will have to hang up my dream of being a good looking geisha

A Chronicle of Basketball and Soul-Speak

[In high school, Alex’s father wanted her to study for a teacher’s diploma in college. The work would be steady, he explained, and the pay decent. She wouldn’t have to worry (much) about finding a job, and teaching is a respectable, honorable career.

Alex wanted to play basketball.]

Alex-centric fic, exploring her background, her retirement, and her relationship with her boys.

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A Chronicle of Basketball and Soul-Speak
Character(s): Alexandra Garcia, Kagami Taiga, Himuro Tatsuya
Word Count: 3600
Notes: For qem-chibati.

I exist to break characters.


November 5, 1999                               


LOS ANGELES – Demonstrating that even the best of us can fall victim to circumstance, the Sparks’ no. 4 turned in her jersey today, bringing an end to a four-season career.  – continued on pg.10

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