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Every Pawn Can Become A Queen Snippets Part 3 of 3

I promised people that I would write the ending of the Historical Fantasy Arranged Marriage Au that came from my original fake Viktuuri fic list from the Rivals series alternate A03 so here it is! 

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Disclaimer - this is a mock up of what one of the fics written by Viktuuri fans in the Rivals universe on the alternate AO3 might look like and therefore is a reflection of how fans see umfb!Yuuri and Viktor not as they actually are. Also again this is a quick fun piece of writing so please don’t take it seriously!

Every Pawn Can Become A Queen Snippets Part 3 of 3

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Katsuki Mari, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin, Jean-Jacques Leroy, Georgi Popovich, Mila Babicheva, Other Character Tags To Be Added

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Arranged Marriage, Alternate Universe – Historical Fantasy, Alternate Universe – Royalty, Plotting, Assassination Attempts, Enemies to Lovers


Yuuri is the Prince of an Empire, second in line for the throne and renown in battle, a formidable warrior who has been fighting for almost half his life against the neighbouring Empire and their barbaric ways. But after tragedy strikes both kingdoms, an uneasy peace must be formed between the two opposing sides, a peace that must be sealed with the strongest of bonds.

Charged with keeping the peace for the sake of his people, Yuuri is forced to leave his homeland forever and marry the only son and heir of the opposing kingdom, forging an alliance with marriage to protect the empire built on the backs and blood of his family and now ruled by his beloved sister. But Yuuri knows what the marriage truly is beneath the pretty words. A life-sentence, imprisoned forever under the rule of a man he hates and has faced on the battlefield countless time.

But the political machinations of the foreign court might prove to be an even deadlier battlefield than the one he just left and he must keep the peace between the two kingdoms to save the lives of millions, whatever the cost. And what’s more, his long-time enemy and new husband is not the man he believed him to be and his position as Prince Consort holds more power than he ever expected. For the one who holds the heart of the future king is the one who can control the kingdom.

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ch. 2

Bad Habits || Jaebum

Originally posted by jjaenyoung

Reader (you) x Jaebum 

Word Count: 1263

Warnings: none :)

note: hii everyone! hopefully everyone is having a good day! i’m not feeling too well today but you know what, it’s okay. I will fight through the day! Happy reading everyone and take care of your health! Also, happy easter~  -admin

The darkness of the night overlapped both of us before I was dragged back into the bar. Escaping wasn’t an option for me especially in the hands of these men. They forced me to sit on a chair before introducing themselves individually. I wasn’t surprised to see Jackson and Bambam standing off to the side, looking down upon me like I’ve done something wrong. However, it wasn’t them who caught my attention; it was their ring leader, Jaebum. With his black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his hair swept to the side, I’ve never seen a leader that could be intimidating and attractive at the same time. I tried to suppress my feelings as I watch all seven of them search through my bag.

“There’s nothing on her.” Jinyoung stated, after checking my bag.    

“Great. Leave it there and you,” Jaebum pointed towards me, “Come with me.”

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Try To Keep Up

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Summary: Pietro teases the Reader all the time and Reader finally decides to put him in his place.

Words: 1122

Warnings: language

Originally posted by imagine-marvel

You had had about enough of Pietro’s teasing. He was the cockiest, most arrogant little fucker. And it didn’t help that he was sexy as hell either.

“Just admit, you’ll never be as fast as me.” His speed was the one thing he loved to brag about most. He claimed he was the fastest person in the world. Wrong. He was probably the fastest man alive, but definitely not the fastest person in the world.

“You’re not even fast in general, princesa.” He always thought he was right. Sure it’s one thing to be confident in something but this boy just doesn’t know when to give up. He was as stubborn as a mule and never wanted to admit when he was wrong.

“You have full permission to prove me wrong.” And that’s exactly what you were going to do.

Standing up, you shoved your phone in your pocket and smiled as innocently as you can at the Sokovian speedster. “Why don’t we have a little race. The first one to the gym wins.” You knew that the gym was currently where your other teammates were and where Pietro has strayed from to come bother you.

The thought of finally proving Pietro wrong, and in front of everyone else, caused a smirk to pull at your face and you had to fight to keep it at bay.

Pietro’s smirk only widened and he put his hand out for you to shake, “And when I win, what do I get as a prize.”

You took his hand in yours and tried not to roll your eyes, “You mean if you win, and what do you want?” Pietro thought long and hard before you spotted that mischievous look in his eye. It’s the same look he gets whenever he’s about to do something risky.

Not that you paid close attention to him or anything like that.

“A kiss, I want a kiss.” Your smile faded and you blinked, not understanding what he was getting at. “Well I’m sure Vision would love to give you a little sugar but I’m not sure what that has to do with me-”

He groaned in disgust and you smirked, well aware of his hatred towards the android. “From you, I want a kiss from you. Do we have a deal?”

“Fine but when I win, you have to stop bothering me once and for all.” You then realized that your hands were still held in his and pulled away just as he started running.

This is gonna be fun.

You raised your palm in the air and watched as Pietro slowly came to a halt until he was completely still.

He was always moving around and seeing him like this really brought you joy. Now you had two options here. First one, you go to the gym and start back time and win. Or the second one, you fuck with him and then go to the gym and win. The second one sounded more appealing to you.

Quickly, you ran to your floor and took a tube of red lipstick, two pink scrunchies, and a two piece. When you went back to him you took your time in making him look perfect, you had all the time in the world after all.

Satisfied with your work, you took a picture on your phone and made your way to the gym.

Entering, you spot everyone doing their own thing. You wanted their full attention on Pietro when he came running in so you moved everyone so they were in a line in front of the door. They were all making ‘I’m in the middle of an intense workout session but I can’t stop because Steve insists that we do this and God I want to kill his star-spangled ass’ expressions on their face so you took a quick snap of each of them for blackmail later.

When everything was in position you raised your palm up and time started again. Pietro came running in a second later and everyone’s confused chatter ceased.

He looked around triumph until his eyes laid on you. His mouth opened in shock and closed again, this went on for about two minutes. “What the-? How?!”

“What? You didn’t see that coming?” You smirked as you used his own catchphrase against him when you were cut off by the teams laughing, confused at first but then you caught on.

“What, were you thinking about going to the beach, Maximoff?” It was then that Pietro looked down at his appearance and let out a girlish shriek.

On the upper half of his body, he was sporting a pink bikini. The bottoms of the bikini were pulled over his joggers, for both of your sakes of embarrassment. You topped that off with some red lipstick and two pigtails. To say he was terrified of his new transformation was an understatement, the poor boy looked like he was going to pass out.

He ran out of the room and came back a second later, the lipstick and ponytail were gone, along with the two piece. You silently thank him for not going back for his shirt because God those abs looked delicious.

“Dammit, I was just about to take a picture.” You held up your phone and turned to Clint. “Don’t worry, I already got that taken care of.” Pietro zoomed up next to you and faked a pout.

“Guess I won’t be getting that kiss after all, huh?” You could smell his minty breath as he talked and you almost collapsed. He was so close his bare chest was touching your clothed one and you had to hold your breath.

Just above a whisper, you breathed out, “Well try to keep up next time.” Neither of you knew who started leaning in first but the second his lips brushed yours the warmth of them was suddenly gone.

You opened your eyes, which you don’t even remember closing, when you heard Pietro’s laugh down the hall. He was gone along with your phone and so were your chances of kissing him which you certainly did not think of 24/7.

Pietro!” The team chuckled at your childish behavior when you stomped your feet, one by one they started going back to their training.

“Come and catch me, princesa!” Oh, you were going to catch that asshole, alright. You stomped off to go find your favorite least favorite Maximoff, and to hopefully get that kiss.

Which you certainly did not want.

Brett Talbot imagine

@booklover240 made this first request, so here we go!

Request; You and Brett are in a relationship. You went together with him to the game where he meets Liam again. And he was being rude but you or I step in and apologize for Brett and they are shocked to see you. And Brett gets possessive/jealous.

