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Strictly Professional

Summary: You recognized the problematic customers the second you saw them. Lin, however, took the cake with being the most memorable client you’ve ever had. (TattooArtist!Reader)

Paring: Lin x reader

Words: 4,428

A/N:Thank you to @strongenoughfoundation for being awesome and giving me tips for certain parts of the story (you’re the queen of dialogue)! Also, thank you to @how-could-i-do-this for proofreading (I’m glad i’m getting better at not switching tenses lol). I wrote this in celebration of my first tattoo lol! Thanks for reading!

Edit: @whenthingsgettoughdontpushmeaway - I remember you asking to be tagged when I posted. @buckybarneshairpullingkink - You already read it, but I didn’t forget (well, I did, but ya know lol)

“Is that him?” you mumbled to your coworker Liz as you emerged from your room to the front desk, watching the man that paced back and forth in front of the parlor.

You could always spot the first-timers the instant you looked at them. You could sense the excitement and nervousness rolling off them in waves, their bodies tense from the anticipation of the ink that would soon permanently mark their skin.

But him?

It was more like a tsunami of emotions, crashing and tumbling over his body as he questioned his decision to get a tattoo. You felt it before you even stepped foot into the same room as him.

“It’s so unfair that you always get the cute ones,” Liz whispered as she handed you his paperwork. She had an appointment in ten minutes, and with the piece being a fairly large and intricate one, she passed him off to you.

You rolled your eyes, ignoring her comment and scanned his papers, noting his name and birthdate. “Lin?” you called.

He spun on his heel at his name, his swift steps having him in front of the desk within seconds. “Hi, yes, that’s me,” he answered quickly.

You inwardly sighed, knowing exactly what kind of patron he was going to be: the spazz that spoke too much, asked too many questions, and would hold his breath until he turned blue. “My name is Y/N and I’ll be with you today. What kind of tattoo would you like Lin?” you asked, watching as he nervously drummed his fingers against the counter.

His eyes widened, looking at you disbelievingly. “You’re the one giving me the tattoo?”

The neck cramp that you got when you handled frustrating customers reared its ugly head. “Yes. This is a fairly small tattoo shop and you just happened to come in last minute, without an appointment…” you said slowly, narrowing your eyes and challenging him to say anything further.

“I didn’t expect someone that looked like you to give me a tattoo. I’ve always pictured a big, burly man and not a beautiful woman that…” Lin trailed off, sighing when he realized what an ass he must have sounded, “I’m just going to shut up now. Sorry.”

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From Here On Out // Chapter Five


I like this chapter. It was fun, it’s more the Meredith and Harry from a time before and it was nice for me to write, and I *actually* had time to write for once which also made this quite a pleasant one to do.

Big thanks again to The Drama Ducks @harrysmeadow and @islareeveswriting for being with me every step of the way and pointing out my LOL mistakes, like when Meredith shits her light off…or does she? You’d all have some really terrible typos if it wasn’t for these two.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it and please let me know what you think! I’m posting a little earlier than I usually do because I’m going out but it just means you get it earlier. Byeeeeee x

Word Count // 4.7K

Listen To // Dirty Laundry by All Time Low

Story Page

“Meri? You up?” Harry called out into the empty space of Meredith’s flat as he shut the front door behind him and saw that the door to her bedroom, which had been firmly slammed shut in his face last night and remained shut this morning, was now open wide and the sunlight emitting from the room meant she was definitely up and about. She’d still been asleep when Harry had woken up on the sofa which had felt awful on his back after his long flight back from LA, but to say he’d even slept properly would have been reaching; he’d slept for about an hour before spending the rest of the time in the dark thinking about how he was going to fix things with her after their fight.

Before going out for some fresh air and to get a couple of things, he’d peeked his head around the door to find her lying spark out on her bed with her arms wrapped around one of the four pillows, holding it as though she was cuddling somebody, and one of her legs lying outside the duvet, before he’d closed it again and rested his head against the wood with a quiet sigh. It had been early and he hadn’t heard her shut off her light until gone two in the morning so he let her sleep it away; she’d clearly been stressed out the night before, and he suspected it was more than just to do with a silly article in a newspaper, and any time spent arguing wasn’t good for them.

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Recap of the Defenders panel at SDCC, pt. 2 (aka just a beat by beat recap of episode 1...)

If you missed, it you can catch part 1 here. I’m sure you can find videos of the panel out now, but if you wanted my additional commentary, there you go, haha :).

I’ve been writing bits and pieces of this since Friday night, so needless to say, I’m starting to get a little fuzzy on the order of the scenes and specifics b/c I was in such a state of shock while watching (and I don’t get the benefit of rewatching it right away 10 times in a row, lol), but I’ll try to recollect as much as possible, as best I can. I’ll also share some of my opinions and theories at the very end.

Some brief, non-spoilery thoughts: This was definitely a set up episode for everything that is to come, so as much as I know everyone wants answers to certain questions, you’re just not going to get to them right away. The show doesn’t hesitate to pick up the threads left from each individual series though, so don’t expect it to be slow at all. They also did a lovely job making each Defenders’ scenes look and feel like their own shows, while still bringing them all together into a new kind of feel and style for The Defenders. I was impressed by that. Anyway, if you have any more general questions, feel free to send me an ask or note.

And now…I shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case…HUGE SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE DEFENDERS UNDER THE CUT!

(Apologies for any mistakes, I wrote too much and just want to get it posted rather than spending even more time editing!)

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First Sight (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “your writing skills are amazing. if you haven’t already, it would be cool af if you made like an imagine about something like ‘how you met gray for the first time’ if you know what i mean lol. ILY”
Word Count: 1,327
Warnings: None.
A/N: Thank you babe for the request. I liked writing this one! Also fun fact, the record store thing is inspired by Pretty In Pink. This might not be what you had in mind, I’m sorry if I butchered your idea. Tell me if I did, anon! xx

The first time you saw Grayson was at a bowling alley. You were sitting with your friends in your booth, cheering whenever someone got a strike and laughing when the bowling ball missed the pins. He was with his brother and three other guys, being as loud as teenage boys were, causing a ruckus beside your lane. But you didn’t mind because it was a Friday and the music was loud enough to drown out most of their cheers and yells.

You had excused yourself, taking a quick break to head to the toilets because all those sodas were starting to affect you and when you came walking back, somehow you ended up walking into Grayson, him spilling his soda all over your arms. You couldn’t help the shriek that left your lips because the beverage was cold and it was so unexpected.

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notyourplotbunny replied to your post “I need Saphael ideas for Valentine’s Day, help…”

rafe being passive aggressive with candy hearts

he knows they cant eat them but its the principle (sp?) of the matter bc noone has celebrated valentines day at dumort in decades 

Okay, I guess I changed it a little bit but I hope you like what I made of it, I certainly had fun writing this :D And thank you for the idea! ♥

Also posting it already because it’s just past midnight here so it’s the 14th for me already - it will be up on AO3 in about an hour (it won’t let me set the correct date before 1am…)

“What is up with this stuff, seriously??” Stan complained and Simon glanced up from the comic he was currently reading to look at the small pink candy heart the older vampire had pinched between his index finger and thumb. It wasn’t the first one a clan member had discovered in the hotel and the fledgeling couldn’t help but think that the idea was absolutely hilarious.

“What does this one say?” Simon asked and he felt his lips already tugging into a grin when the other groaned.

U suck.”

Laughter bubbled up in Simon’s throat and he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the little messages engraved into the sweets. Whoever had taken the time to scatter these in the whole hotel was clearly a genius in Simon’s book and he would love to know who was behind all of this.

“I’m still convinced that this is your doing, Lewis! You’re the only one here with this stupid kind of humour!” Stan glared at him but without any heat and Simon knew he wasn’t actually mad. He was simply an old, grumpy vampire without a sense of humour and probably didn’t even get why half of the things were funny to the clan members who bothered to keep up with the modern world.

“Stan, seriously, I would be proud if this had been my idea but sadly it isn’t.”

“I found one with ctrl + z in one of the cupboards in the kitchen,” Lily commented from where she was curled up in the armchair with a book perched in her lap, not taking her eyes off the pages while talking. Stan and a few other vampires frowned, clearly not getting the joke, while Simon stifled more laughter by pressing his hand to his mouth.

“When I got up and went to the bathroom there was a blue heart balanced on the tap with the words get lost. I always thought these candy hearts only had nice messages on them but clearly, there are mean ones as well,” another female vampire added and a few other clan members told about their findings as well. Simon’s favourite ones certainly were the drop dead, bite me, tbh I’d rather not and in ur dreams but the u suck was right up there as well.

The first one to discover the candy hearts scattered across the hotel had been one of the oldest clan members who had been very confused about the I literally can’t message on a yellow heart in their room because they couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to mean. Simon had tried to explain the meaning but he wasn’t too sure that the other vampire had understood.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, someone probably just wanted to lighten the mood,” Lily commented with a shrug and it might have been a slightly weird thing to do so with almost insulting messages on pastel coloured candy hearts but most clan members did think they were funny and a few had actually started a competition about who could find the most hearts - and the ones with the best messages.

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Playing With Death [Adrientte]

Writing Prompt: “You can’t just sit there all day.”

It was a beautiful day, with blue skies and white clouds hovering above Paris. The sun shone brightly, and the city brimmed with life. This meant that the Dupain-Cheng bakery was hectic with countless of customers. Many orders were placed, and the sound of the check opening and shutting was heard constantly. While Sabine was busy at the counter, Tom was preoccupied with placing the correct orders. With how busy they were, the bakery’s food was selling out quickly which meant someone had to make them again, so they would not sell out.

