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wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart (chapter ¼)

Summary: It’s just Isak’s fucking luck that he’ll probably be outed before he ever kisses a boy. Fortunately, Even’s there to fix that, only to flit out of Isak’s life right after. Years later, a wedding brings them back together. (Once again, @westiris is an amazing beta and I love her.)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Words: 8,643


Sorry, baby, I have to work late. Tell Noora and Eva congrats from me! xoxo

Isak sighs, rubbing at his temples. He should’ve expected this—Wesley has a huge project coming up at work. It’s all he can talk about, but there’s very little about customer analytics or audience tracking that Isak cares for. He can hardly blame his boyfriend, either. Isak’s spent the last week cooped up in his office, grading papers or preparing for that huge conference in Copenhagen. They’d skipped their usual Tuesday date night, but that was probably for the better. Isak doesn’t have enough energy to force a conversation. The only good thing he’d get out of date night would be the sex, and he has the comfort of his own hand and his best dildo for that. It’s much more efficient that way.


Classic Ishida strikes again with this chapter. A few days ago Yoriko and Takeomi were having wedding day, it likely being one of the happiest day in their lives. Then only a few days later, Yoriko is captured and sentenced to death. Takeomi has to helplessly watch her wife being executed as his career crumbles down to dust. 

This makes me wonder, was the plan originally to wait after the wedding to raise these charges? If Touka had faltered earlier when Tooru showed the wrist, would the charges have been raised before the wedding. Or was the plan to wait after the wedding, and then snatch their happiness away? It sends chills down my spine how Tooru was commenting in the wedding how both Yoriko and Takeomi looked so happy, 

but it is him who breaks the news to Yoriko that Touka was a ghoul, and likely set this whole thing up, even writing the report. Mucchan was also seen, I think he is laughing to Takeomi when he enters the room where they are holding Yoriko:

What a fucked up joke.    


Yesterday was so much fun. It might’ve been freezing cold all day, but it was an absolute blast. I’m so thankful for my friends. And even though I forgot to wear my Fitbit to work, I still cleared my step goal! And as for the stairs thing, I know for a fact I took way more steps than that. But whatever Fitbit. You’re obviously right.

My grandma is working downtown this weekend since the owner is at a wedding, and I figured I could go spend a little while with her! We ended up having lunch together and it was actually a lot of fun. I had a Mediterranean Wrap with chicken added in because I’m about that protein life.

I was setting up the backyard for my fire party last night when I realized I looked like a model, so I took a selfie to commemorate the occasion. Also, I was wore lipstick for the first time ever in public yesterday and you can see it featured here. I looked hot yesterday.

And finally, the main event. I randomly decided I was going to throw a party last night and only three people showed up, but it was so much fun. My best friend made everything so stinking special for me. I’m thankful for her.

So yesterday was really amazing. I left out the music festival part for now, because I’m sure I’ll have more to report on it later. Anyway! Here’s to having another amazing day!

I’m buzzed right now so I’m gonna delete this when I’m sober in the morning but honestly I feel so depressed. I had a lit time at my cousins wedding reception but like the idea of weddings kinda f*cks me up because I wonder if I’ll ever find a romantic partner and stuff…and like knowing I’m still closeted with my family makes things kinda difficult especially since people kept asking if I had a girlfriend yet. My dads side super religious so idk if they’d ever be accepting of me being gay. Finding someone is difficult is in its own right cuz I have self esteem issues and honestly I’ve been posting hoe pictures on tumblr just for attention and I end up attracting fuckboys who only care about my dick. It just sucks man

Jaw Dropping: A Wondertrev Ficlet

Steve didn’t consider himself a socialite by any means, and he was still having trouble getting used to this new century he was living in, but there was no way he’d miss the chance to see a wedding 21st century style–especially one of two people he’d found to be delightful friends. Clark and Lois had been very understanding considering Hades had dropped him off abruptly in their living room right in front of the gathered “Justice League.”

Poor Diana had gone so white, he thought she might pass out. (Did demigoddesses faint?) The broody looking man of the group (Bruce, as he knew him now), had quickly taken charge and started questioning him like he had nefarious plans for breaking in. Luckily for Steve, who had no idea where he was or how he’d been out there, Diana recovered quickly enough to stick up for him.

There had been a great deal of bewilderment and confusion when he’d found out he was a hundred years into the future, but once Bruce was satisfied that he was who he claimed to be, they’d accepted him as part of their circle.

