will deleon


I had planned on drawing these four incredible artists for a while and now I finally did it. 

I was actually thinking about drawing the artists that are my favourite and that had some impact on my style. And these are @cyarindraws @jellie-bee @audraauclair and @jacquelindeleon

I had quit digital art for a long while because I couldn’t get anything right and everything seemed too complicated for me to be able to do, I had no confidence at all, until I found Cyarin’s work and was overwhelmed by how beautiful the colours were and how those colours worked together. And then I decided to get back into art, find other artists, get inspired and as time went on I found Audra’s work and made me fall in love with art even more, because I had never seen such style, so deep in emotion and meaning, such beautiful and unique pieces and Audra’s work introduced me to gouache and watercolor, that I still don’t quite get the hang off, but surely one day will. Then I found Jacquelin’s beautiful witches and mermaids and fell in love with the bright colours and how light her artwork was, how every piece had their own detail. Then I found out about Morgan’s work, such an adorable style and the choices of colour for each piece, how every brush stroke made the piece more and more magical and watching her videos and seeing her get out of her comfort zone with backgrounds was so relatable and so inspiring. 

Their work has unique details from them, traces of who they are as human beings and that’s what captivated me the most, how the art also shows a bit of the artist.

I am inspired by these artists everyday, not just with art, but also as a person, because I’ve also learned how to be a better person with these four people and I’m very grateful for that.