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im gonna delete this cos its too much info for u mofos but legit im in hospital rite n nurse comes out and is like no smoking allowed where are the lighters n me and other ppl are like nah mate no lighters here lit it off the sun so they’re like fine they leave come back with metal detectors and they scan me and they’re like ur all good…. I had a lighter in my bra the whole time idk what happened bro legit thought i was gonna die my heart was racing million beats per minit idk why they didn’t detect it.

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I was questioning if I should make an Instagram again because I know how it focuses so much on beauty like I'm not sure and I deleted for awhile. I know Instagram can damage my self esteem but I like seeing my friend's post idk I'm not sure and also tbh like I would kind of use my friend's account so see other people's Instagram so idk if it's healthy if I should have it. Snapchat idk about because I don't want it. Any advice? Full rant 😭😭

I have no interest for Instagram or anything on it🤷🏽‍♀️ to me it’s the equivalent of reading a picture book, why waste time on a picture book when you have the ability to read words…I’m not someone who is easily impressed at all, such things do not fulfil my interests. In fact if horrifies me mostly at the mentality my generation is developing and makes me even more thankful that I’m hermit. I have no idea how people spend all day scrolling through social media, it’s truly a waste of life for it brings no true meaning to ones life. If you follow positive accounts then of course that’s different but you wouldn’t need to spend much time viewing them, like 1minute…💗

;;Sooo I…may or may not take a little break like a day or so? idk from rp’ing because like…I feel like my muses don’t really fit into the BATIM community too well? Like Bendy is always really sad and mentally disturbed and Bentley is just….Bentley, I guess. Eh, I dunno. I’m hoping I’ll feel better about the whole thing after a night of sleep, but I’ll try to decide when I feel better and have a clearer head tomorrow


“Regardless of how people in the real world feel about this work, inside the world of this show, there will be absolutely no discrimination toward the things one loves. I will absolutely protect this world.”Kubo Mitsurou.  


I tried messing around with my sketchy older/traditional style for fun and it ended up as a Hip Snapchat Drawing. i’ve never used snapchat in my life (((((: 

Take your pick as to who’s the person behind the ‘snap’ as you youngsters say, I’m going to take a nap.

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