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Maybe Bitty goes to the Falcs, or Alicia, to get rid of some questionable shirts in Jack's wardrobe... Like a hideously tacky Tourist-Dad™ Hawaiian print? Or the yellow shoes? Sorry you're in a funk. If there's anything I can do, let me know!

Hey, @beaniebaneenie  I appreciate the prompt. <3   I kinda went another direction with this, but it still has hints of the prompt.  Jack is out of town, so Bitty and Alicia take over his closet to give it a makeover.  Here’s what goes down…

“I feel kinda sneaky doing this,” Bitty said as he stood by the door of their bedroom.

Alicia quickly got to work as she opened the closet and examined it with the steely accuracy of an assassin ready to put down their target.

“Eric, sweetheart. It’s for his own good.  I thought we agreed,” she said as she pulled out a bright orange golf shirt.  She held it toward Bitty and said, “Where on god’s green earth did he even get this from?”

“A charity golf thing,” Bitty said taking one step closer as Alicia flung it onto the bed.  Apparently, she had three piles:  To Donate, To Toss, To Burn to a Crisp.  

Alicia tutted as she rummaged through the clothes on the hangers. “Honestly, you’d think he was contractually obligated to only wear Falconers or Samwell gear.”

Bitty approached the bed and sat on the edge as Alicia continued tossing more clothes onto it.  He grabbed a pair of well worn burgundy Adidas track pants that had just been flung.

“Oh, but Jack loves these. They’re broken in just so,” Bitty said as he held them up to his cheek.

“We can buy him some new ones to break in – ones that don’t have holes in the leg,” she said then pulled out a Hawaiian print button down, and gasped.  She held up the offending shirt as if it were a steaming pile of manure and said with a moue, “Eric?”

“Lord!” Bitty smiled.“Coach got that for him. When we went to Kauai with my parents, Jack and Coach thought it would be funny to get matching shirts. Mama and I were so mad at them… and then at dinner—”

“Sweetheart?”  Alicia said with a sigh.


Alicia looked at Bitty and smiled.  “Come on, help me put all this back in.”

“What?  Why?” Bitty asked.

Alicia walked over and stroked Eric’s cheek.  “Because you’re so besotted with my son, you couldn’t care less what he looks like and you don’t want to change him in any way, and I’ll love you forever for that.”

“Aw, come on, Alicia,” Bitty said as he blushed and looked down at the track pants in his lap.

“All right.  At least let’s organize the closet so he can find things easier:  you know the fancy track pants from the everyday track pants,” Alicia said with a wink.

Bitty nodded and began folding some of the clothes on the bed.  He then bit his lip and said, “BUT… if that horrendous orange golf shirt mysteriously disappeared, well there’s nothing I could do about that.”

“Consider it taken care of.”


Hello, all of my much-beloved followers and those who just have found this post.
I’m not going to go into details of why I’m currently am asking for commissions, but let me tell you. This is not for me it is for a friend who’s in dire need…
This person means the world to me and if I would be able to fund for that person with the help from you guys I’ll be forever in your debt. 
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My friend has had very awful thoughts as of late and I know one who can make it better… all I ask for is your help to make it happen.
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By OC I mean sprite drawing, you get one pose and 6 expressions, each additional expression is 1$.

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Hi! I just wanted to say I'm so glad we are mutuals on Tumblr and thank you for being so encouraging when it comes to art, experiences, etc. I never knew we had so many shared interests/I wish we had known each other better while at acma. Thank you for being the magical goddess you are! I look forward to seeing more of your drawings and nature photography ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

I am so so so glad too bb. I feel awful my response took forever; this is one of those messages I’ve read over a few times on bad days to cheer up. Your support and sudden friendship has been so wonderful and uplifting, I appreciate you to the moon (heheh, nina moon) and back!! You are so talented and you deserve all the encouragement in the world, and I feel the same way ;-; GOD WHY WAS I SO ANGRY AND ANTISOCIAL IN HIGH SCHOOL???? The way you always triumph over your health issues is so amazing and you make me want to do better every day. If you ever come by my area of the coast // have time, please feel free to let me know and I’d love to show you around the estuary or we could totally hit the beach!! :D 

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I really appreciate that you take the time to educate us non-natives about issues that affect indigenous people. It's hard to find information when you don't know where to start but your blog has given me a starting point to learn about different indigenous issues and how to be less of a white ass to native people so thank you! Your blog continues to teach and help me grow and I am forever grateful

Aw I’m very happy to hear this!

black men who beat up their wives/girlfriends and use the threat “you’re gonna make me a part of the system” or “you’re supporting the white man” to keep them from calling the police are awful and deserve to be locked away forever.

and black men and women who tell black women that they’ve gotta be strong and put up with abuse from their black husband/boyfriend are awful.

(tbh this is a black only post, so only black people reblog. something our community needs to fix)

The main thing that Trump supporters are excited about, now that he’s president? Is that finally, at LOOOOOONG LAST, all of the awful things they want to say, that used to lose them friends and jobs and marriages? They’re EXCITED about potentially getting to say them with ZERO repercussions. Just like Trump did. All the way into the White House. All the way into unlimited, forever power to spew any awful shit that comes to your head and no one dares correct you, rolls their eyes, or punches you in the nose.
—  Patton Oswalt
this dream is short but this dream is happy
—  Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig