will decker

Deckerstar Summer Exchange!

Dear Deckerstar shippers! Assignments are out!

  • You should have everything in a message on Tumblr, if not, check the email you provided us!
  • Remember to send ask on ANON at least once a week, you can ask question that can help you in creating the gift or just say hello, how are you :D
  • You have two months to work on your gift, from July 1st to September 3rd, GMT. All gifts will be posted on September 4th!
  • You don’t have to send us the gift, just post it on your blog and tag your giftees with the @ method.
  • Remember to tag #thedeckerstarnetwork in the first 5 tags when you post your gift so will be able to see it and reblog it.
  • You can also check the same tag to find every post related to the exchange and communications :D

Don’t hesitate to contact us for every doubt and question.

Enjoy the hiatus and let’s be creative!