will elizabeth

This is the group that met at the White House today to discuss cutting coverage for mammograms, birth control, maternity care, and abortions. Notice anyone missing? As Elizabeth Warren says, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.”

  • Lizzie: I bet you’d look great grasping at the sheets on my bed
  • Darcy: Dear, I’m not making your bed for you

LADY ASHFORD: Then let me be clear that I have understood. Your charge - your mulatto charge… LADY MANSFIELD: (fiercely protective) That is enough! DIDO sits staring at the floor. OLIVER cuts in, aggrieved. OLIVER: (to Lady Mansfield) Is it not true enough, your ladyship? LADY ASHFORD: whose unfortunate circumstances of birth, we chose to forgive - has decided she no longer wishes the match with my son - a gentleman and an officer. OLIVER stares across at DIDO. He speaks quietly. OLIVER: Why, Miss Lindsay? DIDO is silent. LADY ASHFORD: (poignant and pained) Do you feel I have any lesser need to ensure my child’s wellbeing and future than you?…(beat)…Does she still have a tongue?
― Excerpt taken from script