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ooc: just testing the waters

I’ve been getting into the TCG lately, and have been wanting to do my own custom play mat so, I was wondering if there was any interest out there for either Bakura or DHB themed play mats?

They can also double as big ass mouse pads.

I’m “half-away” right now due to severe lack of time for online activity ;_; I’m not disappearing, I just have ton of work I need to do right now and I should focus on it at this moment.

if someone is awaiting for my reply about commissions quotes, please, wait a little bit, I will reply as soon as I will have some spare time to be online orz. right now I don’t have time even just to relax and play something >_<

quick reply to everyone who asked if I will open commissions for corrupted Jasper ever again (I’m honestly shocked how many people asked that O_O wow, thanks! to be honest I have horrible issues with self-confidence and never expected she will get such amazing feedbacks ;; ) - yes, I will do, in middle-late September, as soon as I will finish work on those which were sold and will dispatch them.thanks a lot to everyone who ever considered buying a plushie from me! 

i’m a little disappointed that got7 walked away as one of the only few artists that attended and didn’t receive any award and that they were only on stage for probably 5 minutes at most. but they’re still so humble and thanking everyone and mark even told everyone to check out bts. boys i hope you know you’re well loved and that you deserve everything for your hard work.

its 1am and I just had a thought. what if you was pregnant and took polyjuice potion to become someone who wasn’t pregnant? what would happen to the baby? would you just appear as the person you wanted to change into, just pregnant? and since the baby itself is actually taking in the polyjuice potion, does it too turn into the person you are changing into? then what happens if you go into labour whilst pregnant, but under polyjuice potion. and dont even get into what happens if you BECOME pregnant whilst under polyjuice potion? if you continually take it, will you give birth? who’s genes will the baby have. I need answers. i need J K Rowling on speed dial

Okay okay hear me out

The entire cast of Overwatch crushing on Mercy to some degree. I mean sure she’s The Mom, but I cannot help but imagine the other heroes be like “how is this woman real holy fuck she’s magnificent is she an actual angel”.

(Btw this wouldn’t interfere with any ships you have like each side of the pairs just accept that yes Mercy is a blessing but they still love the other. Just an fyi lol.)

Like imagine Big Scary Roadhog holding the door for her and blushing under his mask when she says “Danke!” and Junkrat teases him a lot about it. Oh, but it’s not like Junkrat is any different, he always stands straighter (because that’s what she asked him to do - it’s better for his back) whenever she walks by and fuckin stutters while saying “G'day!” and Roadhog just snorts at him in a way that prolly means something along the lines of “talk about the pot calling the kettle black”.

As a fellow scientist, I have no doubt Mei has a lot of respect for Doctor Ziegler. And by respect I mean that Mei gets reduced to a shiny-eyed dork whenever she’s near Mercy cause oh my gosh Oh My GOSH.

Zarya is ridiculously protective of Mercy. Touch her and you’re dead. Dead I say. She also happily gives her a huge bear-hug when it’s apropriate.

One of the most humiliating moments in Pharah’s life was when she flew into a wall because she got distracted by seeing Mercy in all her Valkyre glory, floating in the sky, surrounded by light. Though, Mercy taking care of her injuries from the impact felt… nice, regardless of the embarrassment she felt.

Soldier 76, The Dad, is very thankful for the help in keeping these children in line. He prolly wouldn’t manage without her. He definitely does not get distracted by her smile.

Lúcio spent a lot of time figuring out what kind of music Mercy liked. He made a mix of all her favourite songs and gifted the album to her. Seeing her face lighting up at the familiar tunes is still one of his favourite moments in his life.

I’d come up with more examples but it’s late and I’m tired so there.

But yeah. Please consider.