This is where Marinette came in; a pink apron tied around her waist, a baker hat worn on her head, and bits of flour decorating her face, and clothes here and there.

Prior to her current situation, she had been beating at the dough with ferocity like her parents had asked her to do so.

Everything was going well, until Adrien’s arrival. The blond haired male had decided to visit her so they could ‘hang out’ by playing video games and indulge in snacks. However, that did not happen for Marinette was needed in the bakery.  

He still wanted to ‘hang out’ with her. So, being the nice and polite gentleman that he was, he offered to help her with the baking. The Dupains had gladly accepted the offer, which had caused him to beam in joy like a puppy not only because he was excited to learn how to bake, but also because they had promised to give him treats for volunteering.

Except that, the baking had not gone according to plan. He had burnt all the cookies which Marinette had told him to keep an eye on. Subsequently, he had spilt all the mixed icing sugar on the counter, rather than putting it in the icing sugar piping bag.

So, presently, Marinette was wiping the counter with ferocity to clean up the mess that Adrien had made, while the offender had made himself comfortable in an empty box that was discarded in the corner of the room.

Like a cat, he sat in the box, with only half of his face being visible as he observed Marinette clean after him, and glare at him from the corner of her eyes.

If looks could kill, he would be a cat-astrophe  by now.

He had really bugged her.

“You can’t just sit there all day,” Marinette voiced, tightening the grip on her towel. “Help me clean your crap up,” She hissed, annoyance written all over her face.

Adrien gave her his best model smile that he knew would melt her heart. He formed his hand into a fist cutely like a neko-chan in an anime, and then brought it to his face. He brushed his hand against his cheek as if he was cutely petting himself, and he purred.

Then, as if he hadn’t worsen the situation already, he had definitely crossed the line this time.

“Meowch,” He began, fluttering his eyelashes at Marinette, and raising his voice to be high-pitched.

“I am purrfectly comfortable here. Besides, cleaning the crap comes with the job of adopting a cat. It’s worth all the cuddles you’ll get later, Mariboo,” He blabbered, closing his eyes and charismatically blowing a kiss her way.

Marinette was anything but impressed. Her eyebrow began to twitch in annoyance.

“It comes with the job, huh?” Marinette said, settling down her cleaning towel on the counter, and picking up a knife and a water bottle. Then, she began to walk towards Adrien, who had no idea what was coming at him, for his eyes were shut.

“Yes, my baby boo- w-whaT ARE THOSE?!” Adrien screeched, as he opened his eyes and looked at the humongous kitchen knife in Marinette’s hand. The bluenette now stood before him, and hovered above him with a cunning smile on her face.

She smiled sickeningly sweet.

“This? Oh, don’t worry, I was just thinking of skinning a certain cat I’ve recently adopted with this… It comes with the job,” She began, shrugging as she spun the knife in her hands.

Adrien gulped.


“Do you know what else comes with the job, kitty cat~?” Marinette asked in a sing-sang voice, and leaned down so her nose slightly brushed against Adrien’s. He shivered at the contact as his emerald eyes flickered to Marinette’s bluebell eyes. Then, for a moment they flickered down to her lips, and then back to her eyes.

He lifted his neck slightly so his entire face popped out of the box. In doing so, his lips brushed slightly against hers.

“What?” He asked sensually, his breath fanning her face.

This, in return, caused a shiver to run down Marinette’s spine, and she almost gave into the temptation to gently kiss Adrien’s lips.

Keyword: Almost.

“This,” She said, leaning closer to him. She pecked his lips and stepped away.

Adrien, who was going all in, had leaned a bit too much in his cardboard box because when Marinette moved a few steps back, he ended up kissing the air and falling face first.

“Ow,” The male muttered as his face hit the ground. Then, moments later, he lifted his face to pout at Marinette only to see his worst enemy: water.

“The spray bottle– Well, a water bottle also comes with the job,” Marinette announced, and she smirked.

Adrien’s eyes widened in horror.

“My lady don-”

“BAD KITTIES WITH BAD PUNS GET PUN-ISHED!” She bellowed, squirting the water at Adrien, who screamed and hissed at her as if he had just lost one of his nine lives.


MC giving the RFA home made chocolates on their first Valentine’s Day together

This is my try to do Valentine’s Day head canons/imagines. I’m a week early, but oh well. If you read this … I’m sorry about the culture mix I probably ended up using.

Does contain mild spoilers like real names.


  • Well, he never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day before. He usually ended up meeting his LOLOL friends and eating bowls of noodles with black bean paste on April 14th, or “Black Day”, instead. They would sit together talking about how love was overrated. Afterwards they would all go home to drown their sorrows in LOLOL.
    • Last year, one of his friends had found a girlfriend and did not take part in their little circle of loneliness. Yoosung did try to be happy for him, but inside he had never felt so betrayed before.
  • This Valentine’s Day however would be different. Since he has you now. This means that he will receive chocolates or something from you, right? He already got excited about it as soon as Christmas was over, and has been looking forward to it ever since.
  • When Valentine’s Day comes around Yoosung would be so thrilled the whole day, at any time expecting you to just magically show up to give him a gift. He almost has a heart attack when he actually sees you waiting in front of his university.
  • You smile at him and hand him a small box with a cute ribbon and a little card on it.
    • “For my love Yoosung <3”, it says.
  • It contains home made chocolates. You have spent many hours at night making them, but you’re glad you did it. When you see Yoosungs face lighting up in joy and excitement you’re sure that it was all worth it.
    • “MC … you made them just for me?”
    • “Of course!”
    • “I … Thank you so much, MC. They are amazing. I’m so happy!” Yoosung pulls you towards him and hugs you, tenderly kissing your forehead. He’s so touched and happy that he can’t even feel embarrassed about being right in front of his university with other people around you.
  • Yoosung spends the rest of the day overjoyed. He will mention that his girlfriend is the best at every opportunity until both his LOLOL friends and the rest of the RFA are annoyed with him. He still won’t stop, though.
  • He’s also keeping your chocolates untouched for a while. It would be a shame if he would just eat them right away. He also definitely has at least one picture of them on his phone and will keep it forever.
  • Expect him to at least try and actually make home made chocolates for White Day to return the favor.


  • Has got a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts before. Mostly from his fans, of course. He appreciates those flowers and cards and chocolates a lot … But still, they are not the same as a gift from a lover. Since Valentine’s Day is about love, romantic love, right? As much as Zen loves his fans he would gladly give up all the gifts he gets to get just one from the person he truly loves – which he never tires to explain to everyone.
  • So he has usually spent the day lamenting in the chat room about how he was doomed to forever live the sad life of an actor who was only admired from afar (much to the annoyance of Yoosung).
  • Since he has you by his side this time he’s pretty excited about it. He doesn’t mention anything, but he’s very aware that Valentine’s Day is coming. He’s very curious about the gift he’ll get from you. When the day finally comes he can barely wait to find out.
  • But first, there is a whole pile of boxes and cards and flowers waiting in front of his apartment door. The fans are being sweet as usual. As he brings everything in, he notices one of the boxes in particular. It’s cutely wrapped in red and white paper, and there is a shiny red card in the shape of a heart attached to it.
  • Deciding to open this one first he turns the card and almost jumps in surprise.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! <3”
  • You have not put your name, but he recognizes your handwriting right away. Zen can feel his face becoming warm and his heart beating faster. Has a wide smile on his face while opening your present.
  • He finds it so cute that you would just leave your gift with the others for him to stumble upon it unexpectedly.
  • When he sees that you actually made home made chocolates for him he pretty much melts. He calls you right away to thank you and tell you just how happy he is.
    • “Babe, you’re so cute”, is the very first thing he says when you pick up. You just chuckle softly into the phone.
  • Zen will definitely take a selfie with your chocolates, possibly while eating one of them, and post it in the chat room.
    • “Look at what MC gave to me for Valentine’s Day! Isn’t she so amazing?”
  • Expect LOTS of kisses and cuddles and declarations of love when you two see each other again.
  • You will probably get a really huge bouquet of flowers or two on White Day.


  • She did try to make home made chocolate and give them to guys she liked before. But it has been years and she has pretty much forgotten about this tradition since then. She doesn’t really think about it when other people around her mention it. She just doesn’t get the hype.
  • Why is it even bad to spend Valentine’s Day alone? Surely it is not that important …
  • So this time around Jaehee is not even really aware that it is Valentine’s Day. She does realize that there are a lot of couples in the café today, but oh well. She is simply working as usual, minding her own business, enjoying the smell of coffee and the familiar, warm atmosphere of the café.
  • However, what Jaehee does not know is that you are very well aware that today is Valentine’s Day … and that you have a different idea about it. You have put in quite some effort to prepare for it without letting Jaehee notice anything.
  • When the café closes and Jaehee tries to go to the back to change clothes, she is stopped by you at the counter. Jaehee does not immediately understand what is going on when you hand her a little, decorated box. She just automatically takes it, saying “thank you” in confusion.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jaehee”, you say while smiling brightly. “I hope you like them. I tried coffee flavor filling.”
  • Jaehee looks at the chocolates, still in confusion. She has no idea what is going on. Why are you being so sweet? Why are you giving her choco-… oh. Oh. Ooh.
  • Jaehee blushes so hard when she realizes what just happened.
    • “M-MC, oh my god, that is … You … Oh my god, I c-can’t believe you.” She cannot say anything without stuttering like a fool. It adds to her embarrassment. “Th-that is so, so sweet of you …”
  • You just give her another smile and leave for the back to get changed. Jaehee does not move from the spot for several minutes while trying to process the fact that you decided to give her home made chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Do you even do things like that for another woman? What … what is going on? Jaehee is so confused about the whole thing. But she appreciates both the gesture and the chocolates a lot.
  • Also, be sure as hell that Jaehee will try her best to make the best chocolates for her “best friend” in return.


