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To my dear followers and fellow fannibals. Wednesday I reached 3.000 followers and I still don’t know what to say, because I can hardly put into words how much this means to me. Thank you is what I need to say. When I first joined this website I didn’t expect it to become such an important part of my life – but you made it. In this fandom I met people who inspired me before we even talked, people who just talked to me and made me feel comfortable, people who love what I love. And let’s not forget that @whatkindofcrazy even managed to bring me birthday wishes from Katharine and Lara. Fannibals did amazing things for me, they inspired me, had kind words when I needed them the most. And I want you to know that this is what kept me around. Every follower that made me smile, knowing that someone out there liked what I’m doing here (whatever that is), every kind or funny anon message, every compliment on my edits. It’s safe to say that for me, the Fannibal Family is, in fact, family. So again, thank you for everything. Nakama forever. ♥

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Seeing as this is the start of a new year and we got the news that NBC Hannibal won’t be airing until this summer, I figured now is the best time to shower your blogs with recommendations to hold you over! This list consists of fannibal blogs, Hugh Dancy blogs, Mads Mikkelsen blogs, and a few odd balls such as food blogs and political blogs. Thank you all for giving me such fantastic content! 

Have fun diving in:


a1snickerafter-the-ellipsis america-wakiewakie anslogarrick arbr artalisist attheexactlyrighttimeandplace bakeddd bansheegrahamtao beatrivex bon-appetit-a-la-hannibal bonearenaofmyskull brownberrypie cancanfannibal cannibalbananibal cannibalscepter carnal-carrion cheesenotes chesapeake-cannibal ciorane costanza-is-a-cannibal crazyinformant


damnyougraham dancydaily dansteevens ddncy dinojay dolarhyds doomed-in-life downeybrownie drchiltons dr-hannibal-lecter drlectertho epcnine everythinghughdancy everythingwillana existingcharactersdiehorribly


faabyy21 fancythedancy fanndamnedibals fannibalecter fannibals-dot-com foroakenshield fringeofmadness fuckinghannibal fuckyeahannibal fuckyeahchilton gayhams goldilocksandtheclibears goodbyewill grahamnlecter graham-unhinged granpappy-winchester grey-so-little


hannebal-lecter hannibaalecter hannibalcannibaldancy hannibalmorelikecannibal hannibalplease hannibalrepostpolice hannibalsbasement hannibals-design hannibal-tangerine hannibal-the-cannibal-fannibals hannibooby hannibuddy hannigraams hannigrahmy hannigram hannigramtastic hanniwillecter hannnibae harpsichordian hauntingass heroes-get-made hisroyaltrash hpfan8 hughdancible hugh-dancy hughdancyfans hughdancynews hughdancysmiles huuuuughdancy


i-finally-find-you-interesting illusion-dreamus idontfindyouthatinteresting ixilecter jackpotgirl jenkotsu jukugo justcannibals justcannibalthings kawaiimochi kingbrownham ksafania lastcellontheleft lectersdesign lectertrash letsobjectifyhughdancy licensetocannibalize littlegreypuppy lynzunknown madmikkelsens marthadelaurentiis masonverjerk maxiemumoverdrive michmemoirs mikkelsendancy mindlesslly mo0nwalk morbid-daydream mtzgtz mytvhannibal


nbchannibal nightmare-ravenstag nom-food nowwheresmynut ohshutupitsquick olfactorer overactiveimaginings pathonous pencilpushingenthusiast pistol-finch queenstilinskis renlybaratheon ribbityfrog riley-coyote saimonmonroe sartorialcannibal sexyhugh shooting-up-pie-in-the-sky skyy-freezerloki somelazypsychiatry somesickcat songsofdurin staff sunandrainfic sungl0ry suntosirius swiggty-swag-the-nightmare-stag


tastyasianfoods teacuppiggy theatropath thedreamersdust thefannibalfeed themirrorsinyourmind thesilenceofthefannibals thesofenist thetuxedos the-white-diamondd thischarmingdevil this-is-mydesign this-is-my-desjgn throatcellos totallynotmadeofpeople totally-relatable twerkinghannibal unsolvedminds unstableandcutewillgraham


warrioromen watson-sighs-and-tuts weartherude whatkindofcrazy whenfandomplaysnice whodamncy willgrahamismyidealman willgrahamjournals willgrahamlookinguncomfortable willgrahamneedsahug will-grahams-straitjacket willinterrupted willliamgraham willskissograham wqlker

*Special thanks to a1snicker for helping me to compile this list in alphabetical order with links!

