will destroy your ears

Dear Victor Hugo on your birthday,

Thank you for writing Les Miserables. It means a lot (probably too much) to me.

But mostly I want to say. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry your book is still relevant. I’m sorry your lessons fell on deaf ears. We are destroying our world through corruption and power and your writing has become more relevant than ever.

You state in your preface “as long as there is misery in the world books like this will be useful” but to think that in 2017, almost 200 years later, those words still ring true? It’s awful. So much has changed in the world, yet fundamentally the problems you address in your preface - and in the 1500 pages that follow - have barely shrunk a measurable amount.

Your book is an award winning musical now. It was filmed with a star-studded cast. It has had so many adaptation both for screen and radio I honestly cannot count them.
And yet nothing has changed.

I love your book. I think about it constantly. It is a work of genius and care to the extent I have not seen before. So this is a thank you for writing it.
But I hate that it is still relevant and I am sorry that your book is still useful.


Humans are weird 101 (music part 1)

Do you know what Aleins definitely don’t get? Human music tastes.

Most species like to keep their sound wave space clean in order to better locate, hear commands, and sense danger. The fact that humans purposely block these necessary alert functions baffles them.

In the early years of human-alien co-habitation, aleins had no idea what their ear pods or listening devices were for. Most assumed that they enhanced hearing and therefore would only speak in quiet voices so they wouldn’t bother the humans ears. Soon this was found out not to be the case especially when important information was whispered to a human wearing soundproof headphones.

But soon aleins began to understand they were listening to things. Unfortunately none of them appreciated human music as much as the natives

Alien: *listens to a few seconds of scremo and hast to sleep off the ringing in his sound processors*

Alien: what do you mean you listen to that for pleasure? There MUST be some element that is beneficial about your human ears being destroyed on repeat.

Human:*shrugs* I like the emotion

Alien: *looks up human emotions while screaming: fear, anger, sadness, horror*

Alien: *stares wide eyed at human*

Alien awkwardly wraps tentacles around human.

Human: what are you doing?

Alien: human guide book said that when humans became emotional they need physical contact in the form of bugs

Human: you mean hugs?

Alien gently pats them with a tentacle: whatever you say…

Alien: these human phrases are just repeated over and over again. I do not understand the appeal

Human: it’s just not your genre

Alien: what about Shaun? I thought he was on loading deck four?

Human: *face palm*

Alien: so what makes this country music?

Human: oh you know, the twang in their voices and the acoustic instruments, that sort of thing

Alien: these are all about females of your species and four-wheeled ground rovers and fermented beverages

Human puts an arm around alien: most music talks about girls and booze, but you KNOW it’s country when it talks about a truck

Alien: ahhhh this one. This one is my favorite

Human: I haven’t even picked a song yet

pastelynch  asked:

Hi!! if you are still doing prompts: Neil overworking himself and blowing out his arms again? and Andrew comforting him? i'm jumping on the angst train. Also i love your writing! it's so nice to read :)

(thank you darlin, sorry it took a while!)

Neil’s vision judders a little bit, like exhaustion is picking him up and shaking him. He can feel the sharp sting of sweat in his eyes and the open wound of his lungs, and the net looks farther away every time he blinks.

“Again,” Kevin calls. “But without your form crumpling in on itself.”

Neil grits his teeth. “I don’t see the point,” he says for the dozenth time. Kevin’s getting him to run drills with his left hand, and missing easy targets is starting to run cold and tedious. It’s a lesson in humility, maybe. Some sort of sociopathic vindication on Kevin’s part.

“You’re only half an athlete,” Kevin replies firmly. “Half your potential is squandered every time you hit the top of whatever box you’ve put yourself in and just accept it.”

Neil twirls his racquet and tosses it from one hand to another. He doesn’t like the weight of it in his wrong hand. His left bicep is screaming at being used so much, and his stronger arm is twitching jealously. He feels like he’s trying to talk without his tongue for no reason.

“If I’m using the wrong arm I’m just making myself a smaller box,” Neil argues. “It’s not necessary. Just because you have a handicap doesn’t mean you should impose it on everyone else.”

Kevin stiffens in the goal, and Neil can see his fingers spasming from halfway across the court.

“Fine. Limit yourself. You’ve never used even a fraction of your potential.”

“Then teach me,” Neil challenges. “Stop trying to prove something about your own versatility and help me hone my strengths. Or do you want to lose, next month?”

Kevin drops his racquet and it makes a wrenching clatter. “I’m going to win. If you’re not going to put in the effort then you can teach yourself.” He collects his fallen equipment on his way out of the court, the tendons in his neck straining the whole time. Neil looks back out towards the outer court where Andrew is watching, sprawled backwards on his hands with his head cocked.

Kevin meets up with him and jabs one hand back towards Neil, speaking in intense sentences punctuated by backwards looks. Andrew accepts whatever he’s saying by refusing to react, his face a perfect balance. Neil tries to watch the shape of their mouths but he can only see Andrew properly, and he’s not talking.

After thirty seconds of one-sided bitching Kevin makes a production of stalking off, and Andrew quietly follows behind. Something annoyed throbs in Neil’s stomach. He foolishly expected Andrew to come and confront him instead, maybe even end up taking his side.

He tightens his grip on his racquet and seethes in frustration, testing his left grip then right, left then right, until the difference feels too huge to be real, an uncrossable gulf.

He remembers detachedly when his now preferred racquet felt impossibly heavy. He remembers when he would rather have seen Andrew gone from the team than in his bed.

He looks back at the bucket of balls and the empty court, and everything tightens up: the muscles in his left arm, the walls of the court, that uncrossable gulf. Ichirou’s warning — the barbed wire around his heart —tightens too.

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Red Wine Kiss

Note: I’m so so sorry this is late, sweetie! I hope you like it! thanks for the request. feedback is always welcome! .c

Request: I love your writing so much so I hope you can do this but if you can’t it’s ok, maybe you could do something like reader and bucky don’t like each other, and bucky would always tease her and play pranks on her and the reader just works in the lab with Tony, so bucky would always call her a lab rat, so Tony decided that all of the avengers would go to the Bahamas for a group vacation and the Reader was in a hot tub there and bucky sneaks in and starts being really romantic to the reader and then brings some wine and they end up making out ( no sex). sorry if this is really weird. Thank you so much if you can do this. @123olivia

-veeeery slight smut. just making out-

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When you live in a tower full of superheroes and super humans, you’d think it’d be an easy process of waking up, going to work, eating dinner, and going to sleep all to repeat it the next day. Only in a far off fantasy would that happen to you. Sure, it’s amazing living with the Avengers. It’s living with Bucky Barnes that makes it your worst nightmare. Your worst, stressful, infuriating, nightmare.

All he wanted to do was poke fun at you while you worked in Tony’s lab. If he wasn’t in your ear, he was in your belongings. Or destroying them somehow.

A frustrated sigh fell from your lips as you slammed your fist down on the work table. “Could you stop humming!? Five minutes - that’s all I need!” You shouted, turning to face the most immature and annoying person you’ve come to know.

Bucky simply smirked and shrugged his broad shoulders. “I don’t know, can I?” He quipped, reveling in the way your eyebrows creased and your chest heaved with anger. Bucky loved getting a rise out of you and you always failed to ignore his annoying antics.

“You either do it willingly or I’ll shove my first so far down your throat, your asshole will be sore.” You said through gritted teeth as the last ounce of patience you had dwindled down to a speck of nothingness. 

Bucky belted out a laugh and held his stomach, wiping away a fake tear. “Oh, lab rat. If you only knew how much I could wreck your asshole.” Bucky said through his loud chuckles, walking out of the room without a second glance.

Your mouth fell open with a gasp and your cheeks burned red, the heat pooling around your neck. You stomped your foot and took a much needed break from working. You hoped Tony would be back from his lunch break or else you’d never get this done.

As if he read your mind, Tony came in with a bag containing a white styrofoam box. You sighed and plopped down in your lab chair, resting your elbows on your knees. “Tony, I need a vacation.” You whined, rubbing your temples. Tony chuckled and handed you the bag. You took it with a small smile and opened it.

You smiled even wider as you looked inside. “Wow, my favorite food? Why ever would you?” You asked as you started to dig in. Tony chuckled and rolled his eyes playfully. “I know Barnes gets under that skin of yours. Thought you needed a pick-me-up after he replaced your body wash with honey.” Tony explained, crossing his arms over his chest.

Groaning at the memory, you furiously stabbed at your food before taking a bite. “About that vacation. Maybe we all should go somewhere.” Tony thought aloud, finding it funny how you’re so worked up over someone he doesn’t care to take a second glance at. “Where are you thinking?” You asked curiously, slowly becoming excited at the thought of being away from Bucky, even if he’s still in the same place as you.

Really, could he bother you during a nice vacation away from the tower? He’d surely be too busy enjoying himself. Why on earth would he choose to bother you when he could be skiing or swimming in the ocean?  Or drowning… You’d pick your battle soon enough, you figured.

Tony quickly pulled you out of your chair - so quickly you almost dropped your food. “Tony! What on earth-” Tony immediately shushed you as he ran you two towards the elevator, quickly asking FRIDAY to send you to the common room. “Round up the team! We have a vacation to plan!” He yelled excitedly, rubbing his hands together.

You smiled at the brightness in Tony’s eyes. You knew he needed to get out of his lab, anyways. He was still stressing about work and Pepper; you never saw him sleep or take time away from his inventions. You were thankful you were hired on the spot to help Tony out. But sometimes, even you needed a break from everything.

It’s been a year or so since you got here. The lonely and desperate person you were before quickly changed once you called Nick Fury and asked if he knew anyone that could use your smarts. 

Nick was an old family friend and you needed a job to pay for college. So, when he told you about Tony and what he did, you were more than eager to come in for an interview. After that, college was paid for and you had a job, including a bedroom.

Tony wouldn’t let you deny his forward request to pay for your college, even the rest of that months rent in your old Brooklyn apartment. Now, the only thing sucking the happiness out of you was Bucky. Ever since you got here, he was a little childish. Playing pranks, making annoying sounds to irritate you, the whole nine yards.

If he wasn’t so-

Tony cleared his throat as he stared at you from outside of the open elevator doors. Your head snapped up as you came back to reality and you sheepishly stepped out. You and Tony walked into the common room and surprisingly everyone was there. “Great! Guys, Y/N and I think we should go on vacation!” Tony said with a smile.

Sam cheered along with Clint and Steve. “Yeess! We’ve been hoping this day would come!” Sam yelled out happily, nearly splitting his cheeks from how big his smile was. You giggled at the men, shaking your head. Nat and Wanda were squealing and you rolled your eyes playfully when they looked at you.

Bucky was sitting in his chair, watching everyone cheer with a small albeit genuine smile. You sighed softly, hoping he wouldn’t ruin this for you. “So, any ideas?” Tony asked as he pulled out his holographic phone. He pulled up a map and looked around. “Maybe Milan? Tokyo? Paris?” He asked as he gestured towards each place. Everyone hummed and discussed among themselves. 

“What about the beach?” Wanda suggested, sparking the teams interest. “Well, I haven’t been to the beach in a long, long time. That sounds amazing.” Nat smiled, cupping her hands together. The beach actually sounded really nice. It was spring time now and the cold weather could kiss your ass if it were up to you. It’s only cute during Halloween and Christmas time, anyways.

Tony looked around after putting his phone away. With raised eyebrows, he needed confirmation. “So, the beach, then? Maybe the Bahamas?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows up and down. “The Bahamas!?” You squealed, gasping as you gaped at Tony. You’ve always wanted to go to to the Bahamas, and if you didn’t faint right now, you definitely would when you step foot in the warm sand.

After everyone had agreed and packed up, you all loaded up the jet and made your way to the Bahamas. “I’m so excited to get there! Tony, where are we gonna stay?” Sam asked, flipping through a magazine full of things to do at the Bahamas. “Flip to page 45.” Tony called out from the front of the jet. Sam did as told and you leaned over towards him, peeking at the page.

There was a huge beach house with a wooden sign that said ‘Stark’ engraved on it. “Daaaamn.” Sam muttered, raising his eyebrows. Before you could reply, you felt a boot nudge your shoe underneath the table. Not now, Barnes. Not now. You swallowed your sigh and paid Bucky no attention. That’s all he wanted from you and you’d be damned if you shot back.

Five minutes in, you shot back. “I will NOT let you ruin this vacation for me!” You yelled across the jet, shooting daggers at Bucky. He scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, his hair framing his face as he shook his head. “I was just humming.” Bucky tried to defend himself, but he knows what he’s up to. “Sure, because the need to play footsies with me is apart of your poor singing act.” You rolled your eyes so hard, they almost fell out.

Bucky grumbled and sat up in his seat, his jaw clenching. “You’re such a bitch sometimes, Y/N.” Bucky said, hitting your last nerve. You gasped and stood up, your hands on the table. “I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW-” The jet was full of groans and exasperated sighs. “For the love of God, guys! Shut up!” Clint whined loudly, rubbing his temples.

You shot a look at Bucky and he smirked at you. “Sit down, lab rat.” Bucky winked at you. You rolled your eyes again and scoffed as you sat back down in your seat. “Aw, I meant on my lap.” Bucky playfully frowned. “You’re a headache.” You muttered, shaking your head. “S'long as I’m your only headache.” Bucky said with a sly smile.

You abruply stood out of your seat again, deciding to move up front to sit with Tony. This is the last time you’re going to let Bucky get under your skin.

The rest of the ride was quiet, all but the soft humming coming from Bucky. It wasn’t as loud, so it didn’t bother you as much as it would if you were right in front of him. You could see the bright blue water come into view out of the jet window, your chest filling with excitement. “Oh my gosh! We’re here!” You squealed as you squirmed in your seat.

The team all stood and gathered their bags as Tony landed near his beach house. It was a private area, so nobody would be able to bother you. All with the exception of Bucky Barnes. You exited the jet quickly, making your way into the house after Tony unlocked it.

You’d take the tour later, but what you wanted right now was that soothing hot tub you saw a photo of in the magazine. Your body was tense and you needed to relax immediately. Taking absolutely no notice to what anyone was saying or doing, you changed into a two piece in an empty bedroom and grabbed a towel and sunglasses.

You passed by the others and Steve stopped you before you bolted out of the back door. “Y/N! Hey, uh, sorry about Bucky.” He said bashfully, trying not to look down at your body. You smiled at him and shook your head. “It’s fine. Well, it’s not - but it’s not your place to apologize.” You explained softly, watching Steve nod.

“He’s just…I dunno. Have fun.” Steve said before walking away. You creased your eyebrows but shrugged, continuing your walk towards the back. You slid the glass door open and set your towel down on the wooden deck surrounding the hot tub. A remote was sitting in a small slot and you pulled it out, looking at the different buttons. 

You pressed a few, jumping slightly when the hot tub began to fill up with water. Once it finished, you turned the jet pressure up, walking up the two stairs to get in. You could see steam rising up and you knew it was crazy to get in a hot tub under the sun, but you really needed the muscle relaxer right now.

A long, heavy sigh fell from your lips as you settled in the hot tub. “Shiiit, this feels amazing.” You sighed out, closing your eyes, the hot water bubbling all around you. You let your arms rest against the deck part, tilting your head back slightly. You allowed yourself drift away, listening to the wind blow, the sound of waves crashing, your teammates screaming and laughing in the water.

Had you not been paying attention to the sounds, you wouldn’t have heard the door open and close shortly after. “I like the sight of this.” Bucky said, you could hear the smirk in his tone. 

You groaned and opened your eyes, looking at him through your sunglasses. “Barnes, can’t you leave me alone until we get back to the tower?” You asked with venom laced in your voice. 

Bucky ignored you and climbed in the hot tub, sitting near you. You noticed he was shirtless and he was holding two wine glasses and a bottle of expensive red wine. “I’m guessing you didn’t ask if it was okay to get that?” You questioned as Bucky popped the cork out. He smiled and filled the two glasses, handing you one.

“No, but I’m guessing you’re going to drink it anyways?” Bucky quipped, his eyebrows quirked. You sighed as you took a glass from his hand. Bucky bumped his glass gently against yours. “Cheers, Doll.” Bucky said softly, taking a gulp of his wine. You rolled your eyes but thought about the nickname he had just given you and took a sip from your glass.

Then another sip, and another, and another. Soon, the bottle was halfway filled and you were a tad bit tipsy. A giggle fell from your lips as Bucky moved closer to you, his arm wrapped over your shoulder. “Come on, you have to admit that you’ve thought about kissing me at least once, beautiful.” Bucky stated, setting his wine glass down on the deck behind you two.

Your cheeks burned red and you shook your head. “Bucky, I would never! And don’t call me beautiful!” You hiccuped through your giggles, turning to face Bucky. He was much closer and it made your heart skip. Bucky took your sunglasses off and set them down. His eyes looked into yours and you never noticed the different shades of blue hidden in his.

Bucky caressed your cheek and you stared at him, unsure of what to do. “You’re absolutely gorgeous, Y/N.” Bucky said quietly, his eyes trailing along your face. You swallowed thickly and leaned into his touch. “I thought you hated me.” You slurred slightly with creased eyebrows. “I don’t. God, I don’t.” Bucky breathed, sounding rather nervous.

Bucky started to lean in, his hand resting on the side of your neck. You blinked a few times as he inched closer. “Just tell me to stop.” Bucky whispered, his knee brushing against yours. You let out a small exhale, letting his lips brush against yours. “No.” You whispered, finally pressing your lips against Bucky’s.

He groaned into the kiss and pulled you closer. You wrapped your arms around his neck and moaned into the kiss, feeling his tongue bump your bottom lip. You opened your mouth and started to twirl your tongue around his. He tasted like red wine and mint, a mixture you’d never get over.

You moved to sit on Bucky’s lap and his hands moved to rest on your hips. Your hands traveled along his neck, making their way into his long hair. Your mind was clouded but you were fully aware of the erection he was sporting. You rolled your hips against his, eliciting a  low growl from Bucky. He pulled away, your lips creating a wet smacking sound as he did so.

Your breath was heavy, your chest heaving up and down. Bucky gulped, his eyes trailing along your face and your exposed chest above the water in your bikini top. “Th-that-” Bucky breathed, his hand moving up to touch his lips. You smirked and leaned into his ear. “Kitten got your tongue?” You asked with a smirk, licking up the shell of his ear.

Bucky groaned and his eyes shut momentarily as you rolled your hips against his again. His lips were on yours in no time, tongues twirling, teeth biting, hands grabbing, nails clawing.


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Slick vs Sleek

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Jaebum x Reader


Warning: Partial Smut, Violence

Word Count: 4617

Author: Admin Jae

“You know what you came here for. Stay on target” Nigel whispered in the microphone attached to the inside of your ear.

“Yes, I get it. Stop pestering me, will you?” you snapped back. Nigel is your partner during your assignment. You were fond of Nigel, just because he bought humor to the table. Nigel would make it his personal mission to see you crack a smile. He was serving as an intern at Crimson. He graduated top of his class and in his spare time; he hacks and read comic books. He found your stern looks intimidating causing him to be extremely nervous around you. You were known to be a smartass around the office and never followed the rules despite your strong work ethic.

“You look absolutely beautiful tonight” Nigel commented. “Thank you, I try to be a good representation of Crimson. Sexy… Deadly” you said.

You were wearing a sexy red evening dress with a slit and v-neckline that can tease any man. You also carried a concealed weapon underneath. You had stares coming from all directions, men stealing glances from you.

“All right, what’s next?” you said.

“What do mean, what’s next? Haven’t you’ve done this before?” Nigel speculated. “No, I don’t perform stakeouts” you replied. “Well, it’s not our assignment to search and destroy. Keep your eyes sharp and ears open” Nigel urged. “I know Nigel, this isn’t my first day” you reminded handing the guard your gala invitation.  

You walked up the marbled steps to the ballroom. Everyone was dressed their very best only to impress those around. It was a very elegant atmosphere. People gathered in discussion barely able to hold their alcohol before the gala starts. “People are already drunk” you observed. “That’s a shame” Nigel said. You caught a glimpse of the most notorious criminal- Silas. 

To get a clearer view, you saw a bar across the way to watch. “He’s here” you spoke. “Good, now go entertain him” Nigel encouraged. “I don’t think that’s the best idea” you rejected. Walking gracefully past everyone, until you felt a gentle tap on your shoulder, “Excuse me Miss, may I have moment of your time?” a gentleman asked.

He was dressed in all black. His hair was slid back exposing the two beauty marks above his left eye. He was blessed with a chiseled jawline and defined cheekbones and broad shoulders. Something about his eyes, you found him intimidating and intriguing.  He was a sharp dresser no doubt. Yet behind his appearance, he had a mysterious aurora about him.

“No, you can’t” you said as you kept walking with your hips swinging. You sat in a bar stool. “What can I get you?” the bartender asked. “Yes, I’ll take Vodka martini”. “Don’t you think it’s too early for a drink” Nigel questioned. “Shut up” you said. The bartender threw you a confused look. “Oh no, not you. I wasn’t talking to you. I’m sorry” you apologized.

You looked at your surroundings. Security was tight, there were guards at the major exits.

“Ok, here are your drinks Miss.” the Bartender announced pushing two drink towards you.

“I only ordered the Vodka Martini” you corrected.

“That guy over there ordered it for you” the bartender pointed.

You look over your shoulder saw the same gentlemen staring at you from afar signaling his drink in the air to give you a toast.

Who is this guy?

 “I think I have some company” you said. “Who?” Nigel asked as you heard his fingertips lightly tap the keyboard. “There’s a camera right above him on my 4 o’ clock” you instructed. “Ok, got him. Running a facial recognition now”.

“What’s this anyway?” you asked politely. “It’s Strawberry Pink Moscato Cocktail”. You nodded your head and sipped your drink. It tasted good, smooth and sweet. “Tell him I said thank you”.

“Find anything yet?” you asked as you continued drinking. “Almost the scan is 75% done. It’s searching through all the databases.” Nigel answered. You looked over your shoulder again and saw him walking in your direction. You quickly looked away. “Act natural and be yourself. Smile.” Nigel suggested. “That’s hard to do” you said.

You felt a gentle tap on your shoulder again. “Hi” he said. “Hi” you smiled. He took a seat next to you. You sat your drink down and said, “I didn’t realize a thank you is meant as an invitation to sit with me”. “It is, if she accepts a drink” he smoothly remarked. “Touché” you said grinning. “She smiles” he said eyeing you. “Stop referring to me that way” you said sternly. “I’m sorry, we got on the wrong foot” he said.

“Oh shit!” Nigel gasped over the microphone.

“I’m Jaebum” he extended his hand. “I’m Y/N” you said shaking his hand.

“His name is Im Jaebum. He’s working with Silas as his bodyguard. Y/N, he’s a SILENCER!!! Tread with caution, I repeat tread with caution!” Nigel exclaimed in your ear.

Silencers were bad news for anyone. Hence the name, no one has ever lived to tell.

You kept your composure. “So, you’re not going to use the cheesy phrase” you hinted. “What phrase?” he wondered. “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” you said. Jaebum chuckles to himself and responds “I don’t see a girl. I only see a woman”.

You nod your head and turned your body towards Jaebum. The slit resting on the left side, you seductively rose your left leg over exposing such beautiful skin. “That I am” you said. He smiles and continue eyeing you.

“What’s going on?” Nigel interrupts. You didn’t answer. 

“Why are you here?” Jaebum asked. “Someone sent me an invitation” you remarked finishing your Vodka martini. “Who exactly?” he edged more. 

“Your boss?” you shrugged your shoulders. 

“You do realize I am head of security, right?” he assumed. 

“No, I couldn’t, you must be a Rent-A-Cop” you replied. 

Jaebum moves his jacket and shows you his gun resting at his waist. You raise an eyebrow. “Should I be afraid of that?” you asked. “No but you should be afraid” Jaebum suggested getting a sip of his drink. “Of what exactly?” you wondered.

He leaned into your ear and whispered…


You gasped under his touch as he gently caressed his hand up your revealed thigh.

He felt your gun and pulled it from your thigh holster.

“Shit” you mumbled under your breath.

“Look what we have here. A gun. Ms. Y/N. I don’t know who you are but I do know you won’t cause a scene tonight.”  he said

You kept your composure and asked “How can you be so sure?”

“Because I’ll have to punish you” he smirked.      

“Enjoy your evening Ms. Y/N”

He left his seat, walked away and winked back at you. You were shaking. “Y/N, are you still there?” Nigel chimed in your ear, “What happened?”

“Nothing Nigel” you huffed to catch your breath, “I’m still here”.

The lights grew dimmer and a bright light shined to center stage with the announcer.

“Good evening, everyone and welcome to our annual Charity Gala”.

Everyone gives an around of applause. “This evening we want to think our sponsors for helping us fund and plan this event. And tonight, our biggest contributor is millionaire entrepreneur Silas”. The light shines on him, he stands up to receive a thunderous applause. You scoffed in seat observing the pure nonsense.

He was more than a philanthropist. He was a murderer, a thief, and a liar. He was cruel and merciless. You couldn’t stand the sight of him. It was all a cover up his true nature.

You saw Jaebum standing in the corner behind him. His eyes were right on you. You rolled your eyes. I can’t believe he has my gun and that’s my favorite one.

“He took my gun” you grumbled.

“He what?” Nigel wondered.

“He took my fucking gun” you said. “I want it back!”.

“Y/N don’t do anything drastic. Stick to the plan” Nigel encouraged.

A young gentleman was passing around numbered cardholders. You were handed the number seven.

“We are about to begin our auction this evening and all the money raised for each item will go towards our World Relief Foundation”.

“Tonight, we are starting our auction with the most expensive device in the cyber market”. They placed a small gray hardware decoder on the auction table. It didn’t look like much. Who would want this piece of junk?

“This little guy has a history; it was first created during the Cold War. It was unknown when or where during that time-period. However, we do know that it was supposedly used to decode top secrets information. It’s called Decon20, it is also presumed to bypass all firewall security and networks faster than a room full of computers working at the same time”.

The whole audience was amazed and whispering amongst themselves.

“Alright let’s get started. Place your bets” the announcer said, “starting at $50,000”.

“Remember Crimson got you covered for the amount. They will only provide you with $50 million dollars to use to get it” Nigel said. “Copy” you said.

You rose your cardholder immediately high in the air first. “Alright, we have the lady by the bar for $50,000—-going once, going twice. Going for 1 million dollars”

“Uh no. I have this older gentleman right here for 1 million dollars. Anyone for 10 million dollars-going once, going twice”

You rose your cardholder again. “Alright the lady again by the bar for 10 million dollars. Alright. Anyone for 20 million dollars—-going once, going twice….”

Silas rose his cardholder. “Alrighty now, we have Silas wanting to join the fun. $20 million dollars does anyone want to go any higher”. You were determined not to lose to Silas. You need that Decon. You rose your cardholder again. “Lady by the bar is very determined this evening, 30 million dollars—-going once, going twice”. The older gentlemen back down from the offer.

Now it was just you and Silas.                                                                                  

Silas rose his cardholder. “Silas for $40 million dollars, do you want to go any higher lady?” the auctioneer asked.

You rose your cardholder. “Now, you are fierce. $50 million dollars”. You were staring at Silas. He paused for a moment and whispered in his accountant’s ear. He nodded his head and finally rose his cardholder again. “Omg, $60 million dollars”.

“You can’t go over 50 million dollars. We lost this bet” Nigel responded. “Fuck it” you whispered to yourself.

“100 million dollars!” you spoke loudly. The entire audience turned their attention to you. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO?!” Nigel cursed. You didn’t answer him.

“100 million dollars. Silas, can you top that?” the auctioneer asked. Silas rose from his seat and drew his attention to you. “She can have it” he spoke.

“Alright folks, there you have it. Decon 20 is going that pretty lady by the bar. Come claim your item and pay in the back” the auctioneer instructed. You nodded your head and was escorted backstage.  

“Where the hell, are you going to get the rest of the money?” Nigel asked. “Do you honestly think I’m broke?” you retaliated. The things I do for this agency.

You went backstage. You saw Silas approaching you with Jaebum alongside him.

Silas came from a rich family. His birth is unknown however he grew up in London. He dropped out of college at the age of 19 but had extreme interest in computer hacking. Good thing his family could pay the cops off. He hated his family and never spoke to them after he left college. He made his living working for criminals around the world. His skillset was vital to anyone. When he realized this, he decided to go into business for himself selling arms, cars, money, sometimes drugs to whoever was willing to be the biggest ATM machine. No one has ever caught him.

“Well, you are a very lovely woman. Be careful with that. You don’t want it to get in the wrong hands” Silas whispered in your ear and smirked at you.

“Trust, I can take of myself, thank you very much” you said as you finished paying.

Silas face grew slight grim and he narrowed his eyes at you. “I’m sorry have we met?” he asked. “No” you replied. “Mhm. Maybe we can meet sometime?” Silas smirked again.

“I have things to do. I don’t have time for you or anyone for that matter” you answered carrying the Decon in your hand.

“Well, maybe I can arrange something?” Silas started walking alongside you as you began to head to front entrance. Jaebum walking behind you two.

“How about no?” you said shook your head. “Shame. I’m never rejected easily by a woman” Silas laughed. “Well, there’s a first time for everything” you sarcastically replied.

“I guess there is” Silas said. “Have a goodnight, Miss…” he paused. “Y/N. Goodnight” you said walking down the remainder of steps to the front steps.

You got outside, it just finished raining. There was a black car parked out front. Nigel was waiting in front of the driver’s door wearing his driver disguise. Nigel opened it for you as you crawled inside. He got into the driver’s seat and began to drive.

“Well that went well” Nigel finally smiled. “If you say so” you said. “What happened in there?” Nigel asked checking the mirror for the car behind him.

“Nothing really. I just got Decon 20 and left. I didn’t want to stay” you said. Nigel nodded his head. “I think Silas took some sort of interest in me” you blurted out.

Nigel choked gasping for air. “WHAT?” he exclaimed. “Oh God, I hope not” he said. “Why do you say that?” you curiously asked.

“Because I’m sure you’ll kill the man in his sleep that’s why” Nigel explained. You nodded your head in agreement. Nigel was right, you’d kill him if he even touches you.

“There’s a file right next to you about Jaebum” Nigel said.

You scanned over the file. His facial profile and records. “He served in the Korean Military for a short time. He’s a master marksman. He specializes in hand-to-hand combat just like you. But that’s all we know”. You laughed and replied “But I’m pretty badass with a knife though”. Nigel smiled. “At least you didn’t have use your gun, right?” Nigel added. 

“Fuck, he took my gun” you blurted. “Maybe he’ll return it” Nigel proposed. “I doubt it” you said staring out the window.

“Are we heading back to the hotel?” Nigel asked. “Yes, please. Enough scouting for today. We have to continue our work tomorrow” you instructed. Nigel drove you to the hotel.

“Good night Y/N. See you tomorrow morning” Nigel said as he opened the car door for you. “Good night Nigel. Sleep well” you said heading for the hotel entrance.

You carried the Decon20 under your arm. For something to be this small, it was a little heavy. You exited the elevator to your floor. You pulled the room key from your dress and entered the room.

You didn’t leave it dark, you left the tv running and lamps on. You heard a slight shuffle from the chair in the corner of your room. You tried to pull you gun but you didn’t have it. “SHIT” you said and turned the light on behind you.

You found Jaebum sitting in the chair holding your own gun in his hand. You didn’t flinch.

You rose an eyebrow puzzled. “You do realize you have something that belongs to me, right?” you said. 

“Same” Jaebum motioned the gun and eyes to the bed. You placed the Decon20 on the table. You moved slowly and sat quietly on the bed. You huffed. “Let me guess Silas sent you to get the Decon20” you suggested. He slowly nodded. You nodded too and asked “How do you want to do this?”.

“We can either do this the easy way or hard way?” Jaebum offered.

“The easy way sounds good. But I prefer the hard way because I don’t cooperate with people that are trying to kill me” you said.

“I don’t want to do this to you” Jaebum spoke “but I need it”.

“You don’t need shit, Silas needs it” you said. Jaebum huffed, a shot rang passed your ear.

You froze realizing he could have shoot your ear off. “Really?” you asked. “Really!” Jaebum said motioning towards the Decon20.

You kicked your gun away his hand and kicked him back into the chair. Your gun flew into the air, landed near the door. You ran for your gun, Jaebum jumped the ground and grabbed your legs towards him and pulled you towards him. You were a few inches away from. He pulled you some more. You kicked him in the face twice and crawled for the gun. You reached the gun to shoot him, he quickly came behind you twisting your arm to disarm you. You headbutted him in the face, some blood started seeping down out his nose. He wiped his nose on his white-sleeve.  You kicked him in the stomach while he was distracted. Jaebum tumbled to the ground. He swiped his legs quickly under you. Your legs buckled from his hit causing you to fall as well. He quickly crawled on top and began choking you. You tried to pull him off, his strength was no match. You grabbed your gun from your peripheral to hit him. He fell back holding his head. Coughing, you gasped for air. You pulled the trigger hoping to shoot. No bullets came out. There was only one bullet in your gun and he wasted it. Jaebum smiles at you.

“You really thought I would let you shoot me” Jaebum laughed.

You threw your gun away from you frustrated. You both had enough strength to stand up. Facing one another, he lunged at you with everything he has. He bolted you against the wall, you held your hands together and pulled all your upper strength together and plummeted both hands into his back three hard times. He groaned and dropped to the floor slightly, he pulled himself together and grabbed both your ankles pulling you. You bumped your head against the floor hard. You laid there for a few seconds trying to regain consciousness, Jaebum standing over you.

“I’m sorry” and punches you in the face.

You slowly opened your eyes slowly. Your eyes scanned the room, you found Jaebum searching your belongings. You blinked some more. The right side of your face was experiencing dull pain. You moved your mouth around, you were lucky your jaw wasn’t broken. Your wrists and ankles felt very stiff. Fully conscious, you realized your arms and legs were apart from each other. You turned to your right and left tied to each bed post. Only in your black lingerie.

“Hey, let me go!” you shouted. JB still searching. “I’ll do that until I find every weapon hidden in this room” he replied walking in the bathroom.

There was a black bag sitting on the chair, the Decon20 was inside along with your weapons. He came out the bathroom with your knife set in his hands. “Knives need to be used for cooking not killing” he said placing them in his bag.

“Just like hands shouldn’t be used for hitting women” you remarked. “And in defense, you tried to kill me and I said I was sorry”. You rolled your eyes.

He began scouring your night table. “Hey, that’s private!” you exclaimed. “No matter how loud you shout. Remember you decided to get a soundproof suite” he said quietly searching.

His face turned completely stiff and red as he pulled out your favorite toy. “Well, no wonder you don’t have time for anyone. You’re too busy with this” he said as he appeared with your vibrator. He stood over you and smirked. “Ok so what’s your point?” you suggested. “Well, I was thinking I would put this to use” he said. Your eyes widen in shook, out of your mouth came “Don’t”.

“I’m just curious, what exactly makes Y/N tick?” he wondered. You sighed. “Why does it matter?” you asked. “Because you decided to choose the hard way remember?” he recalled, “So I’m going to make sure you get what you deserve”.

Jaebum stood at the edge of the bed, turning on your vibrator. He was adjusting to how it worked. He was intrigued.  He shook his head and spoke “Instead of this, you could have had the real deal”.

He crawled on the bed on top of you. You heaved as his hands gently roamed your body. He wasn’t rough with you. “You’re not protesting” he said. “How could I when I’m tied up” you reminded. “I don’t want to hurt you” he spoke softly caressing your face.
“You already did” you said looking him directly in his eyes. He nodded his head not denying your statement.

From his eyes to his nose to his lips, you couldn’t stop staring at how handsome he is. He was staring back at you. He inched forward and pressed his lips into yours. His lips were soft to kiss. You slightly parted your lips just get a small taste of him. He kissed your cheek and whispered in your ear, “You’re so beautiful” and kissed you with more passion. You couldn’t resist his sultry aura. He kissed your neck and moved downward. His hot breath against your skin sent shivers down your spine. He stopped himself between your aroused peaks. He slid his tongue to your right peak and twirled his tongue around. Your nipples were so hard and sensitive to his touch you managed to let out as soft moan. His other hand groped the other. He changed his direction to the left peak. He stopped and kissed your temple reaching his final descent.

He slid your panties down slightly. He rubbed his thumb over your moist lips. “Someone’s wet” he said turning the vibrator on.

“Which is it” he asked.

“What?” you wondered.

“Which are you wet, for me or this? Answer truthfully” he teased.

You huffed and answered “You”.

“Wrong answer. As much as I would like to believe you. I don’t. You’re not very convincing” Jaebum smirked as he rubbed the vibrator against your entrance. You quivered. He was teasing you, you didn’t like to be teased. Neither as a joke and especially not in bed. Your breathing became heavy as he continued. You let out a moan.

“Does Y/N want more?” he asked sweetly.

“Yes” you spoke softly.

“Alright then” he said and inched the entire vibrator into your heated core. You let your head fall back and absorb the sudden movements your vibrator made inside of you. You were becoming wet by the second, what made it worse; Jaebum purposely thrusted inward and outward just to see your reaction. Jaebum lightly sucked your nipples as he did so. You were going insane from the sheer pleasure, you started rocking your body wanting your vibrator to go deeper to reach your furthest.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jaebum asked.

“Yes” you whimpered, his thrusts went faster. “Oh God, don’t stop” you pleaded.

“I’m not going to until you see you cum for me” Jaebum replied kissing you.

“Ahh shit!” you said arching your back off the bed.

He took the vibrator out leaving you with trembling pussy and a free clit he graciously licked and sucked on. This wasn’t anything you experienced before. If you weren’t tied up, your hands would be in his hair helping him steadily eat everything you had to offer. You edged your pussy further into his mouth. His tongue swirled around your clit and your entrance. You were so wet, no matter how much his tongue entered you, more cum seeped into the bedspread.

He grabbed the vibrator and plunged into you. He changed the setting to the fastest. You began to shake. You curled your toes from the intensity, you were no match for it. You whimpered in pleasure. “Yes, baby. Yes baby. Give it to me! Oh, God Yes Jaebum! Please Don’t Stop!” you rocked harder to the vibrator. You felt your core began to tighten. You were ready to release all your stress.

“Please Y/N cum for me” Jaebum whispered in your ear. Your eyes rolled backwards. “I’m cumming”. You let out a loud moan, you felt yourself slipping; your juices poured into the bedspread. Jaebum slurped the rest of your cum seeping out. You were shaking, your body felt every sensation he sent every time he licked your clit. Your body went limp, you released yourself to a someone you didn’t know.

“It’s wonderful seeing such a woman like yourself this way” Jaebum said. He kissed you passionately. Your body began to relax. He got up from the bed and place the vibrator on the nightstand.

“Oh my God” you huffed, you were embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed. If I had more time, I would fuck you until you couldn’t walk; but I have to get going” he said.

He went over to his bag sitting on the chair. Jaebum pulls out a needle from his black bag. Your eyes widen in horror, you toss and turn trying to stop him but you were still tied to the bed posts.

“Calm down! I’m just making sure you’re not going to follow me. I’m going to put you to sleep for a little while” he said injecting the substance in your arm.

“Why are you doing this?” your speech started to slur.

“Because…..” his voice became muffled. Your eyes were closing against your will. You fell into a deep sleep.

The sunlight streamed past the blinds hitting your eyes. You slowly opened them to see the room completely empty. Jaebum was nowhere in sight. You moved your arms and legs realizing he took the restraints off. Your body was aching all over. You slowly walked to the bathroom, you found a small bruise on your face from where Jaebum punched you. You rubbed your face and splashed warm water on your face. You searched through your drawers luckily, he left your clothes the same, but took your vibrator with him. Son of a bitch.

This is the second time he took something from you. You took a shower, it felt good to have hot water to relax your muscles from last night’s soiree. You came out the bathroom in your robe hearing your cellphone ring.

You answered “Morning Nigel”.

“What the hell happen last night?!” Nigel barked.

“It was a misunderstanding. I can explain” you spoke softly as your rubbed your forehead in frustration.

“Well you better explain that to Crimson and tell them how the hell Decon20 ended up with Silas! Our asses are on the line now! They are calling us in!” Nigel scolded.

You huffed over the phone, you quickly got your thoughts together.

“Nigel pick me up in 20 minutes. I’ll be ready. Call them back and tell them I’ll be in” you instructed.

“Alright” he said and hung up.

You huffed some more and fell back into the bed staring at the ceiling. You closed your eyes to the events that occurred last night. How could I let myself slip so easily to Jaebum. I would never do this on a regular assignment. What’s happening to me! Why did I let him take control? He knew what buttons to push and what I craved. I’m better than this!

Absorbing all your anger and frustration, you opened your eyes determined to set things straight. I’m coming for you Silas.

Collection One


    Safe for work, yandere
    Kanato, Laito and Ayato, Subaru and Shuu

         You had caught his attention, as he found himself maddened and addicted to you. There could be no other substitute to satisfy that which he craved, as he determined he would own you.

         A suggestion was placed on you, his words trapped within your mind, as it played over and over, and laced itself around you. Whilst your stood frozen, his words had wound an invisible thread around your body, as it left it in a state of paralysis that frightened you. As your body felt like lead, and your words got caught in your throat.
   Kanato chuckled behind you, a soft, low and sinister sound that had a cold shiver that ran down your spine. And yet your body remained still as you shivered within and your senses grew painfully acute. As you listened to Kanato walk closer; his foot steps sounded hollowly throughout the classroom. He taunted you, has he put emphasis on your helplessness against him, as you felt his cold fingertips run just underneath the hem of your uniform skirt.
    A whimper of protest got stuck in your throat, as you wondered why, why did Kanato take this sudden and dark turn.
   "Your eyes are wide with such fear and tears, it’s a rather adorable sight.“ He took pleasure in the trapped torment contained in your eyes, which now served as a window into your emotions. Which you were unable to convey through your voice or actions,
    "It’s just so delightful isn’t it? To be my doll, so helpless and silently unable to flee from me.” He stood in front of you, his pastel violet eyes peered deep into your own, as that drank in the sight of your tears as they gathered and slowly ran down the curve of your cheeks to your chin. Where they dropped onto the floor, as he drew closer and his breath brushed up against your skin, as it gave you chills.
    Kanato’s tongue was wet and soft against your flesh as he licked up a salty tear and caused you to internally squirm and whimper. You had become a prisoner within your own body at the mercy of Kanato’s whims. And as he pulled away and your eyes met his, you pleaded as more tears rapidly ran down your cheeks for him to release you.
    “They got to close to you, everyone has, I can smell their scent lingering on your skin, in your hair and clothes.” The corners of Kanato’s lips pulled down into a frown, before they quickly turned back up, as he reached out his small and slender hand. Which he rested on your cheek, his touch unnaturally cold, as spoke, his voice held a mocked innocence whilst his words delivered something sinister,
     "I’ll dirty you, and mark you everywhere so that the only scent which remains is my own. That’s what want isn’t it? I can see the way your eyes plead for such things.“ Kanato mistook the beg for mercy in your eyes as a plead for him, as his hand ran down unhurried along your jaw to your chin, wet with fresh tears. And ran his hand back towards your throat, where his hand lingered, as he felt your quicker pulse throb beneath his fingertips.
      The thoughts of your blood as it pumped throughout your body, so warm and sweet made his mouth water, as his fangs ached and yearn to pierce your skin. As his threat grew dry and his stomach felt empty,
     "Shall I begin?” He rhetorically questioned, has his fingertips ran down to the bow of your uniform, his thimble fingers undid it with ease as he pulled it away. The silk material ran over your skin, as it taunted you, and you inwardly shuttered, as your breath hitched. As the sharp intake of air created a soft and subtle sound Kanato’s ears picked up on.
    “Your getting just as excited as I am aren’t you? Don’t fret I’ll break you, and I’ll love you, till you so hauntingly, beautiful broken.” So sickly sweet, his words were like poison honey that they seemed to drape onto you and sunk down into your core. As his hand ran down to your shirt, which he begun to unbutton.

Laito and Ayato
         "Little Bitch, Your the one to blame, tempting me with such false innocence. I yearn to see the desired stained woman which is your true nature.“ Laito’s words echoed in the empty school hallway as you bolted, as your legs became weaker with each step. And the blood rushed in your ears has you heard the own painful pound of your heart within your chest. As your breaths pasted your parted, dry lips in short, uneven raspy pants, that your lungs were already starved for. Whilst the air you were able to inhale burned, and your body became overcome by quivers, till your knees locked up and the ground rushed to meet you. As the world around you spun and shook, as images split into two and darkness danced on the edge of your vision,
    "It doesn’t matter where you run, Yours Truly will always find you, your blood calls to me.” Ayato sounded close, as his cocky and rough voice contrasted Laito’s own smooth and playful tone. As you laid on the ground, as their taunts became louder with each seconds that passed, unable to make another move.
   "Nfu, just look at our Bitch-chan, what an erotic look it is for her.“ Laito purred to his brother, his angular green eyes remained fixated on you where you lay collapsed on the floor. With your clothes ripped close to shreds as they barely hung on your frame and exposed the bite marks that decorated your breasts and thighs. As blood still trickled from it and seeped into the shreds of your uniform,
    "Oi she belongs to Yours Truly!” Ayato snapped as he drew closer, and reached down to wrap his hand around your throats so that he could left you from the ground, as he crushed your neck. As your already air starved lungs began to scream as the last bit of air within you pasted your lips in a meek whimper.
    “That’s the face, show me more of it.” Ayato commanded, as his smirk grew to expose his fangs, and your hands twitched to weak to be able to reach yo and claw at Ayato’s grasp. As your eyes began to roll back into your eyes and the darkness closed in, when two arms wrapped tightly around your waist.
     "Carful, brother otherwise our Bitch-chan can’t tell us who she prefers.“ As Ayato’s grasp on your throat loosened at Laito’s words and you gasped, as you took in gulps of air which burned your chest. As a slew of pleads and whispers poured past your lips, which caused Laito to click his tongue in disapproval, when Ayato’s snarled out,
    "What the hell do you mean hentai?!” The sight of you slumped in Laito’s arms enraged Ayato,
    “I mean let’s find out through talking to the Little Bitch’s body to see who she wants more. Nfu~ I can assure you that I can give you so much love.” Laito moaned in your ear, as Ayato pressed himself against you, as he grabbed onto your hips and smirked down at you,
    “I’m the very best so your goi to belong to me, I’ll teach your body to desire only me!” Ayato bragged against your lips which he roughly claimed with his own, and groaned against them as he forced your lips open and tasted you. As you heard Laito’s voice drop, his his hands ran lower,
    “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, now tell us who do you desire the most, Bitch-chan?”

Subaru and Shuu
         Trapped between Shuu and Subaru, drenched in blood that wasn’t your own or theirs, as the memory replayed in your mind. Of the male classmate who had stood to close, their words too suggestive, but it had all been harmless till Subaru snapped the neck of the pour classmate. As their friend walked in to witness the her horrendous act has they heard your scream from within the music room. When Shuu acted quickly and ripped out their jugular, and blood poured and sprayed onto Shuu.
     Subaru quickly snapped,
     "Keep quiet or I’ll snap your neck.“ You placed your hands over your mouth, and muffled your cries, as you took several steps away from the two brothers and tripped over your own two feet. As you stumbled backwards and felt a chair at it pressed against the backs of your knees. When Shuu turned towards you, as his long legs ate up the distance between him and you, his blue eyes fixated on you. As you feel back onto the chair behind you,
     "We warned you to stay away.” Shuu muttered tiredly as he reached out to you and grabbed your wrist. Which he used to pull your body to his, as his arm encircled your waist and kept you pinned to him. Whilst the blood that soaked Shuu’s clothes seemed into yours, as you felt Subaru press against you from behind, his hands found your hips. His grasp tight on your hips as he slipped his hands into your skirt and made it fall down to your feet.
      Shuu’s hands contrasted Subaru’s actions as his hands ran under your bloodied stop, and ripped it, the buttons popped off as the cloth gave away. And fell to the floor, useless, as you became bare, trapped between Shuu and Subaru. Whilst their hands clawed at your tender skin, as they left behind red long marks, that made you yelp and whimper out their name. As you felt them strain against their pants whilst they pressed into you.
     "Now we will destroy everyone that gets too close to you.“ Subaru growled in your ear as he ensnared the outer shell between his fangs, as you shivered and writhed against them, bare and vulnerable. As Shuu groaned has his fingers ran along and snapped down to your hips and between your legs, where he parted them and lifted them up and around his waist. Whilst Subaru pulled away, and Shuu dipped you back, as he lavishly exposed you to his younger brother.
     "You’ll never escape from us ever again.” Subaru smirked down at you as Shuu mumbled,
     "Let’s see how quickly it takes for you to learn who is who.“ As Subaru pulled out a tie from his pocket and placed it over your eyes and blinded you as he lowly growled. His voice heavy with lust as he reminded you, as Shuu lifted your body back up to his own. And you felt Subaru chest against your backside,
    "Don’t you dare utter a single sound.” As his fangs grazed your shoulder, as he taunted you before he sunk his fangs deep into your flesh. Whilst Shuu claimed your lips and muffled your yelp of pain, as he took the chance to taste the inside of your mouth. Shuu moans poured into your mouth as Subaru groaned against your skin and the battle between the two over who would properly claim you first begun.


Taste Me
    Safe for work, expect Shuu, vampire reader
    Shuu, Reiji, and Subaru

    “You mine understand slut?” Shuu growled possessively, his voice rough with pain, as he let go of your waist and reached up to grab you by your hair and pull you away as you whimpered. Whilst his blood dropped from your soft lips and onto his bare chest, as he sat up pushing you onto himself, as your eyes widen and your body quivered at the feeling of him inside of suddenly.
    “No matter where you go, who you play with, you’ll always find yourself back here, tangled up and bloodied with me.” His words echoed in your mind as he pushed you onto your back, separating himself from you just as suddenly has he had joined with you. And whilst Shuu loomed over you with a smirk that showed his bloodied fangs, with the blood that you craved ran down his neck, cover his collar bone. As it reached his toned chest and trickled down before it dripped off of him and onto you. Who was just was bloodied, bruised and bitten that decorated your whole body, as you soft panted beneath him, your eyes darkened by blood thirst and lust that had yet t be quelled as he thrusted inside.
   Shuu filled you, stretched you as his hands found your hips and his drove his fingernails deep into flesh at it set the bite marks that littered your hips aflame. As you reached up and wrapped you arms around him and dug you nails into his backside as you closed your eyes. Whilst your pushed against him meeting his ever thrust deep within, and pushed against your inner wall and making you stomach bulge slightly with each powerful thrust inside of you. As your stomach clenched and you felt yourself tightening around him as his thrusts became more and more erratic, and he tossed his head back and let out a guttural groan of you name. Before he looked down at you, his darkened and hazy eyes meeting yours when his sights wondered down to your bounding breasts.
  “Blood and body, all of it, it belongs to me now, and you will not drink from another person or allow someone else to touch you.” Shuu darkly chuckled as he leaned down, pressing his body against yours, some of his weight causing you to sink into the bed just a little more. As you wrapped your legs around his waist, and racked you nails down Shuu’s backside as he shuttered and gasp.
   "Your my little slut.“ Shuu rasped, as you felt the coil inside of you clench into a tight ball that was minutes away from unraveling into a wave that would drown you.
   "Go ahead, loose yourself only for me.” He urged you, his voice heavy whilst his breath tickled your ear, as it brushed against your skin and made you squirm and it overcame you as Shuu stilled and let out a garbled groan on you name and he fulfilled you furthering your pleasure as it filled you in ways that you could never forget. As Shuu wrapped his arms around you and pulled you up as he fell backwards, pulling you on top of him, whilst the moon had already begun its path lower in the sky and this blood thirst that had driven Shuu and you into a state of madness. Which had been quelled at least as Shuu and you parted roughly, sweat and blood coating your bodies and as you  tried to pulled away, when Shuu’s arms that had wrapped around you waist tightened.
   "I meant what I said, never before have I made these claims and they aren’t false, your my slut.“

         Dark crimson droplets pooled, its color contrasted the pale skin of its host, as it sparkled under the bright light of Reiji’s study. Which gave it the appearance of a glistening jewel, whilst the scent that only Reiji had filled the room and threatened to drive you to the brink of madnesses. As you took in deep quivering breaths, savoring Reiji’s scent as much as his flavor which lingered in your mouth.
    Running your tongue along your bottom lip, as you collected the drops before they could fall, whilst his hazy pink eyes followed its movements, and his breaths became shallow, rough pants. The pleasure of your fangs as they pierced his skin brought him at the edge as he felt that at any moment he would be washed away by an addicting current that coursed throughout his body. It was those fangs which appeared so delicate within your mouth as the tips pressed lightly against your bottom lip whilst you took in the sight of your husband below you, that he found himself yearning for most disgracefully; but his self control was slipping away. As pleads sat on the tip of his tongue, as Reiji no longer trusted himself to speak, but instead involuntary tilted his head back further into the pillow that rested beneath his head.
    Offering himself to you, this was his silent plead for more; that was the only conversation that pasted between him and you; desperate silent communication through ones own body language. As you leaned down over the small blood of blood, dipping your tongue into it as a shiver of delight raced down your spine to between your legs.
    Feeling the torn flesh as the source, as your cold tongue ran over the burning hot skin you felt Reiji shiver beneath you. As you pictured that face of primal pleasure, of his eyes hazed over and unfocused, his lips parted as he panted and he cheeks flushed heavily with heat. And you wondered about the look of desperate desire in his hazy eyes, as you felt his hands grip your hips harshly as he rolled his into yours. Whilst he parted your legs, bringing them high on his waist before he dug his harden length into you.
    Groans, which were both his and yours slipped past your lips as Reiji sought a release whilst your chased the end to the hunger which burned in the pit of your stomach. As you cleaned up the last drop of blood which had pool in that hallow spot just above his collar bone. Whilst every bit of blood that trickled down your throat soothed the ache as you felt Reiji tense up beneath you, his body clenched as he retained any sound and both of you found the prize you sought after. As you pulled away and stared at Reiji who laid beneath you,
    "Have you had your fill yet?” Reiji struggled to compose his voice and keep it steady against the lack of control he felt among the pleasure that filled him. As he watched the corner of your lips curl into a smile, something he would do anything to see, not that he would ever allow you to know that.
     Reiji sat up as he reached up and grabbed your chin and held it still,
     "I believe it’s my turn to devour you.“ Composed, his voice came out smooth and cool, as he watched the control you held moment ago drain as he chuckled,
     "Did you believe you withheld any control over me, I’ll have to train you better to know your place.”

     Driven into madness as the full moon rose higher into the night’s sky, where it would soon reach it’s peek. In which it would deliver Subaru and you into a truest state of vampiric being. As your throat burned and your stomach felt painfully empty, whilst the scent of Subaru’s blood beckoned you. And even though he and you lacked the warmth of human prey both had become addicted to the intoxicating and unique flavor of each other. So on this night you formed a connection with him that was formed from blood and fangs whilst hands caressed, clawed and grasped each other’s sweat covered bodies.
     Sinking your fangs into Subaru’s soft skin just beneath his collar bone and it burned him, giving him a dull ache that had him groaning as his eyelids slipped shut and he tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck. Which was already riddled with bite marks that had blood which had trickled from them creating a rather macabre sight, as the blood had soaked into his blood curls and stained the pillow beneath Subaru’s head. While you dug your nails into his sides, creating crescent moon shapes as you began to rack your nails down to his hips while in the depths of your carnal bloodlust. As Subaru’s hips arched into yours from the pain and he quivered beneath you, and his own grasp on your hips came close to bone crushing. And blood seeped through his finger from the bite marks he had given you with animistic hunger that had only be slightly slated.
  Letting go of your hips with one hand, he reached for the wrist of one of your hands that’s him grasped painfully as he growled and groaned. As he lift your hand up to his lips whilst you pulled away, running your tongue along your bottom lip collecting drops of blood. As your cheeks flamed with a soft muted heat that felt strange to you as you felt his cool blood trickle down your throat soothing it as it filled your stomach.
   Groaning his name softly as Subaru had lifted your hand to his lips, which were lush and soft as he brushed against an old and fading mark. His fangs scraping over the mark taunting you as you body tensed and your lips parted with a soft stuttered gasp as your bottom lip quivered and your eyes fluttered shut. As he sunk his fang in, ripping through the old and nearly healed wound, the sensation of your flesh giving away and breaking from the tips of his fangs as they plunged into your skin was agonizing with a sweet undercurrent of pleasure.
   You heard Subaru moan heavily as your cool blood flooded his mouth, and coated his tongue as it ran down his throat and soothed the ache. As he drove his fang in deeper growling as he did, whilst you lean down your breath fanned against his bloodied neck as you lightly breathed on his neck. Before you sunk your fang in which were already a light shade of pink from his blood, which now slowly filled your mouth as you drunk a mouthful whilst he lightly tended beneath you as he pulled away from you hand which he let go. As you reached up to run your hand through his blood matted white locks. Whilst he ran his hand down to your butt which he roughly gripped, his nails digging into your soft skin before he ran his hand down to your thigh which he lifted up to his waist, parting your legs. When you pulled away, and ran your tongue along the bite marks making them sting as Subaru grunted and you picked up the blood as you pulled on his soft locks.
    “Damn it, I want more of you.” Subaru growled


Wash Room
    Not safe for work
    Ruki, Yuma, and Azusa

         A moment spend with in the bathroom had turned naughty.

         Leaning over the sink, spatting the foamy toothpaste into the sink, the running water washing it away.
    “Livestock, your giving your Master a lovely view.” Ruki spoke from behind, his voice a low and predatory purr, perfectly design to calm his prey till it was too late and he was already devouring it, bit by bit. Stalking closer, till he stood pressing up against you, his hands finding your hips and slipping his finger into your waist band. As chills spread throughout you as your froze, unsure before hesitantly standing up. Feeling his chest pressing against your backside, his cold temperature contrasting pleasurably your warm one, which was growing increasingly hotter. As your thoughts became a slew of jumbling ideas of where Ruki was leading this too, but by the thick ad harden length of him resting against your backside, it’s becoming clear.
    “For that I’ll reward you, remember always please your Master.” Breathing into your ear, his words low and raspy, as your heart became to throb, and the heat boiling between your thighs became nearly unbearable.
   "Your becoming so warm so quickly, your body already knows and desires me so well.“ Slipping your pajama bottoms and panties slowly down over you, the material running down causing your breath to hitch. Instinctively leaning forward, whilst Ruki gave a gentle and soft moan, as your panties and bottoms resting just between your butt
    "Livestock,” Ruki ran his hands slowly up your butt, grasping it softly and watching as it spill between the parting of his fingers. “Your so soft and warm in my hands.” Teasing you, before pulling his hand away, your body growing tense waiting for the incoming slap.
   Chuckling and reaching down to the part between your thighs, his cool fingers brushing lightly against your wet warmth. Grasping in surprise, and pushing against Ruki fingers making them slip between your wet fold. Collecting your honey his fingers before moving his fingers up and ghosting gently over your bundle of nerves. Your body relaxing and melting in his hand, whilst slowly rolling your nub in circles, as the pressure became greater with each passing second.
    “Is this all it’s going to take to make you come undone?” Taunting you as the warmth of your body growing in embarrassment and lust. Light protests slipping past your lips, with a mixture of pleas for more, when a sharp and sudden stinging pain came coursing throughout your body. Riki’s hand coming in contact with you, pleasure instantly joining it with Ruki thrusting his fingers deep into you. Sending you on a crashing course making you come undone so suddenly.
    Your body locking up from the sudden onslaught, Ruki’s name falling from your lips as a loud moan. A smirk playing with Ruki’s lips,
    “Do you want more?”

           The shower wall is cold against your chest, as it’s shocking temperature teasing your nipples as the became hard. Their sensitivity growing with ever brush against the cool tile from every harsh jerk your body gave forward and against the wall. From Yuma’s rough pounds inside of your warmth, the sight of your smaller body jerking and pressing into the wall, jolting with his thrusts spurring him. Causing him to become rougher, Yuma’s hips flexing shoving himself erratically, his stomach becoming tease and taunt while coming closer. This is his greatest turn on, your body helpless and meek on his length.
    “Ya growing so tight around me, as I pound deeper into you. Do you like being my toy, huh?” Grunting and reaching out to grasp your hair, pulling you back toward him and forcing your back into an arch. Whilst wrapping an arm around your waist, before running his hand up to your bouncing breasts and grasping them, his nails digging into the soft flesh. As he let go of you hip, placing his hand on the shower wall which he was pushing you on.
    “Sow ya going to cum again on my cock.” Ordering brashly and crudely, before gasping out, “I’m going to fill ya up, but ya going to like that aren’t ya, to have my cum deep inside of you and dripping out of you. Ya a dirty sow aren’t you?” Squirming on him because of his words whilst begging for it, and light pushing against him.
    Groaning at the feeling of you clenching around him and writhing, Yuma let go of your hair, grasping your tight, which is tight enough that it is going to bruise within a short matter of time. Lifting your leg and nearly crushing you against the wall, and groaning loudly, while finding his end and triggering yours. Both and you froze, the warm shower water beating down on his and your’s body.
    Pulling away, the cum that mixed inside of you spelling out and dripping past your lips, trickling down your leg and mixing with the water.
    “I’m not nearly close to being done with ya yet, sow.” Warning you, as you worn body had already slumped in his arms, your chest expanding and contrasting with panting short breaths. The warning and lust in his voice sending a soft shiver throughout your body even under the warm water.

         Running your hand up and down Azusa’s length, his pre-cum washing away with the shower water cascading over him and you.
   "Eve….faster please.“ Begging, his voice trembling, your fingers lightly grazing his balls, causing Azusa’s cock to twitch in your hand. A tremor running through his body, and a moan filling the air along with a whimpering plea.
   Running your hand up to his tip and squeezing him lightly, forcing a white pearl of cum forming on Azusa’s tip. Tempting, your mouth watering eager for his flavor; getting down on your knees, just outside the spray of the water. His body shielding your his eyes focusing on you, peering up and meeting his eyes from under your eyelashes. The sight before him inviting, reaching out and tangling his fingers in your hair.
    "Please.” Whimpering whilst remaining at your mercy, your hot tongue running over his tip and sending another tremor through his body. Causing him to toss his head back, as another brazen groan of pleasure of,
    “More…take more of me into…your mouth.” Sliding Azusa in slowly, taking him bit by bit and enveloping how cool length inside of you as he writhed at how hot it is in your that.
     "I’m burning…inside your mouth.“ Pulling at your hair and thrusting himself deeper into your mouth, feeling you choke and gag on him. And staring down at you, as he was deep within down to his balls, the sight becoming overwhelming.
     Pulling out and thrusting back inside of you, slowly and gentle going down to the very hilt. Groaning at the feeling of your throat clenching in a gag around his tip; his thrusts remaining slow, lavishly pleasuring himself with your mouth. One of your hands resting on his hips, feeling it flex and tightening beneath him, while cupping and softly squeezing his sensitive balls, bringing him closer to his release.
     "I’m going…to cum inside…of your mouth.” Warning you moments before he tensing up, and tossing his head back once more, whilst burying himself in your mouth. Thick cum shooting down your throat, as soft gasps filling the air, his gasp on your hair growing loose.
     "Thank you…eve.“


Innocence Lost
  Angst, warning: the brother’s pasts
  {Child} Shuu, Reiji, Ayato and Kou

         There were times when the nights became too long, their black expands stretching on into forever; never ending. And thoughts which have been hidden behind barriers within his mind came crumbling down as a trickle became an out pour flooding his mind. Seizing and consuming him, as it spread throughout his body like poison; bringing with it all his demons that he could no longer outrun.
    Everything came crashing down.

         The blazing fire surrounds him, their flames arching towards the pitch black and starless sky, blocking it out and creating a roof of fire which threatens to come crashing down at any giving moment. As the heat builds and Shuu’s skin begins to bead with droplets of sweat the slowly trickle down his forehead and into his wide blue eyes. Which reflect the dancing flames before him, as the sweat stings his eyes. While blinking against it, his body tensing with the fear coiling in his belly like a cool heavy stone, as every part of him grew immobile and heavy. When every came crashing down, the fire taking a plunging drive towards him. Cause his frail small body to collapse onto the charred and blackened earth below.
  Curling into a shivering ball, his small thin arms wrapping around his legs, his slender fingers clutching at his pants in await of the steering agony of the fire. As it would eat away at him till he gave away to death; trickling tears became blinding till Shuu could no longer bare it, closing his eyes against the sight before himself. Then everything grew cold, the roaring of the flames fading away, the grass beneath him becoming soft and lush. And the scent of smoke filling his nose became nothing as Shuu breathe clear crisp air.
  "Shuu!” The voice calling out to him filled with panic and agony, seeping down into Shuu’s core and bringing with it a dreadful cold. Which is as frightening as the searing hot flames licking at him from all round.
  Opening his eyes, his breath catching and knotting in his throat painfully, his attempt to swallow it down futile. As the sight the before his large, rough, deep blue eyes burning into his young mind of Edgar’s charred blacken corpse. Of just bits of meat clinging to red and black bones, Edgar’s head facing Shuu, his empty sockets accusing him. The words dancing in his mind in a vicious and mocking chat.
  “You didn’t save me.” The first chat, “You are too weak, too worthless.” These words following sharply on the first chat’s trail, “You watched me suffer.” These words jumbling up with “You watched me die.” The words becoming interchangeable with one another, as the chats grew in volume and speed, tripping over one another turning into a pounding scream within Shuu’s skull. While driving deeper with a sharp stab of pain to his chest.
  Sitting up panting, Shuu’s face sticky with tears, his blonde curls damp and clinging to his neck, forehead and the side of his face. Lifting up a hand to his aching throat, while his scream echoed in his mind, the words from his nightmare a whisper at the back. Ones that will forever haunt him, lingering waiting for the chance to attack him once more with an even greater vengeance than before.
  No one is coming to comfort him, because no one cared. The dawning realization carving deep within Shuu, that he is truly all alone. But that it is better this way, to distance himself and stop caring this way he could never feel the pain of their absent, or the gnawing guilt that it’s his fault their gone.

         The hallway is dark and cold, seeming to stretch on forever in front of him as his light footsteps softly echoing throughout the corridor. Reiji’s breath hanging in the air as a tangible fog in the air lingering before fading away, only to return with his next breath. As the looming walls breathed with him, their mass expanding and contrasting around him. With their eyes fixed into the elaborate pattern looking down at him, with their soft whispered taunting and teasing him with words he couldn’t decipher.
    Reiji’s feet shuffling unwillingly with a strong compulsion from fear propelling him forward. The darkness cascading behind him, consuming everything. Threatening to consume him if he didn’t keep moving forward. As the hallway finally came to a stop, with a door that was cracked open, light pouring out from it. Giving a soft and light glow, as laughter, musical and warm, came drifting out with the light.
     A chill reaching out towards towards Reiji, breathing down his neck and slipping under his nightwear shirt. Chills spreading down his backside, creating goosebumps along his back making Reiji shiver. Wrapping his arms around himself, an attempt to fend against the pressing heavy chill consuming him whole. As black goo came dripping from the ceiling, it’s touch sending an sharp, ice cold pain throughout his body. While Reiji’s chest grew tight from the pain, as the black goo welled up around his feet becoming a thick and sticky pool that only growing higher and higher on his legs. Causing the panic and fear to bubble up within a Reiji mixing in with a choking desperation. Bring stinging tears to his eyes, welling up and spilling over in despite of his rapid blinking to clear them away.
  ‘I shouldn’t break, I must not break.’ Think desperately to himself, his chest expanding and contrasting with short gasping pants. As the goo around him grew even higher and the rapid dribble of the goo from the roof became an heavy outpour.
   Swinging open at the end of the hallway, the door is open wide before Reiji whose eyes grew wide at the sight of his Mother cuddling Shuu to her chest. Her hand running through his blonde hair which was like her own, with her bright blue eyes which she shared with Shuu staring down at her her treasure. As the whispering around Reiji became a harsh, thunderous cackle.
     "They don’t want you, they don’t need you.“ Singing among the rasp of laughter, adding as a cruel punchline, "Your nothing more than a mistake.” The words clean and crisp, throbbing inside his head; opening his mouth to call out to his Mother and Shuu his cries falling on deaf ears.
    Clawing wildly at the blankets surround him and smothering Reiji, kicking them off himself and sitting up. His vision blurry without his glasses, but he could still see an image suiting of himself in the vanity on his dress across from his bed. The blurry image of himself reflecting to his large eyes the imperfections keeping him from not only his Mother’s but everyone’s attention. From everyone’s affection and love, he is fading into the back ground soon to be forgotten if he makes one mistake, he knows he is going to slip into worthlessness.
   "I’ll prove my worth, becoming someone perfect who never makes a single mistake.“ Whispering to himself softly, his words hanging in the air of his room. This way he will always have worth.

         Sinking deeper under the water’s surface, the eyes of his Mother and two younger brothers staring down at him. Then eyes cold and unfeeling as the corner of their lips pull into a scowl of disappointment in Ayato. Before they turn around and walk away leaving Ayato behind drifting, falling to the bottom of the lake. Whose cold water sends a sharp and agonizing needle point pain piercing his entire body. With his Mother’s words echoing in his mind, twisting and fizzling out into one repeating word,
    'Useless, useless, useless…useless.’ Ayato’s body growing heavy as the horror sinking down heavy in the pit of his stomach. Whilst he began trashing, his limbs displacing and splashing the water around him as he breaks the surface for only a moment. His mouth opening up for a greedy and gasping breath of air, his cries rushing out garbled as his green eyes growing at the sight of his family’s backside, walking away from him. Leaving him to the mercy of the murky and muddy water’s whose arms grasping at his ankles pulling him down and under. The water crashing down on him filling up his mouth and rushing into his nose into his throats and lungs. His small body convulsing in his suffering, as the dawning realization that this is now his grave.
    Filling up with water, the murky darkness surrounding him as his trashing came to a stop and his body became paralyzed. As the growing darkness around him began to press closer and closer, wrapping cold fingers around him. His body finding it’s place at the bottom among all the other boys and girls who are as useless just like he is.
    Panting and gasping out pleas for help as while laying immobile under the thick covers of the blanket. Two wide purple eyes peering curiously down at him, Kanato clutch in his Teddy growing tighter. And upon sitting up, his eyes scanning the bed behind Kanato, taking note of Laito’s absence just as is has been most nights, tonight was no exception.
     His brothers they have value according to their Mother, while he is worthless, failing at every task she has given him. It is not enough, he needs to be better, to prove himself, to be number one and perhaps even earn the his place to live. So everything he did from this day forth will be the best, and no one will be able to deny his worth, and he would not find himself at the bottom of the lake cold and unloved.
    "I will be number one.” Declaring aloud, his words falling deaf on Kanato’s ears who was tending to his bear. Causing anger to bubble within Ayato, “Do you hear that Kanato I will become the best!” Snapping, and thinking to himself of ever way he could come out on top forever more, as a small sense of pride swelled within his chest, but even right then Ayato knew it was false. But it wouldn’t matter if he became the very best.

         Screams ripping his throat only to turn into a pitiful gargle at the rising bile filling his threat and spilling past his lips, splashing onto the floor. His chest heaving and convulsing, his body giving into trembles and cold sweat tickling down his back, seeping into his shirt. Which is composed of rags stitched together, with rips and tears reveling cuts and bruises that marked his flesh.
   Laughter from the shadows arose around Kou, their voices a vicious mockery in the delight at his torment. The urge to run compelling his fragile body to move and rip out of the surrounding mass of darkness composing of shadows and jabbing laughter. With its hand reaching out at him ripping at the clothes and exposing skin, their nails skin and ripping. Sending another spasm of agony racking his already withering body.
     Ripping away, taking another step sharpened needles which blanketed the floor piercing into the soles of his feet, tearing the flesh to shreds. His knees locking at the new type of pain crashing into him like a wrathful wave of the ocean, sweeping him away and down into it’s depths.
      Falling to the ground, the needles piercing through his clothing, and spears throughout him. As the darkness came crashing down on him, wet and slimy wrapping around him. It’s fingers poking prodding, ripping and degrading, plunging into his stomach; meet ripping away from meet, his body offering little resistance.
    Kou could feel it wrapping around his heart, soul, and his very will crushing it, their laughter growing in volume, threatening to bust his ear drums. While worming and imprinting itself into his mind, which he could feel breaking apart at the seams. With only one thought remaining before he broke away,
   'Nightmare, or reality?’ He could no longer tell, the two fusing into a never ending mass of terror, always remaining like rocks inside his stomach, and dancing inside his mind, with a pointless wondering of what new horrors are waiting. With every day bringing a new fear and pain, piling into the day before, promising to crush Kou under its weight. With eyes peering out at him, watching, waiting, enjoying the life fading from the one eyes he had left. It’s a never ending dance closer and closer to death, with the rules being giving and receiving, and giving the only thing he could ever keep, his body.
    “Kou, Kou.” Over and over a voice calling his name out to him, the gentle shaking stirring and taking him away from the plaguing nightmare of sleep and into the nightmare of reality. With light grey, stormy eyes, peering down at him, Ruki and behind him standing are Yuma and Azura. Their eyes on him, their lips set in a firm line, and their body tense with worry. As tears came rushing to his one eyes, trickling down his cheek.
     Bolting out of bed and wrapping his arms around all three of them, who have become his brothers, a family he never thought he would have. This is what the world gave to him for the pain he is paying in, because that is how this world around everyone works, giving and receiving.


Brendon Urie Smut - Vibrating Underwear.

*a/n, smut request from an anon*

“Baby come down I’ve got a present for you for tonight” Brendon called you, you had just got ready for the awards ceremony that night.
Brendon had his hair jelled up like usual, he also had a slight stubble and was wearing a fairly tight suit, which you loved.
He jaw dropped when you walked down, you wore an amazingly fitting dress and black heels. You hair flowed down the frame of your face and body.
“Should we just skip tonight?” Brendon winked at you.
“I thought you said you had a present?” You smiled ignoring his previous statement.
“Mmm, yes I do” he took a bag off the table to reveal a pair of panties “these are for you, well for you to wear and for me to admire you in” he said handing them to you.
You took yours off under your dress and put on the other pair.
“Happy?” You asked. He took a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button making you underwear vibrate sending waves if pleasure through you, you gasped and moaned.
“Yes, and so are you by the sounds of it” he turned it off and put it back in his pocket.
“You better not use this tonight at the ceremony” you protested.
“Well you’ll soon find out” he said with a cheeky smile.

The two of you left the house and made your way to the venue.
He spent the entire journey there rubbing his hand up and down your thigh, teasing you. You knew it was going to be a long night.
You found your table it was quite close to the front and very exposed, you were begging internally for Brendon not to mess about. The two of you sat down with Spencer and his date.
The four of you made small talk before they started the ceremony, you had to hit Brendon’s hand away from your leg a few times but it was a nice start to the night.
As it progressed you both drank more and you saw Brendon putting his hand in his pocket. It didn’t registered in your hand and you carried on chatting when you nearly shot out of your seat as he turned on your panties.
You dug your nails into his leg and moaned slightly, luckily it was covered up by people cheering for the event’s host.
“Tonight is going to be fun” he whispered into your ear and turned it off.
The night was going well and Brendon got called up for an award. All of you cheered as he went up and he winked at you.
He pressed the remote again and you didn’t know what to do. You were squirming the vibrations were subtle and turning you on you wanted to touch yourself too.
Brendon did a speech and watch you the whole time as you tried not to moan and crossed your legs to enhance the vibrating. He was getting distracted, so quickly wrapped it up and went back to his seat.
As soon as he sat down he whispered in your ear “you look so hot right now, fuck y/n, I need you”
You didn’t reply and he turned the intensity up, you nearly screamed, luckily everyone else was watching the stage. You put your hand onto Brendon’s crotch, making him squirm.
“If you can have your fun, I’ll have mine” you said to him with staggered breath trying not to moan, as your panties were still on. You couldn’t cope anymore, he was teasing you too much, you were frustrated and you needed him but you needed to take those panties off.
“Sorry, I’m going to the toilet” you walked away.
Once taking them off you walked back in and shoved them in Brendon’s hand. “I’m done with this, if you can’t fuck me like a man they don’t try to at all.” You spat into his ear.
He took your wrist as you tried to walk away and stood up.
“Sorry, we’ve got to go” he said to the rest of the table.
He pulled you away and called you both a taxi. You made it outside the house of the front door before Brendon picked you up slamming you against it and kissing you, biting and your lips and neck as he did it.
“You want me to fuck you, I will destroy you” he growled into your ear.
He opened the door and took you straight upstairs. He pulled your dress off over your shoulders and pushed you into the bed.
He kissed down your body and you gasped as he hit all your sweet spots moving down to your clit and flicked his tongue around it making you push yourself towards him.
“So you like that, is this better for you” he smugly asked. All you could do was moan in return.
“Good” he said and pushed two fingers into you, being already very wet, he took them out and licked them.
His hard cock hovered over you, he was teasing you and kissing your neck still.
“Stop teasing me” you protested, grabbing him and pushing him over so you were on top. You kissed his neck, making him moan and positioned yourself above him.
You gentle lowered yourself onto him and pleasure waved through the two of you, you rode him and he bucked his hips up in return.
The two of you were in perfect rhythm with each other, sweat was dripping down both your bodies and you were both reaching climax.
Brendon uttered your name under his breath before moaning as he came inside of you. He slowed down and he was becoming less controlled. He knew you were close too though so he moved his hand down to your clit rubbing it as you still rode him, after a few seconds you went over the edge and came, falling onto him as you nearly screamed his name.
He moved you next to him and turned to face you “was that worth the wait” he asked ‘bopping’ you on the nose.
“Definitely” you replied curling towards him and kissing him.

25| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3846

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He held you against his chest for a second, as you both got your breathing in check. The dancers spun around you, black figures in the dimmed lights. The piano played, but you heard none of it.

Jimin. Jimin!

Gently, he lowered you back to the stage floor, until you could sit. You stared up. How? How was this possible? But he was gazing back down at you, his eyes still an intense green, his hair messy.

“You’re here.” You whispered.

He lips turned up slightly. “I’m here.”

His voice. You let out the croak of a sob and a laugh. Your ankle moved. You gasped, gulping back the sick feeling.

“What are you doing?” He demanded, the floating world of yours destroyed. The piano was loud in your ears now. It was time. As soon as the piano reached its crescendo you had to be ready.

“I’m dancing.” You told him.

“(Name)” He said incredulously. “You’re injured.”

You shook your head. “It’s not so bad.” Now more than ever, with Jimin here. You had to do this…

With your teeth biting hard into your lip, you pushed yourself up, getting your good leg under you.

But suddenly Jimin’s hand was on your shoulder, pushing you back down. His eyes burned, “(Name), you can’t do this.”

You stared for a second. “I know.” You said, voice wavering “But I still have to.”

“Why? You’re in pain, (Name). I could tell from the wings.”

You smiled grimly. “‘There are no excuses’.”

His eyes flashed, recognizing his own words. He looked at your swollen ankle, then back to your face, studying it. “I can’t stop you, can I?”

You shook your head. “You can’t.”

He raised his chin, looking past the dancer’s into the blackness of the unseeing audience. “You must dance then, but not alone.”

In a single movement, he had lifted you up to standing, making sure you were leaning on your left foot.

“Jimin.” You whispered, your mind struggling to catch up. “You don’t have to do this. I know you don’t.”

He hooked a finger under your chin, tilting it till you met his eyes. They burned with fire. “(Surname) (Name).” He said softly, though his words were as strong. “Ignore everything, everything that I have said previous to this moment.” He leaned closer to you, eyes turning almost desperate. “I know I don’t deserve it, but will you trust me? Will you give me your trust, (Name)?”

For all the worlds, you could have pondered his words for hours. You could have questioned and fought, but at the end of the day, you realized, there would only ever be one answer. “I trust you.” You whispered. No, you couldn’t let yourself interpret his words the way you wanted to. You couldn’t let the delusion win.

“And I trust you.” He said back, shutting his eyes for a split second. “More than I have allowed myself to understand.”

You were so confused, what did he mean?

Then he gently turned you so that you were facing the front, where your class would soon break apart. “Just keep your weight on your left foot.” He said softly in your ear. He was so close. Shivers ran up your spine. “If you can, keep your other leg straight. I won’t drop you.”

You nodded nervously. “We have four bars.” The eight people dancing around you sped up, spinning and twirling as you had, lifting the music to the most terrific peak. “One.” You said shakily. “Two.” You were going to dance with Jimin “Three.” No, no those same feelings were going to come back. “Four.” You had to stay neutral. “Five.” Simultaneously, you took in a deep breath. Jimin pulled you a little closer to him.

It was just a dance…


But was it?

“Jimin!” You spoke up.

“(Name), I – ”

But the dancers hiding you suddenly split, fading away into the wings. No!

Jimin hesitated only a moment, then lifted you high. Your arms rose up. The glaring bright lights were on the two of you. You were bared to the black sea of the audience. The world opened.

You heard the gasp of surprise. The piano suddenly faltered, holding on to its last note. Everything paused. Just for a single second. And then the piano started again.

It was the same tune, but slower, more delicate. It was the beginning again! Those first few curious bars.

Jimin lowered you, until your left pointe touched the ground. The notes began to roll down, and you did as you had done before, leaning into a penche, lifting your leg up until it was straight with your standing one. But it was different now, because Jimin was in front of you, down on his knee, holding your hands. His eyes held your, gazing at you. You knew you looked confused and flustered. He hadn’t answered. You didn’t know. What had he been about to say?

The music came back up, and so did you. Then you walked forward, trying to keep your weight on your ankle for only the briefest of moments. Jimin held your hand. You went up on your pointe. He seemed to know what you were going to do, and so you pirouetted. His hands rung around you, giving extra spin.

It felt so easy, but you just didn’t know. You didn’t understand.

The music finished it’s tinkling. You should have ended your turn and put your leg back on the ground as you usually did, but your body, without any instruction, leant backwards, letting your bad leg stretch out in front of you, laying your head against his shoulder.

Why? Why were you doing this? It was silly, he hadn’t answered.

But it felt so perfect, leaning back against him. You felt safe your eyes shut. His hand came further onto your stomach.

What were you doing?

The music continued. You stepped away from him, his hands slipping from your bodice. But you knew you wanted them back.

You walked forward again. Jimin, a few metres away from you now, did the same.

This was the part where you were meant to be reaching for something, but you had already discovered the World of Ballet. This time, you had to search for something else, but the one thing that you wanted. It was stupid, it had been proven wrong on so many occasions, but you still wanted it. You wanted it so badly now.

So you gave up.

You let yourself be taken.

You let the delusion have you.

As the music came into its final soft chord, you gave Jimin one last, almost apologetic look. You knew he was just trying to get you through the rest of your solo. You knew you shouldn’t make it more than it was, but then you let your bad leg come behind your other, and you lowered, letting your back knee touch the ground. Your tutu was rough on your thigh. You brought your hand to your heart, bowing your head.

Surrendering yourself to him, to Jimin.

At that moment there was no past, no future. There was just raw instinct, all there ever is in ballet, once you are here, on stage.

And so you held your position, only looking up a little, peeking at the man across the stage from you.

But he was no longer standing. He was sinking down onto one knee, bringing himself lower than you. His hand clasped to his chest.

Your breathing halted. 

He wasn’t…he couldn’t be…?

Then his face lifted again. Your eyes locked. And it was like that first dance. The same thought in your minds, except that now he knew the question you were asking. And he was giving you the answer.

When you had danced, he had felt it.

The connection. It was real!

The piano broke into the melody, definitive and sure. And you were up, rushing towards him, feeling as light as air. Your ankle hurt, but it was covered by something even more potent than adrenalin. Jimin! He understood! He knew!

As you reached the middle, you spun into a pirouette. Jimin was right there at your waist, and you leant back, your head and arms now over his shoulder. He picked you up just slightly and spun you around. You couldn’t help but laugh as you were twirled, the air rushing past you. You knew only he would hear over the light, carefree music. And you knew…somehow…that he understood.

As he put you down again, you stepped back, and he leapt across the stage, his muscles flexing as he flew through the air. You could see the smile on his face. He was truly amazing.

As he landed his second leap, he stood and held out a hand to you, his eyes lit with excitement.

You raised your chin, and in a few quick steps, your waist was in his hands again.

You let your legs come out, and it was as if you were leaping, except your feet merely brushed the floor as Jimin lifted you each time, keeping your ankle from damage. The music carried on at it’s fast pace, and you went with it. You leapt again and again, but it was growing in volume, something more had to happen.

At your highest point in the leap, Jimin suddenly twisted you and let go for a single second. You were spinning in the air! He quickly caught you again, bringing youright down until you were bent back over his arm, staring up at his face. You thought you heard clapping, but the music was coming to its end, powering through. It took only a second for him to pull you back up on your feet.

Jimin and you separated again, going to your opposite sides.

You pirouetted, feeling so glorious, so happy! As you passed in a blur, you saw Jimin doing the same, spinning with equal speed. You had never seen someone so strong.

Three bars, two bars.

And you ran once again, launching yourself high into the air. Jimin caught you as the final bar played, and you were up high in an arabesque.

An arabesque! Just as you had begun the piece, but so much had changed. You were no longer on the ground, but suspended above the whole world. Elated like no one else save one.

The last note faded.

The lights went out to black.

Jimin gently lowered you back to the ground, setting you on your pointe again. Your bad ankle tucked behind it. Your hands rested on Jimin’s chest, his arm was wrapped around your waist.

All you could hear was his breathing and your own. In the dim lights from the wings, Jimin’s face looked shadowed, beautiful and strong. The exhilaration was still on his face.

You stared at him, a smile spreading over your face. The relief, the pain, the dance.

“You answered.” You whispered, laughing in elation.

He laughed with you, pulling you up in his arms. Your hands went around his neck, he was really here. “I did, (Name).”

“All that you said before?”

He shook his head. “That dance meant everything, (Name).”

And then his lips were on yours.

You gasped. 


But then you were kissing him back urgently, your instinct taking over. You felt his smile as your mouths met. Your bodice pressed into his chest. He was so warm.

His strong arms wrapped further around you. Your fingers wove into his hair.

Perfection…perfection in chaos…

“Uh…(Name)?” Came someone’s voice.

You snapped down from your pointe, fumbling a little as you regained your footing. Jimin quickly steadied you. Your heart was going frantically fast.

You glanced around, patting down your tutu. You could faintly see your class in lines across the stage. Yuna was behind you, a grin on her face.

“Curtain call.” Jimin murmured.

“I-” But speech was a little too much for you.

Jimin grabbed your hand and helped you limp off stage.

The lights turen on again as you reached the curtain. Jimin kept a hand around your waist. “Don’t go further back. I think Hyejin’s waiting…”

You nodded nervously. You’d kissed Jimin. Jimin had kissed you. You’d kissed. Jimin he was here. The delusion wasn’t a delusion.

You bit your lip and focussed on your class.

They were in two lines, alternately girls and boys, standing poised and perfect. They walked forward as one, then the ladies stepped to the right and curtsied, as you did in class. You looked at Hyeun almost bursting with excitement. Minjee was between Kihyn and Jongsoo in the front row, looking demure, her usual half-smirk on her face. The boys then stepped up and bowed, just a simple forward motion. Kwangsik was beaming like he hadn’t done for days. Again, you hoped Jiwoo was watching.

The audience, who you couldn’t see, clapped and clapped. Your class, your class who had been through so much because of you, were smiling and looking at each other proudly. Part of you hummed with happiness. You hadn’t failed them, or at least, they didn’t think you had.

They walked back again, leaving space at the front of the stage, and their heads turned to where Jimin and you stood in the wings.

“Ready?” Jimin whispered.

You nodded.

“Can you walk?” He asked.

“I’ll have to.” You murmured.

You remembered Odette, four years ago, when you’d first experienced ballet. What had she done?

Jimin took your left hand in his, and his other hand rested lightly on your back. You walked out. The clapping became louder. Someone shouted something. You swallowed and focussed. You walked high on the balls of your feet, letting your free arm drift out, leading your body. Your ankle ached more and more with every light step. Just keep smiling. You forced brightness into your eyes, and made your lips come up. After all, you had more to be happy about than not be happy about, didn’t you? As soon as you processed everything.

Jimin held your hand lightly in his own. It was only when you reached the middle of the stage that you finally looked up.

You found yourself facing a massive auditorium packed with people. There were four blocks of seats in the stalls, sprawling around the stage. Then there was a dress circle, a golden balcony with even more seats on it. Above that was another balcony, 'the VIP’s’, which was almost empty, aside from a few people at the front.

The American Ballet, in their blue, red and white tracksuits were easy to spot in the middle of the stalls, cheering and clapping. Cheering, you swallowed, staring out at the masses of people who had watched your life change.

“Walk forward, (Name.)” Jimin whispered amusedly. You did as he said, taking three delicate steps to the front. He let go of your hand, and stepped back.

You stepped to the right, your ankle wobbling as you stood on it. Taking a deep breath, you looked to the left side of the theatre, letting your left arm up rise up, recognizing the audience there. And then you looked to the right, your right arm rising up in honour of those there. Hands met above your head and you knelt, trying to put as much weight on your knee as possible. Your  arms came down on either side of you, drawing a circle in the air as you brought them to your chest, crossing your wrists and lowering your head down to the front knee. The clapping became even louder. You felt your heart thudding through the bodice. These were your last few seconds before the dance was well and truly over. Before I had to face the massive repercussions which were to come.

But you had done what you’d set out to do.

With another deep breath, you rose up again, biting back the grimace, having to stand on your right leg. Jimin was taking your hand again. You looked at him. He was smiling at you. You stepped back, letting go of his hand this time.

He stepped forward majestically, looking confidently up to the dress circle. He made a wide sweeping motion with his left hand, acknowledging the audience as you had, and then the same with his right. Girls began squealing. He brought his hands back down to his sides as he bowed his head forward. He held it only a few moments before stepping back and taking your hand.

The two of you glanced back at your class, and then together, everyone walked forward, taking your last curtsies and bows. You went low again, more for your leg than anything else. It was then that you looked up, catching sight of the grand chandelier hanging in the middle of the auditorium. It was made up of three tiers of crystals, all shining magnificently in the lights. But they weren’t what caught your attention. It was the words written in silver on the high ceiling around it.

Do not look up, my friends, but forward, for it is upon my stage that you shall gain a glimpse of the heavens.

A shiver ran up your spine. Kwon Songmin must have written that.

Crap! You were meant to be standing! Too quickly, you lifted out of your curtsy and up onto your right leg. However your ankle gave out, and you stumbled forwards, gasping in pain.

Jimin was there in a second, grabbing your waist. You choked back a sob, and stood up straight, forcing a smile back onto your face.

They clapped even harder, then, calling out words which were lost in all the other noise. You swallowed, the sickness finally coming to you.

The lights went down.

“Oh fuck.” You moaned.

Without a word, Jimin picked you up in his arms and carried you offstage.

“Well ladies and gentlemen.” Namjoon’s voice quickly came on. “What a show of perseverance that one was! A spectacular performance there by (Surname) (Name), and Madame Choi’s First Year Class, with a rather unexpected appearance of Park Jimin! Alright, next up we have Master Kang’s class…”

As soon as you were out of the front wing and backstage, you and Jimin were surrounded by your class.

“Oh my God, (Name)!” Yuna whispered as Jimin set you back down, keeping a firm hold on you. “Are you okay?”

You took a deep breath and nodded. “I just slipped a bit. I’m fine.”

Jimin’s arm tightened around your waist. He knew you wasn’t.

“I can’t believe you fell twice.” Seohyun sneered.

“I’m sure it wasn’t her fault.” Kwangsik defended.

“OMG!” Hyeun popped up in front of you, looking excitedly from Jimin to you. “Did you guys plan this?” She gasped. “Is this why you wanted to dance tonight? Oh! That is so romantic!”

Jimin conceded a tiny smile. “No, Miss Yah, we didn’t plan this.”

“But you kissed!” She exclaimed. You felt blood rush to your cheeks. Jimin cleared his throat, looking down.

Though you had far more things to worry about, you couldn’t help the doubts from coming to you. Did he regret it? It was just a spur of the moment thing.

Yuna gave Hyeun an elbow in the ribs. “Shut up Hyeun!”

“Oh I knew it!” She kept going. “This is so amazingly cute!”

The first powerful cello strokes of Viva la Vida began playing. On the stage, girls in white and red dresses began tour jeteing across the floor.

“We caned them.” Minjee muttered, leaning back against an amp. She avoided Jimin’s gaze.

“We totally did!” Areum agreed. “And we did have a Pas de Deux in the end!”

“(Name)! Jimin!” Dawon was suddenly weaving through your class to get to you. She threw her arms around you two. You bit your cheek against the pain. “I can’t believe what you two just did!” She looked around at your class, “What all of you guys did! That was amazing!” Your class gave nervous, but still proud smiles in return. Dawon turned back to you. “I’ve never seen you dance a Pas de Deux like that, Jimin! It was just…”

But then there was the ominous click of high heels on the stage floor.

“Get out of the way! Get into your dressing rooms!” Madame Hyejin snapped. She came up to you as your class hesitantly left. She was dressed in an elegant evening dress, which was a deep red and reached up one shoulder. “You too, Miss Jung.” She said. Dawon frowned, but Madame Hyejin gave her a stony look. Sighing, Dawon gave you a quick smile and left.

Madame Hyejin stepped in closer. “What the Hell did you two think you were doing?” She hissed. “You!” She looked your up and down. “This is the second time you broke the rules! Right in front of me! And you!” She jabbed a finger at Jimin. “What did you think you were doing? Running on stage like that!”

“I checked the lighting, Hyejin.” Jimin said calmly. “The audience couldn’t see me.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re meant to be in Los Angeles!”

When he didn’t say anything, she sighed. “I need to go and get the next class ready. Doctor Hill is in his office. You need to go and see him – you may have fooled the audience, but you certainly didn’t fool us. And I don’t doubt Master Jinho will wish to talk to you both after the Review is finished.”

You nodded. You gulped, feeling worse by the second.

Madame Hyejin began to walk off, but then stopped, turning back around.

“Jimin.” She said, her voice softer. She gazed at him. “You could have saved many people a lot of grief tonight if you had done what I told you to do earlier.”

Jimin paused. “I know,” he said quietly. What was Madame Hyejin talking about?

She nodded and went into the crossover.

Master Kang’s dancers hurried about, getting to their entrances on time. You glanced through the wings. True to the rumours, there were five pairs of dancers in the middle of the stage, the boys helping the girls to pirouette and performing straight lifts.

Watching their right legs snapping up and down from pointe made you feel even sicker.

Leaning heavily on Jimin, you silently headed for the stage door.

The dressing room corridors were mercifully empty.

You slumped down onto a bench and began picking at the knot of your pointe shoe. It untied quickly. You pulled off the shoe, relieved at the release of pressure. But then you looked at you ankle.

Even through the tights, you could see it had swelled horribly, and the whole area of your foot had turned an ugly blue and black.

“Jesus, (Name).” Jimin breathed, kneeling down beside you.

You swallowed.“It’s not that bad.”

“I shouldn’t have let you dance.”

You shook your head. “You said it yourself; you couldn’t have stopped me.”

He glanced up at you. “Why did you want to do it so much?”

“It’s dancing.” You replied without a thought.

He gazed at you, a slight smile coming to his lips. “So it is.” He said softly. He understood, he understood the one thing which no one else could grasp.

But footsteps were echoing down the hallway.

“Would you care to explain.” Came a sneering voice. “Why you’re wearing my tutu?”


#103 Gary “Eggsy” Unwin - Mission*


You got told that you have a mission with Eggsy. You first didn’t want to go on a mission with him, but it’s your job and you don’t really have a choice anyway. So starting with the preparation for the mission to the plane ride, you avoid him as much as possible and just do your job. When you finally land, you load your gun and leave the airplane. Eggsy does the same and stays close to you as you get into the building. “Why are you ignoring me?” He asks all of the sudden.

“Do you really think that now is the time to talk about that?” You ask back and stay close to the wall.

“So you’re not denying it.” Eggsy says as you shoot a camera. He quickly shoots the other camera and then you turn right.

“I’m not confirming it either.” You say and stop to walk. Eggsy takes a step but you stretch your arm out and hinder him to go further. You hear a group of men walk into a room and then the door close. You give him a sign to walk ahead and he does.

“But why do you hate me.” Eggy asks as you get closer and closer to the door.

“Look, not now alright?!” You say and push the door open. You and Eggsy start to shoot people in their knees, making them fall and kick their guns away as you walk pass them to the computers. You take a seat and start to stop the system while Eggsy collects the guns and puts handcuffs on everyone. When you finally manage to stop and destroy the system on the computer, you head Merlin through your ear pieces.

“Goos job, (Y/N) and Eggsy, you can come back now. The others will take care of the people.”

“Okay.” You say and get up again. You walk straight pass Eggsy out of the room, but he’s quick and takes your hand, spinning you around once you’re through the door.

“Tell me why do you hate me.” He says and pushes you against a wall.

“I don’t hate you.” You say and get your hand out of his grip, but you both got the same training and he’s quick to grab your hand again. He pins your hands to the side of your body and his head comes closer to yours.

“Listen, alright? I like you and I get fucking frustrated every time I see you.” He says. His voice is deeper than usual and you like it. You like that he takes control.

“Why?” You want to know and he just chuckles.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Eggsy asks and makes a pause. “Because you’re fucking hot.” He groans and presses his lips against yours. You kiss and when you pull apart, you take a deep breath but before you can say anything, he starts to drag you behind him. Eggsy pushes doors open as, wanting to find a place to show you what you do to him.

“Finally.” He then says and leads you inside. He closes the door of an office and leads you over to one of the couches that it’s the room. Eggsy gives you sign to sit down as he goes around and closes the curtains. When he’s back, in front of you, he kneels down on the floor and pulls down your jeans. You are speechless. Eggsy takes your jacket off and then your shit, leaving you in your matching underwear. He takes his shirt off and his pants, before he lays you down on the couch. He hovers himself above you and you start to make out. You put your arms around him and play with the hair on the back of his head as he takes your panties off before taking your legs and wrapping them around his hips. He quickly takes his boxers off with one hand and then pushes into you. You legs instantly spread further apart and you back lifts up from the couch. Eggsy puts his hand behind your back and unclasps your bra with just one hand. Before throwing them on the floor. He cuts your boob with the other hand, while he keeps the other one of your back. Eggsy starts to thrusts in and out of you fast and hard.

“Every time I see you I just want to fuck you.” He groans into your ear before kissing your neck. “I want to fuck you in the office, in the airplane, in the car, in a bathroom stall. I don’t care as long as I can fuck you well.”

“Shit Eggsy.” You moan, getting wetter and wetter from his words.

“You don’t even want to know how many times I already jacked off after seeing you in the office.” Eggsy mumbles and pushes your legs further up, hitting you deeper.

“Seeing you bend over to pick someone up… or seeing your lick your lip when you concentrate… or fucking seeing you work out in your tight leggings and only a shorts bra.” He has been waiting so long to tell you all this.

“Fuck Eggsy.” You are a moaning mess as the whole couch starts to move. Eggsy speeds up his thrusts as he massages your boob with one hand. “Fu-fuck!” You exclaim and bite your lip to not scream.

“Just the though of you makes me hard (Y/N).” He admits and kisses you passionately and hard. “Fucking your little tight cunt was my goal ever since I first saw you.” He groans.

“Faster Eggsy.” You moan and dig your nails into his back. He fucks you faster and starts to hit your g-spot when he puts one of your legs over his shoulder.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He moans and you’re both are breathing heavily as your hearts are racing.

“Ahhh!” You scream and hold your breath as you reach your climax.

“Shit.” Eggsy groans and you feel him cum in you. He rides you through your orgasms before he collapses on top of you. You breath in again and stroke his head.

“Great mission by the way.” Eggsy chuckles and kisses your boob.

“Thank you, you weren’t bad either.” You smile and know that this is the start of something great.


The Summoning

A intent flicker of candle makes itself known outside the makeshift circle you find yourself sitting in.  The room is mostly darkness aside from the small, solitary light that sits quietly opposite your cross-legged seat.

Around the white chalk circle that you’ve drawn around yourself, there lie scattered a variety of other paraphernalia – salts, pendants and symbols that only precious few would realize as truly occult materials. You’ve positioned them elaborately as part of the ritual, knowing that one misplaced object and you would never have the chance to have the encounter you so desperately craved.

A quick glance to the left reveals the time- it’s three minutes closer to midnight. Normally you would have checked the glowing screen of your phone, but there can’t be other light aside from the single candle in the room.

You know that they’re already waiting.

The knife clutched in your spare hand slides over the surface of your palm. You hold it firmly, trying to ignore the sharp throb of pain as red droplets begin to swell past the broken skin. You raise your wounded hand over your head, allowing a few scarlet droplets to fall onto the ground as your slowly start to murmur an ancient incantation under your breath.

It won’t be long now.

     A swirling, smoky vortex opens in the ceiling as the room starts shaking with an unknown energy. The numerous objects are rattled about on the floor and the candle shivers in the invisible breeze, threatening to extinguish. The slight twinge of fear you feel is almost enough to make you leave your circle.

But restraint pulls you back. You know you can’t ever leave the circle- not until the ritual has finished.