Originally posted by lilbetapupliam

“I can’t wait to see Liam, and give him shit for what he did.” Brett mumbled as you picked your head up off his shoulder. 

“Brett, why do you have to dwell on the past? It happened months ago.” you said. “Besides, he’s paid for it, just let it go.” you groaned. 

“Babe, he’s going to pay for tonight, when I kick his ass into next week.” he laughed. 

You rolled your eyes, for the millionth time in five minutes. Ever since you left school he has been talking non-stop about it. “How’d you get coach to let you ride with us?” he questioned.

“I told him that if I couldn’t, I would tell mom.”  Yes I know what you’re thinking, the coach is my father. Cliché right. “Brett, why do you hold a grudge against Liam?”  I hummed. 

“Because, he ruined your fathers car, just for benching him. Imagine what else he could’ve done. I’m thankful it only went as far as the car.” he grumbled. 

“Alright folks, we’re here, please make sure all your gea-Talbot get your hands where I can see them-” my dad glared at Brett. “-make sure all your gear and equipment are OFF the bus. Let’s go!” he yelled. 

After everyone was off the bus, and getting their gear, Liam Dunbar approached the scene. It was an awkward scene unfolding, then he spoke. 

“I just wanted to say.., have a good game.” he says sticking out his hand to shake. I stood next to Brett, hanging onto his arm, as he starts laughing. 

“That’s cute Liam, is that what they told you to say in anger management? Apologize and everything’s fine? You demolished coaches car.” 

“I paid for it.” 

“Yeah you’re going to pay for it. We’re gonna break you in half out there, and it’s going to be all..your..fault.” he taunted. 

Out of nowhere, two Beacon Hills boys ran over to stop the scene from progressing. 

“Hey, whoa, hey what’s going on prep-students! Welcome to our public high school, Stiles-” Stiles said as he stuck out his hand. “-firm handshake you got there. Very excited for the scrimmage tonight, but uh- no rough stuff, keep it clean out there. Alright see you on the field.” he said as he scrambled away. 

You felt really bad about how Brett treated Liam. “Hey wait up!” you yelled to the three. As you went to follow, Brett grabbed your wrist harshly, “Where do you think you’re going?” 

“To apologize for you being an asshole.” you spat back. As you went to go find them, the rest of the team oohed in the background. As you rounded the corner, you saw them come out of the locker room. “Hey, Liam!” you said “Listen, I’m really, really sorry about Brett. His ego is his only defense. Don’t listen to him, my dad has forgiven and forgotten. Okay? Go have a good game, and don’t let him scare you.” you said as you walked away. 

“(y/n)!” he yelled, and you turned around


“Thanks.” he smiled 

“Anytime.” you smiled back. 

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

Later as the game was about to start, you had to find Liam again to make sure he wasn’t backing out, because of Brett. 

“Hey Liam!” you said as you came into sight of him and his friend. “I wanted to make sure you weren’t backing out because of Talbot over there.” 

“No, I would never.” he laughed. 

“Okay, so I’ll see you soon? Good luck.” You said as you hugged. Little did you know that Liam’s eyes met Brett’s as you hugged, and Brett became overly jealous, because Liam’s hands were a little to far south for his liking. You stepped back and started walking towards Brett. “Hey babe.” you said as you went in for a kiss, and he avoided you. “What’s the matter?” you asked innocently. 

“Having fun being Liam’s girlfriend today?” he bitterly asked. 

“What are you talking about?” you asked bewildered. 

“You go to comfort him again our fight, then you hug him, and let him touch your ass?” he said angrily. “Well I’m going to tell you one thing.” he said as he grabbed you and pulled you close.” You’re mine. Not his.” he said as he kissed you passionately. When you were done it dawned on you what he was doing, and why he was acting like this. 

“Are you being jealous?” you giggled.

“No, I’m proving your mine.” he grinned and pointed in Liam’s direction. You turned around to not only see Liam, but the rest of his team looking at us. 

“You’re ridiculous.” you laughed walking towards the bleachers. 

“And you’re butt is ridiculous.” he laughed giving it a good smack. 

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-I hope this is what you were looking for, enjoy! 

I hate you so much, it must be true love

Murphy x Reader, little bit of Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: smut, nsfw, some swearing…I am trash…

Summary: After an argument about Pike, you and Bellamy break up. You want to hurt him. When you and Murphy get to talking you two start a love/ hate relationship. Things get heated. Fluff ending.

Ahem….I decided that there was not enough Murphy smut in this world. I’m usually more of a Bellamy girl but…he’s been a little brainwashed shit lately so I got more inspired by Murphy. I’m gonna consider this a oneshot I guess…slight POV change in the middle there. Sorry it’s a long one. I just couldn’t stop myself. Also sorry if it’s not good. It’s my first one and considering it’s mine…ofc it’s smut. :)


“I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” you say turning away from your boyfriend…well…kinda boyfriend. You and Bellamy had been sharing a room for four months now, ever since Clarke left. But sharing a bed was not all that you and Bellamy did at night. Everything was starting to look fine, until now.

“You actually think that this headcase is right? That anything Pike does is for ‘the good of the people’?!” You throw your arms in the air facing Bellamy, anger starting to fuel your actions. “Y/n, the grounders can’t be trusted. You of all people should know that!” “ Oh, don’t you dare bring this up right now!”

You lost your best friend in the ring of fire created to stop the grounder attack. That whole thing was a bit taboo, Bellamy had never even brought it up to you before right now. You felt betrayed by Bellamy. You had loved him, but you could no longer stand by his side with this.

“I’m sorry, but this is the hard truth. The grounders want us dead and if we don’t do something now, they will have their way. Pike understands that, why can’t you?” He crosses his arms and clenches his jaw. You can see that neither of you is going to back down from this.

“Believe me, I understand. But what you’re talking about….it’s bound to start another war. One that we might not be able to survive.” you step closer to him and lower your voice, fighting back the tears. “You’re talking about slaughtering 300 innocent people who were sent here to protect us!” You hear your voice break as a tear sets loose. Neither of you seem to be able to believe what the other is saying. Bellamy raises his voice completely overtaken by his stubbornness.

“Innocent!? Each and every one of these savages is to be blamed for the amount of people we’ve all lost. They started this, Y/n. We’re just going to end it.” Bellamy’s not the man that you thought he was. This proves it.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bellamy yells after you as he sees you grab your packed bag and jacket. “I can’t do this anymore, Bell. It’s over and you know it.”


It has been a week. You haven’t even talked to Bellamy. You could barely look at his face since the massacre. To you Bellamy had become the monster he’d thought the grounders to be. He’d returned the battle unharmed, that somehow upset you even more. You wanted to hurt him, you wanted him to feel the pain that cursed through your heart and shadowed your mind.

“Why the sad face, Princess?” *ugh* Murphy was the last person you wanted to see. You’d never really talked to Murphy before. Bellamy always told you to stay away from him, that he was a murderer and that you would get hurt…but then again, Bellamy wasn’t here was he? His opinion no longer mattered to you.

“Boy drama.” You were sitting on a cut down log with bottle of whiskey in your hand. You’re guessing you didn’t look so good if even Murphy had noticed. “I see. So things must be going great with Bellamy.” He says with exaggerated sarcasm.

“Well, you could say that. I mean…we broke up about a week ago.” You finally look up at him. He looks disheveled. You all do most of the time. No time to sit in front of a mirror really.

“Eesh, tough luck. Mind if I sit here?” He asks gesturing the makeshift chair. “Sure.” You scoot over a bit to give him some space, and offer him a drink.

“No thanks. Can’t really drown my demons anymore. Those fuckers learned how to swim.” You chuckle a bit. Taking a sip for yourself. “What happened to your arm?” You ask pointing to the bandages on his forearm. “Uhm, dinner tried to eat me first I guess.” He gives you a crooked smile and you smile back. He doesn’t seem half as bad as Bellamy had made him out to be.