HGM's Funko Pop! Collection

These are the Funko Pops that I currently have. :D


  • #03 – Spider-Man
  • #04 – Iron Man
  • #05 – Wolverine
  • #05 – Wolverine X-Force
  • #06 – Captain America
  • #06 – Unmasked Metallic Captain America
  • #08 – The Hulk
  • #11 – Iron Man (Avengers)
  • #12 – Thor (Avengers)
  • #13 – The Hulk (Avengers)
  • #14 – Nick Fury (Avengers)
  • #15 – Spider-Man
  • #18 – Ghost Rider
  • #19 – Silver Surfer
  • #20 – Deadpool
  • #20 – X-Men Deadpool
  • #20 – Deadpool X-Force
  • #21 – Beast
  • #22 – Dark Phoenix
  • #23 – Iron Man
  • #24 – War Machine
  • #25 – Iron Patriot
  • #26 – Deep Space Suit Iron Man
  • #29 – Unmasked Deadpool
  • #31 – Red Hulk
  • #32 – Tony Stark (SDCC 2013)
  • #33 – James Rhodes (SDCC 2013)
  • #35 – Thor
  • #36 – Loki
  • #36 – Helmeted Loki
  • #36 – B&W Helmeted Loki
  • #36 – Frost Giant Loki
  • #37 – Dark Elf
  • #38 – Thor w/ Helmet
  • #41 – Captain America
  • #42 – Black Widow
  • #43 – Winter Soldier (Unmasked)
  • #44 – Fully Masked Winter Soldier
  • #45 – Spider-Man
  • #46 – Electro
  • #47 – Star-Lord
  • #48 – Rocket Raccoon
  • #49 – Groot
  • #50 – Drax
  • #51 – Gamora
  • #52 – Unmasked Star-Lord
  • #53 – Agent Coulson
  • #54 – Odin
  • #55 – Heimdall
  • #56 – Lady Sif
  • #57 – Classic X-Men Professor X
  • #58 – Classic X-Men: Cyclops
  • #59 – Classic X-Men: Storm
  • #59 – Classic X-Men: “Black Suit” Storm
  • #60 – Classic X-Men Colossus
  • #61 – Classic X-Men Mystique
  • #62 – Classic X-Men: Magneto
  • #64 – Howard the Duck
  • #65 – Dancing Baby Groot
  • #66 – Iron Man (Age of Ultron)
  • #67 – Captain America (Age of Ultron)
  • #68 – Hulk (Age of Ultron)
  • #68 – “Savage” Hulk
  • #69 – Thor (Age of Ultron)
  • #70 – Hawkeye (Age of Ultron)
  • #71 – Vision (Age of Ultron)
  • #72 – Ultron
  • #73 – Hulkbuster
  • #74 – Yondu
  • #75 – Ronan
  • #76 – Nebula
  • #77 – The Collector
  • #78 – Thanos
  • #79 – Black Suit Spider-man
  • #80 – Punisher
  • #81 – Spider-Man 2099
  • #82 – Venom
  • #85 – Ant-Man
  • #85 “Black Out” Ant-Man
  • #86 – Yellow Jacket
  • #87 – Unmasked Ant-Man
  • #88 – Agent May
  • #89 – Unmasked Classic X-Men Cyclops
  • #90 – Daredevil
  • #90 – “Yellow Suit” Daredevil
  • #91 – Black Widow (Age of Ultron)
  • #92 Unmasked Captain America
  • #93 – Rocket with Potted Groot
  • #94 Unmasked Iron Man [pre-ordered]
  • #96 Agent Carter [pre-ordered]