You know that there are others out there- others who are far more malevolent than the one that you intend to bring into this world. And that stepping out of the circle will ensure that you probably won’t leave this room alive either.

Just keep calm until dawn, you remind yourself. After all, it’s not just you that you’re doing this for.

The violent rumbles cease, the room suddenly plunged into darkness. Your ribcage hitches with fear as you look around into the darkness, but the candle suddenly reanimates to illuminate a figure that has materialized outside the circle, with a pair of eyes that glow with a bright, otherworldly energy, directly fixed on you.

The form that sits in front of you is humanoid, yes. But you know deep within that this appearance is only for you, that their true form would be too much for your mind to take, despite your decidedly different tastes. It is a form that could be called ‘hideous’ by other humans, if they didn’t scream first. A human face sits like a mask over a pair of slobbering, sharp-toothed jaws that stand over a mass of pulsating tentacles.

Amidst the terror and the trepidation that roots you to the spot, you feel an overwhelming love for the barely human presence that faces you.  You extend your hands, making sure not to leave your circle as you slowly embrace them.

       They purr into your neck as they practically encase you within a living cocoon of their tentacles. A massive pulsating tongue leaves their now extended jaws and eagerly licks the side of your face, smooth and intimate. They murmur low throaty growls, or perhaps words of an ancient language now lost upon human ears. Although you can never truly understand what they are saying, you understand the intimacy of their actions.

After all, they’ve been waiting for you.

You take in the sight of them, their fleshly, tentacled, vaguely humanoid outline that so eagerly embraces you and their sweet scent, something that seems to belong to something so much purer than a creature whose whole form is the living embodiment of decadence and decay.

The mockery of the human form which they take only reminds you of the drastic differences between you. They’re different from you, so different that it should be impossible for you both to look each other in the eyes, let alone love like this. Your lover exists beyond the realms of mortal comprehension, beyond the limits of imagination. They come from a place which few know about, and even fewer believe in. A place beyond all time and space.

That mask-like face gleams out at you with a twisted grin. It’s enough to fuel the nightmares of anyone else who would have laid eyes on it, but when you look at those otherworldly eyes, all you see is love. An ancient, unyielding love, reserved entirely for you.

As hideous as they are, you can’t help but love them.

You feel their many limbs sucker onto your skin., rubbing up and down your body as they pull you closer. Shuddering, you can only find yourself falling further into them.

Even though it was you who brought them here, it’s they who have you now- mind, body and soul.

And you couldn’t be happier.

     A tentacle caresses the side of your face, dusky surface shimmering in the wavering candlelight like the most unknowable depths of the universe. Before, you never thought that something so simple could make you feel so complete.

You wish that you could somehow leave the chalk circle you’re confined in, to hold them in your arms the way they hold you, the way you’ve always wanted to. It pains you from the bottom of your heart that you can’t.

It was a rift in space time that brought you both together, but two worlds that forever separate you. You know that you can’t belong in theirs, and neither can they belong in yours. The sights of their world would blind your eyes, the sounds would destroy your ears, the alien sensations would all but shred your skin from your body.

You know that this is the only way that you can truly be together.

And somehow, it pains you more than comforts you.

But you find yourself determined to make the most of what little time you have left with them. With how much they mean to you, you want to treat them like the untouchable treasure that they are.

      After your long, passionate embrace together, your eyelids shudder into the temptation of sleep, you find yourself being lightly nudged awake by a tentacle. There’s a low, concerned growl as the many eyes on your lover’s lower body turn in the direction of the flickering candle.

Still drowsy, you initially struggle to understand their meaning. Then your pain returns tenfold.

It’s almost warning, they tell you through their touches, warning you that they must return to their own dimension before dawn. The ritual only offers so little time together.

With a pained sigh, you press your head to the bony, unnatural surface of their false one, feeling a guttural, sad moan reverberate up from their massive anglerfish-like jaws beneath. You don’t want to leave them.

But you know you have to.

Stifling back the tears that threaten to break your vision, you allow them to hold you for one last time, their high, unnatural whine breaking the unnatural silence of the room.

You exhale.

“I love you,” you tell them.

They growl again, still as deep and intimidating as before, but you hear the affection they hold for you in it. Your head falls into their lap, cradled by a writhing mass of eldritch tentacles, more content than you’ve ever been before in your life. Their mask of a face stares down at you as you look at up at it, forever watching over you.

      Streams of dawn break through your shuttered eyelids and you awaken to find yourself alone in the centre of the room. It’s the early morning and sunlight now streams through the windows in place of the tepid darkness you had lost yourself in last night- lost yourself with them.

By this time, they’re long since gone. The room holds no trace of either them or your nightly encounter, pardon a sweetish smell, like wilted spring flowers. It was as if they were nothing but a bittersweet nightmare.

You pick up the long extinguished candle with a sad smile.

It’s better this way, you try to tell yourself.

Turning back to the morning sun, you try to forget the past night and all that happened, try to forget the ritual as just a dream. Even as you face the new day, you already notice that the sides of your face are already wet with tears of past memories.

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This was requested! I will be doing more tomorrow!!

The boys have left an hour ago to go eat out except for you and mark, because he wanted something else to eat (side note; I just choked on my gum for laughing at this)
You two have been having your fun, too much to not hear the front door of the dorm being open
“Oh my god! Mar-” you were stopped when you heard laughing and uncomfortable coughing coming from outside marks room “shit…”

The dressing room was empty and he needed some stress relief, so why not? The way his hands felt rooming your body still sends you to cloud nine
He knew that your neck was most sensitive
Purple marks covered your neck, the sounds of your pants filled the room
“Hyung! We gotta go!” You heard Bambam scream, you could tell he heard everything by the trembling in his voice
“We’ll finish this later…”

Jackson had just gotten home from the gym, sweat covering his body and he needed a shower
It was nice and peaceful for the first five minutes until he felt a pair of familiar hands running down his body
“You look really good today..” you would mumble into his shoulder, gently biting the skin making him whimper
Apparently loud enough for jinyoung to worry
“Jackson! Are you okay in there?”
“Y-yea- oh fuck”

Everyone else was asleep except for you two, this was the only time you could be alone with him without the other boys barging in
The night rolled on and some things led to another
Causing the headboard to hit up against the wall, you two not noticing until you heard Jacksons loud screaming and mark trying to calm him
“What the hell was that?!?!”
“I don’t know”
“Did someone break in?!?!”
You couldn’t help but giggle at the nonsense of his band mates, you tell continuing in a more quiet manner

You have always loved teasing this boy, no matter the situation, and tonight was no different
You were watching a scary movie with the boys, you two cuddling under a shared blanket, and now could be the perfect time. You sat in his lap, him smiling at you before you started to move back and forth
He bit his lip but it got to much for him that he ended up kicking the coffee table in front of you
You and the rest of the boys started to bust out laughing as his face turned bright red
“My poor baby”

Tonight you went out to a fancy dinner with the boys
The way that your outfit hugged your body made him feel some type of way and he had to do something about it
So there you were, fist clinched together as he stroked you under the table
You were chugging down your drink to keep you from moaning, but one slipped out but you tried covering it with a cough
“Noona, are you okay?”
“Yeah, you’re a bit red”
The other boys looked concerned
You were about to answer but your boyfriend answered for you
“I’ll just take her home”

Watching your boyfriend on stage was amazing
But it was difficult when fans asked to dance sexily and he would grind upon the ground
He saw your flustered face in the crowd and winked at you
The event was soon over and you were trying to rush home with him
“I swear (Y/N), I’m about to destroy tha-”
“LALALALALALA” JB was screaming to your right, covering his ears and practically running away at your conversation
“Look what you did!”


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan/Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I offer no apologies. This got so out of hand I’m pretty sure it’s already enjoying next year’s Halloween candy. Your something spooky, for the season! Contains hints of uh…magical!Bray Wyatt. And worship. Tagging @tox-moxley, enjoy!

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Another Japan Expo post - because you’re gonna get several like this :^)

Look who I found there hehehehe 8D

I swear when one of the guys I met there told me there would be Lapis and Peri I totally made the Dipper’s external scream face (and scream, I still have no voice lol) - which is fun because I was Dipper this day.

You can see these cosplayers on their FB page called Harikaw & Faithcael ( @faithcael) Cosplay.

Seriously I’m glad I met you and I hope your ears have not been destroyed by fanboys/fangirls :p what do you mean it’s my fault

promises | michael gray

the reader and michael are good friends, eventually leads to a relationship but then he moves to small heath and makes promises that he can’t keep

Originally posted by mickeyandmumbles

When you were a young girl, everyone would joke about how you and Henry would end up together. You would both shake your head and laugh, knowing that the chances of it happening were slim. Henry was an attractive boy, had been since he was around 13 and he would never look at you twice. He saw you as his best friend, little sister even. There was only a months difference between the two of you but it didn’t stop Henry constantly teasing you.

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lordmarvoloriddle  asked:

"Your thoughts are... I'd say disturbing, but it doesn't feel enough." + tomarry :)

Sorry this took me a couple of days to get to ^-^

“Your thoughts are… I’d say disturbing, but it doesn’t feel enough,” Tom said, frowning. He brushed a strand of hair gently away from Harry’s face. 

“All I said was I love you,” Harry said quietly.

“Love?” Tom repeated, speaking like the concept was completely alien to him. “Love is…love does not make sense to me. People fall in love and it becomes their weakness, it clouds their minds. Love is something to be feared, not cherished.”

“No, love is wonderful,” Harry argued. “It gives you joy and happiness, and gives your life meaning. But you’re right; there are bad things to it. Love can hurt, especially when the person you love doesn’t love you back.”

“Can’t,” Tom corrected. “If I could love you, I would, no doubt, but my mind simply won’t allow it. I have never loved anyone or anything, but that’s not to say that I don’t care about you. I might not die for you, but I would certainly kill for you. I might not hold you while you cry and whisper reassuring things in your ear, but I would go out and destroy the very thing that hurt you to begin with. I might not cherish love, but I cherish you, and that in itself is unusual for me; it feels enough like a weakness.”

Harry said nothing and instead leaned in to kiss Tom’s lips tenderly. 

“That isn’t a weakness,” Harry murmured as they pulled apart. “Let it be your strength.”

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|Daryl Dixon imagine|

“Mornin’ Y/N.” Rick said as I walked past him, I smiled at him and greeted him a ‘good morning’. I was heading to Hershel’s house to see if Lori needed any help with breakfast. As I approached the door I felt a pair of strong arms wrap round my waist and pull me back. “Mornin’ babe.” A husky voice whispered in my ear. Daryl. 

He kissed my neck and turned me round to face him. “Well good mornin’ Daryl.” I smiled kissing his lips, I felt him smirk into the kiss. “Right now let me go I have to help Lori with breakfast.” I said pretending to be annoyed and pushed him away, Daryl chuckled and headed over to his tent; winking at me on the way. I entered Hershel’s house and said 'hello’ to Maggie and Beth. “Hey Lori do you need any help with breakfast?” I asked. Lori shook her head no. “Shane has been looking for you by the way Y/N. He said meet him at the target practice in the woods.” She said. 

I knotted my eyebrows in confusion, Shane and I have never gotten along, he creeps me out so much because he always just stares at me with something in his eyes but I don’t know what. Daryl had told me to stay well away from Shane because he didn’t trust him at all. I ended up nodding at Lori and walking out towards the woods. 

“Shane?” I said as I saw him practicing shooting. He turned around and nodded at me. “Thought you could get some practice in.” He said bluntly handing me the gun and looking me up and down. I ignored him and then began aiming until Shane put his hand on my arm from behind me making me shiver. “Hold your arm up higher and spread your legs more.” He said kicking my legs more apart. I began getting more nervous by his present. 

He moved both of his arms in front of me, helping me get in the right shooting position. I felt his breath on my neck which made me feel sick. “Nervous girl?” Shane chuckled sickly. I stood up tall and confident, aimed the gun and shot it; hitting the bullet right on the mark. “No.” I replied bluntly dropping the gun on the floor. 

Shane roughly grabbed my wrists and shoved me hard against the tree. A disgusting smirk plastered across his face. 

“You better get the fuck off me before I scream.” I threatened trying to fight him off me, he placed his big hand round my mouth stopping me from talking, I tried kicking him but he grabbed my neck and shoved me on the floor then sat on top of me. “And if you scream princess i’ll destroy tha’ pretty mouth of yours.” He whispered in my ear. Shane began kissing my cheek all the way to my chest. His hand travelling up my top and latching onto my breast. 

I wriggled in an attempt to escape from his grip but he ended up slapping me hard across the face which I was sure would leave a bruise. “I fuckin’ told you girl.” He shouted. Shane started to undo his belt and my heart started pumping faster and faster. “Trust me, I bet i’ll fuck you better than your old boy Dixon.” He laughed making me cringe. Tears filled my eyes and endlessly spilled over. 

“Come on. Don’t cr—” He began but was cut off when a massive fist came colliding to his face. Shane went straight off me and onto the floor, I was quickly pulled up by Rick and Glenn as I saw Daryl beating the shit out of Shane. “Fuckin’ sick fuckin’ bastard! I’m gonna kill your fuckin’ ass for touchin’ ma girl!” Daryl shouted, I had never seen him so angry before in the past year I’ve known him and I presumed nor had Rick or Glenn as they were both shocked at his rage. Daryl continued to beat Shane but Rick decided to step in between them and hold Daryl back. 

“No you let me fuckin’ kill him Rick! He touched Y/N and I ain’t gonna let this fuckin’ asshole get away with it!” Daryl howled, his whole face red with pure anger pulsing through it and his fists in tight white knuckles. I put my hand over my mouth and began crying, Glenn hugged me and reassured everything was going to be okay. “Daryl stop! I will sort Shane out, you go to Y/N cos she needs you!” Rick shouted as he lead a blood faced Shane away. 

Daryl looked over at me and came rushing over as he engulfed me in a tight and embraceable hug. “I told you ta’ stay away from him Y/N.” Daryl whispered in my ear as he kissed my forehead. I felt a wet drop on my forehead, 'Was Daryl crying?’ I thought to myself. I looked up into his eyes to see they were tear filled, my own eyes filled with tears as I kissed his lips. “I’m so sorry, Daryl. It’s my faul-” I began. “No no Y/N don’t you dare say it was your fault baby. Shane is a sick fuckin’ man and he will pay for wha’ he was gonna do to you babe, I promise.” Daryl said, his voice on the edge of anger as he stroked my bruise cheek from Shane’s slap earlier. Daryl let out a low growl. 

I wrapped my arms tightly around Daryl’s neck again and hugged him like my life depended on it, his strong arms wrapping round my waist. “I ain’t lettin’ you outta my sight now. I love you baby girl.” Daryl whispered and kissed my neck. “I love you..” I said back.