A few days had passed. You enjoyed Murphy’s company though you’d never tell anyone so. You two always bickered and flirted shamelessly.

“Hey, asshole! Has your face always looked this messed up or did you just forget to put on makeup today?” You give him a goofy smile as he gets closer. “Sup, bitch? What are you even doing here, shouldn’t you be workin’ the street corner?” He smiles back at you and you both shake your heads.

“Poor form, but nice try.” “Yeah, I’m not too proud of that one. I’ll keep working on it. You free tonight?” You always hung out in the evening after your shifts so you agreed to do the same tonight.

He made you happy. None of the others approved of your friendship but you didn’t mind basking in your hedonism. Especially because of the way you knew this made Bellamy feel. He hadn’t really stopped caring for you, but atleast he’d stopped his efforts to make contact with you.

Tonight was bonfire night…but something else was different. You sat a lot closer to Murphy. Your voice sounded a lot more sultry. Maybe it was because you could feel Bellamy’s eyes burn holes into your side. But that wasn’t it. You felt weirdly drawn to Murphy. He was smart, and funny. He made you feel safe enough to open up to him. Tell him things about yourself you never even allowed yourself to think of. You seemed to have the same sort of affect on him. Tonight, after a few drinks, your morals had disappeared and lust had settled in.

You dragged him off to a quiet hallway, away from peering eyes. You leaned against a wall and pulled him closer to you. He stared deep into your eyes, glancing at your lips every now and then. He placed a hand on your waist, squeezing a little to bring you closer. He wrapped his other hand in your hair, tugging at the strands as he ground himself against you.

“You want this, Princess?” His hot breath on your face made shivers run down your spine. You wrapped your arms behind his neck and a leg behind his. You kissed him passionately, letting your tongues explore each-others mouths as he lifted your leg higher around his waist so you could feel his erection grind against you through the unnecessary layers of clothing.

You reluctantly pull away from the kiss. He looks at you with a confused yet determined look on his face. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I just-” you gasp as he starts kissing your neck, definitely leaving marks for later. It feels so good so you urge him not to stop as you talk.

“I need you to remember, that I still hate you. This-this is just a momentary lapse of weakness brought on by involuntary abstinence. And I can’t do this if you feel something else or whatever. So I must ask. Do you hate me?” He stops for a little bit to look you in the eyes. His eyes seem darker, more focused. He clenches his jaw and shifts his eyes for a second. “Yea, sure.”

You didn’t really believe him but you also didn’t really care. You had never been too great with emotions but you could see he was a little scolded. But right now your brain had no power. Your body wanted him, and he wanted you.

“Then hell yea I want this.” That was the last coherent sentence you spoke. You pulled on his hair as he disheveled yours. The only thing cooling you down was the cold metal you were pinned up against.


Bellamy’s POV

He’d been drinking all night like everyone else. He needed a drink after seeing Y/n drape herself all over Murphy’s lap. He still cared for her, but he wasn’t sure if she cared for him. Maybe she was just trying to make him jealous. Maybe there was still hope for them.

He said goodnight to the rest of the guard and stumbled over to the Ark. He was heading down the halls when he stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Y/n and Murphy tangled up against a wall. Murphy seemed to notice him standing there but all he did was pull away from the kiss to give Bellamy a crooked smile before grabbing Y/n’s breast, kneading it in his hands as she moaned in his ear and sloppily kissed her neck.

Bellamy couldn’t take this. He practically ran back to the bonfire. He needed a few dozen more drinks before he could let himself think again.


Y/n’s POV

You’re still slightly intoxicated, yet everything seems much clearer. Murphy’s kissing your neck, sucking and biting at all the right places. You moan louder than you wanted to. You plead for Murphy to take you to your room.

When you somehow finally get there Murphy picks you up. You’re straddling him and kissing him while he kicks the door closed. You help him shrug off his jacket and do the same with your own. You’re tugging at his shirt as you try to get rid of yours. Once you succeed you find yourself on the bed. Frantically kissing him as he swiftly removes his shirt.

Your bodies are tightly pressed against each-other. His hands are roaming your body as you try to make the most of what he’s allowing you to move. He starts kissing down your jaw, your neck, stopping to suck and nibble at your nipples, kneading your breast with one hand. Then continues kissing your stomach, all the way down to your aching core. He strips you of your pants and underwear, kissing your inner thighs. Your back arches off the bed as he licks straight over your wet heat.

“All ready for me aren’t you?” He asks you meeting your gaze. You can’t help but stare. He looks so hot between your legs. “Yes-yes, Murphy. Gosh, just fuck me already!” “Impatient little doll. I promise you, I’ll make this worth your while.” And oh was he right. He shifts his focus from your eyes back to your core. He’s like Picasso with his tongue. He makes you grab the sheets in a pathetic attempt to steady yourself as you unravel and let out moans, screams and cusses of his name. Once he’s done you’ve already become a panting mess. He wipes your fluids off his chin and smirks at you.

“You were right, totally worth it!” You smile at him as gets up on his knees in front of you. “I’m always right.” “So you are.” You lift yourself off the bed to place sloppy kisses to his abdomen. You run your hands up the middle of his chest and down his sides, settling them on his belt. You keep kissing his hip bones and his small happy trail as you undo his belt and zipper. He helps you slide off his pants, his eyes glued to your every motion. You kiss the fabric that covers his erection. “Do you want me? Say you want me.” Your voice is light, yet sultry as ever. He practically groans his answer. “Yes, fuck yes I want you!” He pulls you up to kiss him again.

Soon enough he releases your body just enough that you can start kissing all the way down his neck, shoulders and chest. You take off his underwear and lay a firm grip on his throbbing cock. He throws his head back as you lick a small circle around his tip and pump a few times. He can’t seem to look away and decides to hold back your hair. Barely pushing you in any direction. You take him in your mouth little by little. His groaning, swears and moans of your name getting louder with each pump.

“That’s it, Princess! You’re in trouble now!” He pushes you back on the bed. Kissing you deeply, rubbing small circles around you clit. You’re now begging him for a release again. And he is sure willing to oblige. He pulls away and grabs his cock to guide himself through your entrance. You both groan from pleasure. You nod a little, giving him the ok to start moving. You’re both near your climaxes so his pace quickens. Any attempts of kissing fail because your mouth keeps dragging down his chin with each thrust. But neither of you mind.

He’s holding himself up on one elbow, burying his other hand’s fingers in your hips. You drag your fingernails over his back almost painfully enough to draw blood. This makes him grunt even more, his face still buried in the crook of your neck. You even bite his shoulder a little. His length slightly painful, but all the more enjoyable.

The rest of the world no longer exists. Just you and him. You barely hear the people outside. All you can sense is the sweat, the sound of skin against skin, the waves of pleasure washing over you. You keep working in harmony with his thrusts. Your eyes too intrigued by the movements of his lean muscles to dare close. You glance at the place where your bodies meet and feel yourself unraveling underneath him.

You scream his name into oblivion and his movements become less calculated and more uneven as he comes from the feeling of your walls clenching around him. He moans your name in response as he rides out both of your orgasms. He pulls out soon enough. Both of you panting and unable to speak as he lays beside you. You feel weak and you’re shivering, but not from cold. From absolute extacy.

Once you’ve both regained your composure you curl up to his side. He lifts one of your legs up over him and you place a hand on his chest to draw circles on his skin.

“That was…amazing.” He says smiling at you in the glow of the moonlight shining through the small window. “Yeah, it was. Would love to repeat that sometime soon.” You smile back at him. He kisses your head. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Soon enough you feel yourself drifting off to sleep, until he speaks up again. “I lied earlier.” “What?” You rub your eyes a little until you can clearly see the guilty look on his face as he stares at the ceiling.

“What are you talking about?” He licks over his lips and looks at you. “Earlier, when I said that I hated you…I didn’t mean a word of it. I’m sorry but, you’re actually one of the few people I like in this hellhole. The only person, to be exact.”

