will delete idk if i like

Voltron as things I have seen

Keith: Jumped on top of a mechanical bull and immediately slid off other side

Pidge: Ate an entire bag of Halloween candy in 24hrs like it was nothing

Lance: Poured a liter of gasoline into a fire pit, resulting in fried eyebrows

Hunk: Stepped on a dead frog and started crying

Shiro: Attempted to use a tennis racket to get a wasp nest out of a grill

what do you guys like to do when you get really stressed out and overwhelmed? 

for me, personally, i like to go swimming. i’ve always been drawn to water of any kind, i just have such a strong affinity for it. i’m actually going swimming here in a couple minutes at my father’s place and i just can’t wait?? i’ve been v stressed lately and i can’t wait to dip under the water where everything is calm and quiet and it feels so at home 

idk what this post was about 

i hate getting too personal on here but

i dropped out of senior year too, like even. i dropped out a couple weeks before the oh helga natt episode. i was sick, and frustrated and sad. i tried to do tht too.

and ive been in bed for most of the days since, trying to stay grounded and safe, stop being so paranoid all the time.

im not going to say tht watching even saved me, bc it didnt. no one can save you really.
but he did give me hope i guess. bc he moved on, he moved forward. he’s happy, he’s kissing his boyfriend, he’s hugging best buds.

he’s got a job and he graduated.

and that is such a wonderful thing to see

Hi, this is Salz, the mod of this blog, as well as Seth, Gretel, Carchase and the old Lukana-but-not-actually-lukana that i could never delete. I’m going to be leaving the shitposting blog community (not for personal reasons with any people, it’s nothing serious or drama-y like that), so all of these blogs will now be open for anyone who wants them (hopefully the url’s will be deleted too):





@lukana-the-shitposting-tailor (there’s already a lukana blog, @the-actual-shitposting-lukana, just if maybe that blog wants to steal the proper url? idk.)

Also, for future reference, this is happening on June 22 (AUS time) - just in case it helps ever

And @the other shitposting blogs, I really enjoyed being able to roleplay with all of you over these couple of months, so thank you!

I’ve decided to leave wiz and the fandom for good
reason being is bc I don’t enjoy the game like I use to. I’ve lost interest to even continuing it so what’s the point
as for the fandom idk. I really do love all the friends I’ve made but don’t think that it will be the last time talking with me. I’m active on my main @krusnik if you wanna keep in touch
sorry for this I really am, Im sad that I lost interest in a game I use to like so much. It’s help me through so much of my bad times but now I have to move on and find something else to like again. Ty guys so much for everything!!

i’m looking through old photos from a couple of years ago in my photos library (and deleting duplicates from when i transferred some pics from my ipod over) and it’s just…i was such a different person just a couple years ago, forcing myself to have female ‘idols’ that i looked up to and wanted to look like someday, even though it never felt genuine, i just felt like i had to have some role model of what i should look like, and idk, it’s just sad that i felt like that because i didn’t know any different

I hate the way my heart hurts
I hate the way my dad looks at me these days
like he expects me to fall apart at any second
like he wants to say,
clear the dining room table
and clear the fucking hallways
Cause I might burst at any second

I hate the way my mom keeps telling me
that I’ll find someone new
Because every time she does I smile but
I really want to shake her
and tell her that I would rather meet you
a thousand times over
instead of some boy
Who laughs differently
Who holds my hand wrong
And only ever tells me he likes my body
with the lights off

Because your laugh is so infectious
that all your friends love you for it

you rubbed your thumb across the tops of my knuckles even when your mind was in
a thousand other places

You liked me better with the lights on.

I hate the way my heart hurts
and God I hate how happy you made me
I don’t know how to handle myself
I don’t know how to handle my heart
And how it hurts so much
it makes my teeth chatter
like I’ve been cold since you left
like ice has made its way through my heart and into my veins

So I guess
Clear the dining room table
clear the fucking hallways
check the x rays for ice in my bloodstream
I’ve been ready to burst ever since you left me