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#Doodleodeon Day 21. Today we look at another amazing Nickelodeon fan favorite - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

This show really offered a fun and entertaining story that had something for all-ages. The character designs were cartoony and cute, and the CGI animation didn’t come off as creepy. Considering this was 2002 and things have come a long way technologically since then - this show was on point.

The voice acting was once again a thing of beauty.  Debi Derryberry (Jimmy), Jeff Garcia (Sheen) & the incredible Rob Paulsen (Carl) lead the way. The characters all had great personality, and we still mimic some of them in our household (anyone whining or complaining gets a Carl-esque tone. If I’m suggesting something off the wall or weird it’ll be in a Sheen-ish voice).

Guzzle down some Purple Flurp, go for a stroll through the cosmos on a rocket propelled dog and enjoy today’s cartoon.

Cheers, Jeff

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(also known as “the weirdest post I’ve made in a long, long time)

So now that I’ve started doing nostalgia posts, I might as well do a collection post of all the “hosts” children’s networks tend to have. People often remember these, but don’t know the source–partially because they don’t really HAVE a “show” that they’re from. So here’s a quick rundown.

CLAY: This guy hosted Playhouse Disney for a while. He was literally, as you can imagine, Clay. He was voiced by Debbi Derryberry, who also played Jimmy Neutron and Zatch from Zatch Bell.

CHICA: This is…way past my time, but I’m pretty sure this one’s been around for a long time. Chica debuted in 2007, and people who were little then are turning into teens now, so maybe some of you will remember this one. She’s part of segments/a show on the Sprout network. She squeaked. It’s kind of hilarious. Side note: don’t let any toddlers in your care google “chica” without including phrases like “sunny side up show.” Unless you like dealing with toddler nightmares for the next month.

PIPER O’POSSUM: Piper was a host for Nick Jr., starting in 2004. She replaced the ever-popular Face (who we’ll get to). She only lasted about three years, though. She was played by Ali Brustofski, a singer with over 500k subscribers on youtube. She’s only 22, meaning she was only around 11-14 when she did the part.

MOOSE A. MOOSE AND ZEE: These two became emblematic of the preschool block/network Noggin. They lasted from 2003 to 2012, which means that kids who are currently 18 and 8 can both be nostalgic for these characters simultaneously. Zee didn’t speak, but Moose was played by Paul Christie, who played Stick Stickly. They’re both still in use, on Nickelodeon’s Noggin app.

FACE: Face was the Nick Jr. host. He’s beloved by many a 90s kid. He was literally just a face on different colored backgrounds, known for his “hi there, face here! line, and his weird “slide whistle and triangle only” band sound effects. In retrospect, his animations seemed to take about 5 frames and a lot of tweening, but you needed to make a lot of these. Face was played by voice actor Chris Phillips, who’s been an announcer for both Cartoon Network and Nick for a long time. He’s also done voices for Jumbo Studios, playing Roger in the Disney version of Doug, as well as characters in the original Nick version, and father Ernest Otter in PB&J Otter. He’s reprised his role as face for The Splat–check out this interview with him, you’ll definitely recognize his voice from other things.

FEETFACE: Nice name. Feetface was the first host for Noggin, later being replaced by Moose and Zee (they had an actual bumper where he passed torch to them). It’s EXTREMELY hard to find pictures of this dude, probably because he was only around for a year. But I remember him. I still have that song he sung stuck in my head. Playing Feetface was one of the earliest major voice acting roles for Ashleigh Ball, now famous for playing Applejack and Rainbow Dash in MLP: Friendship is Magic.

the-autistic-canine  asked:

Who are you favorite voice actors? My favorites would probably have to be sam vincent, tony sampson, matt hill, debi derryberry, sarah natochenny, veronica taylor, rachel lillis, eric stuart, maddie blausttien, alex hirsch, emilie clare-barlowe, carter hayden, julie lemieux, novie edwards, stacy depass, jennifer hale, ian sinclair, joel mcdonald, cristina vee, johnny yong bosch, diedrich bader, erin fitzgerald, kathleen barr and hynden walch

*cracks knuckles* strap in, boys

I’ve got to agree with you about Alex Hirsch and Hynden Walch. Hirsch can almost seamlessly go from Grunkle Stan voice to Soos voice. That’s skill. And Walch is excellent at getting the emotion in a scene across, anyone who’s a fan of Princess Bubblegum can tell you that.