  • #08 – Wonder Woman
  • #33 – Batman Beyond
  • #34 – Harley Quinn
  • #45 – Harley Quinn w/ Mallet (Hot Topic)
  • #54 – Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley Quinn


  • #13 – Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)
  • #14 – Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)
  • #15 – RV Walker (The Walking Dead)
  • #16 – Bicycle Girl (The Walking Dead)
  • #35 – Glenn (The Walking Dead)
  • #36 – Tank Zombie (The Walking Dead)
  • #37 – Michonne’s Pet 1 (The Walking Dead)
  • #38 – Michonne (The Walking Dead)
  • #39 – Michonne’s Pet 2 (The Walking Dead)
  • #66 – The Governor (The Walking Dead)
  • #67 – Prison Yard Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)
  • #68 – Prison Guard Walker (The Walking Dead)
  • #69 – Merle Dixon (The Walking Dead)
  • #70 – The Governor Bandaged (The Walking Dead)
  • #81 – Captain Kirk (Star Trek)
  • #82 – Spock (Star Trek)
  • #82 – Mirror Universe Spock (Star Trek)
  • #83 – Scotty (Star Trek)
  • #84 – Klingon (Star Trek)
  • #85 – Andorian (Star Trek)
  • #98 – Maggie (The Walking Dead)
  • #93 – Sam (Supernatural)
  • #93 – FBI Sam (Supernatural)
  • #94 – Dean (Supernatural)
  • #94 – FBI Dean (Supernatural)
  • #95 – Castiel (Supernatural)
  • #95 – Castiel with Wings (Supernatural)
  • #96 – Biker Daryl (The Walking Dead)
  • #97 – Carl (The Walking Dead)
  • #99 – Penny (The Walking Dead)
  • #100 – Injured Daryl (The Walking Dead) 
  • #101 – Woodbury Walker (The Walking Dead)
  • #122 – Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • #134 – Sharknado
  • #135 – Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)
  • #136 – Zoe Washburne (Firefly)
  • #137 – Hoban Washburne (Firefly)
  • #138 – Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
  • #139 – Kaylee Frye (Firefly)
  • #146 – Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)
  • #147 – Will Graham (Hannibal)
  • #148 – Jack Crawford (Hannibal)
  • #149  – Will Graham Straitjacket (Hannibal)
  • #150 – Wendigo (Hannibal)
  • #151 – Prison Glenn (The Walking Dead)
  • #152 – Tyreese (The Walking Dead)
  • #153 – Hershel (The Walking Dead)
  • #154 – Teddy Bear Girl (The Walking Dead)
  • #155 – Well Walker (The Walking Dead)
  • #156 – Carol (The Walking Dead)
  • #156 – “Bloody” Carol (The Walking Dead)
  • #157 – Riot Gear Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead)
  • #158 – Walter White (Breaking Bad)
  • #163 – Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad)
  • #176 – Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural)
  • #200 – Crowley (Supernatural)


  • #04 – Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)
  • #08 – Daryl Dixon’s Chopper (The Walking Dead)
  • #10 – Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck
  • #10 – X-Force Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck


  • #31 – Predator
  • #45 – Hatless Gandalf (Hobbit 2)
  • #46 – Legolas Greenleaf (Hobbit 2)
  • #51 Ghostface (Scream)
  • #68 – The Bride (Kill Bill)
  • #69 – Bill (Kill Bill)
  • #70 – O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill)
  • #71 – GoGo Yubari (Kill Bill)
  • #72 – Crazy 88 (Kill Bill)
  • #104 – Dr. Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters)
  • #105 – Dr. Raymond Stantz (Ghostbusters)
  • #106 – Dr. Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters)
  • #157 – Neo (The Matrix)
  • #159 – Morpheus (The Matrix)
  • #108 – Slimer (Ghostbusters)
  • #181 – Connor MacManus (Boondock Saints)
  • #182 – Murphy MacManus (Boondock Saints)


  • #03 – H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu


  • #12 – Ozzy Osbourne


  • #48 – Jack Sparrow
  • #77 – Maleficent

It’s still growing! Check out my wishlist for more.

