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Dating Only Native

I used to think I could only date native. I fell into the trap of keeping the blood quantum strong in my children so they would benefit from our tribal government. Then I learned more about my culture and how they approached belonging and identity before contact with non-natives even a centuries after contact. Blood quantum is a form of genocide. 

From what elders, family, and books have told me is that if you learned the language, practiced the culture (as much thatʼs still around), and if your family is Haida you are Haida. It doesnʼt matter your pedigree.

Definitely will read more about it. Cultures do change as well. Cultures are living things. We used to have arranged marriages and salves although the slaves were treated differently than what we see in the USAʼs History. 

What are your thoughts?  If your culture does things differently please share! The way my culture, even family/clan, does things will be different than others. 

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Just wanna say as long time, cis gendered, and straight grump fan, i appluad you handling this whole scenario and divided fan base over the game right now like a champ. I myself have no plans on buying and or playing it, but as a longtime fan of the community i feel as though i should apologize to you, as our worst members seem to be out attacking tumblrs like yours over DD. You have my utmost respect and apologies for their behavior. You and any other LGBT friendly blog do not deserve it.

I mean, I definitely appreciate this ask! More and more I’ve been trying not to engage in the discourse, but if someone asks me then I’ll tell them my opinion or why I do the things I do. Some people are angry (like the last person I reblogged from who decided to call me a freak in their tags) and some people aren’t going to listen or put value in what I say because of what I watch. 

It’s alright, I think it’s weird that I get this backlash sometimes because whenever I call(ed) the grumps out on tumblr I’d get backlash from my fellow grump fans, and now because I’m defending the game people want to say I don’t care what the grumps have done when it couldn’t be less true. 


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)

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So what would happen you think if Link met Sora?

instant bros. ˢᵒʳᵃ'ˢ ⁿᶦᶜᵏⁿᵃᵐᵉ ᶦˢ “ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ⁻ᵇᵒˢˢ⁻ᵏᵉʸ”


Iris and Daisy Birthday Week: - Day 5 - Marvel and Dc

» Daisy & Cisco


Matching mood boards for Ehm/Michael and Ny0/Jeremy for my ask blog, @ask-readyplayergaymers!

How the Signs Fight Physically !!! (SUN, MOON, MARS)
  • Aries: surprisingly, they won't fuck with you until you really mess up and then THEY THROW THE FUCK DOWN. You will be in a hospital and your face will look different when they r done w u
  • Taurus: super chill but you know what they say, u mess w the bull u get the horns. They r very shove-y and r not above head-butting to get the upper hand. Secretly kinda scrappy.
  • Gemini: talks shit but avoid fighting actually like w fists. They don't like actually fighting. It makes them uncomfortable. They would rather call u a shit head and move on w life.
  • Cancer: challenges you, gets mad when they don't win and brings up something else they r good at and will avoid eye contact and talking to u, will probably have a fall out so they really never have to talk to u again.
  • Leo: won't stop until they win. Losing will tarnish their meticulously curated reputation. They will win or die trying. Prone to walking thru other people fighting, completely oblivious. Antagonizes until someone else throws the first punch.
  • Virgo: avoids fights. Likes to mediate and get in the middle of two people fighting(danGER MUCH????) known to snap for no reason and rage throw some fine China and scream, kinda scary but they calm quickly.
  • Libra: does NOT fight. Day dreams about it. Frequently. If they actually tell someone they will fuck them up, those people mind themselves. Gets in middle of fights like Virgo but usually they don't mean to.
  • Scorpio: they probably bring a knife to a fist fight. Don't mess.
  • Sagittarius: fights for fun or no real reason. Rarely fights for self defense, instead preferring to talk the situation out.
  • Capricorn: level headed discussion as a chance to forgive and save yourself before u end up eating dirt. Looks like they can do a lot more than they actually will do.
  • Aquarius: definitely knows karate but it will literally never come to that because they avoid conflict and when someone says they know karate ur just like ????????
  • Pisces: if they r mad enough to physically fight u, it's going DOWN. Yells obscenities as they angry-cry and throw hands. Or they just do one really hard hit and end it before it begins, or put the person in a headlock until they calm down. Like Leo, they will walk thru fights unaware.

i am the will of the people now!

the lack of Something Rotten content makes me sad so here’s my favorite narcissist, Willy Shakes
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alternate be more chill pt 1
  • chloe: is that a girl's shirt?
  • jeremy: no
  • squip: yes
  • jeremy: ...yes!
  • squip: repeat after me;
  • squip(and Jeremy over-lapped): i saw it in the window and i couldn't dismiss
  • squip: i was dating a girl
  • jeremy: i was dating boy
  • squip: *facepalms*
  • jeremy: fuk

((Hey gang! I’m working on some asks right now but I wanted to announce that me and a couple of friends are in the process of making a new BMC ask blog that is a Peculiar Children Steampunk AU–so based off of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children set in a Steampunk universe. All the kids are “peculiars” and have special powers, and the squip takes care of them all! It’s gonna be really fun °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Adrienette kiss prompt for @baneismydragon with outfits based on @geek-fashionista‘s Lucky Us ♥︎♥︎

Does anyone else think that there’s just something insidious about how the superfriends regularly go to the bar?

Everyone at the bar probably knows for sure that Kara isn’t human, but everyone else is. Maggie, Alex, James, Winn… especially since Maggie used it for intel and everyone else, who work for an organization known for basically kidnapping aliens until very very recently, have invaded that safe space for aliens.

And then it’s just, not really addressed? We see that no one else in the bar ever interacts with them, except for very few instances, like when it’s just Kara and Mon-El. The only other instances that come to mind are when Alex, Winn, and James - people who work for or with the DEO - beat someone up. The exception is Winn’s girlfriend, but no one else interacts with her after she starts hanging out with them.

But then it just becomes “their” place? These humans just invade this alien bar like it’s no big deal. Like they’re not making everyone else uncomfortable.

And the bar definitely isn’t a safe place anymore. Not only do more humans go there now, but the likes of Lillian Luthor knows where it is (and kills people in it) and a lot of the previous regulars are either dead or probably blame the humans that invaded their space for leading Lillian to them.