You just keep smiling at him. “I know.” “Wha- but you said…” He looks at you with the same confused look from earlier, except this one isn’t shadowed by lust, it’s shaded by hope. “I know what I said. And I lied too. I actually like you too.” You kiss him for reassurance, before turning over and tugging him to spoon you. You’re both fading to sleep as you hear him mumble.

“Thank god.”

Friendly Reminder that Shuuichi Saihara:
  1. Didn’t have confidence in his detective skills(when he was actually really good)
  2. The girl(and love interest) who gave him confidence was first murderer
  3. Worse, her trap was based on his presumption
  4. And he himself had to choose her as blackened 
  5. She died brutally, right in front of his eyes
  6. Cue Clair de Lune. Lie down, Try not to cry, Cry a lot.
  7. Technically he was the only person who could actually lead class trial. 
  8. This game’s rival is the chessmaster who won’t stop lying for god’s sake-aka one of the DR characters with most interesting depth and gayness insanity.
  9. Skip several chapters to 4th trial, where he had to fight majority of group, especially his big brother mentor(who gave him courage to face the truth) to prove that the most innocent person was the killer
  10. Others blamed him, but what else he could do? After all, he’s the detective, who solves murder. Plus, if they couldn’t find the killer, everyone dies.
  11. Next chapter, either his big brother mentor or jerkass rival(who is gay for him) is victim-thus begins the most difficult, longest trial.
  12. Harukawa, the only person who did help Shuuichi during trial. This time he has to play Panic Talk Action against her-twice.
  13. Yes. The blackened was him. Again Shuuichi had to choose the person who believed in him as murderer(At least he died peacefully).
  14. Adding cherry on top: he was looking forward to join killing game(!)
  15. Everything-his talent, character, personality, relationship-is fiction. A lie.
  16. Cue despair. What else can you do when everything was just mere lie?
  17. No, he didn’t deny hope without reason. Dangan Ronpa could continue for 53 seasons because viewers wanted story where hope always won. He won’t allow killing game(where their true feelings are ignored) to continue anymore!
  18. He willingly choose punishment, aka death, to stop this endless fight between hope and despair
  19. Fortunately(?) he survived, with two other people. But wait, so was everything just fiction? The only truth they can be sure is that they’re alive.
  20. They will live in order to find truth. After all, the memories during killing game was not fiction.

…anyone crying now? It’s okay. After all, crying is natural response to pain.

Petition to hug Shuutan and protect this precious cinnamon roll with extra cinnamon sprinkled aka our fav detective emo boy at all cost 2K17

The Brink of Insanity

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader, where the reader is on the receiving end of Cat Adams’ insanity rather than Spencer’s mother. (I decided his mother had passed away as he went to prison, shortly after, I guess.) @coveofmemories


“You’re Spencie’s lady friend?” the woman before you asked with a hint of superiority and confusion. Spencie? I’ll fucking kill you. “Why you?” You couldn’t answer, because she bound and gagged you. She came up to your side and grazed the side of your cheek and you glared at her with fire in your eyes. 

This was the woman who had mentally tortured him last year. After going after Garcia, Spencer had stepped up and gone on a “date” to lure in the final member of who they referred to as the Dirty Dozen. Spencer outsmarted her, as he always did, but apparently, she had been out for revenge ever since. When she’d escaped from prison after a maximum security prison malfunction. She wanted to hurt him and considering his mother had already been ripped away from him, the next person he cared about most in this world was you. 

When she ripped the gag from your mouth, you sputtered before hailing insults in her direction. “You psychotic bitch!” you screamed. “Couldn’t handle that Spencer outsmarted you? Had to find a way to get back at him?”

“With a mouth like that, it’s no wonder he likes you. That just proves he’d like me too. We’re a lot a like you and I.”

“Except that I fight for the innocent and your a psychotic whore,” you spat. That got her attention and she smacked you across the face before stepping backwards. 

A smile spread across your face as she stepped back. The only way of talking down an unsub like Cat Adams was to get on their level of crazy. She wanted Spencer to be ripped apart, like she had when he tricked her by luring her father in front of her face. That meant she wasn’t going to kill you, at least until Spencer was in view, and that meant you had a chance to survive this, but only if Spencer got his ass here soon. “Well, I assume that Spencer already knows our location and is on his way with the team.” You looked over to the phone noticing it was on and could undoubtedly be easily traced.

“What makes you say that? Would he risk his life for you?” she asked, a spark of jealously in her eyes.

Why did Spencer always get the crazy bitch unsubs that wanted to get in his pants? Goddammit. “In a heartbeat,” you answered, much to her dissatisfaction. “That’s why you brought me here instead of anyone else. You know I love him…are you jealous you don’t have anyone to care about you like Spencer cares about me?” Again, she reeled back and smacked you across the face. I hit a nerve. Good. “By the way, I was hit harder in elementary school.”

“Go ahead and smile,” she crooned. “Go ahead and laugh. You’re not leaving here alive today, and good ol’ Spencie is gonna watch as I do it. The love of his life, another one anyway, taken away before his eyes…so tragic.”

Spencer would die before he let anything happen to you - which is exactly what you were afraid of. He’d been your best friend for years and you assumed he’d developed feelings for you. After Maeve’s death, you’d gotten even closer than you already were - and you loved him too.

With a smile of her own, she left the room; you were surrounded by gray walls with your hands bound behind your back. Considering she hadn’t put the gag back in your mouth, you figured the walls were soundproof too.


She was sitting in the middle of another room from the one she’d left you in. The entire team would be coming for her. She knew it. But you were in another location, which meant that she wrote the rules. Twiddling a pen in between her fingers, she waited patiently, laughing to herself as she heard Spencie and his team file in through the door. “Where is she, Cat?” Spencer asked, his eyes ablaze in anger. “Tell me where Y/N is right now?” If anything happened to you, he’d never forgive himself for it. You’d been his shoulder to cry on through everything over the past six years.

“Ummm…” Cat said, hitting the pen off her chin. “No. I know where she is and you don’t, which means we play by my rules. Kill me and she’ll die alone.” She cocked her slightly to the side, smirking as she did so. Everything in his body wanted to shoot the smirk off her face.

Spencer bit his lip and lowered his gun, huffing as he pulled her up off the couch by her arm. “Take me to her. Now. Or I swear, I’ll put a bullet in your brain and take my chances finding her myself.”

“Oh, I love it when you talk sweet to me, Spencie,” she said. She could feel his skin crawl as she spoke her nickname for him. “You should do that more often. The whole kinky, anger thing really suits you.”

As she looked toward the rest of the team, guns still drawn and ready to take her out at a moment’s notice, she knew she had full control; they’d do whatever Spencer told them to do, because this was about the two of them. The poor boy genius who assumed he’d never find love again after his tragic Doctor Maeve Donovan was shot in the head, was head over heels in love with his best friend. It was so sickeningly sweet, she could actually vomit. She wanted them isolated - so he could watch her die, and she knew how to get exactly what she wanted. “Your team stays behind,” she said emphatically, motioning with her pen to lower their guns. “You come with me and I’ll show you where she is, but only if it’s just us, you leave your weapon here and no one follows us.”

“Spence, we can find her without her. We just need time,” JJ said, desperate not to lose him to Cat Adams after all he’d been through.

You might not have much more time. Knowing Cat, she’d set some psychotic trap up for you. “We don’t have time.” He handed the gun to JJ and then removed his vest, leaving it on the floor at his feet. “There. Now take me to her.”

This was almost too easy. “Let’s go, Spencie,” she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the door. Suddenly, she revealed a knife. “Any of you follow us, and I’ll slit his throat, so I’d stay back if I were you.” 

Once they were out in the fresh air, she took a deep breath and smiled, as if she’d just woken up from a great night of sleeping under the stars. “Now, that we’re alone, let’s go.” 