  • Jumin has actually refused Valentine’s Day gifts before. To him, it is just another regular day that has been commercialized. It’s all for the sake of profit. He does not understand why people fall for this so readily and enthusiastically.
  •  Like, why would they even need a day like this? They say it is to appreciate their loved ones, to take the opportunity to show how much they mean to you … But Jumin honestly doesn’t get why this would be necessary. You should always appreciate your loved ones and always show them how much they mean to you, you should not need a special day for this.
  • This is what he believes and so he does neither get interested nor excited about it when Valentine’s Day comes around.
  •  Little did he know that you have been getting all fired up about it. When he shut Zen down in the chat room about how getting worked up about this day was a waste of time and actually kind of pathetic, you just smiled patiently, not arguing with him.
  • So when Jumin comes back from work on Valentine’s Day he finds you waiting for him in his penthouse. Since he loves it so much when you are at his home he’s just happy and doesn’t get suspicious at all.
  • Until you give him a wide grin and hand him a little box, decorated with a ribbon and a heart shaped card.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jumin!”, you proclaimed cheerfully.
    • “MC … Why would you get me a gift today? It was not necessary. I know that you love me and you don’t need to prove it by following pointless traditions such as this one.”
    • “Aw, don’t be a spoilsport. I just wanted to do it. Is that so wrong? Just take a look at it!”
  • So Jumin opens the box and sees the chocolates. Dark chocolates, just the way he likes them. For a moment he wonders where you could have bought so obviously hand made sweets, then he realizes that you must have made them yourself.
  • Ok, now he thinks it’s adorable.
  • Even if he does not care about Valentine’s Day he is happy knowing that you care for him and think of him so much. He gives you a hug and lots of kisses, pulling you close to him and telling you how much he loves you.
  • You probably end up eating the chocolates together that evening.
  • Jumin will see to it that only the finest confectionary and most beautiful flowers are prepared for you on White Day. If you did it for him, he must return the favor after all.


  • Saeyoung never wasted a lot of thoughts on Valentine’s Day. He did sometimes chime in and tease Yoosung and Zen a bit (lol Single Awareness Day), but these were pretty much the only times he even came in touch with that day. He did not give anyone so much as an opportunity to exchange gifts.
  • This year is different though. When the topic is brought up in the chat room he actually gets really excited. After everything you and him have been through he thinks it would be nice to do … normal couple stuff like celebrating Valentine’s Day, for a change.
  • Asks you if you have any wishes for that day. Do you want to go somewhere? Is there anything in particular you’d like him to get for you? He’ll prepare for everything and make sure you’ll have the greatest Valentine’s Day ever.
    • “Saeyoung … I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but … you know, it’s usually the girls who make gifts on Valentine’s Day. Your turn is on White Day.”
  • Oh. He has kind of missed that little detail, probably had something different in his head because of the years he spent abroad. Anyway, he is already fired up by now, so he won’t go back on his plans.
    • “Is it that important? Then let’s just pretend that I’m the girl on Valentine’s Day. I still have the wigs and outfits.”
    • But … you have already made plans for Valentine’s Day, too. “Nooo, I want to be the girl. I already prepared the recipe and ingredients for home made chocolates!”
    • “You … wanted to make home made chocolates for me? Oh my god, that’s so cute, I can’t believe you’d do that for me! I kinda wanna make some for you, too. Wait … why does only one of us get to do something anyway? Isn’t this unfair?”
    • “Hmm. Actually, since this is about us … I think we should just do it however we want to.”
    • “Right, right?”
  • And so you decide to celebrate in your own way. By making home made chocolates together. Of course the two of you end up going completely overboard. You try to make fillings out of crushed Honey Buddha Chips, and Doctor Pepper flavored creams. The results aren’t half bad actually. But the kitchen is a mess.
  • Melted chocolate and chip crumbs are everywhere. Everywhere.
  • By the end of it all you’re both exhausted and may or may not be sick with stomach aches, but it was all worth it. You had such a good time. Lots of giggling and chocolate-y kisses.
  • You’re so going to do it again on White Day.

Decided to try and add the whole minor trio, too


  • Has literally no idea what all the fuss is about. The day has been so irrelevant for him up until now that Valentine’s Day doesn’t even exist in his vocabulary. When the others start to mention it in the chat room more often he becomes curious and actually googles it.
    • Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus, and is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.”
  • Alright, so it’s something religious? Then why is the search full of hearts and roses and present ideas? So confusing. Saeran learns that it’s a day associated with lovers and giving each other small presents, but it makes no sense to him at all. Like, what in the world compelled people to celebrate romantic love on some old Christian holiday?
  • He ends up researching and reading more articles about it than he will ever admit, just to make sure he got his info right.
  • He’s relieved to find out that local tradition usually only involves girls making gifts on Valentine’s Day while guys would return the favor on White Day. So at least he doesn’t have to worry about you expecting something from him.
  • When Valentine’s Day comes Saeran still acts like he doesn’t even understand, but he’s actually become really aware of the tradition and it’s implications.
  • He’s secretly hoping to get a gift from you, not only because he’s emptied his sweets stash and is craving sugar but also because it would be kind of like a little, formal proof that you cared about him.
  • So he makes the cutest expression when you hand him the little wrapped up box, trying to hide his excitement. He fails miserably when he finds out you actually made home made chocolates for him. Even Saeran understands that this is a whole lot of work, and you willingly did this for him.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran”, you chuckle a bit. “I made them just for you, I hope you like them.”
  • He’s already put one of the chocolates in his mouth before you finished talking. You chuckle even more at how happy he looks eating. Then he puts down the box and instead pulls you close to him, kissing you without a word. He doesn’t say it but it’s obvious that yes, he definitely likes them. So you’re happy, too.
  • Despite never talking about it and claiming he’s not doing anything when asked by the others Saeran will try and do his best on White Day. He’ll get you sweets and chocolates in return, plus a bouquet of roses. Because he read somewhere that those were important.


  • V knows what’s up and is really calm about it. Oh yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. He does think it’s nice that lovers are coming together, giving presents, and appreciating each other. It can be beautiful. But in the end it is still a regular day. So he would be happy to receive a gift from you, but would also not mind at all if you didn’t celebrate.
  • Simply nods and smiles when people talk about it. Though it’s a bit amusing how Zen and Yoosung are making a fuss over spending the day alone once again while Jumin is giving overly pragmatic remarks, Luciel is poking fun at them and Jaehee’s trying to get all of them back on track. Such a cute and lively bunch.
  • V is just happy that they are all okay on a day like this.
  • But he is very touched when he actually does receive this cute little gift box from you.
    • “Oh gosh, is this really for me?”
    • “Who else, silly?” You smile. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jihyun. I hope you like them!”
    • “Thank you so much, MC. I love it. I’ll treasure it.”
    • “… you haven’t even opened the box, my dear.”
  • Insists on taking a picture of you and the box before opening it. He needs to preserve the moment.
  • Definitely also insists that you eat the chocolates together. Probably feeds you the first one, then kisses you. Gives you an innocent smile and explains that it was to get a better taste. You end up giggling and feeding each other until all the chocolates are gone.
  • V decides to get you roses to return the favor. Since this is about expressing his love for you, he is really serious about it. So … he gets not one or two or three, or even a regular bouquet of roses. But one freaking hundred and one of them, red, fragrant, and fresh and beautiful. Complete with a personalized card, featuring a cute picture of the two of you.
  • Along with a note. You’re sure that it’s a sweet note, even though you can’t actually read it.


  • Of course aware of what Valentine’s Day is. He just didn’t care about it. Of course he was not able to, because of his job. But he also never felt as if it was a big loss.
  • This time around he still does not really care. It’s just not that important. Who cares about chocolates or whatever when you already have a life free of the danger of getting murdered at any moment.
  • It’s a bit of a strange situation when you show up with the chocolates.
    • “What? What is this?”
    • “… this is my Valentine’s Day’s gift for you.”
    • Looks at the little box in his hands in confusion. “Uhm, alright?”
    • “… you could show a bit more enthusiasm. It’s, like, a token of my love and affection for you.”
    • Now he looks at you. Blankly, for a moment. “I see. Yeah. Thanks, MC.”
    • “…”
    • “Hey, don’t be upset. I’m sorry, okay? I’m, like … I’m actually touched. Thank you.”
  • This isn’t a lie. It’s the first time he’s received something like this. Feels quite good, actually.
  • When he finds out that there are home made chocolates in there he honestly does not know how to react. You … spent not only money but also effort in this? This is serious, alright.
  • Kind of shrugs the whole thing off in order to not act too awkward in front of you. Like damn, a former secret agent is not made for stuff like this.
  • But when White Day comes around … you’ll find him just standing there, handing you a neatly wrapped present.
    • “Here, take this. This is for the chocolates you made for me. They were delicious, by the way … so, yeah. Thanks again. Stop giggling MC, what’s so funny anyway? I’m not used to this stuff, okay, don’t judge me! Just take this, be happy, and let’s get it over with.”

