…it’s the only time I feel safe.

My favorite location in Hannibal – Will’s house in Wolf Trap, Virginia, specifically the front porch. 

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I had a conversation with @krey-9-jorce about the Omegaverse AU and I asked her if breastfeeding of male omega was weird and she told me why not draw Will doing that lmao she said Hugh’s nipples are beautiful so why not (not exactly what she’s said but kinda like that) bla bla don’t kick me kick her or and I’ll draw more(and maybe I’ll draw some more happy than this lol

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So I’m still obsessing about the alternate ending of Hannibal Season 3. Is there any official statement or interview where Bryan Fuller states why the Bedelia-leg scene was chosen over the Chapel-Bloodfest? I adore and worship the chapel scene! Hannibal and Will looked so serene and the scene felt so surreal and operatic and full of emotions with the background Bloodfest playing. It felt like they survived the fall and are living peacefully together and are one in mind and soul (in their shared Mind Palace) and Jack failed in his search for them. What are your thoughts about the Bedelia final scene and the Chapel scene?

What the Water Gave Me - iesika - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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In the summer of 2011, psychiatrist and FBI consultant Dr. Hannibal Lecter travels with a crack forensic team to the murder capital of America to assist the New Orleans field office in hunting a possible serial killer. But bodies aren’t the most interesting thing he finds when the water starts to rise.

Or, what would have happened if Will never left Louisiana?

Chapter Six is up!

“High water,” Jack ventures.

“More than high. There’s a million and a half cubic feet of water moving under the bridge downtown per second, which is just about enough to tear our entire flood control system to shreds. We’ve had to take some steps that are probably going to screw your investigation.“

Or, the BAU team gets in over their heads and calls in a specialist

Since this chapter takes place almost entirely about three miles from the house I grew up in, I decided to yield to nostalgia and give you some local musical talent I was listening to in the 1990s.

The LSU college radio station KLSU, which used to be fucking amazing, had a show for many many years called Saturated Neighborhood. It was a whole programing block of music and interviews with local, active musical artists, many of whom never got national airplay or album sales. In the pre-internet/early-internet era of music, taping in-studio performances off the radio onto a cassette was the only way for me to listen to some of the artists ever again. I listened religiously. And Monday night was Underground Sounds! The artists who would eventually form the backbone of Louisiana born recording labels like No Limit and Cash Money were all local boys (and a few rare girls). The hip hop scene in Baton Rouge and New Orleans was fucking poppin off, y’all.

Imma start with a favorite I lost track of ages ago who I only just managed to track down - his internet presence has been very obscure! Even though his music isn’t from as far back I’m so dang happy I found him I’m going to share him anyway, cuz he’s one of my favorites and he only has 80 subscribers on youtube.

May I introduce you to Shoelace please.

Shoelace/ Alesi Ngemi on Youtube  and  Soundcloud

And now all that 90s stuff I was talking about:

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Standing on the edge and clinging to one another,

Only one, only one.

Breath coming heavily,

Each inhale not nearly enough with burning lungs, blurry eyes,

The Lion and the Lamb,  

United we have slain the dragon.

Overcome our dance of misunderstanding,

We have witnessed a rise and fall.

All there was to see of us has been laid bare,

This night, together we Became.

One, one.

Breath hot against my chest and throat,

A confession of beauty, so serene,

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

One, one.

Having claimed what I sought out for so long,

An eternity of cat and mouse, our roles have reversed.

Without struggle against the pull,

we turn the world upside around,

we defy gravity, falling but never going down.

No I don’t resist.

I have everything I want,

I’ll give you anything you want.

I’ll descend with you, I’ll ascend with you.

I’ll protect you from the waves rolling.

Blackened by moonlight, the blood will slip into the dark ocean,


And in a moment of blinding clarity,

I’m wading into your stream.

I can feel the cool water flowing against my body,

Gently attempting to move me onwards,

Flowing around and past me ceaselessly,

And yet I remain, stapled in this moment

As everything changes around me.

Stepping into your world, breathing your air,

The scent of earth and water and sunlight,

Cleansing me of my atrocities, forgiving me of sins

I feel your forgiveness, hand in hand with your Wrath.

I’ll let it take me, sweep me under,

Lull me into complacency and bury me

I’ll let your Forgiveness take me.

We may be bloodied, but we may never perish.

(Anyway uh, have a drawing plus a poem i wrote to go along with it i guess???