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For this I have not prepared a title …help me!!
The idea, however, was as a less Marvel Loki, less comic-ish, less “green and gold armor and let’s go with the Tesseract”. In my head it stirred the image of a Loki more Viking, and less Marvel.
I do not know what came out, frankly, … I wanted to try the armor scales, my usual Celtic-Viking embroidery, and my inevitable Loki Green .
In the end what amazed me was the drapery of the sleeves, which is absolutely unexpected. And maybe unwanted because at first the focus should have been the armour…

Except that, in the end, resulted all pretty flat, Tom’s photo was in short sleeves, and I was not impressed. In the end a couple of photos of drapery have done their job, and it’s not been the nightmare I expected.
I’ve always been a duffer with draperies ..

The brightest part at left shoulder in that pic, is not about my pencil skills, but of the reflection of light upon graphite layers … it’s very metallic, so that’s great!

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*deeply inhales* OMG I love your art so much, I'm just in love with it. I'm not very new here, but I don't know why I'm waiting so long to show how much I like your art. I kinda want to draw on the computer and stuff, but I have no idea what art tools I should get? What program should I use to draw? Which tablet do I choose? Are you gonna do more Undertale art dumps? How does one draw characters like you do? Sorry if this is a lot of questions, but I'm just so ... (/◕ヮ◕)/ happy

I definitely recommend saving up for a drawing tablet, I use a Wacom tablet, the one I’m using is a bit expensive but I’m sure any of their tablets are good, they have a few different names. 

As for drawing programs, I use photoshop, it’s also a bit costly but if you can spare the money it can really be a nice software to use. There’s also a free one called Gimp but I don’t use it so I don’t know how good it is.

drawing characters? I used the sprites and some of my favourite fan arts for reference so I could develop my own look for them and then proceed to draw them a million times. As you can see, style can change quite a bit.

first ever drawing of Sans and Frisk I did last February 

to a more recent one. Yeah it’s changed a lot XD


Sasusaku fan art is more beautiful, detailed and perfect than the original art. Like it shows how devoted their fans are. They make the couple shine more than SP does.

This art does not belong to me, it’s a drawing from one of sasusaku doujinshi. You can find more information about it from here:サスサクアンソロ愛協奏曲‏ @sasusaku_spring

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um hi senpai! i know you dont have internet but can you draw an aot character and one more question.... do you accept that people ship your sanses with their? sorry for the bad english

here have this two~ (actually ships em)

& yeah~ it’s fine with me if you wanna ship mha oc’s with others i dun really mind it~ ^^

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Are you planning to draw more sick Sans?(timetale)

It’s over sadly. :B But we will see if he keeps getting sick since someone else mentioned “faint”.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I’d rather watch him dying tho. :B

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hello! i was just wondering how to charge sigils that you post? i don't really understand how to use digital sigils

There are lots of ways! 

You could make one the background on your phone and then charge your phone.

You could concentrate on one and visualize it flaring to life and becoming a part of you or a helper for you.

You could place an image of one somewhere that you want to imbue with its energy (like your bedroom, car, locker, or wallet), and just gaze and concentrate on it to charge it. Or, you could allow it to simply be charged by the energy of a particularly significant/relevant place.

You could place an image of it in moonlight or sunlight, or under a glass in the rain. 

With the more simple ones (and I’ll try to start sharing more of those), you could draw them on the bottoms of your shoes so that they’re charged by your footsteps and go with you everywhere. 

Some people look at or think about sigils while they masturbate or have sex and then use the release of orgasm at the end to activate them. You could even look at one while you’re working out and imagine the energy you expend powering it up. Basically anything you can do that creates an altered or energized state of mind is great for charging a sigil, but of course, be safe and smart about it. 


I love me some extremely dead assassins! I just wanted to make a ref of La Squadra for myself bc you can bet I’m gonna be drawing them a whole lot more. You can click on them for my ethnicity/nationality hcs or check under the readmore! 

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I LOVE your art and blog, you've motivated me to draw so much more, so uh thank you.? (sorry, I'm probably the most awkward person on the damn planet) and yeah ❤

THANK YOU!! really i’d never thought i’d be the one to motivate someone to draw one day, it makes me so happy knowing this!! <3 <3 (and don’t worry, I know for a fact that I am the most awkward person on this planet)