Clark, despite his intimidating size and strength, was really a cool guy and very kind to Steve, never once making him feel inferior due to his lack of superpowers. Lois befriended him and they swapped stories about dating superheroes and the joys and occasional frustrations thereof. She also coaxed him into telling about his spy experiences during the War and was quite excited to hear his first hand accounts of what to her was ancient history. She’d even offered to help him write his memoirs, if he chose to.

As he buttoned his dress shirt and tied his tie, he remembered his awkward marriage conversation on the boat to London and the night in Veld and chuckled. He’d been so cynical about it back then, expecting that he’d never experience any of the things he’d told her people did when war was over.

Despite the appalling statistics on divorce rates nowadays, he felt confident Clark and Lois would beat the odds.

“Death and Miraculous revival tends to really draw you closer,” Lois had observed on one of their double dates. Given how he and Diana practically hadn’t let each other out of sight for almost a month after his return, he’d had to agree.

“Are you ready, Steve?” Diana called from the outside of the door.

“Just about, angel,” he called. “You can come in if you want.”

She did and Steve’s jaw hit the floor. He’d seen Diana dressed up before, but she’d evidently got a new dress for the occasion. It was a rich burgundy and flowed to the floor, made of some delicate filmy material that draped beautifully around her.

“Ummmm……wow!” Was all he said, suddenly unable to button his suit jacket.

“I take it you like it?” Diana asked, a tad smugly, watching him blush and stammer like the lovestruck fool he was.

“I seem to remember a very similar expression on your face the day I got my blue outfit. You gaped like a fish.”

“Oh, I remember alright,” Steve said with a wink. “That was the day I realized there was no disguising the Princess of Themyscira. You look absolutely beautiful.”

He inspected himself in the mirror one last time and let out an exasperated noise.

“Dang it! I still can’t get that tie right.” He hissed. He turned toward her and made a pleading face.

“Little help? I think this thing hates me.”

With a little tug and a pat, Diana had the rebellious tie in place and patted Steve on the chest approvingly.

“Very sharp, love,” she told him. “Now, lets go introduce you to the 21st century marriage ritual. I think you’ll be very moved.”

Steve thought it was very indeed very special and heartfelt and if he unconsciously snuggled closer to Diana during the vows, well, she certainly didn’t mind.

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Hi, I uh-can you just talk about how great your mom and dad are? Thanks.

Me ma and me pa? Yeah sure.

It was love at first sight for dad. He and mom had a college friend in common who introduced them. Dad first made sure to ask whether mom was seeing anyone. He wooed her with her favorites: flowers. It doesn’t sound complicated, but back in communist Romania it wasn’t easy to obtain gorgeous flower bouquets. Dad knew a gypsy florist who had his “stash” for every date. Basically dad was super romantic and thoughtful.

Fast-forward years later after they got married, mom and dad spent seven years having fun as a wedded couple. See if they work out. My mom didn’t want kids but she loved my dad so much that she wanted to give him a daughter. My dad never tried to persuade her. And a daughter was a must in events of a kid. He didn’t want a son. A huge no. Luckily, they got their daughter.

Now my parents have always been best friends. They’re cheeky and flirty with each other even 30+ years of marriage later. Dad’s always been active for the family. Even as newlyweds he always helped mom clean and cook. My dad’s a rare non-misogynist 50′s man. He puts his wife & daughter first and is present fully in our lives. He’s not the “uuugh I gotta actually parent??” type of man. I could always count on him growing up and I was “daddy’s girl” (in the true, pure meaning of that saying). Mom made sure I had a “girl power” mentality growing up. It helped a lot because I took no bullshit. I remember my friend telling me about her gross boyfriend lovingly and I was like “??? whaa???”.

They had their fights, sure. Money can bring trouble in paradise. We’re all still together though and my parents are happy every day. They help each other, love each other, respect each other, as they have from day one of their relationship. They’re role models for me and I’m glad these days I have the financial power to help them out with the mountain-side house they’ll spend their old age in. They deserve picturesque peace and quiet.

A comment fic, to cheer you up. 100 words.

“I hear congratulations are in order,” Severus said. 

Lucius shrugged.  “It can’t be much of a surprise.  Narcissa and I have been an item since school.“  He rolled his eyes.  "And you know my father." 