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader
Inspired by the post above from @demisexualmerrill
Trigger Warnings: Some badly google translated French lol

You never really learned how to deal with certain customers. You know, the ones who are angry and nitpick everything. Or the ones that can’t decide on which shade of pink they want. You never got those kind of customers in the flower shop that you’d worked at for two years. It was hard for any customer to not revert to a good mood upon walking inside the store.

So you were surprised when a man with a head of full, shoulder-length black hair tied into a ponytail at the nape of his neck burst into the shop.

You’d seen him before, but never knew his name. He was always with three others, all of them seeming much more calm than this one. If he wasn’t rushing across the square with a cup of coffee in his hands, he was at the book store, reading books that seemed irrelevant to you. Bouncing from here to there with a briefcase or a backpack. You didn’t understand how someone could be so busy. But there was something about him. Something that kept you looking for him, every morning at exactly 10 AM.

Two whole years, you’ve been watching from afar. And here he was, somewhat angrily slamming a twenty dollar bill on the counter and asking, “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”

You blinked. Of all the ways you thought you’d meet, this was not one of them. “What?”

“There’s this guy at my law firm. Jefferson. He keeps being nice to me in front of our boss and, in result, is making me seem like a petulant child.” You hummed, letting him know you were listening. “Washington– that’s my boss–thinks I should do something nice, and obviously I don’t want to do that, so this is as close to nice as I’m getting.”

“Well, I’m not sure there’s a way to do that specifically.” He let out a groan. “But, I think I have an idea to get back at him.”

He looked up, into your eyes, a smile quickly taking over his lips. “You’re a lifesaver…” He trailed off, asking for your name.

“Y/N. All in a day’s work as a florist…”


“Alex.” You tested his name on your tongue. “I like it.”

As you two discussed a plan, you felt your heart skip a beat every time his eyes brightened. He truly was a beautiful specimen. He was incredibly intelligent as well. Somewhere around the middle of the plan, you found yourself listening to him ramble of the history of dandelions. “Sorry,” He had said, “My friend, John, studied biology and he knows about these sort of things. And he won’t hesitate to tell me so.” You laughed as he pulled his hair down. He ran his hand through it, attempting to push it away from his face.

Wow. Just when you thought he couldn’t look better.

“Okay, just take these to him afterwards, and you’ve got your revenge.” You told him, handing over a bouquet of purple tulips. “I can’t thank you enough Y/N. How much will these be?”

You thought about it as you walked back to the counter. You really didn’t want this to be the last time you talk to him. You had to find a way to stay in contact. “Don’t worry about it. It’s on the house.” You told him. “I couldn’t let you do that,” Alex said. “Really, it’s no problem. Just keep me updated. I want to know if it works.” You insisted.

He protested once more to which you responded with a pointed look. Raising his hands in surrender, he thanked you once more and turned to leave. As soon as he got to the door, he spun around, “Actually,” He said, a bit shyly, “Could I have your number? To keep you updated and all.”

You felt yourself almost bounce in excitement as he handed his phone to you. You jokingly put in your contact as Lifesaver. “I’ll text you.” He smiled.

And just as he arrived, he was gone.

The both of you couldn’t stop thinking about each other for the next week. Alex had been sitting across the square with a coffee and his laptop, somewhat ignoring the conversation that his friends were having about the Joker and Harley Quinn. “Look,” John started, “All I’m saying is that the Joker is abusive and I don’t think anyone should idolize his relationship with Harley Quinn.”

“You’re such a prude,” Hercules laughed loudly, “It’s a comic book and he’s a villain! What else would you expect?”

“He has a point, mon ami.” Lafayette added.

“Well, what do you think, Alex?” John asked. Alex, however, wasn’t listening. With his coffee cup pressed to his lips, he was staring over the peak of his laptop at the flower shop. He could see you watering the plants just outside as you spoke to one of your friends. “Alex!” Laf snapped in front of his face and he shook out of his daze. “Huh?”

“What were you staring at?” John asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Alex said, all too quickly. “My work.”

Herc leaned closer to Alex and looked in his direction, his eyes landing on you. “Ooh, Alex has a girlfriend.” He teased. “She’s not my girlfriend.” Alex responded, pushing him away. Laf and John turned to look at you just as your friend made you laugh. You looked like the epitome of happiness and beauty. “Go, talk to her.” John grinned.

“I did. Last week. She’s the one who came up with the flower idea.”

“Je le savais!” Laf boasted in his native tongue. “Cette idée était trop beau pour être le vôtre.”

“Je t'emmerde.” Alex responded.

“So, you have something to talk about.” Herc shrugged. “That’s not the problem.” Alex sulked. “I asked for her number.” They looked at him expectantly, “And?”

“It’s been a week and I haven’t texted her at all.”


“He hasn’t texted you at all?” Your best friend, Mae, asked incredulously.

“Not one word. And it’s been a week.” You complained. “It would be easier to deal with if I didn’t see him everyday.” Mae was taken aback, “Wait, you see him everyday?”

“He walks across the square to get to work. And he hangs out here sometimes.”

“And you haven’t talked to him because?”

“I don’t want to scare him off. What, just walk up to him and ask why he hasn’t texted me?” You chuckled. “Yes! Don’t you think you deserve answers if you thought you got on well?” Mae responded.

“I’m not doing that.” You decided. Although you were never the desperate type, it did upset you that he wasn’t interested enough to text you. Or maybe he just hasn’t had the time. You didn’t know everything about the man. If he wanted to text you, you thought, he’d text you. Just let it go.

You glanced at him from across the square. His hair was down, framing his face as he drank his coffee and conversed with his grinning friends. He had just closed his laptop, giving one of his friends a look. “Wait,” Mae said once more, “Is that him? The one with the coffee and laptop.”

“What?” You asked, snapping out of it, “No.”

“It is!” She exclaimed. “He’s cute.”

“Isn’t he?”

Mae sighed, looking at her watch. “I’ve gotta go. But if he doesn’t make a move, you make one.” She pecked your cheek and nodded before taking off in the direction of her parents’ house. You cast one more glance his way, surprised when his eyes caught yours. You looked down and quickly headed back into the flower shop. Well that was embarrassing.


“Oh my god, that was so embarrassing.” Alex said, face palming himself. “She caught me staring. My life is over.”

Herc rolled his eyes, “You’re not fifteen anymore, Hamilton. Just get up and go talk to her.” John and Laf sniggered at the blushing man who’d just dropped his head onto the table. “Come on, man.” John said. “You’re Alexander Hamilton; you’ve got this.”

Alex sat up with a bit of determination in his eyes. “You’re right.” He said, more to himself than to them. “I’m Alexander Hamilton.” He stood up. “I’ve got this.”

You were reading a book, sitting at the counter when you saw a twenty dollar bill slide into your sight. Although you hadn’t seen or heard him enter, you knew it was the man who you’d been thinking about for the past week. You looked up at him, watching him scratch the nape of his neck shyly, “So, uh, how do you say will you go out with me in flower?”

You grinned as he looked at you, relaxing now that you were smiling. So he hadn’t thrown away his shot. “I’m not sure. Maybe you should say it in English.”

He chuckled, leaning closer to you on the counter. “How does tonight sound?”

“Pick me up after work? I get off at 5.”


He seemed a bit hesitant, but he leaned over and briefly pressed his lips to your cheek. You rolled your eyes and grabbed his collar, softly pressing your lips to his. It was a short, sweet, and innocent kiss, but you relished it. It was nothing less than perfect.

As you both pulled away, he laughed, “You’re a lifesaver, Y/N.”

You giggled along with him, “All in a day’s work as a florist, Alex.”

yosaflameslover  asked:

Could I get a Flower shop next to Tattoo shop kleinsen? I don't know why but that sounds really cute.

(Hey there! I’m highkey sorry this took so long and also went in a really weird, long direction. Hope you like it anyway lol. I’m also linking the post on archive. Thanks for the prompt it’s adorable!)

Alone (read on ao3.)

Sometimes in the morning when the light was just right, the bouquets in front of the flower shop across the street seemed to glow: deep golds and oranges mixed with the reds and purples and whites of the flower petals. It was better than a normal sunrise with all the added colors. Jared got to work too early often: he always left his apartment with time to get coffee and the occasional pastry at the shop on the way and he liked being able to walk slowly and let rushed looking people with briefcases or sleep clouded eyes cut ahead of him in line.

He liked unlocking the shop in the morning and going through all of the appointments before Connor or Zoe or any of the other artists got there to bother him. He also liked seeing the flower guy open up across the street at the same time. He had messy hair and freckles and looked stupidly excited arranging flowers in big bins and dusting pollen off of his apron. He was kind of cute (of course Jared would never admit this to Connor or Zoe, both of whom pestered him relentlessly whenever they thought he had a crush) but Jared was too cowardly to make a move besides the no doubt awkward smiles he directed his way when they happened to leave work at the same time.

He needed a reason to buy flowers.

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firethesound  asked:

Linny 11 for the fox prompt meme?

Ginny tossed back the last dregs of her drink and leaned heavily on Luna’s shoulder. They were still giggling about Ginny’s latest encounter in the Quidditch locker rooms, trying to get a post-game quote for her commentary column in the Daily Prophet.

