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It is so frustrating to me that you’ve been gone for months now and in my mind I have completely accepted and understand that you’re never coming back. Yet, I continue to struggle to get my heart on the same page…because every morning I still wake up and immediately check my phone hoping to see your name on my screen. & Every morning I have to remind myself that you’re gone. Every morning I am reminded that my heart is fragile. & Every morning I continue to tell myself that my heart will stop aching and heal eventually…Just not today…

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… wait there are people who follow me (an ultimate MM trash) && don’t play MM and/or aren’t in the MM fandom? *o*

(( if that’s the case i’m so sorry i draw like 97% MM all the time i just really love the series and it really helps me relieve stress from work akjsdhkdf im surprised you still follow me ;;-;; ♥ ))

must-be-ryan  asked:

I just wanted to say that this blog never fails to make me laugh! (Also, could you do something with Lukas, Python, and Forsyth? Those three will be the death of me I swear)

i’m glad you’re enjoying it!! 


falsettos pride icons pt. 1 - lesbians from next door

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I’m closing my ask box just the time to reply to all of you, cuz I will never be able to start a DP if yall continue to be SO DAMN SWEET WITH ME. ahaha Omg I’m so sorry. Yall so amazing, i’m trying to catch up as fast as I can my dudes!