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She’s portrayed as a clown, but I always found Mrs Bennet from Pride and Prejudice rather sympathetic.

Look at her situation: Five daughters, no sons, (relatively) little money and as soon as her husband kicks the bucket they’ll all be homeless, poor and powerless. 

She over does it, of course. But, by Regency England standards, she is not wrong for wanting to find them suitable husbands. She’s being very pragmatic, in fact.

That and her marriage is pretty damn flawed. Her husband fell out of love with her years ago and isn’t always nice to her. 

I also love when Austen points out that partly why things are so desperate is because Mr Bennet has been rather reckless with money. This isn’t entirely her fault. 


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I’m bisexual and confused. Not about being bisexual. I just never know what the fuck is going on.
—  Alexander Hamilton