“I swear, though!” she insisted, waving her empty glass around for emphasis. “The amount of times I’ve walked in on them—they aren’t even on the same team! If I have to see that bastard’s lily white arse again because he’s too busy coming onto Harry in the showers, I swear, I’ll—“

Her oath was cut off when she nearly lost her balance on her stool, clutching the bar and Luna to keep from toppling over.

Luna collapsed against her in another bout of hysterical laughter. Ginny’s stomach did a neat little somersault as she listened to the melodic notes of Luna’s pretty laugh. It made a warm tingle settle in her belly. She grinned and swayed closer to Luna, getting a whiff of her strawberry and mint scented shampoo.

“You have nice hair,” Ginny commented. She snorted as she absently played with Luna’s hair. “At least they’re fit to look at,” Ginny admitted. “If you’re into knobs and tight arses.”

“Ginny!” Luna cried, clutched at her arm. Ginny could smell the tart wine on her breath.

She shrugged unapologetically. “What? I did used to prefer dicks. They aren’t all bad. To look at, anyway. I, ah, happen to prefer fanny and tits to play with now.”

Ginny froze after the words left her mouth. Oh shit, she thought. She wasn’t quite ready to put a label to her newfound adventures in the bedroom, let alone tell her best friend about it. Especially when she was half in love with her and aching for a chance to taste her soft lips and run her fingers over her smooth skin.

Luna didn’t seem phased by her brash admission in the slightest. The only indication she gave of hearing her was a raised eyebrow. Luna leaned closer to her and brushed the loose hair out of her face. Her eyes were dancing with interest and mirth.

“What are you doing?” Ginny asked, her heart skipping a beat in excitement. Her limbs felt tingly and wobbly with how much she’d had to drink. She was definitely sloshed at this point.

“Looking at you,” Luna answered in a soft lilt. “Seeing if you look any different.”

“Why would I look different?”

“Because now you’re being honest with yourself,” Luna explained.

“Oh?” Ginny breathed. Luna was leaning closer and her stomach swooped. She licked her lips and mirrored Luna, swaying in too quickly and ending up bumping foreheads with her. “Ow.”

Ginny frowned, holding her forehead. Luna hummed and rubbed at her own tender head.

“Sorry,” Ginny said sheepishly.

She felt like she was a teenager again, not a woman waving at her mid-thirties as they approached at a jaunty pace. Luna made her want to take risks and fly on her broom like she did ten years ago. She made Ginny want to kiss her; to taste her lip balm and run her fingers through her hair and press her into the bar until she was gasping.

Ginny brought her fingers to her lips and pressed against them, trying to hold in the things she wanted to say.

Luna was watching her with an amused expression.

“Can I kiss you?” Ginny blurted between her fingertips.

“Can you?” Luna countered challengingly.

“I can,” Ginny decided boldly. “I want to,” she admitted after a heartbeat. “Will you let me? I’ve wanted to for a long time—since we were kids, really. Luna. Luna, listen, I…I really, really want to kiss you right now.”

Luna smiled at her and took a moment to sip her wine.

“Well? Go on,” Luna said after a minute. She set her glass aside and held her hands out for Ginny to take.

Ginny threaded their fingers together and rocked forward on her stool, nearly losing her balance again in the process. Luna helped her keep her balance and tugged her closer. Ginny’s heart felt like it was pounding in her ears as she inched nearer, so close she could practically taste Luna’s wine on her breath. Oh, Merlin, this was it. She was going to kiss her best friend after years and years of wanting this very thing.

With one last burst of bravery, Ginny closed the distance between them and pressed their lips together. It was gentle at first, tentative and patient. But then she felt Luna’s lips shift against hers and felt the edge of her tongue coaxing her lips apart, and then they were properly snogging right there against the counter of the bar, with Ginny nearly tipping off the perch of her stool. Ginny made a faint sound in her throat and pressed closer, stumbling off of her seat so she could stand closer to Luna, between her knees and press up on her tiptoes to reach so she could kiss her deeper. Luna pulled one of her hands free to gently brush Ginny’s hair away from her face again as she sucked on her lower lip. Ginny made another small sound and squeezed Luna’s hand.

Her whole world swam from the kiss and too much to drink when they parted. She was vaguely aware of Luna helping her sit back down and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’ll get the next round?” Luna offered.

Ginny nodded mutely and reached for Luna’s hand again, twining their fingers together and trying to hide her heated cheeks from her friend.

My babes!!! Thank you for prompting them, FTS! Very fitting because I drank a huge glass of wine tonight LOL!

Send me a pairing + a prompt from the list!

Personal Preferences | Kim Minseok


Word Count1.2k

SummaryIn which you are a regular customer at a little cafe and all you’ve ever asked for there is a lactose free beverage…

Coffee Shop AU

Originally posted by luseokie

Another dawn, another day, another morning running late for a lecture. The infinite battle with your alarm clock seemed to become a natural thing in the morning, as you wanted nothing but to turn it off for good and snuggle back into your duvet. Reluctantly deciding against that, your caffeine addicted brain had convinced you that it was never too late for coffee, and that’s how ended up pushing  open the heavy glass door to the cafe. The business was small but it wasn’t run down. 

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Karamel Fanfic #47 Part 2/3

Title: Second Rule: Spies Don’t Think About Their Pasts

Part 2/3 of Rules of Being A Spy

Part 1

Part 3

Prompt: How exactly had she gotten so unlucky to be assigned to another mission that included him? Because the chance of that happening was way too low for this to be a coincidence.

Or, in which Kara bumps into Mon-El in another mission after five years of not seeing him. 

Karamel Spy AU - Part 2

Word Count: 10,069

Also posted on AO3

Notes: Hey guys!

Honestly, I have no idea how I’m writing these so fast, but I love this AU so much that it all comes to me. And, well, who am I to complain, right? Lol :)

Anyway, I hope you like this!

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anonymous asked:

Hartwin grooming each other.

I made @machtaholic tell me what grooming to do because that’s totally her domain more than mine, and I’m not sure if this fits anyway, but …

There were some small pleasures in life that Eggsy truly relished.

Lazy Saturdays spent with his sister.

Being able to afford a snack at the theatre without counting coins.

Long, hot showers where he used Harry’s fancy soaps in excess.

That’s what he was doing then, anyway; he’d just gotten back from a long mission, and he was tired and sore—though no longer filthy.

He stayed under the spray until the water was tepid at best, and even then considered staying there longer.

The bathroom door opened, and Eggsy tensed for a moment until he realised those soft footfalls belonged to Harry. “When you’re ready to come out, Eggsy,” he said softly, and Eggsy peeked out from behind the shower curtain. There, laid out on the counter, was Harry’s straight razor and shaving kit. Eggsy smiled. He remembered when Harry had first tried to teach him to use a straight razor. It had been during their 24 hours together before the final test, but after too many gin-laden martinis. Eggsy counted himself lucky that he’d not slit his throat open that night, but sine then he’d never strayed from safety razors.

“Musta missed me,” he teased. “You told me you ain’t let me ever use that thing.”

“You won’t be using it,” Harry said. “I’ll be using it on you.”

Eggsy hummed. That sounded like it could be nice. Harry’s cheeks were always impossibly smooth, free of even the bits of stubble no safety razor could ever swipe away.

“Yeah, al’ight,” he said, and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist. Harry smiled and made him sit on the toilet with a hot towel on his cheeks while he worked the razor on the strop. After a moment, he changed Eggsy’s towel to a fresh hot one while he worked the lather in a bowl.

“Perhaps someday, we’ll try to teach you once more,” Harry murmured before applying the cream to Eggsy’s cheeks. There wasn’t much hair there, but he did have a few days’ worth of stubble to remove, and Harry’s careful, precise movements felt incredibly intimate.

When he began the shave, the blade delicate in a killer’s skilled hands, Eggsy barely breathed. He could feel Harry’s breath on his skin as he scraped away the hair. His fingers twisted in the towel as he held still, enjoying the feel of the blade against his cheek and chin.

“First pass done,” Harry murmured finally, and Eggsy let out a shaky breath.

“Don’t know if I can last two more,” he admitted with a small smile. His cock was already lifting a bit from Harry’s proximity, and how gentle he was being. Harry had noticed, though he was being careful not to touch Eggsy in any way beyond what was necessary for the shave.

“Once you’re fully shaved, we’ll take care of that,” Harry promised, and Eggsy groaned.

“Gonna kill me, guv.”

Harry laughed softly. “I rather think I like you here,” he said as he re-lathered Eggsy’s face for the second pass. “My life wasn’t complete until you showed up, and I don’t think I ever realised that.”

Eggsy’s cheeks pinked under the lather, but Harry ignored it as he began shaving perpendicular to the grain, gun-calloused fingers pressing against Eggsy’s skin and making shivers run down Eggsy’s spine.

“I love my job, Eggsy, and it’s served me well. Kept me busy. But before you, there wasn’t anyone I thought I could spend my life with. Nobody’s ever lived here with me—or wanted to.”

“That’s ‘cause most people don’t want a dead dog watchin’ them shit,” Eggsy murmured.

“Cheeky.” Eggsy winked, letting Harry wipe away the excess shaving cream as he readied them for the third and final pass. “Just one more,” Harry whispered, and this last pass was exceptionally torturous; the problem was that Eggsy’s cock was full and Harry’s hands weren’t on it.

Eggsy’s eyes were closed and his breaths were short while Harry worked, but the second he was done Harry’s mouth was against his, kissing him deeply.

