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The whole age of consent thing being kicked and screamed about by American fans in honestly laughable anyway. As a US fan, I can tell you confidently that more than half of our states have 16 as the age of consent. Only 11 out of the 50 states say the age of consent is 18 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think we're just really conditioned to believe that adolescents can't make conscious, informed decisions when it comes to their relationships. It's only unhealthy if there's a power imbalance.

YEA I thought America’s age of consent differs in each state too! So I don’t know what these antis are talking about ;o;

And the fact that antis think that adolescents are just so helpless, they can’t think for themselves is just… wow they think so little of them. I’ve had an anti, who was much older than me, told me that I was gonna “regret shipping ota//yuri when I’m older and realize my mistake”.

I know I’m.. relatively younger?? than most people on this website, I guess? But I’m not a child? It makes me wonder if they’ve ever met a teenager before?? And what kind of teenager were they…

wash and wane
  • dazai/atsushi ficlet
  • some light domestic fluff, a warm bath, rated T

The door clicks close with Atsushi’s laugh.

He steps into Dazai’s apartment with a quiet apology. The older man waves him off, the cuffs of his own coat flinging droplets into the doorway. From behind them, the noise of rain patters on, only a bit muffled. Atsushi sniffs, wraps his arms around himself and rubs at the soaked fabric of his sleeves.

“Come here, Atsushi-kun,” Dazai says, already dropping his soggy coat on the back of a chair. “You’ll catch a cold like that.”

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