“Why her?” he asked.

“Well, frankly, you tricked me with my father, so I was going to do the same with your mother, but she got off lucky and kicked the bucket. Then I thought to myself, who could I take that would hurt him the most? Oh that’s right, his best friend, who he’s been not-so-secretly in love with for years,” she said, leading him through a thick expanse of trees that cut them off from the rest of the world. 

Spencer took a deep breath, fearing the worst. “How do I know she’s not already dead and you’re just isolating me to kill me yourself?”

“You don’t,” she said cheerily. “That’s the fun for me - and revenge, you can never forget revenge.” After a few more paces, she made her way up to a small cabin that couldn’t have been more than a few hundred square feet. “Now, here we are.”

Upon entering the room, Spencer and you locked eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said. 

“It’s not your fault, Spencer.” While she’d been away, you’d managed to loosen the ties on your hands. You could’ve gotten them completely off and left, but you had no idea where you were, and if she returned with Spencer or anyone else and you weren’t there, you had no idea what she would’ve done to them, so you’d stayed put. “I love you, you know that right?”

“Oh gag me,” she said, pulling out her knife again and gently prodding him with it. The tears in his eyes had formed a wall, blurring his vision. While he was distracted, Cat threw a punch to his jaw sending him reeling back into the wall. As she lunged toward you, you kicked your feet out, kicking her in the stomach and sending her back into the wall next to Spencer. “You’ll both watch each other die!” Quickly, she turned around and shoved the knife into his stomach.

Spencer screamed, grabbing his side and putting pressure on the wound as he tried to get to you, falling back as the pain seared through him. This time, when she came at you, you spun the chair around, hands still attached loosely with the ropes, and smacked her down to the floor. In her confusion, you slammed the wooden chair against the wall repeatedly, hoping you’d be able to break it and free your hands.

On the fourth try, the wood finally splintered at your back, freeing your arms. Now you were ready. When she came at you for the third time, you blocked her barrage of hits with your arms, waiting until she left her stomach open so you could punch her. She was put only slightly off balance and reeled back to punch you. In your tired and weakened state, you teetered back into the wall and hit your head, leaving yourself open to her assault. This was it. The knife was headed right toward you. 

Just as you thought you were going to die, something came around her neck and pulled her back. “You underestimated me,” he grunted, tightening his belt around her neck. She put her hands between the belt and her neck, desperately trying to release the restraints, but it wasn’t working, and Spencer was starting to lose his grip; he was bleeding pretty badly. 

“When I get out of this, I’m going to slit her throat,” she choked out. 

Spencer wouldn’t give her the chance. In his months in prison, he realized he would go to certain lengths to protect himself and keep his basic morals, but when it came to someone he loved, he’d go even farther; he’d deal with the consequences later.

With all the strength he could muster, he lifted Cat off the ground and swung her into the wall. A thud resounded throughout the small room as she hit the floor. “Y/N,” he cried, coming to your place at the wall. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you. I’m so sorry.”

You pulled his face toward you and took his mouth in a desperate kiss. “I love you too, but we have to get out of here.” Hesitantly, you kicked the knife she dropped out of her grasp and went to check her pulse. It was gone. “She’s dead.” 

For a second, he looked like he’d lost himself. “You did what you had to do,” you reassured him. “Now let’s go.” Grabbing his hand, you led him out of the small room and realized you were in the middle of a forest. Keeping your grip on his side to slow the bleeding, you made your way in the direction Spencer pointed. 

“You gotta leave me here,” he said, clutching at his side. “I can’t go much further.”

He’d risked his life to save yours - and you loved him. There was no way. “I will not leave you here, Spencer,” you said. “Not an option.” He nearly collapsed for a second time, the searing pain almost too much to bear, when you saw lights out in the distance. A few more paces, and you saw the outline of JJ’s and Emily’s faces. “We’re here!” you screamed. “Spencer’s hurt! We need a medic!”

As they ran up to you, Luke and Stephen picked Spencer up and ran him out of the forest toward the ambulance. “What happened to Cat?” Emily asked.

“She’s dead,” you said limply. “I’d gotten my ties loosened, but not enough. She hit him and he hit the wall, then she came at me and I kicked her in the stomach and back toward the wall. Then she turned around and stabbed Spencer before coming after me again. Eventually, she got the upper hand on me and I thought I was going to die. Spencer took off his belt and put it around her neck. He threw her back at one point into the wall. I checked her pulse, but she’s dead.” Your thoughts drifted to Spencer’s sanity and just how close he was to losing it completely. “I just hope Spencer can come back from this.”

Although tired, you were in much better place than Spencer. JJ and Emily put their arms under yours to help you out, guns still drawn and ready to go. “With you by his side,” Emily said, calming you by smoothing down your hair, “I’m sure he’ll make it through.”

vixensheart  asked:

I request "So are you guys dating, or?" for BbRae! XD

YOU GOT IT. I’m kind of hyped about YJ S3, and I’m looking forward to some more BB character development, so, I’ve had this idea in my head for a while! A potential ‘what if’ situation. :) I hope it’s okay! For obvious reasons, he’s aged up here. 

“You came,” she breathed, her expression more of relief than anything else.

It was the first time in a long time that he’d seen her act not so indifferent; she was genuine in her pleasure with seeing him again. It gave him hope, made him feel a glimmer of that exhilirating anticipation, that he was something more to her. Especially when she looked at him like that

Beast Boy morphed back into his human shape and dusted off his uniform. Sparing her a small smile, and spending a few moments to appreciate her uncanny beauty, he finally found his voice. “And you’re not actually evil.”

Smooth. Real smooth.

It was a miracle neither Bart or Jaime had been there to hear that one. 

Suddenly, her eyes were like purple steel. She crossed the room towards him, closing the distance in a few strides, and her hands came up to clutch at his shoulders. He tried to ignore the way his heart pounded in his chest at her unexpected nearness. “Gar, you can’t be here. You have to go. Now.” 

The seriousness in her tone had returned, but the way her brows furrowed, and her bottom lip jutted out, told him that she was just worried about his well-being. 

He shook his head in protest. “I can’t just leave you here, Rae. Not when I know the truth. Come on, we have to go tell the others what’s really going on.” He grabbed hold of her hand firmly, not waiting for her consent, and tugged her after him.

Raven broke free of his grasp immediately after giving him quite a bit of resistance. “No! I can’t!” She cried out.

He stilled, watching her back away reluctantly, like it was the last thing she wanted to do. “Beast Boy, I can’t go with you.” Her voice softened, and she averted her gaze to the ground.

“Why not?” Even to his own ears, he sounded desperate.

[the rest is under the cut!]

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Avenging Angel: Part 18

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1625

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16 – Part 17

He knew.

You didn’t know how you’d been so blind the last few months, but Braxton knew who you really were. He probably had since that first night in the club. It was appalling that it had taken you this long to put all of the little things together and figure it out.

The way he seemed insistent on getting your name at the club hadn’t just been because he was attracted to you. It was because he wanted to make a connection and make you trust him.

The way he seemed to care about your father’s recovery wasn’t just out of concern for you. It was because you and your father were the only two people who could possibly know whatever it was the Convingtons needed. And if you didn’t know, then he had to make sure that your father was alive so he could tell them.

And when he asked you to move in, it wasn’t just because he wanted to take your relationship to the next level. It was because the more time he spent around you, the more likely you were to spill your secrets.

How could you have been so blind?

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I don’t defend Mon-El, I only defend the fans who get harshly attacked when they have done nothing to provoke, and only run a few innocent reblogging-blogs. 

But tonights episode just proved how that guy just has to go. The invasion is happening because he selfishly decided to stay on Earth instead of being a good prince to his people. Then he has the audacity to leave Kara on a ship, to die, as she attempts to clean up his mess? He didn’t even try to stay, or tell Kara that this was his fight, not hers. He didn’t even try to act like the hero he so boldly claims to be when he has done nothing to earn such title. 