While they’re both a bit overused in my opinion, I can’t help but admire Tara Strong and Grey DeLisle. Go look them up, they’re in EVERYTHING, and you might not even know because they’ve both got great vocal range.

I may be a bit biased in light of *cough* recent events, but I kind of just like the sound of Richard Horvitz’s voice, plus if you’ve ever listened to him in a podcast or at a panel he’s a funny guy. It’s really clear that he just flat-out loves voice acting, and it’s a shame he’s going to mutilate his vocal cords in the upcoming Zim movie.

Kimberly Brooks voices both Jasper in Steven Universe and Allura in Voltron, enough said. I also really love Charlyne Yi, for her cute voice and great acting of course but also because she’s hilarious, super nice and creative, and a good artist. She should honestly be a SNL cast member or something.

Jeremy Shada is a pretty cool guy, and he’s basically a fan of everything he’s in. I like his singing, and the way he delivers lines, whether they’re funny or sad, is impressive. Mark Hamill is, well, Mark Hamill.

Don’t even get me started on Justin Roiland. Not only does he have a very distinctive voice and can really amp up the humor in a line, but oh my god, how does he even voice Rick Sanchez. How can someone do something like that. I also like Sam Marin, because he’s got a lot of range (Benson, Pops, and Muscle Man on Regular Show) and he’s just fun.

Phil LaMarr is awesome, I didn’t even find out he voiced both Samurai Jack and Wilt in Foster’s Home until a few months ago. Watch any episode of SJ and be in awe, you guys. Also, Tom Kenny’s a pretty cool dude.

Dan Mintz is hilarious. Lea Salonga is a beautiful singer. Kristen Schaal is very charming. BUT one of my all-time favorite voice actors has got to be Mako Iwamatsu (rest in peace). Seriously, the guy could deliver literally any line and have it sound good. He voices both an innocent uncle and an evil shapeshifting master of darkness and it fits them both perfectly.

I have a couple more but these are pretty much my absolute favorites.  

Here’s a little FYI about the new characters and their voice actresses fairytales!

It’s always important to appreciate the hard work the creators do to bring us (the fans) a wonderlandiful story and spellbinding characters, right? But it is also fairy important, at least in my book, to appreciate the people who bring voice to our favorite characters! We know who voice our veterans, but would you like to know who voiced/will voice the five new girls introduced in the Ever After High: Dragon Games movie? Hex out the list below:

- Meeshell Mermaid™ (Daughter of Little Mermaid) is voiced by Rena Strober, the same actress that’s been voicing Cerise Hood™ since the start!

- Ramona Badwolf™ (Daughter of The Big Bad Wolf) is voiced by none other than Cindy Robinson, who also voices Madeline Hatter™, Humphrey Dumpty™ and Snow White! How royally awesome is that?

- Nina Thumbell™ (Daughter of Thumbellina) is voiced by Debi Derryberry, who you might know as the voice actress of Monster High’s fairy own Draculaura™!

- Jillian Beanstalk™ (Daughter of Jack) is voiced by Julie Maddalena Kliewer, who also voices Blondie Lockes™ and Kitty’s mom, The Cheshire Cat!

- Farrah Goodfairy™ (Daughter of The Fairy Godmother) is voiced by Tish Hicks, a new voice actress to the team - Welcome fairytale!

- Justine Dancer™ (Daughter of The 12th Dancing Princess) is voiced by newcomer Bresha Webb! Fairy happy to have her as part of the team!

Isn’t it interesting to learn where the voices of our favorite characters come from? We will get to hear them even more in the upcoming webisodes! #EverAfterHigh #EAH


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