“Fuck, yeah,” Eggsy breathed. “’m I clean-shaven enough for a shag now?” Harry smiled, unknotting Eggsy’s towel and helping him stand. A hand teased Eggsy’s arse for a moment before Harry smacked him playfully.

“Get to bed, brat.”

Eggsy grinned and hurried to bed.

He’d add post-shave shags to that list of pleasures later.

I’m still taking prompts, but they’re clearly coming slower now lol. I have too many feels over all the sad at the end of this trainwreck of a year, okay?!

Let Your Hair Down (Patrick Stump x Reader)

As requested by anon: I just read ‘Helping Patrick dye his hair’ maybe write something where Patrick helps the reader dye her hair

It was time for a change. You’d come to that decision partly from boredom of your everyday look that had stayed consistent for years, and partly from an interview you saw your boyfriend give.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think Ten could be demisexual? It's a VERY interesting theory and I actually really wanna hear more about it.


not long after i learned about the concept of demisexuality, and gravitated towards it as an identity for myself, i started to realize how fitting it would also be as an identity for the tenth doctor. i gave it a lot of thought and did some research, and after all was said and done, for at least a year and a half or so now, i’ve strongly believed ten is as demi as they come, both in the sexual and romantic sense. 

i’ve never really been vocal about this theory, because in many circles (whether it be allo or lgbt or even ace, believe it or not) demisexuality isn’t even accepted as a real thing. but now that i’ve received enthusiastic support before even posting this answer, i feel confident that many of the points i am about to make will resonate with many of you in the d/r fandom.

*rubs hands together*

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Prince! Joshua

Hey everyone! So I’m just so in love with Joshua. Idk. I love all the Vocal Unit…Lowkey 3/5 are my bias breakers. I’m thinking about posting my bias list later tonight…it changes everyday lol. This felt weird writing because it’s so natural for me to call Joshua Jisoo. Anyway, I don’t know if I really have any inspirations for this, maybe the people at my Catholic school who are all CHARITY HELPING PEOPLE BEING NICE DONATING FOOD RAISING MONEY YES!!!! But idk. Either way, enjoy!

-Admin Leia

Prince! Jeonghan: Here

Prince! Seungkwan: Here

  • Prince! Joshua would be the type of prince who didn’t like looking different from a regular teenage/young adult boy. He wouldn’t want to wear tuxes or be treated as a master or have a private education. (Of course, he would go to a hella nice school because he’s a prince duh)
  • Joshua’s biggest priority wouldn’t be the country, it would be the people in the country.
  • “Father, what is a country without it’s people? Its just land. People are the heart and soul of this country and we should cherish their opinions.”
  • Joshua would know everyone in the castles names and just talk with them until his guards pull him away because he has work to do and can’t be friendly all day long.
  • Charity, charity, and more charity. All kinds of charity. Kids, animals,  orphanages, elders, homeless shelters, cancer patients, emergency help services, awareness programs, E V E R Y T H I N G!
  • He would clean up well for events (Slicked back hair with some gel and tux), but he would be more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy (expensive clothing is a hassle for charity work)
  • Joshua would always help out anyone around the castle who needed it and everyone would be like “Your highness, we can do it, it’s fine” but he would refuse to not be allowed to help.
  • Joshua would play instruments (lol mainly guitar) and sing to the older people and kids and raise money through concerts and donate to charity and he would always get so flustered when he was done and be thanking everyone and talking to everyone about his performance.
  • Flustered Joshua when anyone compliments him sincerely (but it’s Joshua so it’s always sincere and constantly happening).
  • Prince Joshua who would hold the kids and read to them and sing them to sleep and look so beautiful doing it.
  • Prince Joshua visiting an old folks home and singing to them and noticing the really cute nurse wheeling an old man in and almost messing up but he plays it off and catches himself.
  • Nurse you trying not to freak out because the prince is even more handsome in person.
  • After his performance, Joshua getting especially red when you compliment him followed by a stuttering thank you and a giggle that makes Joshua like you anymore.
  • Joshua sitting with all the old women who love him and the sweet old ladies noticing Joshua’s glances at you and then start to talk sweetly about you.
  • “Such a sweet and pretty young one. She’s (He’s/They’re) always helping out down at the local orphanage on her days off. Bakes for them. And us, but I think she makes sweeter cookies for the kids.”
  • “I wasn’t…”
  • “Oh shush, young man. She’s a pretty girl (boy). Anyone would notice her.”
  • Joshua listening to all the compliments the old women give you and only liking you more.
  • You of course seeing Joshua interact with all the elders and liking him even more.
  • Joshua catching your eye when you’re staring at him and smiling. This thus leads to you going bright red and hiding in the kitchen and random patients rooms throughout the day, much to Joshua’s disappointment.
  • On your day off, you being surprised to see the prince sitting with all the girls and boys at the orphanage all surrounding him and his guitar.
  • You two spending all day together with the children, him not even seeming to blink twice when your hands brush or when you bump into each other but you going red every time (it’s okay he finds it REALLY cute)
  • When you start to hand out your bazillion cookies you baked that morning and the former night, you insisting Joshua have a chocolate chip one because it’s your grandmother’s recipe that “makes even Scrooge smile with delight”
  • He loves it and wants you to send the royal cooks the recipe because he swears its the best cookie he has ever had in his life (and of course they only taste the best when you make them).
  • All the kids hugging Joshua and trying to keep him from leaving because they love him so much.
  • Him somehow mustering to ask you on a date before leaving to the castle that night. You getting flushed and stuttering a yes which leaves a bright smile on his face.
  • Making cookies and food with Joshua and teaching him how to cook. (his princely hands have never been too good for making food)
  • Him sprinkling powder on you and it turns into a food fight.
  • Food fight ending with Joshua pinning you against the counter while laughing and you two make eye contact and he kisses you.
  • Sweet and simple peck, just like Joshua himself.
  • You two dating and having lots of cute dates whether you’re working at a charity, or at an event together, or cuddling on the couch together.
  • The royal family loves you to pieces. And who doesn’t love the sweet girl who compliments the sweet prince perfectly?

queenheiwa  asked:

Rivamika for the ship thing! XD

YASS BITCHES!!! LES DO DIS!! please forgive my excitement i was waiting for this tbh >w<

I’m answering these in the “Living Together” universe (a fanfic of mine). *flails arms*

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

Omfg Mikasa. She sees it on youtube and decides to try it. She just puts an exaggerated amount of peeps into a bowl. Times it for seven minutes and sits there with a camera phone, and it just creates this huge sticky mess. In which Levi just loses it later complaining on how horrible it is to remove burnt marshmellow residue from the interior microwave surface. 

He’s scrubbing it off while Mikasa sits on a chair rewatching the video with a look of amusement on her face.

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

Levi forgets. Mikasa doesn’t care if their cat, Revi, is in the room, but Levi hates it. He has Mikasa pinned against the bedpost doing teasing foreplay in the dim room and suddenly the cat starts meowing loud ass hell. Levi curses when notices that the black cat is at the foot of their bed staring at him with his bright yellow eyes. ((LOL))

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

Mikasa because she’s secretively mischievous, and Levi is a dork god plz. *cries* 

She likes to  fiim his reactions to stuff. It can range from prank-like vids like, his reaction to opening a jack-in-box of glitter. ((ohh that really set him off cuz glitter is so messy)) to just secretly filming him as he heavily criticizes a movie they’re watching on netflix. ((because his commentary is hilarious)) 

Catching him snoring after he comes home working overtime. Or when he falls asleep sitting up. Virtually it becomes Mikasa’s hobby, she ends up not posting most of it, because she starts feeling a little guilty and for the most part, she finds it endearing and re-watches them when she misses him.

“Levi.” Mikasa holds her phone up to him. The red light blinking, as Levi’s face shows up on the display.

He wrinkles his nose, “Ugh, please tell me you’re not filming me again.”

Mikasa smiles softly watching him through the screen. “You got a booger on your shirt,” she teases.

“Shit where?” He quickly checks his t shirt looking down feeling the slight embarrassment burn on his cheeks. Until he realizes it was just a joke.

Mikasa just giggles.

“Ugh! Seriously what the hell!”

“I love you, honey,” Mikasa replies sweetly.

Levi jerks his face away, his face burning slight pink.

who breaks the most phones

Believe it or not it’s Levi. Easy explanation. When he cleans. He’s super cautious about his phone, and puts the screen protector on super nice sans any air bubbles. He’s got a case for it, but bulky cases are bothersome for him. It looks too clunky he hates that. 

He confident that he’s good at caring for it without it anyways or at least with just a simple plastic case.

But when he cleans, and he has it clipped to his shirt listening to music, and he aggressively sweeping his mop left and right, and pole snags on the headphones and yanks at his phone and clatters to the floor.

Or when he drops it in the toilet while he’s cleaning the bathroom.

And when he’s determined to climb to the top shelf in the supermarket and it slips off his back pocket and falls to the floor.

Or that time when he carrying a bunch of bags back home by himself (because he insists) and the phone falls to floor and it accidentally steps on it.

Needless to say his lifetyle is one of the major causes for these accidents.

One can be attributed to the cat, Revi. Who once sitting on the kitchen counter (when he wasn’t supposed too) pushes the Levi’s phone with his paw to the floor and Mikasa slips on it. 

Levi always gets his phone insured, and had backup files of his contacts on the computer. His buddies in the office (Erwin, Mike, Auruo etc) will never stop teasing him about it when they see him with a new one.

who dies first

Oh god my heart. Well, I’d have to say Levi. ;A;

He has a bad habit of not really caring for himself, and often prioritizes Mikasa’s health over his own. He ignores the signs his body give him until it’s enough to make Mikasa worry. I have imagined a scenario where he is diagnosed with high blood pressure after going through some dizzy spells at work.

