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I have an odd and very specific problem... I was writing a fanfic for voltron and I realized that I want to write the plot of my fanfic into an original story since it's completely mine but with obviously voltron characters... do I continue the fanfic or cancel it so that I can write it out for my original?

As odd and specific as your problem may feel, I can promise you this is a burning indigestion that lives inside many writers, my dear. 

The original idea for my Citrus Witches, actually came from a Merlin fanfic I wrote back when Geoffrey of Monmouth was still alive.  It ended up veering far and wide from the original plot, only about 15% of it comes from that original fic I wrote, but the fact remains, it’s still there.  I also took an entire scene from a Free! fic I wrote for this story.  

If you feel a real connection with this story, and you want to see it take on it’s own life outside of an existing show, and become your own thing, I would definitely encourage you to do that.  I think fic is a really great place to fine tune your writing and to spark new ideas, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that.  

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We know how many partners Yuuri has had, but what about Victor?

Hmmm, to be honest, I don’t really know how many partners Victor has had. I haven’t talked to him about it yet. 😂😆 (I’ll have to ask him before a conversation they’re going to have in a few chapters.)

It’s definitely more than Yuuri. Although the media/tabloids do exaggerate, there is some truth to all the rumours that Yuuri’s heard. Victor’s ‘playboy’ label is not a misnomer. 

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i don't think msi's gonna break up that easy? I saw a lot of bands running around since 80s or even late 70s and you saw them too so dont make yourself sad

No they’re definitely breaking up soon omg, they’re probably gonna do one more tour after this hiatus and then be done yknow, I mean Jimmy’s been doing this since the early 90s and he even said he doesn’t wanna be doing stuff with Mindless when he’s 50. And LynZ in an interview said that there weren’t a whole lot of plans with MSI in the future and she’s really happy with what she’s doing now so :/


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)


big ol doodle dump from the last couple of days, featuring garfield’s head drawn by my mum because she has a secret garfield drawing talent that i never knew about until now? thanks mum

some demon: yuuri and viktor break up bc they fight to much abt who will do chores and realise they aren’t meant to be 
me, an intellectual: yuuri and viktor are adults who have lived alone before so they can handle doing chores. they love each other and have been shown to be willing to give big things up to make the other happy. furthermore, they definitely enjoy helping each other do chores, which is a lot more fun than doing them alone anyway. 


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful


Harry Potter Studio Tour (winter edition)
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Shawn Jackson and Hasse Bernfield, better known as Whit and Slug.  These two are Nana’s adopted grandsons, and certified little shits– ESPECIALLY Whit.  Both of them have spent most of their lives on the planet too.

Whit came to the planet with their (rich) family to live in one of the colony.  They got their nickname because of the old Whitworth rifle they carried around: it’s a family heirloom and they would always brag that they would inherit it and use it one day.  They’re kind of annoying, 110% sass, and a joker.  It was them who told Nana all that dumb shit that she totally believes.

Slug’s parents died in a mining accident and he became a bit of an outcast in the community.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and ended up bullying kids out of food and money.  When he tried to steal from Whit, an outcast in their own right, they became fast friends.  He got his name from his weapon of choice: the shotgun.

Also Whit is totally pining for Slug.

Imagine being tricked by The8 into thinking he’s teaching you some common Chinese phrases but in reality, he’s actually teaching you how to praise him in his mother tongue.