will harding

Tfw @mortalspork finally finishes her malec fic :’) sorry this draw isn’t as good as it could have been but I still had fun going ham with my glitter brush lol

Read Marijke’s fic here! :D

The Game becomes too adult...

…is what i read pretty often now in the Fandom. I’m 25 so it wouldn’t bother me but i still want to talk about this complainings. Most of us playing My Candy Love for some years now and most of them should be already in an Age, who Sex and Intimacy is a topic or not? Of course the Game started as Game for young Girls but let’s face it: Until young Girls get to the Chapter where it get’s steamy, if such an Chapter will ever exist of course, most of them will already be old enough for such topics. I think just an handful of minor girls have enough money to actually speed things fast enough so that they come to such an point. What i want so say: Relaxed a bit! :) The Game grows with us and i really love it for that~