Follower Forever

Anon requested a follower forever. I’ll go by category and alphabetical. Not all people are strictly Hannibal, but they are all quality. Bolded are closer friends, or blogs I regularly stalk. If I forgot you, I’m sorry :( it might because I am unsure if you’re still active.


-nbchannibal, abc-always-be-cool, ahouseoficeandfire, bansheegrahamtao, ben-c, beastheads, bonearenaofmyskull, brownberrypie, bunbatch,delaurentiiscompany, cannibals-in-pajamabals, carnal-carrion, catsiel, church-roofs, color-division, coniferousawakenings, consenssualcannibalism, darkdreamsofhannigram, elucipher, elvisqueso, existingcharactersdiehorribly, fanndamnedibals, fannibalecter, geothebio, graham-unhinged, granpappy-winchester, grey-so-littlehannibalplease, hannibals-cheekbones, hannibalssilkiechicken, harpsichordian, houseofhannibal, howishughdancyevenpossible, hughdancysexual, idontfindyouthatinteresting, imaginehanniballecter, irrational-dr-jones, itwouldbetherapeutic, ixilecter, lecterings, lecterwill, lemonscientist, licensetocannibalize, mean-cannibals, meganmachine, mikkelcock, mikkelsenning, mikkelsense, mtzgtz, nbchannibal, palindroned, paperlings, peopletarian, pistol-finch, plaid-suits-and-paisley-ties, playmads, renlybaratheon, revnickie, sun-to-sirius, sweetconformity, ter0rr, the-winnowing-wind, thesofenist, thischarmingdevil, totallynotmadeofpeople, turian-chocolate, twerkinghannibal, unsolvedminds, vaeltaa, warrioromen, whenfandomplaysnice, will-grahams-straitjacket, willgrahamstears, willskissograham,


alwayswillgraham, ananomys, asprigofzest, daimabigail, daughterhobbsdr-abel-gideon, drbloomsoffice, eideticker, empathetic-stray, empatheticinvestigator, graham-rising, hallucinatorydesign, jimmypricey, l-ange-en-rougelookwhatthekatzdraggedin, margotxvergerx, mooringsbuiltonsand, nourritureettherapie, overactiveimaginings, prxvatecarnage, puttinghimdown, quitethehumanitarian, requiredtobesocial, residentknowitall, sickassjigsaw, tattle-crime, teacupwilliam, the-alana-bloom, theoncoming10thdoctor, uniquecocktail, voxvallisnocte, whichevercomesfirst, willgrahambreak, willgrahamjournals,


45cave, alessiapelonzi, arkarti, blinkingkills, ciorane, euclase, fetalnightmare, frenchfrycoolguy, loshka, mixed-bless-ing, the-artist-slake, the-erotic-cannibal, thecannibalfactory, thetuxedos, velvetdonkey,

Others I highly recommend

brivid, elderleaves, ex0skeletal, jerkidiot, likeafieldmouse, moshita, neuromorphogenesis, painted-bees, panatmansam, sixpenceee, thisblueboy,

~Gayhawks Rec List #1~

Link to #2~

Fandom: Hannibal

Pairing: Will Graham/Matthew Brown (Brownham/Gayhawks)

Summary: Will finds himself intrigued with a helpful orderly who would do anything to get closer to him. When you’re out of options, you can’t be picky about who lends a helping hand.

Summary: They were promises, whispered in secrecy and always kept.

Summary: Brown is hesitant to do Will a favour until he further convinces him.

Summary: Matthew watches Will sleep, then helps him cope with the nasty side effects of sodium amytal.

Summary: Cute little drabble like piece about Will not sleeping and Matthew helping him get some much needed rest. The idea came from a brilliant tumblr user by the name of will-grahams-straitjacket; so I hope I did it some justice!

Summary (Prompt): Matthew thinks he’s disabled all the cameras but didn’t, and Chilton shows Hannibal a recording of him riding Will.

Summary: Matthew works at a local animal shelter and obsesses over Will Graham, a regular customer. 

