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MattLobster Appreciation Month

Matt appreciation month is (if you don’t know already) when we EddsWorld fans appreciate Matt and what he’s doing for the EddsWorld community. This idea was invented by @kylerinvention and the anon who suggested it. I’m sure all of us appreciate what Matt is doing for us fans. This appreciation idea has inspired me to create a daily challenge idea for the EddsWorld community. It would be nice if you fans could participate in it. Without further a do, here are the daily challenges:

February 2017, MattLobster appreciation month 

Day 1 - Draw Matt!

Day 2 - Re-draw Matt eating a cookie scene (The End-Part 1)

Day 3 - Write a compliment for Matt (Yes, you will be writing and drawing for MLAM, MattLobster appreciation month)

Day 4 - Draw what animal you think Matt would be

Day 5 - Draw Matt interacting with Tom and Edd

Day 6 - D/W (Draw/Write) your reaction to meeting Matt

Day 7 - Draw Matilda

Day 8 - Write a scale (1-10, 5 stars, 100%, etc.) of how amazing you think Matt is

Day 9 - Draw real life Matt 

Day 10 - Draw British prince from Saloonitics 

Day 11 - Look at yourself in a mirror for about 5 minutes “The Matt way" 

Day 12 - Draw Matt with silly face

Day 13 - W/D what you think Matt has in store for us

Day 14 - Draw vampire Matt

Day 15 - Draw Matt with wings (any of type of wings) 

Day 16 - Draw Matt crying over broken mirror 

Day 17 - Write something funny you think Matt would do  

Day 18 - Draw future Matt 

Day 19 - Draw cat Matt (On television PowerEdd) 

Day 20 - Draw Matt with Edd’s drawing style      

Day 21 - Draw kid Matt 

Day 22 - Draw Matt in the backseat OR Write a funny Matt car story

Day 23 - W/D Matt breaking the fourth wall

Day 24 - Write ”#MattLobster" on your arm (Keep on for as long as you want)

Day 25 - Write your favorite thing about Matt

Day 26 - Draw Matt just chilling at home 

Day 27 - Draw Matt in a suit

Day 28 - Make a heart felt thank you letter to Matt

Important: No nsfw, shipping, or inappropriate matter of any kind.

Please spread this around and reblog it. If you do not desire to do the challenge, you don’t have to, but it would mean a lot if you could. Tag your friends so they can see this.

For the MLAM, put in the tags “MattLobster challenge” to indicate that the post is for Matt appreciation.

Thank you! <3

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At MCM London today Matt came on stage for a QnA about Eddsworld: here’s a few of the key points he said-

•Matts favourite character is Zanta
•Eddsworld can never continue in its current format, as Tom no longer wants to voice it (and having only Matt would be silly) so he thinks it’ll either be an entirely new cast/style, basically a whole new direction.
•He said a new series in the Mirror dimension (Ellsworld) is totally something that could happen. Matt said he loves Ellworld, thinks it’s just fantastic and he thinks the girls are way cooler because they’re more confident
•His favourite Matt quote is “NOT THE FACE, but he’s also a big fan of "My face, my beautiful face!” from The End part 2
•Only Tom knows why his eyes are black (and they’re black, not missing) and at the moment he isn’t telling
•The team briefly thought of adding a fourth member, a talking Japanese spirit dog, but they immediately thought it was stupid and didn’t put it in
•They also thought that adding a fourth member (like Tord for example) would add a interesting new dynamic
•Tord is ‘going somewhere’ and won’t be back, but that doesn’t mean that his story is over. Matt said its a complicated situation
•Matt and Edd first met at sports day and played little games together. Matt’s teacher noticed (Matt was being bullied constantly at the time) and moved him into Edd’s form. Matt said he kept on hanging around with Edd until they became good friends
•In 'Saloonantics’, the guy who says “are you looking at my ass?!” was originally played by the actor of the main character from 'Project:Library’ but due to recording problems they couldn’t use his lines
•Matt’s guilty pleasure is listening to classic musicals in his car and singing along loudly
•Matt is the only one out of the three who has to put on a different voice (more squeaky)