Severus did know Abraxas Malfoy, the family patriarch who gave him knowing, disapproving looks whenever he saw him.  "Yes.”

There was an awkward silence, and then Severus said, “Well.  If we’re going to be through, maybe we should make the most of what time we have left before the wedding." 

”‘Through’?“ Lucius leaned closer.  "Narcissa and I have discussed this.  We plan on keeping you.”


Wedding Week Fic #4

Dress shopping with Poly Marliza 

Thanks very much again to @boredonatuesdaynight for helping me pick out dresses! Pictures of the dresses will be listed undercut. 

“Darling… my love you need to get up,” a soft voice whispered into your ear.

“Go away,” you muttered. Eliza brushed your hair softly, giving you a little shove on your shoulder.

“We have an appointment to look at dresses for our wedding in an hour. You need to get moving. Don’t make me get Maria!”

You immediately shot up at the thought of Maria coming in to wake you up. That would not be a way that you would want to start the day.

Her kisses and tickles were endless.

“I’m awake!”

Eliza laughed and left the room.

You dressed quickly before meeting your girlfriends in the kitchen for breakfast.

“Good morning. Are you ready to go dress shopping?” Maria asked, giving you a kiss.

“More than ready. Nervous but excited.”

“Well hurry and eat so that we can get going!” Eliza told you both.

Breakfast was finished quickly and the three of you rushed around to ready yourselves for the big day.

“Let’s go!” You cried, skipping towards the van.

You arrived at the Bridal salon and each of you were whisked away to different rooms to find a perfect dress. Angelica, Peggy, and Martha Washington all swooped in to come and help you find your dress.

Peggy came to you, Angelica went to Eliza, and Martha went off with Maria.

“So what are we thinking?” the consultant asked you as you made your way to a dressing room.

“A tea length dress. It’s not as common, which is perfect for us. Maybe a little color. A white dress has never really been my dream.”

The consultant smiled.

“I have the perfect thing for you.”

She left and then came back with a sea foam green tea dress. It had a lace edge and a ribbon around the waist.

“Would you like to try it on?” she asked.

You nodded eagerly and with their help but on the beautiful dress.

Peggy smiled as you twirled around the room.

“It’s perfect.”


“None of these are going work!” Eliza wailed, letting her head fall into her hands. She had already tried on countless of dresses, but none of them seemed to work.

Angelica was trying to comfort her while the consultant was running around, trying to procure a new dress for her to try on.

“I think I’ve got the one!” the woman cried as she came back into the dressing room.

She was lifting a heavy dress, covered in lace and a lot of tulle. It was a light pink color and had lovely patterns on every inch of it.

It was the princess type gown Eliza had been hoping for.

“It’s perfect.”


“So miss Maria, is there anything that you’re looking for?” the consultant asked as they wandered through the store.

“I want that dress over there,” Maria said, pointing to a mermaid dress in the corner.

The consultant nodded and went to grab the dress.

It was a beautiful white mermaid dress that flowed out from the middle of the thighs and it didn’t have any straps.

“Let’s try it on.”

It was a perfect fit.

“Oh Maria, you look positively beautiful,” Martha breathed, wiping a few tears off of her face.

“Thank you. I can’t believe that his is really happening.”

The consultant grabbed the matching veil and placed it on her head.

“Is this the dress that you want?”

“Yes. It’s perfect.”

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Pics undercut 

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Pics of D in Chicago yesterday...M on a plane yesterday. Is there another wedding taking place? My bet is that they going on yet another "much needed" vacation.

I’m confident they are together. No question. And I’m sure it’s only a matter of hours before we know why.

I guess we should be grateful she warned us?

Happy to have plans this afternoon.

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We do! Omg we totally do! :D And I know it’ll be a long way off, but please help me out with the flowers and such for the ceremony? We want it to be an outside wedding….and I actually think I already have a dress picked. I’ve had my eye on this wedding dress for years honestly.

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Please tell me who this Mike Faist is. I need a new person to fangirl over and he seems like a great candidate.

Short answer: My husband.

Slightly longer answer: He plays Connor Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen. He was also in Newsies, and has had a few other smaller stage and movie roles. Very talented and charming, in addition to having a very good jawline. A very good candidate for fangirling indeed.

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Welcome to my Pandora’s Box of in-progress fanfiction! I have so many different projects in the works in so many different fandoms (and I wish I could clone myself to finish them all ASAP). 