Summary: After Beverly’s death, Will can’t seem to sleep. Behind closed eyes, all he can see are her terrified eyes, smell the faint aroma of her perfume, feel the heat of her skin under his hand as he chokes the life out of her.

Matthew steps in, as good friends are wont to do, and helps Will relax.

Summary: He wanted Will to notice him, pay him attention and give him those smiles he granted only to few and chosen ones. Like Dr. Lecter.

Summary: “What are you thinking of?”

“Us…You and me together, all the things we could do together, killing together.” Matthew paused and looked Will over. “And how goddamn bad I want to peel that jumpsuit off you and take you against the wall.”

Summary: Will doesn’t need to ask Matthew what Hannibal is doing there. Everything is understood between them when Hannibal steps from the shadows at the precise moment the cuffs click-click-click shut around Will’s wrists. “Ah,” he said, and felt the corner of his mouth twitch up into a twisted little smile. “Hello, Dr. Lecter.“

Summary: Matthew Will do as Will asks, if Will shows him what he’s really capable of first.

Summary (Prompt): ”Will teaching Matthew how to clean and cook fish properly and Matthew keeps checking if Will is okay the whole time because he’s worried cooking might be over-associated with Hannibal".

Summary: Matthew finds that luck offers unexpected rewards if you play your cards right.


I just drew a quick banner because i’ll never finish a whole detailed one on time. 

This is my Forever follow! I will have other blogs on here that are not Hannibal related, and I Will put them in their own group! Some of the blogs I will recommend are NSFW, so proceed with caution, 

                              Thank you, for 1,000 Followers! 


abigailhobbsx, abigails-revenge, alanabloomlecter, amarriageoftrueminds, annibalecter, artalisist, axmxz


bansheegrahamtao, bellwether agent​, bonearenaofmyskull, brownberrypie, bryanfullers


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dairymaids​, dancey94, darkdreamsofhannigram, dining-with-dr-lecter, dr-h-a-n-n-i-b-a-l, dr-hannibal-lecter, drdumaurier, drhanniballecter, drlecterpsychiatrist


eidetective, empathetic-symphony, everydayhannibal


fannibalingfleshofhannibal, francisdollarhydes, fuckinghannibal, fuckyeahannibal, fuckyeahdancy, fuckyeahladiesofhannibal


 graham-unhinged, granpappy-winchester


haanigram hannibal-eattherude, hannibal-in-nightvale, hannibals-design, hannibals-mindpalace hannigrahmy honeyblood-eyes hughdancible hxnnibxl


i-let-him-kill-me, illmadsyourmikkelsen, imaginehanniballecter, itwouldbetherapeutic, ixilecter 


justcannibalthings, justcannibals




 lecterslaw littlewillgrahams lukebrandonx lady-wilwarin


mads-turbation, madsaboutmikkelsen, madsdancy madsmikkelsennews mean-cannibals memorypalaceofwillgraham mikkelbabe, my-disturbed-design



plaid-suits-and-paisley-ties prxvatecarnage preciousempath, psychopath-collector


rather gruesome​ rav3nsta9 ravenstagsmooches


sassygaywill silkysimpona spaceman-adam, starling shrike​ sweet conformity​ swiggty-swag-the-nightmare-stag sympathyforthecannibal


teacupwilliam textsfromhannibalsoffice, the-scarlet-rabbit, thesilenceofthefannibals




watsonisawallflower, whatkindofcrazy, whenfandomplaysnice wickedgrace0, wiith-my-hands, will-grahams-straitjacket, willgraham-dogcollector willgrahamhasaniceday, willpuppygraham, willteacupgraham





OTHER - May be NSFW / Triggers

allaboutirony, asylum-teaparty, calligraphy-by-sam awk-af chibipandas cloudy dreamland ey-you-go-away iluvlorde inevitabledarkflame ladysatsuki lucifer-is-my-spirit-animal miss–kiwi mixed-bless-ing mochisprite morbid-daydream mozzarella thecalzones-betrayedme trashboatprince voodooling

Whew! What a great season! It wouldn’t have been as much fun without all of these great fannibals. Thank you so much for being sweeties and keeping my dashboard filled with lovely content. 