He may ‘love’ Kara, but he sure as hell loves himself a lot more. I don’t think that relationship should continue existing, because little girls watch this show as well, and I’m tired of worrying about how they’re all going to think that it’s okay when a guy treats them as less because it’s what they saw in Supergirl. 

He did the same thing he did when his planet was being destroyed. He ran, and he hid, instead of stepping up. This just comes to show that he is exactly the same guy he was back in Daxam. 

mistystarshine  asked:

I agree with your post on Akira, but since tumblr won't let me quote entire paragraphs for an ask, I'll just say, "Akira isn’t somehow immune to the world bearing down on the rest of her, she can’t abstain from the conflict to take a personal self help journey." <--- THIS. I'm hoping that Ishida knows this and, when she next appears on screen, will address it. 'Not taking a side' just isn't going to be an option for long. I love Akira's character, but she and Amon need to stop living in denial.

That’s my same stance too. I don’t really have a good word for this so I’m going to make one up, there’s this kind of assumed “human privilege” that some humans are innocent and get to choose whether to abstain from the fight or not.

It’s something we see Touka halfway acknowledge, but then not make the full connection when speaking of her and Akira’s fathers. That Mado had a choice, he could have simply chose not to fight against ghouls. She compares this to her own father, but that’s always struck me as off. Arata perhaps could have chosen not to work so hard to grow a kakuja, to defend himself so viciously against CCG officers, but even if he had chosen that he and his children still would have been hunted by the CCG and lived under that pressure their entire lives. 

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Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 16: Comet Fall

[Author’s Note: On the occasion of my birthday, the 23rd, I want to extend my gratitude to all my readers for your amazing support and feedback for my work – I am thrilled and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift than to be experiencing this! Consider this chapter my ‘reverse’ birthday gift to all of you – there is more to come…]

“He can’t be Firaan,” Ryder protested. “It doesn’t make sense!”

“How does it not make sense?” Evfra demanded hotly.

“Why don’t we ask him?” Jaal asked. They fell silent, looking down at Tajix, his shallow, ragged breath the only sound. It was labored, but steady.

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Not A Hero

So by now I’m pretty sure we all know about the DLC Not a hero that supposedly has Lucas in it. I have a theory that Lucas will be cured and saved from the infection for many reasons.
1: He had some connection with either Umbrella Co. Or some other corporation.
2: His notes found in the underground lab proved he understood what was going on. I’m not saying he’s a murderer or he’s innocent. One of his notes said “Thanks to you guys my head is clearer.” or something in that area. Now other speculations claimed he was infected, but not under Eveline’s control. I think that is true. The “head being clear” part, I brought up to mention that I believe he is fighting Eveline’s infection, but without the help of his coworkers, he snapped and killed Clancy and Hoffman. +Attempted to kill Ethan. We have seen Lucas being dragged away in the Daughters DLC the supposedly being infected with Eveline’s gift. I think he was working for the corporation at the time. His notes tend to go back into the past a bit. So I think he’s not doing the things he does on purpose, I think its because the lack of his Coworkers help.
3: Look at the DLC’s title: “Not A Hero”. Could that being a hint, pointing at Lucas and how he had committed murder? And possibly he does become good, and maybe does something heroic and doesn’t take himself as a hero. “Not A Hero”. Just look at it.

I hope this made sense. I like to over think things so I come up with shot theory’s like this. Plus, me and a number of people don’t want Lucas to die. This is just a little something to give your hope a boost for Lucas and not worry about if he dies or not :)

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

i-am-a-lost-girl16 said:Hi Love! I am a huge fan of your writing both on here and your Quotev account! I’m new to Tumblr and I was hoping to make a request! I went through your master list and I didn’t see that anyone had already requested this one but if it has been requested please let me know and I apologize in advance! I was wondering if you could do Being the preachers daughter and dating Dallas Winston would include…?

A/N: Heya, lovely! Thank you very much, I’m glad that you enjoy my writing on here and on Quotev! :) I’m really pleased that you requested this one, sweetie! I’ve finally freaking written it and I hope that you enjoy it! Sorry for the massive wait! I hope that you enjoy this, nevertheless, and thank you for your request! - Admin Kat 💟

Being the Preacher’s Daughter and Dating Dallas Winston Would Include:

- Your dad definitely disapproving of the relationship.

- Like forreal, your dad would be prepared with a freaking shotgun!

- No joke, shot gun EVERYWHERE!

- Dallas purposely pissing off your father.

- “Hey Mr. (Y/L/N), that was quite a… uh… great service you made there, but I’d like to thank you and your wife for the pair of your’s indecent act that brought your daughter into this-” Dallas would attempt state.

- “Get out of here! You and your foul mouth…” your father would holler.

- “Who’s gonna make me?” he would challenge.

- “I’ll call the police! You ought to be more respectful in a place such as this and to others!

- “Go right on ahead! Like I give a shit how I talk to other’s.

- Sneaking out all of the time.

- “Sh…. Dallas! I shouldn’t even be here.” you’d hiss at him whilst clutching his arm.

- “What? Does your dad have super powers or some shit? You’re on the other side of town, for crying out loud!

- ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ by Elvis Presley describing your relationship.

- Your dad constantly trying to stop you from seeing Dally.

- “He’s nothing but a no good hoodlum, sweetie! He’s just a bad influence that you don’t need in your life!” your dad would argue. “He’s been in jail multiple times, and the first time I tried helping him he used some pretty indecent language, - language that even your friend Sodapop Curtis wouldn’t use!

- “And I don’t care about that at all, dad! He makes me happy! Besides, not everyone’s life is cut out to be like ours!

- Dallas constantly teasing you.

- Like forreal, he teases you to the ends of the earth.

- “Sup, goodie-twoshoes?

- “You think your dad would allow you to do that, doll face?

- “Quit worryin’! You’re getting grey hairs.

- “Nice skirt, can I see what’s underneath it, tuts?

- Literally, the damn cops being called every two seconds!

- Dallas sneaking in through your bedroom window.

- “Dallas! What are you doing here?

- “What? The front and back doors were locked, doll.”

- “That’s because my dad doesn’t want wise crackin’ hoods like you to get in here.

- “Well that’s too bad, I already found another way in.” he’d wink.

- Probably becoming a rebel.

- You and Dallas never really always seeing eye to eye all of the time, which results in many arguments.

- “You and your family are nothin’ but a bunch of prissy prudes, anyway! Go on, get outta here! I don’t need your damn enlightenment or charity.

- “We never gave you damn enlightenment or charity, you idiot! All I did was try to help you because I care! My dad was right about you! You aren’t nothin’ but a no good hood!

- “And? Better to me honest about who I am! Is that the best you’ve got?

- Dallas trying to make it up to you.

- “C’mon, baby! You know I didn’t mean it!

- “Really? You sure about that?

- “Well I mean I guess so!

- “Go to hell, Winston!

- Probably being sent off to a distant relatives because the whole issue has gotten too out of hand.

- “You stay the hell away from my daughter, you!

- “How about you make me? I also didn’t know you were allowed to swear like that, Mr (Y/L/N).

- “Shut your smart Alec mouth!

- “Why? Who’s gonna make me? You? I’d like to see you try.

- Dallas teaching you how to be bad, how to have fun and how to be wild!

- “You shut your mouth or I swear to God that I’ll make you!

- “Say that again, I didn’t quite here you.” but he definitely heard your dad.

- “Talk to her or touch her again and I’ll be goin’ to jail for battery and assault!

- Dallas taking you to beer blasts.

- Make out sessions in the T-Bird.

- “Wait!

- “What now?

- “I don’t know if-

- “What? You think I’ll hurt you?

- Since it’s probable that you’ll be sent away, you would always be on his mind, and even the gang would be able to tell.

- Dallas teaching you how to lie.

- Your dad crashing your dates.

- “We’re going home!”

- “No, you are! What on earth do you think you’re doing, dad?

