will devour

Listen, in
the early 1920′s, women were paid to paint radium
onto watch dials so that men wouldn’t have to ask

the time in dark alleys. They were told it was safe,
told to lick their brushes into sharp points. These
women painted their nails, their faces, and judged

whose skin shined brightest, they coated their
teeth so their boyfriends could see their bites
with the lights turned down.

Paige Lewis, from “The Moment I Saw a Pelican Devour,” published in Sixth Finch

Here’s more of the reply, since I only addressed “personality” earlier.

2. Demonic looks.

There are many theories why Sebastian looks so much like Vincent. One of the first I heard was that Yana-san just used the same drawing template for both characters on a *whim* (I guess once she started to draw Sebastian differently than at first). I disagree with that; she’s said there is a *reason*, though she also said it might never be explained in the manga. Another early one I heard was that this demon had previous dealings with the Phantomhive family (or had even once been Sebastian, the dog). The earl doesn’t seem interested in whatever Sebastian did before their contract, but Sebastian has given hints about it… and those hints suggest he had no idea who the Phantomhives were until after he’d made the contract and found out this kid was from the aristocracy. He didn’t know where the manor was any more than the earl did. The lyrics to “Phantom? Knight!” suggest that he’d been in a deep sleep for a long time until he was roused from it by the earl’s curse “that day”. And before he’d gone into that long, deep sleep? His not-so-off-handed comments about the Viennese Waltz place him in Austria roughly a century before making this contract. He would have witnessed first-hand (and possibly had something to do with) the end of the reign of the Habsburgs. He’s not being passed down through generations of Phantomhives, nor has he been their family pet.

One possibility is that when the boy and demon made the contract, the demon was able to pick up on something from the boy – physical traits – and took a form that looked like a more mature version of this, ending up with a look reminiscent of Vincent… minus the mole/beauty mark under the left eye. Another possibility (and I really like this one?) is that when the demon arrived and ate real Ciel’s soul, that soul *later* affected the appearance the demon took just after making the contract. Since we’ve established that real Ciel does indeed take more after Vincent, perhaps this gave the demon the ability to take on an appearance reminiscent of their father.

But why would this even matter? It may not be intentional on the demon’s part, but looking even a little bit like the earl’s father could give him more of an air of authority. It could also make the earl subconsciously think of his own father when he sees Sebastian, creating a familial bond on top of the demonic one. On the Campania, the earl does hide behind Sebastian and cling to him when the Viscount of Druitt approaches… just like the younger earl did to Vincent at the party where they met Baron Kelvin. He even tells Druitt he joined the Aurora Society because his father thought they could cure his right eye. Sebastian just gets a puzzled look and questions “Father?” I don’t think Sebastian even realizes he looks somewhat like Vincent. I recall Madam Red saying Sebastian should be in the room when the earl is given his official title. She says he’s practically family, but Sebastian says he’d never presume such a thing. Despite what he says, Sebastian at times acts like father, mother, and even brother to the earl. Thing is, we could be getting a setup in which Sebastian very much becomes a replacement for Vincent in the earl’s life. It can be said that Sebastian IS family, just that neither he nor the earl has come to accept that… yet….


Well, that just addresses his human-like appearance under contract. His demonic form is another story. I think there are two main reasons his demonic form hasn’t been fully shown. Well, three, if you count leaving it up to the reader’s/viewer’s imagination. But Yana-san has said she thinks of demons as inter-dimensional beings, so humans cannot fully comprehend their forms. Whatever we see of his demonic nature in manga, anime, etc. is just that: what we can see, what our minds can perceive, when we get a glimpse of it. The other thing is that he can shape-shift, so his demonic form will look a certain way to us in one situation but look different in another. We might see huge black bird wings (or just feathers), suggesting his crow-demon nature. We might see this only vaguely human-shaped or somewhat formless black smoke-monster shape with red eyes, particularly when he’s fighting. Sometimes we see an apparent void with eyes, a fanged mouth, and black tendrils. Other times we get to see those hot-as-hell heeled boots, hands clad in black, claw-like nails, and more tendrils. With all the dog references, we might see him take a dog-like form – a hell hound – at some point. That would connect him even more with Cerberus/Marquis Naberius, who is said to take the form of a crow (or crane), a three-headed dog, a combination of those two, or a man.

I’ll address that aspect more in the next part, “culture/hell/status”. I hope you don’t mind me breaking this all up; I’m just trying to avoid making one huge post that takes me hours to write :)

Imagine being a boss in dark souls

You’re this millennia old god devouring, universe ending, legend, you’re literally so powerful that no one comes and challenges you anymore like it’s just the way things are. No ones like “man I bet I could take aldrich and dethrone him” because that’s just not a thought that crosses anyone’s mind. Your powers are beyond compare.

Then one day this skinny loincloth wearing ass naked little shit named fartmancer or something comes through with a pyromancied +7 great sword and tanks you in like three minutes. Your attacks don’t even phase him. Spells that have felled armies in one swoop are casually barrel rolled. Weapons that have slain gods are being raised against this dude and he’s just eating every hit like it’s breakfast.

Then when you die like the bitch that you apparently are??? he takes your hundred thousand souls and then loses them to a sentient pile of piss outside. They’re not even gonna be spent they’re just gone forever. And he doesn’t even care. They meant nothing to him.

What a fucking shit shoot that would be right?

Dark Souls 3 has so many cool boss fights, such as:

–Large Man in Armor
–Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze
–Evil Treebeard
–Yur a Wizard Crow-Man
–The Entire Vatican
–The Wolf Furry Fanclub
–Mega Papyrus
–The Last Demon’s Soul’s Reference
–Lightsaber Pope & his Stand, Star Platinum
–Small Onion vs. Machete Giant
–The Very Hungry Caterpillar God Eater
–Mr. Freeze’s Ballerina Sister
–Evil Butterflies Seek Revenge Through a Piece of Armor
–Dragon Daddy & Revolver Ocelot
–Large Man in Armor (In the Dark)
–Sibling Comradery in its Weirdest Form
–Dragon with the World’s Softest Head
–Jesus Riding a Dragon
–You, but Cooler

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana

In the Auror training gym

Harry: *puts a giant load of plates onto the bar*

Ron: ‘’Mate wtf. You tryna kill yourself? You know you’ll never be the strongest here. Sorry mate, but even I’m way stronger than you.’’

Harry: *struggling under the bar* ‘’It’s not you I gotta beat Ron. It’s Malfoy.’’

Draco: *from the other side of the room* ‘’YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BEAT MY BENCH NUMBERS YOU WEAK ASS.’’


Draco: *under his breath* ‘’Damn. Agreed.’’