will greer


The angst-ridden cartoons of Daniel Clowes have been the basis of two feature films: Ghost World in 2001 and Art School Confidential in 2006. Now comes Wilson, which Clowes adapted from his book of comics about a middle-aged misanthrope, played onscreen by Woody Harrelson. The film also stars Laura Dern and Judy Greer. Critic David Edelstein says:

“The question about Wilson the movie is, ‘Will you enjoy spending time with such an abrasive protagonist?’ I did. I was predisposed by my love of Daniel Clowes’s graphic novel, a series of one-page, old-fashioned comic strips like Peanuts, the difference being the main character’s foul temperament and language. Clowes wrote the screenplay and was smart enough to fill out other characters and provide a fairly strong narrative: After Wilson’s father dies without ever giving his son what Wilson craves—unconditional love—Wilson discovers that the child he thought his ex-wife aborted was put up for adoption. She lives, she’s 16, and Wilson wants to find her.”