If he doesn’t take care of himself, he’s likely to develop cardiac problems as he gets older. 

Mikasa was careless about herself after the loss of her family due to suicidal thoughts and depression but later on she is very attentive to herself, Levi and their cat Revi.

which one I could see as being lactose intolerant

Either one to be honest, but I see Mikasa.

But it would upset her because she loves the taste of whole milk and cheese. But if she would have any, it would give her a terrible case of gas. Levi would keep a carton of Lactaid in the fridge all the time for her and regular milk for himself, and she’d still drink his milk mixed in with hers.

And in the middle of the night, Levi can’t sleep because it stinks and he wakes her up slapping her with the pillow like, “How many fuckin times did I tell you not to drink my milk!?!?” 

((my bro is lactose intolerant so I can relate))

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

Levi. OMFG.

Levi is the type to act like always knows what he’s doing. When at times he really does and at other times. He really has no fuckin clue. But you know what he’s the older one and he wants to set the example so who can blame him lol. And when he starts fuckin up he sees her quiet lips slowly turn up into a smirk he becomes torn between having sex with her or having starting an argument.

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

Oopf. Well, Levi kicks himself out the bed. If they have a bad argument Levi just lets Mikasa have the bed and sleeps in the guest room or downstairs in the sofa.

who uses the computer most

Levi for work related purposes. Mikasa borrows Levi’s laptop a lot until she gets her own, but on her leisure she just watches cat videos, and how-to fashion and makeup tips on youtube.

Like A Slut, Daddy.


*If you are still reading I warned you(lol enjoy)*

**This is my first smut I know others like it rough and it is hard to find some out there so I hope you enjoy ;)** **it is also about Sam Wilk VERY DETAILED**

(Y/n’s point of view)

I came home to a wonderful surprise; Sam. my boyfriend of 1 year was making dinner for us both. I walked up behind him and put my arms around his waist and hugged him, I heard him put down the knife that he used to cut the vegetables with and loosened my grip turned me around lifted me up on the counter and gave me a nice hello peck and went back to cutting the vegetables. “Babe, whats the special occasion?” I asked with a smile. He just smirked and said “I just love you.” “I love you too, no actually more!” I responded giggling. I truly loved him and according to my friends he is truly in love with me too, every time one of the boys posted and sneaked picture of us looking at each other my friends would tell me that he is looking at me like he is in love and I am a masterpiece. I got snapped of of my thoughts when I heard him say my name and touch my thigh. “Y/n. Earth to Y/n..” he said chuckling. I just laughed and pretended that his touch didn’t send chills down my body.”Sorry I was just thinking about um, how, umm, uh, how the noddles look like pencils?” I said while I was blushed tomato red and looked at him with my head lowered, he just looked to the noodles and back to me with a confused face and just laughed, I was relieved he believed me. A couple of minutes later dinner was done, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this hand on my thigh and how his fingers were so long and felt so good in me.Yes of course he is great in bed, but I like it really rough, kinky, and dirty and I don’t think he would be up for it. I always get satisfied, but not satisfied if that make sense. All dinner I kept staring at him eating the spaghetti how he would lick the sauce off his lips I only could imagine him licking my juices of his lips after aggressively eating me out. Dammit Y/n! stop thinking and eat your fucking pasta I thought to myself while squeezing my legs together to relive tension between them. “Babe how do you like it?” Sam asked me “It is amazing Sam, thank you so much baby!” I replied. It went on like this till we were done with our food. “Hey, Sam baby I am gonna go take a shower.” I said while heading to the bedroom bathroom, and Sam just nodded. I got out of the shower put on pajamas still unsatisfied and wet as I went to sleep next to him spooning me.

(Sam’s point of view) 

I woke up to Y/N whimpering and just as I was about to wake up from her bad dream I heard her moan. That’s when I knew she was having a wet dream. That when it happened I heard it. “SAM!” Y/N moaned. It was the hottest sound I have ever heard, I moved myself slightly so she could touch herself. I was waiting for her to while she was panting and whimpering I was getting so hard just by her sound as soon as I started to palm myself she went to touch herself I stared to pump myself thinking about all the dirty things I want her to say and want her to do, but I don’t think that Y/n can take it she’s too innocent. I decide to wake her up and maybe make her dreams a reality.

(Y/n’s point of view) 

Sam is just about to thrust into me when I feel me being shaken my eyes flutter open and I feel my fingers in me….I’m masturbating, I quickly pull my fingers out of me in hopes Sam didn’t see. “Baby girl were you having a wet dream about me? Because if you were I could make those real.” Sam whispered in my ear. He started to nibble on my ear then moved to my neck. He found my sweet spot and I started to moan he never really did this so I figured it was time to tell him what I want. “Sam I need to tell you something” I whispered. “What, baby?” he responded. Just spit it out I thought to myself. I moaned again as his hands traveled up my leg. “I want you to fuck me and rough!” I said desperate for his touch. He stopped all his actions and looked me in the eyes, shocked written all over his face. Oh shit!I totally screwed up! I knew it! He would never wa- I was thinking when he pulled me out of my thoughts when Sam said “Call me daddy babygirl. Tell me how to want me to fuck you princess.” now it was my turn to return the shocked look on my face, but it soon disappeared when I realized what he said, so I responded hoping to be fully satisfied tonight, “Daddy, I want you to fuck me so hard that I forget my name and I can’t walk for a week. I want to to make me cum so many times I am begging you to stop. I want you to wrap you hand around my throat and choke while you fuck me. I want you to fuck me…like a slut, daddy.” I told him moaning the last part. He just responded by groaning. He got up off of me went to the desk and pulled the chair out and placed it at the end of the bed. I looked at him confused until he finally spoke up after he sat down in it. “Round one. Touch yourself to me touching myself and make your self cum.” he said making me moan at his words this has been another dream of mine his clothes are already off so its my turn I decide to strip for him I take of my skin tight tank top and I have to bra on to my titties bounce out make him moan while pumping himself slowly while sliding his thumb across the tip leaking pre-cum, then I turn around to let my ass face him I slowly tease him by sliding my booty shorts off, did I forget to mention I had not panties on either, so I bend over letting him get a full look of everything. I hear more moan and groans in front of me as I lay on the bed, my wet pussy wanting to be fucked is right in front of him as I open my legs I look down and see him pumping his cock fast and rough his knuckles turning white, this site alone can make me cum, so I slid my hand and I touch my boobs and massage them I take my fingers and lightly circle them on my nipples them getting hard and sensitive I slide one of my hands down to my heat and cup it I am watching Sam as I move my fingers over my clit circling hard fast circles on it making me moan already. I am squirming underneath my touch as I am moaning “DADDY” you know the daddy kink isn’t just for guys it turns on girls when we call them that. He is pumping his dick and talking dirty only encouraging me to pleasure myself “Oh fuck, Oh god Y/n just like that baby. god I want to tear up that pussy so bad right now.” he moaned out. I was moaning and I stuck a finger in the pleasure was so good I was finally relieving some tension. I start going at a viscous pace pumping in two fingers while rubbing my clit “Shit, oh fuck, I am going to cum daddy!” I scream I just hear Sammy moan in response, I know that he is going to close too. I squeeze my eyes shut and tilt my head back as I come undone. I look up and I see Sammy his head tilt back in the chair and he jerks himself a few more times then he cum on his stomach. I never really gave Sammy a blow job so I got up sat on my knees and looked at him. “Does daddy’s little slut want to wrap her pretty lips around my big cock?” he says standing up. I just nod and I start to palm him until he gets hard again. I lick a strip the base to the tip and wrap my lips around the tip and suck on it circling my tongue around it, “Baby s-s-stop teasing-g-god that feels so good baby don’t stop!” he said whimpering as I took him all in my mouth, his hands immediately found their way to the back of my head with his fingers tangled in my hair. I pull away wanting a little more foreplay. “Daddy I know I am sorry I not giving my best please don’t hurt me daddy.” I say innocently and bat my eyelashes. He just smirks and plays along, he pulls me off the bed with force and slams me against he wall on my knees. I just smirk getting exactly what I want. “OPEN.” he orders and I obey. He thrusts into my face and starts face fucking me. “SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, I cumming don’t stop Baby girl!” he says and starts thrusting harder making me gag with saliva all over my face he is grunting and moaning like never before and then he cums all over my mouth and face. “Damn Y/n You look so fucking sexy with my cum all over your face, now swallow it for me like a good girl.” He says in a sexy voice and again I obey loving every second of his dirt talk. “Now just like you said I want you to be begging me to stop making you cum got that princess? Oh and don’t hold back any sounds.” He says as me pulls me up to my feet. we make out passionately, with my tongue and his moving in sync. He lifts me up and I automatically wrap my legs around him the he pulls away and says “I love my dirty slut.” and I just smirk and say in response “and I love my daddy.” we peck lips smiling and then he throws me on the bed. “Now do you want daddy to eat you pussy?” I just moan and nod my head yes. he spreads my legs and he starts to slowly kiss up my thighs “No teasing” I whined. Sammy chuckled and it sent vibrations to my heat I moaned at the feeling and involuntary bucked my hips, but Sammy put his forearm on my waist and held me down. He started by taking his finger and spreading my wetness all over my folds. He then licked a line up my slit the attacked my clit while his fingers massaged my folds and teased my entrance. I was getting lost in the sounds of his tongue lapping and my moaning from the pleasure until he unexpectedly shoved two fingers into me and leaving the there, I wanted him to do more. “Sammy I need you to do something with you fingers.” I whined. He pulled them out of my and sat up. “I thought I told you to call me daddy.” he responded Oh shit  I thought “I am sorry daddy it won’t happen again.” I promised. He pulled my hair and bend me over his lap ass facing him and I was getting more wet close to cumming. “Bad whores get punishments, got that?” I just nodded in return “Now you are going to get Five spanks and I want you to count.” he demanded. I was so close to cumming now. I felt his large rough hand on my left ass cheek. “One” I say moaning. So close. I felt it again even Harder. “Two-daddy I am so close.” I said whimpering. “cum for me babygirl.” He whispered in my ear as he spanked me harder. “TThhhrrreeee Ffffuucckk Shit uhh” I said while cumming. He spanked me two more times less hard and I counted them. I came undone twice still sensitive to touch. Sammy picked me up again and threw me on the bed without warning he thrust into me and it feels so fucking good. “Shit Y/N you feel so fucking good.” I moaned to respond. “God. You’re. So. Tight!” he  screamed. Daddy! Harder, faster!” I screamed he goes faster and deeper stretching me out. I feel his dick twitch inside me so roll us over so now I am on top and I start to ride him. I start to bounce up and down until I felt the knot in my stomach let go, for the third time tonight. I was exhausted so Sammy flipped over so he was on top and he wasn’t slowing down. “Daddy I-I-I can’t…” I breathed out. “Your such a slut beg for it; beg me to stop.” He said through gritted teeth while holding my neck with a firm grip. I felt myself cum once more, before he pulled out and came on my boobs. I felt him reach down and circled my clit in small fast circles. I came once more being the fourth orgasm I received. “Daddy please I will be a good girl I promise I can’t take anymore!” I asked pleading he took his hand off of my clit. “baby you didn’t just cum you squirted!” he said proud of his work. I just laid there shaking. He walked out of the bathroom with a warm towel and wiped our mess up I was so overwhelmed I could not move. After he was done he came back to the bed turned off the lights and put the covers over us and pulled me into his strong arms. He laid there breathing calm and calming me down. once I was breathing normally he began to talk. “That was amazing, I honestly thought you wouldn’t be able to handle it. I can add it the the list!!” he said excitedly. “What list?” I said totally confused “The list of the infinite amount of reasons I love you so much.” He said honestly. My heart felt full.”And that is just one reason I love you.” I replied we both just smiled and went to sleep with our aching bodies intertwined. 

