will he be in hannibal season 2

Shit my boyfriend said while I was making him watch Hannibal with me.

(note: we started watching in the middle of second season, specifically the last five minutes of Su-zakana, starting properly on Shiizakana. My boyfriend has seen the first episode, bits and pieces of the first season, and I briefly filled him in on the rest of what was happening, so his knowledge of the show up to this point is a bit spotty.)


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okay but i still think about how Will actually fucking let himself into hannibal's house in season 1 and threw his coat down and he is still fucking alive. Hanni puts up with a lot of shit for him

Will is literally allowed to do anything Hannibal doesn’t care like

whatever Will throw your shit wherever I don’t care because the jacket is off and I now have an unobstructed view of the booty I don’t care tear down the drapes rip up my drawings rearrange my furniture juST FUCK ME UP WILL

Meanwhile that time in season 2 when Mason had the audacity to leave his jacket on the lounge when he took his seat:

Hannibal was quite possibly more offended than that time Franklyn put his used tissue on the table beside him.

Also Will is allowed to do this, just casually settle in behind Hannibal’s desk, in his chair, while I’m pretty sure Mason was almost murdered for having the audacity to do the same thing  

And yes okay he put his feet on the desk which is super rude BUT

Will can literally SIT ON HANNIBAL’S DESK AND HE DOESN’T EVEN BAT AN EYE like i’m pretty sure Will could come into his office and just casually gut the fish he caught that day on his desk and Hannibal would just sit there making gooey eyes at him and loving every single second of it.

among the other things that send me reeling about the Hannigram relationship is the TIME ELAPSED

When they met Dr Sutcliffe the neurologist in Season 1, Hannibal mentioned that he met Will 2 or 3 months ago.

So it means Hannibal became obsessed with someone he has known for just 2 or 3 months, when Bedelia called out Hannibal’s obsession with Will.

Then in Season 2, the time card “twelve weeks earlier” say that the events in the entire Season 2 happened in just roughly 3 months. 

So it means Will’s life of teaching in lecture halls turned 180 degrees into wanting to run away with a certain Hannibal the cannibal in just about 6 or 7 months.

In Season 3, the timecard say it was 8 months from Mizumono to when Will saw Hannibal’s broken heart in display in the Norman Chapel.

So it means, during those 8 months of separation, Will and Hannibal are both “deeply thinking” about someone they have known in just about 6 or 7 months.

Also in Season 3, another timecard say it was 3 years from the Breakup Scene and Hannibal’s surrender to the start of The Great Red Dragon arc.

So it means absence does make the heart grow fonder for Will, considering how intense things turned out in Season 3. 

I mean, 3 years of separation and a wife and a kid on top of that seemed nothing since Will still looks at Hannibal like this:

Does looking at Hannibal make your eyes hurt Will? They’re glistening with tears

And like this: 

Were you meaning to touch his face Will, if the barrier isnt there? Not to mention the sighing right before you subtextually say that you know he’s in love with you.

These guys have known each other and have been in each other’s presence/company for a total of less than a year and while they have been distant or disconnected from each other for more than 3 and a half years, the attachment only grew more intense. You see?

Hannibal and Will have been separated longer than the time they have bonded but their bond became stronger and more intense…Although admittedly while the ride has been relatively short, the ride itself was wild, very wild to be buried in one’s subconscious

Was it because their minds connect so well?

What the hell is this sorcery. I dont know.


When Hannibal met Will  - Omegaverse

Will Graham is an omega in an alpha’s world - he’s used to not always being taken seriously and has no time for alpha bullshit.

The last thing he expected was to make friends with an alpha! Sure Hannibal Lecter is interesting and clever, he even treats omegas with respect, but Will isn’t planning on anything more than friendship.

But after they unintentionally end up sleeping together they need to work out if they can still be friends in the morning.

Read on AO3 by @desperatelyseekingcannibals


Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.

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"HANNIBAL! I forgive you." --- When will your faves ever just ... Season 3 is so gay ....

When the show first aired way back when, I never thought anything would top the ‘Did you just smell me?’ moment where Hannibal shows his true creeperness to Will and gets all up in his space and Will just seems amused by the whole thing including Hannibal’s weak excuse about aftershave and then he still continues his conversations with him.

And then this happened.

I thought for sure we had reached the Mount Olympus of Gay Hannibal and Will Moments. It could be no better. No future scene could be more emotional than the quiet, glistening heart eyes filled with relief that they’d both survived Tobias scene. We’d struck gold and the first season wasn’t even over yet.

Who knew that we’d go from this subtle ‘I appreciate the company’ line with soft but intense eye contact and close physical proximity to Will asking the woman he has been shown to be jealous of/sass at/hate for her closeness to Hannibal, ‘Is Hannibal in love with me?’ and receive a definitive ‘Yes, you ass’ to Hannibal almost kissing Will and Will nuzzling Hannibal’s chest as they both give up literally everything for each other in order to be with each other.

I thought season 1 was Gay, but then season 2 happened and then season 3 happened and I’ve come to accept the fact that Hannibal and Will and Bryan Fuller (and Hugh and especially Mads) will continue to surprise me and raise and completely surpass the bar when it comes to just how gay can Hannibal get.