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Do you ever like a show to the extent where you become the characters and they become you? Because I think that’s what happened to Johnny Weir and “Yuri!!! on Ice”

@ Midnight honestly same


Met Little Kuriboh today at anime north & let me tell you he is the sweetest man alive! When staff were trying to kick me out (i was at the panel before his so i assumed i would just wait in the same room since it started right after) he said that i was with him as a guest so that’d i’d be able to stay & get a seat in the front! He is so kind and funny, not to mention his wife is hilarious & just as obsessed with Kaiba & yuri on ice as i am (they both said that they loved my costume as JJ!)! The fact that they liked & retweeted our pic together also really fricken made my day! Anyhow this has been a PSA about how amazing these 2 are!

   “Even though I’ve liked Pokemon since I was little, I can’t touch them no matter what I do. I don’t even know why myself, but I know I can’t stay like this.”

                                            “I can’t stay like this.

                                           “I love you, Shiron.”
                                        (indie Lillie from the Pokemon SUMO anime series)

My massive beast for a cat brought two dead bats to my porch this morning… not the best gift I’ve received…

in regards to next week’s episode based on the promo alone:

sign me up. sign me the fuck up. i am here for this presumable alternate reality bullshit i am prepared i am ready  s i g n  m e  t h e  f u c k  u p

Got to meet Mehcad Brooks today with @queer2eternity and I can honestly say he’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I got to tell him a little bit about why Supergirl means so much to me and his response was so kind and humble, I’m still not over it.

Also: he gives really good hugs!