****SORRY if it was to long for your liking****

***requests are open***

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what are your kaimiku headcanons


  • ive said this a million times but once again kaito and miku have a height difference miku is 5’1/5’2 and kaito’s somewhere around 6’ and she fits perfectly in his lap and he sometimes carries her and its v cute
  • when bored they like to sit together and talk or play word/hand games
  • miku is more embarrassed by physical affection while kaito is more embarrassed by verbal affection. when kaito kisses, hugs, cuddles, holds her hand etc she blushes and gets flustered but won’t put up a fight or anything. sometimes miku will randomly start telling kaito how much she loves and appreciates him and how handsome she thinks he is and he gets really red and does that collar tug thing. but they both get really happy from it
  • they like to the park or to cafes to pass the time
  • my hc miku has a mild case of narcolepsy (bc of crazy schedules and overworking herself), so sometimes when she’s making coffee she’ll nod off on the counter. kaito knows she works hard so he just comes over and will poke her a bit, or kiss her head to wake her up and tell her her coffees done. 
  • sometimes she stays out really late working and he waits for her. when it’s really bad, she’ll come stumbling into the house half awake and he’ll carry her up and put her in her bed.
  • they’re kind of iffy about acting couple-y in public, since they know their relationship is kind of looked down on considering the age gap.
  • they first realized they liked each other more than friends when they were alone in the house one summer afternoon. they were talking, and miku was dreamily kind of observing him while he was looking away. she noticed how big his hands were, and asked for it. she held her hand to his and that basically was the first moment where there feelings started developing. it’s v animu
  • kaito usually tries to put up an “optimistic big brother” act for everyone so they won’t worry about things, but he can cry in front of miku. she’ll sit with him and brush his hair out of his face and kiss his forehead. (he only likes crying in front of meiko, miku, and luka. although miku the most bc of how she spoils him afterwards)
  • they love getting to do performances together, like in project diva games or concerts. they think it’s fun to make music videos together and like getting pumped about them
  • kaito sometimes teases her about being “the number one princess in the world” and when he does she get’s really embarrassed 
  • ///NSFW kind of/// one night when miku gets home late, kaito’s the only one in the house. she’s not that tired, but he insists on carrying her to bed anyway. when he lays her down and goes to kiss her goodnight, she covers her mouth. He pulls back confused, but then she says “Tonight I want you to kiss me somewhere else.” that was their first time 



Here’s a personal post, more like a rant that I have to get off my chest. 

I’ve always lacked confidence and self worth since birth. Okay, I’m joking but as far as I can remember I hated my body. In high school I played it safe and hid from everyone in fear of being bullied for my weight. Kids can be cruel and after a few hateful comments I learned to sit back and be quiet and just get through my day. My first three years of college before I started my journey was a time where I found my voice again. It took a while but I learned to trust people again and open up, that is with female’s. I still felt too insecure to ever go out with or show a guy I was interested in him. Blah blah blah so whats the point? When I moved back to NY I started going out and flaunting my new confidence in new clothes that I would have never been able to fit into. I didn’t have a tolerance anymore for alcohol and it took only two drinks to go from sober to black out wasted in a heartbeat. Losing over a 100lbs was such a mind fuck on so many levels lol.  I lost myself in the bar scene a little bit trying to meet guys and make up for lost time which is right around the time I started binging. When I moved to Williamsburg I continued that life for a few months until I decided to stay home and completely cut drinking off completely. When I found recovery for my BED, I found soul cycle and started going to the gym and slowly got my groove back. Over the past couple of months I decided to start putting myself out there via dating apps in the hopes of just meeting guys outside the bar scene. I didn’t want to drink for many reasons but the most important being all those empty calories. Seemed really counter productive while I was trying to lose weight again.  I went on a few dates every few days and felt like a normal 20 something year old in Manhattan…living the dream. Except the dream is a nightmare. These Tinder guys are the WORST. I’ve been on some awful dates but now I have some epic stories to laugh about with my roommate. It’s been a hilarious adventure. I met a guy in October and our night was so magical I felt like it was a scene from a movie. Let’s call him Tom for the sake of this post. We hit it off and began seeing each other every other day. I fell hard for him despite us being “just friends”. He liked to play games and I turned into “that girl” who would sit by her phone waiting for a guy to text her back.  We had a good thing going and I thought it was leading somewhere wonderful, but in the words of Taylor Swift LOL “Nothing lasts forever. But this is gonna take me down. He’s so tall, and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well. I can see the end as it begins.” I flipping love her new album by the way. For a little backstory, this is the same guy who stood me up that one night a while back and I posted a pic of me eating turkey burgers alone in bed. Those who follow my blog closely will remember. I had a million reasons why I should cut him out of my life but when we would hang out our chemistry was so intense I kept him around. He knew I wasn’t going to wait around forever  so I started going on dates here and there again because we weren’t exclusive. 

Last night, (which is the whole point of this rant) was rough and destroyed my confidence so I thought I would share it with you all. I’m sure you all have been through this and its nice to just talk out loud to my thousands of followers sometimes haha. I invited Tom to come out to my college roommates bday cocktail hour thing with me. I haven’t seen her in a year and I never ever go out so i thought it would be fun. I couldn’t not go. Not many people in my life ever met Tom but I was ready to start introducing him around. I was letting him into my world, I was starting to trust him. Hours go by and he texted me that he would come and so like always I got really excited.  I get a text later that he was too busy. I knew that was a lie because he’s done that shit before…cool bro, thanks. My roommate came with me instead. I later find out in a heated text war with him at a 4am that he went out and just didn’t want to see me. All week I was texting this guy Peter from Tinder and he said he would like to get together this weekend, and so I invited him out. I waited at a bar until 2am after numerous texts that he was on his way. He never showed. So here I am looking all dolled up for TWO guys who stood me up on the SAME NIGHT. Cool. My roommate and I go out instead and we have an awesome night just being two single girls in the greatest city in the world. I’m just a girl who never really goes out but is just trying to put herself out there and I keep getting hurt. I know you have to go through this shit to find the person you are supposed to be with, but why does it have to be so damn hard? I’ve never had an epic love story nor have I ever been in a true long committed relationship. I’m 23 but I crave that stability. Someone to come home to, someone who will support me on my journey and just companionship really. So whats a girl to do? I live in the heart of Brooklyn with a bar on every corner but I really don’t like that scene. It’s not me. I go to the gym almost every damn day but prince charming doesn’t seem to be there either. I can’t stand Tinder and all the sleazy guys I  kept matching with so I feel a bit defeated, hungover and sad.  I know being stood up by these two guys is a reflection of them not me but its really easy for me to go right back into binge mode. To feel sorry for myself and sit in the land of self loathing and food. 

I deserve better and i know I am better off without Tom but in the back of my mind I think I believe that having him in my life is better than being alone. 

But god damn it, I looked cute. 

End rant.