- “Saving you from making a mistake!

- “The only mistake made here is you coming here to change my mind!

- “Your dad’s nuts!

- “You’re nuts!

- “Shut up!

- “Make me!

- Dallas teaching you how to talk and act dirty.

- Dallas teaching you how to fight and stand up for yourself.

- Dallas constantly making you a blushing mess.

- Dallas always telling you dirty jokes.

- You surprising Dally by not always proving to be as innocent as he thought you were.

- “Well, who knew the preachers daughter had a sexually explicit mind.” he’d state deriding-ly.

- “She’s about to have violent one’s if you carry on.

“Is that a threat of a promise? People go to jail for that, you know.”

- “Yeah, and?

- “Help! Help! Officer!” he’d yell and laugh when you smack his chest, only for you to get heavily embarrassed.

- “Shut up you idiot!

- “Who you callin’ an idiot?

- “You.

- Dallas always being extra flirty.

- Your family trying to set you up with good boys.

- “He’s a prude…” you’d mutter idly.

- “Watch your mouth, young missy! He is a kind, smart and handsome boy! He’s far better than that bum you hang around with!” your mum would yell with every drip of acerbic and vile venom that she possibly could put into that sentence.

- Dallas picking you up from school.

- “Dal? What’re you doin’ here?” you’d exclaim in astonishment.

- “Picking up my girl from school. What does it look like? I ain’t turnin’ myself in, that’s for sure.

- Having a good girl - bad boy relationship.

- Never being able to change Dallas Winston: He’s stuck in his ways, so either you take it whole or you leave it all.

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Sasuke and Sasukarin part 5

Team 7.

After she says that, again show casing why Sakura was one of the people in his mangekyo flashback. When she says that his face goes from grgrgrg to a bit softer and he asks her to prove her loyalty. But Sakura atm sees a guy the sasuke she knows would hate, and feel disgusted by. A guy willing to kill an innocent woman ‘but isn’t she your comrade?’, which she is thinking about when she first sees her. Either the people of Konoha will get hurt, Kakashi will be forced to fight his student, a world war would have started in his name or Naruto who she feels like she massively burdened after Sais guilt trip risks death by Akatsuki and or fighting his best friend. She knows full well she could have died, she know full well if she were to kill him she would be haunted by it forever, but at this point, I hate to use this analogy but she has 0 information about the curse of hatred nor the truth so it is like putting a rabid dog down to ends it’s suffering and misery. It sucks but, Kakashi was doing it too, because it is a complex situation.

If she were to be an awful fuck and kill Karin, he would have trusted her but he picks up on that bullshit very fast.

He waits. she is shaking and wearing a konoha headband, attempted an attack on him before, and obviously can’t do it. He calls bullshit.

A nice, sadly inconsistent moment with Karin. She actually does not want Sasuke to kill his innocent  team mate. Not to romanticize bc ew, but in the first attack of The Day ™

Sasuke chose not to frontally attack her. She is here to kill him and he knows it but deep down (like,,really deep down) this fuck still cares about team 7. This scene is fucked man, but it is not abusive in the context of the series at all.

Kakashi shows up, and seeing how sasuke attacked one of the most important people to him states ‘How low you’ve fallen, Sasuke!’

Sasuke then proceeds to do the most ™ to show us how far the curse of hatred took him down. After those mangekyo spams,and all that trauma homeboy went insane.

Pains Kakashi but he has to try take him down, even though he is his favorite student, knowing also, he might die. Team 7 is full of selfless people.

Sweet moment between those 2 girls, I hoped the whole series were like this.

He is fighting to the death with kakashi, sakura is like kakashi aint deserve that I need to take care of sasuke myself. The panels show a progression of all the physical and emotional trouble Sasuke is casuing and then with her dagger to his back she sees a glimmer of the real sasuke, the boy who offered his food, the boy who said thank you and that one tiny fleeting moment of hope gave her too much feelings and she could not get herself to kill someone she loved. BUUUUT shit damage is already done

Self defense, not abuse in this ninja context

Naruto shows up last minute like excuseme


Say what you will but the look on his face when she was yanked out of his grip was that of a man who knew he had Fucked Up Big Time ™

It’s a full house of emotions on sasukes side now that the gangs all here, and kakashi is having none of your shit, now that’s how it’s done.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

Courage does not mean being loud, It means standing up for what your morals uphold you to when the time comes. 10 points for Gryffindor.

Naruto goes in to fight sasuke despite sakura and kakashis protest to confirm his curse of hatred, when he does he realizes that possibly the only way out might be for both of them to die. Not that he wants that, he repeats many times he does not want death for either of them. I’ll call out naruto for saying ‘I am not worth being hokage if I cant save a friend’ and ‘I was just like you, all alone, one wrong move and I could have been like you.’ But, ‘I don’t want that to happen to my friend, so I want to understand your point of view and help you’ At least, even though he came off morally insensitive to the massacre issue, he wanted to understand his friend. Don’t come for Sakura, she had 0 clue and her experience with loneliness is no where near sasuke and narutos. That does not mean she is not understand-ing, or does not get it, but the thing is a person who went through your same feelings gets it more..that is their brotherhood.

You : Karin NEVER gave up on sasuke, unlike sakura who tried to kill him

Thanks to Ninja Jesus’s talk no jutsu, sakuras hope turns into a dream she trusts both naruto and sasuke enough to achieve

At this point she realizes she cannot go physically down with him, and talk no jutsus don’t work. She trusts narutos strength and care for his friend, and she trusts sasuke who is deep in there somewhere.

Worth noting that despite the complex situation, and even with sakura not aware of his genetic curse all of them still consider him a victim of his situation. The right way to look at it, he is not being a good person right now, but what resulted into this happening is his tragedy. They never erased his victim status but acknowledged his mistakes.

They take Karin to Konoha with them and wow look at would have been if she chose to go to Konoha instead of being a warden for innocent captives

(smiling at the complete opposite of sasuke? Blasphemy? No, what should have been character development for her)

Oh wow look friendly sakukarin, a guilty SELFISH!!11!! sakura, but a light warm mood in the air. What could have been..

You : Kishimoto is so bad at planning..sasusaku was an asspull


Karin senses the chakra incarnate within Naruto, Naruto gives a hint to us and kiba as to why he could not just kill sasuke, and why he is the only one who should fight him. only Ashura and Indras chakra incarnates can end the cycle of hatred mentioned by Pain, Obito and later the sage of sixth paths. Naruto wants to grab that hate by the balls. Good lad.

Kishimoto in volume 1

Kishimoto in volume 70

Sasuke is blushing because he is embarrassed! No, this is not the first time a girl showed interest in him. 

Kakashi does not know! Kakashi is stated to be smarter than Shikamaru, not to say he is, but the guy is a genius in his own right. Sit. The biggest asspull in Naruto was Kakashis perfect susano And Kaguya and black zetsu to a degree. Kishimoto hyped madara for 7 real life years. He knows planning. 

I need an AU were Rebel!Kallus is getting around fine but there are obviously people who are bitter about an ex-Imperial being in their ranks. So some of them hatch a plan to frame Kallus for treason, and hatch a way for the rebellion to lose trust in him. Whatever they do works, he is framed and most people take the bait. Around this time, Saw was also having doubt about Kallus and with a clever plan schemed against him, Saw and his people go after him.

And well, it’s either fight or flight. However, not everyone is against him. Amongst the people who are on his side are Hera, Ezra and Mon Mothma but Kallus urges them not to speak up for him. As Kallus is about to make a break for it, he’s is injured by some of the rebels but escapes with the help of those who believe him (the three I mentioned before lol).

However, Kallus isn’t trying to run away to go and hide. Kallus ponders on proving his innocence, but he decides against it, for no one will believe him. However, he decides to aid the rebellion in anyway he can. Working from the shadows an stopping the Imperials any way he can.

His innocence is eventually proven, but no one can find him, nor knows where he is, except Ezra, Hera and Mothma.

But this isn’t the worst part. He and Zeb were together before all of this, but Zeb also felt betrayed. And along with Saw and his comrades, Zeb was also one of the ones to attack and injure him, in fact it was Zeb’s injury that almost left him for dead.

So of course Zeb is the first person to go and search for him, but Kallus doesn’t want to be found. Not because he’s angry at Zeb (he sends Zeb a transmission or something to let him know he’s okay and that he isn’t mad at him), but because Kallus learns he can be more gruesome and ruthless in his fight against the Empire without the rebels breathing down his back.

But of course Zeb still searches for him, despite that, and there is eventually an order to bring Kallus back by force if it must happen. So it’s literally a cat and mouse game between Kallus and Zeb after a while, idk if he finds him.

Deep Trouble Second Issue


This second issue gives us a glance at Moon’s and River’s Relationship, wich only shows us that River was the one who liked Moon, and that she wasn’t interested in him,  it’s amazing how this relationship ended years later, and how it started.

First, we can see that River had his attraction to danger was since he was younger, and he tried to impress Moon with it, but as we saw in the comic, it didn’t worked so good.

I’m skipping all of Marco and Star witnessing it (as we know they’re trying to prove Ponyhead’s innocence at a tribunal), what it’s important is to show how Queen and King of Mewni relationship began. It’s shocking to see River crying after he fails fighting this monster and Dirt, saves him (you need to read the comic, seriously, or you will not understand parts of the post )

Even tough he tries harder to impress Moon, he still can’t be able to like to her, she seems to be amazed with Dirt, everytime that is shown how he fails, it looks like he ended in tears, but that doesnt stops him to still trying to like her.

After he fights a pig goat, I thought that Toffee was Dirt, at a moment it seemed logic to me, the look in his eyes remembered me Toffee’s look, the serious and cold expression, made me thought of him, but, it wasn’t him at the end. 

Now we know that Moon did read the spellbook by his own interest, not forced by Glossaryck, it fits in Moon’s responsible attitude torwards Star, she did learn spells by herself, and maybe because she was advanced she was able to dip down at her nineteen years, and who knows, maybe that was why she was so surprised when she realized Star could dip down at her fourteen years.

Although River’s attempts to impress her, it looked like Dirt, was simply perfect, a guy who was better than River, in fighting monsters, fishing, etc. As it was shown in several moments in the comic, but he finally showed Moon his value.

Seriously, if you ignored my warn, you may regret it, or may not, so please if you hadn’t read the second issue, STOP, go and read it SPOILERS AHEAD

Finally River shows that he is worthy for her, by punching Dirt and defeating him, showing Moon that Dirt wasn’t a perfect or a good guy at all. But even with that River still has and awkard moment with Moon. But who cares, we won.

The next frame made me thought of a possible pattern in this story, wich made me only theorize about a possible Paralelism in Star and Moon’s life.

  • Future Queens of Mewni with long hair and symbols on their cheeks, who have knowledge about fighting and also, who are related to each other.
  • Two guys with red clothing and who have a relation with those queens, they don’t use magic, and they seemed to be similar in their physical appearance.

Perhaps there’s a pattern, but it isn’t always the same, it has some variations on it, all this is only a theorie based on a simple observation, so take it like that.

In my opinion: We have more to add to the Butterfly Johansen family story, does this trip of Marco and Star will have any consecuences in the future timeline? Possibly, or maybe it’s just a paradox and Star was the reason of her parents got together,hopefully we’ll see more of how this relationship was developed. I loved this second issue, and I can’t wait to see next one.

Akatsuki: Jealous Boyfriend

(only Shisui, Itachi, Sasori, Deidara and Hidan)


  • Shisui would be really cute in these situations.
  • If he was jealous that you were spending too much time with someone else, he’d pull you away and tell you that you’ve been neglecting him and would pout cutely at you. He’d be somewhat more clingy, hanging around you all the time until you give him the attention he wants.
  • “But (Y/N)…” He’d whine while tugging at your sleeve. “We need to cuddle…”


  • Itachi would know that he’s jealous of this new guy friend that, to him, seems to be spending way too much time with you for comfort. However, he would not admit it to you at all.
  • Firstly, he’d make sure to spy on this new guy that you’re talking to so often, and compare himself to him. Then, he’d focus on improving himself and learning new things to try and impress you, so that he’ll be the only man in your eyes.
  • “Since (Y/N) likes domesticated men, I’m going to bake some cupcakes for her.” *accidentally blows up the kitchen*


  • Sasori would feel really threatened and jealous.
  • He’d tackle it in a different way, which would make it rather hard for the both of you at first. He would decide to give you the cold shoulder, ignoring you, as if he was “playing hard to get”. When you wouldn’t understand why he was treating you this way, he’d get angry and rant out to you over why he’s so frustrated.
  • It’d take a lot of reassuring before he’d finally feel secure again. You would learn that you have to be more careful with Sasori’s feelings, but this would make the trust in the bond between you both stronger.


  • Let’s be honest, Deidara would just be so open and vocal about him being jealous. He’d tell you straight out what he was feeling and why, which would only make you burst out in giggles because it would be so adorable.
  • “No, (Y/N), you can’t laugh! It isn’t funny!” “But you’re being so honest that you’re jealous!” “Of course I am, how do you think I feel when I see other guys looking at my precious girl all the time? You’re mine, of course I feel jealous!”


  • Hidan strikes as an extremely possessive person, meaning that if any guy were to even go near you, he’d see him as a threat and would probably attempt to inflict violence on the guy.
  • You would probably have to break off a lot of fights since Hidan would be picking on any guy that talked to you, and you’d lecture Hidan that he’ll be the only one for you no matter what so he shouldn’t be so possessive. He would try his best to listen to you, but he would occasionally want to prove to others that you’re his and only his.
  • “Not again, Hidan. You can’t just offer every man that talks to me as a sacrifice to Jashin, they’re innocent!” “But they were talking to you!” “So what?” “You belong to me!”

Never Too Late

Summary: Bucky’s POV. The reader lives with the Avengers after they rescue her from HYDRA, having been put through almost the same torture as Bucky, but has trouble adjusting to her new life. Based off of the song “Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,436 (lyrics not included)

Warnings: mentions of suicidal thoughts, a kind-of suicide attempt, depression, angst. No actual death though.

A/N: guys I’m telling you right now, if you have a trigger problem with suicide, DO NOT READ. Don’t put yourself through that just to read this. I can’t even tell you to skip to a certain part of the story because it takes up basically the whole story. I chose to write this because Three Days Grace is one of my favorite bands and as someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I was personally helped by this song and it’s one of my favorite songs ever. Writing this fic meant a lot to me.

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This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don’t belong
Who would have guessed it
I will not leave alone
Everything that I own
To make you feel like it’s not too late
It’s never too late

Tony reserves Friday nights for movie nights. I usually like to keep to myself, but Steve insists seeing movies is a good way for us to catch up on everything we’ve missed since the forties. Honestly, I believe Tony just likes to parade his wealth and constantly remind the team that we live under his roof, but I’ve been trying to be a good sport and play along. Not just to please Steve, but for Y/N’s sake.

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Finn's subversive decency

Choosing to be kind is not choosing to be passive. It’s choosing to end the cycle of abuse… . It’s a courageous act in itself.

-Melissa Grey on Cinderella

It’s amazing to me how some parts of the Star Wars fandom have no sense of nuance when it comes to Finn’s character, seeing him as either a naive child who can hardly function in the real world or a ruthless killer who showed no regrets or conflicts whatsoever about killing his former comrades.

Both extremes are fairly dehumanizing and distorted portrayals of the actual character, because the core of Finn’s character is that he is innocent when he has no business being so. He’s a character whose innocence and purity are not oblivious naïvete but qualities he had to fight to keep and attain. His morality is not based on an ignorance of life’s harsh realities, but rather on an intimate knowledge of brutality and the will to break free of it.

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