal have before my suspension of disbelief snaps? He’s a world renowned chef, also a master serial killer, also he was a medical doctor at one point (?), also he got an art scholarship (?), also he is a doctor of psychiatry, also he knows hand to hand combat and speaks multiple languages, also he says ridiculous shit like “catgut hasn’t been used for over eighty years”and “it’s a resin-coated method for making models of fish” - how could you know some dumb ass information like that??? Why???? 


Some summary required

And some of my life is left behind.

And I’m aware there’s nothing to laugh about it, but I’ll try.

And what will I do with Digestivo and TWOTL?



Hannibal and Will want to run away together; preparations have to be made.


 So, Jack is lured in the trap and all is ready.

But Will needs to be stupid one more time, for the audience.


 Hannibal finds out Will never killed Freddie.

His anger grows. But he still is a man in love, so he gives Will another chance.

One cannot say Hannibal didn’t try hard.

At the end, Jack goes to Hannibal all alone.

Alana goes to Hannibal all alone.


 And Will goes to Hannibal too. He arrives just when Hannibal has already done the job.   


 Hannibal leaves Will nearly dead on the floor, because he loves him.

Leaves Abigal dead on the floor, because he loves Will.

Leaves Jack stabbed in the neck, because Jack ate his chair.

Leaves Alana on the sidewalk, after she fell from the second floor, because he is really creative.

And he runs away with Bedelia, because he is a son of a bitch.

This is all I ever wanted for you...

Bedelia: Has he ever tried to persuade you to kill anybody? He will. And it will be somebody you love. And you will think it’s the only choice you have.

Many people point to this “prophecy” being fulfilled in The Wrath of the Lamb in the cliff fall. I think that’s accurate but it seems like something Hannibal had been doing to Will all along. There is no other context for it, especially in the midst of Season 2 when Will had already tried to kill Hannibal twice and was fantasizing about doing it again. I don’t doubt that Hannibal did want to be with Will, to be a family with him. But, as Will describes:

Hannibal follows several trains of thought at once without distraction from any.

Was one of the trains of thought regarding Will, that he would allow Will to kill him? Did he believe that it might be the only way for Will to “become”? And was this one of his plans from the beginning? I think so for many reasons. 

In Savoureux Hannibal had every opportunity to take Will’s gun away from him. He was asleep in the car. But he didn’t do that. Will almost shot him and would have if Jack had not come. Hannibal didn’t do anything to protect himself. Compare that to how he does everything he can to protect himself from Beverly. She also had a gun. 

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When Will attempted to kill him in S2 through Matthew Brown, he had praise for him:

If I were Beverly’s murderer, I’d applaud your effort. I think you are more in control now than you have ever been.

He follows that up by letting Will out of prison. He’s pleased that Will tried to kill him. Again, Will holds a gun on Hannibal and he does nothing to protect himself.

Compare that to how he dealt with Chilton and the law enforcement that came to the door in the same episode. They had guns and they all ended up dead. And again, Hannibal is positive to Will after this incident. He welcomes him back to therapy with a smile and only one question about whether Will is planning to kill him again or not. 

We might brush all this off as Hannibal just being very confident that Will would not kill him. But this is quickly disproved in the next episode. 

With all my knowledge and intrusion I could never entirely predict you. I can feed the caterpillar, whisper through the chrysalis, but what hatches follows its own nature and is beyond me.

This is right after Will pulls the trigger on Clarke Ingram. Hannibal was very surprised by it and he admits that he can’t predict if Will would kill or not. And he includes the past tense (could never). We have to conclude that Hannibal was really putting his life in Will’s hands from the start. And of course, he knew that Will did want to kill him and almost did twice.

It won’t feel the same Will. It won’t feel like killing me. This is not the reckoning you promised yourself.

This could be seen as him just trying to discourage Will from killing Ingram, but it could also be seen as Hannibal articulating his encouragement for Will to kill him at some point. 

Even when Hannibal hits back in acts of “reciprocity” he’s still trying to get Will to remember that who he really wants to kill is him.

Did you kill him with your hands? When you killed Randall did you fantasize you were killing me? 

