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A Spitalfields brocaded silk robe à l'Anglaise, the silk probably Anna Maria Garthwaite, the fabric late 1730s, construction altered circa 1750, woven with large-scale sprays of hops, blossom in shades of blue, brown mauve with bright green and chartreuse silk foliage, the double engageants with scalloped edges, pleated front robings, part lined in ivory silk; together with a front petticoat panel

Trump says he's likely to sign healthcare order this week
President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he likely will sign an order this week that is expected to allow Americans to buy stripped-down health insurance policies, a step some experts say would further undermine the Obamacare law that Trump opposes.

Healthcare Deform: Yes, THIS shit again.

Well, that last story was kinda fun. What else is in my Google alert pile this afternOH FUCK ME.

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he likely will sign an order this week that is expected to allow Americans to buy stripped-down health insurance policies, a step some experts say would further undermine the Obamacare law that Trump opposes.

Unable to win passage of legislation to dismantle the 2010 law in a Congress led by his own party, Trump indicated he would take unilateral action. He offered few specifics beyond saying his action would let people cross state lines to obtain “great, competitive healthcare” costing the United States “nothing.”

The expected order would allow small businesses and individuals to band together as associations to buy health insurance plans that would be exempt from some Obamacare requirements. These include mandatory coverage for 10 essential health benefits such as maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs and mental health treatment.

It would also expand the amount of time people can use short-term medical insurance plans, which are cheaper than traditional plans but cover a limited set of benefits. People could use those plans for up to a year, compared to three months under current law.[…]

The plans allowed under the order could lure young and healthy people away from the individual insurance markets created by the 2010 Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare. That could further destabilize those markets, where insurers have already exited the markets altogether, pared back offerings or hiked premiums because of uncertainty caused by the Trump administration.

Experts said Trump’s plan could leave behind only the sickest people in the Obamacare markets, raising premiums and effectively eroding the law’s protection that people with pre-existing medical conditions cannot be charged more.


Inspiration: baby blue menswear

This week I’ve posted a LOT of menswear (from the incredibly ugly Moschino collection to modern and antique embroidery and the perfect macaroni outfit), so let’s begin the weekend with this little selection of baby blue menswear very much in the mood of the pink menswear post.

Baby blue is a nice colour elegant and easy to the eye, is somehow discreet and offers a nice contrast with gold and yellow embelishments and a cold and similiar background to grey and silver.

And of course we must add that pastel colours rule.

Photos from top:

  • Still from the 2001 Swedish mini-series “The Marriage of Gustav III” (Gustav III:s äktenskap)
  • “Portrait of Jean Charles Garnier d’Isle”, Maurice Quentin de La Tour, ca. 1750
  • Three-piece suit made of silk with metallic-thread passementerie, French, ca. 1765
  • Porcelain blue waistcoat made in London with textile made by Peter Lekeux and designed by Anna Maria Garthwaite, brocaded with silver-gilt poliate and appiquéd with polychrome silk, 1747
  • Wool suit, British, ca. 1780
  • Waistcoat with same colour silk embroidery, made in China for the Western market, ca. 1740
  • Blue three-piece suit with golden embelishments, French, ca. 1725-1750 (detail and waistcoat)
  • “Portrait of a gentleman (maybe Armand Guillaume François de Gourges, Marquis of Vayres and d’Aulnay), Jean Valade, 1753
  • Three-piece suit of silk with moiré finish embroidered with sequins and metallic-thread, France, ca. 1760
  • “Portrait of Marie-Joseph Peyre”,  Marie-Suzanne Giroust, 1771

Alas, poor young S.H.I.E.L.D agents from Hickman’s Secret Warriors of 2009, we hardly knew them….They got slaughtered by the Wrecking Crew in an ambush. Also, poor Slingshot (Yo-Yo Rodriguez) the established character of Hickman’s 2009 Secret Warriors got killed off unceremoniously while Quake (Daisy Johnson) survived in Rosenberg’s Secret Warriors (which is about those *ughh* replacements - the young NuHumans). Besides Quake, Slingshot should have survived this too since she’s more neglected than her teammate. 

So from my cynical view, I can see that those established youngsters who were before ANAD era get turned into sacrificial lambs (e.g. Victor Mancha, Rage…) while the “lucky” pre-ANAD ones get their characterization mangled or languish in Comic Book Limbo. Meanwhile, the little “darlings” who are from ANAD era and legacy heroes (e.g. Riri Williams, Miles Morales, Moon Girl, Kamala Khan…) get protected by plot armour in crossovers.

- Secret Warriors v2 #1, 2017

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

The Super-Villains are stuck in the mundane house trying to find something to do. 

- Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #12

CAPTION: What if the Super-Villains are on reality TV house known as Big Brother. 

“Big Brother house with supervillains. Live on Marvel TV.”