will he amaze

one of the best parts of today’s episode, and possibly the best highlight over all?

Casey Jones straight up murdering a man, and saying “Whoops.”

his whole expression, his tone of voice, my god.

I don’t know who animates for him specifically, but let’s give them a slow clap everyone. because this part right here, this split second scene? it gave me more emotional impact than any other portion of the episode, and actual chills down my spine.

Casey Jones attempted to kill a man, and probably didn’t feel anything but pure hate for him. god damn.

If this gets less than 7 notes I’ll be disappointed in you all

So there was this ONE KID in my elementary and middle school, his name was Jacob, and he was the freakin’ BEST, the kind of guy you’d see in a comedy show. Here are some things he did:

-On the first day of middle school we had a welcome assembly in which he walked up to the front of the gym, grabbed the microphone from the principal and announced that he was King Jacob of Awesomeness

-He put up a drawing of a dinosaur wearing a fruit hat on the door of our classroom, and wrote that there would be a summer party on a certain date. We ended up having a party on that date.

-We had an assignment in music where we had to perform a song but change something about it, and most people just changed the volume of a certain part or maybe one lyric, but Jacob’s group, which was performing “Ho Hey”, had him jump forward and backward while yelling “WOOF!” and “ARF!” to replace the ho’s and hey’s

-Walked into the school, threw out his arms and declared “The king is here!”

-He popularized GoAnimate grounded videos in 8th grade, to the point that staff members called him Caillou (mispronounced on purpose) over the announcements

-Created at least 10 keychains per minute, by hand

-Went to a bake sale with $2, returned with $3 and a cupcake