Then we come to Mizumono. Jack pulls a gun on him and he throws a knife at him. Alana has a gun on Hannibal but he took her bullets and sends her up to Abigail to be dealt with. 

Hannibal responding to Jack with a gun:

Hannibal responding to Will with a gun:

Hannibal thinks that Will has betrayed him. And he does attack him. But we should remember that even when Hannibal guts him, he does so when Will has a gun in his hand. Was the attack a provocation to get Will to kill him? How could Hannibal know that Will wouldn’t shoot him? Did he leave him alive so that he could finally kill him when he came to find him?

So, we come to Season 3. We see another example of Hannibal confronting a gun not held by Will Graham. This time it’s held by Bedelia. 

He doesn’t look happy about it and he says as much.

You’re optimistic I won’t kill you.

A threat and Bedelia responds by putting the gun down. A stark contrast to how he behaved with Will in similar circumstances. 

The next meeting they have, Will and Hannibal are torn apart by betrayal and misunderstanding. Again there is reciprocity. Hannibal had stabbed Will and in Dolce, Will tries to stab Hannibal. We don’t know if Hannibal would have protected himself since Chiyoh does it for him. And he responds by sawing into Will’s head. But, ultimately Hannibal does save him in Digestivo. 

Hannibal: Your memory palace is building. It’s full of new things. It shares some rooms with my own. I’ve discovered you there. Victorious.

Will: When it comes to you and me there can be no decisive victory.

Hannibal: We are in zero sum game.

Hannibal sees Will as “victorious” against him. Will says that’s not true. How do they both deal with it? Hannibal surrenders himself and Will does another act of “reciprocity”. Hannibal had run away with Bedelia, now Will runs away with Molly. That isn’t quite the way to act if he believes their game is over. Of course, we later learn that what Will said in this scene was a manipulation of Hannibal. He “rejected” him in order to get him to get himself up. Another act of reciprocity since Hannibal had put Will in prison in Seasons 1 & 2. 

It speaks to Hannibal’s frame of mind about Will though. Has he always seen Will as victorious? Is that why he encouraged him to kill him or even why he attacked him at certain points? So that Will could “become” “victorious” over him? Was sawing into his head another attack to provoke Will into killing him? He reacted with nothing but disappointment when Will decided he wouldn’t play anymore. He wasn’t going to hunt him down and kill him. Hannibal did the only thing he could do at that point. Wait. It was the same thing he did when he ran to Europe. He waited for Will to come to him and he did. 

And when Will does come to see him again in prison, he provokes him again. He sends the Dragon after his family. Then in the cliff side house they have their final conversation before the fight which just confirms that Hannibal is still on his train of thought that Will would kill him.

Hannibal: Save yourself. Kill them all.

Will: I don’t know if I can save myself. Maybe that’s just fine.

Will is saying here that he doesn’t know if he can “kill them all” to save himself. He’s saying he doesn’t know if he can kill Hannibal. How does Hannibal respond to that?

No greater love hath man than to lay down his life for a friend.

He’s essentially answering, “Even if you don’t know if you can kill me to save yourself, I’m going to give you my life anyway.” Then he puts himself between the window and Will and takes the bullet for him.

Whether you interpret the cliff fall as a faked death (as I do) or as a real murder suicide attempt, Hannibal is still putting himself in Will’s hands. He is passive as Will tips them over the edge. Either in reality or symbolically, he’s letting Will kill him. As the culmination of their relationship, it would fit Hannibal’s intentions for them from the beginning. 

Kō No Mono

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We left them at the table.

We find them at the table.

It’s their way to have sex, so they probably spend more time eating than breathing.

After this scene (and after all the doubts about Hannigram disappeared), at the laboratory Freddie’s death is confirmed. Just for Hannibal’s eyes.

The funny moment Margot and Will shared, brings its consequences.

Hannibal deals with the situation in his own way. He tells Mason about it and Mason puts his sister on an operating table and sterilizes her.


Hannibal leaves a love gift to make Will happy:

But once Will knows that Margot has lost the baby, he has no doubts about who did it and who suggested it.

And the game between Will and the Doctor continues.

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