will delete idk if i like

ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat

hamburgergod skomentował(a) Twój post: if you are gonna to delete the caption from under…


I mean I am just like ?? I literally expect nothing from people when I am posting my art except from not deleting my captions and not using it without giving me the credit ( or, idk, asking??? I am more than fine with not asking if it’s gonna be used as a sidebar or background or anything like that tho. But once I’ve found that someone used my art as a cover for the fic - and they not onlu used it but also edited it - and I can’t even say if I would like my art to represent this story because it was - I think - in Spanish and I don’t understand a thing. So yeah, in this case please ask me ) 

and people still delete the captions. 
like I am sorry I don’t fit your aesthetics okay 

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Name: Selenia (pronounced suh-lehn-nee-uh….)

Nickname(s): Nia or Hope

Gender: nonbinary girl/two spirit?

Star sign: pisces

Height: 5′1

Sexuality: kinda dykey.. :/

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

Average hours of sleep: 12

Dog or cat person: im both but ive always owned cats so i guess cat!!!!!

Blanket you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: IDK i’d just like to go somewhere cool with a really close friend someday

When I made my blog: Fri, 07 Jul 2017 21:47:58 AAAA (i deleted and had to start fresh rip!)

Followers: im only ten away from 700

Why I made a tumblr: my friend told me to

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for about a week now tumblr barely shows me any notifications on the dash, on the activity page it also shows way less that i get, absolutely no replies and no reblogs with added commentary on the dash/activity page also (i can see them only through clicking on the post itself),  i have 0 idea if asks are coming through (ive got a couple but maybe some didnt make it idk) and today ive seen like 4 posts with broken notes count (that is they kinda have ‘none’ but those were reblogs that definitely had some amount of notes) gosh WHY is this website this broken

I hate the way my heart hurts
I hate the way my dad looks at me these days
like he expects me to fall apart at any second
like he wants to say,
clear the dining room table
and clear the fucking hallways
Cause I might burst at any second

I hate the way my mom keeps telling me
that I’ll find someone new
Because every time she does I smile but
I really want to shake her
and tell her that I would rather meet you
a thousand times over
instead of some boy
Who laughs differently
Who holds my hand wrong
And only ever tells me he likes my body
with the lights off

Because your laugh is so infectious
that all your friends love you for it

you rubbed your thumb across the tops of my knuckles even when your mind was in
a thousand other places

You liked me better with the lights on.

I hate the way my heart hurts
and God I hate how happy you made me
I don’t know how to handle myself
I don’t know how to handle my heart
And how it hurts so much
it makes my teeth chatter
like I’ve been cold since you left
like ice has made its way through my heart and into my veins

So I guess
Clear the dining room table
clear the fucking hallways
check the x rays for ice in my bloodstream
I’ve been ready to burst ever since you left me

okay so I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but do you think Jin goes out and buys all his own materials for the heart events, surely not right? Doesn’t have the time, doesn’t want to be spotted etc. What if he has his own assistant who’s sole responsibility as Jin’s art and craft advisor is to help him buy supplies for his heart events.

some poor sap probably excited to work @ bighit and then management is like
>lmao jokes you’re jin’s arts and crafts whore now
>btw he needs 7 feet of red craft paper
>good luck