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I must confess to you all that this entire part of the game absolutely terrified me. I was quaking in the boots that I wasn’t wearing. It’s like FF7 went from being an RPG to a survival horror game for a bit there, and they pulled it off so effectively that I was shaken for a while after this during my previous playthrough.

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The Tony Awards 2016: Aaron Tveit applauds The Color Purple performance

First man standing for ovations everywhere, coming to a theatre near you…

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I will patiently wait with you for the Sehun solo!! 😭

awww awww sophia! thank you for waiting with me! i’m kinda desperate for any sehun activities these days lollllllllllll i don’t even know when will any of his solo projects be coming out omggggg the torture of waiting and anticipating i can’t uwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s killing me!!!! џ(ºДºџ) џ(ºДºџ)


Louis gasped as he rode Harry on the soft grass, staring wantonly into each other’s eyes. Harry held Louis close as if his life depended on it, the wisps from the tree flying around them. Louis’ lips parted slightly from the pleasure, and Harry’s head fell onto his shoulder, moaning into it. Louis lifted his face up so he could keep looking at his new mate while he lifted his body up and then back down on Harry.   
Then they kiss.
It was a very heated, sloppy kiss, Louis bouncing slowly up and down, as Harry dug his fingers in his bum. They’re connected to each other’s very core, the seeds of the Tree of Souls surrounding them. The air was filled with Louis’ whimpers and moans when Harry started thrusting into him. They could feel each other. Completely feel each other.
The bond was so strong, and it was something that couldn’t be described with words, there was only them right then.
“Nga yawne lu oer. Oel ngati kameie.” I love you. I see you. Harry tells Louis, or Louis tells Harry, they weren’t sure from whose mouth the words are coming anymore.
They were one.

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Any thoughts on the Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition from Beamdog?

I mean, it’s obviously a great thing to happen? HD-remake that keeps everything important from the original game intact just for 20 bucks? Sign me the fuck up. Finally I can rec this game without saying “… and you should get HD mod, and a couple of bug fixes mods and some restoration mods…”

also, Avellone finally had a chance to edit shit that he couldn’t before bc PS:T was rushed at the release, so unless he’s severely traumatized by the lifestyle of a human stretch goal and horribleness of T:ToN and decides to pull George Lucas, replacing Morte with Jar Jar Binks, I can’t see what can really go wrong. 

So I’ve now re-watched the first two seasons of Buffy in HD on Netflix.

They fixed a lot, but not all, of the problems plaguing the initial HD EPIX transfers. The biggest disadvantage I’ve seen so far has not been the cropping (which is very obvious in a lot of S1 scenes, but I only recognized it in one S2 scene, I’d say 85% - 90% of the scenes are definitely showing more information than the original 4x3 ratio instead of cropping it to fit the new 16x9 one), nor even the fact a lot of the effects have been upscaled from SD instead of re-done in HD (the Blu-Ray release of Firefly had the same issue. I get it. It costs a lot of money to re-do CGI in HD - more so than to do them in SD in the first place. It’s distracting, but not to the point it killed my enjoyment). It’s not even the fact that some episodes have aged really, really badly. This will forever be my favorite TV show of all times, even if I’ve seen others which I consider objectively better.

No, the biggest killjoy of all is that: you know how you could tell from the DVD’s when they replaced Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz for their stunt doubles in the fight scenes? Well, in clear 1080p (or 1080i, I don’t know what Netflix is working with, but I would guess 1080p), it is REALLY blatant. Forget about how Buffy’s body type completely changed when you were watching it on DVD, now you can see the stunt doubles’s faces and it almost feels surreal.

On to S3. I hear Netflix took Buffy out internationally, but it’s still on Netflix Brazil, so I am watching EVERYTHING before they take it from me too.