Please take the time to check out these blogs, especially since we’re entering the heateus. We’re going to need lots of fannibals to keep our tumblrs filled with beautiful hannibal content!!!

- D: 

adsmikkelsenafter-the-ellipsis,  anslogarrick, awillsgrahamcracker bansheegrahamtaobonearenaofmyskullbon-appetit-a-la-hannibalbrownberrypiecancanfannibalcannibalbananibal, carnal-carrion,  certified-sociophobiccostanza-is-a-cannibaldancydaily, damnyougrahamddncydolarhyddoomed-in-lifedowneybrownie

E - G:

 eluciphereverythinghughdancy,  faabyy21fancythedancyfredschilton,  fannibalecterfannibals-dot-comfanndamnedibalsfuckyeahchilton,  fuckyeahannibalfuckinghannibal,galaxiesinlivingeyesgayhamsgoodbyewill, goontheview, granpappy-winchestergraham-unhingedgrey-so-littlegrahamnlecter,


 hannebal-lecter,hanniballecterschesthairhannibalsbasement,  hannibalcannibaldancyhannibalmorelikecannibal, hannibalsfannibal,  hannibals-design, hannibalpleasehannibeeshanniboobyhannibuddy,  hannigramhannigraams,   hannigramtastichannigrahmy,  hannibal-tangerinehannibal-the-cannibal-fannibalshelloiloveyourwork,  heroes-get-madehugh-dancy,  hughdancyfans,  huuuuughdancyhxxnibal,

I - Q:

iatewillidontfindyouthatinteresting,  illusion-dreamusjenkotsu,  jukugojustcannibalthingsletsobjectifyhughdancylittlegreypuppylittlewillgrahams,   lectersdesignlecterhlecterwilllord-dancymikkelsenningmikkelsendancy, mischilecter, mongoosewillygrahammorbid-daydream,  mtzgtznightmare-ravenstag, nowwheresmynutoveractiveimaginingspistol-finch,

R - U:

 renlybaratheonsexyhughsomelazypsychiatry,  swiggityswagthenightmareteabag,swiggty-swag-the-nightmare-stagthetuxedos,  thechesapeakecupcake,  thesilenceofthefannibalsthesofenistthe-white-diamonddthischarmingdevil,  this-is-mydesignthis-is-my-desjgn,  tooothachestotallynotmadeofpeopletwerkinghannibal,

W - Z

warrioromenwatson-sighs-and-tuts,  weartherudewhenfandomplaysnicewillliamgrahamwillgrahamjournals,williamhannibalwill-grahams-straitjacketwithnoiseandclaritywhodamncy

I decided to make my first ever follow forever! I thought it was the perfect time since I have recently reached 1,600 followers plus season 2 has now ended. Here is a list of my favorite blogs that will keep me entertained through the HeAteUs!


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Okay guys, so this is my second year on Tumblr and whoa, I didn’t know I’d have the chance of doing a follow forever again! No, seriously, throughout the year, I’ve thought about quitting and closing this account, but firstly, I’m addicted to this thing so it’s almost impossible, and secondly, I cannot forget all the amazing people that I’ve met here.

Thank you, fannibals, for being there for me, for making me smile when I’m sad, for talking to me when I feel down, for being more than a fandom, more than only people who are together for their love for the same series or actors, for being more than people who enjoy discussing crazy headcanons and theories…

Thank you for being a second family. 

I know I tend to overreact sometimes, and I’m passionate about the things I love and that has caused me problems, but it’s nice to see how we share the same passion and that we understand each other, 

For all of these and more, thank you so much for making of this year, an amazing one!

I wish you guys, a wonderful 2015, full of love, health and success in your life, that all your dreams come true for you and your beloved ones. 

Lots of love:


p.s: sorry if I forgot to mention someone, I’m a bit scatterbrained Ü


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All of these blogs I have followed, or talked to since before the he-ate-us and they have stood out to me, I will be adding to it as I follow more people :)  More Here

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(I really hope I didn’t miss anyone, let me know if I did)

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Funko POP Hannibal figures

Some available now, other for preorder. 

