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Superhero Sana AU

Alternate s4: Sana’s magic hijab wasn’t just a joke, no it is real and Sana uses it to fight crime. Chris is the only one of the girls who know and is her sidekick in her secret layer. The season is about her trying to hide her secret and juggling her normal life at the same time.Sana as a superhero “She doesn’t just fight crime, she fights prejudice”

  • The magic hijab is a prized family heirloom in Mama Bakkoush’s family and it has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. It is the first thing that she packs when she left Morocco for Norway and she is always aware of where it is. The hijab has special powers which helps the wearer do things. It is difficult to explain, but when you put it on it fills you with unlimited power. The woman in Mama Bakkoush’s family are explained what sorts of powers come with the hijab and what sort of responsibilities.
  • Each woman has a right to self decide what to use the hijab too. Mama Bakkoush never became very glad in it and when she was young she used it mainly to make her mother’s life a little easier and trying to help the women in her neighborhood she knew where struggling. When she comes to Norway she uses it to remember home. She can put it on and suddenly the air outside is hot and she can see her old apartment and can hear the noise from the street outside her old window.
  • When Sana is born Mama Bakkoush is grateful, she has had two boys (that she loves very much) who can’t inherit the hijab, but Sana is a gift from Allah. Mama Bakkoush can tell from just looking at her that she will be more then worthy for the hijab and will put it to good use.
  • When Sana told Mama Bakkoush she wanted to use the hijab to fight crime, Papa Bakkoush almost had a heart attack. His little girl fighting crime! Mama Bakkoush understood Papa Bakkoush’s concerns, but she had herself worn the hijab and knew what responsibilities followed and that it had a calling that Sana couldn’t say no too.
    • “We shouldn’t have let you watch so many superhero shows when you were smaller” her dad jokes about it later
  • The only girl squad member who knows is Chris. Sana told her because she trusts her as her first friend from Nissen. 

“I want to help”
“What?” Sana had just told Chris her biggest secret.
“I want to help take down bad guys” Chris had a dreamy look in her eyes, like she imagined Sana as Wonder Woman.
“No, you can’t,” Sana answered.
“Listen,” Chris stood up, “if you are going to fight crime and take care of this city someone has to take care of you”

  • Chris B task is basically staying in at Sana’s secret layer (think bat cave. Only cooler. WITH A BASKET HOOP) and listening to the police radio telling Sana where there is crime that she can stop.
    • Elias was the now who originally had Chris’s job, but he couldn’t keep it because he was to protective of Sana and only sent her to small crimes that she could handle easily. 

“Stop, this is the fourth cat in a three case you have sent me to this month!” 

“What? Cats need protection too”

“It was a armed robbery at the bank I could have stopped!”

  • Elias still hangs out in the layer and keeps Chris company and talks to Sana. 
  • Having a dad which is a surgeon is also good when you are a superhero, so if Sana gets any injuries he stitches her back up. 

One of my fav gifs.. ugh! The way Even is smiling, the way Isak is looking at him, I will never stop saying how much their talent impresses me.

Has someone made a collection of Even/Isak saying “Halla” ? Please, send/forward it to me? Please and Tussen, Tussen takk


august: im really sorry about breaking your computer

elias: don’t worry about it its pretty old! it breaks all the time, especially when callen’s using it

august: :)

elias: dyou wanna take a bath? you seem tired

august: kasey’s in the bath

elias: we have two baths? you can use our bathroom whenever you want yknow the kids do

Yousef and Noora didn’t kiss or at least not the way we saw it happen.. so we see everything from Sana’s pov so the whole thing was like 3 seconds but Sana saw it in slow motion 😂
Also we know that yousef was in the bakkoush house at least one other time this week (when they filmed the video).. so what if when yousef sees Sana he is waiting for her to look at him with heart eyes like always but she obviously doesn’t so he is worried, now he tries texting her ( his phone in the video) and when she doesn’t answer he knows something is wrong .. and when he is trying to catch her eyes in the clip he can’t stop himself even though her parents are right there.. so the next time we see yousef he is not going to just try to make her look at him he is gonna stop her and he is gonna talk to her .


“You ARE a nice person”
I hate that Sana is feeling so.

Especially when tomorrow is Ramadan. I can imagine how important it must be for her. Ramadan Kareem to all btw.. may all your prayers come too. But I love Iman just giving knock out perfomances clip after clip. Wow. Ramadan kareem to you, Iman @imanmeskini

Ps: I don’t judge her (sana) if she reveals the pic. Sometimes, u gotta do it to serve the ignorants. But I won’t think she will. I don’t think she will use Noora’s password either.

rhaellas  asked:

opinions on rhaella, elia, and lyanna

fuck sydney you’re gonna make me cry 

rhaella: deserved better!!!!!! poor rhaella :( i. want. to. know. more. about. her. also get her tf away from aerys idgaf is together they made dany NO ONE DESERVES WHAT AERYS PUT RHAELLA THROUGH like stoP. let her fall in love with joanna and have them both ditch their shitty husbands and run away together <3 (i still love joanna with tywin a lot tho, so w/e)

elia: elia fucking martell, light of my life. ALSO DESERVED BETTER. mad @ jaime for being a huge dick and not thinking elia and her children would be in danger after he killed aerys smh, which i have corrected here (shameless self promo). ANYWAY wow i looove elia. she was so good and kind and STRONG AF and needs to get away from fuckboy rhaegar bc he doesn’t deserve her (no one does, elia is perfect)

lyanna: lyanna sweetie, i’m so sorry for what shitty men have done to you!! lyanna is a badass and i have mad love and respect for her!! she also needs to get the fuck away from rhaegar (i don’t care if their “love” was consensual or not… he abandoned elia and his children for u bc of a shitty prophecy that probably wasn’t even about him, u can do better sweetie) i wish she were alive!! can u imagine her relationship with arya? let me just…. lay down and cry for a bit

your opinion on…

ok I know yousef isn’t a muslim but it’d be so cool for the other guys to do a ramadan vlog for hei briskeby show suhoor show the prayers show the preparation for iftar show them chilling together after taraweeh going to get milkshakes or dessert and elias deciding to take some treats home for his parents and siblings