-A modern Feysand College AU drabble. Flirting. Angst. Jealousy.

Gilmore Girls:

-A s6 Luke-and-Lorelai fix-it where they communicate openly about April and find a harmonious family balance. Lots of engagement extravaganza fluff, too. 

-A Literati oneshot set during Luke and Lorelai’s wedding reception. There’s some Kirk wedding bouquet theatrics, some Jess-Lorelai development, alcohol, and dancing.


-A one-threeshot comprised of longing, forbidden love, and the conflict between duty and inclination. There’s a birthday and a ball. Set in the early spring. Written from Lord Melbourne’s POV.

Tenrose/Doctor x Rose:

-A drabble set directly after the events of Doomsday. There’s angst, crippling loss, and “excruciating colors of pain” because Rose and the Doctor are now separated by universes. Forever. I cry just thinking about it

-A soulmate AU with a telepathy-synesthesia twist. ;)


-A crack drabble featuring “advice” and “suggestions” from the Original siblings as Klaus attempts to write his letter to Caroline.

-A Dawson’s Creek fusion. I already have 3.4k written, but I need to finish two more large sections. Stefan and Caroline are akin to Joey and Dawson–minus the soulmate bit; Klaus and Caroline’s relationship parallels that of Pacey and Joey; and Klefan share that Dawson-Pacey best friend history. There’s also some Klelijah and Carenzo brotp (the latter of which I neeed like air!)

Klaus quirked an eyebrow. “You two are not romcom meant-to-be, I take it?”

“I don’t know. We’re…she’s…”

“I think it’s half-past time to figure out precisely what she is to you, Stefan. And soon,” he clipped, swinging his feet to the ground. “Love from a girl like her…that’s a gift to be treasured, old friend, not a bloody ribbon you tear off and toss away like it’s nothing.” 

-A Beauty and the Beast AU. It’s a multi-chapter in the works and I already have a bunch of chapters outlined and the first chapter ¾ths finished. 

-A “lonely soulmates” drabble. It’s dwelling in the angsty-af realm right now, but that’s subject to change if I’m feeling so inclined.

Downton Abbey:

-A modern AU drabble for Tom and Sybil . “I forgot I was a single parent.” (Nope, I haven’t forgotten Megan! Still tinkering away at it.)

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Work is making it so I can’t go to my therapy sessions, point blank.
Well ya know what? Someone’s gonna miss a wedding when I call my manager as I’m boarding the plane and tell her I quit and I’m extending my trip to New York. 😈
We currently have four employees, three of which are going to this wedding. They stressed the importance of me being back on 7/21, as it’s one of my manager’s sister’s wedding on the 22nd. So that would that leave me to work the entire day, open to close, on my own.
And they’re having a cow because I’m finally seeing a therapist and a manager doesn’t want to give up her fridays off so I can go do that? Unfortunately this therapist doesn’t have a very flexible schedule. And really… I just want to be petty. I deserve this.
I don’t really care who ends up having to stay behind and work the day of the wedding. Someone’s gonna have a bad time.

Sherlolly Prompt #2

“I swear it won’t happen again.”

Molly snorted out loud in response. Sherlock glared at her before turning back to his phone with a meek, “Yes Mummy.”

It took everything Molly had not to cackle at the sight before her. The great Sherlock Holmes felled by his outraged mother. John would appreciate a video of this. But Sherlock would know, as he always does, and she would be in hot water. She mentally reminded herself to discreetly acquire the Holmes matron’s number, just in case.

“Yes, yes Mummy. In the future, if we ever have the urge to elope again, I will make sure to have your presence secured for the ceremony. I am amply contrite with my dastardly actions however, you are calling on my wedding night and I would like to get back to it. Yes, Mummy, I will bring her over as soon as we can manage. Goodbye,” Sherlock hastily ended the call lest his mother yells again. He turned to his wife with a glower.

“Your mocking was unappreciated.”

She hummed in response while slowly shedding off her night gown. It revealed her soft creamy skin and nothing else.

“Yes, I was certainly out of line. Maybe you should punish me…”

His eyes roamed her body. Exquisite, wanton and so very giving. His Molly is perfection. He gave her a wolfish grin before pulling her into his arms.

Molly’s shadow wouldn’t darken her new in-laws’ home for another week and a half.