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Hannibal Lecter Figure

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Wendigo

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Will Graham

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Will Graham Straitjacket Figure

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Jack Crawford Action Figure

Funko POP Movies: Hannibal Vinyl Figure

SDCC 2014 Funko Pop Exclusive Hannibal Lecter (Blood Splattered)

will-grahams-straitjacket reblogged your photo

“nuthinnewfortrashlikeyou: Hannibal S02 E01 “Kaiseki ” (2014) dir Tim Hunter”

#i wonder when jacks been in his house before#maybe he came in in sorbet when he was picking will up#id like to see their su-zakana fishing scene camaraderie in a scene in wills house#maybe even something not work related D:




The only time canonically we know he’s been to Will’s house at this point is Savoureux, when he came with Team Sassy Science to process the house. 

I was wondering the same thing, more in the sense of how did Jack know Winston’s name when he opened the door. My head canon is he’s been over to Alana’s in the interim, and learned the dogs names through her, and they’ve shared a few drinks. It was probably sitting at her dinner table that she told him she was going to file her report.

will grahams straitjacket reblogged your post latenightseth: Don’t miss a great epi… and added:

# with major spoilers# maybe ill watch it again cause i dont see the clip online# but ill probably forget

There’s a part of me that fully expects they’ll have a totally different clip tonight. 

Like, at this point, I doubt it’s worth NBC’s effort (if it’s effort) but…it’s still so surreal I hardly believe I saw it the first time. 


In celebration of reaching my goal, I decided to make a follow forever. For this one I decided to include all my blogs and fandoms involved. I’m posting it on this blog instead of on each individual blog because i can’t follow people on secondary blogs so if I follow you for another blog, I follow you on this account. There are two blogs that I’m not including in this because one is just a tutorial blog and the other is a personal blog so I will post an individual follow forever for the personal blog. Anyways, I love all of your blogs and stay awesome. If you are in any of these fandoms, please follow the blogs listed below :) **it’s in abc order!**

Janoskians Blog (sexmeluke)
*DISCLAIMER* If you are a multi blog I did not list you below because I only wanted active 100% janoskian blogs and the list was getting really long. I still love you if you went multi and I might add you to something I'm doing later.

barkoskians ● beavbrooksofficial ● beaumas ● beaunut ● curiousdirtypigs ● coolaskians ● dtf-jai ● dareoskians ● explicitjai ● fvckingbeau ● hailskip ● hugsbeau ● janoskiabs ● jais-slutt ● janoslothskians ● janoskiansidek ● janoskiansss-four-life ● janoskiansupdate ● jjanoskianboys ● janocunt ● janoskimoans ● janoskians-janoskian ● janoskiansinthewilderness ● janokian ● jaibrookscock ● janoskianscrocs ● jais-onesie ● jaisheart ● kissmeluke ● lukesfairy ● lukewtf ● lukesbeaut ● lukesclit ● lukebrook ● lukerbrooks ● mylittlebeau-tie ● melbourne-beau-ty ● onlukesdick ● ofdomenic ● peniskians ● sahyourie ● sexyjaidon ● sahyounieh ● sexifiedluke ● whoreskip ● yammounii ● youstube ● youguysarejanoskians

Hannibal Blog (hannibalmeat)

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Humor Blog (reading-rainbeau)

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Photography Blog (wishingmist)

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Black & White Blog (startingsilver)

black-and-white—dreams ● clamavi ● c-isnenegro ● emissarium ● floridu-s ● hasnofix ● luminosas ● our-fragile-souls ● perfectlyquaint ● s-ectumsempr4 ● sadpandaaa

(I can’t make graphics but anyway)

Hey! So I recently hit 300 followers and so I have decided to do a follow forever (beacause why not)

I may not talk to (any) of these people , but I see them on my dash every day & think they are amazing c:



 ♕ (She isn’t a Hannibal blog but she is my best friend outside of tumblr and yeah c: ) 


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lol this was weird. Thanks again c: